Donny “There’s your first date station. You can tell your kids about it!” Amber says my first & last date!

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: Brittany & Donny
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-23 10-26-54-169
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9:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return.. Frankie is up in the kitchen cooking steel cut oatmeal. “I love looking at it, its like a little cho cho train.” Donny and Amber go out into the backyard and start putting down the awnings. As they walk up to the chairs set up Donny says there’s your first date station. The first of many. Amber says No No No Donny Don’t say that! Donny says you can tell your kids about it, how it was in the big brother house. Amber says Donny don’t say that! Amber says that’s my first and last date. I would have felt bad if I had said no. I would have felt awful! Suck it up! Whatever! Amber asks do you think I was worse after? Donny says no. Amber says I am just not interested and it sucks because I’ve said that before. Donny says he might never have been turned down before. He might have grown up in a small town being good looking and always had his way. Amber says yeah I just don’t want to make it worse. Donny says he will probably keep trying. Amber says she wishes she could be as laid back as his is. Amber says at least you understand. Donny says I do understand.

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10:35am In the bedroom – Victoria tells Nicole about how last night when she was getting up Derrick grabbed her leg and scared her. She doesn’t understand how could see her because she couldn’t even see where she was going. She tells Nicole how she couldn’t sleep after so Derrick and her got up and talked in the hammock. She says she got out her frustrations and then they went to bed.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-23 10-32-53-073

10:40am Out in the backyard – Frankie is making fun of how Caleb has told them a million times about his 4% body fat. I have 4% body fat, its the least amount in the whole wide world! I will tell you about it now and then I’ll tell you about it again in a few minutes.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-23 10-39-35-454

11:15am – 11:35amNicole and Christine are in the kitchen talking. Nicole comments that Donny never mentions her name any more. He said that he learned to keep his mouth shut. Christine says the thing is if I win HOH next week it would not be smart for me to target Caleb and Amber because they’re not coming after me, or you, or Hayden. They discuss how they think this HOH on Thursday will be an endurance. Amber joins them. Christine and Nicole head out to the backyard couches. Nicole asks do you think Amber is coming after me? Christine says no. Nicole says it would be dangerous to put Caleb on the block. Christine wonders if Victoria would get mad if I put her up? Nicole says no, she was okay with it when I did it. They discuss how there aren’t many people left they can put up. Christine wonders if Zach would be okay with going up because he almost volunteered this week. They worry about if one of them are HOH and the other HOH picks their nominations first it would suck because there’s even less people they could choose to go up. Nicole says it would be funny if Victoria won HOH. She could get the blood on her hands. They talk about how Derrick has complete control of Victoria and could tell her who to nominate. Donny joins them.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-23 11-27-58-832

Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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so if frankie ends up having to leave because his grandfather just passed away, would that nullify the vote coming thursday if it happens either today or before the vote, if i can remember the last time someone got expelled was willie and chima but i cant remember if it changed any sort of flow of nominations/evictions


Self eviction due to the death of a loved one is quite different than what Chima did!


yeah sorry i wasnt trying to compare the reason chima left and the reason frankie would possibly leave were the same i was just talking about the situation that is a player leaving the game unannounced/without eviction 🙂


I don’t think they are going to tell him that his grandfather passed


TMZ is reporting they will keep the news from Frankie until BB is over. So, they might not tell him.


His sister recently tweeted “asked grandps last week if he wanted us to pull frankie off bb & he said “no way! he’s gotta play the game even tho i don’t understand it”

Looks like they knew it was coming and didn’t have production tell him.


When Evel Dick left in BB13 the game continued and it did not effect that weeks eviction.


Evil Dic leaft his second season and I am not sure why. Simon and Dawg do you know???


Amber really needs to campaign to get Caleb out SOON before she is stuck with him in the jury house.

I hardly believe this is the first time he’s been turned down…


Exactly, it’s likely not the first time. Just the first time someone said no but they couldn’t leave and you live with them and have to play a game with them. Donny is just being diplomatic.


You may recall Caleb telling the BB house guests that his former girlfriend doesn’t want to have anything to do with him and will not even speak to him. RED FLAG WARNING ding ding ding!!


yeah that dude has zero experience.. he thinks horse and carriage are going to sweep her off her feet.. truth is when a girl wants you she doesnt need any extra bs and when she doesnt want you all that romantic shit just looks like weakness.. if you have to convince a girl to go on a date with you you’re doing it wrong.


I didn’t think Frankie would be as annoying as he is. I guess he’s was doing the Caleb bit by himself?? Either way, he tries too hard and it’s like he’s constantly performing and his line delivery in his DR sessions aren’t funny. Hayden does a better job than him. I get that some may want to entertain or me an version of themselves but I look forward to him going on the block. I don’t see how some of them don’t second guess him or how he isn’t more on the radar. But I guess they are focused on getting the outsiders out first before he’s a target and busy thinking he is entertaining.


Frankie is the best part of this season for everyone I know watching…you may get your wish if he self evicts due to the passing of his grandfather yesterday. Maybe you could give him a break from comments like yours when he’s just lost someone so dear to him! RIP Grandpa Grande!


“Frankie is the best part of this season for everyone I know watching”… Really?
It’s very sad that his grandfather passed away, and I’m sincerely sorry for his whole family.
But that doesn’t change the fact that you and those “everyone you know watching” are in the overwhelming minority.
Just watch the popularity polls and the comments on this forum. I think “rat” is the most common denominator when Frankie gets mentioned. His grandfather passing away is very sad, but doesn’t transform him into a likeable guy I’d root for.


Living in a large city gives people advantages of having a wider social circle…believe me, just because folks online disagree does not make it so.Frankie is an excellent BB participant, and I am personally enjoying his game, as are others you don’t know! Peace!


Was Frank introduced after Joey’s Alex? I can’t recall.


frankie is funny.. bottom line.. however humor is subjective.. and if you fail to give someone the benefit of the doubt then he’ll never be funny.. if you dont like him you’ll never like him.. personally i find him charming.


Exactly! At least he’s trying to create some energy in that house! Not everyone likes Monty Python, Katt Williams, George Carlin, Chris Rock, etc. but, that’s what makes the world go around!


I think he’s trying to create a personality to take further after the show ends. Probably why he “acts” a lot of the time. Drives me nuts. Sad part is that he can be a pretty cool, smart, guy when he’s not doing that annoying flamboyant thing.


Condolences to Frankie on the recent passing of his grandfather. Sure hope he understands why he wasnt told


It’s very sad for anyone to lose someone they love. I hope he is okay when he finds out and understands why he wasn’t told.


Derrick must be horny as f*ck. He keeps hitting on Victoria, telling her to kiss Brittany and talking about her virginity.


Derrick just needs to shut his f’ing mouth. I largely blame him, along with Devin and Pow, for encouraging Caleb into his obsession with Amber. He should know better than to point a psycho toward a girl, being a police officer.


I completely agree. Derrick should be ashamed of himself. The others too but he is a Cop and sees in his daily life how obsession and crime can go hand in hand. He is cheering on a person that is not all there and is possibly a stalker. He disgusts me and other cops I know are just as disgusted. He should be helping to defuse the situation, not egg it on. He is on a power trip that needs to end. I can’t wait for him to be evicted, the sooner that better!!


Devin told Caleb, right after the obsession started that it could ruin his game. He also told him right before he was evicted. Also, according to Caleb what Devin told him on the way out of the house was get rid of Amber and Frankie.


I wonder if they are going to tell frankie his grandfather passed away?


It’s the “Zach can’t help it” part I have serious doubts about:
I think he realizes Cody and Derrick have a far better standing than himself with all the other houseguests, so he’s more than willing to screw his close allies over by doing this.
In Zach’s head, Zach is a genius for screwing Cody, Derrick and Caleb over and then still get to be in an alliance with them. Those are the 3 that told Donny AND Brit “I want YOU to stay!”. The house meeting would have meant Donny won’t trust those 3 in the future. I don’t believe Zach when he says that he didn’t realize that.
Only problem for Zach:
– In Zach’s head: “I screwed them over, and I’m still golden”
– Outside of Zach’s head: “Zach screws us over all the time, he needs to go”. (he’s not even a guaranteed jury vote for them if they make it to the end)


its doubtful zach thinks out much of anything he does.. he’s what i would call an enabler.. and a momentum generator.. he’s bored as hell and just wants something to amuse him so he eggs people on..


did anybody notice how rocking amber looks in that yellow bikini, no wonder caleb cant let it go. it must be tough for the guys walking around with chubs on all day!!


Without trying to sound like a perv, Amber has the best pair of legs and ass I’ve seen on BB in years.


Sorry about your Grandfather, Frankie.


I remember when I was working in South Africa some years ago, during the BBAfrica game, one of the HGs dad died.meven though the dad didn’t want them to tell him if anything happened to him, they still did. Maybe the family told them to tell him, I don’t know. But after he was told, he didn’t leave. The other HGs supported him and he ended up winning the $100k. I really enjoyed watching BBA when I was there from 2006-2010. They had a tv channel channel just for BBA. they showed you EVERYTHING. Shower hour, Diary room sessions live, everything. And Africa did the voting not HGs. They only nominate the people for eviction and the viewers did the evicting. And every Friday nite, they bring in a dj for them to have a party. It was fun.


That sounds great! I’ll bet you anything Allison Grodner has nothing to do with that production!


Lol. You’d love it. Everything is live. No pre taped nothing. It’s great. Live diary room session, shower hour, they show everything. Lol. Sometimes the guys and girls all shower together. They show you when any one is having $ex, in the bath tub, hot tub, bedroom. It’s crazy. You can actually get some on YouTube if you type in big brother Africa. Any they also have to win or complete a task for their food. They wager a percentage of their budget for food. If they win the task they are given, they get that percentage of supplies. If not, they lose that percentage too. There’s LOTSSSSSSS of alcohol too. All the HGs are from different countries in Africa.

I fear

we will lose Zach Attack soon. I mean…he really has no one. and worst of all Derrick and a couple others want him out. his only semi ally is Frankie, and I do believe Frankie would save Zach if he could, but I don’t think he will compromise anything about his game to do so and therefore will be useless.

losing Zach attack…they need to either throw him an easy BoB, or POV, or make it a non eviction, because Zach plays truly like that Hamster on the Chess Board, and with how boring the house has become…I think we need him in there. not to win the game, not to even come all that close….but to get to jury and to cause a lot of havoc along the way.

his biggest issues now are his best guy friend basically hates him because that guy is a weenie(cody) who can’t see derrick holding his strings. and that the first double eviction where he doesn’t win the HOH or POV, he is good as gone. the evel dick style game works on some in there, but not everyone. and Dick had his daughter, Zach has Frankie….


When Devin put Zach on the block 2 weeks ago, Frankie was one of the most adamant in wanting to get Zach out of the house.
He only changed his tune when he realized there’s nothing he can do to change the fact that Zach would stay.


Derrick also supported Devin’s choice. Then, I think the Master Manipulator realized that saving Zach would earn him a lot of loyalty…/


It seems like Zach is trying to take a page out of the Dr.Will book of how to play BB101…however, he has no Boogie, and he’s lacking the finesse that Dr.Will skillfully used against his enemies! But, I’ve enjoyed small bits of what he’s trying to do!


after the first couple of weeks she’s just another chick in the house.. yeah they might think she looks good from time to time but getting a woody from someone you’ve seen over and over isnt likely.


Show me a good looking girl and I’ll show you a guy who’s tired of f#%*ing her! …never a truer saying! Familiarity breeds contempt, especially in this situation!


Can someone explain why Hayden has such hate for Amber? He continuously talks horribly about her.


– debbie downer: He always wants to be funny and have fun, she often drags the mood in a group down as soon as she enters the room: everybody has to ask “are you okay?” because of her sad expression and voice, thus any fun stops.
– tone of her voice: when she enters a conversation, she usually speaks with that “victim / very weak and sick” voice.
– fake: he sees how she tells everybody she doesn’t want anything to do with Caleb and thinks it’s awkward how he always wants a date with her, then he sees her tell him “I’ll go on a date with you if you eat a pickle”.
– untrustworthy: he thinks she was willing to go after the boys with Brit. Nicole and Christine confirmed that to him.
(…but oh boy did she look stunning last night in that black dress and with the straightened hair!)

Same script, different cast

The real reason Heydan doesn’t like her is because she’s half-black and from my observations: Christine, Vic, Nicole, and Heydan seem to be uncomfortable with diversity. I just get that vibe from them. Notice how they never associate with Devin, Jocosta, and Amber.


I think she might have rejected him or insulted him. It’s interesting how the guys and girls in the house react to Amber and Brittany, two of the prettiest woman there. The women hate Amber and Brittany out of jealousy (especially Christine) and they talk shit about them, while the men hate on Amber and Brittany because they can’t have them, or they’ve been rejected by them. Cody keeps saying how much he wants Brittany out of the house but whenever she comes close to him, he’s flirting and being all touchy-feely. Same goes for Derrick.

It’s easy to blame pretty women for being “teases.” They are easy scapegoats because jealousy blinds people from the truth.


That’s painting with a broad strokes I think. Nicole doesn’t like Amber clearly because she tries to stake her claim in Cody without shame, even if it doesn’t quite work – Cody doesn’t push her away so Nicole’s gonna dislike her. And she wouldn’t trust Amber because Cody has the biggest crush on Nicole so Amber would benefit from getting Nicole out – Amber did try to get Cody to put Nicole up specifically instead of her.

Brittany is the most beautiful woman in the house (IMO) but her personality doesn’t quite match, so I wouldn’t dislike her but I’d have little reason to want to keep her.

Same script, different cast


Cody does NOT have a crush on Nicole. He has admitted in private conversations with Zack and Derrick that he doesn’t find Nicole attractive (and said she had bad skin and is frumpy) and he specifically said the only women he would date outside of the house were AMBER and BRITNEY. Cody is a flirt and he uses his good looks to get the trust from Nicole, Chris, Jo, Vic, etc.

Also, Brit is cute but her forehead is too big and she has slight acne on her face, Amber is prettier but her nose messes her up. So, I wouldn’t say Britney is the prettiest. I think it’s a tie between Amber and Brit as the prettiest because the other women in the house are average looking.


Not exactly.

Cody is flirting with Nicole openly every chance he gets, I’ve seen the (literally)dozens of videos on YT. He’s said more times than I care to count that he finds her adorable, and angel, beautiful. He fawns over her publicly, privately and with his friends and talks shit about Amber quite a bit. If he’s flirting with anyone for his game, its Amber. He even openly said he would use Amber in a conversation with Derrick and he STILL continues to tell the guys how great he thinks Nicole is.


I’M sorry I know his family don’t want to tell him but if a family member of mine dies while i’m on BB u tell me I can imagine how angry Frankie going to be at his family for not telling him his favorite grandfather died and ol by the way we had the funeral with out u cause u was competing for money idc know amount of money is worth missing a close family member funeral I hope to god hs family tell him on the phone instead of Julie in front of everybody just so we can see his reaction I think CBS is sick if they do that just for rateings .


His grandpa specifically said he didn’t want Frankie to know about his death before he died. He knew how much BB meant to Frankie, so he said “he’s gotta play the game even though I don’t understand it.” I don’t think Frankie will want to go against his grandpa’s death wish…


I think older people understand others way more. Frankie would leave BB in a heartbeat but to come and mourn for some days and be at the funeral? They know who loves them and who would do just about anything for them and I think he knows that Frankie was so excited about BB and what it would do for his career that he didn’t want Frankie to regret having left even though he’d known he had to. If he was told his grandfather had died, looking at this like a realist – he would look bad if he didn’t leave. His grandfather didn’t want to give him the option. I don’t know if I agree with it but I know it came from a place of love.


BB has hit many lows, ie:Last Season! …however, I don’t think Julie Chen would allow the show to exploit the death of a family member!


Damn…Amber is fine