Stomach puppets, Friends with Benefits and “any minute now we have a POV Competition”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: AJ & Suzette
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots ?


7:00PM Bathroom Talla, AJ, Topaz and Alec

Talla is saying that she doesn’t date too many guys, “I’m not in a committed relationship… “
“I’m not chasing it (Serious relationship) but i’m OK”
Topez: “But were you chasing it?”
Talla says a bit.
AJ mentions if he was interested in Talla it wouldn’t be for a one night thing it would be serious. AJ usually can tell by date 5 that the girl is someone to be serious with or not. He mentions that Talla and him have been together for 30 days now.
Talla: “Do you have feelings for me?”
AJ: “No”
Topaz thinks AJ is fibbing, “I can see it in your face”. Aj: “you will never be able to to read me at a poker table”

Topaz: “I think I just want to leave my hair like this and not blow dry it”
Talla: “Why do you want to leave your hair like that”
Topaz: “Cause i’m lazy as fu*** …. ahh my comb is upstairs.. ”
Talla asks AJ about the infamous Girl from Cuba. Aj goes on to explain his feelings for her.
Talla says that looking back she thought she would be in something more serious at this point in her life. Talla: “The thing is what I want in a guy is what I want”
Aj explains Women to her. They set aside some sort of template in what they want in a man.. but they will never find that template.. they fall in love and they don’t get that template of a man they had wanted.
Talla: “You are very wise in relationships”
Topaz: “AJ how many relationships have you been in”
AJ: “5”

Aj goes on to list off his 5 serious relationships. He adds that there is one girl that has been floating around for the past 7 years. He only see her when he’s not in a relationship, “She’s a friend with benefits.. total FWB”

Talla tells him when Aj finds a girl she knows he’ll treat her really good. Alec wishes they could work out. They all doubt that the POV competitions will be today because the construction will take a long time. AJ mentions that it could be another physical. Topaz starts to sing a song with her stomach puppet.. (Video uploading)

7:38pm Topaz wonders if the rest of the house is sleeping.. AJ: “Sleeping! any minute now we have a POV contest” Topaz mentions how Peter has been in the Diary Room for a long time.


7:00pm Bedroom Emmett, Gary, Jillian, Andrew and Suzette
Gary: “All i want is a mother f***** luxury competition”
Andrew: “Someone just won 10 thousand dollars Gary”
Gary: “That’s a HOH not a luxury competition”
(Really boring conversation)


8:10pm HOH AJ, Talla and Alec

Talla tells him that Gary is feeling bad about Suzette. Talla asks Gary “How bad do you want to win POV” Gary replied <”Obviously I want to compete” Alec: “was suzette in the room” Talla: “No it was Topaz jillian and me” Alec: “When did they talk about this because he came up here and talked to be said he was going to fight hard to get it” AJ: “I don’t want him to throw it I want him to win it” Alec: “There is no way he will use it.. NO WAY” AJ : “Is Gary stupid enough to jeopardize his game to save suzette” Talla: “Everyone did exactly what he wanted to last week.. Including AJ” AJ: “Everyone in the house wants Suzette gone.. he uses POV and he’s burnt every bridge he’s built” Alec doesn’t want Gary to throw it either, “Thats a possibility that Suzette will win it” Talla: “Why does he want Suzette.. she’s a one person army in this game” Alec tells them about Suzette coming in the storage room to talk to him earlier today, “she came to me Bawling.. she came in and was all crying her eyes out.. I was like look suzette it’s nothing against you personally..” He explained to her that it’s come down to the fact that he’s met people in the house and has created personal bonds with those people, “We talk about stuff and we decided what to do as a group.. I have talked game to Suzette in 4 weeks” Alec continues that he told her she should fight hard for POV and this is what the house wants, “We don’t want you to feel bad or awkward in the house”. (Alec is a bit spineless) Suzette told him that she feels like the punching bag and feels like she’s always been the target. (Video Uploading)



8:27pm Lots of Random conversations going on.. lots of nervous energy around as they wait for the Power of Veto competition which is suppose to be tonight. Jillian is sharing a story about all the serious relationships she’s been in she’s live with the guy.

(Bascially how I see it is.. Suzette needs to win POV or get another POWERSHIFT to stay in the game. Alec is one slippery player doesn’t really man up to anything. Oh and Peter has been in the Diary Room for hours. )


9:00pm Bro’s talking about partying..

Alec talks about “Thai bucket” it’s when you mix Red bull and a bunch of sprites and everyone grabs a straw. He did it once with 6 people
Andrew mentions “Shambles” it’s when you get Vodka, champagne and Red Bull in a big old bucket. Andrew explains that these British guys that he works with guzzle it down “They’re from the UK they want to get wrecked “

Emmett tells them about the “3 wise man” it’s three shots of hard alcohol that you take in a special order one after another. The middle one is goldschlager the last one is jagermeister and the first one escapes Emmett, “I want to say vodka or some other nasty shit” Emmett tells them you do three shots and when you hit the jagermeister you almost puke. Andrew: ‘It’s very medicinal that jagermeister” (Lots of Drinking stories)

Jillian joins them tells them she was telling a personal story and using real names. She thought the feeds were off because they are on lock down. Jillian adds that production told them “Attention houseguests please be careful using names we are live right now”



9:10pm AJ, Jillian, Talla, Topaz and Suzette
Topaz is talking about getting out of the hood. She brings up stories about people getting murdered etc etc.. She shares one story that involves an entire family being killed in the floor above her. She also tells a story about when she was in the 6th grade and someone got stabbed. (I’ll let you watch the video Which is uploading)

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OK what I would like to see doesn’t even have a 1% chance of happening. I’d love Suzette to win POV followed by Gary as renom. Gary goes home 4-3. It’s not going to happen as I think Gary gets 5 or 6 of the 7 votes to stay. It would be fun. But I hate to say it it could be Emmit which would not be good.


As I stated before, I do not support this cast at all. All I see are cowards, they are not being sneaky and smart, they are just afraid of anything. They expect people to follow them blindly, I see another boring Season 12 BB US repeat coming coming. It would be a shame if no one turns on this shield shit. And who will Alec really choose in the end, Topaz or Peter? I believe Topaz is really getting to him, we will see. Emett, Suzette, Andrew, AJ, even Talla. Please, someone turn this game around for the f**king better.




Agree with JanelleFTW. Totally boring cast, no big moves, no good alliances, no smart decisions. And why do ppl like Peter again? He’s always quiet. *yawn*


Topaz just admitted that she is “LAZY AS F..K never would have known, haha – what a waste, someone who realyy wanted to be there, lost out because of her.


I think she meant that in regards to doing her hair (black girl hair care is a process), and not the game :D


No I am pretty sure Topaz is “lazy” in the game, not just that nasty hair. I like the reference to Alec as “spineless” – hit that nail on the head.


Your opinion does not count kijiji- you nasty troll! Lol, you keep on watching the very same people you profess you hate/ can’t stand… If that does not scream pathetic, I don’t know what else does! LMAO #HoSitDown


It appears I did miss some comments that Tom called Suzette, which I don’t condone in any way. So you got me Julilly if I offended any nationality I apologize, since I am defintely not racist. I am merely commenting on personalities and comments made behind peoples back.


Sorry – I meant topaz


Thank You Simon


Alec is a hypocrite he said: I was like look suzette it’s nothing against you personally..” He explained to her that it’s come down to the fact that he’s met people in the house and has created personal bonds with those people, “We talk about stuff and we decided what to do as a group

If he has created “PERSONAL BONDS” with other players then it is a personal attack against Suzette…


How is he a hypocrite? A hypocrite is someone pretends to be something they aren’t. If anything his statement was somewhat contradictory (but it wasn’t). What he said was that he had formed bonds with people in the house and they talked about it and made a decision as a group. He hasn’t formed that type of bond with Suzette and hasn’t talked game with her in 4.5 weeks, so naturally he wants to get rid of someone he does not have the type of bond that would lead him to talk game with.

What he was saying is that he wasn’t trying to get rid of her because he personally disliked her, but because he doesn’t have the type of relationship with her that would lead him to believe they are allies in the game.


I want all this people that trash Suzette . call her stupid, fat. lazy to know a bit about her :
she is not Fat nor lazy as you proclaim.
If Fact she is a 3 time award winner of Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards Strong & Named 2007 National Aboriginal Role Model.
I am Gonna give you some history about her.
Suzette is originally from Gwa’Sala-Nakwaxda’xw Nation and currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.
She has a Diploma in Criminology and an Associates of Arts Degree in Anthropology and Psychology, both from Douglas College.
( very smart I would say – Not Stupid )
Her real passions are about helping youth with problems of addictions, homelessness and abuse. She also helps youth to further their education and to develop their artistic abilities.
When she is not hosting her award-winning radio show Think NDN (the winner of three Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards for best radio program), Suzette Amaya is a support worker and counselor for some of Canada’s most at-risk residents in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. She is also a strong supporter of Aboriginal music, with a special love of hip-hop.

Her love of media has led her to create ThinkNDN, a radio show, and SAMAYA photography. She is a motivational speaker who has Toured her Love, Live, Lead Tour 2009 across Canada, speaking to youth about everything from sexual abuse to employment strategies. She is in the music industry, but also reaches out to people Eastside of Vancouver, which Many of you would never be able to do.


Team Suzette! :)
See? She really is awesome :> f the haters!


I think people meant that she’s been lazy in the game… I’m sure she’s a great person in real life, but her gameplay in the HOUSE is just not up to par with some of the other cast members


Suzette has done a complete turn around since she was attacking Tom at the beginning of the show. I am curious to see whether it was just “hormones” as she seems to be saying or if that is the way she attacks when backed into a corner. So I say put her in a corner and let the real Suzette please stand up, because honestly I was not impressed with her treatment of Tom, not that he was any better but they were definitely on the same level and she was acting that she deserved respect. You have to give it to get it and not just when it is smooth sailing.


you must of missed where Tom called her done week 1 after he was nominated & demeaned Suzette on her Race we dont use words like he used in 2013 unless we are racist against First Nations


theoflurey14 – You know down in the states, there are a group of people always screaming racism…are you suggesting we here in canada, are doing the same , only with a different group? In other words, just because somebody is of a different race, we are not allowed to critisize, for fear of being called names? I do not care what race it is, if they are bad, wrong or awful people, they should be called out.


Hey Buddy I am from Canada I was not stating racism to anyone. but we all know in Canada racism is high towards Aboriginals. but that was not my point. my point was you call call Suzette down for calling TOM a Redneck yet you seem to have forgotten 2 weeks earlier he call her a red skin REZ GIRL that needs to go back to her reservation. where she could be among her own kind of people ( What ever that meant ) just cause it was on feeds & not live TV you think its ok. but when Tom called her snide remarks for the 1st week IT was disrespectful also. people need to look from both sides.


Standing ovation here, Theo! :)




Don’t call me “Buddy” – Tell me, why do you think there is racism towards Aboriginals? Is it all everybody elses’ fault, or could it be that there are some other reasons?


I did miss that comment from Tom, which is defintely not called for. As per my post to Jullily I did not mean to offend any specific nationality, I was merely commenting on personalities and how people react when under stress.


Maybe she just plays fat and lazy on TV?


She seems like an amazing person in real life, which is much more important than being an amazing contestant on Big Brother.

She also has been doing decently in the competitions. Especially for an overweight contestant.

I think the reason she gets hate is because she is really, really annoying in the house. She’s loud, always involving herself in conversations when no one was talking to her, she giggles after she talks and her catch phrases are awful. She is all-around painful to watch on the live feeds.

She also lashed out and called someone a redneck on TV totally unprovoked simply because she eliminated herself from a competition.

Great person. Bad BBCAN contestant.


Haha, during that convo between Talka, Topaz and Jillian, Jill-bot accidentally mentioned her ex’s name (oops!) which Talla then tried to cover up by said ” you said Brady”… Lol, like B!tch please, Brian so does not sound like Brady! :P


And AJ ? what does he exactly bring to the game or even Talla ( while Talla likes to talk to cameras & perform ) what is their Game ? neither of them have done anything


Hey jillily – You seem to have a bad habit of using the words RACIST , TROLL ETC. to describe people you don’ even know…what’s your problem? Why don’t you just shut the hell up because you’re opinions mean sh-t!!


I don’t call people racist and Last I checked I’ve only called Kijiji a troll as it happens to be ONE! What are you- Kijiji’s body guard? You shut your damn mouth and keep your negativity in the states. Canadians do not play that racist BS like you do. Now, you can go fly a kite… Or drink some moonshine with your road kill– I don’t give two pucks! :)


I am not an American – and you say you’re not a racist, what do you call your comment “drink some moonshine etc”? I was born and raised in Canada and it is a..holes like you who give us a bad name..go back under the rock you slid out from,LOSER!!


LOL, Just ’cause you were born and raised in Canada does not exempt you fromTroll-like status.
Hateful, trashy low life scumbags like YOU give Canada a bad name.
Hope you know that there is a special place in hell for hatemongers #StopTheHate!