Derrick – Amber is going to let Caleb run around and do all her dirty work for her again

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: Amber & Jocasta
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

bandicam 2014-07-28 17-32-36-780

5:28pm Caleb and Amber FIREROOM

Amber – i’m going home because you put me on the block
Caleb – you have to trust people
Amber says she was told to stay close to the other side of the house that is what she did. SHe points out that Frankie is the same way.. She asks him what’s the difference between her and Frankie. Caleb agrees he’s been telling “them” that.
Caleb says Derrick will do what he wants and he’s not going to vote her out. Amber says Zach won’t vote Jocasta out, Donny is campaigning to keep Jocasta “ I’m not dumb I see it I hear things”
Amber doesn’t have the votes because Frankie doesn’t get a vote. Caleb point out that she just need to tie it up and frankie will have the say.
Caleb thought Amber was goign to run to him after getting nominated”- You ran to the other side of the fence” This is what spooked the guys.

Caleb says he had no idea about Zach’s speech Amber knows Zach knew she was going up.

Amber says she’s at least she’s up talking to people Jocasta is in the bes sleeping ‘I’ve worked my butt off to get where I am”
Amber points out that Donny is talking a lot to Christine and Nicole and Hayden isn’t as close to the guys like they think.

Amber – you got what you wanted
Caleb – that isn’t what we wanted we wanted you to come back to us instead of going to them
Caleb says all the guys thinks she’s getting the girls together. AMber – “I feel like I’m being picked on in the house.. I mean look at all the …. Feeds cut”

Amber is wondering why she is the one nominated when Zach is left safe, she points out that Zach has thrown them all under the bus including Caleb. Caleb agrees says he’s todl that to the guys. .
Amber – You know who is working against you guys, Jocasta, Victoria and Nicole.
Caleb brings up the date, Amber says
“All three of them said you sounded like you didn’t want to be there.”
Amber explains with the two of them hanging out makes them look like a huge target, everyone was watching she could say no but by saying yes it hurt her game.
Caleb says it’s no difference than Hayden and NIcole
Amber is sorry she feels the way he doesn,t “here’s my thinking Caleb.. umm.. …I’ll tell you later”
Caleb – Tell me now
Amber – it’s personal .. I don’t want to get upset about it right now my emotions are driving me crazy.. I’m tired of having everyone’s back”.
Amber – people are going to lie to you about me
Caleb – my mind is going crazy I have so many people in my alliance saying different crap.. my head is going bonkers I don’t know what to believe.

Caleb says the house tells hims they are tired of the way she treats him
Amber is surprised.
Amber – I’m not going to have some sob story while I’m here.. theres reason why I’m not going to mention it yet.. I’m playing my game.. ugh i’ll tell you later.. I’m playing my game not telling everyone my personal business I want to know I made it without that.. because i’m not clinging to someone because I don’t want a showmance,. relationship I don’t want to put myself out there it’s not personal to you it’s me the things I’ve been through.. I don’t know.. like I said even though I’m on the block i’m still not going to use it”.

Amber wants to see how far she can get on just her game, She says she doesn’t know how to deal with guys anymore She guarded that is the way she is she’s always been that way. she gets up and leaves.

bandicam 2014-07-28 17-58-23-706

5:49pm Caleb and Derrick
Caleb says Amber overheard christine talking to donny they are forming an alliance with Jocasta and Nicole. She overheard them saying that saving Jocasta is better for them. Caleb mentions that Amber never said names and the fact Zach has done it twice

Caleb wants Amber to stay says if they send jocata home they lower the other sides number if they send Amber home it lowers their numbers. It doesn’t matter to Caleb if Amber is the first one gone in jury. Caleb knows what Amber says is true the girls are working together but amber is still with them.

Caleb claims that Amber heard Victoria nicole, christine and donny all said they were keeping Jocasta.

Derrick – I know the truth as much as you know the truth all I want to say is no matter what you do you have to decide what the house is going to do.”
Derrick says Caleb cannot be the only guy trying to save Amber, Derrick suggests Caleb goes and talks to everyone and find out what they are going to do.
Derrick points out that the other side all those people he’s spoke of haven’t won any HOH competitions they have to win it before they can dethrone them. Derrick doesn’t see the other side beating them in competitions.
Caleb says if they keep Amber and things go south he’ll volunteer to go up. Derrick says he might not have a choice she might tell him she’s putting his boys up and letting him watch.

Derrick – Out of these 12 people only 2 of us get to win the money people are going to get boned. Derick mentions something about “They know things are going to get bloody in the soon.
Derrick – I’m telling you bro you’re a soldier you already know all this.
Derrick points out that Jocasta can’t complete a competition without passing out

Derrick says if the group wants to take out Jocasta he’s down for that he’s goign with the group that is how he’s been playing since day one.
Derrick believes in his heart that Amber told something about the alliance. He mentions that Brittany was always talking about a all guys alliance during the time Amber was up her butt.
Derrick doesn’t know why Zach would defend Caleb like that.. what does he have to gain doing that (Todays POV Ceremony Zachattack)

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bandicam 2014-07-28 18-17-42-565

6:13pm Frankie and Caleb

Frankie – what happened while I was sleeping
Caleb – We had another talk basically all the same stuff she admits to doing.. running to Nicole.. she claims she’s been saying a girls alliance all along. Caleb adds this was how Amber was keeping the girls off the scent of the bombsquad.
Caleb mentions Amber heard nicole, Donny, jocasta, christine and Victoria and they are working together and they are goign to keep Jocasta and turn on the guys.
Caleb – if we keep amber we’re keeping a number on our side
Caleb says Amber has done nothing wrong to their alliance. and at the end of the day they had a deal they should stick with.

Caleb says amber explained to him she was guarded that is why she’s been acting the way she is. Caleb believes that Amber never blew up the alliance.

Caleb says if they kept Amber and she ends up putting someone other than Zach and Jocasta up he’s going to volunteer to go on the block
Frankie is shocked “you just said you will throw away your game for her”
Caleb fumbles says he hates it if an alliance members goes before fake people that don’t deserve to be here.

Frankie – You are scrambling you are scrambling for someone who doesn’t give a shit about you.

Frankie says amber doesn’t care about him it doesn’t matter that she says she feels guarded around him it doesn’t matter.

Caleb says the two people that care about him are Derrick and Frankie he thinks Amber does care but she’s not going to put it up on a pedestal for everyone to see.
Frankie tells him giving his game to Amber is silly.. that’s blatantly giving your game up.
Caleb says he’s not giving up his game for Amber
Frankie tells him saying you will go up on the block if Amber doesn’t do what you say she is going to do is giving up your game.
Caleb doesn’t think so
frankie gives up
Caleb at the end of the day I just want to make it to Jury and I don’t think it’s the two strongest players to make it to the end there never is Hayden (BB12) is the only one to pulled it off

Caleb says he wants to kick Jocasta to the curb
Frankie hugs him and leaves.


bandicam 2014-07-28 18-19-31-291

6:18pm kitchen derrick and Cody
Derrick says Amber is going to let Caleb run around and do all her dirty work for her again.
Cody We gotta vote her out
Derrick – it’s a no brainer for me and you
Cody – we lost her trust

BB16-2014-07-28 18-33-55-500

6:33pm Nicole and Frankie
Frankie says Caleb is a mess. He wants us to keep her.
Frankie – how about we get rid of her and you are the first to go

BB16-2014-07-28 18-41-48-084

6:42pm BEEHIVE Amber and Frankie ‘
Frankie says we was approached “they” thought Amber had made a side alliance with the girls and this was a test to see if she would go with the girls or stick with the bombsquad.
Frankie whimpers says he feels so terrible. Amber says she heard Christine talking to Donny and he is campaigning for JOcasta he says he has Nicole, Hayden and Christines vote.
Frankie – that’s four people.. this is all because of Caleb’s stupid pride I take responsibility for this I put you up
Frankie says Caleb is campaigning for Amber like crazy he’s digging her a bigger hole
He explains the whole plan was originally to backdoor zach but everyone forgot about him. Zach calmed down and went to sleep. nobody in the alliance wanted him up everyone was fine with Amber going up. what was he supposed to do “Caleb.. he so persuasive.. I apologize and there is nothing I can say.. you should blame me”

Amber – I’m not blaming anybody.. if Jocasta stays you lose a person that has your back..I have all the guys back”
Frankie tells her that Caleb and Zach made up that entire speech together this was all Caleb’s evil maniacal plan.
Frankie says she needs to talk to Zach and if she can get his vote.
Amber please don’t lie to me do you want me here
Frankie oh my god I want you in this house i want to be your friend i want to be clubbing with you
Amber this is a pawn situation that went bad
frankie went bad fast too


BB16-2014-07-28 18-49-44-369

6:49pm Victoria and Nicole
Victoria says she views Hayden like family only derrick and HAyden would talk to her early on so she’s developed a relationship with them.

Nicole says hayden told everyone VIctoria was rubbing him under the shirt. Victoria says that is so not true.

BB16-2014-07-28 18-57-57-948

6:56pm Caleb and Christine
Caleb campaigning for amber “At the end of the day ____________ ” X 35 = what he says

BB16-2014-07-28 19-31-25-316

7:40pm Cam 3-4 Amber and Christine
Amber campaigning
Amber – Where do you think I am be honest
Christine says if Amber has me Derrick, Cody Caleb and Nicole all she needs is one vote.
Amber says the girls could talk Victoria into it, Christine thinks Nicole can. Christine is going to talk to Nicole for Amber. Christine adds that Derrick has controlled Victoria’s vote since week one.

BB16-2014-07-28 19-45-46-679

7:46pm Have nots Caleb and Cody
Caleb is campaigning wants Amber To stay. Says she is not protected by the girls. Cody says he’s not going to vote Amber Out he’s just chilling waiting to see what the house thinks
Caleb – Quite frankly I don’t want her to go at all my last intentions was seeing her go up simple”
Caleb says everyone is taking it to a personal level saying she treats him like dirt why does he want to keep her so she can keep doing that.
Caleb – “this is not a personal game “
Amber comes in
Caleb says Derrick has his back and if the majority is going to keep her so will Derrick. Amber says Christine is doing the same thing.
Amber – why would the majority vote me out.. after everything I’ve done
Caleb says he knows they got four votes locked. Cody says they will have to go to Zach to get that 5th vote.
Cody – we’re just going to work this week”
Caleb – we can for sure make it happen if that means one of us lying..
Amber – What happened that we’re not putting people up until jury
Caleb blames it on Devin.
Amber – My father man.. if I don’t stay you boys are in trouble.

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Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)

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Derrick complaining about people letting other people do their dirty work……………………….


Frankie’s game took a big hit this week…his transparent moves to protect Caleb have burned bridges with everyone else. Wouldn’t be surprised if he walked out during the DE.


I just don’t understand how this “alliance” thinks… Last week they argued that they couldn’t get rid of Caleb because he was a number in the votes, so Brittany had to go. NOW, they are say that amber has to go, even though she is a vote for them…? These guys are so WEAK, they have not once in this entire season been able to take out a threat head on. They have to resort to blindsides and backdoors to get someone out. They have not made ONE power move in this house! They hid behind stupid excuses and lies, just be a “man” about it. You have the numbers and the power in the house? What is so scary about telling someone you want their ass out of the house and doing it?!


And by the guys I mean, Francine (Frankie), chubs (Derrick), and Man-vagina (Cody)


I can’t imagine why Frankie and all these straight men want to evict all the women. Hmmm . . .

give me a break

When Amber leaves the house is going to turn into a real sausage fest….Christine looks like a witch, Nicole looks like a thumb, Jocasta is a human bow tie, and Victoria looks like a ball of hair……..the girls are weak and pathetic..


That was the funniest comment I’ve read today! Thanks for the chuckle!


its so annoying. maybe they want to keep Zach attack because he has won an HOH Amber. what the heck have you done? nothing.


You do know that she has won an HOH right? I mean she gave it away because she was an alliance but still she won something.


There will be no tie vote this week. Or am I missing something?

During the Caleb/Derrick convo, Derrick was literally looking down on the floor the whole time. I’m surprised y’all were even able to capture that screenshot.

Tired of it

I just really don’t feel sorry for Amber at all. Sorry, I wanted to root for her but she really has done nothing but cling to the boys and is still letting Caleb go to bat for her. She still won’t even tell him the truth about not wanting to go on the date with him and is dangling this mysterious sob story in front of him now. He’s going to think it’s really not him, but whatever this sob story is that’s holding her back and “deep down” she really cares about him. I’m just over it. Go home, Amber. Hopefully Caleb won’t be far behind. Maybe after the cameras stop rolling she’ll finally get the nerve to just be totally blunt with him, or have her Dad do it for her.


Amber has never asked Caleb to go to bat for her, Caleb will seriously fight for Amber until the day she is evicted. He is obsessed with her. I think it sucks how half of her game has been played by Caleb and she can do nothing about it. But then again Amber being evicted is partly due to her because she aligned herself with the boys, and she has been given many signs that they cannot be trusted. That is her own fault for sticking with them. My problem is that she is being crucified by the house for not being into Caleb. Someone can not just make themselves like someone. I understand that you have to play a role in this crazy game, but to fake feelings for someone for game sake is not a rode I would go down. I commend Amber for not laying down and laying her dignity on the line just to stroke Caleb’s ego.

Dumb house

You haven’t been paying attention, she is being thrown out because she tried to form an alliance against the guys, the whole not treating Caleb right was a ploy by them to #1 get Caleb on board and #2 put the blame on Caleb and keep Amber from blowing up their alliance.

Dumb house

and btw, it was Christine who ratted her out to the others, similarly to how Amber and Christine ratted out Joey in week 1, so what goes around…


I know that this plan to put Amber up had nothing to due with her not liking Caleb, this plan to get her out was put in place last week while Brittany was still here. Caleb coming to them asking to put Amber up, just feel into their lap. They would have gotten rid of Amber if they had the power this week no matter what Caleb said. The point that I was trying to make was that everyone is making Amber look like she owes Caleb something. She doesn’t owe him anything. Everything that he as done for her game wise has been because of his infatuation with her, not because she has asked. They have been telling Caleb so much stuff about Amber to keep him happy, that they are actually starting to believe it.


Umm, Amber HAS stroked his ego and has NOT put her foot down with this guy. She skirts around the issue every chance she gets. She tells other people her true feelings, but when Caleb brings up that he’s heard these things she LIES. She claims she’s just trying to be nice but I bet it’s because she’s just trying to keep him on her side. If I were in that house I would NOT let Caleb tell me he controls my fate and talk to me like I am weaker than him (she’s allowed this to happen multiple times), and further I would NOT continue to give him hugs, offer him a date (even as a joke) or let him in the bed with me knowing that he likes me like that. She doesn’t deserve all of what she is getting, but she COULD have put a stop to a lot of this mess a LONG time ago. She’s not helpless.

give me a break

Amber is not confrontational or mean person…if Amber finds out that she’s going home on Thursday, she’s not going to go crazy, you can just tell she will be dignify about it and probably spend the rest of the days just talking to Jocasta. And who is Amber going to blow up the alliance to, everybody already knows and are to chicken shit to do anything. She’s going to tell Nicole, what the hell Nicole is going to do……..nothing………Nicole is happy…all she wanted was for Amber and Brittany to leave so she could finally feel like the pretties girl in the house….and open marriage Christine can finally have Cornball Cody to herself.


I no longer feel bad for Amber bc she is trying to make another excuse to Caleb for why she doesn’t want a romance by telling him it has nothing to do with him and dangling this mysterious sob story in front of his face..I know she’s trying to keep his vote but come on..if Caleb hadn’t staked his claim on her I think she’d have been all ab a showmance with Cody..also from what I read she told Caleb “people are gonna lie to you about me” or something to that effect to make him think she hasn’t been talking crap about him which she totally has..I agree he’s psycho obsessed but she’s feeding it.


it doesnt matter….she did not sign up to have to explain her feelings about anyone to anyone. this is NOT a love show! she does not owe anyone the truth or even a response in all actuality.


What she actually said was that people are going to lie to you about their vote. Pretty much letting him know that they will say they are going to vote for me but they won’t.


Amen! I wanted to like her too but she makes it so hard! I don’t see what is so difficult about just sitting down with Caleb in the beginning and saying, “look, I really like you as a person and want to be friends with you. I really want to work with you in this game, but I’m just not interested in anything beyond that. It’s nothing personal but you’re not my type.” Then every time he tries to lay in bed with her or flirt or ask for dates politely, but clearly, decline instead of playing along. Why is that so hard????? Instead she just says she isn’t looking for a showmance? Or she isn’t looking for a relationship right now? You can be honest and not be cruel. Then she just starts having cuddles and tickle fights with Cody. It’s pretty clear what her strategy is and now she’s upset because those mean boys want her out. Girls stop making us all look bad by using flirtation as your strategy!!!!


It’s obvious Derrick, Frankie and Cody will be on the finals but to be honest, I don’t care who wins anymore. Nicole, Christine, Hayden, Victoria, Donny, Jocasta are all being played and I can’t believe Frankie and Derrick can make these animals do something stupid and they will do it! Ugh!


I hate it too, but it’s Big Brother & a game…besides, the other players are too stupid to do anything…so Derrick & (ugly) Frankie will probably be Final 2


Hitmen will make it to the end. Bank it.


So does the jury start next week?


“Quite frankly” I’m a psycho. “At the end of the day” I just wanted Amber’s number.


This is just a hot mess lmao!!


I kind of want amber to tell Caleb that Cody said he was going after him and Zach and see if Cody can get himself out of this one


Caleb is gonna be so pissed when Amber is sent home. It would be hilarious if he wins the final HOH next week and takes out Frankie. I think Caleb would be too stupid to do that though.


You’re absolutely right – he’s way too stupid! BitchMode Cowboy would probably put up Jocasta and Victoria. Two worthless floaters. But how I would love to see Christine sitting in that nomination chair.


Yep! Caleb is too stupid to do that. He’ll target Zach instead of a real threat. I’ll be surprised if he can actually win the HoH tho because he’ll probably be crying after Amber leaves. The live feeds Thursday night are going to be awesome!

Dumb house

The house continues to be dumb, and afraid. Completely fooled Caleb into taking the blame for Amber going up, and continuing to lie to people, they have all the numbers and control, its sick.

Let’s not even get on about Frankie saying Jocasta should go die after what she did for him, just so his lies could keep on going on. Your alliance is in control, you’ve got all the power and votes, stop your BS, its annoying and stupid.


At the end of the day, I am so fricken tired of hearing “at the end of the day.”

At the end of Caleb's day....

Ugh…I hate the way they ruin the backdoor by letting Amber think she is going home! It’s only really a backdoor if she was convinced she was safe and Jocasta was the target……..these people need to learn about dramatic effect…….


if this season sucks and you know it clap your hands


I’m just honestly over this back and forth, he said she said, high school drama revolving around Amber and Caleb. I want to see some drama about the game, not about an imaginary relationship between a cowboy and a model. Who cares?! Where is the game play and the blood on people’s hands…? By now we should be seeing two sides of the house fighting for power each week, but instead all we have is relationship drama and unanimous voting.. ugh! Zach was seriously the only entertainment this week…


Yes, the guys formed a pretty solid alliance, and it can be boring, however they all bring stuff to the table. I can’t help but root for them- because it’s BIG BROTHER and that’s the game. Frankie bedazzled everyone, Cody flirted his way along, Zach put himself out there and attacked everyone to make himself a target, Derrick coached everyone through, Hayden was everyone’s chill best friend. The girls weren’t a match for a diverse group of BB players. Point blank. I love Nicole, just based on her personality, not gameplay (Does it exist?), Christine is annoying as hell….her own hubby isn’t lovin’ the Cody love. I do love Donny but he needs to take all of his observations and put it into action- because he knows exactly what’s going on. If he was super stealthy, he’d keep making side alliances with everyone that’s in the BS- they’re going to need him at some point. All in all, it’s shaking up to be a good season. Watching the live feeds last year was pure torture (mainly because of the Shane/Danielle dynamic). So I support them getting Amber out- just to not relive last season, for crying out loud. Then Caleb needs to go. Then Jocasta. Then the rats……so we can really have a war like the old BB days. Just my two cents.????


Sorry, two seasons ago* (Shane and Danielle)


Caleb is so annoying , he doesn’t understand he’s getting played. Caleb, Derrick and Cody got to go


6:56pm Caleb and Christine
Caleb campaigning for amber “At the end of the day ____________ ” X 35 = what he says (hilarious!!!)

6:59pm Caleb to Sock Monkey
At the end of the day it is just you and me.


Tired of It 8:28pm,

I think you are right, and, I agree with you.

As much as I want to root for Amber – she is hard to root for. Also, after everyone in the house tells her, “go talk to Caleb …. talk to Caleb, Amber,” Amber goes and gets under the covers with Cody. Amber may believe that it is stupid – and it really does seem stupid – that Amber would HAVE to talk to Caleb. However, this is a game. Amber needs to put her “game face” on. Amber needs to “up” her social game and make people in the house feel wrong about voting her out – to do this Amber needs to tell Caleb whatever he needs to hear to make him stop talking about her. I really do miss the entertainment of people such as Mike “Boogie,” Jeff, Rachel, and so on that both wanted to and actually played the game of Big Brother. I do not believe that Dan enjoyed being attached to Danielle during the entire game. However, Dan did this to get as far to the end as he could. Amber needs to play the game – she isn’t doing so – it is becoming annoying – it is unfortunate that Caleb has become focussed on Amber – the previous has happened, and, Amber needs to take the cards that she has been dealt and play to win.


Instead of talking to the guys she really needs to tell the girls that if they think about it it’s only been girls walking out the door the guys keep winning and putting up the Girls

give me a break

The girls are brain dead and weak….the guys basically told the the girls, that they have the permission to go after Zach if any of them win… if the girls win… Zach will be the target… and if everybody else win, they are going after the last black person..except Donny…


So now it’s a race thing because they want Jocasta out? There is a lot of bs this season, but race does not play a factor. Jocasta is horrible at the game. I liked her at first & I loved that they brought in a Minister this season. However, she doesn’t practice what she literally preaches. It’s not a race thing, so please drop the “last black person” line.


What’s unbelievable is that it’s happening RIGHT BEFORE THEIR VERY EYES (girls getting voted out) & they STILL HAVE NO CLUE…these girls deserve to be voted out!!!


Tired of It 8:28pm,

I think you are right, and, I agree with you.

As much as I want to root for Amber – she is hard to root for. Also, after everyone in the house tells her, “go talk to Caleb …. talk to Caleb, Amber,” Amber goes and gets under the covers with Cody. Amber may believe that it is stupid – and it really does seem stupid – that Amber would HAVE to talk to Caleb. However, this is a game. Amber needs to put her “game face” on. Amber needs to “up” her social game and make people in the house feel wrong about voting her out – to do this Amber needs to tell Caleb whatever he needs to hear to make him stop talking about her. I really do miss the entertainment of people such as Mike “Boogie,” Jeff, Rachel, and so on that both wanted to and actually played the game of Big Brother. I do not believe that Dan enjoyed being attached to Danielle during the entire game. However, Dan did this to get as far to the end as he could. Amber needs to play the game – she isn’t doing so – it is becoming annoying – it is unfortunate that Caleb has become focussed on Amber – the previous has happened, and, Amber needs to take the cards that she has been dealt and play to win.


I love Caleb and Derrick friendship. The shit u ppl say can srsly affect the house guests once they’re out ok so please stfu and just enjoy the show. U guys don’t like people bullying people??!? You all r doing the same here….


What are you? Like 12? People have the right to debate about the Big Brother game just like people have the right to debate about football games! If the comments hurt the houseguests when they leave, then who cares?? Some of these houseguests need to see how much they suck so that they can reevaluate themselves and do everyone else a favor! “Srsly” wake up and GTFO!


OMG!!! Ok, Amber is going. Wake up people!!! Start working on next week when there is a strong possibility of single HOH and double eviction. Get rid of Christine and Frankie in either order. When Frankie breathes, he lies. If they are too stupid to see it, then let it be. The girls talking to Frankie is a joke. Donny is working slowly but surely. Team Beard.


I agree. I am quickly becoming a non-Frankie fan, although I was in the beginning. Him being given so much unedited time to speak to his family & friends when his Grandpa passed, was unfair. Him getting two letters was unfair. Not to mention he has lied to everyone about who his sister is. Granted, all of the houseguests have little secrets. But, what about Frankie is real? I am over him.


Amber needs to talk to all the girls and tell them that it’s the guy’s that are putting the girls up and one is leaving every week.Get out of there face and get in the girls face and open there eyes it’s a lot she could say she’e got enough infor to use to turn this around if she would just stop talking to the guy’s


Dude! Like Caleb, it could hit them in the face or fall right on their heads & they still wouldn’t get a clue to what is happening.


1 DRINK = “At the end of the day…”
2 DRINKS = “He’s/She’s bad for/f**kin’ up my game.”
CHUG A BOTTLE OF TEQUILA = “He/She/You threw me under the bus.”

Really, drinking large amounts of alcohol is the only way to make it through this season.


The fact that JOCASTA & will make it to the jury and Amber is going to be sent home a week before, is so messed up. These guys are jerks. Lol. But hey, that’s the game.

production rigged it

Wow these people can’t even do simple math. They’re only 9 votes this week and Christine was telling Amber you have me, Derrick, Cody, Caleb and Nicole so all you need is one more. Ugh no you don’t because that’s 5 votes and that’s all you need. Then they started talking about getting Victoria’s vote which they wouldn’t need if Christine wasn’t lying to Amber but her and Nicole will get what’s coming to them in 2 or 3 weeks then they will realize instead of superfans they were actually supermorons watching the girls get picked off one by one and helping the guys do it.


Frankie: 2 + 2 = 5
Nicole: are you seeerious?
Frankie: The sun revolves around the Earth.
Nicole: No waaaay!
Frankie: The boys aren’t working together. Putting up all girls all the time is just a freak coincidence. The fact that you never know anything that is going on is the best thing for your game. You are definitely not next. At the end the guys all want to self evict and give you the money.
Nicole: Oh my gooooohdness. I love you Frankie!


Nicole does seem a bit clueless, doesn’t she? My question: How much of that is an act? A bit concerning if this nursing school graduate is not acting…

production rigged it

I wouldn’t let her touch a dead dog she might kill it again.


Oh man…as I read about her, I keep thinking the same thing…she may have graduated nursing school…but she still has to get her certification & license…& the nursing license exam is a doozy…much luck to her…instead of being in BB House…she should be studying for the exam.


I’m pretty sure Derrick already has this game one. Derrick kinda represents Dan and Zach kinda represents Will except he is actually trying to win comps. But Zach\Will don’t give a fuck gameplay is not going to work with someone like Derrick\Dan in the house.

production rigged it

I knew it wouldn’t take that rat b!tch 5 minutes before she ran upstairs to tell somebody about Amber’s conversation with her and Nicole. It’s going to be so satisfying when they turn on her sorry a$$ and she goes to jury and has to vote for one of those pricks to win half a million dollars even though I don’t like any of them.


I can’t wait when she hears the boos she’ll get when she walks out…


Won* lol


Really Amber? What is your dad going to do to those guys? I can’t believe she pulled that one out!


Amber’s death warrant in this game was signed a long time ago when most of the female players didn’t like her and she wasn’t aware of it at all. She was naive in not questioning her supposed alliance and just comfortably went along with whatever they said.

Playing BB requires a certain level of ruthlessness and paranoia/suspicion. She doesn’t appear to have either. That being said, it’s still no excuse for her game being ruined by a tone deaf ‘cowboy’ who can’t conceive of a world in which his desires are not met.

It's About Time

So Caleb decides to confront Amber about her not wanting to go out with him, and she lies her pretty little face off! And I say it’s about time! Welcome to the game Amber! Honestly this week is all a test of mind control over Caleb between Frankie and Amber. If she can pulls this off and survive Thursday then we have all seriously underestimated her game. Her problem is that she is completely clueless on how to read people. I doubt she knows truly how creepy Caleb’s obsession is for her (he talks about it to everyone in the house BUT her). So any mixed signals she’s giving him are subconscious because I doubt she realizes she’s doing it.
I hate that her game was crippled by Caleb from the start, but she needs to start being the manipulator everyone already thinks she is to survive. If she’s smart she would try to get closer to Donny now to set up a house flip. Unfortunately, that bridge may already be burned. If she wins HOH she’ll probably target Zach and Donny instead of her two biggest threats Frankie and Christine (Haaaaaaate her)

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