Big Brother Canada 2 – Kyle – “I am going out I am getting Back D’d”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Andrew Next HOH: March 13
Original Nominations: Paul & Neda
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Anick
Have Nots Rachelle, Neda, Heather and Sarah

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7:44pm Storage Room Kenny and Jon
Jon – ‘Anything for you anything.. ‘
Kenny – ‘I was like Switch to kyle switch to kyle.. then all that blew up’
(The feeds were choppy )

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7:50pm Bathroom Heather and IKA

Heather says she’s getting nervous Rachelle JOn and Neda are going off talking to each other and when she entered the room they stopped talking.
Heather adds that she’s close to Neda and Jon but isn’t sure about Rachelle, “I thought we were all friends,, it pisses me off”
IKA – ‘You’re fine”
heather I’m worried
IKA I will fight for you
Heather I will fight for you
IKA says that Sabrina is 100% loyal with the girls. Sabrina told IKA she would vote with the house even if is means that a girl would go home over a guy. She doesn’t want to stick out and be a target.
IKA says her loyalties are with the Girls
Heather says she’s the same, The conversation breaks up
Heather “I’m going to try to go poo”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-09 17-22-58-655

8:00pm Storage room IKA and Sarah
They are talking about Heather
Ika does like her now.
Sarah -‘she’s trying really hard she’s cuddling with everyone’
Sarah – ‘the problem is her and RAchelle cannot get along’
IKA – ‘they will not get along.. it does suck’

IKA says if Heather had won HOH she would not have put the two of them up.
Ika and Sarah both say they feel bad for the way they treated Heather in the beginning.
IKA – “At first I thought she was fake with the voice and I do think she plays the voice up but she is really sweet.. I do feel bad.. I think Rachelle just doesn’t like her .. it goes both ways.”
Sarah – ‘the two of them are in competition there in that age. ‘
IKA says she heard something last night that scared her “last night in the bed sabrina was talking to me.. if the boys wins HOH again I’m going to have to go with them. ” Ika adds sabrina will choice herself over the girls alliance.

IKA says she doesn’t see Heather pulling something like that on them. IKA really wants to keep the girls alliance together at all costs. IKA thinks Heather will keep the girls alliance safer than Sabrina.
Sarah – “I feel like I’m her mother”
Sarah says that if thing goes as planned for the next couple weeks they will have the numbers./

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8:20pm Adel, Kyle and Paul
Sarah walks in..
Kyle – Hello Pawn
Paul – ‘Kyle’
Sarah- ‘Kyle.. I’ve been nothing but nice to you”
Kyle says there is nothing he can do to survive this week. The girls are going to follow the newfies it really doesn’t matter.
Paul asks who is making the decisions.
Kyle – ‘Kenny Jon and Andrew’
Paul asks where do they get the other two votes.
Kyle – ‘Rachelle and HEather’
Adel – We’re f***’
Kyle – ‘We’re f*****’

Kyle saying he is going home he is getting Back D’d the decision was made at the basket.
Kyle – ‘the decision was made when they took IKA’s word over mine’
Paul leaves
Adel – I got one trick up my sleeve to save you .. it’s curthroat.. it’s too cutthroat.. it’s strews Paul over.
Adel whispers (I hear something about telling Andrew ‘his’ kids will be devastated if they put Paul’s up next week)
Kyle – nah man i’m not the type of guy to do something like that
Adel – Ya..
Paul comes back
Paul – ‘I’m losing it here dude.. This is insane dude.. this is cut throat’
Adel – We need some strategies right now all we got is a lunatic
Paul – I’m so frickin horny .. I’m like a dog in heat
Kyle – “I want to go after the newfy landers and that is want makes them worried”
Adel tells them it doesn’t matter what they do Kyle, Paul and himself are the next 3 going home.
Paul – ‘I feel like i’m in highschool
Kyle – we’re the losers

Kyle says the girls are going to wipe Andrew out.
Adel points out the girls really like Arlie
Kyle – Arlie is set up he’ll float to final 4
Paul – do you guys want to cut Kenny’s beard while he’s asleep.. is that considered bad

This leaked at 9:10pm Looks like the POV

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-09 18-15-52-001

9:15pm Bathroom Heather, Andrew and Sabrina Sabrina cleaning Andrew’s feet..

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little mouse

Sabrina is such an instigator. She really has to be the center of controversy and creates more than necessary. I am getting a great laugh out of kyle and adel they are really winding them up. Notice how Sabrina is now jumping on ika as she heard ika saying that is not what she heard. that kyle was pointing out she was fat i did not take it that way either some floaters float some sink..he was pointing out that some of them would keep floating thru but others were going to sink real fast. wish we had seen the live feeds yesterday. Big Brother is keeping lots from us. Adel saying they changed the rules because what they were screaming at him.


hope kyle wins POV


sarah is in a good position. she’s got sabrina and ika..arlie, kenny and andrew…

that and she is being pretty even keel not showing people her cards.


Dammit, I should’ve been cast for this season. My strategy was to align with the mom.


Ika needs to go


The fact that no one talks about Kenny in any conversation is showing that he is my early favorite. He has a great social game and everyone likes him! Other than cutting his beard. But if that’s all – nothing to worry about.