Derrick says he didn’t hookup with Brittany and she definitely wanted him to smash her!

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

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12:15am Cody and Christine are playing a game of pool. Over on the hammock Caleb, Derrick and Frankie are talking about Christine and Cody. Caleb says that Christine and Cody were in the hammock holding hands. Caleb asks do you have any idea how that looks outside of here. Frankie says maybe he’s gay? Derrick says you think that though, you said that. Caleb and Derrick ask Frankie what do you think? You should be a good read for that kind of stuff. Frankie says I’m not the best read because I just trust that people. Derrick says didn’t you say that to me a couple months ago, or a month ago? Frankie says yeah, because Jocasta said that to me. Like immediately. He’s on your team. Derrick asks what do you think though. Frankie says its very possible but I have no idea. It’s extremely possible, I’ve had many many a gay men that were like that. Derrick says he’s metro. Caleb says I know a lot of men that are metro that aren’t gay. Derrick says I don’t know I think he’s smashing but I’m not gay so I wouldn’t.. Frankie says he’s smashing something. Derrick says he didn’t hookup with Brittany and she definitely wanted him to smash her! She did, she was in bed with him. She was ready.. but Zach was up there too. Caleb asks you don’t think Cody was smashing Brittany the whole time she was here? Derrick says no. They only slept up there the one night. Caleb says I just noticed a bunch of the condoms gone. Even the new box is opened. Derrick says yeah I noticed that. Caleb says and in there the top drawer has a box of condoms open. Frankie says I think that was me I put them there on display and I think they got thrown in the drawer. Derrick says I don’t think they were f**king, she would have to been a complete idiot to do that on camera. A mother of 3 kids f**king some dude on camera, you’re an idiot! Frankie says unless she wasn’t a mother of 3. Derrick asks what would be the benefit of that though. Caleb says make it further in the game because people feel sorry for you. Derrick says I guess but she definitely had a motherly instinct about her. Caleb says she cooked, she cleaned. Derrick says the one thing my wife told me not to do was to swear on my wife and kids. Derrick says its just bad karma. Frankie says he wouldn’t do it either. They talk about Tony from Survivor and how he swore on his wife and kid and got hated on for it.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-26 01-42-49-618

12:20am In the kitchen – Nicole and Victoria are talking. Nicole tells Victoria I just need three votes you, Derrick and Christine. Victoria says yeah. I think Cody would be honest with me too because they’re going to jury. Victoria says I know, you want to be on their good side. Victoria asks have we backdo*red any one after you. Oh yeah Zach. Do you think you and Christine will be friends after. Nicole says I don’t know. I will have to watch and see. I don’t know what the truth is. Nicole says I don’t want to look like a fool like wear my second best outfit. Victoria says Oh I would tell you. Nicole says so would Cody. Victoria says but at this point there is no way, no how! Nicole says Donny hasn’t started to campaign yet. Victoria says he knows. Nicole says I don’t think he does because he told me he doesn’t know if it me or him. Victoria says he’s mind f**king you!! Nicole asks you think so?! Victoria says Nicole people are telling him. Nicole says oh then he is mind f**king me. Victoria says of course he is telling you that, he wants you to be paranoid. He wants you to do sh*t to f**k up your own game. Come on!?! Nicole says I can’t act paranoid. Victoria says I’m telling you as a friend. Victoria says stay away from him for a little bit. He’s not as nice as he says he is. He literally called Cody stupid. “All this time I thought you were stupid.” If you want to stay here don’t let him f**k with you. Victoria says he’s rude, he says stuff to Cody all day long. Nicole says he has been more rowdy. Victoria says he was mocking me when I was grilling like Victoria you’re such a genius. He’s rude! He was standing right behind me while I was cooking. Like get away from me, I don’t need to do this for you! He’s a competition beast and a genius.
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12:30am Frankie, Caleb and Derrick hammock talk. Derrick says that Donny has not proven he’s a beast in physical competitions. Frankie says we’ve been here before and we voted to evict her. Derrick says we have to talk about things. Frankie says and I do know that Nicole is coming after me. Derrick says but she doesn’t have the votes. Frankie says I know that. Derrick says and Donny could come after us too. He could! He might not come after you but be could come after me and Cody. Frankie says I think he’s toothless. I think Nicole still has fangs. Derrick says we just need to talk about it. If she stayed she would need to beat all of us in the HOH just to be able to put us up. It’s not happening. Derrick says I am open to anything. Caleb says I know if Donny makes it to the final 3 he will win this thing. How many times have we been in this position and not done it! Frankie says 3 times. Caleb says if its not Nicole coming after you, its Donny coming after one of us.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-26 02-55-45-974

12:40pm Nicole talks Derrick and asks if she is okay. She says Cody, Christine and Victoria all said that I’m good. Derrick says you are. Nicole says okay. Derrick says being honest, you and me really have to talk because I heard some things that hurt me when you left. Nicole says that’s what Cody said and we talked it out. Derrick says I heard that you thought Cody and I were master manipulators working everyone in the house. I’m not saying who this stuff came from. I don’t believe everything I hear, I’m not that naive. And then I heard that you and I were working together and I couldn’t be trusted. Derrick says I am just telling you. Still I am keeping you. I am basically tell you to your face. Nicole says I could have said people that you and I were in an alliance and I could have told people the name but I didn’t. Why would I say things if I was still trying to stay. Derrick says maybe you knew you were going. Nicole says if I wanted to blow up your game I could have like with Frankie. Derrick say but that’s not classic BB. When I heard those things I was disappointed. Derrick says bottom line you didn’t come to me and I am still voting to keep you. Nicole says Cody could be telling you what to do. Derrick says Cody isn’t running things, we’re all doing our own thing. Donny needs to go. Derrick says if I win HOH, you’re not who I’m going after. I think its going to be unanimous to keep you.

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1am In the fire room. Derrick talks to Frankie about his conversation with Nicole. It could have all been a stroke job. Derrick says be prepared to say something because I think she is going to talk to everyone. Derrick says I think you’re getting too much resistance on keeping Donny and I don’t want you to hurt yourself. Derrick says I feel like there is a lot of eat it, eat it, and there’s a lot of resistance pushing back. I don’t want it to be Frankie Grande leading the charge. Frankie agrees.

In the hive room – Nicole tells Caleb that she has talked to a few people and has gotten the vibe that she’s staying. So I just wanted to know where you stand. Caleb says you’ve got my vote. Nicole says okay thanks. I just wanted to talk to you and see where your head was at. Caleb says yup, you’re not leaving. Caleb and Nicole leave the room. Caleb then talks to Derrick in the fire room. Derrick asks she talked to you? Caleb says yeah. Derrick says that’s good I’m glad she talked to us. Derrick tells Caleb about his conversation with Nicole. Caleb then tells Derrick about his conversation with Nicole. Frankie and Cody join them. Derrick tells Cody about his conversation with Nicole. Caleb tells Cody about how he thinks Christine is jealous that Nicole is back in the house. That’s why Christine isn’t leaving your side at all. Caleb says at the end of the day I think if Nicole stayed and won HOH she would put Christine up. Cody says I think so too. Frankie says that’s what I think now. That Nicole would put up Christine with one of us. Cody says and Donny would put up two of us. Caleb says if Nicole wins HOH we could just tell her to put up Christine and if she doesn’t we are all coming after her next week when she can’t play for HOH. Cody says if Nicole stays I think we’re all in a better situation. Cody says we just have to make sure Christine doesn’t feel like on the outs.
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Derrick is the one player who is treating this game like a job. He’s working it! Gotta respect that even if he isn’t my most favorite to win.


What makes Donny so favorable? Yea he seems to be a great guy and I feel sorry for him a lot cuz he doesn’t seem to fit with the others but what makes him favorable for great game play?


Donny is a great game player because he is smart. He had things figured out almost from the beginning. The problem is the cast he was thrown together with are some of the most gullible, stupid people I have ever seen in BB history. The only reason Derrick is so successful is because no one is challenging him. Most of them are not even considering putting him up because he is such a “nice guy”. They are lazy. They actually are letting him make their decisions because they are too lazy to do it themselves. If Derrick was playing in any other season he would be called out a long time ago. In this kind of environment Donny does not stand a chance. You have to have at least half a brain to work with him and there seems to be a serious shortage on that score!


Total hogwash about Donny knowing what was happening in the game. He stupidly sided with Zach and Cody after learning about the Bomb Squad because of his idiotic idea that Caleb and Devin were the ones controlling the house. So Devin gets evicted and nothing changes. Then Caleb falls out of favour and still nothing changes. And yet dopey Donny still thinks that Zach, Cody and Derrick are the ones to be trusted. What a fool he is.


Have you even watched this season? Donny has been on to them since very early on thats why he tried working with Nichole and hayden but that backfired because nichole blindly trusted derrick like an idiot. Donny has said several times that he doesn’t trust derrick and that derrick is controlling everyone just nobody listens. Only reason he tried to trust cody and zach is because they would be the easiest to sway and really had nothing to lose at that point. Donny’s biggest problem was that no body would go against the big alliance. Donny is no fool thats for sure.

Derrick is not an All Star

Yeah, gotta disagree a bit here.
Derrick may be playing good in some ways, but he is way to personal in others. Lots of things that he has done have been way overboard and really vindictive. I think his wife is gonna have a few things to say to him when he gets home too! I think she is going to have something to say to him when he tries to use the excuse that his stroking Victoria was :”just a job” HA!!!
So like someone else said, saying that Derrick is playing a real game is like saying that Christine has a real marriage.


How about some examples to back up that claim.


Live feedsters are the ones that see these examples. Frankly, they are too numerous to mention. I used to be a Derrick fan. Not anymore as I saw many of these instances. I guess the commenter took issue with Derricks behavior much as I did.


I think Cody & Christine are the one who will be embarrassed. Victoria should be embarrassed but she is not smart enough to see how bad she played.
Derrick has played a great game. I personally root for the underdog so he his not one of my favorites.


Derrick runs the house without anyone knowing he is! That in itself is a great game move. Donny is smart. He has known from the beginning who’s working with who and he is the only one that asked Derrick if he is a cop. He knows what’s up.
Victoria is pathetic as hell. Is it possible that Donny wanted to see how you were making HIS tofu since you were grilling it for all the have-nots? She can’t think for herself.


Not true, they actually know he’s running it and just don’t care. They’ve relinquished all mental faculties and are instead being managed by Derrick. The other night in the HOH room Cody, Christine and Frank were in their usual entangled positions in the HOH bed discussing Derrick and how he is a control freak. Apparently it became more obvious with that stupid BB Broadway performance. They all said he (Derrick) wasn’t into it because he didn’t initiate the idea or wasn’t in control of it.

They discussed it in such a matter-of-fact way that let’s me know,even though they were slightly miffed,they didn’t mind being controlled. Tell me, who wouldn’t take advantage of that for $500K?


I don’t think it was Derrick they were referring to about not being involved in the play because he didn’t initiate it. I think that statement was for Caleb. But still I can’t stand Derrick.


Nah! A great game play trio would be Rob (Survivor), Derrick and Donny on any of the reality game shows. Folks are trying to defend Donny, but the reality is he’s waited too long to start playing the game. This was another great season for a house-divided. Donny, the divorced mom chick (forgot her name), and Hayden should have been the driving forces for the other side. They missed their opportunity, and I cannot blame Derrick’s great game play for that.


Sorry you’re wrong. Only Donny knows Derrick is running things. That statement was about caleb bc he was in a bad mood bc it wasn’t his big idea.


Caleb was not mad. He is trying to figure out what to do about the outside people saying Frankie was the sabatour. It has him worried sick because he thought Frankie was trustworthy.


Could not stand watching Victoria and Christine last night on BBAD talking about how much of a jerk Donny is…..these two and Cody are in for a rude awakening when they leave the house. I hope Christine is booed the way Arryn was, cheater, liar, bitch…..Cody is such a LOSER, cannot stand watching him. Production needs to give him a shot of testosterone and see if he could possibly grow a pair…Frankie is more manly than Cody.

Karmic Due

Derrick is not going to win……so all of you Derrick fans prepare yourselves.
Hope they zoom in on his face when he gets evicted. Then Julie Chen can ask him, “So Derrick, what do you think AMERICA thinks of you now?”
Can’t wait!!


Honestly, Brittney was the few girls who definitely didn’t want Cody’s attention, the way these guys talk about all these girls being so “thirsty” is getting on my nerves, as if they’re hot stuff and the girls are just dogs in heat.


These assholes are so smug, it’s sickening. How Simon & Dawg can sit through this crap is beyind me!


I agree… I love reading about BB on this site, but no way in hell I could stomach watching these people… haven’t even watched all the shows on CBS this season. In previous years I’d be upset if I missed a show and this year not a single fuck has been given about missing one on TV


I strongly agree with Gigi. I watched 20 minutes of Sunday’s show. The Detonators were all huddled in a room as one of the group would ‘innocently’ walk into the kitchen and check on Nicole and Donny. They would return to the group and report that Nicole and Donny are whispering to each other !!!!! What excitement and drama.
I turned off the TV.

Beware of Crows

Assault with a pickle! He already nailed Amber in the face with a pillow (while she was asleep). Time to toss Caleb out of the house for “violence” and let both Donny & Nicole stay. Yep, sounds fair to me.

pants on fire

Smug is an understatement!! They have a gang mentality…they even threaten people if they don’t do what they want them to do. So tired of it!! I swear if Nicole wins HOH (if she indeed stays), she will wake up with a horses head in her bed!!


Caleb does like to remind us of what a major dolt he is. Like the several times he’s said we’ll gang up on Nicole and threaten her to put up Victoria and Christine or we’ll come after her next week. Obviously she knows you’re coming after her regardless, Derrick has already said this to you.


Well. I guess the plan to save Donny isn’t gonna work. Poor Donny. For once, can’t a honest person just win this game? Do you have to be dirty to win? Whether he gets evicted or not, he is still the best to me. And what’s the problem with Victoria. First it was Devin scaring her, then Zach, then Amber, at a point Caleb, Frankie, now Donny. She is the worst thing that ever happened to this game. She has problem with whoever the house wants to vote out. When you are the target, then she hates you like hell. She goes with the house but takes it too far. If the house say oh we don’t want Victoria here she will be her own enemy. Crazy bitch. She doesn’t even talk sense. She desperately wants to be laid by Derrick. Very delusional bitch.


I am very skeptical that there ever was a sincere plan to keep Donny. I just think Frankie and Donny got the vibe from production. Did their 10 seconds of trying to save Donny for the cameras to keep their image intact to the viewers. I just don’t buy it. Their past behavior shows to me they play to the cameras constantly. IMO. Hope I’m wrong and Donny stays.


I feel I’m being manipulated by Derrick. If he wants to save Donny, easy peasy. So simple. He could spend a lot of time with Nicole and in Victoria’s presence say how great and pretty she is.

I think Frankie genuinely wants to save Donny because he’s safer with Donny than Nicole. I really don’t think Frankie is a good manipulator – everyone sees it coming. Whereas Derrick has been on one man mission from get go to getting Donny out and Donny’s a schemer campaign. It’s just now he’s back paddling to rewrite history where Donny is concerned. He wants us to believe the story he’s selling. Just like when Derrick was saying nice stuff about Zach when he realized that Zach was very popular. I read where Derrick said he hated Zach and wanted to do bodily harm.

I think Nicole has a much better shot realigning the house than Donny. People like her and Donny just isn’t like by them.

Derrick is not an All Star

Yes, exactly right. Derrick is just playing the cameras and trying to look good so his popularity does not continue to tank. Frankie sees saving Donny as a better move but Derrick aint gonna allow it to happen. Derrick has been gunning against Donny since Day 1…..used Devin and Caleb to try to smear Donny right from the start.
Not falling for Derricks BS anymore, I have seen too much.


I think derrick and Frankie are “trying” or “tried” for Donny for a favorable edit. They know he’s a popular player. But I don’t think they can push too hard BC they have been trying to get Donny out basically since the season started. If they keep him now the other brainless HGS might actually catch on and wonder why. They should IMO be more fearful of Nicole even tho I think even derrick could control her hoh (smh) Nicole better get her revenge on Christine and play w some balls if she stays. She already has bigger ones than lame brain Cody. Also Donny may be ragging on these idiots but it least he has the gall to do it to their faces

mr ed

She was close to stroking his third leg until Nic walked in !!! What a slut ! Wish they could put a muzzle on that dickwwad Fakie for awhile.His act is fucken irratating at best. What a jerk!!!


Frankie for the win!

Skerry Sherry

Third leg? When wearing tight pants Cody resembles a Ken doll. His package is probably the size of a light switch to match his raisin sized balls. No third leg for him.


Google Cody’s underwear modeling ads there’s more going on down there than that………


Ever do a photo shoot? Get a good stylist with props. Then with tons of retouching anything is possible, even in Cody’s case.

Cody's crotch

Embarrassed to say on my underwear shoots they stuff the underwear to make it look like I have something. Now my panty shoots they don’t do anything cause I actually have a vagina.


cody’s no light switch. he may not have much upstairs; everything he’s done in the game has been for someone else’s benefit, but going by his blurred shower door image, his pkg seems decent and modeling pics are proof enough that his butt is awesome! #ImJustSayin

Cody's Camel Toe

Who wants to see my HOH room? Oh look guys, my mom sent a package!


I will die laughing when Nicole wins HOH and puts up Derrick and Cody ?….That’s who she said were her targets anyway. I hope she sticks to her guns. If not, then she does deserve to go. GO NICOLE!


I have my doubts with Nicole putting up Derrick and Cody. She easily swayed unless she has support or someone in her ear. This types of personalities are a little much for her to deal with clearly without help. But that would be the funniest thing all season if that happened with major kudos.


Sounds weird but Nicole putting up Derrick and Cody could actually be good for Derricks game (in a way). Derrick would no question stay over Cody, he has that set up already (seeds planted and germinated). For Derrick to win the money I have always thought Cody can’t be at the end. What better way to get rid of Cody, is let Nicole do the dirty work. Then Nicole goes home next week, most likely by Frankie.


“For once, can’t a honest person just win this game? Do you have to be dirty to win?”

I take it you’ve never seen any of these types of shows before, right? How would a “honest” person win this type of social game?

One Word



Well that is exactly my point. It’s not about if I have not seen previous seasons. If all past seasons ‘dishonest’ people have won, for once let a honest person win. It should be able to make people see that honesty does pay.

Donny's Report Card from Vic

He literally called Cody stupid – D for literally using literally incorrectlyness
He’s rude, he says stuff to Cody all day long – C for wasting your breathlyness
Nicole says he has been more rowdy – B for not being suck dynastylyness
Victoria says he was mocking me – A for crow load capacitylyness
like Victoria you’re such a genius – A+ for JAP intelligence capacitylyness
He’s rude! He was standing right behind me – A++ for cockblocking Derricklyness
He’s a competition beast and a genius – A+++ for a country boy can survivelyness


I like Donny and I feel like he was put at an unfair advantage with a house of toddlers. I think in a house with more free thinkers and fewer lemmings he would have done a lot better because he is great at reading people (and he wasn’t even trained like Derrick). With that being said, Donny has lied. Minor lies maybe, but he has lied, you have to in this game. The other annoying thing are the people who say the love Donny for his integrity but then are yelling at production to save him. Do they not see how hypocritical that is??? If you love Donny for his integrity then have some integrity yourself!
Also I think Nicole has just as much integrity as Donny does and I give her a lot more credit for sticking to her integrity at such a young age. She is the only young 20 yr old in the house to stand up for others and to play an honest as possible game. It takes a lot more strength to go against peers of your own age in house full of people with the mind set of middleschoolers mob mentality than if you are older and wiser like Donny.


Ummm she actually doesn’t stick to her guns and is easily swayed. I like Nicole but she becomes a bitch when she’s around Vic or Chris. It’s like their personality infects her. And Um please recall last time Donny and Nicole were on the block how she was nasty during her campaign to save herself and made up lies about Donny and threw him UTB. Come on. Get your facts straight.


When has she not stuck to her guns? She backs down when she talks but her actions have always been true to what she originally says. Other than at the beginning of the game she hasn’t been nasty.. and even when she was saying mean things about the other girls she always said “no they are good, nice people but they drive me nuts.” If you are referring to the convo last night with her and Vic about Donny she didn’t become nasty. She didn’t defend him but rather played dumb.. but she also didn’t bad mouth him at all.
What nasty comments/lies about Donny are you referring to? Yes she campaigned against Donny and did throw him under the bus a little, but she could have completely ruined his game and she didn’t. Everything Derr knows about Donny came from Donny telling Cody and Chris things last week. When she campaigned to Cody 2 weeks ago she did say Chris and Cody are Donny’s targets.. then Cody said really, he said my name? And she blatantly said no he never actually said your name but I can assume by the way he was talking… which was true.
And you don’t think Donny trying to use the TA task to evict Nic over him this week wasn’t dirty?? Donny didn’t campaign last week because he knew he was safe.. as soon as he found out this week his actions were no better than Nic’s. And to be honest I don’t blame either of them, they are fighting for their lives in this game.


I think something is going on between Derrick and Victoria. If I were Derrick’s wife we would have a serious talk before he came home. That is so disrespectful to her. It makes my skin crawl to see them touch each other the way they do. If they do this in front of camera what do they do when there are no cameras around. ” Just saying “




Must be George, posting under a different name…


All this hype about saving Donny is probably going to be just another let down. Derrick’s said “Donny’s going home” too many times now and everyone’s down with it. But it is Derrick after all and these dumba$$ sheep may fall back into his spell. Hell, he got everyone to change their vote to keep Zach in 10 minutes. Something like this will give this $hitty season some hope and ALL US DONNY FANS CHEERING. Pray for Donny!
TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is it just me or does Victoria have tiny unshapely teeth? Its like she’s been chewing rocks her whole life


Send us your dental chart and let us take a look. In the meantime keep up the insightful comments.


Best comment of the season!!!


She is just hard to look at and listen to.


Donny has been a good dog. It’s time for the house to end his misery “Old Yeller” style and send him to the stress free doggy heaven of the jury house.


Seriously, I really don’t understand why most of the people on this board root for Donny. Yes he is a nice guy and I am sure he could use the money but he brings zero entertainment value to the game at this point. He has zero social game and he isn’t particularly funny (although I don’t watch feeds). He sees himself as a spectator of the game, he’s not playing it but rather he is watching Frankie and Derrick’s show. Most people who like Donny would hate Dr. Will, who was lying, manipulating and being cocky to other houseguests.

Derrick is a top5 player of all time. Frankie is a top25 player of all time. It is not their fault if the other houseguests are a bunch of idiots and offer no opposition. Donny is only piggybacking team america at this point and he deserves to go. 1000$ per week in stipends is close to twice as much as he probably makes being a groundskeeper.


You said ” It is not their fault if the other houseguests are a bunch of idiots and offer no opposition. ”

You said it yourself. How can you call this entertainment? That is like saying it would be entertaining to watch a professional hockey team play against your local street hockey team. It might be for a couple of mins but after that you would soon be questioning why you were watching. At least when Donny is there he takes Derrick and Cody down a notch. He reminds them that they are not fooling everyone and it is hilarious to watch Derrick’s reaction especially when Donny has no one. It is also interesting to watch Donny tell these people what’s up and their refusing to see the truth. This is really the only reason I continue to watch. I cant wait to see their reaction when they realize Donny was telling them the truth the whole time.


Your statement doesn’t really make sense. How can DerPrick be top-five player of all time when you state that his competition was lame?? That doesn’t make sense! I would like to see him with some All-Stars and then see if he’s any good. Remember there really hasn’t been a battle of two teams this year. It’s been one big alliance killing off the non-alliance.

It’s like saying a pro tennis player ranked 400 in world is a top five player because he can beat everyone on the Junior Circuit. ( I guess it’s obvious I’m watching the US open right now. Lol)


Your answer can be broken down by two key things that Nick said. “I don’t understand blah blah blah although I don’t watch the live feeds”. That pretty much sums up that you can’t put too much validity into what this person says. It’s like watching the sports highlights of a game then trying to have an opinion on which team played the best.


We root for Donny because they isolate him, belittle him, and are just plain mean. There is game play and there is just bullying and that is what this group is doing. They are a bunch of bullies. Donny is someone that you know in the outside world is a good person. While viewing the stalker, the girls who nobody ever wanted to date, the unneutered dog troll doll, the guy who touches every girl, and the trained detective (who really shouldn’t be able to play this game because of that) – Donny is what is good in that house. We feel for him. We hate to see people who are so ugly on the inside and out get away with what they are. There should of been a penalty to Caleb and Christine for their blatant cheating in the BOB that Donny had to win himself. I will always root for the one who is being treated poorly. I know I am not alone.


Why is it unfair for a detective to play BB but it’s ok for the brother of one of the most popular pop stars to play and they give him 75 percent of the play time.(knowing he will get her fans votes for a.f.p.) what’s unfair is guarantee Evil Sick the win if he would do the show(he bragged about it on one of his nightly talks when he was in the house)


Derrick is a cop. He has been trained to manipulate and interrogate people. Yes, that is an unfair advantage. I also think it’s unfair when veteran houseguests are put in with newbies. And Frankie, well if he wins America’s Favorite it isn’t that different than when Elisa won it for being Rachel’s sister. All Brenchel’s fans voted for her. If the pop stars fans do the same we cannot control that.


I personally feel like Donny has earned his stay in the game. He’s been an outsider from day one simply because he is a little different and doesn’t resort to high school tactics. He’s also not a drone and is capable of making decisions for himself, and is hands down one of the most observant HG’s in the game. His downfall has been his utter lack of a social game, but given the circumstances I don’t know that there is anything he could have done differently to improve his social game. The house pretty much painted him as a pariah in week two and anyone who he’s tried to get close to since has been painted as a target themselves. He’s had to fight for his super and up to this point he’s done a pretty damn good job of it.
Derrick on the other hand has been coasting exclusively on his social game. People give him a lot of credit for being a “master manipulator” and at first I thought “wow he’s good”, but in hindsight now I am not so sure he hasn’t just laid low and gotten lucky. We think that it is Derrick that has made things happen in the house, but it’s more like, Derrick has a good read on the house and goes with whatever they really want to do. His whole game revolves around the fact that he has not presented himself as a threat to anyone and has chosen to align himself with the weakest player in the house. In the long run, he’s no different than Cody. Neither of them have chosen to make any real moves, they have both gone after the easy targets when in power. Top 5 player of all time? Yeah don’t think so. Best position for the win this year, sure.


Derrick is not a nice person and I hope he doesn’t win. Anyone who has watched the live feeds has seen Derrick for who he is. His game has been ok, but nothing to write home about. Donny could have been better but Derrick made it hard on Donny the whole season. Nothing wrong with playing the game but Donny deserved the same amount of help that Derrick and Frankie got from production and he got almost none. Funny how everyone is whining about production helping Donny now when he has been solo almost the whole season and has won comps and contests by himself. You have to admire that.
That is why I am still TEAMDONNY!!!


Lol I like both Donny and dr will . That’s a dumb comment. Derrick is a top 25 player, not top 5. Frankie isn’t even on the radar as a top player. He isn’t good at all. He’s made no moves and doesn’t see Derrick as a threat. He’s blinded by his desire to find stardom in the bb house. And it’s easy for Derrick to manipulate with the type of people cast.

Who Are These People

If you don’t watch the feeds then you have no idea of what these people are like. Seriously.


It’s called rooting for the Underdog, Nick. Nothing much to understand. Happens all the time.

At the end of Caz's day.....

I don’t get to watch the show I was hoping for….Donny, Nicole, Zach and Derrick fighting it out in the final 4…
Derrick: Dislike his personality but I respect he is playing the game and has worked hard to secure a lap dog (Cody), sex-free mistress (Victoria) and loyal soldier (Caleb).
Zach: totally miss him stirring the otherwise boring stew of season 15.
Nicole: I need one strong woman to cheer for and she is the best I have….her genuine friendships with Hayden and Donny make up for her lack of gameplay. She found wisdom just a little too late in the game.
Donny: I was sold when I saw him wearing his NC State tshirt….my alma mater is a perennial underdog and I wanted to cheer the old dog on to a win….a la Jimmy Valvano….”never ever give up!”


I really don’t see why they brought Nic back, she’s a useless drone just like the rest. Won’t make any big moves given the opportunity. Maybe they will create a new alliance with her and call it the “Last Minute Alliance”. Oh, by the way, everybody is in it but Donny.


You must be watching a different show than I am because as far as I can tell Nicole is the ONLY person to have any balls in this game.. including Derrick. If it weren’t for the dumb BOB this year her first target would have been Caleb, her second was Zach, and her third was Frankie. All relatively big players. By the way if you can’t count that is 3 HOH wins, more than most of the other HGs. She couldn’t go after Caleb because of the format of BOB. She went after Zach and almost had him out but then production persuaded Derr to keep him. She also would have had Frankie out but production interfered with Caleb trying to throw the competition by telling him once he said he was sitting out he couldn’t change his mind after the comp started.
What big play has Derrick made? Drawing skittles to see who would go on the block so he didn’t have to get his hands dirty?? What big play has Frankie done… getting Amber out?? Yes because Amber was such a strong player. Yes he got Zach out, but although Zach is a loveable guy he wasn’t that big of a threat at that point in time. When Nic tried to get him out he was a big threat to her game because he was part of the majority alliance.
So please tell me how Nic is a useless player. If you are buying that she is trusting Cody and Derr again then you are as gullible as they are.


Lol nicole really doesn’t have balls. She is easily manipulated and second guesses herself. Hayden would have stirred the pot more coming back. And Donny has the biggest balls bc he goes against Derrick and would out him up if he won hoh .


Yes I agree Nic second guesses herself a lot.. but she has never changed her moves because of it. Donny has bigger balls? Do you not forget Donny did win an HOH and who did he target… Caleb. Secondly I would like to know what she was supposed to do once Hayden left. She knew the entire house was against her. She lost her cool and went off on Chris and Frankie making it near impossible to realign with them. She did try to rebuild trust with Chris. And as for Derr and Cody if you recall that week she had a convo with Donny saying “I don’t trust Derr and Cody at all”. But because she didn’t blow up their games when Hayden left she felt like she would have a better chance getting on their side. It was a smart move when she had so very few options.

Roisen Dubh

Nicole’s getting a lot of love now because everyone wants her to flip the house, but you and I know that she’s a dingbat. I haven’t forgotten that she was one of the mean girls. If she was everything that Wake-Up wants her to be, a Donny, Hayden, Nicole alliance would’ve already started. Donny told her to dummy up around Derrick because he’s the brains and what does she do 2 minutes later? She goes running to Derrick. Sorry man, she’s a dingbat.


Maybe if you paid more attention you would think differently… I did admit she made some nasty comments in the beginning, but that has nothing to do with gameplay. I also agree with you that Hayden and Donny have a lot of influence on her, but my argument was against Derr controlling her. Also, my point was Donny had this information and never did anything with it, especially when he was HOH with Nicole. About the Donny, Hayden, Nic alliance… Donny trusted Hayden a lot more than NIc (mainly because Nic put Donny on the block), but Hayden talked to Nic about Donny wanting to form an alliance with the three of them and Nic said YES, do it!, multiple times by the way.. but Hayden decided it would be better not too because he was already in too many alliances and didn’t want to get caught. Also Nic knows Der is running the show and that is why she approached Der and if you watch the feeds you will notice how great it worked out for her. Earlier in the day Der was pushing for Nic to go next… an hour after their conversation he was telling the live feeders that he was targeting Chris. So yea, Nic’s a dingbat… whatever. (Side note, I do appreciate the banter back and forth).

Roisen Dubh

Nicole’s a dingbat. She could’ve been the power player, but was to scared and let Derrick take control. Even when they tossed Hayden, she still went running back to Derrick. If she wins HOH and put up Derrick and Cody, I might change my opinion for her, but until then, she’s a dingbat.


How did she let Derr take control? In her first HOH yes, but that was strategy.. she even said she didn’t want to stay HOH because she didn’t want to show her cards that early in the game. As for the second HOH her target was Zach and Derr had no influence on her going after Zach. Her third HOH her target was Frankie… once again Derr did not make up her mind on that. Yes she let Derr run the plan of Caleb/Zach throwing the comp but her goal never changed. In fact Derr wanted Zach to be the person to throw it because I am assuming if something went wrong that would leave him the option of getting Zach out.. but Nicole said NO.


Oh and PS if Derr controls Nic so much, why is he so threatened by her?

Roisen Dubh

The same Derrick that thinks Donny is a nobel peace prize winning, top government spy and assassin on Sundays? LOL!


I agree, I used to think she was putting on an act too, but she’s too good of an actress if that’s the case. I know one other person that would buy what Derrick is selling too, the person who thinks Dingbat is NOT useless.


Well said! Nicole made all the big moves and that is why everyone is after her. If Cody would stop admiring himself long enough to play the game he would have realized he could have put up a big player and removed a potential threat to his game. He’s just a lemming doing whatever he is told although I am pretty impressed with him putting his foot down with Frankie about Donny staying over Nicole. As much as I think Cody is a tool – he might be starting to wake up – not sure though. His brother was on After Buzz TV and told everyone Cody’s game was to go into the house and just flirt with everyone to get everyone to like him. Not sure if that is really working for him.


It’s better for Donny to go to jury and enjoy staying there because he ain’t gonna win bb16 so he should have some time off these a**holes. I want Derrick to win so these idiots know that they have being played by Derrick all summer and they’re a bunch of idiots.

Big Jim

Unfortunately his lack of a social game did him in hell of a guy though


Nahh he is just surrounded by ignorant 20 year olds.

The Truth

Geezus. Enough with this excuse!

The average age of the HGs left in this house (excluding Donny) is 25.14 years. The average age of the HGs left in F8 in BB8 (excluding Dick) was also 25.14 years.

The difference, of course, is that Dick had a real social game. He stayed up late as part of the LNC; he was also the first to rise every morning. No one talked game or made decisions without Dick being aware of those conversations or decisions. Donny has been left out not because he’s with “ignorant” 20-year-olds, but because he is on the same routine as he was on outside the house. And, in this house, everything happens after midnight.

If you want to win 500K, you gotta be able to adapt. In this game of survival of the fittest, Donny loses.


There’s validity to your statement. For as long as I can remember BB has trended young(er) people because that’s really the demograhics they are going after (from an audience/advertising revenue perspective). I’m sure Donny knew this if he’s watched any season so he should’ve been prepared to make adjustments to his outside life routines to fit within the BB house.

The other thing is he’s really not as old (chronologically) as he seems to be. However,realistically people are tribal and they either stick with people they want to be like or with people who are much like themselves already. So Donny did start off with that disadvantage. Let’s just say he didn’t do much to dispel it either.

He’s an interesting character who is not at all what he appears to be at first glance. I think he would easily match most of the HGs wit for wit. Well at least those with SOME wits. Too bad his chances are slim to none of surviving this week.

Countdown to the Merciful End of BB16

29 DAYS LEFT !!!


Christ! There’s still that many?


Donny may have a chance. This house changes almost as often as Victoria does her make up.

Just a Con Job

I think Derrick and Frankie acting like they would try to save Donnie was just a con job to get on America’s good side. The DR may have hinted how much America loved Donny and wouldn’t look good that the two of them worked to get out another member of TA voted out. So Frankie and Derrick put of this big show of trying to sway people, knowing that we are watching and will post about it, then they can say see America we tried to get the house to keep him….I say BULL! A few hours of acting like you are trying to save him doesn’t equal the week upon week that we have seen you trying so hard to turn people against him and get him out.

Beware of Crows

That was my thought too. I mean, when is the last time that Derrick’s wishes weren’t obeyed in that house? Neither Derrick or Frankie are really trying to save Donny. And both of them are smart enough to understand that it’s good to please the viewers. Derrick is constantly pandering to the viewers via the cameras and his DR sessions. His DR line of “It may look like I’m trying to get Donny out but that’s really not what I want” is a major crock. Derrick is a slick, calculated character. He even (admittedly) altered his appearance to fit in with the younger houseguests. As much as I would love to see him taken out, I got to give the guy credit for his game.


The operative words they were using was if America wants a show, we will give them a good show. I also think they were trying to manipulate America into believing they would try to keep America’s favorite.. Donny. As soon as Donny is gone, it will be BORING again right up to the finale. The finale will be the only episode really worth watching.

Derrick also really started playing Victoria after the comments about giving a good show. Victoria really is a dimwit and definitely looking for some ACTION from a married man. Derrick better be careful. She is as looney as they come. She is the kind of dingbat that will believe he will leave his wife for her and could be as creepy as Caleb was to Amber. She has already stated that she would physically hurt Christine if she tries to get Derrick out of the house. That should be a red flag to Derrick to get Vic out NEXT!!

Perhaps 90 days is way too long in the BB house for some of these kids. FANTASY becomes their REALITY.


The problem is that production will paint them as nice guys during the actual shows. Since most viewers do not go to the blogs, live feeds, etc. they will think that Skankie and Piggy are nice guys. That is what is sad about it.


That’s just what I thought too! Thanks for summing up my feelings toward the conjob that Derrick is trying to pull on the fans.


Not buying it either. Plus. they only need to tell Victoria how to vote and they would have the three needed. Oh forgot, it has to be a unanimous house vote.


NASTY BOBBLEHEAD – Is it just me or does Victoria’s diary room sessions drive you crazy too?!?


It’s just you.

Detonate 'Em

George, it’s obvious from your posts that you are a fan of Victoria. Perhaps you are a family member or a friend. If you do know her personally, please help her once she is out of the house. I am not going to list all of her issues that are on full display for all of us to see, but this is a young woman who needs to build confidence in herself. Being in that house certainly has not helped her. There are many who pick on her relentlessly. That is not what I am doing here. I respect your support for her and hope that if you do know her that you will do more than just welcome her home.


Oh it’s not just you! Her voice-it makes me want to drive a ice pick in my ear! She is so cocky! Why I don’t know! She acts like she is part of the “group”. Silly stupid girl.


Please go ahead with the icepick. You deserve it! Send us some photos.

George and Victoria, Sitting in a Tree

Maybe George is that older guy who wants Vic so badly. The one she’s always bringing up.


One thing I really give Derrick credit for is having the patience to coddle that wart constantly.


If derrick did swear on his wife it would have to be ONE HELLUVA BIG SWEAR. Like a 320 pound swear. Haha sorry couldnt resist

You must be 14

You realize the woman had a baby, right?


Yes but she clearly took ALL of the food out of her daughters mouth.

SORRY! Couldnt resist again.


Such witty comments. You’re a new Oscar Wilde.


I think Derrick manipulated her into giving him a baby. And she agreed right after he broke her nose.


You’re really going to make fun of Derrick’s wife because she’s overweight? Classy. Maybe in your world women just bounce back to supermodel measurements soon after giving birth but that’s not how it works for most women, kiddo.

Kyle14 Roxit

Well, I’d like to make fun of Derrick because his wife is overweight & he claims to need $500,000 for groceries. LIKE WHAT?


I agree he shouldn’t make fun of his wife’s weight but I gotta say that her weight is more than pregnancy weight. She’s a big women. It doesn’t all come from just having a baby

Derricks backseat

Leave Derricks wife alone. Come on , she is innocent.
I mean she has suffered enough already cause she is married to Derrick and his stinky feet and then she has had to watch her husband molest a young girl on national TV just to win money.
I feel sorry for her.


Lol wowww get your facts straights. Derrick isn’t molesting Vic. If anything Vic is molesting him. She is the one who initiates contact with him and has a huge crush on him. Derrick plays his part to keep her attached to him but come on it’s silly to say that Derrick is into victoria. He thinks of her as an annoying little sister with the mental capacity of a toddler.

Derricks Backseat

You must be a guy because you clearly don’t see how Derrick touches and teases her. Do you watch the live feeds? Probably not. If you do, then you clearly self-edit what you see
Next thing out of your mouth is that Victoria is asking for it because she dresses provocatively.
Did you happen to also see how he manipulates her emotionally? Yeah, real classy married man.
He is CHOOSING to act the way he us. He’s the married one.
Game over.

Donny and Nicole supporter

Wow I don’t care for Derrick , but no need to personally attack his wife!


It’s incredible how people on here make fun of Christine’s husband and nothing is said. But Derricks wife must be the exception. I don’t find any humor making fun of people by their looks.


And yet you guys judge the people in the house. These comments are just as bad as anything said in that house.

Detonate 'Em

Keep family members out of it. You’re outtabounds, dude.

Skerry Sherry

Christine is a lock for America’s skerriest player.

Christine go home

Christine gives marriage a bad name! Get a divorce before you whore around. Her poor husband should definitely serve her with divorce papers when she gets home! She was more concerned with what her pastor thinks than how her husband is going to view things. Does she really attend church? What’s skerry is she is supposedly religious!!!!


Watching BBAD, Christine trying to peel a potato I’m guessing the girl doesn’t cook much.

Detonate 'Em

Your comment is funny about Christine trying to peel that potato! I was thinking the same thing! She doesn’t cook; she doesn’t clean. But she laughs non-stop!


Thought the same thing about Christine not cooking, or maybe she isn’t allowed to use sharp objects. What about Victoria making the stuffed mushrooms? Patted the stuffing down with her fingers, licked them, then repeated. Gross!


I don’t understand how they couldn’t still have the votes to keep Donny. Derrick, Frankie and Victoria vs. Christine and Caleb. Victoria will do whatever Derrick says. IDK. Maybe for Donny’s sanity it would be better for him to get out of that Hell hole. At any rate, Thursday night I will be watching for Donny. I have to say that Cody is just as gross as Frankie and Christine. Quit feeling people up! Christine, I hope your husband is smart enough to see that you are actually crushing on Cody, and this is not just game. Frankie, quit humping everyone like an unneutered dog. Cody, your constant flirting actually makes you look desperate – especially when it is with someone as gross as Christine. I also find it sad that Amber was stalked by Creep Mode Cowboy and wound up evicted because she wasn’t into being stalked by a psycho. This season is twisted alright!

Adam in Rhode Island

I think Derrick is the real psycho…..he creeps me out and most of the people who watch the feeds know just what I mean.


I agree, Derrick is one delusional dude… He fits in perfectly with this crew. Really, Derrick get REAL; Brittany wanted YOU to “smash” her. HELL, even your own WIFE wouldn’t believe that one. Pathetic twit – dream on doughnut cop.

Victoria hates Donny

no way she would keep him


Derrick has Victoria on lock and she knows he has kept her in the game. Yeah she would vote the way Derrick would tell her to. She has not ever went against him. After all, he is taking her to the end.


Derrick pretty much told Caleb this. He said you couldn’t blame anyone for taking her to the end because they know they can beat her.


Christine is nasty, the night after the play, the way she was eyeing Cody up and down, smiling and that stupid 13 year old giggling at everything.


Well, that turned out to be a big nothing! Now back to our regularly scheduled boring, narcissistic nothing of a week.

Christine's tits says

Unlike my owner I am actually pretty nice! I am all natural, very perky, I can “stand” on my own without a lot of support from others. I get a bad rap because my owner is A) dead from the neck up, B) flat from the ass down, C) a discusting pig with a big nose always full of snot, D) not a very nice person (that is putting it lightly) and E) a shameless tart who will prostitute herself (and allow strangers to paw ME!) for $.

Please BB fans do not let this reflect on me personally. I am really very nice. I just wish I had someone else to carry me around!

Cody's Cock says

You are right, you are very nice. I would be all up in you myself if A) I had any balls below me to work with, B) I wasn’t already busy packing Frankie’s fudge and C) I wasn’t scared that your owners husband would kick me in my man pussy and embarrass me on finale night making me cry like the little bitch I am 🙁

I also fear your owners cock is much bigger then me! That is why I like Frankie and his little clitty. It makes me feel like a real man!


You need help from a mental health professional.

Cody's Cock says

Duh! thank-you George. I will take that under advisement and check with the warden to see if I can get out of my cell. Meanwhile you are welcome to STROKE me. You need not worry about cleaning up after me, Derrick is holding my balls until the show is over!

Thanks for holding me 🙂 Judging by your grasp of the “situation” you are a true pro…………………………. jerk-off


Glad my suggestion hit so close to home. Please tell the warden it’s an emergency. God bless!


Funny how Frankie and Derrick both say they would never swear on their families but neither had any problem exploiting the deaths of their grandfathers (especially Frankie)


Frankie exploits anything that brings attention to him. Derrick didn’t exploit his grandfathers death, except to gain Frankie’s trust back.. but not with the others. Maybe production will finally tell Nicole about her uncle’s death and she could use it to her advantage too (not that she ever would).

Memory serves me

Derrick manipulated Jacosta. She did a service fir his grandfather and she prayed with him personally just before he orchestrated evicting her.
He also used it for sympathy with Victiria and allowed her to comfort him
He also used it to disarm Nichole and talked game with her about it
He’s no better than Frankie and is now becoming my mist hated player.

Delilah Jones

Why does everything that comes out of Victoria’s mouth have to be so hate – filled? More importantly, why has she not played the game? I thought she was one of the “fans” of the show this season. The only thing I am seeing from her is gossip, jealousy and snide diary room sessions. No game play, whatsoever. I am all for lying, cheating, backstabbing, etc.. but Victoria’s hate comes from a different place.
Speaking of Victoria, should she find herself in the final 3 with Derrick, I do not care who else is up there with them, Derrick is taking Victoria to the final 2, if it is his decision to make.
And, speaking of Derrick.. We all know he has been playing the best game, and it is his game to lose.. One of the problems I have with him is the fact that he has been trying to get Donny out for weeks now, yet he lies in the Diary Room, claiming he has tried to keep him safe. He is a self proclaimed live feeder! He should realize we see his every move.. I guess I wish he would just own up to the fact that he is not really all about Team America. It’s okay, Derrick.. we are not all about Team America either!


Victoria is America’s version of Sabrina from BBCanada season 2. The only difference is Sabrina was playing the game (at least in the beginning), but she couldn’t win a comp to save her life. Guess what? She was always on the block, but never went home. She was a bit more gross than Victoria IMO. She was in the final 2. Yeah, pretty predictable.


I agree completely. I don’t know what casting was thinking when they picked her. Well honesty I don’t know what they were thinking when they picked a lot of these mindless crazies but at least I get the point that a lot of them prob looked good on paper when they were cast. But victoria I just don’t get. There is no way casting could ever have been impressed with her. My Hess is they were thinking wow this girl is so stupid and high maintenance that she’ll make great tv. Wrong!! Victoria is really just a nasty, immature girl. And btw she has admitted she has onky watched bb Israel. She has never seen the American version!

The Snortmeister

I think Victoria was cast for reasons of cultural diversity, but she’s just not very likable. She’s insecure and obsessed with her appearance, and a bit of a dud, in the personality department. I do have to feel sorry for her because Derrick is just using her for a vote, and he’s messing with the heart and head of a very emotionally immature young woman. She’s got one heck of a major crush going on there, and it’s going to be painful for her when the show ends and Derrick goes home to wife and baby. Hope BB provides counseling referrals.


RATS! Just for a second I got psyched that Donny had a chance to stay, oh well, now on with the Derrick and Frankie show. Props to them though for building their own separate little armies that will eventually have to battle each other. Should get quite bloody when that happens. I am actually looking forward to the mayhem to come!


Those team America tasks are horrible. Steal personal items, are you fucking kidding me? Who gives a shit we want real powers that we could give to players of our choice not this shit. People didn’t even get to vote on who comes back and now we’re stuck with Nicole who I’m sure if winning hoh would puss out and go for Christine. I’m just gonna skip to the finale to see the looks on their faces when Donny wins favorit player and I hope to god Julie points out that he won by a land slide.

Detonate 'Em

I was speed-reading through these comments and read it as “Derrick wins and I hope to god Julie points out that he won by a hand slide.” Cracked myself up at my mistake, but then I realized that it could happen….!

Love BB

Oh Donny… or lose, you are a great guy! So glad we got to see someone with integrity play the game. Too bad you got a housefull of teenage morons to try to play the game with.
Derrick is making a really bad move keeping Nicole. She really could win HOH. Hayden told her to go after Derrick & Cody & I think she will. If either one comes down with the POV, Frankie goes up.
Votes to stay: Derrick – Cody, Victoria
Frankie – Caleb, Christine
Nicole makes the call & Derrick is gone. If Cody stays up then they will all vote him out.

Karmic Due

I am only going to keep watching so I can see Derricks face when he gets evicted. I am going to make a GIF out of it and post it all over the internet.


derrick did not want to save Donny look at his face when they was trying now since Donny going home watch his face now it be happy derrick should of never being on team America in the misson now on im make it hard on them im pick the hardest one to do I cant blame Frankie this time cause he tried I hope Nicole win hoh in do what she said she going to do put up derrick and cody derrick let us down


Hello Simon and Dawg,

I have a question. If the POV winner ( who is not nominated ) chooses to use the it. Can the HOH nominate the POV winner as a replacement?

Thank you for all your efforts!!


I believe the exception to that would be…………………….. If a person on the block won POV and used it on the OTHER person on the block (so this week Donny would have won and then used it on Nicole) I would ASSUME you would have then given up the right to be safe.

The Truth


BB8, when Dick used the POV on Dani, but he had to stay on the block.

Then Dustin was evicted after America put Eric to work.


Didn’t Derrick swear on his daughter’s life that he would slap the m&ms out of Donny’s hands if Donny had won HOH and mocked their skittles noms? Classy.


That flew right over your head, didn’t. He was mocking the whole Tony and Survivor thing, right in front of other house guests.

I found it quite amusing, because he is playing a similar game to Tony on Survivor who also lied about being a cop. Derrick has some balls playing like that.

Oh and Frankie not everyone hated Tony. Tony was one of most entertaining survivor players in years.

Jersey girl

Ummmmm mostly right.’Tony eventually came clean about being a cop. He only hid it before the merge.
Tony played a better and more honest game than Derrick is playing. Tony was friggin brilliant and didn’t get personal with attacks. Tony also OWNED his fame and didn’t deny what he had done. Tony also treated the fans with respecting their intelligence. He was miles and away a better player than Derrick. I still admire Tony as a cop who played a great game, worked hard and won. I have lost all respect for Derrick and his cowardly game. Just goes to show that there are all kinds of cops


Except he swore on his badge to another cop (in which he knew he was lying through his teeth). Just a little detail you left out…lol.

Tony did not play a honest game, that is why he won survivor. Good for him, he was fantastic.

Jersey Girl

Tony OWNED his game. He was more honest than Derrick has been about what he did. Tony played a real game and he WORKED hard to win. He actually won competitions and found hidden idols
Yes he lied on his badge to another COP WHO LIED ON HER BADGE right back to him. Pure strategy on Tonys part. Not malicious.
A little detail that YOU left out!
Derrick has been malicious and overly personal. Derrick ain’t no Tony. Tony was a winner, respected by his peers at the end. Derrick will lose because the jury dies not redirect him or his game.


The players who are fans know that everything is caught on camera so I can’t figure out people like Christine and Frankie. They are the true haters of the group. I’ll concede Christine is way worse but Frankie has had his moments. Especially when he feels attention is being deflected away form him. (Zach) They all have to undergo the same stresses, physical depravity and paranoia but some maintain their sense of ethics and humanity. I guess this game could be considered a litmus test for your integrity. What would you or not do for the money is not the question. When you are on top how do you treat those who are not?


I think you should have stuck with depravity…. thats fits Frankie for sure


Oops meant physical deprivation, not depravity-that is another topic but not today.

Butters Mom

Hey Derrick…. America says, “Why dont you go Frankie yourself!”
so tired of him talking to the cameras and acting like he is on a different level of playing field in the house because he is TA. You dont fool us!


To be honest. How would he know otherwise? He was voted TA and far as he knows America likes him. He is stuck in a house with no contact from the outside.

Just an Idea...

When the First Five were running the Canada house, they made Canada HOH. What if America got HOH instead of voting for these dumb TA missions? Then the houseguests could see that America doesn’t really like them, AND we could ensure that there is finally a shakeup in this house.


Last season America got to choose the nominees too at one point. That would be good, because we would actually shake this house up. Remember Amanda was put on the block by America? I hate to say it, but I miss last season and Andy won. The final 3 were terrible. This season is just a joke.


Because BB don’t care how America feels, just tha ratings. As long as you keep watching is all they care about…oh wait, they brought back Nic, they DO care!


Please be endurance HOH…please be endurance HOH…please be endurance HOH……….


Come on Donny save yourself, seal the deal. Tell Derrick Nicole’s targets. GO FUCKING CAMPAIGN! Play the game of BB.


The thing is, Donny don’t play that way. He won’t say anything bad about Nicole. He is genuinely a good person and that is why he may go home/to jury. He can really use some friends, so if he goes Thursday I will actually be happy for him because he will have people who want to be around him. How terrible it must be. Donny, you haven’t let this house change you at all, even when these people are completely assholes.

blah blah blah

Donny don’t play that way? That’s why he’s going home! This is BB you are here to make it to the end for $500,000. Gauranteed if Donny told Derrick that Nicole was going to put him and Cody up, he would rethink sending Donny home. The thing is he tried talking to Donny and having him come clean or at least gave him the opportunity to talk game with him, but because Dony is a “nice guy” , but a shitty player he’s going home!


Have you watched the show at all? Yeah, Donny does not nark out other players to better his game. He isn’t going to blow up Nicole’s game to Derrick. I hope she does what she said she intends on doing when she came back – targeting Derrick and Cody, but I guess we will see. Donny is a straight shooter and calls it like he sees it. He will be fine in jury. He has had to be shunned long enough. Why give information to Derrick when Donny’s days are numbered? You call it a stupid game move, but perhaps Donny is banking on Nicole following through with getting Derrick out. So Charlie Brown’s teacher, I stick with my comment.


That is an embarrassment to casting if he can’t do simple campaigning like that. What a waste.

Beloved players of past seasons have done WAAAAY worse than that. Throwing the other person on the block under the bus is nothing.


And Nicole is not campaigning against Donny either. She just keeps asking if she is okay. Sorry that they aren’t turning on each other. You’ll have to wait until the five are in there alone. The Bombed out squad.


I knew it when Derrick said he was going to give America a show and to try and keep Donny it was all so that CBS could edit their show to make it look like Derrick and Frankie are good guys and trying to help. Truth is for many viewers that is all they see is what CBS airs. So I guess that is their twist. Thumbing their fingers at what America really wants, and then spoon feeding us what they want us to see and hear with editing.. You just cant believe a word from any CBS media source. That ‘s what I have learned from this show. This kind of crap is what is screwing up America. No doubt.


It”s so crazy-if you go to the BB Facebook page, the comments are very derogatory towards all of the house guests, except Donnie and Nicole (and formerly Zack). Man, you think they’d wake up and try to do some sort of comp or SOMETHING to save the people the majority of America likes. Get a clue, CBS. They obviously don’t care. It cracked me up. It’s not just this site that is venting. There’s a lot of emotion out there.

Zach is missed

Pleeeeeeasssssssssssssse bring Zach back in a twist! At least he provided much needed entertainment, unlike BB16 production.

Mister E

As I read these comments, it seems like people are either for Donny or Derrick. Some can not see why Donny is so loved and the others can not see why Derrick is so liked. Notice I used loved for Donny and liked for Derrick. This is just my opinion, but it does seem people truly do love Donny because he is probably the nicest guy to ever play Big Brother. People do like Derrick, but only because he is good at the game.
Donny – he is a very nice, down to earth kind of guy. He is very smart and has figured out what is going on in the house. He has not been manipulated by Derrick and his sneaky way of controlling the game. He has won comps when it was most needed and is loved by all the evicted houseguests in the jury house (which is very important in this game). If he makes it to the final 2, then he will win it. People complain about his social game, and in all fairness he had a great social game with a lot of the house, it just happens they have all been evicted. He wanted to play the game with people like himself that he thought was loyal, trustworthy, and had a decent head on their shoulders. But, since the very beginning there has been a strong alliance consisting of all the young strong guys in the house (except Hayden), and they have controlled the house all season. Every time Donny tries to talk game with one of them, they run back and tell everyone about it. So as far as Donny goes, he has played a very good game against great odds and has made it longer than everybody not in the alliance with Derrick. (not counting Nicole because she has been evicted once already). I would love to see Donny make it to the end and win BB.
Derrick- has played a very good game this year. His is great at manipulation, and has used it to his advantage all season. But, lets look back at how this happened. Devin started the “Bomb Squad” and got Derrick in. Zach started “The Detonators” and included Derrick. He did not create these alliances. He has just been letting them get all the blood on their hands (good plan on his part). He has not won many comps, but has sometimes controlled the nominations. But if you took away his allies in the house, how good of a game would he have. He has Frankie (comp beast), Christine (the snitch), Caleb (the muscle), Cody (the good looking guy), and Victoria (the number, and the only one he can beat at the end). If he was not brought into the alliance he would probably be gone by now because they normally pick off the stronger men against them first. He has one really major flaw in his game. Nobody in the house thinks Derrick has done anything great and he even keeps telling them that he is not a threat. If he makes it to the final 2 against anybody other than Victoria or maybe Christine then he will get 2nd place. He has masterfully hidden his game and it will bite him in the butt. In this game you have to get some blood on your hands to get respected at the end.


I agree with most of what you said but one point. Derrick could actually beat everyone but Donny or Nicole. No one else is beating Derrick. Sorry

Mister E

I respect your opinion, but do not see it. Final 2 scenarios

Derrick vs. Frankie – Frankie wins (won most comps and most of the houseguests like him) Derrick even admitted he will not win against frankie.

Derrick vs. Caleb – Caleb is a well liked by jury members, has been very loyal the whole game. Caleb would most likely win.

Derrick vs. Cody – Derrick has been getting Cody to do a lot of his dirty work and it makes Cody look like the better player, plus he has all the girl votes and is liked by most of the jury. Cody would most likely win.

Derrick is still telling people that he is working alone, and they do not see him as doing anything. So the jury members do not think of him as a deserving candidate for the money.

Like I said, he could only win against Victoria and possibly Christine, but it will be tough to carry them to the end. He really needed Donny & Nicole to stay to help take out Frankie, Caleb, and Cody, but he didn’t do that and might be his biggest mistake.


Good bye Christine next week! It’s highly likely that Nicole will win next HOH because thats what production wants! I see her putting up Christine and maybe Frankie and then if theres a double eviction next week I think her and Christine will be gone!


so i made an honest attempt to watch BBAD last night and about 15 minutes into i had to shut it down . previous years i have stayed up till 3 watching it but this year is sooooo fucking bad ! trying to watch the troll and the avatar [christine]is to painful! i am curious to know how many face lifts troll has had cause he got that bruce jenner thing doing on… plastic face …\ ,


Wow, me too. The most exciting part I watched was Caleb breaking that bucket/vase thing. They are boring!


iagree. i have it on pvr, and watch the first 20 minutes or so to see if anything is going on. they are either all in the same room eating/making dinner, or cameras are on people watching other people play pool. either the cameras are not looking for two talking, or they are all just that boring.


The way Derrick was acting with Victoria last night was horrible, playing with her hair, letting her massage his legs, it was sickening, there have been other married people on BB before they did not play the game like this! Would hate to be his wife!


Derrick sees his disgusting behavior with Victoria as giving a good show to America as well as another vote in his court. Victoria is so clingy and dingy, she sees him as someone who cares about her deeply. Their relationship is pathetic to watch. He is making a huge mistake by encouraging a a gullible, naive and potentially vicious girl. She could his worst nightmare in and out of the BB house. I think she and Caleb are very creepy narcissistic people.

poor girl

oh to be a fly on the wall when she finds out he is really a cop…. tears will be flowing…


After reading a lot of your comments, I am happy to know so many of your recognize positive behavior and scold the negative behavior. Some of these house guest are going to pay the price for their behavior in the house. Some are about to learn a lesson that what you say can come back and bite you in the butt.
To the bloggers that have attacked the family members of the HG with rude comments, bad taste!

Butters Mom

Im beginning to wonder if Frankies family PAID CBS to keep him in the house all summer so they could release his sisters new album and her open the MTV awards without him being there causing her embarrassment. That would make sense.

pants on fire

If I hear Derrick tell Donny, Nicole and Victoria one more time that he is alone and not working with anyone, I am going to scream!! I think Donny said it best in the DR after Cody nominated him and Nicole…they’re like a pack of wolves!! Nicole…if you stay and win HOH…DO NOT let them bully you with who THEY want up!! Threatening you that they will come after you if you don’t put up Christine and Vic is just plain WRONG!! They’re coming after you anyway!! I can’t wait for when they finally have to start getting their own damn hands dirty!!


The conversations between Christine and Victoria remind me of the political ads our local stations have been running for the elections in November. Let us embellish the conversations and voting records and if it really didn’t happen that way, we can make it up as we go.


Donny may be “nice” but Is a bumpkin and a sad sack and doesn’t deserve to win anything.


George, have you been watching the show? Obviously you have missed the competitions that Donny has won! Donny is playing for Donny only, unlike the others. The others are all delusional and being played by Derrick and playing the game for him. Donny is aware of who is being played. Unfortunately he and Nicole don’t have the numbers. So, obviously their probability of getting to the end is very slim.


George just likes to stir the waters. Ignore him.


The truth hurts doesn’t it?

Old McDonald

Transcription of most any conversation in the house when they discuss game

Christine: BAAAAAA
Frankie: Where’s my makeup bag?


A lot of ppl are dogging Donny because of his “lack of social skills” but with this season I don’t think a social game would have helped him much. Once the bomb squad was formed everyone other houseguest’s fate was pretty much sealed (excluding Amber and Devin). At the beginning they had put it in their heads that Donny’s some kind of well off superhuman so even if he had tried to form something with the group, he would probably still be put in the same situation he’s in. I think Christine and Caleb have terrible social skills but because of these alliances, that’s what’s pretty much kept them in that house.


that’s it for Donny. that’s a wrap. nice guy, but he just has nothing to work with. I do think he waited too long to do some of the stuff he is doing, but…again he had nothing to really work with. time to send him to jury, because everyone is so hell bent on it, and seems to think he is this terrible guy. whatever. they will learn when they leave the house just how little they are liked for their treatment of Zach and Donny while down. and stuff said behind their backs that was just bad.