Faysal “If we pull this off and stay safe this week..” Bay “I will freak out!!”

POV: Angela Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Tyler Have Nots

4:50pm Sam, Rockstar and Haleigh talk about Kaitlyn. Sam – I felt like she was really possessive. There is a big difference between being possessive and being loyal. I don’t understand.. that was something that I brought up in my thing. That is something I didn’t educate myself on past seasons. Like taking over Tylers life. Rockstar – well that really doesn’t have to do with past seasons. Sam – she claimed people and just took them over. I felt like that is what she did to you Haleigh. I just felt like that wasn’t you. After Swaggy left I had the pleasure of meeting the real Fessie. Then I was on this train.. like fu*K that if that is what we almost missed out on. And then what I said to you .. you were really upset and went through a lot crying in that room. Saying my family watches this.. and you know what you’re right. I don’t know how I could have worded it or been more specific. I saw your conscience. I don’t think that was you or how you would conduct yourself and you been in here without her. And I don’t know what the f**k she was trying to do with that!? Hi Kaitlyn!

Haliegh – I think that was a strategy. Sam – well that’s cheap. Rockstar – what a big reveal that all ended up being. Haleigh – we talked about that everyday. That was literally 85% of our conversations. Sam – someone said that Rachel had the same showmancy tactic. … how is that a tactic?! Coming in here they asked me if I would have a showmance and I was like are you out of your F**KING MIND?! NO! I have never even farted in front of a guy. God forbid it didn’t work out .. and then you’re stuck in here with them. Are you out of your mind?! How is that a strategy? Haleigh – I think her strategy was to get in good with all the guys so that they would win the comps and keep her safe. Sam – That’s pitiful, win your own damn comps! Haleigh – I am just glad Tyler and Fes started talking. That’s why I don’t think Joe is real.. you have a 5 year boyfriend and you come in here and tell two guys they’re your sole mate and you’ve never felt this way before … to both of them.

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5:20pm – 5:45pm Havenot room. Bay – I am just annoyed because Sam has been really snappy. I said why are you being so snappy? She’s said shes just on edge. I asked her what is wrong. She said everything I do at face value. I don’t like being snapped on. She said for F**ks sake just come here and sit down. Fes – how do you feel about tomorrow? Bay – weird. Angela’s been having a good day. She’s been super nice. She hasn’t said anything that would make me worry but she said I don’t know what I am going to do until it happens and I’m not going to tell anyone what I’m going to do. Scottie snapped at me. Fes – maybe he snapped because he’s nervous. Bay – he could be completely throwing us all under the bus. Fes – he probably is .. but that makes him look bad. What about your power? Did you tell Angela about it? Bay – everyone knows about it. I told her I couldn’t use it on her. Fes – just tell her you will. Bay – no I’m not going to lie. Fes – just tell her. We’re not going to put her up. Bay – no I’m not going to start lying now. Fes – we need to come together with Brett, Angela and Kaycee. Bay – its too many people. Fes tells Bay about his conversation with Angela about her being a bombshell and how she could make the biggest move in big brother history. Bay – She cares about what Sam things. You might not but she does. Whoever she puts on the block Sam is going to be pissed at her. If she takes Tyler down and puts Scottie up it will go down as the biggest move in big brother history. I think she’ll do it. The whole house would be happy if she did. Fes – if we pull this off and stay safe this week.. Bay – I will freak out!! Fes – we have to win HOH. Fes – I am not even excited because I know I will be safe tomorrow but just being a part of all this.

Backyard – JC tells Rockstar that when she was running last night her a$$ was dancing like a Hawaiian hula dancer. JC – Wakita Wakita Wakita..

6:13pm Bathroom. Sam and Tyler. Tyler – did you hear that they tried to start up the all girls thing again. They tried to pitch it to Angela but without you this time.

Haleigh – its really interesting seeing the different sides of people and what they’re willing to do to the people that you like.

6:22pm – 6:36pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

6:40pm Jessie tells Rockstar “It’s time to make some Nachos .. and don’t forget the nunchucks.” Jessie wants to see some sweet moves with each layer.

7:10pm Group photos with the HOH sunglasses camera before the bomb drops tomorrow at the veto ceremony..

7:42pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

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That’s who the hacker is?! Puts everything into an interesting perspective

another name

How strong a case of hohitis do you have to have when you’re still being extra three days later?

Hillary & Obama Tried to Steal The Election

Bay- If she takes Tyler down and puts Scottie up it will go down as the biggest move in big brother history. I think she’ll do it. The whole house would be happy if she did.

Good Grief!!! You think the other team is interested in making you and everyone “happy”????? No dumba$$, the other team’s goal is to eliminate players on your team.


Based on your name, you are irrelevant.

Hillary & Obama Tried to Steal The Election

Thats not what your ole lady told me last nite while you were watching cartoons slappy

Double Ds

I think the “hive” will be going down in BB history as the most clueless people to ever play this game.


Was there ever a more clueless alliance?


I still can’t believe how much she is not paying attention. Rachel’s whole alliance turned on her and outed her (Bay’s) power and still she thinks they are being straight with her.

Hillary & Obama Tried to Steal The Election

Bay will be wandering in the woods, sipping chardonnay and trying to figure things out 2 years from now.


And what Rachel didn’t tell about the app, she did. Dang, so stupid. Told Angela everything she needed to know to feel safe putting her on the block.

Miss Conception

Haliegh is positively the “hacker”!


Well that’s what production says, although she had a good chance to win this one.


Angelo is a real snake LOl she is giving the same treatment she did with rachel LOL

B: If you nominate scottie that would be the bigest move ever in BB History! (OMG I am so smart)
A: yeah I agree we should do it ( Right dumb dumb you would be surprised you are being backdoored)
B: I ‘am happy we are now friends and working together on our girl’s alliance (So happy she has forgotten about my power and now bwe are true sis forever)
A: Yeah definitely we can beat all the boys ( I cannot wait til you pack your things and start crying wannna be queen B)

Welcome to the team clueless show vs the snake angelo


Ummm. Haleigh meant to say. That was Kaitlyns strategy and mine too. Tyler didn’t take her up on it because he saw straight through it. Which. I give him major props for. Since he has said he was crushing on her. He put that aside and focused on his game. But just amazes me she can say that about Kaitlyn and not own she does the same.
So now we know Hayleigh is the hacker for sure. What sense did it make to pick Kaycee for veto. I can’t come up with any logic. Just to make it look like it wasn’t them. They know it was them because they nominated Tyler. They just think it was Bay instead. Which is going to be so much fun when Haleigh finds out her move just got her teammate put on the block for what she did Bay’s explosion and interrogations of her own team are going to get her voted out and the cancelled vote won’t matter.

another name

kaycee as veto pick: has not done well in comps thus far. has never played a veto. conceals that a part of her alliance got the power by being unexpected as pick. haleigh is counting on kaycee performing poorly, and being the least noticed person in the house… putting a spotlight on kaycee to make the hacker identity less obvious. in my opinion.


I think there has been quite a gulf of difference between Haleigh’s behavior in the house and Kaitlyn’s…… listing all the ways would be tiresome. But, if you’re seeing something different, I think you may be viewing the situation through Sam’s goggles.

Kaitlyn’s antics were definitely more entertaining.

another name

behavior yes. strategey no. it’s the same strategy. flirt with multiple guys to get their protection. the difference: kaitlyn was the girl that gave the impression she’d go all the way. haleigh was the girl that flirted but said i don’t want a showmance. their behavior is very different. their intent is exactly the same.


Not Sam’s goggles. Just my own. And I said their strategies were the same. Not necessarily their behaviors. Their strategies were very clear. To me at least. Just my own opinion.


Point taken. But based on what is written above, it’s Sammie Mae Clampett that’s slinging all the mud. Haleigh only stated that she believes Kaitlyn’s actions were strategy. What’s critical about that? She knows damn well she’s playing the flirt game.


I can’t wait for Bay to be put on the block, so I can see some REAL Drama in the House.
It just might be enough to ’cause Bay to blow a gasket at everyone even at the people in her own alliance.
Causing Haleigh to turn to Brett for moral support til 4AM in the morning, while Fes sits in the corner of the bathroom crying between JC’s legs.
Wait where is Rockstar everyone asks, on the live feeds ??? Such a shame Rocky Road has self evicted.

Anal Lice

I am legit going to cream everywhere when Bay gets put on the block after thinking she was safe this whole week. This season has had blindesides left and right, but this one will be the best.


I think we’re going to be disappointed. Look at the abject delusion above, the complete disregard for facts and just conjuring a fantasyland to reside in, where everything you want to believe is real, no matter how hard reality keeps smacking you in the face. Bay, Fes, and Haleigh will think they have the votes and RS is going to jury.

And when Sam invariably lets slip some reality, they’ll scream “fake news”…

Tom A

“Biggest move in Big Brother history” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA, Oh Fessie


“Iconic. Ang will be iconic” hahaha


I was wrong
I was wrong
I was wrong


Me too :(.


me too. sigh

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

This comp was made for Brett – that boy can’t win anything LOL bless his heart. (Rockstar — I GOT IT! She looks like a mix of Carol Burnett as the Mop Lady and Princess Leia with that rainbow colored dryer lint in her hair!)


I think she looks more like Sid from Ice Age.

BB Fanatic

Simon can we get a breakdown of Bays power app thanks


Wait so…if Bay goes on the block as a replacement, her power cannot be used to save herself?

another name

no. her power is for initial nominations only. and must be used before the ceremony.


Correct, it’s only to replace nominations and has to be used prior to the nomination ceremony.

Who said that!

OMG watching Sam cry over Tyler’s nomination is hilarious!Glad Haleigh has entered the game and can do more than flirt.

Who said that!

I hope Tyler is genuinely friends with Sam otherwise when they get out of the house she will be crushed.It seems like his friendship is real but he’s such a great liar in the game,who knows.


So how many words did Queen B get, just 1? Yea, we’re suppose to believe she’s a genius
NOT!! Even Fessie got more than that. Can understand JC only getting 1, since English is his second language. I can’t believe she works as a flight attendant, that would be a flight from h3ll!

Bayleighs Mood Swings

I am waiting for tomorrows veto ceremony like a kid waiting for Christmas morning!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Same! Like a giddy school girl here.


Anyone know what time the ceremony is usually


Why can’t they put this show on every day or at least every other day? I know, I should have the feeds but my desktop is down ( thanks to 10 year old grandson living with me), and I’d have to watch on my Kindle. It’s too long to have to wait until Wednesday!
I will be so glad to see Bay running out the door on Thursday. I can’t wait to see their faces! Right now, this is the best show on television. Thank her lucky stars that Angela got the POV and she can save Tyler.
I hope in the future that Haileigh blabs to Fez or someone that she was the first Hacker. Tyler will get rid of her fast then when that gets around the house.


If Haleigh tells anyone, it would be Scottie saying she wanted to save him and use him when she needs protection. Her alliance might blame her for Bay leaving thinking that if she left noms the same, Scottie would have gone home and their core alliance would of stayed intact.


Bayleigh is a arrogant bully who needs to be cut down a few notches.

Someone needs to teach her some respect. He parents should be ashamed.


I agree…. She gets pissed at Brett for calling her “honey” saying it’s disrespectful but then tells RS to “Shut up!” She is a VERY disrespectful person……. I really would like to see someone stand up to her and tell it like it is.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

She’s in her mid 20’s. She was most likely raised this way.

The Canadian

Feel bad for sayng it but I can not wait until tomorrow. This moment (Bayleigh’s nomination) will be epic, almost like Dan Gheesling funerals. I think it will be listed as one of Big Brother’s top 25 memorable moments.


Bayleigh quite shocked at how Rachel stormed out. Welllll..let’s see how ladylike *Queen B * leaves.
Nonchalant is not a word that comes to mind.
Bay’s Mom saying that B is one point short of genius. I have my doubts 🙂
Bay gets snappy and rude to Sam. Doesn’t let anyone finish a sentance. I imagine we will see a far from snappy Bay (when she’s settled down) in going for votes. I think the Bible will be her main prop…I don’t know why players think being religious and reading the Bible will make them look like good peeps.
Sam in a giddy tizzy about Rock’s Punishment. Sam would have thought it was a reward if she got it.
She was quite crestfallen when everything was put back in storage. The BLENDER. (sob
By tomorrow..all grapes will be snatched to use in Sam’s hastily made dehydrator.
I am still boggled over Bay and Fes EVEN THINKING Tyler and Sottie will be on the block tomorrow.
They are both as thick as planks..not to mention Hay letting Fess know that she’s orchestrated all of Angela’s decisions. And that she will NOT ALLOW Fess to be on the block.
Shock waves tomorrow. Tears,,anger…and tons of drama. It’s going to be GREAT !!!


Somebody turn the lights on cause Fes is in the dark lol

Baby bird

That was a really good episode tonight

Carolina girl

Are we just going to skip over the part when Brett tried to decipher the word Alliance and typed in ANALLICE… LOL
We need a screen shot of that please HAHAHA

Cray Cray

He could be on to something, the hive could be anallice!


Yep. I laughed my butt off


This will be the last night everyone get along

another name

damn, if the hacker comp was supposed to level the playing field… maybe they should have given the hacker the ability to nullify all the votes but one. they couldn’t mess that up… could they? (imagining that getting messed up as well).

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Rockstar said tonight in the DR that Brett should have gone twice now and shouldn’t be in the house. Does she realize she was the one going when she was on the block…after Thursday she should kiss Brett’s “young rich white a**” because that will be twice that he voted to keep her!!


You forgot privileged.


Yo Simon/Dawg, Angela’s ass is ligit.



Hi my name is Scott

That scream emanating from the west coast tomorrow will be Bayleigh’s shrieks of anger when she goes up on da block. Will be fun to watch it on Wednesday night.


Did anybody else see Brett spell “Anal lice” instead of Alliance during the hackers comp? …LOL


Yes…I was rolling


I’m still laughing about it.


Simon!! In west coast time, any idea what time they’ll have the veto ceremony? I want to listen to see if the screams come as far as WA.

Hi my name is Scott

I am almost East coast. I believe the screams will be heard here as well.


10:19am. I don’t hear her yet… but I can wait because it will be epic!


I”m hoping around noon.

Darrell G Irick

Bayleigh & Haleigh are stupid….

nothing they did this week made sense….

only got themselves to blame….


Wait! WTF? Does bayleigh actually think if they get scottie out that this will go down as the biggest move in BB history? Is Bay really that dense? I thought she had watched this show before. Its funny as hell that fessie boy/Hayleigh/Bayleigh/rocky are all laughing and excited because they actually think that Kaycee/Angela are falling for the things they are saying. Asked straight out if Bay would use her power to save Angela (the HOH) and she basically tells her no, yeah way to go there bayleigh, she will really want to be in your alliance now that she knows she can trust you. dumb move. Those 4 have been on the wrong side of each-others votes the whole time but now all of a sudden they are just gonna trust the 4..come on, when will you get a clue. I have a feeling that hayleigh will forfeit the wrong vote LOL. I think the only thing that will be BB history worthy aside from fessie and his “I don’t know whats going on” are the priceless looks on all their faces when their target alwayssssssssssssss stays. LMAO I am absolutely loving this season.