Derrick says the reason guys are still here is because girls are catty and run their mouths.

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Caleb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-14 03-04-21-581

1:45am Up in the HOH – Caleb, Derrick, Frankie and Christine are trying to memorizes the announcements. Caleb comment on how he was annoyed that Donny was sitting there when Zach was going through the announcements. Christine is worried about Donny doing well at it. Frankie reminds her that Donny isn’t that good at memorization competitions. Christine wonders if the competition will have a question about them guessing how long their competitions had been. They start guessing the length of the competitions so far. Christine comments on going to bed. Big Brother calls her to the diary room. Frankie says she’s not even competing tomorrow.

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In the fire room – Victoria says that Nicole is so ridiculous. Derrick says that it doesn’t even matter no one is going to keep her. Victoria says Nicole was saying I don’t get why Derrick wants me out so bad and the fact that he trust Christine when he controls her. Derrick says its fine she’s going. Victoria says she keep drilling it in my head that there’s a 5 person alliance. She said it has a name something like B or an R something. Derrick says what is it? This is the girl that can memorize everything and she can’t remember a name? There’s no alliance. Victoria says she said there’s an all guys alliance. Derrick says if that’s true you’re already screwed. But there isn’t one, this week Donny was supposed to go home but Nicole wouldn’t stop running her mouth so that is why she is going home. Derrick tells Victoria the reason guys are still here is because girls are catty and run their mouths. Derrick tells Victoria to go to bed and memorize the announcements. You’ll be good for the HOH tomorrow. Victoria leaves to go to her bed.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-14 02-16-54-009
2:15am Down in the living room – Zach acts like he is going recite a poem to Nicole. He stops by the exit door and Nicole tells him that he better not say something smart about her going out the door. Nicole is annoyed and heads into the earth room. She lays on her bed and Zach follows her and lays beside her. Nicole tells him to get out of her bed. Cody tells Zach to leave her the f**k alone! Zach leaves for the HOH room. Up in the HOH room – Caleb talks about when it gets down to Victoria being left in the house he will tell her that he started a guys alliance and all the guys are in it with her being the last one to be evicted. Zach heads to bed.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-14 02-32-57-709
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Caleb and Frankie go through the announcements:

The quarantine began Melrose Fairfax and Sunset Figaro. Patient zero started at from 307 to 848 from JennCity to Chilltown.
The virus spread from the east coast starting at Rochester New York to West Orange New Jersey, Athens Ohio, Dallas, Chicago, Georgia, Atlanta.
List of symptoms – The heart rate was 97, the fever went from 105 to 113, confusion, rotting flesh and appetite for brains which means that all previously evicted house guests are safe.
List: Baseball bat, Slop, activity bracelets, make-up, machete, bunny slippers, sweater, HOH key and pink hair dye.
In the last 12 hours 546 cases 40% of the live feeders have been admitted into the St Gheesling hospital.
At 3:24 Las Vegas said that their menu now holds an all you can eat buffet.
The national government said you need to be in a showmance its your last chance stabbing someone in the backs the best way we’re good at it.

2:45am Frankie and Caleb shut off the lights and go to sleep.

3:10am Victoria goes through the announcements with Derrick. Victoria is worried about the things Nicole told her about there being a guys alliance. Derrick says Nicole is just trying to tell you things to get you to keep her protect her. But what she doesn’t realize is how close we are. Each week the girls would make themselves a target because they’re so caddy and that’s why they got sent home. One thing you need to realize is that each week its a different person saying things. Donny was going home this week until Nicole started running her mouth. Go to sleep! You’re going to drive yourself crazy with things. Victoria goes to sleep.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-14 03-15-38-281

4am Victoria can’t sleep so she heads to the bee hive room to tweeze.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-14 03-56-50-668

4:15am – 6am Frankie and Zach are up and in the storage room. Derrick, Zach, Frankie, Cody Nicole and Victoira are in the kitchen. Nicole and Vcitoria head back to bed. The others stay up and are eating and talk about random things like Ariana Grande, other celebrities. The conversation turns to getting followers on twitter and instagram. Cody talks about going to Dallas to visit Caleb and Zach says that Victoria will hook him up in Miami.

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Wish Donny would just go home already.. BOR-ING.


“If there was an all guys alliance you would be screwed”



Victoria: Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Derrick) you’re my only hope.


Donny: That damn Derrick, practicing his Jedi mind trick on the young ‘ums. Betcha it’s like shooting a fish out of a barrel. A house full of dumbos.


Derrick is Victoria’s only chance of getting to the end so I say, she’s playing the only game she could.


To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if Derrick took Victoria to the end if everyone was so pissed at Derrick on a personal level that they gave Victoria the money. It’d be funny as hell.


Victoria may not be as dumb as she is acting. I am certain Victoria does not like being called catty with a big mouth. She keeps asking Derrick about the all guy alliance. I don’t think she really believes his story. Victoria and Nicole appear to be close and confide a lot in each other. It would be fun to see Derrick – the toy master get taken out by one of his toys. I think Victoria would take him out – given the chance. She would be crying on the outside and grinning like a Chesire Cat on the inside. If she gets to the final 2 with anyone other than Donny, she could win the half million. I don’t think this jury will look at who played a good game when voting. There is going to be a lot of hurt feelings and it may show in their votes.


Really? Are we watching the same Victoria? She hardly even remember she’s playing a game until she is put on the block. She’d join a cult if she found out Derrick was the leader (actually she kinda already has). There will be no Victoria turning on Derrick. Ever.

A Nonny Mouse

Sorry Simon/Dawg, meant to put this up here)

I almost feel sorry for Victoria because it seems like she will find a guy in life who will railroad her just like Derrick has.


How is Donny boring? At least he is actually awake and doing stuff during the day. The rest of the house guests sleep all day and avoid as much interaction with him as possible, now that is boring to watch. Some of us can’t stay awake all night to watch the these so called “not boring” house guests do nothing but spew the same old tired lies and demean the other house guests.


You are too old to enjoy BB. Might as well not watch it.

Donny has slept through ever major turning point in the game. He knew what he signed up for. In the history of BB, moves and game play always take place late at night. All he needed to do was get in on a couple of those convos, to learn info and gain allies.

Donny is one of the worst BB players and took a spot away from someone that could have really played the game.

Super Fan Catalog Keeper

Yea, because all the other houseguests have been playing the game too. *rolls eyes*

How many “house votes” have we had? Thats not playing the game.
Who has ACTUALLY made a move in the house? *crickets*
They think their big move of the season is getting Jocasta out. Yes…JOCASTA was the “big” move.
This cast is more worried about how they’ll look when they get out than playing Big Brother.

How can Donny make a move when no one wants to work with him? That happened week 1/2 when they got it in their head he was some CIA mastermind who was playing them all. From then on no one wanted to work with him and yet he’s managed to stay in the game.

If you’re mad at Donny for “taking” a spot, I hope you’re just as mad at the rest of the cast because no one has played the game AT ALL.


You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! I will never understand this ‘love affair’ people have with a person that has done batshit. People say he keeps things to himself and that is his gameplay ?!?!?! This guy is a con artist that has pocketed all the gullible in his pocket, he bashes HGs at his will, wants the house to run on his sleeping schedule, hates to get woken up, he is expecting people to come to him filled him out on what’s going in the house, ask him to ally with them and kiss his ring!


Poor Donny! He has no computer and I bet he only watched the CBS broadcasts of prior BBs. No Showtime; no BBAD; no feeds; no FB, Tweets, Instahookuppics, … That is why he’s so clueless about evening game play. “If they don’t shut-up tonight, I just might walk out of here!” Go for it Donny, your *ss is next!

zach's gallon jug of oj (f/k/a zach's ironing board/zach's lemons)

Uh-Huh! So what you are saying is that unless you’re a “social media mogul,” don’t bother trying to play this game? STFU and get a life that doesn’t require being connected to WIFI or checking your FB status, “Tweets,” or social status every 5 minutes! Geez!


Donny strategy this week isn’t so bad….lay low. Nicole is burying herself by campaigning.
I am so tired of Derrick controlling the entire game. He’s playing a good game…it’s just getting to be a bit old hat.
I want something exciting to happen. Really hope Donny wins the HOH and nominates Derrick and Cody. At least it’d be something different and possibly game changing. As it now, they might as well hand Derrick the money….


Boast-mode cowboy is growing on me.


I hate to admit it… He is growing on me as well….


Oh yes!! I SO enjoyed his heartwarming little stories last night of surrounding innocent wildlife with vicious dogs who are brilliantly trained to attack and mangle the shit out out of them before he beastly comes forward to club them to death. It’s just so, so endearing. The idiot makes my skin crawl and my head ache.


He put Hayden on board and took him out. It changed everything and now Nicole is going to jury too. Ironically, and sadly, I thought it was the only big move of this season so far. And more Ironically, it was made by Caleb…


The “Beast Mode” is growing on me as well. I think it is because of his new association with Frankie and his desire to become some kind of a celeb. He is opening up and trying to show a bit of personality – only because he is hoping for some outside reward(s) after BB. I do enjoy the act he is putting on it is much better than his sullen/moody drug store cowboy role.

Kathy B

Yeah…like a fungus.


Donny isn’t boring. He’s taking it all in. Watch he may surprise us all.


I think Donny is hilarious and is the only one that can actually make me laugh out loud. The small jabs he takes at the other house guests are so funny and accurate. Just because he isn’t theatrical about it like the other losers doesn’t mean he is boring.

I especially loved him describing Christine’s laugh and wondering if she had a medical condition.


I couldn’t agree more. Your so right.


Donny is just fed up with these dimwits. They are the boring ones. He’s bored with there stupidity.

I think Donny is the last chance for the game to finally get interesting. If he wins HOH and they get rid of the stupid Two HOHs and BoB (which was a stupid twist) he could put up Derrick and Cody (with maybe a back door Frankie plan) and then we can watch the real drama play out. Derrick would go into crazy mode and probably lose his cool at some point.

Come on production- do your meddling for some good.


Derrick would shoot his gun off and try ya here me try and knock Donny in the JAW, that country boy will put a Carolina “A” kickin on him. Then apologize –sayin, – I hope I didn’t hurt too bad but you should have never put your hand on me, let me help you up.


Next year I want at least 3-4 people Donny’s age or older. None of this Jersey Shore crap.


It’s the same old bullshit every year from the women in this game. They are so catty and jealous that they spend the first half of the game competing with each other over male attention rather than working together. Meanwhile the men barely break a sweat picking them off one by one. By the time 1 or two of them is able to rub a couple brain cells together and figure out what’s going on, there is only 1 or 2 girls left. IDIOTS. You’d think they would learn but no, every year it’s the same damn thing.

Why women shouldn’t be allowed to run nations, not a strategic bone in their body.

Kathy B

You came close (almost) to making a semi-cogent point…but then you had to go there. I’m sure Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, Indira Gandhi, and several other accomplished women could kick your sorry backside when it would come to running a country. Misogynist idiot.

Hayden's Lisp

I hope Nicole doesn’t cry when she’s evicted, shes unpretty enough as it is…..there’s nothing worse than being ugly with a wet face & a clown nose. I also hope Julie does all the talking because Nicole drags out her words like shes had a stroke & we dont want the Interview to run into time for the HOH competition.


Trolling fail…


How rude…I think she’s really pretty and she just has an accent formed from living in Ubly, which is where she grew up. I don’t understand what kind of joy people like you get out of putting others down. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.


What I want is a no elimination week with Nicole staying and, instead, a jury member game where Hayden wins and returns to the house to fight Derrick and Cody. 🙂


Horrible troll.. You’re like the little troll with the pencil up your butt


Once NIcole is in Jury House the The New Bomb Squad (TNBS) will reign in the house.


I am so sick of Derrick and Cody saying one hundred times a day they want Donny out next week. I hope a bomb squad member gets their ass out the door next. I hope Donny wins everything this week and gets one of these son’s of bitches packing! TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cody's Gonna Beat You Up!

Derrick is smart to want Donny out, it is a necessary game move on his part because Donny has been onto him for the majority of the game. If Donny wins HOH he is the only remaining danger to Derrick’s game because he can’t be manipulated into doing Derrick’s bidding.

Cody’s game on the other hand is just beyond BB salvation. Donny has always liked him and would still work with him if he was interested. That’s an extra number for Cody and someone who can help him do his bidding (if he actually had an independent plan beyond parroting Derrick’s strategy and uttering empty threats to beat someone up). Instead he is constantly calling him a schemer, which is exactly what Derrick wants! Cody deserves a trip to jury ASAP!

Team Caleb

Why do you have an apostrophe in “son’s”? It’s plural, so it is spelled “sons”.

Team Beard is as lacking in grammar and spelling as much as Donny is lacking in any kind of game play, aside from growing a Production-directed beard in order to snag the Duck Dynasty audience. That’s not much different than the grab for Ariana Grande fans.


You’re kidding right, what’s your point on someone’s grammar? Why do that, we’re not complaining, we all make mistake small and big ones and as long as Dawg and Simon are not complaining or pointing the mistakes out why should you?


And apparently Team Caleb is as egotistical & delusional as he is.

Kathy B

Great – now we have the grammar police on our back. Crawl back to your race car bed with the Spiderman sheets and stop being such a PITA (pain in the ass.)


Cody only says it because his master Derrick has been saying it. Derrick sets the targets and the rest of the house goes about taking them out.


Derrick is right, the girls have been catty this season and they have all lined up to throw each other under the bus for the most part.
How fitting was it that Amber was the one who blew up the all girls alliance and then she was done in by the guys. And Jocasta saying it’s too early to start an alliance but got herself into an alliance the entire time she was in the house.
The girls were weak this season, bad casting of players like Joey, Amber, Brittany and Victoria. And it is one of the main reasons why this season has turned so boring and predictable.


Derricks small truths are always to cover up a bigger truth that he’s hiding in game. They are catty and can’t keep their mouths shut there’s still an alliance. And Nicole isn’t any better than the other women like Amber being booted that’s why her fate is the same as hers. She was pretty catty herself with Kristine and a full participant in the lying campaign to get Amber out and even judged Amber for trying to figure out what was going on. As a matter of fact, she may be worse since there were things put on her radar that she couldn’t hold in for 10 seconds to go process to see if there was some truth to it. And because she won HOH and they all ended being useless. One being useless because Donny knew he really couldn’t work with her when they won to make a small dent in the boy’s group.


It’s all about the casting. You notice the hotter ones are kind of the dumb ones – nice to look at for five minutes but they get boring real fast. Just terrible casting. All based on looks and stereotypes. Just horrible


Donny isn’t boring. He’s taking it all in. Just waiting for the right opportunity. He may wins this.

Chilltown 4 Life

I have a soft spot for Victoria for some strange reason ha!…One of the nicer people in the house.


After seeing her in her blue leggins with her camel toe I developed a real “hard spot” for her myself. As long as she is double bagged in case the first one breaks!!!!


This generation has been raised by role models such as Paris Hilton, The Kardashians, Jersey Shore ect… No wonder this cast doesn’t seem to have a brain.


Agreed. They all want to be famous just for existing. Fame (the good kind anyway) used to be a by-product of some contribution, be it hard work,an invention,etc. Not just showing up and rattling off one-liners to a house full of cameras and then checking your Twitter/Instagram accounts for an uptick in followers.

We’ve always known Production casts certain characters and constantly coach them throughout the season to add flavor to the show, but this year it seems like we have too many people who contrive events (Zach with his silly rehearsed speeches/poems, Frankie with just about everything and Caleb practicing his great performance in the BoB for viewers entertainment).

It almost seems like the actual game and the $500k pot is a footnote instead of the sole purpose of the show.


So glad to see the petulant child finally leaving!!

~Because I’m Happy~
~Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof~


Thanks for the screen capture of Frankie; a little warning would’ve been appreciated:


Christine: I laugh at everything cause I have no personality.

Cody: I cuddle because I’m boring. I’m going to cuddle my way to the final 2.


Caleb is such an asshole, Victoria will be destroyed by the news of an alliance. These folks are not the despicable crew of last year, but they will go down as being some of the dumbest, or the least interesting.


Yeah i think BB12 might have some competition for the least interesting group, they make Ragan and The Brigade seem somewhat interesting.

Derrick's Winning Key

Oh come on. Ragans shredding of Rachel was awesome. She loved it and that’s why she stood there and took it. Then asked for some more. Haha


I don’t think it will get that far. They keep talking about getting Donny out yet he’s still there. Just like not getting rid of Zach exposed a lot of their secrets (to no avail, because Christine is still blind, and Victoria is truly trapped in a child’s world), but with Hayden or Nicole (or both) coming back and Donny still being in the house The final 5 nor 6 will last. Donny will win POV or HOH and keep himself safe, Derrick will not allow Victoria to go on the block next week no matter what. Not even if Donny wins, because he knows it’s too many people left in the house for his secret with Victoria to be exposed. If he allow anyone to try and get rid of Victoria she will be a nervous wreck and start crying and telling everything, which will make Caleb, Frankie, Zach, and Christine to target him. Right now he’s under the radar with his alliance, but if Victoria goes up next week, and Donny gets in her hear (providing he’s safe) and she starts remembering what Nicole and Zach said she’s going to turn on Derrick. Derrick is trying to do to her what Dan did to Danielle, but what Derrick forgot is Dan didn’t win playing that way. If Donny is safe next week, Derrick is going to make sure Christine or Zach goes home. And if someone doesn’t come back tonight, they will come back next week, and with that person being safe I think Donny and that person will stand a chance with Victoria, and if Zach is still there, I think they would be the new four person alliance. And with there not being any twists this summer except for BOtB and Julie keeps saying expect the unexpected, Just like having two HOH’s, I think they will bring back 2 players, and if that happens the final 5 and 6 are definitely doomed.


nicole told her about the alliance. zach told her about the alliance. Maybe if Caleb also tells her about the alliance it will finally sink in:: oh, my, Derrick has been lying about the alliance??

Truth Be Known

Derlimpdick needs to look at that FACE in the MIRROR with that choker attached to his jawline. Somebody should get a chain saw and cut it off. It’s become embedded in his skin. Say what?…That’s a beard called a chin strap? Nawww…that’s a choker that got stuck on his box shaped jaw and he’s playing it off. Hahaha
Someone needs to tell him that…”Dude, I’m tired of you rambling on and on and on like you some kinda BB Authority Figure up in this here bitch.”
He SUCKS! He and Crackupstine and Codypendent and FrankFrauder needs to get to stepping. All 4 of them needs refurbishing and buffed with some SLOP coated sandpaper for that glossy overhaul.


Do you actually think you just said something there?


From Darren Franich’s EW recap, so funny I had to repost:
Zach Rance: The dude who beat you up in grade school but who threw all the best parties in high school, and then later you heard that it took him six years to finish college, but only because he kept dropping out to “start a company” that was basically a garage band without the band but the garage was his dad’s lake house. It’s like watching Ryan Phillippe from Cruel Intentions meet-cute with David Bowie from Labyrinth.


what would make an awesome show is if BB brought in 5 computers for the last five for just 2hrs and let them read all the comments (only the comments, no other access to the internet) being made about them, get close ups of their faces!! Derdick wouldn’t give a shit I am sure, but Frankie and Calebs faces would be PRICELESS! Cody would cry like a baby, and Zack would be all smiles with himself.


Victoria is one dumb chick. Like Derrick told Christink, Victoria has nothing (no game play). I wish BB would put women in the house who’ve had experience with men and understand how they operate.


This is awful. Every smart person is either out or about to be. Lying a-hole Derrick is the king of the show. I liked him early but now he just sucks.


The guys on this season are just as catty as the girls. The reason the girls have all gone is because of the battle of the block, snout face.

DerrickNeedsToGo - NOW!

Of the two people on the block, Nicole is my choice to go rather than Donnie. She really misses Hayden, she’s not happy in the house with all the lying going on, and by going to the jury house she’ll be a lot happier. If only one person gets to come back into the game, Hayden won’t have to fight Donnie for that chance and I really want Hayden to come back. He was sent out for no good reason. I don’t like most of this years players. Sure, deceit is the rule rather than the exception in the BB house, but fabricating complete falsehoods that are hurtful to people and can ruin relationships is just BAD FORM. Not considered good game play in my book and anyone that does so is done in my book. Unfortunately, that includes a lot of the people in the house.

Evict Derprict

Totally agree! besides I’m done with Nicole also because she started lying on Donny.


Derrick is secretly intimidated by Nicole. He is always talking about her nursing degree, and her graduating at the top of her class. He is also aware that Nicole is close to catching onto him (even though it should have already been obvious), and the information she is spreading is all true. It secretly pisses him off that Nicole won’t just go out quietly like he told her to. He knows that Donny has caught onto him already and will not be manipulated. Derrick evicts who he does not have control over.

Evict Derprict

Derrick’s game is Russell Hantz 2.0
Nobody recognizes him because he hid his porkpie hat.



Nicole could be in the house for a YEAR and she would still be clueless about Derrick. It could be JUST her and Derrick and she still may not figure out who is pulling the strings!

“Derrick that chair that tripped me, I think it’s targeting me! I need to win HOH so I can get it evicted!”

Just last night she was telling Donny that she shouldn’t have trusted….

wait for it…


Only Nicole, Victoria and the furniture (and not necessarily in that order) don’t know what’s going on in the house.

Nicole may have a clue, when she learns to count to FOUR!

I can’t for the life of me figure what is interesting about Nicole. Early on she played a catty, nasty game in order to evict the other more attractive females. Then when she actually joins the game, the evictions between her two HOHs, are Jacosta, Hayden and Nicole herself! Nicole and TWO allies in TWO WEEKS! It’s an unprecedented level of clusterf(@ery!

Bye Fruit Loop Dingus, I won’t miss you one bit!


Way to go Nicole! She got her cuddle time in with Cody.

Along the way she worked to evict other female players that could have helped her win $500,000 (Brittany, Amber) and she had to wait in line behind her “bestie” Christine. But after all the hard work and sacrifice she’s got it, cuddle time with Cody (the man that just hours earlier she said she shouldn’t have trusted!)

And so ends Nicole’s “glorious” stay in the big brother house. Clueless to the end. Golden opportunity after golden opportunity to further her chance to win $500,000 wasted. But ultimately, against all odds, she attained the ultimate prize, snuggle time with Cody!

Bodies of her actual and possible allies lay shattered and defeated in the wake of her two HOH victories. A history of ineptitude and cluelessness unrivaled in the annals of Big Brother history. But as she leaves the Big Brother house tonight, she can hold her head high, she fought the good fight. The sacrifices of herself and her allies will not soon be forgotten. Her hour of snuggle time with Cody (the mastermind of Big Brother 16) will always be with her.

Who needs a half million dollars?

Fruit Loop Dingus indeed!


Derrick, he needs to feed his daughter!!!!


IMO, the original 8 person alliance ruined this game. Other than a few blips here and there, it’s the same shit, different week. If your fav player was not apart of that alliance they are just cannon fodder to the arrogant pricks, who through sheer numbers, as opposed to skill or game play, have run around thinking they are God’s gift to Big Brother.
How bad is it? Donny has morphed into a crotchety old lady due to having to live with these insufferable tools. That’s how bad it is.
What a sorry mess this season has turned into.


Yes that’s part of it, but the dual HOH/BOB is what allowed them to take complete control. The fact that most of the strong players were in that group (or should I say most of the rest were useless) meant they pretty much ran every HOH & it was impossible to make inroads against them – even if you put up 2 of the BS the other person would put up weak people or people willing to throw it.

Time Out

I call BS on the 8 person alliance “ruining’ the game.
EVERYBODY knew of the 8 person alliance since week 3 when DEVIN left and told them ALL about it. And in the event they didn’t hear about it then, ZACH retold them the EXACT same info with additional UPDATES on how the 8 became 5.

It is the STUPIDITY of Nicole, Victoria, Britney (evicted), Hayden (Evicted) and Donnie to not take the information given, collaborate with those outside the 8 (and eventually 5) person alliance and actually DO SOMETHING to break it up. Instead, each want to blindly ignore the information and pass the time in the house, hoping they can either win competitions, become friends, or touch Cody in order to make it in the house week after week. The true reason why the guys are running the house is that everyone else CHOOSE to ignore the facts and brush the facts off as lies when they can’t see the evidence presented week in and week out.

Also, it helps that the guys sleep all day and plot every night from midnight to 6AM.


“Derrick tells Victoria to go to bed and memorize the announcements”. Again DePrick’s demeaning and condescending attitude. Next he will be saying to Vic, good girl, sit-up roll over, beg, fetch and eventually play dead. IMO Vic has been molly-coddled all her life and has never had to think for herself other than trips to the store for make-up, clothes and hair extensions. When she finally becomes aware of DePrick’s deceit, she is going to cry a river. This girl will be stigmatised for life.
BTW what is that tiny little package showing beneath Skankie’s t-shirt? Missing jenga pieces, fish sticks or just a bag of slop?


If Donny won HOH I bet he wouldn’t make a big move, he is so lame. All he does is complain instead of doing something.


The only way he can make any move is if the dual HOH thing is over. Otherwise he can’t do anything.


Why such a Donny basher. Any move he makes he is in it alone. As long as he is hoh I don’t care who the hell he puts up.


Short of a miracle, I don’t see a path to Donny making it to finale night. He has way too many people against him. They would only flock to his side if he had power and couldn’t avoid taking one of their own out, but once he’s vulnerable, they’ll get him.

His days are definitely numbered. Because he has the visible appearance of an outsider,he was a marked man from day one.

Toe Cutter

He chose to not want to bother with alliances. Hes by himself by choice. He sleeps and doesn’t participate in conversations (even if they are not what he would normally do) he should have been doing it the whole time.


Hey BB any chance we can see some excitement instead of sleeping house guests.


Newsflash to Victoria. Derrick just called you catty and said you shoot your mouth off….. you’re girl.

I just don’t think any of these people realize how many lies they made up. Christine did tell Nicole all of those things, she told Victoria the absolute truth and yes out of the guys Zach is probably the most honest out of that group. Derrick and Christine are probably the most dishonest people in that house.

BTW Christine should stop touching Cody like that all of the time… Forget her husband his family is watching and so are all of the people she works with and lives around… she’s going to need to move after this season. I know if my brothers wife did that… my parents would be furious. Somebody in the house said that Cody doesn’t achieve erections during these cuddle sessions…. I don’t think he is gay… probably just not attracted to any of the women in that house… really. Probably just a male escort that can be affectionate with women he is not attracted to.

We know who the winner already is

It’s a shame Victoria can’t see the hint being dropped by Derrick with their little chat even if he doesn’t mean to let the info loose. If she were smart she would know to cut him loose but then again he is her closest ally but then again they all think that (except Donny)lol bahhh said the sheep.

Bees Knees

I kinda feel bad for Victoria because of how naïve she is. I bet she’s a used car salesman’s favorite kind of customer.


Derrick is a walking pile of vomit. He is a terrible person and they need to assign him to a therapist upon his departure from the BB house because he is a whack job. And when they mentioned the showmance thing and Cody went for Nicole, I found it funny that she shut him down. He is such a whiny b***h and needs to go home. And the fact that he has all this hatred for Zach for what reason exactly? Oh, right. Jealousy. If one of Derrick’s toadies wins HOH I will throw up because then the rest of the game would be predictable and I would stop watching. Poor Nicole tries to keep it interesting and Derrick attacks her like a frenzied Great White.


You need to relax. If you actually feel this way about players on a reality show you may require some help…


Say what you will about Donny, he just isn’t there to play. Trying to sleep during the HOH clues? Weak.


I am a little confused on if Donnie was up for the clues or not, But i question why production waited to midnight to start showing clues? Was it to support BBAD or was it because they know Donnie goes to bed early and this would be a disadvantage to him, and therefore he would probably lose HOH?


They said he could hear it from his room. I think Donny knows he isn’t going to make it very far because of this alliance and he is just waiting until he goes. I don’t think he is cut out for big brother, he isn’t good at lying or backstabbing and I don’t think he is enjoying it the way he thought he would.


He was probably expecting some real humans with actual brain cells that can carry on a conversation about something other than their privates or even people that can strategize or not say every thought that crosses their pea brain and……

Victoria FTW

I don’t get why Donny does not sit down with Zach and have the kind of talks that
he’s been having with Nichole.
Zach is on the bottom of his alliance. He knows he was nearly sent out
the door last week.
Donny’s observations on what is going on in the house would get Zach
really fired up. It might shake the house up. Zach cannot be happy with the way
Derrick cornered him in front of the others concerning his frank talk with
Frankie’s place in the Detonaters is not secure also. Donny should approach
him also.
He has nothing to lose. If he sits back and does nothing, he’s going to jury next


Zach can’t keep his mouth shut – I wouldn’t tell him anything. He goes off on his crusades & then gets whipped back down & says Daddy Derrick won’t allow him to do what he wants.


I agree, but at the sametime for Donny its is a double-edge sword talking to Zach. Donny knows that if he talks to Zach he will run & out him to Derrick & the rest of the Detonators(Bombsquad, whatever the are). Zach has already outed him one time this season when he tried to form an alliance w/ Zach, Hayden & Cody but low & behold He ran & told the Detonators. I think Zach likes Donny but he is just now one of the frat boys. Donny has had an uphill from the get go this season. The weak minded girls have killed Donny’s game all season, although to a degree it has kept him safe b/c they seem to go instead of him (The Curse of Donny for them lol). The 2 HOH is killing him as well plus bad casting. There should hav atleast been two more older players to fill the role of the two most worthless players in the house Cody & Victoria, I mean they suck cant believe they appealed to casting. Godspeed Donny & goodluck, you’ll need it.


donny isn’t free to talk until after the eviction. after that, he can because he knows he is a target going up next anyway. I assume that will be after the HOH comp is known tho, because there isn’t much time before that. It would be interesting to see what kind of comp they are coming up with or if they are doing BoB. they seem to like the BoB comps this year, making them more elaborate or interesting than the other ones, so i am not sure they want to give that up yet. Christine and Victoria are the obvious nom choices, without Donny going up, so not sure what people will do. Good chance they will allow Donny to be HOH in order to get out someone other than Victoria without a lot of drama.


Zach is way unpredictable. I still can’t get a good read on where his head is really. I know he mentions taking out Frankie, but his short attention span gets in the way and he’s back to doing the bidding of the (Stink) Bomb Squad.

I’d like to see Zach play a sharper game and at least last long enough to get Frankie out.

Just sayin'

You can’t even feel sorry for these girls because they are just so stupid. If Derrick told Victoria to jump off a bridge, she would fix her make up and then jump right off.


Does anybody knows what Victoria really believes?

I was hoping to see what she would say in DR last episode about Derrick, but I don`t remember seeing anything.

( I don`t even pay much attention on the episodes anymore)


Julie: Now, Zach, it is time to cast your vote to evict the final house guest.
Zach: I’m sorry Derrick, but me and Cody have been tight from the beginning, so I have to vote to evict you.
Cody: Fycking liar, me and you have never been fycking tight. Way to put me on blast you punk kid. No fycking strategy.
Zach: Oh, okay, then I evict you Cody.
Cody: Typical fycking Zach, always going back on fycking commitments.


Just done watching the wednesday cbs show.
I don’t get why they keep on literally cutting Cody out of the show.
During the whole “Zach told Vic everything then pretended it was Nicole…” storyline, the bit that made me laugh the most on the feeds was Zach and Cody’s exchange in the storage room where Zach first told Cody that it was Nicole who told Victoria, and Cody immediately busted him and called his BS, asking “was it REALLY Nicole who told her?”
Then Zach admitted “OK, it was me” and they both had a laughing fit, agreeing that Cody just knew Zach too well and that he wasn’t able to BS Cody.
I understand CBS wanted to sell this whole “Derrick is a genius cop” storyline, but in my opinion, it’s to the detriment of the show when such a scene doesn’t make the cut. It’s been a few weeks now that Cody has been pretty much erased from the CBS shows, despite being actively involved in important decision making. I don’t get why they’d do that since declaring every Hitmen decision stems from Derrick alone just isn’t true…


Maybe because they are afraid of people complaining to the FCC because he is always in the ” cuddling” position. They have been afraid to show certain things in TV since the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake halftime show of the Superbowl

echo 1

Anyone notice how much time Miss Chen spends on Big Brother live 1 hour everything else is edited


Donny is awesome. Write that down.


Nicole needs to blow up Derrick’s game on her way out….announce to everyone he has her and Hayden’s jury votes because he will definitely be sitting in the final 2 with one of his 3 sets of final 2 alliances……

Bum squad

Expect the expected…



echo 1

next season!! This one flat lined 8 weeks ago


Victoria goes to the beehive room to tweeze. That can sum up her game play!

Derrick the boys are just as caddy this year. The only reason the girls are going home is because they didn’t listen to Joey and start a girls alliance to protect themselves.

Donny is spot on about everyone! I wonder how long he’s been holding in about Christine’s cackle, Cody’s whining and the Christine/Cody cuddling.


Donny’s conversation with Nicole was the funniest thing I’ve read from this season. Could have been straight out of a sitcom. Donny can throw some good one-liners and his frustration is palpable. He is going to bust because he is stuck in a house of fools. He has no one so Hayden better get back soon. Team Donny (team of 1) for the win!

Love Dawg and Simon

When Donny mentioned to Nicole that Victoria was like a little child, but explained that away by saying maybe it was due to the crow taking her when she was two, I was amazed at how witty he actually is. Why won’t production show more of Donny because his personality is so endearing (oh, I forgot, maybe that’s why he gets less camera time than the other jerks).

I don’t understand why these players want to go out so quietly, though. Call me a sore loser, but I would throw them all under the bus and reveal as much deception as I could before they tossed me out to Julie!


shut up you fruit loop dingus,your comment is boring


Whats all of this Cody baby talk stuff. I havent noticed. What kind of stuff is he saying? I can’t help but look at him differently now!


And Derprick continues his march to the finish line acting like a complete d#$k!! He may be playing a great game but he sure makes it difficult to like him. He was disparaging Andy and going on about how disrepected his game is and he is doing the same thing …..playing a game no one can respect.


Yeah he’s just toying with them now – keeps bringing up Joey said she was America’s Player, ha ha me a cop? I suppose he thinks we’re laughing with him about how completely he’s pulled the wool over these sheeple’s eyes’ – his arrogance & smugness is revolting.


You don’t have to like Derrick, but to compare him to Andy is ridiculous. Derrick is a leader, while Andy was the ultimate follower right up till the end.


If you read the post correctly I’m not comparing the style of game play I comparing the equitable lack of respect each of them are and will receive. Derrick was saying Andy’s game play didn’t generate any good will or respect and I’m saying neither does his.

Not sure about this season

Anybody else agree with Zach’s diary room session on Wednesday nights episode? The one where he was complaining about Frankie giving his winnings to charity to children in Africa and how Frankie will win something because of that? I think Frankie using his sister like that is cheap and ugly. Shame on BB on casting this season.


I’m so glad they showed Zach’s DR session where he was crying about Frankie winning and him wasting his time.
Up until now, every time Zach would throw his ‘allies’ under the bus and then just say “oopsie, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I guess I’m just dumb and have no idea what I’m doing!”, I was wondering whether that was just his strategy to hurt their game without admitting to doing so on purpose.
(like when he advised Brittany to hold a house meeting, or when he told Nicole and then Victoria about everyone’s alliances)
When I was watching him on the feeds and he was telling them that everyone will vote for Frankie in the end because of his charity, I really thought that was just a ploy to encourage them even more to get Frankie out.
This DR session showed that he’s just a young kid who’s far less ‘in control’ than I thought he was.

Not sure about this season

I really liked seeing that side of Zach. It was the most real and unscripted part of this season. Plus, Zach was right.. How are you suppose to compete to helping kids in Africa as opposed to using the money on your self? I hate that BB production put someone in the house like this. At least make an even playing field and leave the “famous” people out. Plus, I hope it hurts Frankie’s game. When he started running his mouth about his “ace card” i.e. being the brother of Ariana Grande, I started losing mega respect for him. Plus, I am not a fan of Ariana Grande and find her voice extremely annoying so it didn’t help matters as far as this BB fan is concerned.

Not sure about this season

Seeing Zach’s DR session was probably the most unscripted moment of this season. Zach was right. How are you suppose to compete with helping children in Africa as opposed to helping yourself? Shame on BB production. At least keep it some what of a level playing field and leave out the so called “famous people”. I hope this hurts Frankie’s game. I lost respect for Frankie when he said he was going to use his “ace card” of riding the coat tails of his sister Ariana Grande. I for one am not a fan of Ariana Grand and find her music and voice extremely annoying. So, that did nothing for this BB fan! 😉


I do and could empathize with his frustration in that moment when voting is involved. Really unfair and even worse than the Elissa situation because of the numbers and Elissa got an advantage but was also a target in the beginning. I wonder who would have been voted in for Team America in the place of Frankie probably someone else and it could have helped that person’s game or at the very least their back account. What a shame.

have to say

he was unintentionally speaking for us again here who watch live feeds(most of us at least)

it was awesome. I wanted to applaud the guy, and pat him on the back. he has no one in there. cody wants to kick his ass. derrick wants to murk him, Victoria refuses to listen to him, and when she does she tells derrick anyway. Nicole/Donny are dead people walking. even if someone returns to the game, it does very little for his game. he lacks numbers. beast mode is whipped around Frankie now that he knows he has a famous sister. he will mooch off Frankie(Who won’t be returning BMC’s calls after the show) and get dropped late and still not care. he wants the fame. he isn’t even playing the game. he has no 2nd layer. he can only do 1 thing at a time, he is never planning ahead. BMC is pretty useless IMO

so he is screwed, he had a shot to win fan fav I bet was his thinking after that fan came and screamed his name. but now? he is like WTF, this guy has a sister who is famous(never heard of her personally) and has said he is giving his money to charity, and we all know people get WAAAAAY too involved in what others will do with their money. that is NOT the game, and should have NOTHING to do with it. it drives me insane. so if I am born into a rich family, I can’t win BB because if I am with someone else who “needs it more” or will give it to charity, I lose. that is ridiculous. “who needs it more” pshhh

No name

Hate the CBS edit on Frankie….shows him saying how he is doing the show for charity leading America to think all his money from this show are for charity. Why not show Frankie explaining to Derrick that at first he was going to use his stipend money but now going to use the money he makes from the TA missions instead.


I think the Battle of the Block was an interesting idea, but it was poorly executed i think if they ended it 2 weeks ago this season could of picked up, much like with the redemption island twist they had Survivor if they ended it before the merge, or in this case the jury that would of been better, but i feel like it’s going to Survivor: Redemption Island status because i hated when they continued the R.I. after they merged / when the jury started, and the same goes with the B.O.B they should of ended it at the jury portion of the game and the other alliance will get picked off one by one.


Also let’s not forget, the redemption island twist also got rid of the majority of the weak players and the women pre-merge on Survivor as well so much like the B.O.B is doing here getting all of the weak women out it makes for a predictable blowout, much like when Boston Rob was in charge the whole time and won the game, i can see the same thing happening to Derrick as well unfortunately.

echo 1

Maybe that’s the big twist. The remaining House Guests will be put on a remote island…………… enough said

Victoria may be one of the nicer ones...

(..which isn’t saying much since this is a nasty bunch) BUT SHE HAS NO BUSINESS BEING IN THIS GAME!!! Do you know how many wanna be players are out there who are real fans and would do anything to get into that house?? Why they would let such a clueless person who doesn’t even know what she’s doing in this house?


I’d count myself as one of those wanna be players. I’ve sent two applications in over the years but never even got a response. Maybe if I was as hot as Amber or was under 25 I’d have a better chance but I definitely would have better game AND I hate women who turn on women- if anything I would have used Amber’s beauty to my benefit somehow. Not be jealous and turn on her cuz she’s hot. Hate that! You don’t see Derrick hating in Cody. He uses him. Brilliant

So I find it a bit insulting as a fan to have the likes of Victoria in there. She may be “nice” but agree she’s just doesn’t know wtf she’s doing. And they all know it too.


production as a big huge big brother fan
yall please help Donny win hoh with power
they want him gone next please help him for us
look at America favorite poll in see whos on top we want
Donny at the end so please help him for us Donny
is the reason we watch this year last year was a letdown
Donny is this year redemption form last year
with him in the game you earning you fan base back if he goes next week
fans want be happy in they cancel they live feed
Donny has to say next week too
I will say the same thing about in one of them if they always on top of amercia favorite poll
please help Donny production for us many many fans


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I get why they initially called it “Big Brother” because they were always being watched…….but it needs to be more appopriately named “Big Bully”…because that is how this “Game”(cough cough) is being played whether on the individual or “alliance” level…….They Bully out any Threats………I am REALLY hating some (MOST) of the Stereo-type messaging being sent……………..Victoria….is going to be the only girl, if she’s SUBMISSIVE (and dense) enough to follow the Dominant male figures…….as a token…….Cody gets off scott-free with his Cuddling (whoring) it up with the girls……we all know it would be labeled something else if it were gender reversal…….Derreck talks about how the Girls are Catty, Lets be honest, they Got Rid of Brittany, then Amber Now Nicole (Brute Bullying) because, they were afraid they were catching on and gonna out them…….Its Fakie and Zach-olator who Open their Mouths and Blow-up the Alliance more than ALL of the Girls would have….yet THATS who they choose to keep ” total Bro-Code (Derrek & Cody) at its very worst, Caleb is Redeeming in his devotion to be their front man (say do or act) how they need for thier cover, poor Donny, I think hes had it figured out for a while…..but everyones nose is so far up someone elses butt….no one can hear his attempts to redeem them selves….an unfortunetly now its to late…This Season has turned Boring Mostly because of the Whole Big Brother format of Predictability……(the only Unexpecteds….are how production will manipulate comps and info… spot light the seasons…..Entertainer….(said VERY loosely)


I feel extremely sorry for Nicole at this point. Blame for her leaving the house can be placed on several things, but I feel Production was the main reason for her demise. They decided Frankie was more valuable to the show, and therefore rigged the comp to his benefit. Noone can convince me otherwise. By doing that they guaranteed Frankie’s save that week and she was sacrificed. I read an article on a production leak that stated the comp was rigged for Frankie to win, and they also knew that Caleb might not throw it if they threw in a prize somewhere, so the comp was delayed while they ran around trying to throw a prize in to encourage Caleb to play. It also stated that production has been leaking information to Donny which again I do not doubt. Although he sits there all day long looking like a scarecrow in a corn field, things have gone on elsewhere in the house that he would not have known about unless he had been told.
So as I stated above, Production is responsible for what we are about to see today. They were the factor that put a good competitor in the position she finds herself in today. Otherwise she would have been the remaining HOH, and either Frankie or Christine would be taking the walk tonight.


I totally agree here. I feel that Nicoles’ game was over when production screwed her last week with the flipping of the house which led to Zach staying. Nicole kept targeting Frankie and Zach who along with Derrick are the people that production is pushing this year. I think that Derrick would have been more willing to work with her if she had stayed away from the showmance with Hayden which put a scare in Derrick.


simon what do you think hoh will be tonight
or something else


I think they are going to save endurance for the buy back night. If it is endurance Donny has no shot.


Which pretty much eliminates Donny from winning. He is so good at winning comps but I don’t think he would have the stamina to outlast a bunch of 20 something brat packers. If the endurance was who could sit quietly the longest without cuddling, cackling, looking in a mirror, stroking an imaginary beard or squirming in a chair, Donny would win hands down. Come on BB, make this a Donny comp. We need some type of excitement and shake-up.

echo 1

I know what would get the endurance over fast. Put the House Guest in a small room and make them watch all the episodes of BB and BBAD, with closeups and volume. Not only will the competition go by fast but there could be a few self evictions !!

Team Anyone but Cody and Derrick

Survivor had two cops on the show and guess what? Tony won. I think BB wanted to do the same thing. But at least Survivor put a male AND a female on the show. Would have been nice to stick a female cop with undercover experience in the house too!

Oh Victoria…. Just go to sleep sweetie…. Just go to sleep…


Casting a male AND female undercover cop could have been very interesting! But instead we got Victoria….can never find a crow when you need one…


No Derrick that is not the reason all the girls are gone. The guys are just as catty if not cattier this year. All they do is gossip and complain about everyone. They cannot keep a secret at all!! They stretched the truth.

I also don’t get all the hating on Nicole. She tried as much as she could. She was just screwed over by the guys and her so call best friend. Derrick is constantly calling her the biggest liar in the house. NO Derrick you are the biggest liar!! You started out right off the bat with a lie!! I feel bad for Victoria because she really is naive and probably will have a hard time when she realizes she was used.