Derrick tells Cody Mathematically they Don’t Need Zach in the game, “I hate that f** kid”

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

BB16-2014-08-03 16-57-53-755
4:56pm HOH Christine and Nicole
CHristine say all the guys want Zach to stay she wants Zach to go. SHe’s been planting seeds with Cody about Zach saying Cody is worried about Frankie because of Frankie’s popularity. . Christine also some more information that may persuade people to get Zach out.
Christine says Zach wants to back door Hayden. “He told Frankie that“
Nicole – What did Frankie says
I don’t remember.. the thing with Zach is he changes every week.
Nicole – He’s being Mr nice guy right now and he’s not nice.
Nicole doesn’t want the house to flip and vote out Jocasta it will be a waste she likes Jocasta doesn’t want to see her go.
Christine – He’s so confident that’s why it has to be another blindside again.
Nicole – will Frankie be pised though.. I don’t want to step on his toes.. will that be a blindside for Frankie
Christine – no I’ll talk to him
Nicole asks if Frankie can be trusted to work with them
Christine can’t say yes she still believes Frankie is working with the guys.
Nicole – It’s nothing he did it’s Zach.. he needs to realize that Zach is hurting his game.
Christine says Zach needs to keep his mouth shut everything would be fine if he did.
Nicole – I would rather you don’t use it.. great theres nothing I need to do then.. if he stays i’m doomed I can’t play in the HOH and it could be double eviction so you think zach feels pretty safe right now
Christine – Ya
Nicole says Zach’s strategy is “brilliant” however she cannot understand why it’s working
Christine cannot understand why the guys want to keep him hes talked sh1t about everyone’s game. “If jocata goes home there’s just three girls left in the game”
Nicole says if Jocasta goes home she would have accomplished nothing this week.
Nicole says Derrick influences Victoria a lot in the game.
Christine says victoria’s parents totally screwed her over all she cares about is looks.
They start talking about Victoria calling her Shelter, Naive, Sad..
Nicole wants the vote to be 4-4 so she sends him home.
Christine – No one ever says anything about Derrick
Nicole – I know
Christine – If it’s a double eviction I want to back **r Caleb,, He scares me still
The vote count is Donny and Christine to evict Zach, Christine has planted seeds to get Derrick and Cody to flip their vote and Nicole is going to talk to HAyden and maybe VIctoria. They need 4 votes..

BB16-2014-08-03 17-39-12-590

5:10pm ROCK ROOM
Caleb lays in bed beside Derrick “You don’t mind if a naked goddess lay beside you with a leaf over his pecker ” looks at Derrick
Derrick – No problem bud”

BB16-2014-08-03 17-27-54-603

5:20pm Bathroom Cody and Derrick
Cody goes over his conversation with Christine
Cody – Zach comes to me on the reg about Frankie and Frankie comes to me about Zach”
They briefly talk about there being backdoor plan to get rid of one of them. Paranoia at it’s best.
Derrick – Christine has no clue Frankie wasi the back door target” Derrick wonders if Nicole is trying to get Christine to use the POV so she can put Frankie up.
They seem to agree to send Zach home this week because he talks so much crap that damages their game and they don’t need his numbers.
Cody thinks Zach was sh1t talking about them to Frankie that is why Frankie started sh1t talking about them.
Cody – Zach is the reason why we’re cannibalizing ourselves.. He explains Zach started the sh1t with Devin Started with Amber and is now starting it with Cody and Frankie.
Cody and Derick agree to stay tight with the Detonators if they roll with Nicole and HAyden they are on the bottom. Derrick says Nicole is working with Donny he saw them in a conversation where they were talking about votes.
5:30pm POOL Hayden and Cody
Hayden tells COdy that Christine told him she’s going to go and try to convince Nicole that ZAch isn’t coming after her.
Christine joins them

BB16-2014-08-03 17-47-08-984

5:33pm HOH Nicole and Frankie
Nicole says Christine isn’t using the veto.
Nicole – If Zach isn’t going to go home he’s not going home regardless.
Frankie thinks she could put someone up that is “‘guaranteed” to get the votes to stay someone like Cody or Derrick .
Nicole doesn’t want him mad at her because she know sZach is his friends and she’s been really “Gung Ho” about getting Zach out this week so she hopes Frankie doesn’t take it personally
Frankie says eventually Derrick, Cody and Zach will be coming for him, he’s not taking anything personally.
Frankie says him and Caleb are soul mates Caleb is his brother. Frankie mentions it’s him, Caleb, CHristine, Nicole and HAyden versus everyone else in the house. Frankie thinks if Caleb is out of this house he needs to worry about Cody and Derrick and Hayden needs to worry about Zach. Frankie asks her if Cody and Zach are a power couple.
Nicole says they were close early but now she doesn’t think so. Frankie says Nicole and Christine are kinda a power couple this week. Nicole giggles says they kinda are.
Frankie says Derrick has much more influence on Victoria than Hayden.
Nicole agrees she thinks Victoria has a HUGE crush on Hayden but who knows “Apparently they kissed” Frankie wants her to know if she is wanting to make a big move he will support her. They all know Zach isn’t coming after him in the near term so he’s not wanting Zach to go home this week. Frankie stresses that Zach is coming after other BIG targets. .

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BB16-2014-08-03 18-12-07-926

6:07pm Living room Frankie and Derrick
Frankie she knows he’s staying Hayden told her it won’t make sense to get rid of him this week.
Derrick she know she s
Frankie is going to tell Zach to go some things over with Nicole tonight
Frankie – Christine did beautifully and then I followed up
6:10pm Nicole and Derrick
Nicole says Frankie told her Derrick’s Zach’s second target and his first is Cody.
Nicole “ Frankie is trying everything in the book to keep Zach”
Derrick – Good luck buddy.. wait until he sees his face on Thursday
Nicole says Christine isn’t using the veto and she’s going to come to you guys and campaign to get rid of Zach. Christine has something to tell everyone to make them want to get Zach out
Nicole – We don’t even need to come up with a reason to get Zach out
Derrick – perfect perfect done.. move on to next week.

BB16-2014-08-03 18-19-36-740
6:19pm ROCK ROOM Derrick and Victoria (+Caleb sleeping)
Derrick says he talked to Frankie earlier about the vote this thursday, “I don’t ever tell Frankie shit”
Victoria – He’s the worst person
Derrick – I told him it’s going as planned.
Victoria – I’m winning Thursday’s HOH
Derrick – Good
Victoria – Like for sure
Derrick – Good
Derrick whispers “They” were talking about me and you the other day .. in a good way asking how I felt about you.. I said I hated you
Victoria giggles.
Derrick says he’s been replaced by Hayden.. “That is why I’ve been giving you space.. I hope i’m not in the jury house with you and Hayden because then it would be me by myself.”

BB16-2014-08-03 18-30-26-455
6:45pm Hammock Cody and Frankie
Talking about getting Donny out next week and keeping Zach this week . (So you know how truthful everyone is being)
Frankie says he might put up Hayden just to make sure the POV is played so he can put up Donny.
Frankie says there’s no way to be sketched out with Christine.
Cody says Zach has been using his name and it pisses him off.

Where the Vote is.. 

Zach going home.. (it’s very confusing right now lots of person X playing person Y playing person X etc etc.. At the end of the day… Zach doesn’t have the votes right now 🙁 Frankie and Christine have lost a quite a big of influence. )


Quad Squad = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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Would rather Frankie go home the snake that he is, but if not Frankie then Zack will do!! Hope it works!

I bet you rooted for the Friendship over Janelle

Hope you get that THRILLING season you’re hoping so hard for there. -_-


OMG that was painful to watch Maggie win that season. Seriously, it’ll go that way this year if Frankie or Zach goes. Just the boring people will be left.

Kaysar's Muscles

You know they did! Maggie and that awful Yvette… “Cappy! Cappy!!!!”
This is The Friendship 2. Worst two seasons ever!
“See ya, Ratine!”

Sovereign 6

Gah, the nightmares of the Friendship Alliance.
Can’t think of a worse alliance ever in BB than the Friendship.


with all this confusion, with everyone in the house babbling nonsense to each other in who they want out next Thursday… the one thing we can count on with these idiots is, us seeing Jocasta being evicted next Thursday. these cowards are too predictable. if they really want to know where every stands in the game, then let Christine use the VETO. enough of the bullshit, take Jocasta down, let Nicole throw up the replacement nominee and let the fuckin’ game begin already!


Nicole should have told Christine to use to POV to remove Jocasta, with a lie that if she removed Jocasta them she would put up Donny (because the guys want him out because they know no one can beat him if he’s in the final two). After Christine used the POV then Nicole should put up Frankie as a replacement. Nicole would tell them she put up Frankie to cancel out their votes for each other to remain in the house. This way the house would decide which of the two (Frankie or Zack) they most wanted out of the house. The way it’s going now, Jocasta will be voted out Thursday (no surprise) and Nicole, Donny and Victoria will be voted out next. There is nothing “Unexpected” about this season of Big Brother because most of the houseguest (especially the women) are spineless dumb sheep!


I want zack to stay so he can entertain us but I also want him to go so his alliance can lose a number and also see Frankie’s face when zack is evicted. He will be shocked that some of his alliance voted one of them. But I would have LOVED for Frankie to go this week ugh!!!!!!!


You might not get the reaction you were expecting. I’m still not convinced Zach is leaving. In the end, the safe choice is always what this crew selects. Jocasta will be exiting on Thursday.

Captain Crunch

I thought the plan was to back-door Frankie? Now Nicole doesn’t want Christine to use the veto ugh.I knew she would get cold feet and back out, everyone is scared to make a move b/c “its too early” and wanna wait for a double eviction to try something. They should ask Helen how that went.


Zach is gunning for Nicole next time he wins HOH which is why she wants him out. Frankie “will be” gunning for Nicole but not in his next HOH (larger targets such as Hayden, Donny) which is why she wanted him out. I do understand her logic with not wanting to use the veto but I just hope that she planted enough seeds on Christine, Derick and Cody to send Zach packing this week. I’m not keen on Zach leaving because his antics brings the much needed entertainment in this snoozefest season but him leaving will finally bring a wedge on the alliance. When that divide happens it becomes more entertaining rather than any single person’s antics.


she can’t trust her to use it, or if she did use it, nicole wanted it used on jocasta. If it isn’t used on jocasta, there is no point to having it use at all really, as can they rely on everyone to vote out Frankie? Maybe, but it shows a lot of everyone’s cards. according to Christines buddies she isn’t supposed to be using it, she can’t use it on Zach it shows her hand to Nicole, she’d have to use it on Jocasta, meaning Nicole shows her hand to Christine by saying yes she does want it used.

too many schemes going on, as long as either derrick or cody or both vote out Zach (i am pretty sure Christine isn’t going to at this point, regardless what she says she is going to do), then I think it will be pretty cool to do another Amber eviction, as in person thinks they are 100% and they are not. it’s better if frankie thinks Z is staying and he gets blown over, because HOH is immediate, and he could be off balance enough to not know what to do with noms. for nicole it is ideal, if Zach goes out, and she can’t play HOH, whoever it is who wins it is unlikely to put her up, including frankie. he won’t see her responsible, he will see Derrick and Cody and Christine, as one, two or all 3 voted Z out without his knowledge.

could be a game changer, on Nicole’s HOH.


I agree but I can barely understand where everyone’s head is at. So confused.


Actually Nicole DOES want Christine to use the veto to backdoor Frankie but she heard that she wasn’t gong to use it so she is trying reverse pschycology thinking if Christine doesn’t want her to use it then she will. That’ll never work. I’m wondering if she realizes everyone is lying to her. Except Hayden. I don’t even think he realizes. I hope Hayden wins the first HOH and gets rid of one of their numbers somehow.


I meant to say if “Christine thinks Nicole doesn’t want her to use it”

Team zach

This seasons bullshit , Cody stop crying over stupid things, and stupid Frankie needs to stop throwing zach under the bus and Cody and Frankie has got to go before zach. Cody complains over everything like dude it’s a game grow up ! If zach leaves I’m done with this season.


I won’t say I’ll stop watching, but i will eagerly await the destruction of the detonators. if those idiots turn on zach now, they don’t deserve to win. The great thing about Zach is he doesnt’ care if he wins, and he’s a very spiteful player. He’ll be laughing his butt off on finale night at Derrick and Cody, pouting in the jury about how it should be them in the final 2. I’ll also start rooting for anyone except those two, heck, give me a Jocasta/Victoria final 2, I don’t care, I can hear Zach laughing now!


I’d love to watch the set of events that somehow ends with a Jocasta Victoria final 2 lol, they would have to flip their whole games and go beastmode cowboy the rest of the game.


I hope Derrick wins the whole game.


Glad it appears Zach might be leaving instead of Jocasta. As was stated, who can be sure with all of them playing each other? I’d be ok with any of the bomb squad guys leaving instead of another girl. I hope Donny or Hayden win the next HOHs.

Wait, what?

So, you’d rather someone who has actually been playing the game and winning competitions leave over someone like Jocasta, who has done nothing but make sassy comments in the DR, simply because she’s a woman?

Seems a little sexist. Sure you didn’t mean it that way, but just saying, wanting someone to stay based solely on their gender…well, it’s at least gender bias. What if someone said, “i don’t care who gets evicted as long as it’s a girl.” Same mentality…but doesn’t sound very nice does it?


I like Donny and Hayden. I’m not sexist, I just want things to be shaken up a bit. It’s a math – numbers situation why I want Zach to leave over Jocasta. If Jocasta leaves and Zach stays, Hayden, Donny and Nicole will be in a worse state.


zach sleeps all day, and what is it that he won so far? at least jocasta has had a lot of chances to play comps lol

Team Zankie

It’s kinda ridiculous that we even have to go there…

Zach has won an HoH, Jocasta has not.
Zach was part of the 5 way tie in the last HoH comp…despite not studying…Jocasta was out first.
Zach was the lynch pin in the series of events to evict Devin, and he succeeded.
Zach has been scheming and making allies, you know, playing the game…Jocasta acts like she’s at bible camp


Well the last BOBs were lost by Jo’s partners first, Vic and her refusal to stack the cake by size.
Then, Zack forgetting to corner the dominoes. He took responsibility for it. Now the pov and hoh she lost om her own.
Vic has just been lucky with pov Caleb giving her one and Hayden taking her down

Zach's going home?

cancelling my feeds!

I hope not

But I will also! Let’s hope Derrick keeps his lackey in check and continue to be loyal to the detonator’s.


I think Derrick sees the benefit of having Zach out of the way….it definitely will *appear* like the house has flipped while he remains in charge and totally off everyone’s radar……he is not one of my favorite people but I do appreciate his game….and it will be fun to watch Frankie and Christine go insane with anxiety after coasting along for 40 days……..


Derrick flirting with Victoria even though it may be for game purposes he totally has the hots for her

Love BB

Let me ask a question….if you were Derrick and made it to the last two…who would you want to sit next to?????


It would have been great to see Zach and Vic in these adam and eve outfits
Zach totally likes her


My dream would be for Frankie to convince Cackle-twat to use to the veto and then Nicole puts up Frankie…sweet karma…

Clown Shoe

If I hear nicole say one more time how sending Jocasta home this week would be a “waste of her HOH” I will lose it…….. May as well just write her a check for half a mill. And this is now floaters make it to the end…. #andywastheworstwinnerinhistory


Nope, Andy is probably the most hated winner but he played a very good game, not a game I like watching but is indeed a great strategic game (it worked for him). I still think that it’s a tossup between Lisa, Jordan, Adam as the worst winners in Big Brother.


Derrick and Cody are dumb…wait until they find out Thursday is double eviction…bet you’ll need Zach’s vote then!

Cody is such a wuss anyway, he doesn’t have the balls to go after Zach. We saw this before with Caleb. If nothing else, Cody better hope Zach stays, so he can go after all the people Cody’s too afraid to go after. Seriously, that chump’s speech in the final 2 would be, “give the money to them, really, I don’t want to be a jerk or anything.”


Simon, I have read and occasionally commented on these boards for many years. This may be the first time you have been completely wrong on where the vote is. No way they are voting out Zach. Production just told them to make it look interesting. Don’t you notice at the end they always say, “we are sticking with the detonators, not Nicole and Hayden”. Well that means they keep Zach. All this other fluff is just production admonishing them to keep it interesting.


How crummy of production! I want to hear what is going on not some pretend conversation. It is getting awfully boring with the same few people always controlling everything. I want to see some of those detonators leave!


thats sad i really like i think if he survives this week i think he’ll probably win the game hop he stays hes the best part about this season Zankie+detentators till the finals then its every man for himsself


Well if Zach goes, then the entertainment goes too.
Just for using the term ‘on the reg’, Cody should have to be kicked in the ass again with that machine.
Oh Victoria – this pathetic little soul who is terrified of animals (does that include the human)? She frequently asks, ‘why are you laughing’, not knowing the joke is on her.
Frankie is a horny little boy who is very social, nonetheless is not nearly as influential as he thinks. Maybe he can become Arianna’s assistant?
The only person I can admire gamewise and personally is Donny.
I love Zach’s game because it is Dr. Will season 2 with a mean streak.
BTW I’m praying for an upcoming competition that involves animals in the house because Victoria’s so terrified and anything that disturbs her is soooo entertaining. I have never seen a more useless empty-headed girl on BB. “I am going to win the next HOH – like for sure I am”. OK we’ll be waiting over here Victoria.


Victoria probably had a clause written into her BB contract that she cannot be evicted until she has modelled all the designer clothes and jewellery she brought with her.


If Zach goes this week, I hope Frankie finds out ahead of time and tips him off that he’s not safe. I already didn’t like Cody and Christine and now I despise them even more.

So say Derrick and Cody pull the trigger on Zach and send him packing. The new “Detonators” would be them, Frankie, Christine, and Caleb. They have said that Frankie has Christine and Caleb on his side, so if/when the Detonators split up, they will be in the minority as 2. Derrick also said that they could never work with Hayden and Nicole, so who would they work with? Donny? No, he’s with Hayden and Nicole. Jocasta and Donny will probably be working together, whether they admit it or not. I wouldn’t rely on Victoria, who will always just vote with the majority. The Hitmen are setting themselves up to be in a terrible spot.

Sigh Donny Fanatics

I think your analysis is pretty on point deriick and cody if they vote out zach will put them in a much more difficult spot, hayden and nicole can flip on derick and cody at any time and take donny and jocosta, which will leave there numbers at 5-4 with victoria who can go with derrick or hayden. Also i have to mention nicole is really playing these guys it is really funny zach is not going after them at all, he at this point anyways has his sights sets on nicole and hayden, so if they were to vote out zach they would be throwing themselves to the wolves hoping either frankie christine and caleb stay loyal or nicole and hayden do not flip.
TLDR: Zach is not a threat for derrick and cody right now and voting him out puts their game in a much more imbalanced place.


so confusing…i feel like i won’t truly understand where everyone’s head is at until i see their diary sessions.


Do you think they tell the truth in their diary sessions? I don’t.


Simon and Dawg, thank you for putting the final line about “who” is supposed to be going each week. Especially this week I am so confused with the back and forth. Good job you guys! Appreciate all your hard work and the mind-numbing cyphering you have to do.

I toldyou

that would go home and I ended up getting 25 people disagree with me only three people actually agree that it would happen well looks like Zac is going home


Umm Zac has the votes: Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Cristine, & Caleb…

Derrick doesnt want him gone, but cody does. At the end of the day, Cody votes how Derrick tells him.


I pray you’re right Donnie, but the Detonators are getting ridiculously paranoid so early in the game. Keeping Jocasta over Zach does not benefit them at all. If anything it hurts them by destroying their majority advantage. Nicole and Hayden are getting into their heads, and really trying to get Derrick and Cody to turn on Frankie. I pray Derrick and Cody come to their senses by Thursday and the Detonators all save Zach. Cody is annoying me. He acts like everything is personal and plays the game so emotionally. Cody what are you doing?! This is a game of strategy! Stop playing with your feelings and play with your head. Keeping Zach is an easy and, smart move you fruit loop dingus!

it is hard

Frankie is trying to send Derrick or Cody home. He told Nicole that to “put someone wont get home over Zack can make sure Zack goes home, such as Derrick or Cody” it is so obviously that he is trying to send Derrick or Cody home.


Cody and Derrick just said they are voting out Zach.


What exactly tipped Nicole off that Christine can’t be trusted? I think I missed it, unless it’s about the rumors that Hayden kissed Victoria.

Sigh Donny Fanatics

She was already feeling like chrsitine was not 100% loyal to her these past few weeks but yes when she heard that christine started saying vic and hayden kissed she started ranting how that was not true and shes lying so yea that was the reason.


Thank you! I’m worried that her HOH is going to go to waste because it doesn’t seem like she’ll actually pull the trigger on trying to backdoor Frankie, but here’s to hoping her no longer trusting Christine leads to some sort of interesting development.


It was that and she caught on to frankie and christines lies


This shows gonna be boring after zach leaves, and the end of team America mission. Live feeds would be so damn boring, On the lfeeds we would just see dumb Cody crying over stupid things and flirting with Christine and Nicole, Hayden in bed with Victoria , and jocosta praying she could win the hoh for once and Derrick “thinking” he’s the greatest player. This seasons dumb #saveZachAttack


I hope jocosta gets to stay. She talks the least amount of smack.


I pray this changes before Thursday! Seriously, evicting Zach would be the stupidest move Derrick, Cody, and Christine will make in this game. Tge stupidest move anyonr could make really! I mean who would Zach beat in the final 2? Victoria maybe lol! Who cares if Zach runs his mouth. If any of the detonators seriously think people don’t suspect them working together, then they’re idiots. Zach is loyal and not voting any of them out before final 6. Jocasta is going to vote with Donny who will vote with fruit loop dingus and Hayden. The detanators need to stop this paranoia and vote Jocasta out! Besides if Zach left, then this really will be the most boring season.

Derrick's Pepperoni Squares

Read on if interested in how Derrick makes his pepperoni squares. Tuesday 7/29, 6:34 PM, Cam 1
Made it today and was pretty good. Think I got the recipe, but hard to hear with Frankie (yeah, shocker) and Victoria’s excessively loud over talk.
Roll out refrigerated crescent rolls in a baking pan with 12” x 8” bottom. Layer pepperoni slices and shredded mozzarella cheese. Place another layer crescent rolls, more pepperoni, American cheese and … something else??? (couldn’t hear). Finish with layer crescent rolls, an egg white wash and parmesan cheese. Bake at 375 for 20 minutes.


I also wanted to say thank you to Dawg and Simon for the updates and clarification. Yesterday they wanted to keep Zach and now they want to evict him?! I don’t get it at all! I can’t believe Derrick is a cop. Losing Zach wouldn’t mathematically hurt them?! Hmmm. Hayden, Donny, Jacosta, fruit loop dingus, and Victoria vs Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine, and Caleb is an evenly split house! How is that a good thing Derrick?!!! Hayden and Donny win HOH again and there won’t be enough detanators left to run anything.


I get it that getting out Zach is a “big” move and it breaks up numbers but if all of you honestly believe this season is better off with Jocosta in the house longer than Zach I would say WTF

I loce BB and will finish this season out but man if Zach leaves I would be extremely dissapointed.




If Zach leaves this season will become a bore. Production must save Zach!!!


Well if Production saved someone like Rachel 3 times in one season(when she didn’t save herself and was 100% getting evicted), I think Zach is safe..


It would be cool if Nicole could convince Christine to use the Veto by saying she wants to back door Donny, then put up Frankie instead…not that she would have the guts to go through with it, but it would be awesome to see, I don’t want Zach to leave.

Can someone answer this?

Why is Christine so ugly?


How does anyone become ugly? They got the ugly gene from a family member.


Why do you find it necessary to insult someone’s looks? What does that have to do with game play? It is obvious that you could not think of anything constructive to say……


Everyone saying this season is predictable. Well this week, it is a toss up who goes home. Right now I think Zach is screwed. But who know what convos are real or not.

Everyone is lying to everyone this week. Kinda entertaining. Zach leaving will hurt though, he is quite funny.


Well whoever gets voted out i hope the audience starts booing victoria louder when she makes a stupid insult at whoever she votes to evict. She noticed last time


Please evict Zack so that Frankie can have a Zack-Attack


Enjoying everyone rooting for the gun advocate republican “Donny”.


Yes he’s a cop and can do math. It’s all production. Zack will stay. Derrick will do as his training has informed him- lie and win. He’s very good I don’t want him to win, but he’s a very good player. Undercover=liar. Scary fact in the house.


Funny seeing everyone here, want competitors gone, while the floaters continue to float..

The game would be more interesting if Jocasta got evicted, and next week Victoria, then all that will be left are competitors, and we can sit back and watch the carnage of blood on everyone’s hands…


I know, right? Who would you rather watch? Zach and Frankie with fun and drama, or Jocasta praying every damn second with Victoria commenting that she’s a princess every other DR session.

Team Zankie

This season has the potential to be great, but if Frankie or Zach go this thursday, the rest of the season will be as dull as watching andy, GM, and Spencer duke it out. I mean seriously, who is going to draw more ratings during a double eviction than Frankie on the block? Come 2nd double eviction, you just can’t top that. People are going to tune out so fast.

Sigh Donny Fanatics

Yep its personal over logical fans want certain cast out because they do not like them regardless of if they are playing the game well and floaters can go through as long as the people they do not like go first. As long as either the game is entertaining or some people are entertaining i am fine with any season of big brother.


I just want Donny Safe! He is the only person I enjoy watching. He is smart and methodical and not easily controlled. Drives everyone else nuts.


Why would they keep the Holy Roller over the Mouth? Zach is way more entertaining than Jocasta, and Zach is a vote for the right side of the house.

Dump the floaters and then let the interesting people battle it out with all the drama.


To dump the floaters they would all have to go home LOL… this is the Season of the Floaters.

Love BB

IMHO….Derrick has decided now is the time to pull the trigger & start getting out players that he may not be able to control if they get HOH or POV. Especially with dbl evict coming up. He knows that Frankie & Christine will freak out but he can pull Frankie back in & Cody can pull Christine back in. Caleb will follow like the puppy dog he is. And he’s been priming Victoria to sit next to him at the end (no one will vote for her).

Derrick, I can see you coming a mile away…………

C’mon Donnie….win HOH!!!!


Zach then Donny? This show is going to get real boring, real fast.
When will Derrick realize he can’t win against Cody?


Dawg or Simon, do you have the photos of Derrick saying “mathematically they don’t need Zach”… BTW great job like always providing us all with updates….


I would like the Detanators to make it to the end because their growing paranoia would explode in quite possibly the bloodiest race to the finish in BB history. And so long as Cody is the first causality, and Derrick doesn’t win… I’m good!


Jocasta is going home, Zach is staying
They are flip flopping but when it comes to a big bold move none of them can do it.
Zach is going to stay and Jocasta will go home.

Cody couldn’t backdoor Caleb so they evicted Amber in the weakest way.

Frankie had no nerve so they took out Amber because the most loyal member of their Alliance scared them.

Now Nicole and Donny could not go Balls to Wall and Nominate Cody, Chistine, Zach and Frankie possibly backdoor Derrick. They have to know that is the core Alliance because they all live in that HoH even when one of them isn’t HoH. (I always thought that people who spent the most time in the HoH where the power in the house because they think that they own that room… at least for the last few Seasons So you have to know that is the Core Power Alliance. So now they Flip Flop over Zach and vote ut Jocasta, because at the end of the day this is a Season of Floaters and they only think about numbers.

They are all Floaters they all float to the power of the week.


If it wasn’t for that dumb ta mission last week, Nicole would not be even going after Zach. I hope derrick realizes once Zach is gone, he lost money with the ta missions


if derrick wins big brother 16 next season should be cancel it whould be terrible to let derrick win he ant done nothing but tell people how to vote in who to get out derrick has to go if he win it will be like big brother 15 derrick has got to go in if Donny goes before him I think a lot of us are done when amazing race come back on that what we be saying


I really want CBS to do a Team America Mission to Screw with Derrick and Frankies game. I would love to see this Mission come up. TEAM AMERICA WE are COUNTING ON YOU TO KEEP THE TEAM AMERICA ALLIANCE SAFE FROM THE BLOCK. DO ALL YOU CAN TO INSURE THAT YOUR TEAM AMERICA MEMBERS ARE SAFE FROM THE BLOCK DURING DOUBLE EVICTION. IF YOU DO NOT PREVENT THIS YOU WILL LOSE ALL THE MONEY YOU HAVE EARNED THIS FAR! Call that motivation and really mess with Derricks never ending control in the game… WHO IS WITH ME!?

Sigh Donny Fanatics

Well they can still get around that to get out other people even if they can not put up donny, if the detonators stay in tact 2 win hoh they put up hayden and someone else zach maybe and throw nicole and victoria up. If nicole and vic lose they are pretty much guaranteed to get someone out side of the detonators out anyways which wont fuck up frankie or derricks game, it only gets bad if say hayden throws it to save nicole and then someone wins veto and takes him off then someone from the detonators would go home but again its a hard sell.

mo mo

Cody is playing a coward game


Devin + Zach hustled to get where they were.
Zach deliberately pushed “buttons” and stirred up
things. his actions have created a reaction. he
is sooooooooo close to going home on Thursday….


Although we’re losing our entertainment factor (could still go either way, we have a lot of time left), being a huge Nicole fan I have to be happy that Zach is leaving. It’s better for her game and he’s the only person I could see gunning for her during the double eviction..


If Zach goes in the first eviction Thursday I hope Derrick or Cody goes out right behind him. Serves them right for being so dumb. Zach was not coming after them at all. They believe all the lies from all the ones that they don’t thrust (Frankie & Christine). I don’t get it, can they be that stupid!

Sigh Donny Fanatics

Actuallly neither frankie or christine said zach was gunning for them, it was nicole lying about it because her and chistine are going around trying to make the rest of the house not trust him so they can have the votes to evict him.