Caleb says for one I feel bad, I feel a lot like I literally want to go hang myself because..

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: Amber & Jocasta
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-29 01-47-20-407

1am – 1:45am Nicole, Caleb, Hayden, Zach are sitting out in the backyard talking. Hayden is talking with his mouth closed pretending to be “Larry” and “Carter” the little people in Hayden’s mouth. Victoria stops him after awhile and says I thought these were real people. Caleb and Nicole laugh. Caleb leaves and says that just told me something about you. Victoria laughs and says oh my god! I thought we were going to meet these people. Hayden says after this week we will have 1 person per bed. Zach asks what their favorite competition was Hayden says “Miami Lice”. Victoria talks about the apartment she rents in Miami to use for clients on the weekends for makeup for her photo shoots. Zach asks so you don’t live there. Victoria says only on the weekends. Zach asks so you pay monthly rent but only use it on the weekends? Victoria says yes. Zach tells Victoria that there is no chance she will win HOH. When pigs fly will Victoria win HOH. Nicole tells Zach to be nice. Zach says I am putting Victoria up this week for the 4th time in a row!! Victoria gets up and leaves. Zach says god I love doing sh*t like that! Nicole says you a-hole! Zach asks what did I do?! I love doing sh*t like that! Nicole says you bullied her. Nicole says she is going to make sure Victoria is okay. Zach asks what’s it like … being a floater?! Nicole heads inside and tells Victoria to just ignore him.
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1:15am – 3:15am In the kitchen – Caleb says that he has literally talked to everyone and everyone says they’re voting for you to stay. Caleb says I know you’re not dumb but make sure Zach knows you won’t come after him. Amber says I know. Caleb asks who would you put up if you won HOH. Amber says Donny. Caleb and Amber head into the hive room. Amber says that her plan would be to backdoor Zach. Amber says that she’s worried about Caleb using her to get information from her. Caleb says I wouldn’t do that. Everyone wants Zach out. I talked to Hayden and told him we have 4 votes from our alliance to keep her and if you don’t vote for her you will be next to go. Amber asks do you not think they’re just telling you what you want to hear? Caleb says no, I can tell by looking at them. Caleb tells Amber her saying the girls need to stick together makes people think you have a girls alliance. Amber says I’ve never said that, Christine and I only said we would look out for each other. Amber brings up how Caleb was the one that wanted me up. Amber says she wants Zach gone. Caleb tells her that he will go before she does. Your targets should be everyone outside our alliance first. Amber says but I am tired of being used. Caleb says you’re not being used. Amber says I’m tired of doing everything for everyone elses game. Caleb says that he was pissed off at her for personal reasons but all them, they thought you were a flip flopper. Amber says I don’t get why I am not being trusted and being used. I don’t get why Zach isn’t being put up. Caleb says because if we put Zach up he would blow up and call us all out by name. Caleb and Amber talk about her going up and how it was a test to see if they could trust her. Caleb says I yes I had a hand in it but I don’t want you to question my trust with you. Caleb says I can’t wait for the day when you let out everything you’re holding inside to someone you trust so much. Amber says I do too. I came in here leaving that at the door because I didn’t want to share the sob stories of my life. When you do hear it you won’t expect it. Caleb says I am all about expect the unexpected. From now until Thursday ..just relax and I really don’t think you have anything to worry about. Caleb says for one I feel bad, I feel a lot like I literally want to go hang myself because.. Caleb starts talking about his past relationships. Amber asks him did you hit me with a pillow at 5:45am? Caleb at first says he was asleep at 4:30am but then he says he did it. Caleb says I want you to trust in me that I will do everything possible for you to stay on Thursday.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-29 02-51-07-140

1:50am – 3:15am In the bathroom – Nicole talks to Hayden about her talk with Amber. I just said I was put in a situation where my name was used and my back was against the wall. I am not going to say a name of who it was because I haven’t thrown anyone under the bus and I wasn’t going to. Hayden smiles. Nicole says don’t act like you’re telling me how to play. Hayden says I am not. That’s good though. Nicole says she said I am sorry but it didn’t come from my mouth. And at first she was pissed. I said something that was godo but I can’t remember right now. It just fizzled out after that. I told her that she could still have my vote. Hayden says I said that too, that my vote wasn’t decided. Caleb is ridiculous.. like his love for her is stupid. Nicole tells Hayden this is so stupid.. I don’t want you to think I’m weird… obviously every day I wake up …you know I am annoyed with Victoria and I wake up praying for the strength .. and today I talked to her .. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When then feeds return Nicole is talking about how if Victoria knows I like you she shouldn’t sleep in a bed with you. I don’t want people to think I am a psycho. Nicole says I like you and it bugs me. Hayden says Victoria is just a vote for us. When we talk game its more me telling her what to do and not do. Like if she won HOH I guarantee I could tell her who to put up. Hayden tells Nicole that if it was you and Christine on the block … Christine would go home. Just keep doing what you’re doing being an outsider and laying low. Hayden heads to bed. Nicole cuddles with him for a bit and then heads to the havenot room.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-29 02-40-50-615

3:15am – 4am Caleb asks Amber what she is going to say on Thursday. Amber says I am not sure because I am just so heated right now. Caleb tells Amber that she needs to put some ice cubes in it because you know if you say the wrong thing then you will go home. The conversation turns back to talking about why they put Amber up and what happened after the veto meeting. It was done more to scare you. Amber says it doesn’t scare me because I didn’t do anything wrong. Caleb says I can’t stress enough that it was dumb. Amber says yeah and if I go home then I am just one less vote that you have. Amber says I just honestly don’t understand why you guys trust Zach over me. Caleb says you’ll see I am going to win HOH and he will be first one I put up. Amber asks why are all you scared of Zach. This is why you need women to talk to .. you don’t think things through. I am just ripping you a new one, right now. Caleb says what has been broken will be fixed. They talk again about him smoking her with the pillow while she was sleeping. Caleb says he is going to start pranking people. I am going to start coming up with some cool stuff to do to people. Amber says if I stay I will think about something to get you 100 worse than what you did to me. Amber says I just can’t believe you guys put me on the block. I would never do that to you guys. If I had a problem I would have come talk to that person. Caleb says I didn’t put you on the block, Frankie did. Amber says but you had a say so. Caleb says it wasn’t me. They keep going back and forth. Caleb tells her she’s not going home. Amber asks have you lied to me? Caleb says no, not other than having a hand in putting you up. Amber says you’re lying to me. Do I have to eat a banana to stay here this week? Amber says I want to talk to all of you in the room at the same time and see who’s lying. Caleb says don’t do that, let me handle it. Amber says look what happens when you handle things. Caleb says just trust in me the next 3 days. And then when you stay you can run up to me and give me a big hug. Amber says I don’t know what your motives are for me being up. When I pull Christine and Nicole in here .. Nicole said she made a deal with someone that they could use her name to say that she said something that she didn’t. Caleb says I haven’t heard .. Frankie said Nicole said something but Nicole told me herself so that doesn’t work. Amber says all I said to Nicole was about me going up. Amber says but then Nicole said to me that it doesn’t mean you don’t have my vote. Caleb says I could say to Nicole if I win HOH she can make my noms or that she is won’t go up. I would say I control 6 votes in this house and I think she knows that.

4:05am- 4:25am Caleb continues to tell Amber she isn’t going home. Amber asks how would you feel if I did go home? Caleb says no feeling could describe if you did… If you did, I would write a cheque in your name to the amount of what I made in the jury house if you go home. When it all comes down to it you will not go home because you’re not meant to go home. Amber says I don’t see how you guys see more bad than good in my game.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-29 03-24-04-170

4:30am – 4:40am Caleb and Amber continue to talk about the same things over and over again.. Amber says “I shouldn’t need to campaigning with people that are in my “alliance”. Amber hit Caleb with a pillow and says people need to stop messing with her game. She gets up and says she’s going to bed. Caleb and Amber get ready and head to bed.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-29 04-28-22-750

9:55am Donny is the only house guest awake at the moment in the bee hive room reading the bible. Big Brother hasn’t woken up the other house guests yet.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-29 09-48-33-019

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Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)

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give zach ATTACK a DPOV

I just want amber OR caleb to leave at this point. I know its not really fair but I just don’t care. I am sick of it, and it has distracted people from realizing threats like hayden are sitting in the house. sadly it means Zach is probably 100 percent gone unless he wins a BOB or POV(NO ONE will use a POV on him now…douche cody….) but then they can finally start fighting each other. this game of patty cake only lasts for so long. there are only so many more jocosta’s and Victoria’s before they have to start taking each other out.


Whats “not really fair” about any of this again??? Please elighten me….this is BB. Not a charity case or the textbook for “fairness”

Double D

Who is going to be more surprised when Amber leaves Thursday…Amber or Caleb?


Definitely Caleb – I think Amber suspects they’re both being told what they want to hear. Caleb, on the other hand, couldn’t pick up on a social cue if his life depended on it.

No matter what kind of face-saving facade Caleb shows on the outside come Thursday, he’ll be Gina Marie on the inside. Then we will watch a guy slowly disintegrate in the following days, as his entire reason for living these last few weeks has revolved around the anticipation of himself and “his Queen” in the jury house and their future together. The guy never has cared about the game itself, only as it related to him getting Amber. Will be interesting to see the reaction once his true prize walks out the door.


Totally agree. In fact it’s possible that Caleb will self-evict and walk out the door with Amber on Thursday. How messed up is that?


I think if Hayden and Donny teamed up they could pull a force together that would challenge Derrick’s (aka the Don) vice grip on this game. I think it’s time for production to step in and help the girls. It was BB’s fault for casting dumb but pretty losers so it should be there responsibility to save this mess of a season. It might be too late but having a house filled with just metro-sexuals men would just SUCK!!

Come on Julie, where’s your huge twists? Or ask your husband to do something!

Double D

I think production thought the 2 HOHs would result in 2 sides fighting, instead it became the strong picking on the weak.


Zach loves Victoria


Zach & Victoria sitting in a tree. Counting crows for you & me lol


probably when Zach & Victoria have their first anniversary. Zach will buy her some “Long Hamsters” (ferrets) Just to confuse her lol


Maybe a cute black crow!!


It won’t matter. There are only a few guys (3 or 4) who are playing the game. The rest have been passengers all season. Thing won’t change if Amber or Caleb leave. Or even Zack. The same few will take out the passengers one at a time and this will officially be the most boring and predictable season ever.

ZachAttack Don't Care

We all know Zach is completely unpredictable, but I think there is method in addition to the madness. It is entirely possible that he’ll vote for Amber to stay and convince Caleb that they both got played when she leaves on Thursday. He could then team up with a shocked and vengeful Caleb to target Christine or someone else equally as crazy. He’ll then apologize to his alliance, tell them all Caleb is a huge threat and go back to sleep. Cody will blink his hoodwinked eyes and mumble “why I outta…” like every other BB contestant who thought they were playing Go Fish only to find that their opponent was playing chess the whole time.

As such, I’m not really worried about Zach leaving anytime soon. He has carved out an impressive role within his alliance. Zach is the butcher. He actively pursues getting blood on his hands, which sets him apart in this house full of players who faint at the sight of grape juice. He’ll happily do whatever dirty work is necessary, which makes him valuable to the Detonators as people are sent to jury and no one wants to look like the bad guy. As the numbers dwindle the jackass persona he wears so well may start to look tempting for people contemplating final 2 scenarios. I don’t think we’ve scratched the surface of what Zach has to offer as a BB player and I think we’re going to have most of this season to find out!


In hockey parlance, eh, Zach is an enforcer. I can’t picture this kid playing golf well; don’t you have to be fairly quiet-bodied for that game? I love him; still pick Derrick for the win, but Zach is working almost as hard these days. Being a honey badger must be exhausting.


Thank you Simon and Dawg for all the hard work!


Absolutely! Thank you guys.


And thank you Simon & Dawg for not typing “AT THE END OF THE DAY” every time BitchMode Cowboy says it!!! Reading your recap is so much better than watching the live feeds.

Teri B

And also THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for not typing “quite frankly” every time the moron says it as well. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Thanks for all you do for us!!


Who are the assholes that disliked this


Caleb told Amber that he runs the alliance. Then she said so that means you’re the reason I’m on the block. Then Caleb says no no…The dude hasn’t got a clue.


I’m glad Derrick called out Caleb about West Point. That was my first thought while reading about it was that Caleb just wasn’t bright enough.

Butters Mom

Simon, Did you get the feeling that Caleb was lying about West Point when Derrick called him out? You actually can drop out of West Point after the second year… in which case you would not be making 6 figures… there are actually a few people that get in West Point that are not that bright for sports or because they know someone who helps them like someone in congress… it happens. But curious if Caleb is lying about it or not.


It didn’t sound like Caleb went to west point the way he handled Derrick pressing the question. Couple that with the frequent outrageous stories of his accomplishments it all makes me suspicious. With that said it’s totally possible we did all the things he said I have no idea about how US military officer training works.

Butters Mom

Thanks Simon

mr ed

Another girl out. Great tv.Well,at least the Bratwurst Boys (Deprick,Hayden,Caleb,Kotex Cody,and human rat Frankie) can start their sausagefest soon.BB better order up a few gallons of Frankies butt cream. Donny, sleep with your back to the wall and one eye open at ALL times !!!!!!


The girls had their chance early on to work together but they sold out Jody for trying to start something and sided with the guys even though they were on the low end of that alliance. They only have themselves to blame. The guys are playing them perfectly and the girls can’t work together at all. Christine just keeps ratting out the other girls at every turn and Amber is so afraid to tick off Caleb that she is making things worse by not telling him to stay away from her and stop with the stalking. Your buttcream comment isn’t funny at all and borderline offensive.


“Kotex Cody” Oh my! That killed me.

Bees Knees

If Amber goes I won’t feel bad. She could have used yesterday’s chaos to her advantage but she still trusts her “alliance” that hasn’t put any guys up.


It wasn’t a secret that Christine was jealous of Brit with Cody nor would it be stunning to find out she’s jealous of Amber. Poor Caleb, just because you visit West Point 2 years in a row does mean you went to West Point for 2 years. I wish Caleb could be filled in on how Frankie and Devin duped him so he could win hoh and get rid of Frankie

Kathie from Canada

I’m just waiting for Caleb to claim he was once the President! OMG. Does anyone even know with certainty that he actually served overseas in the military??

Larry from Canadia

How dare you hippies question military service, you stick to your Canadia TV shows and stay out of our business!

Jess from the US

OMG there is ignorant people in every country


Caleb served in the military. He has pictures of it on Facebook.


I really don’t get how Nicole gets jealous that Hayden and Victoria talk to each other yet her and Cody flirt so much with each other. I’m surprised Hayden hasn’t said anything about that.


Hayden doesn’t care. He was laughing the most at Zach calling Nicole a dingus fruit loop even though it made her cry. He “likes” Nicole in the sense that he enjoys her personality and wants to have sex with her, but he doesn’t actually care about her feelings or feel any accountability to them. Not that there’s anything wrong with that — it’s a game. But it would suck if Nicole developed outside-the-house feelings…


So true! He is no Jeff


in the past 2 days frankie has

said zach was attractive ten pounds ago
said victoria needs to put on makeup
amber is schizophrenic & zach is a psychopath
he’s a “poor grieving child” so nobody can evict him
said that if he left the show, nobody would watch anymore
said that caleb is the victim
asked why “r@pe, marry, f*ck” isn’t appropriate


And let’s not forget he’s so smug he matter of factly stated he wonders if he’ll get pics of something/someone (I don’t recall who/what) when he wins his next HOH. He didn’t say IF he wins, he says WHEN he wins.

He’s so confident that he’s going to run through everybody in the house. He needs to be taken down.


timestamp? links? can anyone else actually verify this?

Bethany Young

Serious question: Do the houseguests get daily psych evaluations in DR? Its needed.


Serious Answer – Yes, and they all get a “ProZach” prescription lol

donny rocks



hope zach and donny both win hoh next week
that would be awesome


both will definitely shake things up..


I’mma gonna try to get that paper for my gal Victoria! We need the money to get us some “Long Hamsters” (ferrets) Just to confuse Victoria LOL

BB need to change the game up....

BB..need to spice things up and change the way the game is played meaning…players need to draw names of four (just like they pick players for the veto) of who going up on the block, then have those four players fight in the games to win safety, the two remaining players who lost in the games should go on the block. Then have America pick who should goes home or who should stay. Then in the finals America need to vote for the player who played the best game to win the money. I think that will make an interesting game. What do y’all think? Maybe fans should tweet and hashtag this to CBS. for future seasons. Because the way it is now is so unfair to players, it’s not an even playing field.


Those ideas just needs a little tweaking. But some of it just might work.


Me personally I want the players playing the game to be the ones to get rid of each other, not us viewers voting. Let them strategize, form alliances, and vote one another out.Having caught a glimpse of international Big Brother editions like BBUK, I like the BBUS and BB Canada formats.


So what you are saying is just don’t make it big brother anymore and just make it people in house that America just gets rid of at will… Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard awful idea no offense

Mister E

I do believe some changes need to be made, but America having the vote to evict would end up being a total waste. Instead of the alliances, the backstabbing, the paranoia, and basically everything we watch this show for, it would just turn into a bunch of people living in a house talking into the cameras 24/7 trying to get americas vote. It would be the most boring show ever. Now if they just snuck a “Americas Vote” in once a season, or something like that it could be a decent twist, but everytime would just be boring. I wouldn’t mind a americas vote gets put on the block thing this week so we could put up Caleb and see him leave instead of Amber, that would be good television.

Here's why

There was a show on 2 summers ago called Glass House where the format was really similar to what you are suggesting. America voted on who the wanted to possibly go home and then they competed. It did horrible in the ratings and people were all fake trying to get America to like them. It wasn’t real. Not that Big Brother is completely without outside influence (production) but these people don’t really care what you or I think about them and that makes for good tv. We love to love train wrecks!

Ted Marie

I don’t think it would play out the way people think it would because there are basically two different shows. There is the CBS version that they edit and the one where people like us read the blogs and have the live feeds to see what the houseguests are truly like. A lot of people watch the show and never read a blog or see a live feed and go strictly off of what the show edits them to see. If I didn’t have the feeds and this awesome site I would have totally different views on these people. Just my thoughts on the idea.


Why hasn’t Christine been called out yet?! I would love for Amber to find out before she leaves that it was actually Christine that got the ball rolling & how Nic, Vic, Chris & Cody don’t like u as much as u think they do.

Once again the HG’s are saying Vic & Jocasta are going back on the block AGAIN as pawns…Shocker!!! Seems like the 2 mean girls are too stupid 2 realize that once Vic/Joc are gone, they will take their place as the replacement nominees & I no longer feel sorry 4 Amber. As much as she isn’t deserving of the treatment that she is getting, she allowed it. U saw this happen wk after wk so what made u think that u were exempt?!

BB16 has been extremely predictable & a huge let down thus far. Where are the twists that Julie Chen speaks of???

I have a twist… let America put up the 4 nominees


Wouldnt matter if America put up four running the house. Two will end up on the block, one of the frat boys will win veto and use it to backd**r whoever they want. Unless there’s some major conflict that divides them, they have a lock on what’s going down. Got a while until things get nasty.


I can’t wait until Amber goes home. She’s so delusional at this point. She’s taken credit for basically every move so far in the game somehow, and has claimed that she’s kept like 5 people off the block who were never even close to going on the block. She even had the audacity to tell Hayden that it was because of her that he wasn’t on the block…and she literally nominated him the second week!


One interesting thing about the current noms is, both know absolutely NOTHING about how BIg Brother is played. Either deserves to go.


um…that’s called game. So what, she’s exaggerating. She’s trying to tell them anything to get saved from eviction this week. Now, if she actually believes what she is saying then she is very delusional and not very street smart. I think her and Caleb have more in common than I thought…both are naive and full of themselves.

Christine's crazy eye

At the end of the day…Caleb will literally (and I mean it this time) cause my brain to melt and leak out of my ears.


Thank heavens for cotton balls lol

Caleb Puts The Lotion In the Bucket

Even if we do have another landslide vote Thursday, the aftermath should be a sight to see. Craleb is gonna go off the deep end. Maybe he’ll finally actually go BeastMode and get the HOH. That could shake this place up. Unfortunately he’ll probably just have a melt down and sit in a corner all week muttering Amber’s name over and over until they evict him next Thursday.

Double D

I’m not sure who is going to be shocked more when Amber leaves Thursday…Caleb or Amber?


That’s easy. Caleb will. Then he’ll either self evict or finally have mental implosion.


It’ll be Caleb. He still thinks he controls the alliance and everything in the house.

tyrese jones

jocasta is beyond useless. she needs to go home along with victoria. why can’t big brother ever cast a bunch of alpha male personalities from top to bottom.

zach attack

amber says she deserves to be here over zach? thats funny cuz all she does is flirt with cody. and caleb is so lame like get over her she doesn’t like him. and damn it sucks that zach’s everyone’s target next week.

Lady T

Bcuz they feel Zach is worse than Devin & he might throw everyone under the bus. Which to me it would be hilarious.


Caleb if you continue on and on about Amber we the live feed viewers might just hang ourselves! This is just beyond ludicrous! Can’t wait until Thursday good riddance!

Team underdogs

Lol, I actually feel like it will get worst once she leaves. It probably turn into a Ginamarie/Nick situation. I can picture Caleb right before the HOH competition drinking his energy drinks, staring into the camera saying “Don’t worry my queen, Beast Mode cowboy is gonna avenge you!”


At the end of the day, quite frankly, Caleb is delusional.




At the end of the day I wish it wax tomorrow, and at the end of that day I wish it was Thursday and at the end of that day I hope Amber is gone.


If Amber goes home, we will see one of two things happen. 1.) Possible psychotic break in Caleb. He will completely lose it and his antics will be great for TV.
2.) Suddenly, Caleb will turn into a Janelle or Rachel of sorts and actually turn into that “competition beast” with the sole intention of vindicating Amber.

Should be interesting.


Since the Brokeback Cowboy hasn’t shown anything yet in competitions, I’m voting for number 1)


Are Caleb could crawl in a corner and bang his head on the wall saying
Why oh why didn’t I get her number.

Upon realizing that he may walk out the door with her as his one last effort to show he’s her one true love. Lol

Then The audience will attach him. And Julie will give him the fatal blow and blame him for why BB 16 suck this year.

Frank and Beans

If Frankie can outlast Caleb, Cody, and Zach he can finally play the role of “the gay guy”. Until then that phrase is kinda vague.


I wish Caleb would shut up about who deserves to be there and who doesn’t. Bottom line, he has won 1 HOH and he let Devin call the shots. Jocasta won a BOB, Victoria won BOB and POV, and Donny won 2 POV and a BOB. Caleb isn’t even playing the game, he can’t see past Amber. Something has to happen very soon to shake up the house because this is getting boring. I hope Donny gets a coup de etat. The only person keeping things interesting is Zack.


Three thoughts:
*Amber needs to run far, far away from Caleb.
*Donny has to be enjoying sitting back and watching the house implode.
*So glad I don’t live there.


IMO what’s not fair is I have to keep wanting some game play
But these people are to dum to fight.
So I would like to see better people for better playing field. More season players to equal the talents of Derrick and Frankie that all.
Not watch a so called super fan who us clueless. Then we have to wait half the season to start the season. That’s just MO.


Donny is gonna be THE target soon, hope he can start the wheels in motion to get out the big guns ( Frankie/Derrick) and not be blindsided by the TA crap. I wanna see a coup’ d ‘tat this season or double eviction, I find Frankie cocky and ratfinkish, would love to see him backdoored or just GONE,


I bet that all girls alliance joey wanted to start, but amber and jocasta turned their noses up at, is looking pretty good right about now.


It would have never worked. These girls in this house are both too self-absorbed and too insecure to work with each other. They seldom set aside emotion to get things done. This happens every year, where it appears the girls might work together, and then they bring themselves and the others down.

Who can forget Keesha’s birthday party and the epic fights among her fellow alliance members — particularly April and Libra? Yikes.

Stupid Twist

This latest Team Bullsht mission should go down as a FAIL. There wasn’t an exchange between two players that would constitute as an argument within the context of the mission. Rather, it was single sided harassment by Zach with him listing arguments against Amber. What’s next for the BB Creative Geniuses to concoct? Get some to cry, Get a girl evicted? Get a guy to cuddle another guy? Have someone say “I love you”,? Backd**r someone? Get someone to lie?
It’s time to get specific. How about get Christine to self evict? Victoria to cut her hair two feet? Get Jocasta to win a challenge. Get Caleb to not mention Amber’s name for a day. Get Hayden to throw a challenge. Get Cody to admit he’s gay or bi?
Hope this lame twist ends. It’s not turning the game around or providing challenging or funny pranks. I’m STILL pi**ed they got money for putting Amber on the block as a physical threat.


Caleb is so aggravating!! I have no idea how you guys (Simon and dawg) listen to his conversations more than a couple of hours a day! I have to send an extra thank you for this week because the volume on my feeds has been turned down most of the day. Sadly because his lady love is up this week he is gonna be talking all day and all night!! At the end of the day, quite frankly, it is what it is…… Repeat a thousand times, lol


Oh, and that pic of amber is hilarious!! I “literally” laughed out loud, haha


Bored with this whole Amber thing she’s already gone no way anyone is keeping her…I kinda hope Caleb wins the next HOH and stirs things up just so it makes everything more interesting!


It’s like Amber and Caleb have been playing in another house with this alliance crap. They act like it was a cult and not an alliance especially Caleb. It’s hard to really to listen to them It’s like two dogs chasing their tails unfortunately while people watch. It’s too late the game shifted a long time ago. And really with the way Amber reasons she wasn’t going to make it far. No one cares that Amber doesn’t out people, hasn’t put any guys on the block etc. you are still on the block and have been most of the time. Neither one of them realize that the “alliance” and most of the house easily use their own weaknesses against them because they won’t adapt their games and play an emotional game or a game that’s very surface. After Amber was put up the first time she should have gotten a clue where her game was headed.

And she’s known days ago that Frankie was a liar but she can’t put things together because she doesn’t seem to sit and think with logic but by emotional things like she hasn’t put the boys up, I don’t know why they don’t trust me, I don’t tell other people games etc etc. By the end of the week I would be telling what I know whether it was futile or not to people not in the “alliance” but I bet she won’t. And why she thought it was a good idea even attempt something with Nicole and Christine who she really doesn’t even mesh with if she thought about it and went over their conversations that are surface. But she seems to have no female intuition or picking up on vibes working for her in there.


Exactly, neither Caleb or Amber knows how to play the game a players, want not of them (Amber) to come back? For what another borefest of emotions?


I agree….It is unfortunate. Amber said she has played her own game, but she has not. She aligned herself with the guys, who have strategized her leaving. Yet, she tries to form an alliance with the girls, in the house, who really do not interact with her consistently…..only as needed. At this point, she really should attempted to taken advantage of the chaos yesterday and at least went into bitch mode to call some people out….she has nothing to lose….in a sense she was and still is relying on others to fight this battle for her….I did expect a different outcome.


So right, she’s hid beyond Caleb and his huge alliance, doing nothing, but play their game… Even she admits the way she played. She has nobody to blame for her eviction,. but herself… Maybe Amber should’ve played “Big Brother” instead of “Follow The Leader”… If she got called back, she would do the same thing…


I missed something. I thought Amber and Cody were cool. Why does he want her gone.

Michael LB

They should be cool with each other but he’s too much of a p*ssy to make his own decisions and instead allows the others to tell him that “Amber is evil, she must go.”


Caleb is sick in the head if he thinks Amber wants him. She is only playing him to advance her own game. He will flip out Thursday if she leaves. I am sick to death of them both and wish they would both leave.


So I was and have been a big supporter of Zack in the past, however am I the only one noticing that this is a man who clearly has women issues! I am sorry to break this to yall, but this man truly hates women, he has done nothing but belittle. insult, just generally make every woman in the house feel like crap! And now I am finding myself a little ashamed that I ever supported him in the first place! I am so far from being a Caleb lover but at least that boy has respect for the women in the house! Just the fact that Zack can get such pleasure and enjoyment out of how he treats women is a testament to his character and from here it is a very ugly picture, so I am no longer a Zack supporter and support none of these degenerates in this far from stable house, let the detonation begin!


uh oh! The Zack bandwagoners will get you. He is sooo over rated. I don’t get how everyone keeps saying he’s going to shake things up but he’s done exactly what all the other guys have done…TARGET THE GIRLS. Yes, it was nice that he made Christine and Nicole take some heat but why couldn’t he put up Heydan, Cody, or Derrick as pawns? He’s a closeted homosexual man that bullies women and scared of men; especially Devin. lol

I’ll be glad when the Zack honeymoon is over because he will NEVER put up a man if wins HOH (again).


honestly I kinda want to see Caleb and Zach win the HoH comp would be a crazy week not sure who they would put up but I think the dual HoH has to be ending soon


Myself want Amber gone from the house since Caleb is not on the block. Once both of those two are gone (one or the other) Zach needs to go next.


Myself want Amber gone from the house since Caleb is not on the block. .


The whole amber/Caleb story is getting so old. It’s hard to read thus stuff. You know we will have to read/listen to Caleb bemoan his romance cut short with Amber because he was stabbed in the back by his alliance. I just hope he loses it and either self-evicts or does something to get booted out.

Damn, Frankie trying to cover his butt. How dumb is A,bet to believe Frankie it’s not his fault she in on the block. Hello, you are HOH, you put her up there. SMH. Where did they find these people?

The only good thing out of this is the rag-tag group might be trying to alliance against the machine that has been in power all season. The only downfall is Christine. Her ratself seems to be getting her true alliance radar. Only hope, is they target her after Caleb.


I read Christine said she was jealous of Cody & Brittany, although she is married. Interesting? She may be a floater, but she definitely wants to final chic standing in the house with guys. Look out Nicole no final two deal for you…..only Christine & Cody


whew, glad that’s all settled! caleb talks to every houseguest until their ears bleed, and they tell him exactly what he wants to hear (amber is safe this week).

you see, it works – just like his approach to winning amber’s heart – you wear them down long enough, and they give in to what you want! this guy is such a tool…


Amber probably doesn’t have a clue that the alliance turn on her. Don’t worry Amber, wait till you talk to Julie that Zach Attack forming the alliance called the Detonators. You probably be pissed.

Mister E

This has got to be the most cowardly group of people ever in the Big Brother house. I know they can not physically fight anyone in the house or they get evicted and lose their chance at the money, but that does not mean you can’t stand up for yourself. Zach is letting lose on the girls and not one of them has said anything back. Not one guy has stood up for them, I realize this is a game and not real life, but if one guy stood up for the girls, then they would have the girls on their side. It would be a good game move. I love Zachs antics, but it would be more fun with someone actually standing up to him.


I’m amazed at how quickly they are willing to throw each other under the bus and run to each other to talk about each other. What ever happened to keeping some of this stuff in your back pocket to take out later to burn people?


stand up to him? most of them have been helping him with his speech, and trying to egg him on.

so those are the people who need to stand up to Zach? hypocrites


Can’t wait for all the houseguests to see how fake cody really is and how he is ALL TALK. P***Y!!!!!


I would love to be a fly on the wall when Caleb finally gets to see the things that have been said about him, and how he is being shown on tv. Ego the size of an inflated balloon, meet the sharp end of the needle…. POP!


Zach is so into Vic, would he stop this 3rd grade crush he has on her


Zack been in the house too long if he thinks that butter face girl is hot.

Now, I realized the real reason why Fakie puts up Vic every week…his man Zack wants her.

warlord link


warlord link

ps frankie says hes rich,,he makes 5000 a week on broadway and on the internet youtube he makes lots cause of ads on his site and tube…his family rich as hell they like to gamble,,,jocasta rich shes lieing ya shes a preacher i bet shes making millions every year she got good home and family…they good,,even donny,,brittaney lied her ass off shes rich ,,zac said nicole told him the bitch lieing,,hes said he dont like brittaney..ooh yea i heard jesse last year doing big fuck movies now making fuck money ya yea her booty look good…yea i heard gm got car and nick had been dating her,,she has her own place now ….amanda got cussed out by mccrea family for controlling him like puppet they was together almost a year….i heard amanda cussed him out and his family for sassing her out she told them fuck off bitches…call mccrea a momma boy…

new to BB 14

This season is lost!!

The only way for it to be saved is IF the remaining HG’s(contestants) team up and Target Derrick,Cody,Frankie,and Zach. Start picking them off or back d**ring them. Otherwise they are the final 4!!!!!!!!


Wow Zach!! Keep pushing Amber over the edge.