Derrick to Caleb “you are going to feel like a f**g fool.. honestly .. thats me talking to you man to man”

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: Amber & Jocasta
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

BB16-2014-07-28 15-20-03-041

3:20om Backyard Frankie and Nicole
Frankie saying they are going to have to all get together and tell Caleb that they want Amber gone. Nicole is worried Caleb is after her. Frankie tells her to not worry the only person Caleb is after is Zach.

BB16-2014-07-28 15-25-13-146

3:23pm Frankie and Cody
Frankie says Caleb basically blew up the whole plan to Amber.
Frankie says now the plan is not to lie to her face just tell her she’s going home and send her home on Thursday
Cody wants to know what Caleb said.
Frankie explains that Caleb told Amber he figured out the plan to put her on the block as a test he told Frankie and the guys they were all onboard
Cody sarcastically says – thank you for showing us if something blows up you throw us all under the bus.
Frankie says he got Nicole and Caleb together and Nicole told caleb Amber came up to her and told her the guys are going to pick the guys
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BB16-2014-07-28 15-30-11-422

3:30pm Backyard Caleb, Frankie, Cody and Derrick
Cody called into the Diary ROom as he gets up to leave he goes to shake Derricks hand. He’s holding his hand saying. “I got your back at the end of the day I got your back
Derrick you’re scaring me bro
Caleb – “I got both your backs” Caleb leaves
Frankie looks at Derrick “Caleb told Amber everything .. He proposed the plan and we were all in on it”
Derrick – are you serious
Frankie – He f**d us over with Amber.. I told him we have no choice to vote her out now she hates his gut and he’s going to look like an a$$hole in television”
Cody thinks they should say we did it to keep the blood off their hands. Derrick thinks it’s time for them to come clean about it say ti her they didn’t know. Cody feel they should make up a story.

BB16-2014-07-28 15-37-41-415

3:34pm Cody and Derrick
Derrick is saying they shouldn’t lie anymore. Nicole joins them

Nicole says Frankie told caleb that amber told her about an alliance when Caleb pulled her in into the BEEHIVE and asked her about this she told him the truth.

Nicole adds that Frankie is running around lying and trying to cover all this stuff up.Frankie was trying to use Nicole to pit Caleb and Amber against each other. Nicole he’s making up stuff she said to me that she didn’t know about it (Frankie told Caleb that Amber blew up the alliance and said all this “Sh1t”. He never talked it all threw with Nicole only the detonators knew he was going to do this. Clab confronted Nicole and she wasn’t on board with lying to Caleb)

Nicole – I’m going to keep being brought in the middle when I didn’t do anything”
Nicole -”frankie didn’t admit that to you.. I swear to god .. it pisse me off” (Nicole thinks that Frankie isn’t telling people that Nicole wasn’t part of his ploy so everyone will assume it’s Nicole getting in the middle of things)
Derrick says he believes Nicole over Frankie
Nicole says this is turning into a giant mess
Victoria comes in
Cody – this is going to blow up don’t worry you will fall out of it.
Cody and Derrick tell the girls the storm is coming.
Nicole says this makes her sick she’s not going down for something she didn’t do, “People are scrambling now trying to cover their freaking tracks”

BB16-2014-07-28 15-43-28-766

3:41pm Cam 3 HOH Frankie, Cody, Hayden and Christine
frankie explains again what went down… (this past hour he’s been speaking a mile a minute)
Caleb grabs Nicole and asks her if Amber blew up the bomb squad
Nicole said no
Caleb pulls in Amber asks her did she blow up the bombsquad She says no. He then asks if what she thought about the date and Amber said she had a good time.
Caleb pulled Frankie into the beehive and frankie told him Amber told Vitoria theres a guys alliance and they are coming after the girls, “how is that not blowing up the bombsquad”
Frankie tells them if Amber comes up to them just tell her she’s going home

Frankie told Caleb he is the one sending Amber home this week if Caleb keeps it up he’s the next target, “Shut the f** up…Caleb “
Frankie – Oh by the way he’s the next target
Cody warns them that Nicole might be pissed for being pulled into the middle Frankie doesn’t think so says he talked to her about it she’s good.
Nicole and Victoria come in

Zach – So this week worked out unbelievable perfect
Cody says it would have been perfect if she was blindsided.
Frankie mentions how crazy it is that Caleb thought Amber was going to run back into his arms.
Cody says he thinks it’s petty and immature that he made up a plan to put her on the block so she would ran to him.
Zach tells Nicole and Victoria that Caleb asked Frankie to put Amber up “BTW”
Zach – Caleb really outdid himself.. he is a mastermind genius .. he’s a borderline super genius that he came up with such a crazy elaborate intricate scheme to win his girl back and it failed miserably”
hayden – If I was Amber that really shows me love

BB16-2014-07-28 15-50-22-555

3:49pm Nicole and Victoria
Victoria says she’s not cool with frankie for putting her on the block.
Christine says Frankie is trying to get amber and Caleb against each other and he’s using her. He made up a bunch of stuff about Amber telling Nicole caleb pulled nicole in and asked her if these things were being said and nicole says they weren’t.
Frankie made up a bunch of crap and he’s scrambling, I was thrown under the bus for no reason and it’s fricken annoying i’m trying to keep calm

BB16-2014-07-28 16-11-28-192

4:11pm Hayden and Nicole
Nicole goes one about Frankie pulling her in the middle. Hayden tells her all the guys knew about it she’s good. Nicole smacks his leg is made that they didn’t tell her “you guys are A-Holes for not telling me you are not using me..I feel like Danielle here.. I hate you guys.. Did Christine know”
Hayden – I don’t know
Nicole says Frankie always looks so worried. hayden says don’t worry he’ll be gone soon.

BB16-2014-07-28 16-15-24-529

4:13pm Caleb and Frankie

Caleb says it sucks when you put it all into one person.. The only thing he can do is believe what she said about the date was true.
Frankie says he’s the one more person that has his back “I wouldn’t lie to you caleb ..”
Caleb – “I thought sach would “
Frankie – He would, Zach lies…. she’s run her mouth off to a every one
CAleb was just talking to Cody last night how much he would like Zach to go home.
Caleb says if he knew Zach was going to blow up the bombsquad to Nicole he would have told them to backdoor zach this week.
Frankie didn’t know about what Zach did
Caleb knows that CHristine and aMber did why didn’t they say anything to them.
Frankie – “Every single person is gunning for Zach”
Frankie – “She doesn’t f***ing deserve you it’s over”

BB16-2014-07-28 16-41-53-915

4:40pm Nicole says she’s feeling better now knowing that the guys were in on it so she’s not looking bad.

BB16-2014-07-28 16-57-29-874

4:56pm FIREROOM Caleb and Derrick Caleb trying to get the votes to keep Amber thinks Jocasta won’t do anything to their alliance. Caleb at the end of the day it wasn’t supposed to go down this way… Amber is a vote for us Jocasta isn’t. Caleb believes that the house will vote to keep Amber only Zach will vote to evict her.

Derrick says he might be coming out of here looking like a fool he needs to talk to Zach and find out what she really was saying. She might be makign him look lilke a fool in fron tof his family.

Derrick – You are going to see it outside this house and you are going to feel like a f***g fool.. honesty .. thats me talking to you man to man”

Caleb – “At the end of the day that’s personal though”
Derrick – right she shouldn’t be saying that because it doesn’t affect the game.. She’s making you look like a fool to your family watching it.

BB16-2014-07-28 17-13-47-549

5:03pm Donny and Christine
Donny is saying that Jocasta is just his friend and she a person they can trust and rely on a vote, Donny doesn’t think she’s going to nominate Christine. Donny want to keep Zach around because it keeps the target off them. Everyone wants to target Zach.
Christine says she’s been trusting Hayden a lot lately Donny does to
Donny proposes they assemble “you me Nicole and Hayden” .. Christine ‘GOLDEN”
Amber comes by

BB16-2014-07-28 17-07-23-959

5:05pm Rocke Room Caleb and Hayden
Caleb says it sucks that Amber is going home he feels bad after all she scarficed to be on teh show. He knows how much the money would help her even just getting to Jury. Caleb wonders who would want to keep amber
Hayden – Dude she’s doesn’t talk highly of you and it’s hard for us to listen to
Hayden explains that Caleb pours his heart out to Amber and she doesn’t reciprocate anything back.
Caleb – Definitely personal reason..
Caleb says he gave her his word and doesn’t like going back on that.

BB16-2014-07-28 17-10-53-416

5:10pm Caleb and Derrick

Caleb says he just wanted to get Amber’s number
Derrick wishes he had a gun

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Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)

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It sucks

It sucks that everyones wants zach gone. Zach deserves to win cuz he’s the only one playing his own game


It IS pretty stupid to want him gone. He does everyone’s dirty work, provides a shield for his alliance and is earning all of TA’s money for them…but intelligence doesn’t run high with this group….along with major lack of testicles…

jjulies glitter

at the end of the day, the problem is that there’s too many testicles.


At least Donny recognizes keeping Zach is better than not keeping him.

I was thinking Nicole is playing a new strategy i hadn’t seen before. Duck and hide. When that fails, talk to everyone about how ‘X’ is coming after her, or ask if “X’ is coming after her because she did what Frankie asked her to do? How on earth is Caleb going to say, oh, yah, that’s Nicole’s fault that Amber came up to her and told her about the BS. i should target Nicole to leave because of that. yup.

NIck B

I’m not too worried about it. First off, I think Frankie is lying about everyone targeting Zach anyway. He’s pissed some people off, sure, but the detonators are going to keep him around at least until final 5…most likely final 4 because Christine is lowest on the totem pole. Cody, Derrick, and Frankie know Zach is a ticking time bomb, but they also don’t want to lose someone loyal to them who also serves as a shield for them.

Who is really going to target Zach next week?
Jocasta…YES, good luck winning HoH though.

Nichole…MAYBE, but Christine (via the detonators) will likely talk her out of it.

Hayden…MAYBE, but again, the detonators will likely cover for Zach and get him to switch targets to Caleb

Caleb…NO, though he claims Zach is his target, Frankie will manipulate him into going after Victoria or Jocasta…using the “they don’t deserve to be here” approach. This week has proven that Caleb does not think for himself. Frankie will control his HoH.

Donny…NO, Zach is one of the few people who talks game with him.
Victoria…NO, Zach will partially control her HoH
Christine…NO, though she will likely nominate him
Frankie/Derrick/Cody…NO. Go detonators!

smd christine

if only amber would have sucked calebs d!ck like a good girl she wouldn’t be going home this week… stupid stupid amber


I am sure Amber is an expert at sucking balls and c o c k s.


Go play with your blow-up doll troll – Simon/Dawg shoule
report sexual deviants like you.

truth to be told

good girls suck d!ck !

smd christine

y’all down vote me because u know its true


No, ,No, she didn’t have to do anything “sexual” with Caleb, all she had to so is “flirt” with him. He already carried her this far, he was going to carry her through the whole game. She had the golden ticket to a possible final 6 final 5.. She wasn’t playing her game, she was playing everyone else’s game(Her Words).. She knows the boy’s alliance and Caleb is the only reason she lasted this long.
She’s a model, she doesn’t know how to play the game, she’s only in that house because she thought it was an audition for a movie..

Gina Marie

Dey was getting rid of her dis week no matter wat. I mights have been ova da top abouts my nick but he wasn’t dere dising me every day sos I could gets da message real loud and clear dat he wasn’t interested in me like dat. dey all know dat dis caleb kid is crazy and can’t see wats right infront of his face sos dey gonna keep him as long as possible. dey gots to get rid of dat chick because caleb probsably thinks hes taking her all da way to da end. dey gets rid of her and he’ll be wit his boyzs all da way to da end. he be jumping on da bros before hos bandwagon before da door closes on her. Zack may be in trouble cause he gots no game n just says stupid stuff to here himselfs talk (ax amandah how dat worked out for her). Dese boyzes gonna get real tired of dat in a day or too. dey just gonna pick off da rest of the girls and dat zack kid till dey don’t need caleb anymores den dey gonna ax him to. frankie gonna get bded at some point (he may like dat. who am I to judge?) dat hayden kid may go pretty far if he don’t get to attacheded to dem girls. hayden and donny are da real wildcards.


Do you actually think that anybody is going to believe you’re Gina Marie? SMH

(Not actually) Gina Marie

Um no. No, I do not. Seriously, you thought that was a worth pointing out? LMAO


Why does Derrick wish he had a gun


I took it as he was being smart. He can’t take Caleb anymore. Caleb just wanted to get Amber s number? Really?


Because that is how he is used to asserting his authority and control…through intimidation with his badge and weapon…


That’s true, cops do think they’re big and bad because of the gun and badge.


So he can blow his brains out. Then he wouldn’t have to hear Caleb whine about amber any more!


Uhh, seriously?? Because Caleb is STILL going on & on about Amber & Derrick (& EVERYONE) else are sick of hearing about it!!


A: To shoot Caleb and put him out of his misery
B: To shoot Frankie for making the whole thing too complicated
C: To shoot Zach for running his mouth too much
D: To shoot himself so he doesn’t have to listen to these morons anymore
E: All of the above
F: None of the above

And what is the matter with Nicole forgiving the men’s club so easily? She’s a fool.

Dingus fruit loop

She forgiving them because she was worried that it was going to look like she was involved in putting up amber and amber has people who have her back (maybe she is thinking amber is with Caleb, Cody, and Derrick or something like that maybe she doesn’t even have names but she figures she doesn’t want her name on something the “house” doesn’t approve) so when she is told all the boys know her short sighted self was relived that if her name is brought up it doesn’t matter because everyone already knows/ was part of making it happen. Maybe when she is cuddling later a lightbulb will go off and she will realize that she is not part of the main alliance and that her days are numbered. Maybe.


Maybe she will…. when Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy get caught having a threesome/


ROLMFAO @ Creepleb telling Amber the plan… Guess he thought she was going to fall for him. If Amber wasn’t si busy playing everyone else ‘s fame, maybe she could’ve taken full advantage of this tool. Ah well.


Crayleb might roll off the tongue easier.


5:10pm Caleb and Derrick
Caleb says he just wanted to get Amber’s number
Derrick wishes he had a gun

greatest lines ever! caleb’s family must be so proud. LOL


Caleb’s obsession with Amber is not going to stop when BB is finally over. Situation is getting serious and very frightening. I don’t think it matters at all whether a woman is subtle or blatant when rejecting Caleb from his romantic advances. The man, in his dysfunctional brain, is unable to get the message and adjust his behavior accordingly and appropriately. As I said previously, the best thing for Amber is to be evicted, have Caleb sent to the Jury House so she has enough time to change her name, her phone number and leave the country!!

BB16 sucks

Evil Gay Clown will hopefully drown in his own poison.
Caleb is arguably the most narcissistic and yet the stupidest houseguest EVER!

Still feeling sorry for Amber… What exactly is she guilty for?


Not loving a pasty boy


I can’t believe Frankie said Jocasta could go kill herself if she was mad at him for keeping her on the block after she performed that memorial service for his grandfather. I lost what little respect I had for Frankie


I agree, except I had no respect for Frankie to begin with lol


I can’t…..I just can’t …with Caleb.


Queen Bee, I can’t either! lol!

Do you mind if I sneak this in here? They probably won’t go back that far in posts and I just want to thank B D G, Taylor and DEALWITHITDERRICK for responding to my request for clarification on texting lingo this morning. I’m always pleasantly surprised by some of the posters/viewers on this site. You are kind and generous and a breath of fresh air. Thanks again!


Nicole is stupid she’s just being used!


Frankie : Should I tell Amber, she’s going?
Hayden: It doesn’t matter, Do whatever the fuck you want! (with his big dumbass smile on his face) **High fives Frankie**

SHUT UP HAYDEN! who the fug are you?!?! first 4 weeks in this game, you were a NOBODY! now this kid is getting loud and cocky because he’s in a good spot! SHUT UP! GO HIDE under one of Nicow ‘s butt cheeks ..(the fattest..for your head & neck to fit..)

Stay strong Amber!! you only few more days left before you never see these people again (aside from live finale)


I’m sick of Haydenstein big face. He looks like Frankenstein cousin.
I bet he smells like sardines.


Hahaha..I always thought he looked like that big headed mask Michael Myers wore in the original ‘Halloween’ movie.


How did Frankie not see Caleb telling everything to Amber? The guy is nuts for her. It sucks that Amber is going out this way but at least I can take solace in things finally coming back to bite Frankie.


Good riddance to Amber.

Bren says

They will all change their minds and go back to voting for the bombsquad to stay! They are scared of their shadows! Caleb is still scary,Amber needs to stay away from him,and BB cameras need to stay on him at all times!


I hope Caleb goes next.


Oh noooo… do not set Caleb free. He needs to be put in a cage, oops, I mean the jury house.


Caleb should stick around for the detonators. Such a puppet, easily manipulated, why would they wanna get rid of him when he’s so easily influenced? Even the idea to go on the block for Amber was first suggested by Derrick and Caleb took it and ran with it.

So if he wins HOH Derrick and Frankie can get him to put up whoever they want. As much as I hate what’s happening to Amber I’m glad Caleb will see that he was the puppet not the puppetmaster the whole time.

The game must be fun for Derrick and Frankie right now.


Why are these people always freaking out about possibly being blown up ….. The only people left are Jocasta, Victoria, and Donny ????


You see housemates true colors when you are no longer beneficial to their game but you don!t need to be so dirty when you put them up on the block or backdoor them FRANKIE,CHRISTINE,CALEB,ZACH,CODY,VICTORIA ,AND DERRICK


Oh Caleb…seriously. Why?

gluten turns into estrogen

Does anyone else want to punch Caleb in the nose?


I would like to peel his tattoos off.


Of course Christine is now going to report back that Donny is trying to form an alliance. I mean who cares that she’s at the bottom of the detonator alliance, as long as she can cuddle with Cody? Am I right? *facepalm*

this could get funny

did anyone just see amber tell caleb that this whole time while her and cody have been hanging out that all he does is talk about how he wants zach and caleb out. i have a feeling they are going to gun for cody next


I. Loved the last line! Plain hilarious. So funny . Bombsquad leaving game death and destruction in their wake. Best name ever!


“Caleb says he just wanted to get Amber’s number
Derrick wishes he had a gun” … ending it with this..classic!


It is creepy when Caleb stands there and stares out the glass sliders.


He’s probably watching the few brain cells he has left drift away. So Derrick or Frankie can collect them later and use them against him.

grizzle t

Bye bye amber! Ive said it before and ill say it again Donny needs to win hoh. im afraid there is only one person he can trust but she sucks at every part of the game. zach is amazing at getting this started and i hope he is around for a while. For me frankie cristine caleb and cody need to exit stage right!


the good news is Donny may convince some to keep Zach as a target. bad news is he has no real friends. no real alliance, and never will ever again. no one will trust him ever. he needs to go solo and just ATTACK


I knew even after they all told Caleb what Amber said it wouldn’t phase him. He’s going to continue his obsession. The guy is very sick and needs to seek professional help when he leaves.






This is just pathetic ! These people are the biggest idiots to ever play BB! It is just embarrassing .


This season is better than the last few. Very entertaining, like watching a soap opera but better. Donny is creating a master plan. #letsgo


I hate every one in that house. They’re all pussy, playing other people’s game and Nicole, please shut the fuck up, you useless coward!


I love how Donny is suggesting an alliance with Christine. He sees right through her and is taking the “keeping your enemies closer” route. I wonder how that cackling twat is going to twist their convo later when she replays it to Nicole. She will probably say that he made a pass at her and then threatened her life if she told anyone… (rolls eyes)


The story will be that Donny threatened her physically because he was jealous of the time she’s been spending with Cody.


This season is better than the last few. Very entertaining, like a soap opera but better. Donny is creating a master plan. #letsgo


Oh Donny, not Christine !!!! Hayden would have been the best one to approach in my opinion. I don’t want to see on the next update the rat Christine went running to the guys telling them what Donny said but I have a feeling that is what’s going to happen.


Did Zach blow up the bombsquad to Nicole or is someone lying, I am so.confused?


Nicole,Victoria & Cody are so useless


Caleb seriously needs to get over amber. Why on earth would putting amber on the block make her like you. Like literally she is freaked the f@&k out by him. I although it sucks that shes probably going, the good side is she’s getting away from him


Wow. He said, she said, they said, we said…Im loving every minute of this!


Their games are exploding before their eyes… The BS detonator is blowing up.
I said it last week Cody should have Backdoored Caleb last week and kept Brittany
I said that was the mistake that will take them down.
I also said that Caleb or Victoria would probably be the one to tell Amber. Here is the thing… if she is going home just tell her she is going home. Everybody knows their stuff already I mean right now Frankie is spinning on his lies. It is a giant cluster. Nicole had better catch on. The best outcome on Thursday is a house flip. People need to grow a set and define that line in the house. Christine and Hayden better wake up… they are not part of the core.
If the house smartens up they will evict Jocasta and keep Amber (It does not matter if you like Amber as a person, it is a game.)
If Nicole, Christine and Hayden can get Amber on their side and if you add Donny and Caleb… there will be a new set of numbers in the House and a new power base. They just have to seize the opportunity. Seize the day people and own you game. Victoria is a floater she will vote based on who has power and she is already pissed at Frankie. Time to put $500,00.00 before personalities. One of my favorite BB Alliances was two girls that hated each others guts and the ended up the final two.


Perfectly said. In a previous season we would probably see this power shift as it makes the most sense for them. However, I sadly think this group just doesn’t get it and will still stay with “the guys”. Nicole and Christine, get real, you were put up a few days ago. It will happen again next week.


There goes Cody trying to avoid being a man again and bitchn out. Let’s think of another lie on top of another and another lie to go on top of that lie, did I forget to not lie. Tell the girl the truth, she’s going home. Somebody needs to go wake Zack up so he can hear all these dinguses crumbling without him.go get em Zack!


Caleb loves Amber… secret. He does need to stop his obsession because she is playing him. She should not have made the Pickle comment for a date. OF COURSE he will eat a pickle. She is playing with him and deserves what she gets. If she wanted nothing to do with him then she would not have said that. She might not want him, but on some level she loves the attention!!! I love the whole Caleb/Amber thing. Very entertaining. But she is giving him mixed signals.



Nice to see another that thinks about the GAME and not personally… Amber had Caleb in the palm of her hands, and she chose not to use him, proving she knows nothing about Big Brother.


pity she didn’t get him to eat a shit sandwich…


Frankie & Christine battle of the snakes

Broken Lightbulb

1. Zach tells me the bomb squad still exists, do not trust Christine. Amber & Caleb are out.
2. Amber tells me the guys are working together.
3. All girls nominated.
4. I just found out someone is saying things that I did not say.
5. Oh, now I am supposed to go back and lie 5 min after I just told someone the truth.
6. Hayden tells me, oh yeah, we all knew Amber was going up.
7. Why in the hell I didn’t know Amber was going up?
8. Where do I stand once Amber is gone?
9. Go back to #1 and repeat.


This is what you get when you put young ugly women in the house ( Christine, Victoria) and pretty women( Amber, Brittany). A flaming gay guy and bi sexual young men, who is easy influenced ( Zach, Cody), A goofy young insecure women (Nicole) and A minister who do not know about other religions? ( Jocasta ), And OH MY CALEB ( WHAT CAN I SAY), I don’t like them but Derrick and Hayden is playing the game and the other house guest. I hope Donny WINS


production needs to tell amber to tell Zach about what cody says. seriously. he needs to know how big of a weenie he is.


love how everyone is arguing w/ each other, yet they all want Zach out. meanwhile, the man who will get no votes if he makes F2- #WILDCARD is fast asleep. what a threat he is to their game. if he blows it up. Donny, Jocosta and Victoria will KNOW!!!!!


is the worst. she fake cries, then winks at the camera like her game is tight. smh.


Actually that worked for her bc after she did that whole act and went around saying how betrayed she felt by Brittany some of the HG’s were expressing how bad they feel for her and how Brittany was probably the one planting seeds with Jocasta about getting out the guys; therefore garnering their sympathy and leading to some sort of a deal with Frankie.

Cody Snorts Mucous

Cody is just as much a slimeball as Christine. He is disingenuous, disgusting and in the closet.
Christine looks and laughs like the Wicked Witch and her nasally voiced friend is a little bitch.
Love Zach’s game so much and I haven’t seen a player like this since Season 2 Dr Will (the master).


Doesn’t christine realize she’s being approached by all these people trying to flip the house(brit,amber,donny) . Because she is either being percieved to be at the BOTTOM of the BS alliance. Perception is reality in the big brother house. Guess what you are the bottom. Make a move loser. At some point and time all 3 that have pitched a house flip to her have said they don’t trust her fully so it’s not like they don’t know they’re taking a chance by doing it. She just keeps ratting them out and shes ruining this game. If she doesnt seriously think about what donny is offering shes a moron. Somebody play with Donny!!! This is BS. All he gets is the virgin crybaby and the useless preacher.