Derrick plans to tell Nicole her fate – “let her enjoy it here.. Feed the fish play some pool”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Caleb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

bandicam 2014-08-12 19-45-08-901

7:39pm POOL TABLE Derrick and Zach
Derrick says he never broke his word with anybody he’s going to keep playing the way he’s been playing and if he gets taken out thats the game
Derrick nobody is helping you win more than me
Zach – it’s a great week to win HOH
Derrick us both
Zach – that would be best case scenario
Derrick it’s crazy trying to stay calm.. the pressure is mounting
zach – you feeling pressure
Derrick – Ya
Zach – what kinda pressure
Derrick – I got people relying on me I go home with nothing… imagine if you have people relying on you.. it’s a lot of pressure..
Derrick you’ll never see a happier second place winner.. 50 grand is a down payment for a house..

BB16-2014-08-12 19-51-41-619

7:46pm Nicole and Christine FIREROOM
Nicole Campaigns..
Nicole says Donny and Zach/Caleb are tight. she’s going after Frankie, Donny is veto King, I’m willing to work with you. Nicole says it’s hard to campaign against Donny because she likes him.
Nicole knows she’s Christine’s targets but she stresses she’s not coming after Christine .
Nicole – I just wanted to give you a little pitch.
Nicole – I know DOnny is coming after you.. and Zach is close to Donny.. that’s two people coming after you.
Nicole – I’m putting up Frankie and Zach.. My targets are your targets.. to be honest with you”
Christine – DOnny is “Skerry”
Christine says the boys are controlling getting Nicole out this week. Nicole wonders why the boys want her out so bad it happened all of a sudden.
Nicole – You can’t play HOH
Christine – It sucks ya
Christine what’s Donny’s second target
Nicole – He’s been talking about Cody a lot.
Nicole knows Cody, Derrick and Christine are tight she wanted to state her case first with Christine.
awkward silence…
Christine- This is so skerry.. I want DOnny out of here so bad he’s so Skerry.. skerry.. he’s the Helen of the season”
Nicole – He’s smart
Christine – Skerry
Nicole brings up DOnny winning Veto competition beating Caleb
Christine- God he’s so Skeerry

Nicole why do they want me home so much
THey say you know too much
Christine is feels like it’s her, Caleb, Frankie, Cody and Derrick against Nicole, Donny and Victoria. Nicole thinks she can be a asst to her.
Nicole says if Christine gets Frankie out he would hate her if Christine keeps Nicole she’s already got all the blood on her hands getting Frankie out wouldn’t matter.
Nicole says Donny is good with his words
Donny – I hate that.. Skeerry”
Christine says she gave Nicole’s family a shout out today, said she made 3 good friends Nicole, Derrick and Cody.
Nicole – aww thanks
Nicole brings up her and Derrick have been close since they won the first HOH.
Nicole – I think we’ve been through way too much for me not to be comfortable not talking to you.. I had to give it a try
Christine – Absolutely
Nicole – you can use me to get the people out of this house that you can’t get out of this house.. Donny will put up one of you and he won’t put Victoria up as a pawn”
Christine – i’ll be going home before Cody and Derrick
Nicole – I don’t know about that.. what if it was Frankie and Zach that won the HOH
Now Nicole is saying that DOnny will put Victoria and Christine up , “He’s not afraid to put up two people two strong people.
Christine – Dammit this is crazy
Nicole – Everything has gone Frankie way every single week
Christine – I don’t get it Caleb wanted him out so bad and now they’re best friends.
Nicole – I just don’t see why you would keep someone that is coming after you and Cody.
Nicole – Christine if i stayed it would be 5 vs 3 not 4 vs 4 and you can play in HOH so it’s 4 vs 3
Christine – So skerry
Nicole – I don’t have a huge scheme just the facts.. Frankie, Caleb and Zach are somewhat together.. they have somthing.
CHristine apologizes for the speech says everyone told her her speeches were boring it was only for TV purposes. “I’m so sorry I feel bad about it every day”

BB16-2014-08-12 20-21-29-980
8:20pm Derrick and Caleb
Derrick tells him Nicole is working on Christine because Christine is the tie breaker
Caleb – it ain’t being a toe.. I think if Zach got in power he would put the two of us up
Derrick that is why we got to get the power do what is best for us.. I don’t know any more bro you are like the only person that hasn’t burned me I sue tpo trust Frankie to until all that stuff came out.
Derrick – I still trust him in terms of GAme and alliances.. but that was a big one.
Derrick – I didn’t are about that pop star stuff.. He admitted he threw us under the bus..


BB16-2014-08-12 20-27-37-579

8:26pm POOL table Zach Donny and Cody talking about Caleb always name dropping
Zach he one ups every story
Cody – he’s a one upper
Zach – he’s the worst one you’ve ever met in your life..
Donny – his interviews must have been epic.

BB16-2014-08-12 20-31-06-207
8:29pm Nicole campaigns to Derrick
(says the same thing as above)
Target is Frankie, Zach , Caleb.. she a bigger target to those three then Donny is.
Derrick says he wants to roll with Nicole his problem is if she doesn’t have  the votes.. if she does he’s going to vote to keep her..
Derrick will tell her if she has the numbers or not.. “Before you walk out that door i’ll tell you”
Nicole says she needs Christine on board and that is the biggest obstacle
Derrick agrees.
Nicole says Christine is saying the boys want Nicole out of the house all of you. Christine was pressures into putting Nicole up she was threatened if she didn’t
Nicole tells him when talking to Christine she never said anything bad about Cody and Derrick she knows how dirty this game is being played and didn’t want Christine say she threw Derick and Cody under the bus.

Nicole asks him not to tell people that she graduated top in her class.
Derrick tells her she played a phenomenal game “Only two people in here are going to win the money”

BB16-2014-08-12 20-36-40-813

8:34pm Hammock Victoria and Christine
Victoria says if Nicole stays and Hayden comes back they are screwed.
CHristine says she just let Nicole talk and say her side of things. Christine – this is a crazy game..
Christine highly doubts a tie will happen there’s nothing she can do for Nicole at this point
Christine – I have donny so much he pisses me off I don’t even like being near him he irritates me
Victoria  – his comments.. alot of times he so rude
Victoria she knows where you stand
Christine theres no way she can convince them.
Christine – I love hanging out with her.. .


BB16-2014-08-12 20-59-22-080
8:54pm Derrick, Zach, Caleb and Christine
Derrick says as long as Christine is cool about it he’s going to tell Nicole she doesn’t have the votes to stay.
Derrick – I wouldn’t want to campaign when it’s pointless.. rather spending my time playing games.. At this point there’s nothing that can get blown up.
Derick will tell Nicole tonight that she’s not staying, “At this point I would hope we all did that.. don’t let me campaign for 3 hours”
Caleb volunteers to tell her “At the end of the day I can beat her she’s too smart ”
Derrick doesn’t want any more blindsides he wants to be the one to talk to Nicole . (To secure her jury vote)
Derrick – let her enjoy it.. Feed the fish play some pool enjoy it..
Derrick to Christine – If anything you earned her respect you got her before she got you.. that’s big brother.
Derrick – you did nothing wrong.. Ask yourself how would you want tot go.. don’t let her running around scrambling.
BB16-2014-08-12 21-34-42-005

9:09pm HOH Zach and Frankie
Zach – I don’t know how Cody cuddles with people and doesn’t get h@rd (Frankie mentioned this earlier)
Zach – Blows my mind
Frankie I don’t know or care if he is or isn’t .. if he’s secretly gay and wanted to have s$x with me I would be OK..

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Cody talking about Donny skating by on BBAD…I’m sorry but what has Cody done other than follow Derrick like a puppy dog and flirt with a married woman…?!

For real. He calls Donny a floather, but yet I don't recall ever seeing Cody win anything.



Oh Cody I think you need a snickers cause you’re moody again lol. Why are u shocked to know Donny wants you out. When you were HOH and had to put a replacement nominee you picked Donny, even though you told him he wasn’t going up! Then you went up to the HOH room and cried like a girl cause you couldn’t do a zach attack move and put Caleb up instead of Donny lol. Maybe that’s y you hate Zach cause he has the balls to call out people unlike you do lol

Donny is a legend.

Donny Thompson is a legend. 42 years old and having to deal with these twats must be hard on him. Love it when he totally slayed hoed Christine by saying he never saw a married woman touching guys like that. YAAAS BOW DOWN TO DONNY THE QUEEN OF SHAAAADE SLAYN HOES LEFT AND RIIIGHT!!


Yes, Donny is a floater and skated by … by winning the veto three times, twice while he was on the block! That’s some skating he’s doing.


OH and don’t forget Arby he also won hoh once. What a floater. Biggest floater of all time. Wink wink. YAH!


What the hell have Derrick and Cody won?


What’s going to happen is the person that comes back in the house from jury will be a HOH and someone from in the house will be the other HOH what do you guys think of that? BOOM lol

Too good

I miss Joey


HA! This season has become that mundane huh?

Screw frankie

More from Frankie J. Grande SMM :

“people are like, is it hard just being Ariana Grande’s brother and I’m like, No, it’s a wonderful thing. I’m happy that now I’m Ariana Grande’s brother, FRANKIE.”

“people come up to me now and want to meet me … People now know ME.”

“It’s in everybody’s best interest for me to get 1st or 2nd so somebody else can have the 25K”

“I can’t say Ariana is better than Mariah and Whitney, but she is on the same level.”

“that’s right, my last name’s Grande, so whose my sister? Saaaaaay it.”

“I already came in here with a fanbase”

Frankie wondering when CBS will show the “big reveal” – thinks it may be a “cliff hanger”

“This (in BB house)is very much a side of me that THE WORLD(caps mine) does not know, beacause my sister was on Nickelodeon and I had an obligation to be appropriate….”

“I desperatly want to have my own TV show..”

(about Nicole and Zach plotting against him) “that was probably one of the most traumatic days of my life to date. Because, like, no one doesn’t like me.”

“I hate when people don’t like me…it’s the worst thing for me. When people don’t like me, it drives me nuts.”


I HATE him!!! He seriously needs someone to tell him to shut the hell up and put him in his place. So delusional. But then again so is Justin Beiber and so many of the other pop stars and people like Kim K. I look forward to the day when nobody gives a rip about any of them.

Derrick the Dog

Imagine all the cases and tickets kicked out of court when pig nose returns to his job as a cop

All the defendants will need to do is reference all the lying he did on BB 16


Do you live in reality?


Why did they cast Nicole and Victoria. They two of the dumbiest players to have been on BB. Painful to watch.


The irony of calling someone dumb and then spelling the word wrong. Props on that one.

“dumbiest” lol. Classic.

Anyway, on another note. Hopefully Nicole or Hayden come back into the game. I’d hate to see Jocasta come back because she was the most boring player in the game. At least Nicole and Hayden tried to make moves. It also is too bad that they won’t be able to come back to the game together once Nicole is voted out. So even if they do come back, they’ll be easy to pick off and send back out the door.


Agreed, the more Nicole speaks the more we realize that she is as dumb if not dumber than Victoria


I hate everybody except Donny and Zach. Caleb is growing on me. Its funny how no one notices what Derrick is doing he is playing them like a fiddle. Christine is a hoe. Nuff said. Cody sit down when he pees. Nuff said. I have no words for Victoria, she is clueless. Frankie is throwing around his sisters name like somebody gives A Fuck. Also Nicole is cool and wouldn’t it be crazy if they brought back two jurors..


For give my typos. But they are dumb, Nicole, Christine does not give a F about you. Derek knows your gullible.




I am so sick of the horny toad Frankie, who thinks everyone wants him… Ugh.. can’t they get him out next!!!


I mean when Frankie was in the HOH room, Zach went up to see him and he was hugging and all over Frankie. I think he (Zach) likes it IMO.


These people kill me. Derrick has shown his cards too many times, but these people are completely oblivious. Everyone in the conversation should have been jockeying to inform Nicole that she shouldn’t bother campaigning, but Derrick is the one who is gets to inform Nicole – casting himself as charitable. If I were Christine, I would vie for that opportunity and potentially win some points when Nicole heads to jury.

Derrick’s game seems obvious; he utilizes his family, and portrays himself as someone with an incredibly heavy burden to carry with regards to his family (specifically daughter). People should see through comments like gratefulness for $50K as he sows seeds that will make people more apt to vote for him as someone who is appreciative of anything.

I was bullish about Nicole earlier, but the fact she believes Cody is the mastermind is beyond belief. A shake up needs to happen soon! Knowing how things play out, JoCasta will end up returning to the house. o_O


True to everything u said..but absolutely no to the Jocasta coming back part. If we have to decide the chances of who’s returning it will be 70% Nicole, according to wins.


I would love jocasta to come back and knowing production she will they want to keep the dentonaters and i’m cheering for them to get to the end


God, Please get Nicole out of that house. She is now going to destroy Donny’s game and possibly Hayden’s. Just go home already!


Christine is a btch and so are you.


Nicole, go out like a lady, I think you’re a nice person but you screwed up your game – don’t mess up Donny’s final chances. You heard “Godfather Derrick” you outta here.


Zack needs to win HOH! Imagine the paranoia around the house, it will be AMAZING!


He is the only reason why this season has been entertaining! Zach would probably put up Christine and Frankie but the best play would be Derrick and Cody. Let those two feel the heat!

RIP R. Williams

This game has been very predictable. I’m not about bashing liars who lie & playing dirty & whatever. BB is about deception. This isn’t about stealing food outta child’s mouths. Or African schools or beasts in Tennessee. The TA alliance has kept Donny around and basically derrick off the radar. Frankie went all nutty w/ Zach’s deception. Zach got caught, frankie got caught. Caleb seems to know nothing yet is smart enough to throw two comps and be safe. Victoria is like the “Easy A”, in the back pocket and used until Donny is gone or Donny is made safe. Nicole….:::sigh:::. Cody is not a puss or a bitch to derrick. People will certainly know that derrick has the absolute best possibility to win this crazy game. He will NEED to win another HOH (minus the thrown one to frankie) and a POV. Lines will be drawn very soon. The frankie haters will bitch. The derrick haters will bitch. The Christine, well, why bring HER up? To finish, it has been quite predictable. But soon, & I mean SOON, its gonna be good. But, to ask Simon or Dawg, I wanna know, who you think @ this point, deserves the title. Or a final 2. Answer or don’t. I’d LOVE to know what you two princes of Maine, kings of new england think.

echo 1

Really only bright spots left will be the freaking reactions to those being put on the block every week regardless who it is at this point.
We all have a favorites that we want to see running scared, disappointed, shattered saying, they cant do this to me!!!! How the remaining house guests will revel in there seeing there demise. Your going down dumbass and the crowd goes wild!!!!!


I agree CT Nicole needs to go before she ruins the little hope that Donny has or whoever comes back in the house. Please someone wake me up when the final two are crowned. This season is so predictable and boring it really has made me sick.

I guess everyone is star struck because of Frankie’s sister who I am still trying to understand who she is. As soon as he leaves the game I am sure he wont be hanging around any of them except maybe Zack who I think he is in love with.

Yawn, Yawn Boring!!!!!


I have an idea…

Nicole, Christine, and Victoria should just not talk the rest of the BB season. Girls you’re being played by men as in real life, just shut up and go to jury cause that’s as far as you’re making it.

I wish at least one of these comments could come from the Zingbot.


With the exception of Joey all the women this season are a waste of estrogen. Joey went home first because the guys knew she was on to them from the beginning and couldn’t be controlled. Her Alex character was annoying but spot on. She said it–you have to have a pen!s to win this season.


This has been the MOST STUPID group of females on BB…except Joey who tried to form an ALL GIRL ALLIANCE!!!!!


damn does cody need Viagra to ge hard? this not the first convo I have heard about cody not getting hard around the girls in the house. I really believe his gay….


I don’t think Cody is gay, it’s just the fact that Christine is taking advantage of him.


Ummm, I hate to be a realist, but have you looked at who is trying to get him hard? It’s no wonder…


He cuddles with Frankie, did you know I am Ariana Grande’s brother, and doesn’t get hard. That’s his strategy, give them what they want. He is
just pretending to like it to get further in the game. He has had many conversations where he admitted to getting things and being offered things in exchange for his, umm, services. He is a whore-boy. Christink is just a transaction. Problem for her, she doesn’t know it.


I didn’t watch the feeds at all today. I just can’t stomach the thought of even looking at these bozos. I think I’ll just continue getting my updates from this site for a while. Thanks, Simon and Dawg…


It’s getting crazier everyday, but 101% Nicole will be on Jury house.


I dont know who annoys me the most Christine, Cody, or Frankie. It seems to change for me every single minute. Tbh I won’t he surprised if those 3 cry to their moms from all the hate they see once they get out of the house


My God, I hate these people! Watching BBAD, thank God I can fast forward it. Derrick (Mr. I don’t ever lie, you can watch it on TV) is so annoying! Why do these mindless twits flock to that fool? Frankie (who’s he hugging now? If you can’t find him, just check for him in the HOH bed) is absolutely pathetic. Victoria (before I respond, let me ask from Derrick first) is clueless and can’t think for herself, unless she’s on a shopping spree. Cody, does he really even have a clue? Zach is likable because he’s nuts, but he always falls in line behind those douche bags. Christine (I’m ugly and don’t have any self confidence. Where’s Cody, so I can rub up next to him like a stray cat for attention) will be happy to finish in fifth or sixth place and hopefully she ruined her marriage for being such a pathetic loser! Caleb, just keep working out and shut up. You add nothing to the game and no one cares about your stupid hunting trips. I like Donny and it really wish he would win. I had hopes for Nicole too supposedly being such a “Super Fan”, but that didn’t happen. Lastly, the BOB and the America’s Players are completely stupid. What a waste of a season!!!


Is Christine being the insecure person she truly is and talking bad about Donny for no reason or did I miss something?


The only thing I can think of is Donny probably looks at her kinda funny because she’s always touching Cody in some un-becoming way. He’ knows she’s married and does not approve and she sees him looking at her.

Self evict

Christine and Cody touching and cuddling all the time makes me want to self evict and I’m not in that house, I’m glad they are going to tell Nicole she is going out Thursday, but back to certain people in the house (Cody Christine Frankie) just a few, is winning the money more important than ruinining a marriage? Money will run out then what are you left with? Frankie just needs to go, Derrick is a mastermind but acting the way they do is the money worth it? I know it’s a game but you can play with some amount of dignity and I don’t see but a few houseguests that will leave the game with any at all.


Any money Ratine wins her husband would get half in a divorce.


I’m watching bbad and they keep showing commercials for Arianna grandes album. Really… I don’t think she’s that good…..

I think I know why...

Who knows, for all we know, maybe Ariana paid BB to babysit her brother so she can breathe and launch her “child star to adult, take me serious” album…


I agree Kat! This season has turned into the Ariana and Frankie Grande Show. CBS has used this platform to market their new star. Sadly, it has turned quite a few people off. Including me. I choose to read this post and not to watch the show. So disappointing.


LOL Be thankful there not showing Beef Jerky Mode Cowboy’s Home on the Range cd/dvd box set. For the 1st 100000 to call right now will quadruple the offer just to clear the storage locker. With a bonus stand up cut out of Beefs favorite pose ( Glows in the dark as well)


Nicole they are all working together u big dummy…. did u not listen to Donny this morning..


No she didn’t. Donny never said the name Derrick but hinted over and over and she never picked up on it. That’s why she’s KnowNothingNic.

You smell

Maybe instead of “hinting to her” he should have used actual words. Fucking hate Donny and I hope they change their minds and send his dirty rotten beard home.


I don’t hate any of them… Frankie kind of repulses me…. but I don’t hate him
I think Nicole made her own bed when she did not make a big move with Donny that week. They should have gone balls to the wall and nominated Cody/ Zach Frankie/ Christine save Derrick for the PoV they would have blown up their own games…. but they didn’t do it

This week Christine should have put up Derrick up and asked everybody if they wanted to hand Derrick $500,000.00 or do they want to win $500,000.00…. but she didn’t

So next week unless Donny win HoH and if he does not get first draw so he can put up Christine/ Victoria the other one would have to put up one of the other guys and if they can’t throw the BoB… because two of them would be on the block then Donny just has to win the PoV and take off Victoria and put up Derrick, Cody or Frankie and watch them twitch and get paranoid as they campaign. It would probably still be Christine, unless Zach and Frankie woke up and decided it is better for them to get Derrick out.

Now if Donnie’s team won because they wanted the HoH Donny would have to win the PoV so they couldn’t nominate him Christine and Victoria would be safe… then save the person like Caleb or Zach that the other guys would consider disposable. So they other HoH would have to put up one of his boys and the chaos would ensue. At least that is what I would hope would happen. Unless next week Hayden comes back and gets the HoH just like Judd did last year. Then it is even better.

BTW I don’t know what they are waiting for just tell her now and get it over with. “Nicole you are going to the jury.” I think Nicole will not do what they think I think she will torture all of them so bad Zach will look like a cuddly teddy bear in comparison. She will start calling Christine a Disgusting slut, Derrick a liar that they are handing $500,000.00, Zach and idiot, Frankie a looser that leeches off his sister… It might actually make them want to keep her for two reasons A) She will make herself a huge target and B) You don’t want a wrathful girl in the jury. Hey the girl is a live feeder… We’re vicious….. LOL


I “hate” most of them.

I liked Amber, Britt, Donny, and maybe even Devin when he wasn’t going cuckoo. Actually started to like Zack a little bit recently, though I’m not surprised a guy punched him so hard he broke his orbital bone one time. I think that’s it.

The rest have ruined a season of BB for me. Casting remains as big a problem as the AG stuff.


Nicole the detonators is a real alliance..


Shhhhhhhhhhh! What ya trying to do? Blow up my game?

Please take two steps forward and breathe in deeply the mist. Thank you for your cooperation. You may now pass go and rub up on Ratine ….. Oops….meant Christine.


It would be amazing if America was the HOH this week or the two returned jurors (Nicole and hayden) and they put up derrick, Cody to battle the block with Frankie and Christine. Now this would be epic tv.

Derrick needs to be a have not and on the block. He’s too comfortable being king and misting everyone.

hot wheels

Wow! I have seen so much water wasted, what a shame!


I hated Derrick, Cody, and Christine before but with all of the stupid little comments about hating Zach and how he is dumb and how he won’t make it to the final 2 make me want to bash in her bird nose and stuff it up Cody’s vagina. Their hatred is thinly veiled fear. Let’s be honest people: if Zach were as dumb or as simple-minded as they think, don’t you think he would’ve gone home by now? They know that Zach is playing a game that only he can see (and possibly Frankie, Caleb, and Donny with him but I don’t know) and he WANTS people to underestimate him so they don’t perceive him as too much of a threat but Derrick always gets close to Zach’s game but misses by a millimeter every time. Maybe I’m projecting onto Zach what I hope he’s actually doing but I hope he has a plan in motion or soon to be in motion. As long as Christine, Cody, and Derrick leave (and are booed by the crowd) I will be happy.


Bash in Christine’s bird nose and stuff it up Cody’s vagina? LMFBO about Cody’s balls literally being gone!
& not just Christine’s bird nose stuffed in there, yer gonna bash it in first! I gotta be one sick puppy, I love this too much! Help me, now I’m fkn crying just thinking about where her tongue’s at! Perfection!!!

And the guys are wondering why Cody never gets hard with all the rubbing – excuse me, I haven’t seen any grocery bags laying around the BB house! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA…


Also quick little thought I just had: what if this week Julie has the HGs cast their votes but instead of someone leaving their votes inadvertently bring back a jury member i.e. Donny evicted could equal Jocasta and Nicole/Hayden. That would be a HUGE twist and Nicole and Hayden could eff up Sargent Piggie’s game, but if they try and mess with Zach they gotta go. Maybe Jocasta coming back would benefit Zach better… Nah because Hayden could just as easily throw Derprick under the bus and get him or one of his cronies hitting the bricks

production rigged it

Most predictable season ever, dumbest players ever = Derrick winning. I can’t stand him but he has no blood on his hands, never been on the block and has everybody kissing his a$$. Nicole is the definition of a dumb blonde she said the graduated at the top of her class, what was she the only one enrolled. I mean seriously if she’s that smart why can’t she see what’s smacking her in the face everyday then and Cody is the biggest joke ever talking about Donny the only thing Cody has done is have his head up Derrick’s a$$ the entire game. At the finale I hope there’s a doctor in the house because he will have to surgically remove it. Maybe that doctor can go ahead and give Cody a sex change too while he’s at it since he is already the biggest pu$$y in BB history he might as well have one too!!


You guys are fkn brutal! One thousand thumbs up! (Cody’s vagina)


For those of you who LOVE to defend scumb*g Derrick, please read his words about Nicole: “let her enjoy it here.. Feed the fish play some pool” – So, when y’all love to say “oh, BB is played this way, you gotta lie”… Okay, lie as much as you want but have some dignity. His quote is just one more example of how condescending he is. Can’t he just be upfront with her and say: “yes, you’re leaving”? I mean.. come on… he’s disgusting. Let her feed some fish? What about letting her feed some pig, Derrick? Just get a plate of something you guys have in that filthy house (it could be slob for all we care), and let Nicole spoon feed it to you! It’s gonna be the first time EVER that we’re gonna see a pig eating from a spoon!

He doesn’t need to do this sugarcoating in excess, pretending to like everyone he has stuck knives on their backs just in order to get votes in the jury house… I truly wish he get bombarded ASAP. He’s disgusting.


Lol, oh yeah, I can’t with Derrick and if he wins he wins but I’m definitely not a fan. I think he and Christine are kindred spirits but it shows up differently. A couple of things that really turned me off about Derrick is some things he said about Brittany. And when they were starting that Amber campaign when he said something to the effect of Caleb’s family is probably saying get that b*tch out of there but he was joking wink wink.


U mad? You sound mad.


and you sound like an *sshole! But what can we expect from someone that signs “anonymous”?


You sound more upset then mad. Does someone need a hug?


Nicole might be good at competitions but she has absolutely no social game. I dunno how she ever trust Christine after the Hayden incident. After being dethroned I would have not relied on someone that lied to her before. As soon as I see Frankie and Zach cool again I would have drop casual hints against Derrick and Cody almost trying to eliminate both of them the week b4. Say something about being glad seeing them being cool again after Derrick and Cody tried to break them apart so they could be only strong pair. I dunno find a way to plant the seed that Derrick and Cody tried to put them at odds against each other for their own gain.


Cody is a Rachel Reilly type floater in my books, he only won one competition and it was shared and yet he calls Donny one? This boy is delusional. Also if it wasnt for derrick helping him, Cody would probably be even more clueless than Victoria cuz he would be cuddling Christine the whole damn time


How was Rachel a floater?


I believe he or she meant Rachel’s DEFINITION of a floater…

Ariana Grande stinks

“Cody says Donny is a schemer he’s been scheming ever since Devin left.”

DESPICABLE ball-less MFer!!! Who was evicted so far as a result of Donny’s scheming? And who was viciously backstabbed as a result of your gangbanging? Disgusting little POS!!!


I wonder if Cody is actually disgusted. I mean if he is, he must be really dense. Who isn’t a schemer in the house? Victoria?

He may as well have said “I can’t believe Donny is playing the game, disgusting.” Whatever you say buddy..


You can say the same thing about Derrick. He is playing the game and for some reason, people don’t like it. I would love to know who some of these commenters favourite players are. Cody is not a floater either. People usually don’t come to a floater and ask what they think. People will tell them what to think.


the only game derrick got is bringing up his daughter everyday no doubt to guilt people into votes, even tho he is as bigger of a liar than frankie


cody is such a jealous bitch… cody stop being a pussy….

echo 1

If Donny doesn’t put up one of the bro ho’s he deserves to go maybe production can persuade him to do so to salvage the rest of the sorry game


On the Poll, who is Dawg? Did I miss someone in the house?


He’s one of the authors. It’s an inside joke on this site.


We LOVE you Dawg!!


Thank you!


Thanks. I honestly didn’t know!


Great campaigning strategy Nicole. Tell everyone you’re trustworthy, then throw at least 4 people under the bus.


He runs this blog along with Simon. His name is on the poll for fun as the “Please there be another option other than these HGs” choice.


I truly hope Christine’s husband is waiting at the finale with the divorce papers and knocks Cody on his ass! They make me puke! Then they all sit around and talk about Nicole playing a Sleazy game…NEVER…she is sweet and honest, to her detriment! Funny how the worst backstabbers reflect all their faults on everyone else! I guess you learn that in the Police Academy.


Isnt Nicole so sweet. All those sweet things she was saying about Amber and Victoria the whole time. I am glad she is crying and miserable.


Rooting for Derrick to win at this point, i hope tough he has a difficult road to the win.

The only other 2 people i would like to see win are

Donny, but he needs to start talking game to people now, otherwise he’s just a likeable guy, but even if he never really plays hard, he’s won coms so if he’s sitting in the final, he would be a good winner.. won’t happen tough.

Zach. But only if he pulls a fast one on Derrick at some point and final 3 doesn’t count. that would show he is no one’s puppet, even tough he has already shown it.. kind of

Hate Frankie, he is saying he has a certified twitter account bcz people make fake accounts of him.. what?! who knows this guy apart from BB? lol, poor man, he really wants to be famous like his sister, and lives in a world created in his head where he is a celebrity.

Caleb or Victoria winning would be awul, for obvious reasons.

Christine is unlikeable, but i can see her winning, she has the tools, hopefully someone takes her out before that happens.

Cody has runner up written all over him. As he said it himself, he’s too much of a puss#.

I don’t like the returning juror thing, I’m not interested in Nicole, Hayden or Jocasta coming back,and decreasing my favorite’s chances of advancing..

My Two Cents

WHY is Victoria even still in the house? She has never won anything, her social game sucks and she’s completely useless! Why do they keep her? She’s an embarrassment. Christine is DISGUSTING. Nothing about her is appealing. Her behavior is VILE. Frankie is a fake, backstabbing, narcissistic fame-whore. I can’t believe that Frankie – the self-proclaimed BB “super fan” – had no idea who Dan Gheesling is! Say what you want about Derrick. BUT, in BB, players’ strategies often include lying, deception and playing with people’s emotions. Derrick has a Dan Gheesling style of gameplay. It’s actually a smart approach. I predict that he’ll get pretty far; maybe second place. He might win the whole thing. Derrick may use the “family man” persona to gain sympathy/votes, but at least he isn’t publicly shaming his wife or making a mockery of his marriage (a la Christine). He’s just lying and scheming. That’s what they do. Honestly, I have been a huge Donny fan since day one. IMO, he’s only HG who has played the game with any integrity. I’m so proud of him for his stamina, and making it this far in the game with all the “youngsters”. I’d love for him to win, but sadly, I don’t see it happening.


I don’t understand why Nicole still refuses to believe that the entire house is against her and Donny… Donny already explained this to her this morning… I guess when you are desperate to stay in the house you will refuse to see the obvious.. Nicole really needs to talk to hayden in juryhouse.. Nicole Christine is part of the house, you and Donny are not its really that simple…. the bomb squad is still kinda working together.. Nicole the detonators is also a real alliance… Zach is telling the truth about that you fruit loop dingus… also derrick is the one running the house not Frankie..

The Truth

Nicole is like a wounded dog. Derrick please, just put her down.


The boys and Christine are getting too cocky, arrogant and full of themselves. Time to knock them down a notch. Hoping against all odds that Nicole finds a Golden Power of Veto and goes after them.

And sorry, Christine, but lusting over Cody is not a “strategy.” No one with intelligence is ever going to buy into that. Sadly for you, Cody is only using you for strategy, but you’re more than happy to go along with it and sacrifice yourself. You reap what you sow!


Big Brother Canada is so much better than this version. After BBC success they tried changing this version to improve and update. But, it backfired big time. No unexpected to expect this season. It has been boring and predictable.It’s been like watching a bunch of lemmings follow each other over the cliff.


I want Nicole to saty. She is so entertaining and a strong player. So was Hayden. Cody needs to fucking come to terms with reality. What has he won? nothing. He’s swimming past the game by cuddling and following around Derrick. This game is pissing me off right now.

Ironical. They say “expect the unexpected” and yet the game is so predictable!


Omg Nicole, Donny already told you this morning… god derrick does not want you in the house….