Big Brother 14 Power Of Veto Ceremony Results!

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie And Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


11:55am Jenn and Ashley are in the arcade room talking. Jenn says that she just knew Shane was going to nominate her, she says that he was looking at her a lot right before so she just knew she was going up. Jenn says that she is just going to sit by the pool and do the dishes and start thinking about her speech. Jenn says whatever the line is fu*king drawn and I am going out for blood after this! The cameras switch to the HOH room where Danielle, Britney and Shane talk about how pissed Jenn is. Britney says that she is going to go talk to her and tell her that she is sorry and that she will tell her to come up to talk to him (Shane). Britney goes down to talk to Jenn. Jenn is in the kitchen and yells FU*K. Britney takes Jenn into the arcade room and tells her she is sorry that she got nominated that she didn’t know it was happening. Britney tells Jenn that she told Shane she didn’t want to know who he was going to nominated after getting her name thrown out there with the nominations. Jenn says that she wants to campaign for Britney’s vote. Britney says absolutely. Britney tells her that Shane wants to talk to her. Jenn says that she wants wait until she calms down.

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12:05am Boogie, Frank and Ashley are in the kicks room talking. Frank and Boogie talk about how done they are with Shane’s back and forth answers. Boogie says that he will be in the jury house by the pool with salt all around my rim talking so much sh*t about his game to make sure he doesn’t get the votes. Frank says all he will be doing is banging hammers now. Boogie says he just burned his bridge with me, that’s all he will be doing is banging hammers, there is no way I will help him out in LA now. Fu*k that and I told him I would help him too, but that’s done! Boogie says that he wants to go up there and call out Shane on his manhood, you are Dan’s bit*h! Boogie says that he wants to smash his fu*king face! He can go back to his pathetic life in Vermont, I could have changed his life and now there is no way!


Ian and Jenn go into the arcade room to talk. Jenn says that that it is hot out in the streets. She says that she thinks Dan scum bagged her. Jenn says that she doesn’t know if she is the target or not. Jenn says that she is gonna calm down and do dishes before she talks to Shane or else she will rip his head off. Jenn leaves and realizes Dan is doing the dishes, so she goes up and talks to Shane. Jenn asks Shane to tell her what the hell is going on. Shane says that he had to put her up because you have the best relationship with Boogie. Shane tells her that he put a huge target on his back right now because of all of this. Jenn says you sure did! Shane says that he has been told by people that Jenn was getting information for team Boogie. Jenn denies it. Shane tells her that she has a better relationship with Boogie than Ian, and that it is harder for Boogie to campaign against her, but that he thinks she has a very good chance to stay. Shane says that he has been told she is running back to give them information. Shane tells her he hopes she is never in this position to have to because it hard.

12:25pm Jenn and Ian join Boogie and Frank in the kicks room. Jenn talks about how she went up to talk to Shane. She tells them that she was washing dishes next to Dan and started singing the lyrics you look so pretty digging your grave. She says that she then walked away. Ian asks if he incites an argument later with him will they support him? They say oh yeah, yeah. Ian says that he might, or he might not we will see. Frank, Boogie and Jenn leave the kicks room. Frank goes up to Ian after and tells him not to start a fight right now I don’t want you to be painted in a bad light.



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12:30pm – 12:40pm Britney, Danielle and Ashley are in the arcade room talking. Britney says that it is so awkward out there no one is looking or talking to each other. They talk about how pissed Jenn is that she is on the block. Meanwhile, out in the kitchen, Boogie and Frank are yelling at Shane. They are pissed because Shane was implying to them that Dan would be going up on the block and he didn’t. Frank asks why Shane was yanking them around so much and saying that he was leaning one way or another. Shane says yeah I said that I was leaning one way or another I didn’t say which way. Frank says yeah you were insinuating one way. Boogie says now you are just Dan’s bit*ch! Boogie says that he has put a huge target on his back and that he better hope his daddy Dan wins next week while he is on the sidelines watching. Boogie tells Shane that he is going to get what he deserves. Shane asks is that a threat?! Boogie tells him he isn’t in the game anymore, but that my man Frank is coming after you to back up that threat! Frank says you just went from not being on my hit list to being number one on my sh*t list and that Dan is now my number two! Shane says that he knew that would happen and he’s fine with it.
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12:40pm Boogie says what is great for you three (Ian, Jenn and Joe) is that all three of us are going to be in the jury house making sure they don’t get the votes in the jury house for scum bagging us. Ian says you know what that means, mountain bikes! (?)Frank says I would like to point out one thing too your boy (Dan) isn’t helping you out one bit in here. Maybe he will throw the HOH again, just like he did last time. Mike goes and walks by Dan in the living room and says nice fu*king play, nice one, getting them to do your dirty work. Dan sits there in silence reading the bible. Boogie tells Frank we have to give it up to this guy he is good.


Frank, Joe and Boogie go into the kick’s room to talk. Boogie tells Joe that they are tight and don’t have your back. With us you know where we stand and that we are ready to roll with you. Boogie says it is going to be real uncomfortable in here this next week. It is going to be a war! You are in a great position. Shane is in power now, but that is going to end soon. They have nothing to offer you! Frank says if you come over here with us it will be 5 against 3. We aren’t asking for just a week, we want to work with you. Boogie tells Joe to think it over for a day. Joe says that he just needs the 24 hours to think about it and he will not drag it out he will let them know. Joe says that he needs to know that Ashley is with them 100% before he makes his decision. They bring up how Dan didn’t come in and back up his man Shane. Joe leaves.


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12:53pm – 1pm Frank and Boogie head into the living room to sit by Dan to make him uncomfortable. Boogie asks Dan if he is going to ignore him all week. Dan says I’m not ignoring you man. Boogie says I tip my hat at you. I hold no ill will against you in the real world, but in the game it’s a different story. Frank says that he disagrees, he says he is pissed at Dan for trying to scumbag him. Frank says that he is going to start a website how to really get on Boogie says the only thing I asks is that you don’t do Ian wrong. Frank is a big boy and can handle himself. You and Ian have been friends since the beginning. Just don’t do him wrong. Ian is there and says yeah salsa ball. Ian leaves. Boogie says okay Dan we did a good job of hiding the alliance. Boogie says that Janelle is home enjoying a large dildo right now enjoying this… They laugh.

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206 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Power Of Veto Ceremony Results!

    1. Now on the live feeds Frank and Boogie doing what they only know how to do and that is bully and threaten people! I used to love watching BB but now they only get babies on the show like Frank and Boogie who do not have any idea how to act like they have one ounce of dignity or grace and refuse to realize that it is a stupid game show. Come on BB get these two idiots out of the show ASAP!!! Sick of Frank’s big disgusting foul mouth and both of their inabilities to act like grown adults. THEY BOTH NEED TO GO ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I feel bad for Jenn in a way because she has no idea how little respect Boogie/Frank have for her when they talk about her when she’s not around.

      1. Thats her fault for not playing the game for the first half of the season. She got nominated as a pawn and showed her true colors. She’s an idiot. She is on the side of Boogie and Frank but gets pissed because the other side puts her up. They really need to do a better job casting.

        1. i couldn’t agree more she is stupid she should have enough sense to know that obviously they want boogie gone not her so she just needs to chill out and relax.

        2. Up until this moment in the game, Jenn has been VSA and now she thinks she is all big and bad??? Seriously???? Could she be any more pathetic that she appears now??? And Boogie showing his amazing sense of sportsmanship???? This couldn’t be better for entertainment value IMO.

  1. Danielle has figured out that, she is not in a good
    position if she is considered a “strong player” since
    the house is getting rid of strong players.

    Hopefully Danielle will just keep letting the guys
    get rid of each other and sail right into the F4 in
    the Girls Alliance!

    But, Danielle would need to remember that the
    goal here is to win the game……

    Wasn’t Danielle one of the people who applied to be
    on a dating show? Maybe she was convinced to do
    BB because there would be men there, too?

    Hopefully Danielle will realize that she could win
    $500,000.00, and that she will have plenty of
    time and opportunities to meet a more suitable
    man than Shane (or that Trey-who-is-with-another
    -girl is).

    If the Girls’ Alliance just focuses on making sure
    Boogie, Frank, Dan, and Shane are the next 4 to go,
    there will only be Joe and Ian left to go before
    the F4.

    Hopefully Britney has figured this out, since it
    isn’t looking like Danielle will take the lead. It
    would be very interesting to watch Jenn turn
    out to be the ‘leader’ of the Girls’ Alliance,
    and bring them to victory.

    It’s really going to help that Shane is back-
    stabbing Jenn, hopefully it will motivate her to
    cement her relationship with ‘the Girls’.

    1. Danielle is a strong player?… Baaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaahaha… That girl is dumber than a box of rocks.

    2. Boogie is pissed about something AGAIN. just came out of the diary room talking about production/bitching and feeds cut.

      1. Yes, I am right always. Jenn wants to leave, believe me in this. You will see, Chilltown 2.0 is stronger than ever. I no do drugs, why people think this?

  2. Do they realy think they will go through all of Big Brother and NEVER be nominated? Ugh, why is Jenn so pissed and wanting “blood for this.”? Get over it! You haven’t done shit in this game, and Boogie is the target….why is she even on this cast?

    1. Exactly. Jenn hasn’t won or come close to winning any comps, has she even been a Have Not? She is the ultimate floater and to be this pissed over being nominated it nuts. Suck it up Cupcake!

      1. Jenn is right up there with Lawaon and Adam as some of the most uesless players in BB history! Oh no, she’s out for revenge now..everyoen shuold be scared

  3. Jenn, you got your wish. Hopefully, the best to see you go! Don’t worry you will be happy to see you leave.

    1. Yes Jenn, you want to leave. I know this, I always right. Just tell people vote you out, like you want. It happen every year, people always campaign to get themselves voted out, believe me when I tell this.

  4. Not surprised at all by the outcome. I wish Dr. Will would have came in to coach instead of Boogie, would of been fun seeing him literally mind-f*** this cast. Frank is better off on his own, Boogie is just dragging him down at this point. What surprised me was Boogie actually trying to be trustworthy and waste Frank’s HOH, should of predicted the Silent 6 alliance would be done the week after.

  5. Now….vote Boogie out as planned….I just hope that CBS & Big Brother Production does not pull something like they have right before our eyes when they want someone to stay that was already out the door…..

    Please CBS & Big Brother Production…look at the fan votes….Boogie & Frank do not have the numbers….America does not like them….get rid of them & let the real Big Brother game begin….not Boogiie’s game…..let him go home!!!!

    Appears the fans are veryhappy with the Quack Pack!!!

      1. This is just my personal opinion, but I think that Boogie and Frank are the two most despicable people I ever saw play on BB. There were others I didn’t like, or thought were big, raging, buttholes, but this is a new level of hatred I’m feeling with those two.

        1. I’m there with you…there’s so much one can take. Such hubris and small mindedness is really bothersome…I have to work with abused children everyday and I admit that in my years, it’s still so hard to imagine any human being could cause so much pain because I had a great Dad but mehn! Seeing Boogie and Frank at works makes my skin crawl…so sad. Game or no game, my respect for Dan continues to grow insurmountably by the second.

    1. Speak for yourself my Dear…… NOT “ALL” of America dislikes Boogie & Frank!!!!!!!!
      FACT: Boogie MAKES the show interesting this year!
      And are you just so callous that you don’t see that at his core Frank is a probably THE MOST decent human being in that house????

      1. Sorry, I don’t condone bullying under any circumstances. And, if you think decent is someone who can’t put three sentences together without swearing; who speaks about women in a derogatory manner….well, your definition of decent is otherworldly.

      2. Boogie will make it interesting when he gets voted out Thursday. I hope you were kidding about Frank being the most decent human being in the house if not you might want to check the dosage on your medication.

      3. Frank is so decent, he never swears, he doesn’t support total immature-clown -hip-hop-losers, has never made out with a complete airhead, he is never a poor sport or a cheater, is totally modest and perfectly decent. haha

      4. I have to disagree. Frank is not even close to being decent. He needs to go ASAP. Boogie doesn’t need the money. He is rich and it was smart of Shane to put Frank and Boogie up so that one of them goes this week.

    2. Thank you! Susan is Right the Fans dont like Cheaters or other people production wants ! Let them have Real big Brother

      Not a production of it!

      I am so glad Shane put up Jenn ! GO SHANE !

      Next week Frank ! If production lets it happen 4 in the Chair and not voted out is that a record!

      1. @MEXFRENCH! OMG, Your Just a hater! I’m not a Mike Boogie Fan but I respect his gameplay. Can wait to see Jenn go!

        1. Jenn is shooting herself in the foot for no reason, but at this point I don’t think it really matters what she does. Boogie is too bid of a target and he will got home. Jenn is ruining her game for the future though. The target on her back just went from invisible to medium sized because she pretty much told Shane she was coming after him and Dan. Not smart!

    1. Jen is that thing you see from the corner of your eye, that know one believes is real.
      Jen is the hairs on the back of your neck that stand up, because someone is watching you. Turn around and no one is there.
      Jen is that voice no else can hear.

      Jen is Big Brothers first Tattooed Punk Rock Lesbian Ghost. Say her name in a mirror three times and the Live Feeds are cut.

  6. She’s mad she actually has to play the game now? Obviously she knows she’s just a pawn so why get so angry unless it’s because she has to finally do something now.

    1. Jenn is absolutely worthless in this game…… She doesn’t even have to do a thing to save herself this week….. She obviously is not the target, but yet she is too dumb to even realize that……. The girl has done jack-squat since day one….. She will be there at the end sitting next to whomever is going to win this year….. What a waste of a spot on the show…. CBS could have at least given her spot to someone who would play the game instead of just sleep and eat all day…… Hell, she hasn’t even been a have-not yet…….. Welcome to Big Brother Jenn, it’s only taken 50 days for you to figure out that this is a game not a vacation….. Ugh, I hate that she is even in this house.

  7. see jenn has been hiding but now we know she has the nasty in her. now we to see who she is underneath all of her fake ….it’s all good mama comments.

  8. I am a Chilltown fan, but I do have to admit that Jenn is going a bit overboard. She is sitting next to Boogie, why should she worry about getting the boot sitting next to him. I’d just be sitting pretty, laying low, and just confirm things down the road. Wil proved big time what happens when you start having attitude. It was Joe leaving the house during Frank’s HOH until Wil started up and then it flipped. Its Monday, elimination is Thursdays. Its Double Evict, anything is possible…yo…

    1. I love how Britney is playing the game this season. She’s the innocent player, in the middle, who doesn’t know anything when she’s asked and looks surprise when her suggestion nominee is put on the block. At the same time letttig the other players dig their own graves while she remains with no drop of blood in her own hands. On top of that, I laugh when she mimics other’s in the diary room plus she catches little BB house details like the key holes beside the coaches names back when they were not playing. I hope she and Dan get to final two.

  9. boogies not goin anywhere production isnt going to have a repeat of last season it seems obvious to me that pandoras box will be making an appearance and saving boogie no one wants to watch a boring house of floaters who are dan,brit ,jenn,ashley,ian,joe

    1. ring ring ,hello ,dr will ,your boy boogie sucks without you ,he sucks big balls ,call him thursday night and tell him dan out played him ,made him look like a yo yo, bahahahahhahahaha hahahahahahhahahah

      1. Dan is the best player in this game right now. Danielle honestly has zero target on her as well in the Q pack. I think it will be those 2 in the end.
        Boogie goes home.
        Quack pack has Joe now (even though he doesn’t know it) and no matter who wins HOH next they have the numbers to do what they want.
        Whos left after Thursday.

        Other side:
        Jenn the ?

        AS long as Quack pack with Joe stick to their guns they will ride to final 6. Then it will really be on.

        I hope Pandoras box does NOT save Boogie. His crying and whining and bullying behavior totally tarnished his image for me. Dan is the best Big Brother player of all time in my opinion. Close with Dr. Will.

        Last thought. Ever wonder why BB1 players never get love. Like the winner Eddie for example??? strange.

  10. WOOHOO Bring on the “Girls Alliance” (with Ian
    as the last guy). It will be great, just like it was
    during the Survivor F4 Girls Alliance season.

  11. If Boogie gets saved by a power than this should be the last year of big brother because it is a f’n joke. I think he is gone on thursday. Boogie is such an ass.

    1. if rachael the most hated player in big brother history can be saved time and time again by special powers than why not boogie

  12. OMG, Jenn, Boogie and Frank are such huge babies!!! They all three are the biggest cry babies I have ever seen on BB in 14 seasons. Get over it you are nominated and grow up. None of the other house guests have acted so intolerable as these three tools. Boogie needs to go Thursday and Frank after him and then Jenn to try and save this season if it is possible. At least the other house guests even though they may lie which is part of the game have some type of class where as these three do not even know how to spell the word!!! BYE BYE to all three so please production do not put your dirty little hands in the game and try to save these three worthless individuals.

    1. They both have been in the center of the shit storm that’s been making this season actually entertaining. If both go, it’s gonna be a crappy second half of this season. You’re going to have the Quack Pack picking off the floaters one by one. Ian will be the first one expendable for them once they’re the only ones left. That doesn’t make for interesting television.

      1. There is a difference between entertainment crazy like Rachel and what those two asswipes are doing. I want them out of the house.

      2. Rather watch the Quack Pack then the two cry babies, Frank and Boogie!!! They don’t make it entertaining they make it sad to watch two grown men act like babies and one who is in the middle of lawsuits for embezzlement and the other that has such a limited vocabulary that he cannot not speak without using the F Bomb in every sentence. They need to go!!!!!!!!

      3. I don’t think so. Frank and Boogie are bullies and the others are just smart enough to let them be the only scum in the house (now ? as well). Once they are gone, others will step into that role.

    2. Wow, take it easy. The fact that everybody forgets is that this is a reality show that gets ratings from the house guests going overboard. Sure Frank and Boogie play their little whiny game from time to time but to say that they are worthless individuals is a little much. Most people are watching this season because of their actions and that tells me that they are worth watching. If production steps in to give a special power, then so be it. I didn’t see anybody complaining when Jeff was handed the diamond power of veto and put Jesse and Natalie on the block in a past season. That is because Jeff was a fan favourite and good guy. Frank and Boogie are playing the villains here and it makes better television. I will bet that you keep watching even if they save Boogie.

      1. Well then you would be 100% wrong because I had stopped watching and only started back when read that Frank and Boogie were on the block, and will stop once again if Boogie does not go home. I do not find threats and bullying at all entertaining. Dr. Will was entertaining but he did not threaten or bully, but Boogie is incapable of doing anything but bully and threaten with his Bozo by his side. If these two children are sent home with their limited vocabulary and bullying tactics the others will step up and actually make the show very entertaining to watch without the bullying and threats that is the only arsenal that Boogie and Frank have.

  13. AGREE LOVE THE QUACK PACK and cannot stomach the cry babies. Production do look at the numbers America does not like Boogie, Frank or Jenn. Send their skanky butts out the door!!

    1. Dan and Ian should flip sides to save Boogie. Dan should see that everybody is out for his blood and Ian should realize he is playing 5th fiddle and is his only worth is sharing information. Down goes Quack pack.

  14. I can’t even imagine how hard Boogie is working right now to come up with a way to make it seem like his eviction was under his control. I am sure he will just bash everyone, with some 40 year old wigger humor splashed in there.

  15. is anyone else annoyed with the fact that everytime danielle talks to a HG she somehow manages to turn the conversation to herself? At this point i would rather frank survive the double eviction on thursday if they would vote out danielle. She is a freaking psycopath, for some delusional reason she is constatly comparing herself to Jordan. WTF!!!! Message to Danielle: You are not likable, Dan will not talk to you after this game is over because you are crazy!

    1. I’m glad someone else sees this. She is 100% INSANE. Literally. No hyperbole. Like, I kind of fear for Shane’s well-being after this.

  16. If Jenn wants to go home! Let her go home! She not happy here! Just remember Pawns will go home. Jenn wants to leave, let her. It’s for the best for her

    1. Yes believe me this is for best. Jenn want to leave. Jenn, go head butt Shane, then you will must go home and boogie must stay. Chilltown 2.0!!! Why are these people in white at my trailer? I no insane, I always right!! Get straight-jacket away from me…AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. if dan leaves, so does dani…..but dan knows he has to get rid of danielle …he wants to be in the final two with ashley or jenn…..wouldnt it be awesome if jenn just started winning this alll…..if jenn just got into beast mode and screamed team tits forever!!!!!!…….i like jenn…she was right…she is the coolest floater around….she is just mixed up witht he wrong crowd….lol,……..her music is pretty good too and whoever said danielle is a strong player hasnt been watching live feeds…..danielle is just another mutation of dan in this game……she is a mere clone of dan….she is dans puppet

  18. If Frank starts trying to make a deal with Shane, I hope Shane tells him it depends on how Frank votes on Thursday. Getting a 7 to zip vote would be the coup-deatat of the season. Would definitely send Mike out the door wondering what the heck is going on.

  19. Omg I hate Ian. Why is everyone just letting him skate along and acting like he’s on everyone’s side. It’s everyone wants to protect this kid. And for what reason. He would never take the heat for anyone else. I’m so sick of this kid Man up and stop floating

    1. Ummm because Boogie and Frank trust him, tell him everything and Ian takes that info back to the quack pack. How do you think that quack pack has been getting all their “inside” info? Boogie and Frank are going to look like dumb asses when they find out it was Ian relaying info and not Dan.

    2. Did you ever stop to think that maybe it’s his game plan? Being a double agent isn’t exactly floating. It’s keeping everyone else at each others throat while he sits back and surveys the carnage. Not a bad plan for BB, don’t you think?

      We’ll all see once the herd gets thinned.

      1. First of all yes I know that’s his game plan. That’s not what I’m talking about. Everyone else is going to let boogie and frank yell at them threaten them and get them voted out. It’s one thing to go back to them with info. It’s another to say your going to yell at Shane and put this act on. With boogie gone and the line drawn there is no need to act anymore. Stop being a little boy and step up to the plate. Dan and the rest of the quack pack are letting there names be drag through the mud for this kid. At first it was nice of Dan but I wouldn’t want to lose $500,000 because some kid wouldn’t take the wrap

    3. Everyone loves an underdog, people always root for the little guy, the smart guy who never gets the girl…that is why people like Ian. He is the ultimate underdog. I think he is playing a great game and would love to see him and Dan in the end, just to see who would win.

  20. Priceless. Jenn is in no position to be mad. She tried to fly under the radar till this point. Obvious that she is working for F/B since she never talks game with Shane and she was in his face yesterday pushing Dan, Dan, Dan. SHe is just pissed that she is up after all her boasting that she thought she turned him to the dark side. Dani needs to go toe to toe with her and smack her ass down. NO ONE is immune from the block. What a b*itch.

    1. Yeah a bunch of ‘weak’ players that are kicking ass and are taking out a ‘strong player this week, ha ha. And if they win HOH then these weak players will finish Frank off.
      They’re weak coz you don’t like them. But they have the numbers and are playing the game, that’s why Boogie’s going home. How’s that for ‘weak’? The strong players are whining like babies and not realizing this is a game and they got got.
      Boogie can dish it out but can’t take it.

  21. linda…..u must be a lesbian….because only a butch dike lesbian would want an all girls alliance…go lick twat and stop bothering our chat

    1. Of course I’m not a lesbian. I just remember how funny
      it was on Survivor when that guy (Eric?) gave away his
      immunity necklace and gave the women the F4. And,
      it was interesting to watch the F4 that year (especially
      if compared to when Sandra won… yawn).

      It seems to me that Ashley could get Ian to throw her
      Ian’s final POV if she wanted to do it. And, it’s too late
      for any other interesting scenario. If Shane/Dan think
      that they won’t be the next to go (after Boogie/Frank)
      Shane/Dan are fooling themselves.

    2. Linda, there is no need to explain yourself to this ignorant scumbag. He is obviously a mentally challenged woman hater. Low life!

  22. Brit is horrible at this game – she thinks she’s being such a great strategist by saying the Nom’s and POV replacement choice were all Shane’s doing – she had nothing to do with it. If she were smart she would wrap Shane around her like a warm coat in winter and wear him to the end and say she had everything to do with Shane’s decisions – she couldnt compete physically soshe used her social skills to take out the heavy hitters to get Shane and herself further in the game – then with some luck dump Shane at Final 3 or 4 and take Danielle to F2. By saying she had nothing to do with it everyone knows she’s a liar and a coward wanting (in her words talking about Joe) to ‘be at the murder but not get any blood on her hands’. Grow some ovaries Brit!!!

  23. OK… frank and boogie are trying to bully shane….when is enough enough……seriously, u guys got put up on the block….stop bein babies and take it on the chin like a man… boogie is telling shane u r number one target and blah blah blah…….BRITNEY, DANIELLE, DAN…step your fucking game up and win thursdays HOH….the person who has done the most for you is on the line……SHANE HAS WON THE MOST COMPS FOR THE QUACK PACK…..its time they step up and win one for him….please dont let frank win the hoh on thursday…..lets go quack pack step your game up….

  24. Boogie and Frank have been such bullies the past 2 days, that I really hope they (production) just let Boogie get the boot. It’s fun watching people scheme, but it is not enjoyable to watch people bully.

    That being said obviously the viewers and production are unhappy with Jenn, I mean we’ve seen like 4 minutes total of her all season. I could see Boogie getting voted out and Pandora’s box coming in to play and switching the last eviction so that Jenn has to leave and Boogie comes back.

  25. Omg Jenn is so annoying!! It’s a game! Someone had to be nominated. I hope she leaves. She has done eff all and is just floating to the end. Such a baby

  26. I honestly don’t understand the men rooting for Shane and Dan. Are they the kind of guys you’d hang out with? If so, you need a little more beer and football in your life.

    And just from an entertainment standpoint, do you really want to watch Shane stumble through every awkward conversation while Britney complains and Dan literally lays on the couch all day? This was an awful decision to bring the coaches back in, especially considering how *terrible* all the new players are. Other than Frank and Willie (RIP–not literally), the newbs have/had no idea what they were doing, even if Willie did try to win the game week 1. At least he did *something*

    And Shane is a moron for leaving Dan in the game. Get Dan out, and he becomes the most important person in that alliance. Don’t, and they’ll all turn on him b/c they don’t want to sit next to him in the end.

  27. I sense Jenn will suddenly decide to leave after a Diary Room session. I theorize “production” will offer her 75,000 dollars to leave and it will be kept quiet. Or they will have some kind of temptation game where they offer players money to leave before Thursday. If anyone leaves, the HOH/POV will reset for Thursday and only 1 person goes home. SOmething will happen.

  28. Mike/Frank are the only decent human beings in this game…Piss ant Dan hides behinds his religion as some choir boy, and then you have th biatch Britney/pu$$y Shane alliance…

  29. I liked boogie and frank but what they dont seem to understand is that they would have just got out dan or brit next week during the Double Eviction…. They are just mad they didnt do it first…

  30. Sore losers much? Gawd every year there is sore losers – they got the better of me first so theyare not getting my vote. Bunch of babies.

  31. was it a typo in the text or is boogie just that stupid because i read that he said he would be sitting in the jury house relaxing by the pool having a drink, his ass ain’t going to jury it’s going home and what a pathetic little b**tch he is saying oh i’m not helping him out now he can go back to his pathetic life in vermont, no boogie it’s you who can go back to your pathetic life now and deal with all of your legal and sexual lawsuits, also when frank and boogie were yelling at him in the kitchen shane should have looked at them and said now boys there is no place for bullying outside of this house or in it wasn’t that what frank said week 1 and then after that he should’ve said frank your nana told you to keep it classy and you’re not she will be disappointed in you, what a couple of losers!!! also what a joke jenn is she hasn’t done anything in this game most people don’t even know she’s there and now she’s mad that she actually has to do something poor thing whatever will she do.

  32. Simon, just finished catching up on all the updates, laughed my ass off at the one update where you referred to Jenn as ? Brilliance!!!:)

  33. Boogie is such a sleezbag if he’s bribing the houseguests with his personal life connections just to get his way, such a brat this guy is!

  34. if the majority of viewers hate frank and boogie then it makes more sense for production to want them around. thats how entertainment works, without a villain theres no intrigue. if you think the ratings are bad now wait until its down to the quackpack and ashley, jenn and joe.

  35. Yea frank is a real tough guy. He’s going to threaten a 5 ft nothing girl into voting for mike. Frank is just as big as a loser as mike is. It’s really sad because I think frank would have been a nice guy without mike. This right here is not game. This is how they truly are. Bullying people. These 2 are nothing but punks. Franks nana should be ashamed of him. What happened to “keep it classy”. If I was Dan and Shane I would tell him ok you get one of us out if you win HOH but guess what you can’t play in the one after that so good luck winning the rest of the comps to stay in the game. Frank is a loser

  36. Shane is such a pussy, hes taking all the heat for an alliance consisting with people that will never take him to the final 2, and now frank and boogie are yelling at him and he still has nothing to say.

    1. Thank you. Finally somebody else sees what a vapid bitch Shane is, letting Dan and Danielle dump salt all over his game. I never thought I’d long for last season, but give me Rachel over any of these turds.

    2. He’s got nothing to say because he doesn’t have to say anything, his nominations speak for themselves. The two can rant and rave and whine but it’s done. Shane knew they’d be pissed but he still put up Jenn, so it’s done.

  37. jenn does not seem very bright if she had brains shewouldn’t flip out, but let Boogie continue flipping out and digging his own grave.

  38. You know, there’s an easy solution to the whole Pandora’s Box…Shane simply doesn’t have to open it. Frankly, if he does he’s an idiot. Walk away genius and your HOH won’t be turned into a joke yet again. Honestly I can’t stand anyone in this cast other than Frank and Boogie, but I’m guessing there’s going to be some huge explosions coming down the stretch when Frank pulls off another ‘miracle’ and wins HOH pitting Shane, Brit and Dano all against each other.

  39. Seriously Boogie, how old are you? I love his line a few days ago about how if Dan scumbaggeed him, he’d shake his hand and say well played. Now he just thinks Dan is and he’s going off the deep end.

    Ian is going to have a decision to make this week. The Quack Pack needs his vote to lock things down.

    Message to the producers – you can manipulate to a point, but if Pandora’s Box shows up and saves Boogie somehow after Frank was saved during the reset, you’re going to have a lot of unhappy fans who know something is definitely up.

  40. If I was Shane, I would watch my back because in Double eviction I’ll be so screw and better yet I will end up like Jeff & Brendon.

  41. Simon…. can you clear something up for those that aren’t sure….

    Does the person leaving this week go to jury or not?

    Frank FTW!!!!!

    1. i’m not simon but no the first person evicted this week hopefully (boogie) does not go to jury because there are 10 people in the house right now and only 9 go to jury because there are 7 votes and there’s the final 2

  42. I don’t understand Booger, he’s played two other times, won one lost one. He got played this time. He should know this game by now. Geez! He should stop being a bully and just man up, and leave with some pride. I can’t imagine his business partners being proud of him acting like this. Or maybe they are and that’s why he has business problems. Frank should just say “goodbye uncle Boogie” on thursday and get playing his own game.

  43. At least Shane is playing the game! He didn’t wimp out and put up Joe or other floaters. Boogie & Frank are just bullies and they got played! Love it!

  44. Finally some drama and action in the house!!! Hats off to Shane for making a bold move. If there is any chance that Boogie survives though…..Shane is a dead man walking…..they will put up Shane and Dan for sure.

  45. No matter what Danielle and Shane do, Brittney and Dan will get the blood on their hands.
    they are seen as puppets. Why are they complaining, they get to do the dirty and someone else gets the blame? sound perfect

    Unlike the other coaches so far, Brittney won safety. It was a good plan Shane or Danielle win HoH Brittney or Dan Safety
    So it could not be used by anyone else. Then Dan Hustled to win HoH, got extremely close to getting it to.

    Dan and Brittney both could have won HoH. Dan did manage to show he can win a competition
    Boogie on the other hand, went for the cash pay out, not HoH or Safety. He left his player floating in the wind, by himself.

    Frank and Boogie told several people in that house that they wanted to get Shane and Brittney out, and, backdoor Dan.
    This is one of those situations that always amuses me about some people. You tell 300 of your closest friends and then complain when it gets out.
    You should have known after telling Joe, Ian, Ashley, Jen and then lastly Dan, that you considered backdooring Dan, you may have just screwed yourself over.
    Maybe going for the HoH would have been a good idea. Instead having blind faith in your own charms of persuasion keeping you safe.

    Now there is the possibility that Jenn will do all of Frank and Boogies work for them, just like Wil did all of the work last week for Dan and Joe. Even so that would not make Boogie or Frank the best players ever. Just more dumb luck.

    In Season two Boogie only lasted to, oh look, right about now.
    In Season Six, He won because Dr Will carried him to a point and Janelle carried him to final Three, then he got lucky and took out Janelle. Took Erica to the final two. (I have always wondered what classified Erica as an All Star. Her season she was just a jealous ex girlfriend, that made racist comments.)

    Boogie is someone that I would not classify as one of the games Greatest Players, notorious maybe, for the most part he is exactly how some have described Brittney and Dan. Frank has done all of the heavy lifting, and been the target Boogie has hid behind.

  46. the bible thing gets a bit tired. using it as a way to play your game is weak. I hate that dan does that, and does this whole “ill pray afterwards” oh barf. dont bring religion into the game, thats so weak sauce.

    boogie goes, the man who no one would have voted to win….OK. good for him, he didnt want to sit in jury.

    but dan is now screwed. watch frank win the next HOH, and put shane and dan on the block, replacement nom brit in case of a pov win

    welcome to the block idiots.

    1. I totally agree, it was way too soon to break up the Silent
      Six. It should have been after the Fast Foward at earliest.
      Boogie was right about that.

      And, I totally agree with you about these people… what are
      they thinking, voting out the one they all could beat.

    2. The bible is not a game ploy, IT IS THE ONLY THING TO READ IN THAT HOUSE.
      I went to China years ago, and actually got excited over a roll of Gold Fish Toilet Paper, because it was the first thing in three weeks, I found written in English. You would be surprised how something to read anything to read is better than nothing. How many people in Big Brother can recite the backs of a cereal box, because of that.

    3. Dan doesn’t “use the bible as a part of the game”. That’s just something the players in season 10 used to paint him in a negative light and now they’re doing it again. Plenty of HGs over the years have read it but we’re supposed to believe Dan is a bad person for doing it?

    4. Ian screwed Froogie over, not Dan. Dan wants to keep both sides of the alliances as long as possible, but he is forced to choose between the two options. So he have to choose the QP.

  47. 3 things.
    1) Boogie is acting like he will be in the jury, even though he thinks he is going home. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. What does that mean?
    2) Production keeps giving Frank lines to use agaist Dan. The realitytv thing is something Dan wrote a book about I believe.
    3) IAN IS PLAYING THEM SO WELL. He said he was gonna start a fight with Dan?:) HILARIOUS

  48. God, Boogie and Frank are the biggest douchebags in Big Brother history!
    No question about it!
    Boogie is such a hypocritical fucktard, in All-Stars he says he liked the Jury because they voted the right way for the better game and not personally. He said thats how its supposed to be, and now he’says he’s not going to vote for him? Boogie is just pissed cause a newbie has bested him in the game this season. Practice what you preach, Boogs.

    And Frank and Boogie are such idiots-they sit so high on their pedistal they don’t know what’s happening down on earth. They act like they cant freaking be nominated or evicted, they throw Janelle under the bus and smile all dandy but whenever Boogie is about to be defeated they start shit and act pissed off. They are both MAJOR hypocrite’s. Boogie goes into the diary room when Frank’s nominated and he’s like “You don’t mess with the Boogie” whenever the HoH had no deal with Froogie whatsoever! He is just so arrogant and thinks he’s above everyone else! I would LOVE to see his stupid ass leave followed by Frank on double eviction. Seriously, worst HG’s ever.

    1. HONESTY would be nice but for some stupid reason production think that people are watching because of those two idiots, but in reality people are turning off their televisions because of Frank and Boogie and productions cheating behind the scenes. If production would just let honesty rule ratings would go back up. No one likes watching two bullies pick on a small 5 foot woman and bully everyone else. That is not entertainment and that is why CBS is hearing a lot of televisions being clicked off when BB comes on. Production is stupid for not figuring that out just look at the votes for who fans like and Boogers and Bozo are near the bottom! WAKE UP PRODUCTION!

    2. They are definitely up there on the Douche List. The Douche List, look Logo has a New Show.

      1) Hardy Season Two: Normally Dr will and Boogie would have drove me nuts, except Hardy was such a grade A douche, I loved watching Dr Will make that vein in his musclebound skull throb.

      2) Jessie Season 10,11 and cameo in 12: He never met a mirror he didn’t love.

      3) Ronnie Season 11: Half Super Fan Evil Genius, Half What the hell where you thinking? Dear God Genius never looked so dumb.

      4) Enzo Season 12: All hale the meow meow

      5) Brendon Season 12 and Season 13: So Douchie my nickname for him and Rachael was ” Douchie and the Beast.” Who can ever forget Neander-tall.

      6) Matt Season 12: Wow, Season 12 had a bumper crop of douche bags. Matt gets on the list for lying about his wife’s illness, even to Reagan.

      The list of Douche Bags goes on and on.

  49. when boogie goes, so will a lot of viewers, I already have my dvr set to stop recording cbs’ big brother for the episode boogie will be no longer in the sho w

    i find it odd hes talking jury


    doesnt he miss jury, maybe im crazy here

    1. TOTALLY DISAGREE think ratings will go back up once the two douche bags are gone and once production stops the cheating garbage!

    2. i agree i know of 4 households that arent going to watch if boogie leaves this week i myself will be curious about whos in the house but will not care if i miss an episode like i do now

  50. Shane is an idiot. he should of just placed Dan as the pawn. that way he could still played along with frank and make frank think he was working with him. now there’s possibility shane walks out the door right after boogie on thursday. placing jenn was not a good move. if there’s a miracle on thursday and jenn wins hoh, shane is totally fucked. shane now has frank and jenn totally pissed off and would be out for blood in the next hoh. meanwhile, Dan is basking in the sun reading the bible.

    1. No, if Dan were the pawn he would have gone home. What’s the point in dragging it out.

      I don’t understand why none of them can just admit what they’re doing. They make their plans and then lie to the other side and say they’re safe. It only makes things worse. Man/Woman up and say what you’re going to do.

  51. anyone still wondering why the feeds were down for 6 and a half hours and when come back some of the house guest were sleeping for 2 hours maybe because the time needed to cover up Pandora’s box maybe Shane opened it a has a special power why would he suddeningly grow extra balls going after Boogie unless he knows something and if production said dont say a word I believe Shane would honor the rules Meanwhile they found out how Frank palmed a HG choice chip and have the balls it didn’t effect the outcome anyway.Didn’t Frank choose Ashley and Dan or Danielle’s name were never called for POV if Frank actually would or could either won they could of out smarted Frank with fold or bet (guess) amounts Come on I know if you fold you can stay longer in the game risking being eliminated doing the game Fold Fold Fold makes you last longer while others guess beside if I see Frank lean back in the chair I know Boogie was feeding answers to Frank what to do or say I truely believe someone from production gave Boogies some estimate number in a few games of guess, but somehow he got eliminated first these 2 have been nothing but productions golden boys because of chilltown 2 DR Bite me production let the games be more honest and stay out of the games outcome rating or no ratings

  52. If production is going to save Boogie, I hope they at least inform him Dan wasn’t the one who sold him and Frank out.

  53. This would not be happening to Boogie if Boogie hadn’t
    trusted Ian, and then Ian lied to Britney. I don’t think
    Boogie would have made the mistake of ever trusting Ian,
    except that Boogie was Ian’s ‘Coach’ and Boogie thought
    he developed a relationship with Ian. Without the coach
    twist, it seems like Boogie would have seen right through

      1. Thank you DreamKid, I didn’t actually see it myself
        and was going on second-hand information, so I do
        appreciate your correction! Now I need to rethink
        about Ian…

  54. Forget everything i have said about Joe – he was the only one that stood up – you go joe……..good man.

  55. Boogie is a douche, he needs to leave! I like Frank, I think he would be a better player if Boogie wasn’t stuck on his hip! Frank would’ve probably been part of the other alliances had Boogie not been there! He’s costing Frank that game. Suck a prick! He should go back to screwing hookers and leave everyone alone!

  56. Just like I said earlier, Jenn is going home to her little buddy in sheer shirts. Boogie and Frank will muster the votes because others will realize the strength the quack pack. They might not know the name, but they know who’s in it. Joe and Ashley will join Froogie, Ian will be found out that he’s a double agent and convinced that he’s last on the quacker totem pole and join Froogie. Last but not least, Dan will realize the strength of Shane/Dani & Brit/Dani and that he’s the odd man out in that quartet and he will move to vote Jenn out. Remember, Dan is known for making big moves and stirring things up. Dan has been throwing comps and will step it up and win next HOH and nominate Brit and Dani. My, how the tide turns!

    DE week will be exciting!

  57. Why do these players get so pissed when they go on the block? Did they not realize that when you are on one side and they are on the other that you going up is a possibility? Did they not understand that this is part of the game?

  58. Frank stop being a sore loser omg even Boogie is not being a total di*k to Dan. It’s not Dan’s fault or Shane’s that Frank has no game…if he did he would have more people on his side. All Frank does is complain about how Dan wronged him and threaten people. Get over it Frank you are one person even if you do get Dan out almost everyone in the house is gunning for you maining because you are a jerk everytime anything doesn’t go your way. Lol to the Ian comment by Boogie since Ian is the real reason Boogie is getting evicted not Dan.

  59. What is wrong with these people? Boogie and Frank are bullying everyone. Why do all of them continue to sit there and take their abuse? Get up and walk away! Frank should be careful of how he treats people because there is the possibility that he will not win HOH during the DE. Frank is not being too bright about the whole situation by threatening people. He may follow Boogie next out the door. I think he allowed Boogie to suck him into his web. Boogie is out for himself and showed that by going for the 10G. He knew HOH was critical and if I was Frank, I would have kicked him to the curb. He has only been using Frank this whole game.

  60. Jenn is ridiculous getting mad that she got nominated.

    Who the F is Boogie that he thinks he can make or break Shane? PaLease!

    I would love to be a fly on the wall when boogie and frank watch the season. I am sure they will be a little embarrassed. Boogie is no Dr Will, he is just a bully. I think I would like frank if he wasn’t stuck to boogies ass.

  61. boogie i was saying this from the beginning boogie had to leave he was tooting his own horn ………….. janelle is laughing her ass of …… boogie knew if jen is up he aint staying ……….. now my predictions boogie will ask dan to help him but its to late the damage has been done …………..

    jen is nonemother f%%%% factor

  62. Is Ian really mad at Dan? Im confused. I dont have feeds. And some of the stuff in this recap seems likes Ian is mad at Dan? Saying he wanted start an argueement. Then said something about salsa ball?
    Can someone fill me in?

  63. I just hope than Ian ( and Joe) stay w/ quack Pack vote!! .. I’m getting SOOO tired of Britney,, she goes after Frank! – Boogie is SOO outdone cause he thinks that Dan *beat* him! .. also, Boogie now feels like a greedy fool for going after the 10K!

  64. franks game is one the weakest i ve ever seen. i must realize that boogies gone. and all he does is going on a personal vendetta for boogie. who is leaving. i cant believe how dumm he is.

    1. No Way is Dan winning… The house is on a roll and
      it seems like the next to leave will be Frank, Shane,
      and Dan (not necessarily in that order).

      And the Girls Alliance will then pick off Joe and Ian.

  65. So glad to see that the bullying isn’t working, I just hope the others aren’t taken in by these tactics. Bulllying isn’t game play it’s putting fear in the air and that’s not right, it shouldn’t be rewarded. Why does Boogie think he and Frank are above being evicted? He put the target on is own back each time he bragged about “being the best player ever”. He never was the best player, the good Dr. won the all stars for him, he told everyone to vote for Boogie since he had already won and Boggie hadn’t, seems the Boogie monster let that go to his head and forgot the real story! Frank needs to go next, he is acting like a child who hasn’t had a nap and just lost his ice cream to the dog. He needs to learn Bullying is wrong no matter when you do it!

  66. Who’s in the best position now? It’s…. Wait a minute, it’s… (Drumroll please)! It’s POWERHOUSE! All attention is off him now.

    Jenn will rub people the wrong way between now and Thurs., she will self-destruct. Everybody thought she was a quiet one, but she was holding everything inside and now the kettle’s boiling over. Jenn will go home.

    Dan will be HOH and put up Brit and Dani, Dani will win POV, and no matter who is put up against Brit, Brit will go home in DE!

    Powerhouse is in the corner smirking.

  67. I’ll still watch the show because I’m a fan, but Mike is entertaining as hell…Frank will be a lost puppy without him…

  68. LMFAO @ Booger and Frankie continued whining …. still pissy about SHane flippin on them b4 they can do it to him next week, FUCK BOOGER and his tranny Frankie

  69. Why is Shane so f***ing stupid? All he has to say to Jenn is “I want to evict Boogie and I think you’re more likely than anyone (other than Frank) to vote for him.” Instead, he just tries to deflect blame on other people, and all that does is get people pissed off at him. He’s such a f***ing p****.

    1. Not that Shane’s the sharpest tool in the shed, but he did it right this time. He couldn’t tell Jenn she was covered, that would basically mean admitting that they had Ian’s vote and would have ratted him out. Jenn should realize herself that she’s a pawn, but she just got there this morning so I can understand why she’s confused hehe

  70. Honestly, I am chuckling at Jenn even thinking it is about her and saying a line has been drawn….she has been non-existent the entire game save for her vote.
    Boogie may as well be sitting on the block by himself. For real.
    Welcome to the game of Big Brother, Jenn….your position is “pawn”.
    GO, QUACK PACK! ( I swear, it sounds like something out of The Breakfast Club)

  71. I’ll get killed for this, but Ian is playing one helluva game PRESENTLY.

    No competitions won. No “knock your sox off” social game (but is). He’s cruising. And NO ONE is even thinking about putting him up as a real target. << Dan is the closest one to doing so, and that's not even a for real thing IMO).

    Again, I'll be mocked and ridiculed, but Ian is playing a great game right now. Dan-esque… IMO.

  72. WOW. The only thing that came to mind while reading this post was how DISGUSTING Frank and Boogie are acting. Boogie is a piece of crap and needs to get off his fu**ing high horse. Did he think that he was just going to be handed the money? But when he backdoored Janelle, he was enjoying it the entire time. They really are major freakin hypocrites and need to leave ASAP. Sure they’re creating “drama”, but I’d rather watch paint dry than watch these two! At least Janelle didnt resort to acting like these two fools!! She went out CLA$$Y. Props to Dan for not giving into their ridiculous bullying. Sayonara, LOSERS!

  73. If Jenn’s metal rock group is anything like her gameplay, or social skills, or her likability…it’s a BROKEN RECORD!!!

    I seriously feared Jenn’s person, she is scary looking, but when she said, “A line’s been drawn in the sand”, I laughed so hard, I farted.

  74. Boogie reminds me of some kind of nasty troll. Also he looks like he would smell bad. I do like Frank though, I hope without Boogie around he becomes less of a target.

  75. Thanks Simon, meant to put this under the latest posts, not as a reply:

    Those not in the spotlight now are:

    Powerhouse Joe: He is sitting in the arcade room by himself smirking.

    Aspie Ian: Having an anxiety attack knowing he’ll be found out.

    Foul-mouthed Britney: Being all smug, not realizing she’ll be evicted Thurs in DE.

    Dingy Ashley: Still enjoying the remaining THC in her bloodstream (pre-entering BB house) and don’t forget all those pain pills, groovy!

  76. Lets see, revenge of Janelle…first Wil and then Boogie and eventually Britney, Boogie got beaten by the best and at least he said so. See ya………………………………..

  77. Well, well, well….the mighty Jenn has risen from the ashes of obscurity and discovered she was in the BB house playing a game that she, apparently, has no clue of how its played (that is a trait of ultimate floaters). She is such a strong player that Shane needs to worry and not even sleep while she is there as she is gonna go for blood….ROFLMAO!!!! OK, Jenn, calm the Frick down before you say anymore nonsense that is going to get you higher up on the “GTAOL” ( Get Their Ass Out List). I thought/knew she was not capable of playing the game very strongly or came in the house with that usual floater attitude of “Oh, I’m just gonna lay low and not rock the boat till the end and then try and convince everyone that was my brilliant strategy. Doesn’t she realize she wasn’t even the target…I mean can she really be that naive?? Oh, BTW….bye bye Boogie…looks like Froogle Rock is dead now.

  78. Bullying is wrong but this is big brother folks! These people know what they get into when they enter the house! I pretty sure everyone gets pissed when they are nominated! Dan is really reading that bible hard, now lol. It’s cause he has commited evil things haha

  79. I don’t believe that Boogie is upset about going home. In fact, I think he really wants to leave the house. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be making such a big deal and pissing everyone off right now. Boogie is a veteran player, so he knows how to stay in the game or get evicted. He is just fed up with all the illogical mind games and wishy-washy crap that’s going on in that house. Boogie is upset by the devious way that Shane and Dan are playing this game. Everyone in that house is so far up Dan’s buttocks that they can’t see the light!!! Yes, everyone lies and tells you what you want to hear in BB, BUT when you make a firm alliance with someone, you don’t backdoor them the first chance you get. As I recall, no one had an alliance deal with Janelle, except Brit (whoopee), so her back door was no big deal, but Shane looked Boogie and Frank right in the eye and promised the alliance was solid. Then the first chance Shane got he stabbed Froogie in the back. Frank could have done the same thing to Dan, and he did think about doing it, but Frank had the decency to realize that he should remain true to his team. Shane and Dan’s actions are not game play, it is spineless malicious drama! Dan is playing the same exact game that he played in his own season, when he sailed right through to the winners circle. I just can’t believe that not one of the HG can figure out what Dan is doing. Apparently, none of the newbies have ever watched BB. They might as well call this season over and just hand Dan the prize money, because I predict that Dan will make it to final 2 for sure! I wanted a newbie to win this season too…boo-hiss!

  80. I have to commend Dan for keeping his cool and ignoring Boogie and Frank. If it was me, I would’ve given them a piece of my mind. Who the hell do they think they are sitting next to the guy and trying to intimidate him. Who are they? They’re two big losers on a reality show. I wish I could see the look on Boogie’s face when he finds out it was Ian and not Dan that sold him out.

  81. Ugh I’m so embarrassed Jenn isn’t representing Brooklyn better she seems so weak haha
    I expected her to be blunt and fiery I mean she’s freaking Puerto Rican and from the BK!

    Team Brit

    Final 3 Brit, Dan, Ian…I wanna see it happen BB kthx (:

  82. You have to give props to Dan not just for his gameplay but how calm he is. People are yelling at him and calling him names and calling him out and he sits there reading the bible. It must be so dang infuriating. Dr. Will is the best player to play this game. But Dan has to be pretty close.

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