Emmett does Gary’s Make-up. Jillian says if it was a challenge, he would have failed miserably.

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: AJ & Suzette
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots ?

Big Brother Canada March 23 2013 433pm
4:30pm When the live feeds come back from showing the hush hush screen all morning and afternoon, Emmett is in the bedroom doing Gary’s make-up. Gary says that it looks ridiculous. Emmett says yeah that’s how they know I did it. Meanwhile in the kitchen Jillian complains that she has food poisoning. Aj and Talla talk about how some people take this game really personally and that you can’t. Aj says that Tom took it personally. Jillian heads to the bedroom and tells Emmett that if that was a challenge to do Gary’s make-up, he would have failed miserably. Jillian says cool Emmett, do you like doing Halloween make-up? Gary asks is that what this looks like? Jillian says that she wants to be ready for the competition tonight (Power of Veto Competition). Emmett tells Gary when he goes out there don’t say anything, see if they think you did it.

Video is uploading:

Big Brother Canada March 23 2013 437pm
Big Brother Canada March 23 2013 436pm

4:40pm – 5:10pm Alec and Topaz are talking on the couch. Alec says that Gary is basically useless to us if he can’t control Suzette. He says that when he was talking to Gary he was basically talking like if he wins the POV he will use it on Suzette. Alec says that he isn’t sure if he can trust Gary. Alec says that he listened to Gary and did not use the Veto even though getting rid of Tom wasn’t best for his game. Alec comments how Gary said whoever wins that money in last nights HOH competition is out next. Topaz’s says yeah but he didn’t know you were going to win it. Topaz and Alec start talking about what she will do after the season ends. Topaz talks to Alec about coming out to Vancouver to see him with Gary.
Video will be posted here:

5:15pm Emmett finishes Gary’s make-up. Gary tells him that he did a great job.
Big Brother Canada March 23 2013 515pm

5:20pm – 5:30pm Talla comes into check out Gary’s make-up. Gary denies that Emmett did his make-up. He says that Emmett started it but fu*ked it up. Jillian asks Emmett if he would marry Talla. Emmett says no, I would bury you in my backyard. Talla says guys like you do like girls like me. Emmett says then you do not know me Talla. Talla says yes I do you are the milkman. Emmett tells Talla that she is too short. Then Emmett says that he likes that she is small and fun to pick up. Gary says that guys like small girls to do $exual things to. Talla leaves. Gary says now I can’t nap .. Glitter will get all over the place. I do look like the black Riddler. Jillian comments that her and Gary should dress up like super heros one day. Emmett says yeah and I’ll do your make-up. The conversation turns to talking about what tonights Power of veto Competition will be like.

5:30pm – 5:50pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.. Looks like the live feeds will be down until after the Power of Veto Competition.

bbca tweet

6pm – 6:20pm The live feeds come back and Gary is up in the HOH room with Alec and Topaz. (The person doing the tweeting for BigBrotherCa needs to be fired since they have no idea what’s going on with the live feeds.) They discuss how Suzette won’t win tonight’s POV or anything else. Gary mentions that the person that wins POV is guaranteed to be in the jury house. Alec tells Gary that he is guaranteed along with everyone else except for Talla, Aj and Suzette. Alec says that we have gotten rid of all of the illogical people. Gary comments that Talla scares him. Alec brings up how Gary commented that the person that wins the money ($10,000) last night is the next to go home. Alec and Gary discuss how they are doing really well to hide their alliance with Gary. Gary wonders if they should have put him (Gary) up to disguise it even more. Gary says that he can’t control his tongue with things like that, but would never let their alliance slip. Alec and Gary talk about how Suzette sucks the life out of people. Alec says that she probably does have it pretty hard, but this isn’t a game where you donate the money. Its better to send her home to her kids. Alec comments that once Suzette realizes she is gone she will just have fun with it like she did last time she thought she was going home. Jillian joins them. They ask her what Suzette said. Jillian comments that she doesn’t think Suzette would use the veto if she won it .. she then laughs. They think the power of veto competition will be a “HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT” Competition. The conversation turns to talking about last nights HOH competition.

(Video is uploading:)

6:30pm – 7pm Peter, Jillian and Alec are sitting on the kitchen couch talking about the POV competition. Peter says that it must be a pretty complicated competition as they have been working on it for a while now. Emmett and Gary are playing the game at the kitchen table while the others eat and wait for the competition to start. Peter gets called to the diary room. Talla yells yeah! (Peter might be the POV host.) Talla tells Emmett and Jillian that Gary commented about something Gary said waiting to see if he wins the POV to maybe use it to save Suzette. Talla is worried she might be the “pond” (pawn) to go up if that happens. Everyone leaves the kitchen and Talla sits there alone on the couch talking to herself about what she will do/say if she is put up as the replacement.

Big Brother Canada March 23 2013 630pm

7pm The other house guests are lazing around in the bedroom and bathroom as they wait. Talla joins Alex and Topaz in the bathroom. They talk about whether or not Aj would date Talla. Aj tells Talla that any woman he has ever wanted he has gotten. He says when I set my sights I get my target! Aj says that if Talla and him lived in the same city he would pursue her and marry her … just kidding. Talla says umm..this is just pretend right .. because I have already made it clear that we are just friends.

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I love that Emmett is getting into doing garys makeup and nails. He’s a good sport. And its amusing to watch.

The Watcher

When I tell you the Live Feeds are only up for a hot second…….

Farm Boy doing the make up of Glitter Warrior. Priceless!!!


AJ is delusional!! His stories about his past relationships and sex life are all FALSE. This guy looks like a father of 3 but like most Indian guys he thinks he’s a great catch. LOL and the sad part is that everyone hates him and finds him annoying but this guy thinks he’s loved by all.


I hope Suzette survives this week and wins HOH since she’s being underestimated and coz I like her. Anytime someone is written off as useless I want them to surprise everyone. Think Kalia and Porsche ( after they decided to stop kissing a$$ and fight back).
And it’s good for Gary since she’s an ally. No she hasn’t won anything yet but neither have Topaz, AJ, Talla and Peter.

I want Alec,Peter and Emmett gone. This week it should be AJ. He’s just meh.


How is Suzette being underestimated? She was handed an HoH, was arbitrarily saved, and she’s done nothing of consequence since. And comparing a player to Kalia or Porsche is definitely not a compliment. They both sucked.


A matter of perception. Kalia and Porsche sucked in the beginning and everyone was saying they would never win anything and were useless, but halfway through the game they started playing and actually winning, not counting the Lawon incident of course.

And yes Suzette is being undersestimated, she’s being written off, that sounds like an underestimation to me. Unless if you define it differently.
No one disputes the first HOH and Canada’s vote, that’s why Isaid she hasn’t won anything just like Topaz, AJ, Talla and Peter.


Kalia won 1 or 2 comps maybe? Same with Porsche. They were Daniele’s puppets. She needed them for numbers b/c she knew Jeff and Rachel could play. And for one to be overestimated one has to be capable of doing something of substance, which Suzette has not. Like I said, she was handed an HoH and the only reason she’s still in the house is because she was arbitrarily saved (she basically quit the week she was nominated). She has zero social game (that’s why she has one friend in the house & why she keeps getting put up), and what kind of comp is she going to win? A mental one? Not with Alec and Peter, et al in the house. A physical one? No for obvious reasons.

I don’t dislike Suzette as a person (yes, she annoys me, but I’m sure she’s a perfectly nice person). But to say she’s being underestimated is–by definition–incorrect. The 2013 Baltimore Ravens were underestimated. The 2013 Kansas City Chiefs just sucked. Suzette is the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs.




You’re here already saying she won’t win any competition, and what’s that called: Underestimation. Coz when you don’t expect much….or anything at all, that’s underestimation.

This debate seems to be a matter of semantics, is it underestimate or not underestimate? Really not important. The point I was making about Kalia and Porsche was about them winning competions as well, which they did. Strategy, I’m not going to debate that, my point is many thought they would win absolutely nothing and they proved them wrong, which I’m hoping is the case with Suzette if she lives through this week.

So lets’s do this. You stay with your definition of underestimate and I stay with mine. Words, just words.


I agree :)


i have watched every show . I think Suzette needs to go. Its like she likes feeling sorry for herself because of her LBS. Why Canada let her stay who knows
I think its time for Gary to leave. I am so tired of his foul mouth and he is so loud. why cant Bigh Brother tell him to lower his voice. I feel sorry for his family
i couldnt put up with that every 2nd word start with a f .i like watching big brother for the 4 hours every night. But i cant handle Garys mouth.