McCrae says Elissa is sure win for anyone “No one respects her She’ll use the money like toilet paper”

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


8:03pm Spencer and Andy

Talking about Elissa. Andy mentions he wrote in his HOH blog that he could write a dissertation about Elissa.

Andy: ‘Elissa is.. I’ll give her this she is unlike any other human being I have ever met”
S: “I totally agree.. she’s almost extraterrestrial”
A: ‘Yup without a doubt”
S: “She’s comical.. she’s just odd”
A: ‘Everything she does is weird as hell”
S: “She’s odd”
A: “I feel that Rachel wasn’t even that weird”
S: “I agree Rachel was normal”
A: ‘Rachel was grating but wasn’t so Odd”
S: “She’s like an aristocrat she’s on the upper echelon the upper tier of society”
A: “Ya”
S: “So she’s like .. for one she feels like she’s slumming it being here”
Spencer adds that she thinks they are all beneath her and her whole attitude is based along that fact.
Andy says he agrees

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8:28pm Backyard Aaryn and Helen

Aaryn explains why her and Elissa stopped being friends. In the beginning Elissa and Aaryn were friends then on day three Aaryn finds out that Elissa had been going around telling everyone that she had MVP. Elissa came up to Aaryn in front of people and said “Aren’t you glad you’re MVP” Aaryn denied it. Elissa did this to frame Aaryn as the MVP because she didn’t want people to suspect her. At that point Aaryn got scared of Elissa and they stopped being close. Helen says she wasn’t close to Elissa in the beginning she never heard that story before.

Aaryn says she’s an only child and wasn’t use to living with all these people. She adds that first 2 weeks Candice was taking sh!t out of everyone’s drawers and it really bothered Aaryn.

Helen says early on in this experience it was easy to find a person to pick on and a lot of people picked on Aaryn.
Helen: “you have a very strong presence and you’re a pretty girl and a lot of people are threatened by that”
Helen: “It’s easy for people to make you a target”
Helen says it’s really surprising how Aaryn was able to turn her game around. Helen says most people when faced with what Aaryn faced would have been like Jessie and trying to break enough people down. Helen: ‘you’ve made yourself equal and honestly i’m amazed at your game.. you’ve played a good game “
Aaryn says it took 4 weeks for her to rebuild her game.
Helen says she didn’t feel bad for Candice leaving she was trying to blow Helen’s game up. On a personal level she really liked Candice.

They agree that Jessie is trying to do what Candice did that is destroy everyone’s game because hers is destroyed
Helen says until Jessie is ready to be kind it’s just going to be more bad camera time if they talk.

Aaryn doesn’t think Jessie will cause a stink tonight because she is trying to get Amanda and McCrae’s vote.


8:48pm Backyard McCrae and Spencer
Spencer: “Hey.. do you have Aaryn under control”
McCrea: “Yup.. should be”
Spencer says he’s worried about Aaryn and Helen, “Get Helen in the have nots with her for a week and she’ll poison her brain”
MC: ‘Her talking to helen worries me but I dunno I have no idea.. I think Amanda is pretty close to Aaryn.. I don’t really talk to Aaryn”
S: “Well kick that sh!t into high gear for next week.. I think Helen will use Aaryn to do any dirty work that she can”
MC: I think helen is also worried about Aaryn.. I dunno”
S: “Aaryn is a safety wh***e she wants safety and she’ll do whatever for safety”
MC: ‘Even if Aaryn got it and you went up.. we still have the numbers it would be you me and andy and we only need three next week”

Spencer laughs says he hopes he doesn’t go up “I only voted three times this year”
MC: “She might go after Elissa”
Spencer: ‘I think she would”

Talking about final 2 votes. MC thinks Elissa is the best one to take to final 2 because nobody will vote for her. Spencer agrees, “Like you said yesterday she will use that money like toilet paper”
Spencer: ”She’s worthless”
MC: “Exactly and no one respects her she’ll get no votes”
MC saying he doesn’t think he would not win against anyone except Elissa.
Spencer thinks McCrae can beat him, “What do I have to hang my hat on, I get thursday afternoon game talk”
McCrae says being on the block 5 times and surviving is something to say.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


9:04pm Backyard McCrae, Andy and Spencer
Andy: “I like that you call Helen and Elissa the MOM Squad”
Andy says the good news is you’ll know when you’re on the mom squads radar because they’ll stop talking to you and walk out of rooms when you come in.

McCrae is talking about Blowing up on Elissa
McCrae says the one person that he’ll get his hands dirty with is Elissa. MC: ‘I’ll have to be super careful though.. I dunno”
MC is worried he’s going to come off as a jacka$$. Spencer doesn’t think so if it’s done at the right time a lot of people will think “I’ve been wanting to say that for a long time “
Spencer says he shouldn’t call her names just point out her oddities and point out how she always talks down to people
MC: ‘Exactly it would be like .. you put yourself on such a pedestal and we all grovel at your feet”
Andy: ‘Oh my god the are you on medication comment to Jessie yesterday was unreal”
MC: ‘Thats the one I’m wanting Jessie to throw back to her face”
Andy explains what Elissa said. She asked Jessie last night if she was taking any pills it The DR was giving her pills like what Aaryn and Amanda take. (I’ve heard versions that Elissa asked Jessie if she had stopped taking her pills)
MC says the f*** up thing about Elissa saying that was how after it happened she came to Amanda and him and started playing the victim.
MC points out that he’s seen Elissa do this before after she insulted someone. She did it with Amanda during his birthday party. MC adds that Elissa was trying to make it sound like she was legitimately concerned that Jessie wasn’t taking her pills. MC also mentions that Elissa told him she cared about the players psychiatric Health. Spencer and Andy groan.

Andy: “you mean she wasn’t trying to make Jessie look like insane and needed pills”

MC explains the day after his birthday party. She brought him into the cockpit room and said she was really offended that Amanda Was offended by her. (She said Elissa looked like a stripper.. etc etc)
Andy: ‘If any of us get evicted by GM or Elissa I’m going to kill everyone”


Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here NEW time Stamps added

9:36pm HOH

Andy tells them they only got a bottle of wine and no beer. Amanda tells Andy to go down and Demand more alcohol. Andy says it’s best if she goes she’ll be more convincing.


10:05pm HOH Wedding starts soon

Amanda is telling Jessie if she goes to everyone and apologize everything will be like it was before. Jessie thinks there’s not point because so many people lied to her. Amanda says there’s still two days a lot can happen.

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Why is McCrae having a faux wedding ?? And more importantly why is he getting married to a dude dressed in drag with a wig on ??


Am I the only one that finds the way Andy chews extremely ANNOYING!?!?


Not only does Andy chew like a cow….but all are discusting to watch eat. Watching Spencer or Jessie is nauseating.

Aaryns eyebrows

Yeah…but Helen smacks her mouth while she eats…she is so digusting!


No you are not the only one…Andy’s eating has been annoying me all summer.


Not only Andy almost all of them have No manners they chew with there mouth open and talk with food in there mouth that’s so fucking nasty and gross I feel bad for the production staff that have to sit there and listen to them no class what so ever!!!!!


Starting to think it is rigged for Elissa now!! McCrae is an idiot if he thinks taking Elissa to final two and he will win. Production has made sure Elissa has not offended anyone and if she goes she wins. McCrae is stupid!


It’s the HG’s voting for the winner not America. MC is absolutely correct Ellisa is one of several F2 options wit no shot. GM being another as well. I figured the talk about Ellisa being an ideal F2 HG wouldn’t start for a couple weeks but it should be on a lot of folks radar.


Yes McCrea is stupid if he takes Ellisa to the end but Yes Ellisa have said bad stuff to people in the house and for the most she okay and the reason he wpold take her to the end because they are on the same level she was Helens bitch and he was Amanda’s bitch they are on the same level of how much they made people of the jury mad they both sucks so I could understand him wanting to go against her and really I hope him or her don’t when because they both suck and are boring on the game factor play level but far as them as people on everyday life I guess their okay


I say boo to the fake wedding don’t nobody want to see all of that just like when the have so called sex and I say so called because 2mins isn’t shit!!!! But yeah if Amanda is a dude in wig who gives a Fuck because gay love is fucking and awesome!!!!


why do they keep giving them such little amounts of alcohol?? ONE bottle of wine between 9 ppl?? on Canadian BB and earlier US ones they were drunk half the show and that makes it more interesting. truths come out, people stop being nice, friends fight. GOD


Because some of them are “heavily” medicated? I’m not sure what Adderall, Xanax, and whatever else Judd was taking, would be mixed with Alcohol.


Probably because half of them are on prescription medications, and also because they’re already such volatile people, imagine if they started drinking?


Alcohol disbursement dwindled post Amanda/Jesse fight.


With so many people taking “prescribed” medication, Production has to be careful. Never know how they will react to the medication and alcohol especially when they seem to want an endless supply of alcohol.


wreck that dumba$$ wedding jess!!!

smear ketchup on the dress, smash the cake, rip up the aisle, and then give mcpussy a big kiss.


Listening to Amanda bitch and yell on her “wedding day” should send shivers down McCrae’s spine.


Hello fellow readers. I’ve not been here for a while…why? Because I”m bored of this show…I’m sure the ratings must be tanking… the MVP twist screwed up the entire show.

PS. I still hate Amanda. :)


You would be wrong….
According to preliminary national estimates from Nielsen, the live eviction episode of “Big Brother 15” averaged a 2.5 rating/8 share in adults 18-49 and 7 million viewers overall in the 9 o’clock hour — matching last week’s season-high demo rating while drawing the show’s largest overall audience for any night this summer


More people are probably watching just to see how much more stupid or hateful the cast can be. It can’t be for entertainment. Thank god for spoilers.


Andy is so fake, like omg and mcCray cray you pussy did you forget half of the things amanda has done and said to people. grow a pair even spencer has said that about you. these people are laughable


aw jessie looks so pretty in the bottom picture. im sad that she has to live with these morons that think they are way more superior than her.


Uh, that’s because they are way superior to her. Jessie has acted like a child this entire game. She was never loyal to any of her so-called alliances longer than 3 days. As the powers shifted, so did Jessie’s loyalties. She is nothing more than a whiney little brat who went postal in the end when she realized she’s going out this week. Instead of being a good sport and going out with dignity she turned rat and became obnoxious. She was the ultimate floater this season and now is being treated like people who have not been loyal to an alliance. Dictator and liar-in-Chief Helen should go next week. Followed then by floater Elissa.


What the hell are you smoking grand master flash? Jessie is the only one here worth watching and the only one that was willing to make some moves to switch up the game. Besides the fact that she is 100% real and no plastic surgery like the other fake bitches. She is smoking hot


Mc: I was a late bloomer with women. Before I met my Amanda, I had virtually no experience.
I remember on our first night, I tried to inflate her.


Mc: I’ve just made the biggest mistake in my life

Andy shows up

Spencer: What happened?

Mc: I’ve just found out my Amanda is a prostitute.

Spencer: What are you talking about?

Mc: She just gave me the bill for our wedding night.


that’s pretty funny


Jessie apologizing? Bummer. Don’t back down to those awful people!


Jessie is apologizing to everyone. She went back to being a lapdog at the orders of the killer bride. Pleeeeaaaassseee this wedding! Somebody shoot me. I just can’t.


Why are there two lurkers posting? Yes, I know one is 001 and one is 007. Can the disgusting one 001 please change his username or could you not come up with anything original? You sent me a very nasty response earlier today and I will always thumbs down every thing you say and tell me friends to do the same. Try to be more original with your name and a little less nasty with your replies to other people, ok homie?


If you received a response from lurker001 today it was not from me. Today was a busy work day and I have only been able to post in this section and the previous section on the third page.


Yes sir – apologies are in order. Please accept. I really enjoy reading YOUR posts.
The other Lurker007 is the one that sent a rude reply to me earlier.
Keep ’em coming. Peace.
BTW not that it matters – who was the first/original Lurker – it is really confusing.


I may have mistakenly said Lurker 001 is the nasty disgusting Lurker so my apologies if I did.
Lurker 007 will always be welcomed with an open mind.


Wait a minute – this is messing with my head. Lurker 001 is the GOOD lurker
Lurker 007 has tendencies towards nastiness.


One of the Lurker’s needs to change their name.

give me a break

Aryan shut the f*ck up…………and pop more pills….you f*cking racists


It’s amazing how people have seemed to forgotten all the racist comments she has made in the past… now that all the African Americans are out of the house no one seems to care. This entire season of big brother has been a disgrace on cbs’ part. Bad behavior was rewarded no one was asked to leave and made disqualified due to bullying and repugnant behavior. Then we ask ourselves y the younger generation r bullies wen its promoted on tv.


White people hate black people that answers your question


Yes, Kanye – go bang yer Kardashian.

For Real

That’s so dumb!

For Real

Why are the house guest still talking about Howard and Candice. These are some dumb bastards! Howard is long gone and Candice is on the jury. I can’t believe the dumb crap GM says!!!



You’re on some crazy mission against Aaryn and at this point I think there is more to it for you than those few stupid comments she made 3 weeks ago.

Get a Clue

Now that this farce of a wedding has happened, can they now get rid of Amanda? She’s had her day in the limelight, so to speak. I’d love to see Helen take out Amanda next week (can you imagine her hysterics???), and then McCrae take out Helen the next week. Now is the time to pull the trigger, right, Helen??? She’s gunning for you; you had better take that threat seriously… They both need to go, hopefully soon and with much,shall I say, pomp and circumstance… :) Can’t wait to see those fireworks!


Quoting: “They agree that Jessie is trying to do what Candice did that is destroy everyone’s game because hers is destroyed.”

Duh! Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do–destroy everyone else’s game? They just don’t like that they can’t manipulate her.


This is exactly why I call McRae mcpussy. He always wants to talk crap when no ones around, but is silent when there around. Andy does the same thing, and when he sees the person he talks about, he IMMEDIATELY acts like there bestfriends. So fake, smh


Helen is so dumb, if she really wanted McRanda gone shed try to keep Jessie over spencer. Just because McRanda are more likely to go after Jessie than spencer so it would take the target off her and its so obvious that Jessie wants to go after Amanda from last week. I can’t help but watch the show but honestly, it’s so frustrating how fucking dumb these people are.


People can’t go on bb thinking about being evicted. If they do, they will be to scared to make a move theyy know will change the game.


Helen says early on in this experience it was easy to find a person to pick on and a lot of people picked on Aaryn.
Helen: “you have a very strong presence and you’re a pretty girl and a lot of people are threatened by that”
Helen: “It’s easy for people to make you a target”

When were people picking on Aaryn? Helen. If you believe this shit you’re a fuckin nut case. Either way you’re testing my gag reflex. I really hope THE HOUSE gets rid of you next week. It’s hard to be more infuriating than Amanda but you’ve changed my mind.

Oh, yeah, and Jessie is going to come to your house and stab you? Or maybe Judd? You sound like a moron.


Why are these idiots having a wedding ??????????


The way Andy eats doesn’t bother me but I find it ironic that he has a annoying lisp for someone who supposedly teaches people to speak.


These house guests are BULLIES. From Howard to Candice to Jessie then Elissa. Wow.

Elissa win HOH!

Jim 64

Jessie why are you apologizing you should have
stuck to your guns .everyone in the house does suck


She apologized for her actions today mostly, at least with Elissa. She lost her wind earlier when Amanda told her Jesse wasn’t offering any new information. Jesse didn’t have a back up plan for the day. Unfortunate that she didn’t continue talking to McCrae, one on one. He has a knack for getting more from her than Amanda does.


Also I’ve been thinking.. Everyone is talking about how they can’t wait for the “big” players this season to feel the wrath of their own smug game. Such as Helenand Amanda. For me tho were literally within a week or two of that time of the season where players know their time is running thin or their going all the way. Like what good is it for us as a viewer to see Amanda go home when there is 6 players left? Presumably her, mc, Elissa, Helen, Andy and whatever pawn is left picking the controlling side (In this scenario Andy would finally have to choose a side and the remaining pawn will either go with them or the other causing a 3 vs 3)

I just mean had Amanda gone home last week or the week before and these idiots played a game instead of make everyone one big family we could of seen a shake up. But with final 6 left and Amanda or mc are going home there’s no shock, no surprise no drama. It’s just whatever. I’m a season of like able players, either cause you like to hate them or you just like them it wouldn’t be a big deal. But these jerks think they played a good game and deserve to be there. Which is actually true but that’s like being the tallest in a family of midgets.

The MVP gave the start of the game a quick start but what it did was buried any chance of people going agains each other and playin the game. Too scared that their actions would be of consequence of a unnamed man. It ruined the entire season and basically gave a controlling 6 a pathway to the final 6.

In fact. I think in every eviction where there was 3 people on the block that one of them was always safe with zero votes against. I don’t think 3 peoe on the block worked the way CBS thought it would.

It’s just disappointing cause it made the whole season predictable and it certainly disnt make these unlikeable clowns look any better when thy never once had to consider the fact that they were in trouble this week.

Andy, Helen and mc I’m pretty sure haven’t gone up at all. Amanda only went up cause of America and even when gm was up she received zero votes… Really? GM Is liked so much she couldn’t get one vote? Aaryn for that matter too

Half the remaining house never felt the pressure of going home while most of the remaining half simply has been put up as pawns (Jessie, spencer)



Helen was on the block during Week 2. Aaryn put up Helen and Elissa. That was the week Nick went home, and GM mourned his loss for at least a week (it seemed longer…).

DR Hacker

Why Jessie? Couldn’t you keep this up for another day? I guess Wednesday will be boring and we’ll just see about HOH! I am again disappointed because everyone is talking about putting Spencer up as a pawn. Someone grow a pair and put up Helen/Elissa or McCrae/Amanda. Have their ass on the block, make them sweat it out and compete. I have a feeling that their true color will emerge too and Jessie’s reign of terror will fail in comparison. Forget this backdoor shit, someone stand up and win the game!

Roisin Dubh

Jessie’s smart. The only reason she’s apologizing is because she knows they’ll start talking trash about her again,, which will make her look good in the viewers eyes. She’s gonna let them start it and she’s gonna shut it down. She’s playing mind games with these idiots at this point. She put them all on blast and they ran away. Deep down they all now she crushed them, just like Candice crushed all of them. Jessie saw what they did to Candice and she knows she’s not going out the same way, she’s prepping to wield power in that jury house and she will have a lot of power in that house. this is gonna be the best finale since Kirby’s season. All the bitterness will finally make these idiots grow a pair. The only one that’ll still be stuck on stupid is Helen and maybe Elissa, she’s got her own way of thinking so that’s a tough one to call.


Helen: “Jessie finally apologized to me. She has finally come to her senses.” Oh, ok Helen…You lied, Jessie told the truth. But in your twisted, “I am a Mom and…umm you know, you know, you know, you know what I mean world”….Jessie called me out, & I got caught in my weave of lies….but I couldn’t you know, you know, you know…you know what I mean….talk my way out of it….Sooo That *itch finally apologized. SMH.

Roisin Dubh

Don’t worry, Karma is gonna have a special boomerang for Helen. She set herself up for the biggest fall. She’s gonna be the punching bag on finale night.


Helen to Andy: Jessie has finally apologized to me…. Not sure what took her SOO Long. Oh ok, Ms. Mother (HEN) Helen. You lied, about the fact that you were the mastermind to backdoor Amanda. You needed Jessie’s vote, so you got her support…BUT WHEN .before Mr. Rat (ANDY) shot you down cause he is a Production Plant for AmaNDA/MCCREE you blamed Jessie for the idea and you are now appalled that she would call you out??? What a hypocrite. Ms. Mother (HEN) Helen…I will be asking next week, when (Amanda, McCree) backdoor you…. What took her SOO Long!!


Mcpussy is so tough y’all! I know he didn’t go after jeremey during the wine fight (yelled at elissa for no reason).

Didn’t go after howard after his house speech, even though mcpussy said he was so close to saying something!

But he’s going to go after elissa, you’ll look real tough doing that mcpussy.


The truth is…Howard (and Jeremy) would have destroyed that chump. It’s easy to go after a girl when you weight 99 pounds soak and wet.


Simon. You had wondered in a previous post how CBS would edit Jesse’s truth discovery last night. I am hoping they juxtapose the truth with the indignant denials a long with Andy’s assertion that he gave her a fair shot to win the veto but that they orchestrated it to not have a fair chance within the competition. They can end it with Helen asserting it took Jesse long enough to apologize for exposing their game.


That edit will be interesting. My guess, Jessie will not receive a good one and the wedding will take center stage. MVP for the season, as some of us assume, is really production’s (AG’s) pick – and my money is on MC if he doesn’t make it to the final 2. I don’t think Jessie stands a chance, hope I’m wrong.


Mc: boobs

Spencer: yea

Andy: where’s jessie?

Gm: pie.

… Meanwhile in the jury house.
Candice: pepperbreath

Judd: err?


I hate this season everyone’s like a calf. Following the disgusting cow that is, Amanda n racist Aaryn. Wait Til Andy finds out how his beloved Aaryn trashed him too with rest if minorities that is, cast.

Helen how you set jessi up for bait against the house. Youre most ruthless than the racist. I don’t think any kind of $$ is worth your kind of behavior. Plus why would anyone vote for her – didn’t she say she makes $125k/yr.

GM why would you associate yourself with such trash that is, Aaryn. I hope she was worth your job – since it’s the only one you can get without a degree n to also be racist.


MC. I respect Elissa. She doesn’t need to bad mouth anyone n she doesn’t need defending. She is classy in comparison to everyone else.

Team Elissa


I hope anyone but Elissa wins can’t stand to hear her voice and the hair extensions are ridiculous why so many people like her is a mystery


Desperate Boy Toy! A man who just sits with other men to talk smack about people, behind their backs, how manly of McCrae, actually of all of them! Except for Jessie (and for Elissa by default), I don’t care about any of the girls left in that house. However, I real hope a girl will win, given the wonderfulmale players left in that house. Must be the oestrogen level turning them into sissies.

Pinnocchio Obama

You have to love Andy and Spencer calling someone else odd.


It shocks me how few people voted Andy and McCrae as least favorites. They are by far worse than Helen and Amanda.


I agree with grandmaster