Jenn tells Frank he is good for tomorrow ..he just needs to treat Danielle like a delicate flower.

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

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2:50pm Jenn and Frank are in the have-not room. Jenn tells Frank that she had a talk with Danielle. Jenn tells Frank that Danielle is good with the four of them but that he needs to talk with her again. Jenn says that you need to be really sweet to her, you need to treat her like a delicate flower. Jenn says that she thinks Frank has said things to Danielle in the past that have rubbed her the wrong way. Frank asks like what? Jenn says that she isn’t sure but that you may have come off a little arrogant like saying you deserve to be here more than anyone else. Jenn tells Frank that he needs to work on Danielle. Frank says oh okay. Jenn says but you don’t necessarily want to bring that up to her, just talk to her and be nice. Frank asks so do you think I am still alright with her for tomorrow? ..But more for down the road? Jenn says yeah, yeah, just have a talk with her and everything will be good. Jenn tells Frank to stop with the jokes with Danielle, it’s not working with her. Frank says okay good talk, thanks. Jenn and Frank hug and leave the room.

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3:10pm – 3:20pm Dan and Ian are playing a game of pool. Jenn is sitting at the kitchen table looking at the memory wall. Shane, Danielle, Joe and Frank are sitting on the backyard couch talking about survivor. They discuss the possibility of a fast forward / double eviction.


3:25pm – 3:30pm Danielle comments on how she saw Frank already cornered her. Jenn tells Danielle that she had a talk with Frank and how she told him to have a talk with Danielle and to treat her delicately. Jenn laughs and says I’m horrible. Danielle starts talking about how she figures production has already gone to her and Shane’s hometown to ask their parents about them. Jenn says that she hasn’t even thought about that. Jenn figures Danielle is getting a lot of air time because of it. Danielle says what because of the yo-yo over there.

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3:35pm – 3:45pm Frank heads inside to take a nap. After he leaves, Shane comments to Dan that Frank thinks you are on his side 100%. Dan says I love it! Ian says a little blindside action! The pool game ends and Shane starts to work out. Dan and Danielle can be heard splashing around and laughing in the pool.


4pm Danielle and Dan playing hoops in the pool.


4:20pm Dan is diving to the bottom of the pool. When he comes up he wonders if BB will ever put a camera down there. Ian says that in the UK BB there was a scandal in the pool where people claimed that a couple did it in the pool and now there is a camera down there. Danielle asks Ian what the HOH competition will be since we aren’t locked down. Ian says a quiz comp. The conversation turns to talking about politics, the election, back to school ads and school.


4:20pm They talk about April and Ollie doing it in the HOH room and the arcade room. Ian talks about how there are youtube videos of them doing it and April telling Ollie to c*m on her. Dan laughs and says that he didn’t even know they were doing it and didn’t find out until the backyard interviews.


4:30pm – 4:35pm Dan and Danielle are in the bathroom whispering. They head into the kitchen. Dan asks what Jenn said to her. Danielle says that Jenn told her that she trust Dan and that Danielle should too. Danielle says that she told Jenn that she does but that she trusts her (Jenn) more. Dan asks do you think there is any way that Jenn thinks you and I are working together? Danielle says no. Dan asks what about Shane? Danielle says no. Danielle goes to take a shower. Dan heads out into the backyard to grill the turkey burgers and hot dogs.


Dan and Ian are talking out in the backyard. Dan and Ian confirm their deal and say that they think everything is going good. Dan asks Ian if he thinks anyone knows about the renegades. Ian says no, and says no matter who gets the HOH it it’s unlikely that we would be put up together. Ian says that if it was me versus Shane we would have the votes. Dan says for sure. Ian says that we have to focus next on taking Joe in and Jenn. Ian says that if that happens the four of us will roll. Ian says that if it’s Joe and Danielle we are taking Danielle. Dan heads inside with the burgers.


5:05pm Frank wakes up and joins Dan and Danielle in the kitchen. They offer him the hot dogs and burgers. Frank tries the hot dog and says woof those are bad! None of them like the veggie dogs. Ian comes from the backyard. Dan tells him to have a hot dog. Ian doesn’t want one. Dan starts throwing the hot dogs at him. Ian heads up to the HOH room. Joe comes down from the HOH room and tells him he has to try the vegan veggie dogs are really good. Joe tries one. Everyone starts to laugh. Joe spits it out and says ewww!! Danielle says that she can’t believe he tried it. Joe says well you sold me on it! Dan is posted up in the kitchen waiting for Ian to come back down, he wants to throw more hot dogs at him because he wouldn’t taste them.

Watch it ALL on FlashBack: Pick the Day, Time and Camera View!


5:10pm – 5:20pm Ian knows Dan is posted up outside the HOH room to get him. Ian yells nice try Dan. Ian then paces back and forth repeating nice try Dan. Ian comes out and tells Dan not to waste food there are starving kids in Africa. Ian says that they are all over the floor, I am not trying them now. Dan says all you had to do was try one. Ian goes into the HOH room and say oh ..I’ll get him. He grabs Dan’s “crusty a** underwear” and threatens to throw them at him. Big Brother tells Ian to stop that. Ian says I didn’t even do anything. Ian goes back into the HOH room. He keeps repeating oh come on Dan, and that’s a waste of food, there are starving kids in Africa. Ian yells out the HOH door that if Dan wants him he is taking a bath.


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dan needs to get danielle to vote to keep frank. why the hell would you want joe in the house any longer? frank cant even play in the HOH next week. makes sense to keep him this week and get rid of joe. honestly…joe and jenn will be final 2. watch


I would love to see Joe and Jenn get to the final two. that will be comedy at its best for this pathetic season.


I totally agree! Heck, I would be okay if Joe got evicted than Frank. However, if Frank and Dan are gone after this week, I rather watch the action in the Jury House honestly


You get frank out because this Is the best chance they have and it’s better too taks your chances with a guy that only lasted 5 minutes in lasteeks competition

juicy red

no Dan dont need to get danielle to vote for Frank. If any of them want to win they need to get Frank out. they might never get another chance.


Frank it seems is getting sent to jury by a blindside of 4 to 0. Cannot wait to see his face it is going to be fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Frank cant play in the HOH but he can play in the POV, they have an opening with Frank failing to win the POV this week and they need to take advantage of it to get a real player out of the house. Joe is a joke and will never win anything so why waste an eviction on him when you can get out a true threat?


OMG, that was so sweet of Dan to take the time to talk to Ian about his ADHD and let him know that he understands and is interested, to see how much Ian appreciated Dan for doing that was so touching!! I want Dan and Ian as final two, and hysterical that Dan has a final two with Frank, Ian and Danielle. Frank has final two with Jenn, Dan and Shane. Shane has final two with Dani and Frank. Ian has final two with Dan and Joe!! Never seen so may final twos in my years of watching BB, but have to give final two to Ian and Dan.


Dan/Ian is my pick also…I think it would be interesting to see how the votes would go down between the two of them!! it’s too soon to tell because there is still a lot of game moves left.


Hmmm… keep the beast who wins everything or the schlump who gets out of breath going up the stairs? Not really a difficult decision.


I totally agree, I’ve been thinking the same thing, Dan and Ian think they are so smart, but this shows how truly stupid they are, like you said Frank can’t even play in HOH competion this week, so Frank is no threat, but like they said “there’s always that chance”, I hope Joe or Jenn will the HOH, that will be more exciting that this stupid Danielle squeezing her zits, looks like she has a 3 eye, good gosh.


i think Jenn is now the most deluded person in that house, thinking frank is safe? and that dani would vote for him…. hey Jenn… maybe you should get a clue and realize you will be joining him right out the door


@Jlon. Read the update before this one.Jenn knows Frank isn’t safe.She knows Danielle&Shane are voting to evict Frank.That’s why in her conversation with Danielle she said she’s horrible,because she just lied to Frank.


I think you are not totally confused. Jenn knows Frank is leaving and she is just pulling his leg. She even campaigned to Dan to vote for Frank to go. Sooo…she is not delusional.


I think Jenn was just giving Frank a lesson how to talk to women, how to be social. Maybe he’ll learn in real life.


hell need an immense amount of training.


Dan is misting all over there faces this week!! Pretty funny haha! Dan FTW!


Jenn…..I can’t believe you turned on Frank…you might be gone next in the D.E.. Dirty people. I know you suppose to play dirty but their playing really dirty! Just tell him that he is gone. Stop being pu$$ies about it. If Frank bitches about it…so what! You are getting rid of him anyways. They just want the upper hand and laugh about it when Frank walks out like little ass kids. Hate them.


Well… was a good show… Next Season!!!! woooohooooo


Blindsides are entertaining! That’s what Dr. Wil and boogie did all season on allstars and it was a blast to watch!


yah there entertaining when you still some “entertainment” in the house after.. there is none


have some*


FOR CHRIST SAKES!!!!, Danielle, Shane and Dan, please tell Frank he doesn’t have any votes to stay in the house. I want to see Frank flip the fuck out, and I want to see arguments that ‘s gonna make people go at each other throats before Frank leaves tomorrow. these people are boring and pathetic. once Frank is gone, every eviction is gonna be having Danielle, Dan, Shane Ian, Joe and Jenn with tearful goodbyes and hugs. save your money people, the feeds are stealing your money.

quack-pack fan

Treat danielle like a flower? Is Cactus considered a flower?

Danielle may come across one way to the casual viewer but if you are on live feeds – she is delusional about herself and fishing constantly for compliments. I wonder if Dan will continue to be faithful to her – hopefully he cuts her soon. Would like to see Ian and Dan at the end. They deserve it the most IMHO.


eh…I think Frank deserve it the most..but seeing how dirty the other house guest are…here are my top 4

1. Frank
2. Shane
3. Ian
4. Dan (sadly)


why do you think frank deserves to win? because he won a lot of competitions? if he deserved to win he would not have to fight to stay in the house… he is good at competitions but his social game sucks royal donkey balls ( he constantly alienates the other houseguests due to his arrogance ) i see it being as
1) ian
2) dan

as they are playing the best socially…. ian has won comps , so has danielle ..and dan’s main strength is his social game


Why do I think Frank deserves to win? Yes cause he won hohs and povs but his back been against the wall since week 1 always being nominated and never had a week of peace unless he was hoh. Why else? Hmmm lets see…how about when the whole house was against him when Boogie got evicted and he was still able to pull of an hoh win sweeping the CRACKED pack. Hmm why else…in my opinion I think Frank played a clean game when he is in an alliance with someone he didnt turn on them…grant it he wanted to backdoor Dan (which he should of) but he didnt cause Boogie trusted Dan and look what happened. Frank is as loyal as they come unlike some people which I think we know who. Lets go back to week 2 when Frank was hoh he didnt put up Ashley, Wil or Joe..why? Cause they help save him so in return he kept them off the block. What else….he could of put up Shane last week but did he? NO. WHY? Cause he is loyal and thought Shane was with him. Hm….I can go on and on but my hand hurts. But I do agree with you one thing…Frank social game does suck..the week Janelle got evicted Frank would of been gone if it wasnt for Boogie. But yeah those are some reason. I get it you can choose to play dirty or not but their really dirty and they cant tell Frank he doesnt have the votes cause their spineless cowards. You think Danielle should win? Oh god…her voice is so annoying especially when she was whining last night about Frank. Its ridiculous! But its your opinion and this is my opinion :)


yes her voice may be annoying, but she is still playing a better social game than frank ( they never told janelle that she was going to leave..and that includes frank and boogie… and yes i agree not backdooring dan was the stupidest move, but then again it was boogie that talked him out of it. he will not be able to get to the final 2 as he will not be able to keep up the torrid pace… but if the prize was given out due to only the competitions .. then yeah i agree he would deserve it, but unfortunmately there is more to the game than just comps.


If he makes to final 2 then he deserves to win. If he gets voted out before then, then he didn’t deserve to win. It’s not a football game where whoever scores the most points wins the game. The game is simply ‘don’t get evicted’. If he goes home tomorrow then he failed at the game. Simple as that.


Frank is a poor strategist. He had better outs last week than trusting Dan. Also, Shane had the whole house against him, but used his HOH to build an alliance. Maybe Frank does better next time.


Let’s look at your reasons that Frank “deserves” to win:

1a) Yes cause he won hohs and povs – As impressive as his record is, when you win THAT many comps people target you. If he didn’t win so much people would be more likely to keep him around (see Dr. Will season 2).

1b) his back been against the wall since week 1 always being nominated and never had a week of peace unless he was hoh – Yes he has. Janelle used her own special brand of mist on everyone. She wanted all the strong players out (except hers of course) before Jury. Dan wanted to play the game with Boogie without Frank helped a lot. Frank sensed that, hence his hatred of Dan. But if his social game had not been Boogie, Boogie, Boogie, win, win, win, he might have forged better alliances that would have taken him further in the game. I really think that Boogie’s “only us” thing with Frank hurt his game.

2) how about when the whole house was against him when Boogie got evicted and he was still able to pull of an hoh win sweeping the CRACKED pack – This is just another “Frank wins comps” argument.

3) in my opinion I think Frank played a clean game when he is in an alliance with someone he didnt turn on them – Uhmmm… The only reason this is “true” is because he didn’t get to do it first. Be honest, you know that Boogie and Frank were going to break the Silent 6 Alliance the very next week when the Quack Pack struck first. You also know that you were yelling at the TV that they need to break that alliance first. You would have cheered that it was a great move and telling everyone that the reason they were upset was that Boogie and Frank struck first.

4) grant it he wanted to backdoor Dan (which he should of) but he didnt cause Boogie trusted Dan and look what happened – Boogie screwed up Frank’s game. Dan misted Boogie. They both got played. I also want to give credit to Ian for being a Master Mole (or sneak in your opinion) and Britney for moving things forward. It wasn’t all Dan.

5) Frank is as loyal as they come … – Loyalty is a great trait and a luxury that can be afforded week 2. Dan was loyal to his alliances (in the order he made them: Danielle, Core 4, the Quack Pack, Frankenboogie, Silent 6) until they threw him under the bus.
a) Dan would have stayed with Boogie and Frank longer if he had not heard how they were targeting his stronger alliance.
b) Dan’s funeral was what HE had to do to save his a$$ in this game. Like it or not, it was his ONLY move to continue on.

6) Lets go back to week 2 when Frank was hoh he didnt put up Ashley, Wil or Joe..why? Cause they help save him so in return he kept them off the block. – Why else? He had bigger targets: Willies allies. And when Shane took himself off the block, Frank took his first shot at getting rid of Dan by targeting Danielle and ended up getting rid of JoJo.

And remember, Frank should have been gone long ago. If Production had not saved him with the reset, he would have been gone. As for the others being “spineless cowards”; can you HONESTLY say you would want to take 3 days of bratement, belittlement and bullying from some one YOU can’t avoid?

No, I didn’t think so.


dan is running this season.. but wont get final 2 cause no one can take him.. Only way dan goes final 2 is with frank though.. Ian isnt going to take him.. no one can take dan or frank THEY LOSE so the best win win is frank and dan in final 2 which isnt going to happen write the cheque out to danielle which is absolutely retarded. Shes done nothing but talk about what could happen with shane..


Wonder what Dan’s wife thinks of Danielle ! ! ! !


Well, since Danielle saved Dan’s BB life, I would say that the correct emotion would be ‘thankful’.


OMG! Jenncity is making another stunning move in trying to help Frank get the votes to stay yo! It looks like your girl got ya back (NOT)(Insert knife here and do 4 full twist). She sure is working on you a vote from Dani (Not going to happen). Classic case of the “delusional and a lot of senile.”

2nd place james

Short-sighted muppets with short-term memories, riding the short bus to Dan’s House so he can hand them the short check.

Ashley and Brit are probably facepalming so hard, now that their counterparts (Jenn and Dani) are so giddy with “power” with their newfound Dr. Willian intelligence on full display!


It’s going to be interesting to see if dan votes out joe or frank. I know he wants frank out and joe to stay, but will he try to get a jury vote and vote for frank to stay? Personally, I’d just vote out Frank because based on the game he’s played so far, i think he has a pretty good case as to why he should win if he makes it to final 2.


LOOK, Simon and Dawg deserves 500k more than ANYBODY in that house face it, they’re awesome

Where would we post all day every day about who we love who we don’t like or what posters we don’t like without them? twitter? pffftt facebook? pfft

We need OBB like a crackhead needs the pipe… We’ need our daily fix baby, we hurtin’

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

production gives them good edits, we don’t see the “REAL” Dawg and Simon…….

I’m just waiting for you guys to “make up” you own post as to what is going on in the house, not all of us have the live feeds

Fantastic job guys, you make us Canadians proud……..




these fools dont seem to thinking about jury votes thats for sure!
and lil Ian sure has been hiding all week!! smart kid.. would be nice if he had an ally to know what he is thinking tho……..and dam Frank should have been talking to him….maybe all the days locked up have just made him this mental to be trusting dan with his BB life after all this time……i cant believe these fools!! all of them!!
Frank without Boogie he is just lost……makes me sad he has no fighting chance!!

i hope Danielle or Jenn go in the DE!!!!!


Franks social game may lack….however he has been a great player…Ian is a fool for trusting Dan….do any of these players see him for what he is?

I says, I

I’m going to take a mental picture of Danielle, Shane, Ian, and Jenn laughing and gloating about Frank’s eviction and their abject fear of telling him.

So when Dan slowly and surgically slides the knife into each of them, it will make it so much more enjoyable.


I was thinking the same thing, I was a Frank and Mike Boogie fan but I’ll keep watching after Frank is gone just to see Dan take the others out. Dan has
definitely played the best game this year. Now if Dan somehow gets evicted I might not watch the rest of the season because the rest of the group either annoy or bore me.

Unless..I turn it into a drinking game and take a shot everytime Danielle whines about something, she would be easy watching her with a bottle of Jager by my side.

billie two trees

Sounds like frank is going home on a 4 to 0 vote. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i would keep joe til the end. final 2. no way would any of these people lose to joe in the jury. jen’s even won a competition. joe is worthless. that’s why you keep him. see jerry-season 10. adam-season 13..


Jenncity is one ugly looking dudette. Yikes! That picture with her head tossed back is one of the worst.


maybe thats the reason she needed the 500k, to get an extreme makeover.


I guess you must look like Brad Pitt/Julia Roberts.


I am so ready for Frank to walk out that door. No doubt he will hear some directed/produced audience screams and think he is for sure America’s Favorite player. He will probably think that he will get to reenter the house after going to jury. His arrogance blows my mind.

I do not have a clear favorite this year BUT will be ok if it is anyone but Jenn or Joe. I love Dan’s mist and Shane seems like a decent guy. If poor Danielle wasn’t so insecure and delusional about her fake showmance, I could root for her.

the one

den in denllile got to go the jury house do you think so


Just throwing this out there for all the people saying Frank ‘deserves’ to win.

If he makes to final 2 then he deserves to win. If he gets voted out before then, then he didn’t deserve to win.

It’s not a football game where whoever scores the most points wins the game.

The game is simply ‘DON’T GET EVICTED’.

If he goes home tomorrow then he failed at the game.

Simple as that.


Well Said…

I’ve said that, but I come off like an asshole, and they get mad at me LOL


Wow….this is one of the best posts I’ve seen all season…good job…great way to cut to the bottom line truth!!


These people are so borrrrrrrrrrrrring as well as completely delusional! So miss Britney. The only thing I look forward to is the look on Frank’s face when he is voted out 4-0 because he deserves to be there more than anyone else? The next thing to look forward to is getting rid of Danielle, the most delusional player ever. I would love to see a final 2 with Dan and Ian, with Ian winning.

Dan's part time bible

I feel bad for Frank. He is getting so played right now by everyone. He seems like a genuinely nice guy.

I can understand why he is saying what he is saying and acting the way he is acting; his morning conversation the other day was insightful – he tries to put on a happy front, but it is hard to be the one on the block every single week he isn’t HOH. That has to wear on a person. All things considered, I think he has handled it quite well. Look at how Britney turned into a nasty beyotch when she was on the block only once.

This season has been really frustrating to watch with all the lies and BS. I much prefer it when there are one or more true alliances in the house. I just don’t relate to this everyone f*cking everyone else behind their backs kind of thing. When Frank is gone, I won’t really have anyone I can relate to. Ian’s a nerd, Jenn is annoying, Dan is a total sleaze ball without any morals – I hope he loses his job over his actions, Shane is more boring than watching a TV when the power is out, Danielle is psychotic and I think this experience will have serious lasting effects on her.

..and then there’s Joe.
I do have to give props to Joe, though. He has completely given up all his self-respect and sucked every dick in the house at least once to remain in the game. I couldn’t do that, but if you’re good at being the bitch…run with it.


Frank is a terrible player that’s it. He can only win questionable comps. But he has no social game. News flash: this is Big Brother. Liars, cheaters, and backstabbers win. You cant play this game by being honest. Dan has morals. You assume that he doesn’t because he stabbed Frank in the back and did everything he could to take himself off the block? Don’t pretend like you wouldn’t do that too for that kind of money. You are just like Frank self-righteous, arrogant, and clearly ignorant since he thinks he’s safe. Some of you Frank fans need to chill the fuck out, like seriously. Frank is still gonna live after this game. His life doesn’t depend on BB and neither does anyone else’s. It’s a game and not real life, fyi. So, I think I speak for all sane people when I say that you and others like you should stop wishing ill will on house-guests for playing a game. For I’ve seen you do this many many times. If you’re favorite is evicted and so what? You need to get a life and leave Dan personal life: his employers, friends, and family alone.




Also, just to let you know that Dan didn’t swear on his wife and the Bible that he was voting to keep Frank. He swore that Ian was the rat and that there was the Quack Pack alliance-clear truth. This goes for everyone saying that Dan is a terrible person for swearing on those things and going back on it.

Dan's part time bible

Dan said on Sunday’s show, multiple times that he swore a final 2 with Frank on the bible.
You should get your facts straight.


It is simple. They don’t like Dan because they love Frank.

If Frank HAD backdoored Dan they would have hailed it as a great game move. He would have lied to Dan, broken an alliance and backstabbed Dan with a BACKDOOR that Dan has REFUSED to do to Frank. He would have done EVERYTHING they are upset about with Dan and MORE.

It really just comes down to the fact that the Frank Fans are upset that Frank didn’t get the chance to do it first.


EXACTLY 100% Agree … They can’t handle that their Fav is goin out, and they cry about people making it known that Frank Fucked up, Frank murdered his OWN Dream, and is going to jury for it.


once boogie left frank ha made so many mistakes…we all see this….he has no game.

Dan's part time bible

Honestly…unlike some people here, I don’t get a raging hardon over any of them (except maybe Danielle) to the point where I take comments against any particular player personally like they were my first born child.
I was just making a comment that I feel bad for Frank and the remaining cast is boring…TO ME.

You like Dan? Go ahead. I’m not going to stop you or convince you otherwise.


Absolutely not true. I am a Frank fan but I give it up to Dan for being able to pull this off and once Frank is gone, he will be the only person I root for, even though I hate to see a Quack Packer win this thing.

The thing is that Frank haters cannot seem to see past their hate for Frank to give it up to him for being a great competitor, especially for someone whose back was up against the wall since day one. He made it pretty far & my hat goes off to him.

It’s confusing because Janelle gets so much praise for being a competitor but when it comes to Frank, no one gives him credit.

That’s all.


You are the exception to the Frank Fan rule and I am the exception to the Frank “hater” (I don’t hate the guy, I just don’t like him. I think he is a bully) rule. I give him props for winning so many comps. He is the male Janelle. I have said if he made it to F2 he should win the game.


broaden your horizons a little, its not so much money to excuse selling out.


to evict Frank this way is just MEAN. I don’t care so much that he was played, but now he has been placed in a position that he is amusing everyone because he doesn’t know. They are laughing at him, not with him. Not nice to be part of, not nice to watch it being done to anyone.


we are laughing at him because he has been wretched to everyone else in the house except boogie…he deserves this ridicule because of his attitude and behavior.


How can you say “he’s such a nice guy”? He’s such a jerk. He’s on the block trying to get votes to stay, but last night he goes to Danielle and tells her how he’s the best player, and he deserves to be there more than she or anyone else. Really? She was so pissed off I thought she was going to blow a gasket (not that I particularly like her). Again, aside from winning comps he is completely clueless.


Anyone that had to fight since day one and got this far would feel that they were deserving of the win. To say otherwise is a lie. I would feel entitled to it too to be completely honest as would you. At some point, you would get tired of always having to fight every second of the game while others simply skate along without having to feel any pressure. I don’t expect anyone with their backs constantly up against the wall to be nice, and that goes for Frank, Dan, Ian, whoever.

However, to actually say that to another player, was just not bright.

Frank is brutally honest, and I believe, is a nice guy.

He is too trusting as well.

A combination of which, is not great for his game.

Jen W

Wow BB must really be pissed at Dan…tonight’s editing is terrible!!! They haven’t shown one time how many times Frank talked this week about screwing Dan over…so far it’s only how Dan is screwing over Frank!!!


Jen – You’re so right


yeah they made Dan look like the devil… and Frank a poor, innocent bystander being blindsided.


Lmao i’m rooting or Dan from now on but come on, the guy is the devil.

I mean, how weird is it to see someone that claims to live & breathe the bible, swear on it & then break his word with so much ease?
I wouldn’t really care if he wasn’t religious or whatever. It’s just the fact that he’s SO religious, to the point of preaching to other housemates but then in another breath, he’s extremely quick to be like “Who cares. I swore on the bible, so what.”

He knows it which is why he continues to do damage control with the audience in his DR’s talking about “I’m just doing this for my wife.”

He knows what he did was wrong, why do you think he keeps reiterating the reason that he did it?


@JenW. I know right.They made Frank look like this sweet&innocent guy.Production is mad because Dan didn’t just out smart Frank,he kind of out smarted production too.This entire season it’s been pretty clear(to people who aren’t in denial) that Frank is production’s favorite.I mean they did save him with the coach’s only being able to play,with strings attach(Frank being the string).They allowed him to stay in the game,despite knowing that he cheated in the veto comp,that had the feeds down for over 6hours.But they must have underestimated how great a player Dan is,and they gave Frank to much credit in his strategic skills(he’s awful at strategy).Since production saved Frank so many times already.They can’t do it again,because then it would really look rigged.So,yeah going by the edit of tonight’s show,production is pissed off with Dan.Well,atleast Dan looks like a mastermind(which he is).I also like that they showed what Dan said in the DR,about he’s playing to win for his family.


production tries to control the houseguests and is mad that Dan outsmarted them…the people who run the feeds get off on controlling the live feeders….I haven’t written this before but I have noticed this all season.

I says, I

“Ian talks about how there are youtube videos of them doing it and April telling Ollie to c*m on her.”

Like we really needed anymore proof that Ian is a pervert. Don’t get me wrong, I spend as much time watching porn online as the next guy…but to seek out a nightvision video where you don’t see anything just because they’re Big Brother contestants. Wow.

I can’t get the vision out of of my head of Ian writing snarky comments about the video with one hand and with the other hand…..(shutter)


Did he say it was in night vision? Or did you search out and watch the video?


I think Dan is playing brilliantly!!!…and this boys and girls is how Big Brother is played…how soon we forget how Dr. Will played…


You forget, Dr Will lied, but he told you that he would lie to you. He did not swear on his family or give his word like Dan. So Dr Will is still KING!


Apparently, as of now, Jenn really would prefer that Frank to stay over Joe this week. Jenn really did try to convince Dan today that keeping Frank over Joe is in DAN’S best BB interests! (Of course, Dan wasn’t swayed one iota by this.) Jenn also told Dan to “check back in with her later Wednesday”, because Jenn may still decide to change her mind to vote out Joe, decide that she’s “not down” with a Dan/Danielle/Jenn final 3 after all, and vote to instead keep Frank Thursday. (This is really harming Jenn’s game.) But, instead of getting upset at this, Dan brilliantly decided to feed Jenn’s now-huge ego, saying “it wouldn’t be the FIRST big BB game move you’ve made, Jenn City!” Jenn really does think that SHE is now a major force in this game. (She’s not called “?” for nothing!) All of Dan’s previous, ask-her-about-her-DJing/band convos with Jenn are now paying off big for Dan. Jenn now trusts Dan, and she tells Dan exactly how/what she is honestly thinking, and how she truly might/might not be voting. Dan listens. Dan now knows that Jenn is becoming a major BB liability – a “vote waffler.” Because if Dan can’t count on Jenn to tell Dan how she’s voting, and then stick to it (much less try to tell Dan how HE should vote), she now offers Dan the one thing he MOST despises in BB: Uncertainty. Therefore, Dan now knows that Jenn has to be next one to go, after Frank. There are just too few BB players left for Dan to have any “wild card votes” in the house. Good that Dan knows this now. In a perfect world, Dan would’ve preferred to “throw Ian a bone”, and let Ian get the thrill of “breaking the tie”, and evict Frank himself. But Dan’s/the house’s #1 goal is, by far, to 100% make sure that Frank gets evicted first on Thursday. So Dan will now likely say to both Danielle & Shane (and inform Ian) that “we just all need to vote Frank out.” Then, if Jenn does end up voting for Frank to stay, it’s still a 3-1 vote to evict Frank. Based on what Jenn said to Dan today, I now think Dan will work to evict Jenn next, before Joe. Until today, I think he had it the other way around.

Carol & Steve

did ya’ll watch that POV comp – nice way to bring that corn cob to Otev Jenn! couldn’t believe she put that cob in her mouth – certainly not something she’s that comfortable with – LOL!!


The Diary Room is obviously getting in Jenn City’s ear BIG TIME!! When it comes to them trying to save Frank, Production is like Yogi Berra – “it isn’t over ’til it’s over!!!”


it gets to be so silly watching jenn…it is so obvious that she couldn’t win against frank….she said early this am to frank that the end part of the game isn’t too far away….don’t remember what her exact word was but she isn’t smart enough to understand that there is no time left…this is the end part of the game…24 hrs fom now there will only be 5 people left.


I have been a fan of Dan since season 10 and a fan of Frank this season and was really hoping those 2 would go to the end. I realize I’m probably going to have many naysayers comment on that statement. Even though I’m sad to see Frank go it is the best move for Dan to get to the end. I could be wrong who knows. Let the comments begin…


No SadForFrank I’m with you. I’m a Frank fan but am okay with him going this week even though it would have been nice for him to get to Final 2. It is what it is.
I also agree it’s best for Dan to take him out, and I truly believe Dan will win against anyone in Final 2, contrary to what the other houseguests believe.


Did anyone laugh hysterically tonight when Powerhouse said in the DR he is used to being covered in goo (during the POV comp)???
Yeah PH, we all know you are used to being covered in goo… So do the houseguests lol


Is anyone else disgusted about how Dan is forwarding himself on this program? Before you all jump on me, I knoow it is a game and lying is part of it, but Dan is the only person who has sworn on the bible, on his wife and their marriage and his deceased Grandfather’s crucifix in order to convince others that he is sincere. Not one other HG has resorted to that not the much maligned Mike Boogie and not the hated Frank.

Other HGs have given their “word” which is obviously worthless and when they give their word it is obviously a lie. But at least they are not bringing in religion or their family into it. Dan will likely feel the heat of consequences when he gets out. How can his employers at the Catholic school congratulate him or endorse his success related to how he conducted himself, when it is exactly what they reject? His wife may be happy with the cash if he wins, but is it worth their personal reputations or the value placed upon their marriage vows?

It is often said, what goes around comes around, well when Dan gets out and he realizes how he has cheapened many things that are truly important to himself and others just for a few thousand bucks, he will regret it. My Dad used to say every man has his price. Dan is charging a cheap price for items that he should probably hold more precious.


Didn’t he just use the bible/wife/grandfather to tell the truth? He swore on his wife he did not rat on Boogie, which was true. He swore on the bible/wife/cross that the Quack Pack was formed and Ian was the rat… He seemed to be telling the truth.
Everything else is a lie, but idk if he used anything to swear on.


He admitted in the DR that he swore on all that stuff to a final 2 deal with Frank.

Even if he technically didn’t, he still THOUGHT he did & went back on it with so much ease.

Not mad at the guy, I’m not really religious. It just is weird to see being that Dan is like a religious freak.


He’s probably told his wife he’d swear on a lot of things and that it’s a game. He’s a villain in the game but outside where he’s not playing to be the sole winner he’s probably a nice guy good husband, brother, son etc etc.
That’s why you find that some of these players that are rivals in the game become friends outside the game. It’s probably us the viewers blowing things way out of proportion imaginig his wife to be appalled when she knows he’s playing this villain on TV. Only she knows who he is in the real world.
I’d like for the producers to interview her like they do with family members of players.


I’m confused with Jenn. I understand that Frank is going home but why is she, of all people, acting like a douche about it?

Someone enlightenment me. This girl is infatuated with Danielle, who is infatuated with Dan. These people are so stupid. Back to bowing down to the Quack Pack.

Lol, the QP have dominated this season and are only one person short, with 4 being in the final 6, with two stragglers & they truly are too stupid to see it. Someone from the Quack Pack will win this season, it’s all about who exactly will be the one to win it.

One more thing that I don’t get about the QP. Why are they not thinking about who they can win against in the end. I get it ” Quack Pack til the end ” but who can actually win against who?

Their best bet is taking either Joe or Jenn to the final 2, that’s a guaranteed win for any of them.

I hope no one is stupid enough to take Ian to the end, that’s a guaranteed second place.

Take someone hated/that hasn’t done anything and that’s a win for you.

& LOL at Ian’s comment about his noms not being vengeance but strategy. Why put up Jenn, risking a floater, someone that you can definitely win against in the final 2 up, to go home? He was trying to avenge his beloved Britney. How sweet.


because they first have to get frank out and then they play out the part of the game you are addressing.


24 hours from now frank is out the door!!!!


Yes Frank can’t play in the next HOH but he can play in the POV. Nobody sees that ?
This would be their only chance to really get Frank out.
If they want a threat out of the house, it’s best to do this now.. the 8th or 9th time lol I lost count.