Frank and Boogie both think they have worked Shane into nominating Dan or Joe.

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


8am – 9:10am Boogie is up and out in the backyard. Awhile later, Jenn and Ashley come out to the backyard couch and start talking about Britney. Ashley tells Jenn that Britney talked about Jenn and said that she really liked her. Boogie comes by and asks if they happened to know if Frank got the last talk with Shane last night. Jenn explains it in a roundabout way. Boogie says so you really don’t know if he did or not? Jenn says that if she had to bet on it she would say he got the last talk because he was up talking about burning the midnight oil. Jenn and Ashley go back to talking about Jojo. Jenn and Ashley head inside to make breakfast. Frank joins them. Meanwhile Boogie is still working out in the backyard.

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9:35am – 9:50am Frank heads out into the backyard and they start talking about Franks conversation with the HOH crew last night. He says that they headed down stairs again and that they came out into the backyard and got a chance to Shane. He says that he talked to Shane alone and he said that it was a big decision but that Danielle had told him that she would not hold it against him if he put up Dan. Boogie says BOOM! Frank says that Shane said it’s not just him that wants Dan gone, a lot of other people have come up here wanting him out like Jenn, Ian and Ashley. Frank explains that Shane mentioned that he Shane said that he really didn’t want to get home and find out that Dan was playing him. Boogie says that is great news, I think you did some great work last night and I think we can hammer this home today. Boogie says here is the think Jenn and Ian are done with him, so should we get her to have one last talk with him today. I think we should get her to talk with him today. Frank brings up how Dan said good night to him last night. Boogie says you know why he is doing that right? Dan did that every night to Jerry and Jerry said in the end that was the reason why he voted for him because no one else would talk to him. Boogie says that he was surprised that this week Ashley has stepped up her game a lot. She mentioned that she wants Dan out and that he doesn’t talk game to her at all. Boogie says oh okay I’ll talk game to you all night long. Joe comes out and Boogie switches the conversation quickly to sports. They start to talk about Shane again and who he will nominate. Joe says that he just can’t get him to budge and say one way or another. Boogie says its because he hasnt watched the show before. Boogie says that he and Joe and Frank are more decisive than Shane. Boogie talks about how Dan is a smooth operator Dan. Joe thinks Shane has his mind made up but Shane is just not saying. Joe says that he knows the word on the street is that I might go up. Joe says that he did not go up and push either way, he just told him the whole threat thing and why not to pick me.


10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Frank heads outside and starts talking to the camera, saying it time for him up stairs to make a decision. He says we will see if all this hustling will be worth it for us. Frank says that he thinks it might be Dan but that even if it isn’t it might be Joe which would be good for us. Frank says if Dan stays then obviously I have to worry about Dan winning HOH. Who would I put up if I won, it depends on who goes up today. If Dan goes up then I might have to put up Joe and Ash. I like Shane but he is taking too long to make a decision and that is risky. Ian joins him.


10:20am – 10:35am Boogie heads up to the HOH room to talk to Shane. Shane says that his mind isn’t made up yet. Boogie tells Shane that Janelle tainted his name and then the other day with Britney’s name, I would like to think in the last 40 days … Big Brother cuts the feeds. Boogie then explains how Dan is saying goodnight to Frank and how he did that to Jerry in his season too. Shane says he know that. Boogie brings up how he talked to Danielle. Shane says I know and she talked to me after saying she wouldn’t be against it if I put up Dan. Boogie explains how he can help and introduce Shane to a lot of people when they get out of here. Boogie says that we talked about that before when we were equals and no matter who you put up I will try and help you out. Boogie talks about how Dan doesn’t want to lie in this game so that he can go home and say that he never lied and that is why he gets quiet when confronted. Shane says that he’s noticed that and doesn’t want to go home and be played in the dairy room. Boogie heads downstairs and out into the backyard. Frank tells Boogie that he had a good talk and feels good about it. He tells Frank to have the last word with Shane before the veto ceremony.
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10:50am – 11am Frank heads up to talk to Shane in the HOH room. Frank explains that everyone is on board with getting Dan out. Frank says that it’s a good decision because they you aren’t rocking the boat too much. Shane says that Dan hasn’t even come talk to him yet. Frank brings up Dan saying good night and how he did that in his season, yet he wanted to change beds. They talk about how Dan won’t win competitions but cloud their decision. Shane says look what he did to my HOH he clouded my HOH too. Frank asks so what is Britney’s thought on it. Shane says that she isn’t necessarily against it but that she doesn’t want to stir the pot. Shane says that this is a blessing in disguise and after this happened it really opened up my eyes. Frank brings up that Dan tried out for the show twice before and got to semi finals once and passed it up to go to Italy. Frank says that he had the opportunity to go work in Guam for a year and make $70G’s and I passed that up to be here… Big Brother switches the feeds to TRIVIA..


11am TRIVIA..

11:50am Still TRIVIA..

Frank got the last word with Shane, do you think it was enough to sway Shane’s decision on who to nominate?

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mr this season suck

does ian have real problem or he a weirdo?


He is weird and needs to go. I really dislike him.

mr this season suck

i dislike him to. he going to make this season suck. i wish ag jump in and somehow the box with ? keep boogie in the game and take out a floter or dan


Nothing has been said, but from a layman’s perspective, he has symptoms of Asperger’s, which is a form of autism. People of have this are high functioning (intelligent), somewhat clumsy, socially inept, his intense reservoir of trivia info is another clue, the rocking/swinging, etc. I actually started to wonder about him when I noticed him continually rocking at the dining table and started thinking he sometimes sounded like Rainman.


I swear if he starts doin what Hoffman did in Rainman, I’m goin to laugh

Aqua Bernie

He has aspergers. I think he’s doing well for the invironment he’s in. Real well.


How do you know this?

Eric CA

Ian has Aspergers Syndrome. Please refer to the following link.

Normally I am not the type of person, to say you should not say things of that nature. I believe that it limits the dialog and makes people defensive, but, in this case please do not call Ian a “weirdo”, it is a condition that Ian shows signs of having. He is not faking it.


I actually enjoy Ian’s quirkiness. Then again, I have a son who has aspergers. He is highly intelligent and has unusual mannerisms. I find them interesting to observe. My son graduated from MIT and works for NASA. I was not aware he even had aspergers until he graduated from college. I just thought all genuis’s were unuasual.

chief c

i like ian hes ok like dan too danielle also dislike shane booger and liked frank but he’s unfortunately getting boogied asley too little too late jen just late and dear brit like her probly in real life not bb


ppl have been sayin’ that he has asperger’s syndrome but i don’t know for sure


I haven’t seen anything confirming it, but having an Autistic son myself, I would bet he has Aspergers Syndrome. The rocking is a stemming habit that will soothe someone with Aspergers or Autism. The obsession with memorizing facts is another common trait. I think he is doing remarkably well if it is true. I hope one day my son is that high functioning.


Okay, so this morning, Dani is a gamer. You got to respect her. All is puppy dogs and roses with her. Two weeks ago she was a b*tch; she was a “c” word; she was a puppet and being played by Dan, etc. Can I say again….WHAT A TOOL!


So, now that Boogie thinks that their plan and torture treatment of SHane has worked and he will put Dan up today, Dan is actually a good guy – when for the past 2 days he has been the spawn of the devil. Bye bye Booger


Look, get over it about Frank cheated! It’s done! Don’t cry over spill milk. It’s just a game!


it’s not just a game it is half a million dollars.


@SK, What is your problem? I’m not a Frank Fan club but I watch wrestling very much! So get over it! I know It’s Half of million dollars! He can change his life! Who cares!

Head of Household

You wouldn’t be saying that if it was season 13 and Daniele had cheated on the veto. It’s called BIAS.

Eric CA

Your right, I wouldn’t question it all.
I loved Dani and the sound of Rachael’s voice makes me question the existence of a loving god. So yeah, I would be saying “Dani, did not cheat, she is a paragon of virtue. Rachael and Jeff are just sore losers.”

I like Brittney and Dan, so Frank cheated take his PoV away, pity so sad for him.

It’s like Jeff getting the coup de’ tat I was loving it, but, Frank getting a Mr Wizard power “Production is rigging this game to benefit Frank, this blows.”

I’ll admit it I have favorites at last. Brittney, Dan, Ian and Jen (somebody has to like her. I admire a girl that can be stealthy covered in tattoos.)


Take your own advice and don’t cry when Boogie goes out the door pal. Signed sealed and delivered!


@TEAMWAITANDSEE, Nope! If Jenn wants to go! She will go! Right now Backdoor Dan is the options!


IF he Cheated then He deserves not to play in the next HOH ! Thats all there is to it! Production of this season is Bad!

if it gets out that production was the reason for Frank to stay and Boogie then fans like me wont watch it I want a real reality

show not a production of what they think. They have tried 4 times to get Frank out! If boogie and Frank stay then ill be all over this

and tell people this is production ran . I’ll even call CBS and tell them that. We want a fair reality not something they make up.

So NO CHEATING! and No picking who you want !

mr this season suck

dawg does ian have problems? is just a slow kid?


I totally agree that the season would be boring
with only floaters left.

And, I am a fan of seeing the Silent Six as the
Final 6.

On the other hand, if the Final 6 is gone, it would
be great to see the women just sit back and let the
guys get each other out.

And, if Ian is the last guy, then we could watch
Ian throw his last chance at POV to Ashley, since
he is so infatuated he can’t think around her.

And Ian will go out, leaving a F4 girl alliance, the same
way it happened on Survivor. And that would be very


funny how arrogant jenn has been this morning and has no clue she is going up….and up against boogie. so here she thinks she is in good with boogie and he is going to work so hard against her in the next 3days to get her to go home..


Come on guys, really, who is this Jenn chick you all are talking about?


she is the person who was exposed after her shield wil went home.

Eric CA

I should just cut and paste this.

Jen is that thing you see from the corner of your eye, that know one believes is real.
Jen is the hairs on the back of your neck that stand up, because someone is watching you. Turn around and no one is there.
Jen is that voice no else can hear.

Jen is Big Brothers first Tattooed Punk Rock Lesbian Ghost. Say her name in a mirror three times and the Live Feeds are cut.

Eric CA

I wonder how, pissed, boogie will be when he finds out Jenn is up against him?
I was thinking about it last night, and his cast is the most wishy washy cast ever. Boogie just needs
four votes to stay.

Dan Evict: Boogie
Danielle Evict: Boogie
Brittney Evict: Boogie
Ashley Evict: Jenn
Frank Evict: Jenn
Joe Evict Jenn (the way HoH has been going Eagle Eye may decide to Evict Jenn, A) BBDS is the next target B) Boogie will still be a big target.)
Ian Evict: Jen or Boogie… He is still no matter what a toss up. He could flip

What I am hoping for is

Frank Evict: Jenn
Ashley Evict: Boogie “I thought We have been voting on who we want to stay? Everyone has been saying do I have your vote? So I voted Boogie.”
Ian Evict: Boogie
Joe Evict: Boogie
Danielle Evict: Boogie
Dan Evict: Boogie
Brittney Evict: Boogie

6-1 Evict Boogie, could throw Frank off one HoH, that or Piss him off to victory.


I think its gonna be a 6 to 1 vote. Ashley and Jenn r part of Team Tits. Ian has expressed that he is fully with the Quack Pack. He’s ready to expose himself. And now, he can because Frank has bigger fish to fry then Ian.


b/f are really going to. e all over Ashley the next few days…I don’t think she will vote jenn out.


This is how it will probablly go:

Boogie is told by people:

Dan votes Boogie
Danielle votes Jenn
Britney votes Jenn
Ashley votes Jenn
Ian votes Jenn
Joe votes Jenn
Frank votes Jenn

How it will go down:

Dan votes Boogie
Danielle votes Boogie
Britney votes Boogie
Ian votes Boogie
Joe votes Boogie
Ashley votes Jenn (to stay with Frank) or Boogie (for the Girls Alliance)
Frank votes Jenn.


@WW If Jenn wants to go home! Go right ahead! we don’t care! As long she happy!


@ERIC CA! If Jenn wants to leave. Just go right ahead! we don’t care!

Eric CA

That is what I am saying, people this Season are not reliable. Votes are not guaranteed. Actions are not guaranteed.

I lost faith in this group Week One, when Kera walked out the door. As much as I would love to have Boogie go, He still has a shot till Thursday night.
Hell at this rate Brittney or Dan could flip, and let Ian take the fall with the Quack Pack. Go back to Frank and Boogie and say Silent six all the way SSHHH. One less floater. Who knows with this group.


@ERIC CA, Okay, if Jenn wants to go home. The remake of Lawon got evicted!


Do you think Ashley would evict Jenn to save Boogie? Did they even talk before he was put up? Not sure if I see this happening. I think your second scenario is a little more reliable.

Eric CA

Ashley voted out Janelle, that gave her safety for one week.
Ashley flirts with Ian and makes out with Frank.
Ashley talks to Joe and tells Frank.
So yes, I think she would vote to keep Boogie, she really is not very loyal at all.


I am pretty sure you will get what you want and that second vote scenario of 6-1 to evict Boogie is what will go down.


@TEAMWAITANDSEE, I don’t think so! If Jenn wants to go home. Just let her go! Beside, she wasting our time.


booger needs to go, his glory days have passed, frank needs to go just cuz he is a tool, plus once booger leaves his game is shot.


He never really had “glory days” as Dr. Will was the true power in Chilltown. He got lucky and teamed up with him in seasons 2 and 7. His hook up with Frank is a disaster.


dani is a raging lunatic, shane has told her to stop touching him numerous times but yet she always manages to be in the hoh by herself with him every single night…shane has just given up, because the last time he yelled at her she went apeshit on him and he deosnt want confrontation, im sure he knows shes bunny boiler crazy….and as far as her game is….she has no game….her game is dans game……u idiot….she has listened to what everybody else has told her to do…..she has done nothing she wanted to do…she didnt put janelle up until everybody told her to…..ya she wanted to but she didnt do it…..she will vote herself out if dan told her to….and now that shane has realized he can control her….he is bein nice to her which he should just swallow his pride and do….he can get danielle to do whatever he wants….

chief c

for gods sake quit imagining shit shes no stalker she has a career not shane she has money not shane she has boyfreind outside house too so get over yourself danielle wasnt the one whpo jumped on her when she won hoh he was she barely congrats him so whos the stalker


I am still trying to figure out why Frank is so loyal to Boogie? Not a fan of either of them, but Boogie has shown Frank that they are only a team/duo when it suits Boogie. Boogie is greedy and if Frank did not see that Boogie is out for only Boogie with the latest HOH comp, he deserves everything coming his way. On top of that, Boogie is lazy and does not do well in comps. Frank is the one doing all the work in Chilltown 2.0 and if Boogie stays, he will see none of the rewards.
No way is Boogie taking Frank to a Final 2. No way.
PS—what is up with all the bare feet this summer?? Gross!

chief c

I agree yech!! bare feet and barely can stand all the sweats and crap they all wear

Aqua Bernie

I’ve been studying Ashley more and more. She gives me the vibe that she’s a porn star or something. Does anyone know?


why do you think that?

Aqua Bernie

Her mannerisms, her open sexuality conversations, she’s made out with two of the most disgusting men in BB, and she seems alittle skanky

Ians pit hair

She might be a porn star in a low budget japanese porn.


Check this out on Ashley.. Maybe it will answer your questions…:

Very interesting….


boogie bout to get BOUNCED !!

billy bob

the live feeds today are going to be awsome!!!!! lets get ready o ruuuuumble!!!!!!!!


i mean dani is jealous of brittany because shes a bigger target than her….who gets jealous of that? a lunatic does


Boogie’s arrogance is almost super-human.


Booger and Frank r bullies. Both tools. Gtfo already. Go Quack Pack! :)


I Agree, GO Quack Pack!!!


boogie is gonna need a hail mary pass from production in the form of a pandora’s box.


I feel like no one thinks for long term. They keep thinking get the big players out. Well while its going to take you 2+weeks to do so, you are letting floaters just sit there. Eventually one of them will win something and break up the big alliance. With that big of an alliance, who gets to take out who, who decides who goes home first? Are they all going to go just see who wins and pick each other? Because that will go over well…..not. Six people is just to big for an alliance, and I would hope some of them venture out. Even four is too big. Something bad will happen between them, and guess what another useless floater will win this thing. Barf. If you need the protection of 6 people you arent playing right.


they have to go after the big players now because there are so many of them this year.

VA Vet

The only ones winning competitions are Frank, Shane and Danielle. Not exactly floaters in my book.

Get rid of Mike and Dan first and it will be smooth sailing to then take on the real floaters. If Frank or Shane end up being collateral damage in the process, not a big deal. Beside, Ian is going to win no matter what. He’s too smart and knows the game better than anyone in the house. No doubt he has a plan ready it go when the stars are all aligned.


Nicole N.

There is no way Shane put up Dan unless he wants his game over soon. Theres no reason to get everyone mad at him when he will only have Frank, Boogie Jenn and Ashley on his team if he did that. Boogie is trying his mind tricks on Shane but I think it is too late. He would piss off Britney, Ian, Danielle and Dan if he did do that, not gonna happen this early he needs the numbers.


Umm…those 2 groups hold the exact same number of people. Just saying. He would have 4 people either way.


@NICOLE N. It will happen unless Jenn is not happy to play! So, It will happen!

VA Vet

I hope you have a crying towel handy for when your man Booger goes out the door.


Nice try from Boogie and Frank but its not gonna happen…the quack pack is making those two tards look like fools…

Kathie from Canada

Boogie and Frank are reading this whole thing the way Janelle did before being shown the door. All have such huge egos and think that the votes will absolutely be coming their way. Totally blinded by their own flawed sense of importance!!!


Alright, Boog is more than likely going home. Frank needs to win nexy hoh and say listen guys. We have been playing this game for our ‘coaches’ Lets get them all out, push our own ‘reset’ and play this game. They had their chance, its our turn. They can come back for all stars. Lets quit doing their dirty work to further their game. Also, I would really like it if they would let all people play for HOH. Regaurdless if you are current HOH or not. Does anyone agree. Plus, I cant stand Ian. He is creepy.


Anyone else think Shane has actually seen BB before and he is playing everyone? I am betting that is his game plan, so everyone thinks he doesn’t know what he is doing.


Hey Simon did Danielle really tell Shane she was ok with Dan going up on the block?


Can’t wait till Frank wins the HOH and puts up Dan and Shane. Then., we’ll see Dan go crazy as she says, “I love Shane,. you got to understand.” Then, Frank backdoors BRIT if the pov is used.


I think Frank has shown he can be loyal to the “leader of his pack”. So, I don’t hink he would put up Shane. I also don’t think he would put up Brit or Dani. I do think he would put up Jenn, Ashley, Ian and Dan.


YES!! I agree! Frank gotta keep a cool head and stay focus on Thursday…there is no way what so ever that he will be safe from now on. He gotta win!

Big Sister

If there is a God in Heaven, and I do believe there is, PLEASE be strong, Shane, and put Jenn up so Mike can go home on Thursday. Shane should say to Frank, “I appreesh all of the politicking you did, But…” And on Thursday say to Mike, ” You got got, so git!” (Props to Jeff for those terms.)


cruzin u think u know everything dont u……aspergers is not a form of autism…..look it up


Actually it is.” Asperger syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger’s syndrome or Asperger disorder, is an autism spectrum disorder” This is from Wikipedia.


FYI…Aspergers syndrome was recently taken off the autism spectrum. It was a form of highly functioning Autism.


Yes it is; perhaps you should look it up perhaps you could visit since they would have all the information there that would provide you with all the information.


You know who Frank look’s like? Have you ever seen the movie “Mask” with Cher?? Frank reminds me of Rocky Dennis who played Cher’s son.


@ Kathy. Lmao. I thought the same exact thing.


That’s pretty good – I can definitely see that.


He totally looks like the guy from Mask. I’ve been thinking that all season.


Rocky Dennis was a real person. The charactor was played bt Eric Stolz. Frank actually does look like Eric Stoltz.


I am getting sick of boogie ans shane and their fan group running to shane lets just get this over with it is getting pathetic lol


There is no benifit to keeping him and turning on an allie and shane knows boogie was targeting him and brit because of ian. You thought backdooring janelle was bad this is going to get really bad really fast.


I am a little surprised that Ashley is supporting boogie and frank..I thought she was a nicer person than that…a more peaceful person to go with the dark ones…not surprised by jenn but I am with ashley.


If Jenn/Ash only knew how Boogie/Frank talk about them behind their backs…..


What’s going to be so alarming to Boogie is that not only he’ll stay up but also lose a vote (Jenn). He will noooooooot be happy.


Jenn is the confirmed replacement nominee


Lmao. Did jenn just say they drew a line in the sand. Lol. Ok jenn. What are you going to do. Be invisible for the rest of the show like you have the entire first half. She should be happy. Now she will get some air time


Jenn doesn’t talk game for 40 something straight days now all of a sudden she talks to Shane for 10 minutes and age thinks he should listen to her. What a joke. How did this chick get cast on this show any how?


Whewwww, Jenn was put up in Frank’s place at the PoV!


yes it would be just wonderful if the plan goes accordingly as scheduled and Boogie is voted out….HOWEVER don’t forget that CBS, Big Brother & Production has added twists & turns right before our eyes when someone should have gone home and it is rigged so they stay….

That is what I expect CBS, Big Brother production to do rather than let Boogie go home even tho according to the fan voting Boogie and Frank really don’t have any numbers…the fans like the Quack Pack more!!!

Think about that CBS & Big Brother Production before you do something this afternoon to stop Boogie from going home!!!!!


Personally, I don’t wanna see Boogie go but even if he does, no worries. Might actually help out Frank, especially if he wins HOH, doesn’t matter who he puts up, the quack pack will have to divide and figure out who to keep. And he’ll have every right to put them up, might create some major tension in the pack of quacks. Bottom line though, Boogie is probably going home this week, it’s not looking good for him at all. I’d be genuinely shocked if Shane would stir the pot like that and pretty much end the Quack Pack alliance there.


Frank needs to win Fast Forward HOH with 3. He will tie with Jordan, Jessie, ED, Nakomis, Hardy, Ryan & Dan with 3!


, Can you tell these people that I’m not a Mike Boogie or Frank lover. I respect his gameplay but I’m not Mike Boogie lover. Period!


Frank looks like the bad guy from Dirty Harry, Scorpio or whatever.


Since it’s a double-eviction week, isn’t Mike going home regardless of who Shane puts up to replace Frank? Will there even be a “vote”? What difference does it make, if both nominees are going to be evicted? That’s why putting up Dan is the better game move. Dan and Mike will both be gone and Shane can tell Frank that at least he tried to save Mike. Or am I missing something here?


Boogie MUST GO! .. will miss him though cause he is Hilarious!!! – Dan is the greatest player to Ever play the game- win or lose.