Big Brother Canada: Jillian says Liza back stabbed me! Andrew jokingly asks what she lied?!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots ?

Big Brother Canada March 23 2013 830am
8:10am – 9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Andrew comments that the living room TV says that its the Nomination Ceremony today. They comment that Andrew didn’t even get anything for his HOH win. Andrew says that he got to stand up there on national television and nominate two people. He says that he also got to get rid of someone we all wanted gone. Alec comments that once Tom left it felt like 4 people left. He had a strong personality. Jillian says that she did not, not like Tom. Alec says that he didn’t like Tom at certain times. Alec says that he didn’t think he talked to Liza enough to dislike her, and says that he thinks he barely spoke 10 words to Liza. Jillian says she back stabbed me. Andrew jokingly asks what she lied?! Alec says that he would not dislike them (Liza or Tom) outside the house. Alec says that he didn’t like how Tom was obsessed with changing other people, like Talla and her smoking. Andrew comments how he didn’t like being told how many calories to intake, I have been doing lots of bad things to my body and I am just fine. I am dead on the inside but I am just fine.

Big Brother Canada March 23 2013 840am

9:10am – 9:50am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.

10:15am Still showing the hush hush screen.
11:30am Still showing the hush hush screen.
1pm Still showing the hush hush screen.
3pm Still showing the hush hush screen. The Nomination Ceremony was likely held this morning and they could be competing in the Power of Veto Competition right now. Big Brother once again has announced that the live feeds will return later tonight.


4pm Still showing the hush hush screen.

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What did Tom say about Will Kirby?


The only thing I ever heard Tom say about Dr. Will was that he didn’t think Dr. Will was the best player.

That was on the feeds. I don’t know if he said anything else off the feeds.


Does Topaz actually want to WIN equal to Alec/Peter/Emmett? (I’m not sure.)

Does Gary? (I think he does, sometimes. I’m not sure he’s totally committed.)

With Tom gone, would Emmett work hard to take Jillian to F2? (Getting more likely, IMO.)


I hope Gary wins PoV and takes Suzette off to rub a bad move in Alec’s face. I can see Gary being told by a lot of people to not use the veto, but I hope he chooses Suzette over “The House”.

If all else fails, vote to save Suzette! LOL! I voted 18 times to save her last time, and I’ve obtained more points so I’m not letting her go anywhere if they do another powershift! Come on production! LMAO


i agree with you Cooper .. i hate seeing the likes of AJ saying she doesnt deserver to be there .. what and he does … would love to see his butt go home first .. anyway back to gary . . that would be sweet .. just to see the looks on their faces .. suzette may be anoying but not one of them are giving her a chance .. they did their clicks and thats that .. gary is the only player so far to show an balls… taking out tom and setting up liza …


A second powershift to save Suzette again is not going to happen (production is likely to do that for Peter instead)
Plus Gary will not turn on Topsz and Alec this early in the game (last I checked, he thinks he still has an alliance with them)
LOL #just sayin’


Your comment got 22 thumbs down. Thank you God that you’re the only person that wants her around anymore.
People want to see the game being played, not the producers cheating (If they give Canada a POV, itd look a lot less suspicious if they did it when the real POV for the week hasn’t been played already). That wasn’t preplanned, it was done only to take Suzette off the block.
She was given HOH and a POV she didn’t earn and Ive heard Emmet & Gary say production let her stay, there’s speculation that she Canada’s player now (doesnt exist), etc. Shes had more power than some who’s actually worked hard to compete. She’s gone and good riddance.
She’s racist (too many comments shes made), hypocritical (“I dont touch anyone thats why Im not in an alliance, then rubs all over Alecs stomach), delusional (“Im playing for my fans”), selfish (always talking over everyone), jealous (calling the girls sluts, etc) a bully (picking fights with Tom and others for no reason), a liar (lied on Tom and other houseguests several times), a theif (stole one of the HOH’s gifts), etc etc I can go on and on.
I have no clue why you like her so much, but I am very thanful your opinion is in the minority. Her free ride is over. They’d catch too much flack for rigging unless they made a POV for her or Gary to win.


Free live feeds are a good idea…if they were ever actually up and running!!!


I doubt they will have another save a hg they already did that and there is no way i would vote to save suzzette i think she is fake and annoying you can tell she is trying so bad to fit in. As for gary if he wins pov (assuming he even plays) i doubt he will use it he won’t want to put a target on his back for her if it was topez maybe but he has other allience and suzzette isn’t at the top of his list. He has to do what is best for his game. I am suprised the boys didn’t go after talla since they know she is comming for them but i guess that since she can’t win anything works in her favor. I also can’t believe that none of them have figured out that peter/alec/emmitt are in an allience. I like talla but she hasn’t done anything in this game and to have her sail to the end is really sad from the aj/andrew/talla conversation it sounds like they want to try and make a deal with emmitt/jillian


Even though Tom and Liza are gone, they are still what everyone talks about. Shows how much excitement they added to the show lol.



The Watcher

*This is a rant!

What the hell is up with their Live Feeds? Not only are their cameras angle horrible most of the time, they keep a face close up on one house guests while they are talking in group of 4…….their audio is so 1994 but worst of all they claim to be 24/7 live!!!!

MORE LIKE 24 MINUTES EVERY 7 HOURS!!! ( and thats being generous)

yah YAH yah YAAAHHH!! Its free but it really doesnt make me wanna subscribe and pay for next year.

* End of rant!

Bring back the Live Feeds please we love u long time XD

On a positive note this free preview of the feeds got be all curious about the USA version, I might be spending some money for the first time this summer…

I hope for Glitter sake that he wins the POV – he can then use it or not….doesnt matter as long as he is 100% safe this week.

Didnt I hear last night Alec talking about Glitter if Sue gets herself off the block? Better be my ears playing tricks on me!!!!!!


If I had paid for these Live Feeds I’d be pissed as all hell but since they are free, I can’t really complain. Except that their 24/7 promise is BS.

If they end up charging for this next year and the feeds are off as often as they are this year, there will be A LOT of complaints. If this happens next year when I paid for the feeds it’s pretty much a dealbreaker for me watching the show.

In the US version I can pretty much predict when the feeds will be down because they’ve been at it for 14 seasons and it’s a well oiled machine. HOH, POV and all the ceremonies happen on a strict schedule.

BBCA will have growing pains of course but I’d wish they’d show more as opposed to less and then adjust accordingly from there. Not block everything at the off chance the live feeders catch something ‘spoilerworthy’.


Total agreement on the live feeds. I “up’d” my internet plan to cover what I thought would be additional usage….guess THAT was a waste of money!


Jillian the puppet still talking about Liza, I can’t wait when she leaves and finds out Liza was right about a guys alliance.


@BigBrotherCA There’s something top secret happening in the house right now, and the live feeds will return later tonight.

I swear if this means another BS twist to save someone like Suzette then I will NOT watch BBCA anymore. It would be blatant rigging way up there on the Grodner Scale!


Why would anyone want Suzette in the game?? She’s totally useless. All she does is EAT and say ” hell yeaa!!”. She needs to go home to her kids.


Don’t forget “Hey Boys” if I never hear that again it will be too soon. Also Talla has about 3 sayings I can’t remember the other two but one is “Do you love it” Like what is there to love in every conversation.


Suz not a comp threat. Doing OK is not winning.
BUT – in Jury, she might favor ANY girl over a guy. I wouldn’t trust her to be objective.
If Peter/Alec/Emmett see a chance of F2 with Topaz/Jill they’d want to avoid that.
It’s not like any who see themselves as realistic contenders are close to her (Gary aside).
I don’t think Gary sees Suz really helping him later on.
Plus, there’s the annoyance factor they feel.
Smart move or not, I think she’s toast.

That darn phone call and POWERSHIFT.

The Watcher

Thanks for the BBCanada update yall…I dont use twitter :)

A funny twist would be a VOTESHIFT

Canada could vote to have the votes of the house guests switched : If one of the nominees gets 6 vote and the other 2 then the vote are switched LOL

*** In my head Julie Chen is the host of all the Big Brother worldwide ***

After the votes in the house have been done Julie Chen would give the news to the house guests……

I think the faces alone of all the house guests would make for an epic tv moment LMAO


BBCan advised us to watch exclusive Tom/liza exit interviews to keep us busy.

So i went.

I already have a 2012 sonic so i should be exempt from watching the commercials !!!! Or ANY of the chevy commercials. Shouldn’t I?


LOL nice.. ya this isn’t a good trend blocking feeds for so long. Starting to look like they are going all Glass house on us


I’ve been enjoying this season of The Glass House Canada on Slice


I didnt like the Glass House and will be very surprised if it comes back for a second season


About Talla –
I don’t think English is her first language.
I read or heard somewhere a comment like her seizing every opportunity since they came to Canada.
That may explain some of her incoherency.
Plus, she may have chosen to adopt some affectations in order to fit in that she’d be better off without.

I don’t she should have been selected for the show or stands a chance of winning.


feeds r back


please, take the camera off alec/topaz coupling, puke, puke, puke!!!!!!!!!


POWERTWIST: Feeds come back on and Topaz is…HORITZONTAL!!! Stay tuned for more developments as this story develops.


Do the jury members get paid/reward for making it that far? Does the second place winner get a consolation prize/second prize?


Hi Dawg.

Think BB USA 2nd place got 50K. Also years ago they had 3 prizes. With it being 500K, 100K and 50K I believe. They now do Americas Favorite as the 3rd prize in the US version as everyone knowse


Thank you.