Big Brother Spoilers Christine — “I’m going to be like HEY not using it.. see ya”

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

BB16-2014-08-03 15-17-54-554

3:15pm BEEHIVE Picture time.. In the kitchen Frankie was complaining about the cold in the have nots room to Derrick. They agree getting outside and laying in the sun was the best after sleeping in the have nots.

BB16-2014-08-03 15-23-57-537

3:21pm Living room Derrick, Nicole and Christine.
Nicole point out that the Now Amber is gone the photo booth is now a fun casual fun thing
Christine says she can now take hideous pictures without Amber judging her
Feeds cut.. when we come back
Christine – I’m tired of her making me feel like crap. Cody comes by kisses the girls they giggle and blush..
Nicole says it’s amazing how one person in the house leaving can make such a difference in how it feels.

Hayden comes by Starts joking around about how he looks cruising to the coffee shop with his shirt off on his long board.
(See images below)

BB16-2014-08-03 15-36-18-342

3:35pm Storage room Zach and Frankie
Zach saying this week worked out pretty good for them.
Frankie agree says it was the most important week so far
Zach – and we succeeded
Frankie – yes sir
Zach – At least I’m not on slop

BB16-2014-08-03 15-38-04-848
3:40pm Adam and Eve get their costumers off tonight.

BB16-2014-08-03 15-45-33-946
3:44pm Hammock Christine and Derrick
Derrick – you and Nicole have your talk yet..
Christine – Got to get her alone
Derrick – Good luck
Christine- I talked to Jocasta..
Derrick says it’s good that she came to you shows it’s not obvious where you are in the game. For her to think she has a chance to get your to use the POV.
Christine – she told me .. I’m so proud of you.. Thanks JOcasta
Derrick is pretty sure Nicole wants Zach to go home this week
Christine – That is not going to be good
Derrick – nope
Christine – got to convince her otherwise..
Derrick – If you can’t convince her what are we going to do..
Christine doesn’t know
Derrick asks her if it’s a huge determinant if Zach go home mathematically speaking
Christine doesn’t think so Mathematically they will be fine.. she will respect everyone wishes
Derrick – If he’s in jury none of us have his vote
Christine -but if he has no choice..
Christine -do many pros and cons to everything. ghosh
Derrick -you are in a tough spot this week
Christine – Ya I know goddamnit.. he is a really good target to keep in the house
Frankie joins them “Did you talk to Nicole”
Christine no.. i’ll pull her aside really soon .. I’m going to be like HEY not using it.. see ya..
I’m Going to tell her he’s not coming after her and he’s a target to keep in the house
Derrick and Frankie say they have more than enough votes to keep Zach. Christine says she wants the vote really close. Frankie thinks HAyden wants Zach to stay..
Christine is sacred Nicole is going to be suspicious of her if she pushes for Zach to stay too hard.

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BB16-2014-08-03 16-03-38-408
4:00pm Hammock Christine and Cody (While this conversation takes place Hayden is walking around on his hands .. look at images below)
Christine is going to tell Nicole hey I’m not using it so there’s no blood on Nicole’s and her hands. Cody says he feels Christine is always around Frankie .
Frankie comes by.. they talk how awesome it is they can play 4 days straight of pool. He leaves
Christine says she can never get away from Frankie. Cody whimpers that he felt apart from Christine and it upset him.
Cody whimpers – I love my Christine
Christine – Aww I love you Cody you are my guy don’t feel that way
Christine warns him about what he’s telling to Zach, “He’s not good with his words and he’s staring to scare Frankie with what he says bout you.. don’t tell Zach I told you this”
“He was like well Frankie you are really well liked people are worried about it.” Frankie wanted to know whose worried about it. Eventfully after 15 minutes Zach told Frankie that Cody is worried how much Frankie is close to everyone.
Cody – He’s such a clown.. Frankie better watch what he says to Zach
Christine -I know
Cody – Apparently Frankie has been saying he want me out first
Cody says Zach is playing the game way too hard it’s going to put a target on everyone else.. I think Zach it trying to stir sh1t up. Christine was wondering they maybe should get rid of Zach this week because he causes so much drama.
Christine bring sup Derrick asking her if they need Zach as a number and honestly she doesn’t think they do need him.
Christine tells him Frankie has been extra paranoid, she gets the feeling that Frankie has been saying thing about her to Derrick that are not true. Christine says if Zach leaves they lose a number but they become a “Silent Alliance”
Zach joins them.. Christine tells them Jocasta told her she’s proud of her. Zach says you got to give her credit for trying.

BB16-2014-08-03 16-25-22-512

4:25pm Frankie, Zach, Christine and Cody
Zach says he never broke the camera when he freaked out during the Power of Veto
Zach – They are totally bringing me back for another season
Frankie – YA when it’s villains and a$$ holes.. your the villain i’m the a$$hole
Frankie massages Zach’s back and picks a couple pimples.. Frankie starts rubbing Zach’s Nipple teasing him, Christine tells him to stop it’s making her uncomfortable.

BB16-2014-08-03 16-45-23-436

4:42pm Storage room Zach and Frankie
They do and new handshake that involves pulling their pants down..
Frankie – Chrsitne still hasn’t talk to Nicole.
Zach that conversation is going to be simple.. you going to use it.. nope.. OKAY..

BB16-2014-08-03 16-48-20-304

4:48pm hammock Christine and Hayden
Christine tells him she will not use the veto she doesn’t want to put any blood on her hands or Nicole’s
Hayden says he feels like they should keep Zach if he’s targeting Victoria like Christine says.
Christine is going to try and convince Nicole that Zach isn’t coming after her.
Hayden – That is the biggest thing right now if he’s not coming after us.. i don’t think he’s coming after me but I don’t want him coming after you guys either.

Hayden says Nicole will be happy with the POV not being played.

Quad Squad = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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Another week of the same people running the house. Why is everyone scared to make a move. Christine fake a$$ make me sick.


What is up with Christine and Cody???


I think we are witnessing the start of a lesbian affair between the cackling twat and the walking vagina…


this season will go down as the “WHOLE HOUSE ALLIANCE”. what a bunch of pussies who go around with this tough game talk, but end up with the most idiotic moves ever.


lol, that’s pretty funny.


OMG, did I just hear Zach correct on the live show saying that he could not wait to have intercourse with Frankie? Love gay men, but thought Zach said he was not gay earlier in the season. So him and Frankie really are a lot more than just friends.


Oh boy!


Oh Christiane, Im sure sucks to be ugly like you are because that was not a choice, but why do you have to be so stupid also? Zack wanted you gone last week, and still does… what do you have in your head?

I guess Christine never really had male attention. Her husband does not even touches her.

If she does use the veto, I hope ZAck wins HOH and get her out in the Double Evic.


Lmao the first paragraph! Hahahha


Damn is that Nicole and Hayden’s plan to tell that to Christine that and does Christine realize she’s still subliminally being bullied, what a gullible idiot!


Robyn kass needs to get supper fans on the show with different personalities. I understand why she would recruit people kinda but the people she recruits are dumbasses like hayden, david, gm, caleb etc. these house guests are soo boring. Once the action starts it will be too late and cbs will have lost the viewerss. Everyday im becoming less of a fan of this season. Bb15 was bad and i said since the beggining this season cant possibly be as bad as last year. Well its not but its close. The only thing this year is better is the no racism( kinda with christine in there). But their is still some ppl like hayden and caleb and christine who talk shit about amber still. Last year the people were disgusting( andy, amanda, spencer, gm, mcrae , aaryn)


Damn!! He said, she said! Does cody trust christine? Does Christine trust zach? Does cody trust zach? Does christine trust frankie? Does hayden trust cody??? Gotta love Big Brother Ya’ll!!! 🙂


I remember at the beggining of the season nicole hated amber but towards the end she was warming up to her. Im seeing a nicole who is alligning herself with nice ppl and distancing herself from the bad ones. Why didnt she see this last week!


ugh christine sucks, and how does amber leaving make it so different?? nicole and christine r so jealous of her its ridiculous


They actually felt uncomfortable in the house with pretty Amber around. Wow.

A Nonny Mouse

Well, all that cooking and cleaning and being nice can really irritate a person. Seriously, how dare she do all that!


Well, another wasted HOH!! Damn you, Christine…you wretched, ratcheted, ugly assertion slut!!!!


I’m a little bit confuse right now. Someone help me out is zach the target or is it Donny or Jocasta or Frankie idk

Give me a break

Frankie and Zach – GET A ROOM ALREADY! Thirty one year old going on sixteen….WTH


Zach and Frankie should get a room lol But seriously though, that night that Zach won HOH was the best entertainment for a while on the feeds. He brings drama and that’s why I really want him to stay.


It would seem Zach will get to stay and Nicole’s HOH has been wasted. Donny and Nicole should have nominated 4 guys to begin with then at least one guy would be going. Jocasta may not be the most deserving to play, but at least she wasn’t a part of the bomb squad.


If Nicole and Donny had nominated Zack/Franie vs Caled/Cody, would not make a difference. Because let`s say Caleb/Cody won BOB. Then Christiane would still use the veto on Frankie. Then Nicole would had no choice btw Hayden/Donny/Victoria/Jocasta. And she would probably put up Victoria and she would go home

The problem is this stupid rat ugly shit Christiane


Fabio, in that case, Nicole still could have nominated Derrick so a guy would still have had to leave. 🙂


You forgot about Derrick, and he would have gone up. Which would have been great.


What about Derrick?

Teri B

I agree. I didn’t understand why they had to mix it up the way they did. It’s been ALL GIRLS EVERY SINGLE WEEK, ffs. Too bad Nicole couldn’t get up the nerve to make a big move.

UGH. Another wasted HOH, like everyone else is saying.


I just got sick to my stomach. Zack would have had the votes had Christine not opened her dirty Lil mouth. Now Cody is going to run to Derrick and want to send Zach home because he’s a “wildcard”, I give up.

Give me a break

Frankie acts like the BB house is his hunting grounds- he can’t keep his hands off any of the guys. Much like Cody with the women…Bored much?


Wait did Hayden say Nicole will be happy with the Veto not being used? Is he just talking her up, or is he serious? Im so confused with this he say, she say.

hope it happens

i really want Frankie and Christine evicted!


there’s so much talk can’t keep it straight. What happened to Nicole trying to subtle hint for Christine to use the veto on jocasta and then put up frankie. even if she says ok, well then put it on zach, then puts up frankie, will that even help? i mean saying that she would put up donny that is.

nicole also needs to know when to zip her lips talking so much about how she won’t put up donny. just nod and say oh, that’s a good idea, because otherwise no one is going to run around and say she is thinking about it so use the veto.

I wish i could rely on Cody to stick with a plan, any plan. I’d like to see him stick to the vote zach out plan, but Derrick i’m sure will force talk him out of it if he were to mention doing that at eviction day.

Teri B

The problem right now (at this moment, anyway) is that Christine hasn’t yet talked to Nicole since the Veto Comp. I’m sure she’ll say she’s not using it and Nicole will just say ok, good. UGH


There once was a houseguest named zach
who went by the surname attack
He liked to stir the pot
but shivered when he went on the block
he secretly likes a girl named victoria
but despised paolo from queens, astoria
he went against the giant called devin
whose personalities numbered seven
he loves the pink-haired frankie
together they make the duo zankie
he thinks he’s best buds with cody and derrick
but to them, his antics do not merit
he does not care for nicole and christine
the fruitloop dingus and the irrelevance queen
does he really want to win the game?
is he actually clinically insane?
my guess is no to both questions
but he’ll likely just keep us guessing


Can’t wait for someone (Anyone-please) to tell Ratine “SEE YA”


I can see things going down hill and zach going home this week:/ I feel like somehow he’ll go home on a 4-4 tie 🙁


Omggg Christine Victoria and Nicole are so jealous of amber it’s ridiculous. She’s out of the house and they stil are jealous. Now I could be wrong because they may not show everything on the feeds but from what I’ve seen Amber has been the nicest girl on the show. She’s been slow/horrible game-wise, but I’ve never seen or heard her insult somebody so freely like the others on the show. Even when most people would have set Caleb straight she tried to be as nice as possible while trying not to give off the wrong signals. (FYI, in a house like big brother, cuddling or hugging etc doesn’t mean you’re ready to marry someone, clearly demonstrated by the houseguests who change cuddle buddies daily) This season is so darn boring, and as soon as I got my hopes up for zach or Frankie going home it gets shot down. Thank goodness there isn’t as much disgusting racism and other highly questionable conversation ( read:Spencer) like last year, but I usually couldn’t wait to watch big brother and wouldn’t even think of reading spoilers. Now I don’t even have to bother because it’s so predictable. At this point if there isn’t a change I hope all the girls keep getting picked off one by one so they can see how dumb they’ve been.


Those girls (Nicholeinthewall, christink, vicboring, Frankenstein) are jealous idiots lying about Amber so she won’t get picked as America’s favorite, well guess what, neither of you dumbnuts will either. YOU DUMBNUTS MAKE ME SICK!!!!!.

Double eviction

The detonators are doing really well .. It’s to bad it doesn’t look like they can get Donny up there but maybe Nicole can have Donny join officially in an alliance with her and make the detonators get a little more nervous haha … Looking forward to eviction day !! 🙂


Jocasta deserved better a better speech than for Donny to basically say “others put you up so I figured I would too” for the nomination ceremony. I did like the other speeches.


Donny nominated Caleb and Victoria, not Jocasta.

Butters Mom

Donnie didnt put up Jocasta… Nicole did.


Isn’t Christine Married? If so, do the “others” know she is married? If they do know (or even if they don’t) that she is married, then what is her “relationship” or “status” with Cody?

mr ed

They are just having a lesbian affair !!!!! She lent him a few tampons so he is paying extra attention !


OMG is anyone watching the pr-recorded show? Its a shame how the network and production is piecing this show together. Giving Zankie all the air time, so it obvious they are pulling for them. I hate this show and this is my last season to ever watch BB. You lost a faithful fan BB I was with you from the start but this is it!!!!!!!!!!!!


You mean you weren’t done after they pulled the stupid MVP twist for Elissa week after week last year? You weren’t done when they conveniently brought the duos twist back two years ago when there were only 6 PLAYERS left in the house, all for the purpose of saving Rachel? Now that production might actually be rigging the game for people who are entertaining, you’re done?

Whatever. My eyes hurt from rolling them so hard at your comment.

Not A PHD Student

Maybe you should tell CBS they have lost a viewer, not the people on a spoiler board. Their are no TV ratings for computer posting just saying


I NEVER watch the Sunday & Wednesday shows anymore. I only watch Thursday night, BBAD, and read here at OBB (once again, thanks to Simon & Dawg for what you do here).


You are NOT done with Big Brother and you know it….quit acting like it. I have seen probably 4000 people over the years say the same thing, and know where they end up??? Still posting comments

Teri B

So true. I’ve said it myself and what do you know….here I am again. LOL

BB is like a train wreck that you can’t not watch….totally mesmerizing and addictive. THAT said, I have to admit I read and comment on here way more than I watch the actual TV show. (I only watch the comps and BBAD).

Thank you Simon and Dawg for everything you do for us…you guys ROCK!! Love ya!!


Reading the “I’m done with BB” threat on this site is like hearing Caleb talk about the end of the day…it’s meaningless jibberish and best to just tune it out.


I agree with you.

Ever show comes to an end. The true is, the same thing as American Idol ran out of singers, Big Brother ran out of players. And the game is always the game, because everyone just knows how to play and it gets boring.


I don’t think that Nicole has changed at all! She’s still the mean spirited girl that hated Amber from the beginning because Amber is so beautiful. As for Christine, like I said way back in my earlier comments, her husband probably ran out of paper bags – the only way he can bed her is to cover her face hence her frustration which leads to her dislike of Amber. Cody is a sleaze bag who will ‘hit’ anything that moves, including Christine!


if i was engaged i would want my fiance to go into the bb house so that i can see completely what kind of person he really is. you can’t hide anything about yourself there. christine is exposed. she may not be a bad wife, but she’s young, craves attention, and is willing to stray to get it.


Something I find quite funny is that people on here and on the show keep making comments about “31 year old” etc and how they are not acting their age blah blah blah. I’m not sure how a 31 year old is supposed to act? Amber and Brittany are just shy of 30 and they are total babes. I get that some ppl don’t like Frankie, but I don’t see what his age has anything to do with anything…?

Christine is Squidward.

Because Frankie acts like an immature horny teenager

Sigh Donny Fanatics

Honestly it is just another reason to hate on them, these forums and blogs are full of people making comments about the cast that have nothing to do with the game just personal attacks.

No twist

I’am so sick of seeing Frankie and Zach touching on one another.


Being Gay and a fan of the show since it started, I have to be honest…Zankie is such a joke & so embarassing to watch. All these little Ariana Grande teeny boppers are seriously so lame! I can’t wait to see this cringe inducing pink pair to be split up! Get the F out please!

Oh Crap.....

So Zach putting Vaseline on his butt the other day had merit? Frankie is beyond gross….a BB predator and horn dog….I’ll stop watching if he gets any further in the game. Their “intercourse” talk on the show made me want to puke


I just watched the show on CBS. I think there is another Alliance you forgot to include Simon & Dawg…Jocasta’s new alliance! The Father…The Son…The Holy Ghost and Jocasta!!!

maybe we can call them the “Crusaders”


if Donny goes home I don’t think any body will vote for the misson to help Frankie and derrick donnny have to stay pass double eviction with give him pov or something cause he is America favorite over derrick and Frankie so why whould you not save your fans favorite player if you do it whould be good for your ratins produtions
if you don’t save Donny watch howmany people stop voting we look at this year big brother cause of Donny he is a good person he need to go for cause last year was bad in you could redeem last year with Donny a good person please help Donny bb please help him cause cody want him out derrick want him out caleb do too in Christina with Frankie in now zack yall need to help our fravorite player Donny please bb


I think it’s time for me to find a new hobby now…

Oh Crap.....

Frankie Skankie is beyond gross, I don’t care who he’s related to ! The pre recorded show made me want to puke. If Skankie goes any further, I don’t know if I wanna watch anymore

What? the What?

Those two ugly girls Nicole and Christine are so jealous of Amber, she is gone get over it already! I really don’t want a girl to win this season because all they ever do is lay around, eat, and hug on the guys, and get jealous of the other girls, is this High School or Big Brother?


Must admit my stomach heaved tonight when Zach said how much he was looking forward to their intercourse date.


If they ever nominate Zankie together the BOB will really be the Battle Of The Bottoms

Oh Crap.....

Sorry for the double post…..thought I was being deleted cuz of the anti-Frankie comments !


The battle of the block is really hurting the females left in the house. This week it would have been hard for Donny and Nicole to put up 4 strong guys (caleb, derrick, frankie, zack, or cody) because they would be immediately drawing a line in the sand. They would be ensuring they were the targets of every guy in the house. The BOB is making it hard for one player to control the house because their HOH is not solidified. I like to think that Nicole had the intentions to make a big move but couldn’t with fear that her noms wouldn’t even make it to the vote. It is time for production to go back to the normal format.

Likewise, Christine is settling to be the Britney of Big brother. She went along with the brigade and never stood a chance. Christine is dumb if she thinks that she isn’t #5 in her alliance. Zankie is a pair and Derrick and Cody are a pair. She needs to realize her position and slide over with Nicole, Hayden, Donny and Victoria soon. Otherwise she will be playing for fifth place. This is fine by me because I would love to see the look on her face when she realizes she isn’t as smart as she thinks that she is


If Christine doesn’t use the veto, she is an idiot. If Zach goes up against Jocasta, Zach ain’t going home; Jocasta is, unless God saves her, but I digress. If Frankie went up against Zach, Zach would go home. I am going to laugh at Christine when Zach is still in the house.

tyrese jones

seems like caleb wont be targetted for a few more weeks.


I’m so done with this season. I quit watching last season around this time. Wish Big Brother was the way it use to be….

Christine is Squidward.

What an effing let down ! So excited for this week thinking that Funkie was gonna b on the block with his intercourse buddy! If Nicole was smart , she would hint about wanting to get Donny out and have the ratfink Christine use the veto then replace with Funkie…..I’ve got detonator fatigue and want to see a major shake up…

german team

lol, Christine is Squidward !!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Frankie/Zach romance/bromance/showmance (or whatever else you want to call it) is overblown. Most of it for the viewing audience. Who even uses the word ‘intercourse’ outside a 1950’s sex ed class anyway?. That sanitized word was chosen because it could be played on network TV during prime time.

Zach likes the shock value and of course Frankie do anything to keep the cameras on him.


Christine is jealous biotch. She says the house is better now that Amber is gone. Amber is pretty girl who got more attention from all the guys and Christine and Victoria are happy she’s gone so they can get the attention now! They make me sick!


I’m a couple episodes behind & watching them online now. I just saw where Zach told Caleb that Christine is the one that told Z that Amber was targeting him. Is that where all that mess started? from Christine? If so, did Amber really tell Christine that specifically or was she lying then like she lied to Nicole about Hayden?


The BOB shakes out the floaters, but it’s too bad all of the women are thought of as floaters. Is this just going to be all dudes in the end!? Boring!! And why is everyone so touchy-feely in the house?! Sick!

Coward Cody

The weakest link in the detonator’s alliance is Cody followed by Christine. Do they not realize the purpose for an alliance? They continually throw each other under the bus to others and then complain someone else through them under the bus (*face palm*). Cody has a serious problem with Zach, which might be jealousy or it might be spite. I have no clue but he is playing a horrible game.


Are we watching the same show? Nicole is so cute. She is much prettier than Amber and doesn’t seem to know it. She also blushes when anyone pays her attention. I liked Amber, but she knew she was pretty. The one I don’t get is Christine. It is obvious that she craves male attention at any cost.

Sigh Donny Fanatics

To all those over exaggerating the zach frankie intercourse talk i have to say its just sex grow up its not like your gonna see them doing it on television. If it was a guy and a girl it would not have been a big deal and if it was two girls it would not have been a big deal and such two guys should not either. There is my equality spiel for the day and those of you “puking” remember to keep a bucket.


Most people would have said that they could not wait for their date and not find it necessary to include “intercourse”. Even Crazy Caleb talked only about his hopeful date with Amber. He did not find it necessary to be so specific. I realise that they both know everything they say is televised and both are hoping for some type of “media” career after BB, but some things are better left to the imagination.


Amen! I thought all you young liberals voted for hope and change and equality? Just saying…….and I’m a conservative. They are human beings just like you!