Donny says Final 2 It will be impossible to beat Frankie/Derrick.. everyone else beatable

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: Amber & Jocasta
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

BB16-2014-07-28 20-07-40-594

8:01pm HOH Caleb and Zach
(Caleb trying to get votes for Amber)
Caleb I come to find out amber didn’t blow up the bombsquad to nicole we’ve been scrambling all day trying to figure out all this stuff all she said to nicole us girls have to Stick together or the guys are picking them off one by one. She never mentioned the bombsquad
caleb – She mean to be saying it serious she meant to be saying it like she has been the whole time pretending she’s not working with the guys.

Caleb – Right now she has the votes to stay you are a big vote for her.
Caleb says at the end of the day Zach isn’t Amber’s target. Caleb adds that Amber is after Victoria and Jocasta.

Caleb says it would mean the world to AMber if she made it till jury we have four votes all we need is one more. Caleb adds that Nicole, Donny and Victoria were saying earlier if they keep Jocasta it’s better for them. Caleb says Amber has Cody, Derrick, him and Christine’s

Zach – So i’m the deciding vote
Caleb – you or someone outside the alliance.
Caleb warns him that jocastas coming after Zach. Caleb will do whatever it takes for Zach’s vote. “I will make whatever deal I have to do to keep her in the game”
Zach – so if she is not coming after her i’m going to keep her.. I’m going to do what is best for us bro.. if it’s keeping amber i’m keeping Amber
Caleb – at the end of the day the other people in the alliance know it backfired it wasn’t supposed turn out like this we still made a deal we have a goal we all make it to Jury.
Caleb – she deserves to be in jury with us
Zach – she does
Caleb i would really appreciate if you vote to keep her it would mean a lot to me if you did I know Cody it will mean a lot for him if you vote to keep her.
Zach – ok well if she’s not coming after her i’m going to keep her.
Caleb – She deserve to be here she’s a beast she’s never thrown anyone under the bus and at the end of the day quite frankly if Momma J wins the HOH she’s putting us up
Caleb – Keep Amber keep our numbers strong
Zach – “I’m Voting to keep Amber .. alright tell her that”

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BB16-2014-07-28 20-20-49-082

8:20pm Storage room Zach, Frankie and HAyden
Frankie says he’s told Caleb 50 million times if he keeps campaigning for her he’s goign to be the target and he doesn’t care.
They agree to keep up with operation brittany all of them will tell Amber she’s staying this week., Even Hayden is going to tell her she’s got his vote.
Zach says he told Caleb he’s voting to keep Amber. Frankie says Caleb has been running around campinging like a lunatic so operation brittany is back on.
Zach wonders what happens with Caleb when he finds out they all voted to evict Amber.

BB16-2014-07-28 20-51-04-067

8:50pm Derrick and Cody

Derrick saying Frankie went to Nicole and told her it was a group decision to put her in the middle and tell Caleb Amber blew up the bombsquad to her.
Derick adds that Nicole came up to him and was a bit pissed that nobody told her she had a role in the plan. Derrick told her he knew Amber was going to get Backdoored but he had no idea about Frankie’s plan to use Nicole.
Derrick – I didn’t f** know” Derrick explains Frankie went back to Nicole to cover himself saying it was a group decision. :you get what i;m saying he used his own initiative to do that and then it backfired”
Cody – And he used us
Derick ya
Derrick – she didn’t say us specifically but she assumed us he said it was a group decision.
Cody says he wants to punch Zach in the mouth, when they get outside he’s going to “Beat the sh1t out of him”
Derrick laughs says wait until you see my “DR’s”
Cody knows why Zach got his a$$ kicked he’s the kinda kid COdy see on the weekend and smokes.
Cody can’t handle the way Zach speaks to everyone. condescending. Derick says when Zach was saying those things to Brittany “Hey Brittany only 2 thousand more” Derrick went into the diary room and apologized to his daughter, his wife and mom that he’s not standing up for brittany.
Production wanted Derrick to elaborate what he would do to Zach outside the house.
Derick “I’m on national TV right now let just say if we were out somewhere and there were no cameras him and me would have a conversation in a alley”
Cody – He’s on my list..

BB16-2014-07-28 21-08-28-512

9:07pm Donny and Zach
Zach says he’s going to put up Caleb and Victoria. Donny thinks that is a good choice it’s a target you want out and a weak one that won’t win the veto. Donny adds that Victoria might pick Hayden to play in the veto.

BB16-2014-07-28 21-30-21-117

9:27pm Nicole and Hayden HAve nots
Hayden tells her the best bet is to say “I was told to say that by multiple people please dont’ think that was me I Was the one put in this situation I was the scapegoat”
Hayden says AMber will start freaking out
Hayden hugs her says Amber is going home he wishes her luck when she talks to Amber.

BB16-2014-07-28 21-33-28-936

9:33pm Beehive Nicole, Frankie and Christine
Nicole mentions what hayden told her to say to Amber.
Frankie isn’t sure she should say she was “old what to say “
Amber comes in She thinks Zach should be on the block not her, “The fact i’m leaving before him irks me.. What did i do to you all”
Frankie – you are not in this position because of us
Amber hope then she has the votes to stay in the game
Frankie that is a really good point
Amber says people are talking now, Donny and Zach talking says “you’re right DOnny we got this”
She feels right after everything happened everyone is in the own clique and she alone with jocasta in the kitchen.
Frankie says she doesn’t want to have another brittany situation but she isolated herself by trying to have sex with cody every 4 minutes.
the girls giggle
Amber says she’s had so many people backs she hopes they have her back, she wants to make it to the jury house she’s worked so hard to get this far in the game.

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BB16-2014-07-28 21-48-44-296

9:48pm Hammock Hayden and Donny
Donny was talking to Nicole near the swimming pool and she mentioned Christine is receptive to talk to him. Donny had a good talk with Christine earlier today. Donny says Christine and nicole are really nervous if Zach wins the HOH he suggests hayden tells the girls right now they have nothing to worry about when it comes to Zach.
Hayden – be very careful with zach.. i’m getting more nervous about him every single day even christine mentioned that Zach was saying he’s in an alliance with Donny/cody that means he’s talking. hayden adds if tit comes out it will be very bad for them.
hayden isn’t talking to Zach anymore.
hayden if it’s double eviction Caleb has to go home
Hayden thinks Victoria has to go up for sure as the pawn so they can backd**r Caleb.
Hayden – I would put up Victoria and jocasta
Donny says he would put up Victoria and either caleb, Nicole or cody (one of the HOh’s that put him up)
Hayden says Donny and Christine/nicole have no reason to not trust each other hayden has been trying hard to put the good word in to close the rift.
Hayden says the house is trying to blindside Amber.
Donny says if Caleb thinks she’s staying and she goes Caleb might be rocked by it and not perform.
Hayden – At some points Frankie has to go he gets himself into an emotional wreck and he gets Nicole into trouble c’mon guy
Donny says if Frankie ever gets put up on the block Donny is voting him out.
So will hayden. Donny – “Everyone in this house like me and everyone likes you but they LOVE frankie”
Hayden says him and Derrick have Victoria wrapped around their finger. Donny thinks Derrick “Especially “ does
Donny wants to take someone that can beat mentions the last survivor the last guy brought the person that can beat him to the end and everyone was asking him why he did it but Donny understood. He wouldn’t bring someone that didn’t deserve to be there.
Donny says Frankie will be impossible to beat. Derrick will also be hard to beat but everyone else is beatable.
Donny points out how they hang out all the time and nobody thinks anything of it. He suspects it’s because they are always goofing around.
Donny asks if Frankie can get into Cody’s head. Hayden doesn’t think so. Donny still trusts Cody but he doesn’t talk to him like he talks to hAyden. hayden wishes they could keep Amber in the house just for her cooking and cleaning and evict her gamewise. Donny jokes mentions that once Amber is gone Victoria will look better.

BB16-2014-07-28 22-09-04-222

10:09pm kitchen Derrick and Frankie
Frankie says operation brittany is in full effect
Derrick says Hayden and Donny have been in the hammock for a while.
Frankie says they are conspiring to get Caleb out next week.
Says he doesn’t think hayden is with them but Hayden isn’t targeting them right now.

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Amber is sooooooo god damn delusional.

All she keeps talking about is how much she has had to do, and how she has had everyone’s back and blah blah blah blah. This girl has done absolutely nothing in the house except cook and clean and win HOH for like 2 hours and let Devin completely control her.

She is one of those people that nothing is ever her fault and everyone’s shit stink except hers.


Amber should know from firsthand how the whole house alliance works. She saw how they got rid of Joey, Pow Pow, Devin and Brittnay. She was also part of their eviction and also voted the sheep way. Guess what Amber? You will fall victim with the same results. I don’t understand how Amber can listen to Frankie’s BS excuses on why he placed her on the block. Frankie sounds like a moron trying to justify his HOH. Amber needs to blast every single one of them and fck up everybody’s game at this point. if I was in her position I will automatically know I was a goner by the history of evictions this season. These idiots are no different compared in how Devin handled the alliance. This BOMB SQUAD/DETONATORS alliance should be called DERRICK’S KEYSTONE COPS. The whole house is an alliance of bumbling idiots. Didn’t they listen to Devin when he told them about the who’s and what’s of the alliance. This season gameplay is beyond awful and embarrassing. These idiots for some reason think you need to share game secrets to the whole house. This season had potential of being great. It had promising HG’s who actually showed some great moments in the beginning of the season, but now it’s just a lackluster repetitive bore fest. I get headaches listening to these HG’s talk gameplay with each other. Julie said this summer will be the “most twisted” summer ever. This season has become the most predictable summer ever.


But Devin had the biggest mouth of them all!! Who has an EIGHT person alliance, that is just stupid and careless…


I can’t see how she don’t know this…If they use the POV and replace her then duh!!! you are being BD and going home!!!


that is official now, I want Cody out more than any HG in history of BB. you little weenie. I would love to see him say that to Zach’s face, Cody would wet himself. people who talk about “smoking” guys have absolutely zero history with street fighting.


I agree. Cody is a huuuuuuuuuge bitch. One of the biggest in the history of show.

Earlier he was talking about kicking Zach’s ass outside the house hahahahahahahaha. This kid is all talk. A huge whiney biiiitch

cody fantasize about zac efron

He smokes guys on the week end like perez hilton is smoking them .


Did anyone else notice Cody wearing a thong under his basketball shorts when he was in the backyard running last night?


Seriously, Cody is the biggest pussy. He’s literally all talk. When Zach and Cody were talking shit about Devin, Cody cowered like a wimp and Zach told Devin straight to his face that he talked shit about him. Cody was too scared to nominate Caleb last week and now he’s saying he’s the only one with the balls to nominate Caleb. Ugh, I hate Cody.

And Derrick saying he had to apologize in the DR for not sticking up for Brittany is garbage. He told Zach to go act like a dick to Brittany. Again, just all talk.


At the end of the day……


…well, basically…quite frankly…honestly…you know…basically…


…Amber……well, basically Amber…quite frankly Amber…honestly Amber…you know Amber…basically Amber…The song remains the same.

anonymous too

At the end of the day, quite frankly, you know….

Thor's Sister


anonymous too

Essentially it is what it is. Cody says “essentially” in every sentence. OMG that is really getting on my nerves.


Put him/her on blast
We are golden
You’re a competition beast
Are you kidding me?
That is so hilarious
Im going to crush that
Ya, Ya, Ya

Cadet Douche

he went two years into west point…and dropped out…it is what it is

anonymous too

can jaco ever complete a sentence that she’s not reading from the Bible? “you know, okaaaaaay, you know, uh huh”


I miss Devin….:(


Hayden cook your own food you peice of shît


BB better give frankie pandoras box and unlock the mvp twist, but i doubt it. 🙁


I’d love to see Donny and Hayden convince Nicole and Christine to turn the house on its head next week.


1st…Christine would run & tell HER alliance then Nicole would need approval from borh Frankie & Christine


I don’t see it coming, Christine is one hell of a scared sheep but if she does turn her back on the detonators she’ll be back on my graces. I’m hoping Caleb wins next week and realizes he’s been played by Frankie, Zach and Derick. Seeing one of Frankie or Derick be the first member of jury would be really satisfying.


Don’t count on Ratine or KnowNothing Nic to do anything except trash the other women and whine about everything. If getting thrown on the block didn’t teach them where their place is nothing will.


“Donny jokes mentions that once Amber is gone Victoria will look better.”

C’mon Donny! Don’t let these stupid kids rub off on you and turn you into a dick!


Uh yeah – but he speaks the truth. Victoria isn’t exactly easy on the eyes.


Um…have you seen Christine?

Amanda Zuckerman

All of these girls make me want to stab myself in the eye.

Oh, and Caleb…at the end of the day you’re a little bitch. Be glad you aren’t in the house with me. I would destroy you in 2.5 seconds and leave you crying on the floor rubbing your swollen tit.


Lol lol his swollen tit. Lol lol I’m on the floor. Lol.

Caleb be like blah blah blah amber blah blah.


Why do girls always have to be attacked by the way they look by men and women?
You wonder why so many girls are so insecure 🙁


Can we please get rid of these 2 HoH crap.

Go zach

Cody and Derrick want to beat up zach ? Wow I thought Derrick was a cop ? By them hating on zach makes me wanna love zach even more.

cops like to

Beat up anyone that stand in their ways or don’t think like them.
They’re the deadliest gamg bangers in the world. The boys on blue terrorizing the streets since forever. I smell another idiots losing his job on bb.when will peeps learn

Derrick for the win

Sounds like you have had problems with the law before, maybe if you keep your ass out of trouble and live a straight life you wouldn’t feel that way. Hope you never have to call 911 for any reason one of those bad ass LEO’s may have to help you out. How about putting your life on the line everyday to help strangers that feels just like you.

Derrick for the win

Sounds like you have had problems with the law before, maybe if you keep your ass out of trouble and live a straight life you wouldn’t feel that way. Hope you never have to call 911 for any reason one of those bad ass LEO’s may have to help you out. How about putting your life on the line everyday to help strangers that feels just like you do Get a life and stop judging others, Hope your out look changes soon or you may be seeing a lot of those bad asses you’re referring to.


There are good cops and bad cops. Seems like more bad cops are out there nowadays. You must wear a badge or have family member who does. I have a problem with their abuse of authority. Yes they do put their life on the line daily,but that’s their choice. They knew that going in. Only color a cop cares about is blue. Most are racist,prejudice, and corrupt. I didn’t say all were like that just the majority.

Zach Attack Baby

Zach embodies everything that a super-fan-turned-player should be. Sure he is “playing the game,” but his raison d’être is to amuse viewers with his wit, humour and utter gall. This quality set players like Dan and Will apart. For them playing the game was only satisfying if it was done dramatically and with total awareness that they were also making a television show.

Almost everyone in the house is playing a one dimensional game with no regard for the cameras or fans at home. Zach on the other hand takes nothing about the experience seriously, not even himself. To him they are all a cast trying to put on a good show, rather than players trying to win a game. Pretty much every conversation Zach has seems like it could end with him winking knowingly at the camera. What neither Cody nor Derrick seem to understand is that for Zach winning the money doesn’t mean as much as being able to ask the studio audience “Were you not entertained?” and have their answer be a resounding yes.

I don’t know how long Zach will last, but he has already made this season for me. I just wish that they had cast 10 more like him! Compare him to another “superfan” like Christine. Not only will she never win the money, she will also be completely forgotten before she has even opened the door to the jury house.


Why is Derrick top 3 on the poll?
Cody and Derrick are annoying.


what? caleb told amber his plan just minutes after the veto ceremony, and has been constantly running his mouth to everyone in the house ever since? he won’t shut up until he’s evicted? who could have ever seen this coming… ::eyeroll::

good news for zach, with caleb and amber freaking out, almost everyone’s forgotten about his nasty rant. 🙂


Cody wants to “smoke” zach haha Cody didn’t even have the guts to nominate Caleb and he’s talkin abt “smoking” someone smh ,I would love to see Cody go home please


Cody all talk, no action. He talks a big game to make himself seem tougher then he is, but when it comes down it he would go run and hide before ever confronting anyone…I mean how many times have we heard him say “if Zach says this or that I am going to go off on him” big talk from a little boy, but that is all it


Cody would get “smoked” by Zach’s little brother before he could even get to Zach. Even though Zach’s brother is a little kid, it would still be a fair fight because Cody only fights sitting down.


man I want the pink haired little weasel out, yes Caleb is a pure idiot, but Frankie he just stinks of slime.


If there is America’s vote for nominees and they chose Cody and Christine, I would die laughing watching them.cry and see if Cody is as tough as he
think he is


Zach is in love with Victoria hahaha


True dat !!


Fakie and his little man syndrome plus why is he always humping the guys ewww your 31 act your age


Why is ‘making it to jury’ like a milestone? Is it the money they get or some kind of badge of honor? I don’t get what difference it makes if Amber (or whoever) goes before jury or not. Why do they say they ‘deserve’ to be in jury? Can someone please elaborate the basics for a newbie? Thank you.


1. They still get teheir weekly stipend in jury for doing nothing but hang out.

2. They get to vote for who wins in the end

3. They think it will help them get famous (yes, sad, but true)

Biff Tannen

Guaranteed stipend for the rest of the summer. BB, while we all love it, is not typically a game played by the gainfully employed. I mean, how could you be, right? Unless you’re a teacher–or just really expendable–how many jobs out there would just let you blow off a whole summer?


Basically people want to make it to jury for two reasons, money & voting in a winner. Each week that someone is in the big brother house, they get $1000, so they longer they stay in, the more money that they get. The only way that they don’t get the money each week is if they make it to the final two. They don’t get the weekly money & the final price. They get the $50,000 or the $500,000. Most people want to get to jury because it is basically a paid vacation. It’s different from the house because they don’t have to worry about the cameras following them 24/7 and they don’t have to wear their mics 24/7. They only have to worry about doing interviews and then tape things for when a new jury member enters the house. Also a lot of the houseguest want to make it to jury so that they have the chance to vote for the winner. Some people want to vote for their friends, others want to get revenge. Making it to jury is basically a milestone in the game.


Caleb wants to be in the jury house with Amber because he thinks without all the cameras around she’ll finally feel comfortable enough to tell him how much she loves him, and much snuggling will follow. But at the end of the day…


I want Cody to go home as much as anyone, but not before Frankie and Christine. I can not stand watching Frankie anymore, and I hope the power finally shifts next week so one of those morons (except Zach, he can stay lol), goes home. And if I had $1 for every time I heard “blood on my hands”, I would be filthy rich by now…..

Biff Tannen

Are you talking about a CHEVROLET POWERSHIFT?


If I had a dollar for every time Cody talked about what he is “going to do”, I would be the winner of the $500,000 prize! The boy wouldn’t bust a grape in a food fight!


have a suggestion. you have a tally for everything.. HOH…POV.. how about one for Team America, so we know how many tasks they have had, and how many they have completed or failed? just a thought.

thank you for all the hard work you put into this site, you are amazing!


Cody is seriously annoying. He’s a little bitch that would never ever tell anything to Zach’s face.He just talks behind his back.


Hope zach finds out about Cody and Derrick talkin bad about him. So zach can back door them hopefully before it’s too late


Derrick is a trip. It’s okay for him to talk to someone a long period of time but if anyone else does, it’s a problem. He wants to be the top ring leader. Donny is pretty smart. He just gave Hayden a hint that they need to get out Derrick & Frankie. Without actually saying it. LOL

BB16 sucks

Right now Caleb is recounting his convo with Amber to Frankie and he says that Amber said “You [Caleb] are so sweet and a perfect man for me…” LMAO #delusional #fool


Well basically at the end of the day Caleb just wants to get Ambers telephone number. He was hoping he could get her in jury along, but now he knows basically it is what it is.

Now I hope they all continue to tell him she is safe please guys. That way when she is voted out had will look like a fool.

Guys it just came to my mind that Caleb is acting like he made a side bet that he would have a showmance. And it not happening like he want it to.

Somebody take a pin and prick Caleb skin and let the air out of him.


I placed 2 orders today equaling over $400 – hopefully this helps you guys.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work.

Roisen Dubh

I think we need to see Zach win HOH this week. He knows now after his little reign that nobody will ride with this kid. I know he’s got the house figured out. I just hope he makes some surgical strikes and really shake the house to it’s core. Amber is just dumb, she needs to put people on blast. She’s got the goods, and if she’s not smart enough that she’s getting gamed the same way Devin and Britt got it, then by all means send her dumbass home. It just sucks that Caleb just smothered her game.

Christine's crazy eye

At the end of the day, it is literally sooo great to see two such respectful and chivalrous gentleman, as Derrick and Cody. It’s soo enriching to hear Derrick and Cody promising to help enlighten Zach. So that he might to come to the realization that women are in fact glorious creations, deserving of respect and dignity.

Christine's crazy eye

Oh, and I also have a bridge over San Francisco Bay, I am selling cheap. All it will take to be yours is a couple of magic beans. And maybe that crow that can pick up toddlers.


I Love Amber and want her to stay but she needs to start campaigning hard and not just casually. She needs to be having a real heart to heart with each one of her alliance members and break out the tears. Tell them she allowed the alliance to control her noms the first time she was HOH, and would do it again until jury. She needs to beg them to keep her one more week till jury. Get on your knees girl, start pleading.


Ratstine has adam poch disease. THE FANS LOVE ME

Michael LB

Donny is right by saying Derrick is probably unbeatable (Frankie, not so much). But let’s be very, very clear in that Derrick’s game is not on par with the most deserving winners (Dan, Will, Jun) but, instead, Derrick has the fortune of being paired with a supremely weak cast.
Can you imagine how much harder he’d have to work if he had any smart/strong females to compete with, like Danielle, Janelle or even Rachel? And the rest of this year’s guys are all mindless sheep, following along without making any decisions on their own, just plain poor. Oh well, luck of the draw, I guess.


Don’t forget Derprick is a government trained narc. He spent 10 years making friends and setting them up to send them to jail. He’s just doing what the government spend thousands training him to do. And as far as these stupid superfans go Donny’s the only one who understands BB 101. Find out who everyone trusts (Derprick and Fakie) and get them out fast because they are controlling the game.

Not thinking ahead

Off subject a bit, but just curious…..after Amber goes, who is going to do the cooking and cleaning? Hayden jokes about it but seriously – Have any of the guys lifted a finger to clean the house? It’s going to get pretty stinky pretty quickly. CBS better have a cleaning crew on standby because I’m pretty sure Princess Victoria is not down with domestic chores. Just sayin’…


To quote BB production “You’re the reason we can’t have nice things” They’ve trashed 2 microwaves already…

anonymous too

frankie does a lot of cooking and washing dishes along with hayden and zach. jaco only cooks for herself but doesn’t hesitate to try out stuff others have cooked. victoria and christine have helped with washing/drying the dishes. haven’t really seen derrick, donny, nicole, beastmode or cody do much.


if Frankie wins, this will be the last season I watch!

Thor's Sister

Derrick and Cody saying they want to smack Zach in the head is because of the way he was talking to everyone especially the women. You know just being a total obnoxious Ahole . The kind of guy who is annoying at a party and you cant wait till he leaves or passes out in the coat room. I don’t think Cody is a punk either.
I still have hope for Zach but I think his days are numbered now.
I hope Amber doesn’t leave because right now it is a stupid move. Sorry to say but Jocasta adds nothing at all. To blame the loss of the comp on Victoria was a huge Fail!! The foam pieces were leaning like the Tower of Pisa already so it didn’t matter if Victoria changed the one stupid foam thing to where Jocasta was yelling at her to move it to. It was already too late.
If Amber leaves, lets see how Caleb is really going to handle it. Im thinking big boy will go BOOM!


I really hope Donny and Zach win HOH next week. I fear of Zach doesnt get HOH he is going home and BOOM im done with this season


Kinda a big Zach fan so here are the scenarios from my perspective. Assume the BOTB twist ends Nicole, Christine, Cody, Caleb, Hayden, Victoria and Derrick are all coming after Zach? am i missing something


I am so tired of BB house members that play just to make it to jury. If they aren’t playing TO WIN then they shouldn’t be cast. Speaking of casting, surely there must be normal, decent looking (if that’s a requirement), non-fame seeking, no recruitment, or superfans (what makes one a superfan? I’ve watched every season til the end-even with the awful friendship alliance.Am I a superfan?) Just tired of hearing about the stipend and jury. Boy,am I glad I got that off my chest. Thanks fellow OBBs for listening.



Butters Mom

Simon, did you get the feeling from the way Caleb backed down to Derrick about going to West Point, that Caleb was making that up or do you think he really did go there and drop out? If he dropped out, he wouldnt be making 6 figures and you are given the option to drop out after 2 years…. Just curious if he really went there or if Derrick caught him in a lie.


Wake me up when Christine (parrot) or Nicole (Wendy Lou Who) are on the block, so they can actually play and see how it feels to be the one headed out the door… Super fans? They don’t come even close, to knowing this game… Had they watched in the past, they wouldn’t be the pawns they have become! What idiots.


amber keeps throwing zach under the bus. idiottttt


Frankie needs to go he is a lying weasel, always running around telling stories I am surprise these people can not put 1+1 together. Derrick needs to go too he thinks he is Kingpin of the house. I hope the power changes soon cause this is so boring watch this alliance that running the show.

Ima P. Onyou

If anybody takes Donny to the final two they all know he’s gonna win. they should still do it though. ;p