Danielle says whatever, I’ll win again and save all ya’ll’s a$$es!

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


1am Up in the HOH Danielle, Dan, Britney and Shane are talking. Dan says that he feels the same way about the alliance he was with last time. Dan says that he might do some crazy stuff, but that it will never involve any of them. Britney says that she started trying to work on Ian because he was saying that if he wins HOH, Joe needs to go. Britney says that she doesn’t care how uncomfortable it makes you; Frank is what stands between this alliance getting to final five. Britney says that Ian doesn’t want to do anything, and says do you think it’s been easy on Dan to have to stand up for you all week long? Britney says that Ian doesn’t want to have to do the dirty work. Dan says that he feels good, he’s going to vote the right way. Britney and Shane agree. Danielle says she will put him up and so will Dan. Britney tells them that the backdoor situation needs to be considered. Shane says that the chances of drawing POV are there. Dan says that it is going to be such a waste if he doesn’t go next week. Dan says you know, knock out Ashley or Jenn? Dan says that if we get him out, we’ll steamboat. Shane says that we will steamboat, and I hate to say it, but we’ll get out Ian. They talk about how two-faced and untrustworthy Ashley is in the game. They talk about how she says mean things about Frank to Britney, but that she really likes him. Britney says that Ashley did the same way with Janelle.

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In the kicks room, Boogie and Frank are talking. Boogie tells Frank that if Shane puts Dan in that seat tomorrow, I would just die. I would be like, oh my god, I can’t believe we made this happen. Frank says one thing Shane won’t forget, is that mother fu*ker would say sh*t up there that fu*king night. Then he will sleep in a bed with me, what does that tell you about the guy? He’s fu*king scared, he’s cornered right now. Frank leaves the room so Boogie can sleep.


1:25am Joe, Jenn and Frank are in the backyard talking. Frank says that he is trying to burn the midnight oil tonight. Joe says you’re good, what are you worried about? Frank says my homie’s not, though. Frank says that he and Boogie talked about how Dan is up in the HOH room, and he plans to stay up and get the last word in. Frank says that with this show, even when you’re at the top, like way out there, you know you could plummet, you might have hurt somebody’s feelings, or stepped on somebody’s toes. He says that he thinks Boogie and Britney haven’t gotten to talk a whole lot today, and that will make a big difference. They talk about Janelle going home. Joe is asking Frank what happened the week Janelle went out and who the alliance of 6 was. Joe asks was it a pack of 6 or 4? Frank says he doesn’t know. It was like, hey, you know, y’all put Janelle up, we’ll try to get Wil or Joe out, and we’ll be good for a couple weeks. Joe says that it made sense because you were in a pack, the ones that weren’t in the pack, are the ones going home.
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Frank says that when he goes up to the HOH in a minute, he is going to push for Dan. He says one thing that we have going for us is our track record. Frank says when you guys got my back the first week, we had your backs when I got the HOH. Frank says that Dan has been shady as hell. He told us we had Danielle’s vote, and he told Mike later he wanted me to go, so he could work with Mike. Frank says that he is kicking himself in the ass, because he could have sent that guy home twice. Frank says that he and Boogie are working so hard to get him on the block. Frank says that Shane had the fu*king balls to put me and Mike up, which is a pretty ballsy move. Joe says that he has got to be thinking if you win HOH, he’s going home, or him and Dan, or whatever. Frank says that if Mike goes home, he won’t forget it. Frank says that he has had my back, and I won’t forget it. If that happens, I’ll be working with you guys, but I’m still at the top. Put him up if you get the chance, back door him if you get the chance, and I have to win every week just to save my a$$. Joe tells Frank to just tell them you want to talk. Frank leaves to go inside.


2am Frank heads up to the HOH room to talk. Frank says that everyone is going to bed downstairs. Shane is in the bathroom having a shower. The others talk about random stuff, like Janelle and the HOH basket. Britney heads downstairs. Frank says that Mike said earlier that he has worked more in this game so far than he ever had to work, even in his season where he won. The conversation turns to how many people are still in the house and what week it is in the game. Britney says that the show should end one month from today, and there’s ten people left. Danielle says that just tells you how sh*t’s about to get crazy.


2:25am In the backyard Shane, Joe and Danielle are talking. Joe asks if Frank is talking to Britney and Dan. Danielle says that it was extremely awkward when Frank came up to the HOH room. Shane agrees. Danielle asks why Frank was being so sweet to Joe. Joe says that he has heard everything. Joe says that they’re trying to get everyone else if they can’t get Dan. Danielle asks you mean Frank and Boogie? Joe says I know they’re talking about me, but they tell me it’s never me. Shane and Danielle say that they’ve thrown Joe under the bus. Joe says that he is mad about the personal attacks against himself. He says that it makes no sense. Shane says the more he has thought about it, I am glad you didn’t react. Joe says that Frank came in and apologized, but I said no problem, I realize you weren’t saying I was calling you a dick and all this sh*t. Joe says that he doesn’t understand why that’s such a whole kill Joe thing. Joe says that he has never said your name upstairs. I have only said Dan, and that’s who I want out. Shane says that Boogie has said your name, he is going to flip out when Jenn goes up. Joe says that he went and told Ashley, he cheated. Boogie looked out from the booth, and said “Fold.” He then folded. Shane says that Ian, Ashley, and Jenn came up and said the same thing, verbatim, we can’t trust him. Joe says that Jenn and Ashley both voted against me this week and they do nothing but love each other, whether it’s platonic, or not. Danielle asks do you think anything’s there? Joe says maybe that’s their thing, maybe Ashley’s saying, she’s a lesbian. Joe says that if we keep together, nothing can happen to us. Shane says that the only thing that could ruin it is sitting upstairs, he is sitting upstairs. Shane says that when you win HOH this week, who would you like to see go up? Joe says that we would have to sit and think about that. Shane says consider this, say Ashley and Frank go up, then we have the chip bag and there’s four of us than can be chosen, and Ian and Jenn are up there, but at least you’ll be playing and one or two of us as well. Joe says that he feels more comfortable; and says that nobody should be able to touch us. Shane agrees. Joe says that they don’t have a chance in hell. Shane says we need a game plan if it is a Fast Forward; we need to have nominations ready. Joe says put up Frank and Ian. Shane says we could put up Frank and Ashley, so if Frank comes off, we can still put up Ian. Danielle says now we don’t have the option of putting up two targets.
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3:10am – 4:45am Shane and Frank are talking in the backyard. They are talking about what a crazy season this has been so far and that there is still more to come. Frank says that the double eviction will be this week or next and then they’ll be down to just a few people. Frank says he doesn’t want floaters to end up making it to the final two and says that he would rather be sitting next to a good player. Shane agrees, he says he wants to earn $500,000. Danielle joins them. Frank and Shane talk about the body type they like girls they date to have. Them they talk about past competitions and how they can’t wait to watch the season. They head inside to go to bed. Danielle and Shane head up to the HOH room. Danielle starts talking about how the HOH competitions have been altering between quick competitions and endurance. She says that this one will be a quick one. She also says it will be a double eviction. Shane tells Danielle that we both have a great chance at winning America’s Choice. Shane says you took Janelle out, and I am taking Boogie out! Shane says and then next week you’ll get Frank out. Danielle says bye, bye! Danielle starts comparing her game to Britney and says that she doesn’t understand why Britney would be looked at as a bigger threat than she is in the game. Danielle says whatever, I’ll win again and save all ya’ll’s a$$es. Shane says that tomorrow is going to be a sh*t show! They continue to talk about random stuff while she massages him. Then they curl up together and then Danielle heads back down stairs to her bed.


6:20am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Wow.. now Shane&Dani are seriously underestimating Dan&Brit because S/D think they have done everything for their coaches and it will be continued.(S/D are the power house who will keep winning and save the QP.) haha.. Wil didn’t buy Dan’s bull$hit, but it’s definitely working for their own players. If he can survive the next DE, I think Dan really has a good chance to win it again.

BB10 – BB14
Dan – Dan
Memphis – Danielle
Keesha – Shane
Renny – Britney
Jerry – Ian

I mean, they have totally different personalities, but maybe Dan can make them play the same roles in the game.

Team 10K

If Boogie pulls another rabbit out his ass, I’m going to die laughing…I must admit, he’s chances aren’t good, but damn he makes good tv when he talks game…


I certainly hope so. I can’t imagine this season without Mike. Already losing Janelle we lost a lot of funny laughs and now with a chance of Mike. I am sorry but Dan and Britney just suck and they bring no comedy and no laughs and they only bring us down. Britney is the biggest complainer of them all.

Head of Household

What show are you watching? Britney brings the most laughs to the show. Boogie brings the arrogance.


WOW do we have totally different senses of humor. Boogie the bully provides no laughs for me at all. Britney is hilarious. When she was telling Danielle how Boogie and Frank were accusing her of manipulating Shane’s nominations… Pure comedy gold.

quack-pack fan

Britney is one of the funniest HS in BB. Mike sure has his moments and he has a great wit but unfortunately it is clouded by his mega arrogant and condescending attitude toward anyone he feels inferior. He degrades women ALL the time and can be very nasty toward other people. He makes fun of his ‘team’ behind their back and then asks them for their vote in the next breath.

I’ll take Britney any day – she’s entertaining and playing the game well.


Is not happening sorry!! LOL

joe's teeth

so joe wants dan out now, too?


.Maybe,I mis read it,but did Joe tell Shane he wants Dan out?Oh,and I keep reading about Dan not sleeping in the same room as smelly Frank.What happen?Is Dan sleeping in the HOH room?


I don’t remember joe saying that recently.. week 1-3 joe made it clear he wanted Dan out.



Team 10K

Shane is a pu$$y…The guy is so weak…


Why? Because he won’t betray his alliance and do what YOU want? Please grow a brain.


Shane is a pu$$y for throwing Britney under the bus.


Yeah and Dan is a dick. Ian is a punk. Boogie is boogie.. Don’t even want to go to Joe because there is not enough space here. Frank is hapless and hopeless.

The girls alliance is becoming more and more appealing.


I can’t wait for Ian to be found out because he is such a punk. If it takes Mike getting out of the game to find out well I know then Mike will figure out someway to let Frank know that Ian is the rat and can’t be trusted.

Still can’t believe how Ian turned on Mike and Frank after they saved him. I really dislike Ian.


This is the game Ian has to look out for himself too. Frank and Boogie didn’t include him in the Silent 6 they’re looking out for themseleves so yes let Ian join the Quack Pack and take them out if he thinks if benefits him. If they can have alliances outside of Ian so can he. I can’t wait for Boogie to find out about the betrayal (after he’s evicted not before) so he realizes that this kid that he wrote off an NOT playing the game was actually playing him.


couldnt agree more…that kid annoys the shit out of me

Kathie from Canada

How ’bout how Boogie will feel when he finally understands that he got played by Ian??? Now THAT’S funny!!!


Boogie thinks he is the best BB player. Wait until he finds out a rookie helped take him out. That will shatter his ego just a tad.


Oh man Ian’s goodbye message is going to be GOLDEN!!! That is the moment that I am looking forward to, I want to hear him tell Boogie……….Thanks for the 3G but BuhBYE!!


Although Ian is definitely not my favorite house guest – I think he is playing a good game. He has made it several weeks being a member of the “quack pack” without Boogie or Frank finding him out. Boogie is still convinced he has Ian’s vote, and whether or not Ian votes for Boogie or not, it still shows that he has gone undetected as Boogie has NO IDEA about his side deals / alliances. He is a college student in the running for $500,000, he isnt just going to sit around and wait to get evicted he needs to lie, cheat and steal just like every one else. In fact, Ian’s conversations with Frank last week show that he was able to convice Frank that not nominating Dan was the right move without Frank becomming suspicious of Ian’s relationship with Dan. If you ask me, Ian is playing a pretty good game and although he likely will not make it to the end, at least he didnt just sit back and watch it all happen!


Ian’s my fav for the win…such a bumbling bb geek..lol…but I think hes going to get screwed by his alliance pretty soon. He needs not to have so much faith in the quack pack and look at the bigger picture – there’s two partners (coaches/coachees) and him. He’s the low man on the totem pole. I also hope that Boogie gets had by Ian – I think Boogie is overrated, he just rode the coattails of Dr.Will and without him is nothing in this game. He deserves to be outsmarted by a little ‘sweet’ geek newbie and to go because he let his unnecessary greed get the better of him.


Frank decided not to put Dan up because he knew he didn’t have the votes. If either Boogie or Ian had said they’d vote Dan out, Frank would have put him on the block. It wasn’t Ian’s persuasive speaking that saved Dan from nomination.


How did they save Ian? He has never been on the block and the only ones that have mentioned him going up have been Joe, Janelle and a very strange mind controled (by Janelle) Ashley.

If Ian was playing with your team (Frank/Boogie) and bringing them info on the Quack Pack, you would be cheering him on and jeering at DDBS that they are trusting the little spy.

Why to all the Boogie/Frank supporters think everyone in the game should play it so that Boogie and Frank will be in the final 2? They don’t seem to think that other players are alowed play the game that benefits them most (at least in their view).

I don’t like Ashley but I don’t call her names because she is on team Froogie.

quack-pack fan

I think what could be meant by Mike saving Ian is that first week. Remember when Ian was acting up around the house and annoying everyone? Willie was HOH and it was going to be easy who to nominate and evict…Ian. But in the coaches comp that Mike won he was able to SAVE one player and picked Ian because Frank thought he was safe and knew that Ian was irritating everyone.

I think Ian is very grateful for that save in addition to the $3K that Mike gave him from the $10K win on another coach comp. That’s why when the alliance of Dan/Danielle, Britney/Shane came to him and asked if he wanted to join them he took some time and thought about it. Ian then told them he was IN and they shook on it and formed the name quack pack. This is Ian’s first and formal alliance and I feel he will honor it. He will also try to avoid harming Frank as long as possible but will do it if necessary IMHO.

Dan is now taking all the heat from M/F for ratting them out for wanting Britney/Shane out when it would be easy for Dan to point to Ian. This shows that quack pack has Dan’s loyalty (for now).


Ian went to Britney/Danielle/Shane/Dan and asked to be in their alliance. They didn’t go to him, he came to them.


these people are the most delusional bunch i have seen on bb. they talk about ash being two face even with Janelle when there the same with every one else and lied to Janelle’s face, they talk about how boogie talks crap about Joe when they all have, they mention how Frank and boogie are mean when there up on the block but are nice every other time so are the whole quack pack Danielle is a mood case, Britney loves when frank touches her but talks crap about him if he has HOH and the last time frank had HOH Dan was being a douche and it was before he found out frank thought about putting him up, and for Dan to call Ian out on not getting his hands dirty PLEASE! him and Britney haven’t either they all avoid confrontation they make Danielle and Shane the fall guys they throw comps. This season and these people are a joke


Sour grapes much? Your boy Boogie is leaving and you don’t like it.

Remember: It is only scummy playing when it is in the 3rd person; “They’re scummy players”. It is only in the first person that it is acceptable; “We play stratigic.”


For those who watch the feeds, you KNOW how absolutely pathetic and delusional Danielle is

It sucks that America won’t see how desperate and crazy she is because of her cbs edit. If they showed all her “crazy” and how Shane ignores her begging pleas that would make good tv.

Sorry to see Booger go.. I’m not a fan of his but he brings the entertainment factor from a viewers standpoint. When is pandora’s box introduced? Could they throw that in before the eviction and somehow save Booger from the chopping block?!

and another thing — either they pick ALL people who know how this game is played, or pick people who have no clue how the game is played — then the ‘game play’ would be better due to novelty. — I don’t like how some of the house guests know what week pandora is coming or what type of competitions to expect, etc. ..and stop bringing in old players!! Ratings must’ve been in the shitter for them to do that.

and lastly..thanks guys for all the recaps! Where’s the donate button?? How do you donate to the site?


How dumb is Shane for basically trying to make a F2 deal with Frank, BEFORE the POV meeting? These people are so dumb, they can’t even play the lackey roles correctly. Basically, with Boogs and Frank gone, this show turns into a total snore-fest, even worse than last year’s dumb newbs. You basically have a cast of Porsches, an Adam 2.0, a Zach, and 1 Big Jeff who has his name written on the check, barring another clown shoe debacle lmao

Debbie H

When did Shane try to make a final 2 deal with Frank? Did I miss this.

Bring back willie

Frank’s a cheater and shouldn’t be allowed to take him self off the block


Except none of us actually know what happened except for Joe blowing some Powerhouse smoke up everyone’s ass. How do you come to this conclusion other than you don’t like Frank?

Head of Household

No, because he admitted to it to Boogie…Frank told Boogie he cheated during the veto draw but production won’t take away the veto because they say he would have one anyway (which isn’t true, the other people who would have possibly been drawn could have beat him,) and because of ratings. Frank thinks he has a great game, production has SAVED his ass a myriad of times.


actually that is not what joe was talking about yesterday on the feeds they revealed more of what happen Joe said that boogie looked out from the booth and said fold then frank folded shane said that ian, ashley and jenn told him the same thing, verbatim. So it seems palming the chip isn’t against the rules but getting him from someone while in the game is.


It seems the frank cheating thing had nothing to do with the chip shane and joe were talking and they said boogie and frank cheated because boogie moved from his booth and told frank to fold shane comfirmed that and said ian, ashley and jenn said the same thing. So i guess there is nothing against the rules about palming the chip


I am pretty sure it can be confirmed by the fact that every time someone brings it up they switch the feeds. Also, the game appears to be one we have seen in the past based on what the HGs have said (stay, fold, etc) which does not take 6 hours to play. Therefore, it is highly suspicious that the feeds were down for 6 hours for a game that probably took less than an hour to play. Why? Because either all of the hosue guests wouldnt stop talking about the cheating or because production was reviewing the tapes to try and determine whether or not this occurred or how to cover it up. I usually get annoyed by people on the boards claiming cheating by production or cover ups, whatever. But in the case, there seems to be some pretty clear evidence that something happened that they are trying to hide from the public. (plus, Boogie basically admitted to the cheating)


Sorry, I meant Frank basically admitted to it*


Dan needs to get his alliance ready for double eviction.Since,it didn’t happen last week,they should know this Thursday is double eviction.They need to tell Ian that Frank kissed Ashely.That will make Ian dislike Frank&her,and he’ll put Frank on the block.They also need to convince Joe that if he wins HOH,he have to put up Frank.Dan’s alliance are actually going to need to try and out smart production,because it’s clear for anyone that isn’t delusional are in denial that production will go out of there way to save Frank&Boogie.I don’t know how Dan’s alliance will pull this off,but I hope some way they’ll screw up production plans and get smelly Frank out of the game for good.One thing that I know,is Dan needs to get his group ready for double eviction.You don’t want people in panic mode and put up the wrong person.Which is why i feel they need to be ready a head of time.Go Dan! Lol.


Dude is so uncomfortable around women, just come out already, would be better for everyone. Can’t wait for next season when they might possibly get all new players for a change.


Are you talking about Shane? He’s driving m insane!! What a j/o for saying ,”I dont want to be with Danielle,blah blah blah…” But then,every night,you see all this.Its not always Dani initiating it either.And he’s always kissing her on the cheek,or whatever.erks me.


Danielle is my Girl!! .. I want Danielle, Dan, Shane and Ian in Final 4!


I can’t stand DDBS they’re planning on turning on Ian!

I hope Frank wins HOH!

Britney is a bitch! a BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

god I feel good saying it…


But she always speak so highly of you….lol…..thought that was just too funny especially saying how good it felt.

Eric CA

LOL, is that in the context
“She is a F*&^ing Bitch!” :(
“Go, Bitch …Go Bitch…. HEY!” :D

I’M gay, so Bitch can be a good thing. It means that girl has got some power.


LOL # 1

I don’t like her, she’s always bitching… her name should be “Bitchney” seriously


Ian needs to stop hiding in the shadows and needs to be ready to make a move and get his hands bloody. He is soooo afraid to openly go against Frank. Last night, Brit couldn’t get him to agree not to throw the HOH and if he did win to put up Frank. Ian thinks that he can get through this gam unscathed, and Brit and Dan are not going to allow that to happen. Dan has been an upstanding guy to protect Ian and allow himself to be drug through the mud. However, it hurts his game to do this and their will come a point when the truth will need to come out for Dan’s own good.


Let’s see how much work production does in trying to get Jenn out over Boogie. I mean, they have to know that Boogie is far more interesting TV than Jenn is.


Jenn? Jenn who?

Eric CA

Say her name into a mirror Three times, and the Live Feeds will cut.


Im not sure if I’m the only one thats seen this, but every once in a while I see this strange tattooed woman in the BB House. I hope this character doesnt have to do with a new twist. Anyone got an explanation?


Yes, I believe Boogie is gone this week ,but there is a double eviction. That means, a quick HOH competition follows Boogie’s eviction. We all no it, Frank will win HOH next because everybody else is so sorry. It’ll be the same old story. I’m worried for Shane! Nobody really has Shane’s back!! I believe Shane will be a repeat of Jeff’s downfall of making a bold move that cost him the game each time. Floaters are sitting back and letting the strong fight it out so they can just stay in the BB house. But, that is BB.


@MPG, I was thinking same thing. If Frank wins HoH again, It’s looks like a repeat of Jeff all over again. First, it brendon, second is Jeff and now Shane will be doing a same thing. I guess Shane kiss his 7 PoV record goodbye. He will probably come back in All-star & continue to left off with PoV Record Chase.


Frank wants Dan out. He may put Shane up but he wants Dan out. His flunkies (Ashley and that random girl) know it. Joe knows it and will save Shane. Those 3 are all he needs for a tie and to vote Dan out. And I still feel that Britney will keep Shane over Dan.

You guys are just grasping at mythical straws to bolster your point that Shane should backdoor Dan.


Frank is so drunk on the koolaid that Boogie has been giving him that he thinks Dan is running scared. For a couple of guys that think they are running the show, they sure are clueless about what’s going on in the house. I liked Frank until this week. I thought he would be pissed at Boogie for not trying to win HOH. How could he not be? But he isn’t. It’s all Dan’s fault, when Dan didn’t do any of what they think he did. They even thought there was a possibility that Shane would put up Dan. Shane might not be the smartest guy but he isn’t a total moron either. Boogie’s ego is so huge it invaded Frank and took over. I will be so glad to see the look on their faces when Jenn goes up as a replacement. But they are so delusional they will probably think it’s ok, they have Brit, Ian, Ashley and Joe’s vote. Don’t they think the others talk to each other. Don’t they think that the bad things they say to Shane, Dani and Brit about Joe get back to Joe? Or that the bad things they say about Ian to everyone get back to Ian? Have they been so busy believing that they already won the game against these useless people that they don’t look around them and see what is going on? At least Janelle went out with class, but Boogie is going out like an arrogant ass in the throes of delusion. Remember when they were so mean about Jo Jo and Shane sticking by Willie during his HOH? They said one of them had to go because they had the Willie stank. Well Frank has the Boogie stank. Get some deodorant, Frank. You are going to need some when Boogie leaves, because his stank will linger with you. You should have broken free and played your own game. I would have respected that. I can’t wait to watch Boogie walk out the door, and hopefully Frank follows in the DE.


Stopped reading at janelle went out with class, she literally did exactly what boogie is doing now. Bias much?


I am no Janelle fan (as many can atest) but one thing that Boogie is doing that Janelle didn’t is being a bully. I don’t remember her going to anyone (Danielle) and saying that if that person did not do what they (Boogie/Frank) then they were going to be hunted as Boogie and Frank did with Shane.

Eric CA

Actually, you are incorrect. Janelle, did leave with a significantly more class than Boogie. In the long and short of it, who cares.

I just think they got rid of Janelle, too early. Strangely enough it screwed up the game for most of those players. Wil, would still be in that house. Frank, would not be a target, because he would be at home. Jen, would not be the pawn. Boogie would have followed Frank the next week. Janelle would be covering her ungrateful, Big Brother Spawn. We would be looking at a completely different show.

For all of you that complain about the coaches throwing competitions, and making their pawns (oops I meant, players.) do the dirty work. Janelle would fight just as fiercely, won that last HoH. But alas, the annoying Big Brother Blonde Bombshell, is gone. So we are arguing that a group of guys that say things like “I want to slap that coffee out of that F’ing B!tches hands.”, “… he is spinning on Dan’s d!ck.” “F’ing asshole.” is some how more or less classy than “he’s a loser” or “She is fat”… yes when I think of class I think of Boogie and Frank.


I do hope boogie goes home! Frank and Boogie are bullies, they act like
Their playing a straight up game.Boogie claiming he got Janelle out cause she fooled around with Will while he was engaged, get over it dude. He was either jealous that he didn’t fool around with her or maybe he ‘s crushing on Will. Britney said it best, why is it OK for them to be in an alliance. But no one else can. They corner everyone and intimidate them to get their way. I hope Shane sticks to his guns. Send Boogie home!!!!


I honestly think the only ones who will turn on Ian is Dani and Shane. I think both Dan and Brit will ultimately join in a sub alliance within the Quack Pack. I don’t think Ian doesn’t want to get his hands dirty, he just wants to wait for the right time. I think he wants At least one more floater out the door and then he will turn his sights to Frank and Shane.


I don’t think so. Brit is pretty pissed that Ian is unwilling to make a move himself and Dan realizes how dangerous Ian will be at the end. My guess he is number 2,3 or 4 on their list to dump (Joe, Ashley, Ian). Frank is obviously #1


I hoe when boogie is walking out the door Dan has the chance to whisper in his ear that it was Ian

VA Vet

Better he should say “If you appreciate the game of BB, you’re gonna love it when you find out how your demise came about. Enjoy the rest of your summer”.


Boogie is pretty slick, very aware of his reputation. When he finds out about Ian we may not get the reaction everyone is hoping for. Boogie my decide it’s best for him to take the high road. Smiling, maybe even congratulating Ian and saying something like “you threw one by me kid, savor the flavor because it won’t happen again”.


I think Dan will just let his goodbye message say it for him. He won’t risk that Boogies will shout out to the house on his way out the door.


Hey Simon what time do they usually do the POV ceremony?


Usually 11ish


Frank wins HOH on Thursday and sends Shane or Dan out the door …


I can’t believe boogie and frank are falling for this everyone is doing what they did before. I can’t believe boogie believes they will put up dan since shane and dan have been close since day one and boogie and frank didn’t bother with them.


That is because they are so arrogant that they think 3 days of game play by them is like 3 weeks of play from anybody else.


I think Shane is gonna get paranoid and backdoor Ian. I think Ian will get his hands dirty, I think he just wants either Boogie or Frank outta the house 1sy so the other won’t gun for him, but he won’t get the chance.


Dan has done nothing and neither has Britney… they are just riding coat tails and making the calls from the sidelines.

HOW have Ashley, Jenn, Frank and Boogie not figured out Ian??? OMG! Makes me want to lie on the floor, pound the carpet and SCREAM!

Dainielle looks like a left tackle in that jersey and shorts… she IS putting on some weight… but I guess it’s difficult to exercise when you’re up Shane’s ass.

Joe “WANTS” Shane to win??? Yeah, ok, right!

I’m worried about Trey…haven’t heard Danielle mention him in a day or so and I’m worried that she’s forgotten her undying love for him and he’s sitting home devastated and heartbroken.


Isn’t that what Boogie was doing too until he was put on the block? The ex-coaches understand that they will get more votes if they don’t get their hands dirty. That is a smart move on their part. Just because they aren’t winning HOH doesn’t mean they aren’t playing the game.


I think its because shanes HOH right now,,,she can go up stairs lay next to him and pretend in her sick head he wants her…. however after hes back in a regular romm he will treat her like shit again,,, and Danielle will start talking about Trey…. poor trey i believe he has a gf back home….


I think Danielle bullies shane with her going and forcing herslf on him.. by telling she wants a maddage watch the feeds and you will see Danielle is a stalker…and Shane does tell her no go to your room… bet she throws a tantrum… When she goes home shes gonna have a lot of people tell her shit… how sad to be her


Just my opinion but maybe dani wouldn’t be played as the crazy stalker if shame wasn’t giving her mixed signals. One minute he’s pushing her away and the next they are in bed together and he’s laying all over her getting as massage (see pic above). Boy should decide, does he want her or not. I personally like them both. I think they are both vet loyal. Frank and boogie need to go. They are both arrogant and blind apparently. I don’t really care for the floaters but I’m pulling for the quack pack. Hope dani wins hoh Thursday or Dan. I think its gonna be the only way all 4 stay safe. Once boogie is gone Frank will be out for blood!

Danielle's Pity Party Planner

For those who have said this is the worst season ever youve got short memories – last year was the pits with Adam, Porsche and the fix in for Rachel to stay. I am so glad the Silent 6 alliance broke up sooner rather than later – having several weeks of them picking off floaters would have been a snorefest. I love the Frank has a hard on to get Dan out – Dan’s smary scheming was nauseating to watch and to have a strong out in the open advisary will be good TV.

And its so obnoxious the way the DDBS-ers are bullying Ian – as if he’s an equal partner in the alliance and needs to pull his own weight. I loved when Dan
and Brit were telling him how much heat Dan is taking for him he snapped back that his actions probably saved Dan from being backdoored last week. My dream scenario would be for Frank to win HOH during double eviction and get Dan out and then have Ian approach Frank and tell him whats been going on with the Quack Pack and says he doesnt like the way DDBS are treating him and he will become a double agent and start working with Frank and the other floaters to do battle with DDBS.

Eric CA

I agree, Last Year was absolutely more painful to watch.
Rachael had a complete mental breakdown, but still managed to win. What does that say?

Jeff and Jordan lost their Americas Sweetheart status. As Jeff showed that he was a jerk…. I still love Jordan

Neander-tall, Brendon kept calling everyone else stupid, and left twice.

Dani, who I wanted to win, played her cards too early

Evil Dick had an emergency and left the game

The rest, I can not even remember.

this Season, though frustrating at times, is much better.


I need to get kicked out the house, im a middle aged man who dresses like he is 15, i know im boring people with the new chilltown, but thats how i role.


it’s going to be so great when boogie and frank realize that their entire thinking over the past days has been delusion…they will feel so played and dumb.


every conversation b/f have had lately is inaccurate ….and they put so much wasted energy towards this…that is what is funny….the dark ones wasted all their energy…they also thought that they could win with their dark ways. f was talking about 2012 yeaterday and the Mayan calendar ending and what that shift denotes is that that dark manipulative energy will no longer rule…so watch out guys. B/F

Team 10K

This is the f’n funniest post on here LMAO!!!…”Dark ways” WTF?!…Mike/Frank have been straight shooters the WHOLE! game…


So it is Janelle’s fault that will cheated on his girlfriend what a sexist

Eric CA

Yes, it is Janelle’s fault. She seduced Dr Will, right in front of Boogie. I don’t think Boogie ever recovered from Dr Will cheating on him in front of America, with the Blonde hussy.


I think Brit is entertaining and hilarious.

Boogie is only entertaining when “feeds cut”

Boogie is arrogant and provides NO entertainment value.

I hope Joe and Ian vote to evict Booger as planned or I will cringe. UGH.


pandora’s box will appear before thursday. boogie still has a chance, I have a feeling Shane will have to place two different people for eviction. expect the unexpected.


i am a big boogie and frank fan but shane is best to stick with his plan his hands are already dirty and nothing he does at the pov ceremony is going to change that no matter what boogie and frank tell him he has already back stabbed them twice now and they will be out for blood if he put up dan that would leave no target but him the only hope he would have to repair that relationship would be to put up joe or ian with the intent to evict them and even then that would only save him a week and thats just because dan would be the target


This has an eerie similarity to last year;s double eviction when Dani and Jeff went and the whole show sucked after that. If Frank follows Boogie out the door this season is dead.

As it stands now–I see all the guys getting picked off week after week and either Danielle or Britney winning it all in the end either vs each other or maybe an Ashley.


“Danielle says now we don’t have the option of
putting up two targets.”

WHAT A SURPRISE! Danielle, who has been getting a
lot of negative press for being a mental basket case,
has figured out that it is foolish to get rid of the other
big targets this early.

But, alas, it appears that she hasn’t figured out that
the time to correct that (getting rid of a big target)
is NOW!!!!!!


danielle askes for whatever stalker image she gets….shane has told her numerous times not to touch him…..but yet every night she manages to be by herself in the hoh room….and she touches shane and tries to massage him….shane avoids confrontation, and he also figures well last time i told her not to touch me she went completely apeshit on me….so its a lose lose situation for him…if he tells her how he feels she will go crazy like she did last time, and if he caves in he leads her on….so its all her fault…so dont blame shane when its that lunatics fault


It is so evident that production is controlling the game. Something went on in the 6 hour shut down, Frank got caught cheating and apparently they made it clear to all of the players that they are not to say one word about it when the camera’s are rolling or most likely they would be ask to leave the game. If Frank wins the next HOH, then people….WAKE UP!!!!….the whole game is rigged. It’s not just the houseguests that are duped, it is also us, the viewers.

I wonder if Ian is playing a role? At times he seems to act normal then other times he is off the wall. Would like to see Ian, Dan, Britney in the final 3. Ian would win it, and no one needs the money as much as he. The kid was so grateful when Mike gave him $3000.

Frank has been targeted because of his affiliation with Mike. Had Frank distant himself from Mike and played his own game he would not have been on the block so many times, and would have been in one of the alliances. He is so stupid.

Britney and Ramie ought to get together and made a pilot for a comedy sitcom. Both have a good personality and funny. Yes, Britney complains a lot, but her dramatizations of events is hilarious. I laughed so hard at her telling about the time she heard Joe masturbating.

Mike is a douche bag. Frank has body odor. Together they stink up the place.

OK, now give me your thoughts, and tear my logic to pieces.


I dont think shane gives her mixed signals… hes just nice… he really doesnt want her at all anyone who sees the feeds can tell shane doesnt seem comforatable.. i just dont see why production doesnt step in…


I don’t really like boogie and Frank but they make the show interesting so I don’t want boogie to leave yet


Man, these people are something:

“They talk about how two-faced and untrustworthy Ashley is in the game….Britney says that Ashley did the same way with Janelle.” Umm, so did Britney. EXACTLY the same. And F/B were going to do it to S/D. They are just mad because Shane got the upper hand on them first.

Frank – “He’s (Dan) fu*king scared, he’s cornered right now.” Umm, no, you and Boogie are cornered and are just trying to make yourselves feel better for getting played.

Frank – “He says one thing that we have going for us is our track record.” Your track record of lying and backstabbing, yes. You were going to do it to Shane & Dan the next week even though you made an agreement that they would be safe.

“Frank says that Mike said earlier that he has worked more in this game so far than he ever had to work, even in his season where he won.” Exactly. Mike was a lazy a** loser who only won by riding Dr. Will’s coat tails. Mike can’t take it that he really has zero game of his own.

“Frank says that Shane had the fu*king balls to put me and Mike up, which is a pretty ballsy move.” Damn straight. F/B morons kept talking about how he would never have the guts to put them up, he was just being used, etc. Proved them wrong, didn’t he?

Frank – “but I’m still at the top.” Just because you tell yourself & others that you are still on top doesn’t make it true. Reminds me of a girl I used to work with. We were complete equals and every time I had a project to do, she would tell me that I was responsible for doing the work but that she was in charge (i.e. no responsibility but full credit AND acting like she was my boss). Yeah, right.

And Danielle as America’s Choice? Laughable.