Derrick – “our luck there’s Pandora’s it’s a penalty and ‘THEY’ will be safe for a week”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-08-22 17-35-05-621

5:30pm Living room Chit Chat
Caleb telling them Amazon is the number one retailer for home improvement supplies. the other two competitors are Home Depot and Lowes.
Derrick likes the husky tools over the kobalt tools so he goes to Home Depot, Caleb – “we have Huckey.. the red and black ones”
Derrick likes lowes more because it’s organized better. Caleb “we mop the floors clean up the inventory every night before we go home”

Caleb “every night before we go home.. because I was outside lawn and garden we leaf blew the entire area.. all over the front.. the whole outside.. lawn and garden“
Caleb says he worked in lawn and garden department.

Derrick starts a conversation about lawn, says right before he left for the show he “laid lime down” Caleb recommends scots turf builder.
(off Camera you hear Victoria saying she’s in “Disgusting amount of pain” she just wants to lay down)

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BB16-2014-08-22 17-52-51-606
Derrick – “I’m bored feedsters really bored.. I’m sorry”
Christine joins him
Caleb joins them “I knew he was a genius I just knew it.. ”
Derrick – For balancing tooth picks.
Cody says his HOH is still locked.
Derrick – our luck there’s Pandora’s it’s a penalty and  THEY will be safe for a week”
Derrick brings up BB13 when Porsche and Straight shooter got screwed over by a Pandora’s box. (Porsche had HOH put Rachel and Jordan up. some padora’s block twist had the nominees play in pairs so it was Jordan/Rachel Vs Adam/Straight Shooter. Rachel/Jordan win POV are both taken down and Adam/Shelly get nominated. Shelly goes home to death threats. Here’s the OBB post from that event.. ) .
Derrick seems certain there is a Pandora’s box and when Cody opens it there will be a penalty saving Donny and Nicole. Derrick warns them not to be surprised if he’s on the block this week.
Caleb says it’s impossible they can’t take the nominees down and put other people up “They can’t do that”
Christine says that one season there was a crap ton of Pandora’s boxes
Derrick mentions there was none last year
Caleb – Has it ever not been open
Christine nah
Caleb – imagine being the only person to not open Pandora’s box
Derrick points out if there’s the potential for money Beast mode will open it.

BB16-2014-08-22 18-31-50-552

6:09pm Everyone but Victoria who’s in the FIREROOM writhing in pain
Frankie – If there is a pandora’s box it’ll be today
Frankie explains how the pandora’s box works sometimes it benefits the HOH but is a penalty to everyone in the house other times it hurts the HOH and is a benefit for Everyone else.

Derrick continues to work on this stick tower.. Nicole and Donny with him at the dining room table.
Nicole says she’s been on the block five times
Donny laughs say he’s been on the block 6 times.
Donny – I can’t believe they gave us sharp sticks now that zach is gone they give us sharp sticks,..
Victoria joins them says she’s in a lot of pain she hasn’t been given any pain medication yet. The doctor is coming to see her.

BB16-2014-08-22 18-46-42-705

6:37pm Dining room
Caleb telling them it might be a luxury comp just so they can fill in the gaps.
Derrick is leaning more to a Pandora’s box, “if he’s up there smashing globes for money we’re down here getting porked somehow”
Derrick says he hears banging in the back room. Explains to Caleb how the back yard is changed up for pandora’s box.
Caleb – it could be it they have to fill that gap with something
Derrick grabs two more handfuls of sticks moves them towards the structures he’s already builts “I’m going to build into it.. this is going to take a while”
Caleb – would be sick if he got trapped up there and we got to see the new transformer movie with popcorn..
Derrick – or we win money..
Derrick brings up past season Pandora’s boxes.. Luxury designer clothes and Money.
Derrick – Something is going on camera’s ain’t moving..
Donny – they are all in their sleeping positions
Caleb goes up there to see if the HOH door is open.. walks in and tries the extra door in the HOH room.. it’s locked..
It’s driving them crazy trying to figure out what is going on.
Derrick starts talking about art says someone could sell the thing he just made for thousands of dollars and call it art, “I call this one transfer of power”
Victoria jokes says he’s going to be walking around the store and see this sculpture for sale for a couple thousand dollars. (her tooth doesn’t seem to be bothering her that much

BB16-2014-08-22 19-10-08-411

7:01pm living room Victoria, Donny and Derrick
(Caleb is walking around looks like he’ s searching for something maybe Pandora’s box)
Victoria – I just want to shoot naked women all day long
Derrick – me too
Victoria – I Just like to take pictures of them it’s not sl*ty pictures I turn them into art. with the props and where we’re at.
Derrick – you do a lot of nude photos
Victoria – ya but it’s with women..
Victoria says maybe in the future she’ll do pictures of couples
She explains they are called boudoir photos.
Derrick asks her what would she do if the couple starting bangin he thinks it would turn into porn pretty quickly. TEases her about it.
She brings up one couple she did but the guy wore underwear.
Derrick – you’re into some tinky sh1t you started off with wedding pictures and now you’re doing porn.. you’re a pornography director
“A pornographer . “
Derrick – congratulations Mr and Misses Rafaeli.. surprise she likes to take pictures of naked women and naked guys… little do you know little princess isn’t so much of a princess.. probably not a virgin..
Victoria giggles.
piece of Derrick structure collapses. Caleb – Transfer of power failed..
Derrick says he’s going back to it it’s a blessing in disguise.
Victoria wonders what it would be like if Amanda was in the house.
Derrick – she would tell us where to go
Caleb looks at Derrick structure “All that power”

Derrick isn’t happy with transfer of power he circles around it trying to see what needs to be changed.
Christine walks by sees transfer of POwer.. “Oh my God”
Derrick – I was bored..

BB16-2014-08-22 19-32-03-993

7:32pm after taking down the bridging structure Derrick makes some adjustments and begins the new bridge

BB16-2014-08-22 19-36-39-923

7:36pm Transfer of Power has been destroyed
Derrick – “Done playing”

BB16-2014-08-22 19-44-21-019

7:45pm Nicole alone building stuff..

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Hairy Lemonballs

Cody, don’t pretend like you don’t know me.


I honestly think he MAY HAVE forgotten what they look like. He’s been without them these past 60 days and who knows how much longer before that…


haha…very witty, Hairy!


LMAO simon i love that you still call shelly straight shooter. I remember reading those articles that and you calling joe powerhouse. Thank you for still working hard even though these past 2 seasons have sucked.


I hope there is Pandora’s Box


i know and hopefully somehow it will save donny and nicole hope they survive and make it 2 the end well if cody backdoors frankie whoever is left on the block will stay please production i’m begging u save nicole and donny


I don’t want Donny to go home, our whole family and friends are hoping he goes all the way. He is such a sweetheart, and kind to everyone.


Please save Donny!!

Alex C.

Donny is a such an easy-going and funny guy; i don’t understand why they hate him.


because he’s smart and they can’t control him


thumbs up if you love haycole


somehow, some way, CBS please save Nicole & Donny! ugggggggggggh.


Yes cbs please somehow save Donny, he is the only reason why we are still watching BB. Won’t watch after he is gone.

pants on fire

One can only hope Derrick!! A good Pandora for the good people in the house would be a welcome sight!!


Please CBS… Some twist like never before …saving both Donny and Nic!!!! That would be priceless!!!


Jay there has been a twist before that would save them both it was the Coup D’etat from all stars and from 11 where one houseguest gets the power to overthrow the HOH’s nominees and put up their own so if nicole or donny get it the game would finally get interesting

Alex C.

I don’t think CBS staff read the blogs


If cody dies not open pandora a box then he is such a pu$….


Everybody opens Pandora’s Box, it’s in the script… There will always something too enticing in there for them not to refuse..


He is a puss either way.


Maybe Pandora can give Cody some balls if its there!


Donny says – “I can’t believe they gave us sharp sticks, now that Zach is gone they give us sharp sticks,..” LOL
I miss Zach 🙁

Donny Rocks

Gee, Derrick. Your TV audience is pretty bored, too.


Amen to that!!


Simon do u think it Pandora’s box? Is Cody sleeping or does no one know where he is?


So glad to have read a post without Frankie’s name in it!!!


Well at least without him attempting to be the center of conversations.


Every Frankie conversation and post equals a step back for the gay rights movement. By the time he is evicted from the house, he’ll have set gays back a century.


I know any decent person shouldn’t wish ill or pain upon people…but Victoria getting removed from the game due to her pain and saving Nicole and Donny would be neat…

Brokeback Gayleb

Something tells me that Derrick is somewhat paranoid…keeps bringing up Pandora’s box and worries that it would benefit Donny & Nicole. Victoria’s constant whining is grating on my nerves. Wow, talk about high maintenance, BB. She should be evicted on that alone. Why is she is constant pain and does a doctor need to see her? Crow Specialist? Sorry, my bad


She suffers from attentionwhoreitis. It’s very difficult to treat.


Frankie suffers from Attentionwhoreitis as well!


Derrick’s not just worried about Pandora’s Box – in the back of his sorry brain he’s saying “damn I wish I would have gotten Pandora’s Box when I was in HOH, it aint fair – and now I got to worry about me getting put up on the block, it aint fair – I’ve lied, manipulated and scam my way through and now you trying to screw up my game, pick on someone else cause I need the money to feed my daughter.


He’s paranoid because even he knows his reign has been too easy.

Mister E

Maybe Victoria self evicts because of her tooth and there is no eviction this week.


I can’t wait for that Pandora’s Box. I hope Donny and Nicole are safe this week!


I hope Derricks nervous about pandoras box being in his HOH room Oops i meant Cody’s hoh room. ;p


Where’s POW-POW twerkin when you need it?


“Disgusting amount of pain” is the perfect way to describe how I feel towards these creeps.

And am I supposed to feel sorry for them that they’re bored because they ran out of hateful and terrible things to say about good people?

I don’t like the idea of them addressing us as feedsters either when they ruined the live feed for some, if not a lot of us.


BB production should just use the idea of Pandora’s box to get the hamsters paranoid. I mean they hear building in the background, and then and only then do they consider keeping Donny and Nicole (because they might get screwed). I feel like actually using Pandora’s Box, or the DPOV or Coup De’tat is what makes me hate production so much. They make a desperation move to improve ratings because they know they f’ed up when casting (we’re looking at you victoria). They should tease the players and Victoria with some game changing twists, like they have with the audience for 60 days now and then maybe just maybe somethings could change.


I have no idea why they are jumping to the idea of Pandora’s Box? Couldn’t the noise just be constructing tomorrows POV set? Me thinks that the paranoid Derrick needs to take a chill pill and quit stressing out the mental midget’s like Caleb and Victoria,


“They should tease the players and Victoria with some game changing twists” I love how you referred to game players and Victoria separately. Haha


Paranoia at its best! If there’s a Special Power out there, c’mon Niconny, win it and save yourselves! Take that and stick it in your asses, Cody-Kotex, Derprick, Disgustine, Fakie, Least Mud Cowdung, and Shitoria!


Maybe Caleb is looking for Amber… She’s gone, dude.


Good one, ugh 😉


Lol I opened the Pandora’s Box Door and they are giving me exactly 1 hour to get on the internet! There is some helpful info on this site thanks guys!


“With our luck” oh Derrick, you mean the luck that has kept your stupid alliance completely together to the final 8 and you off the block for the entire gam? Yeah, a lot of shitty stuff has happened to you.


You took the words right out of my mouth!!

Brokeback Gayleb

Please, someone needs to scream into the backyard again tonight……….” Flock of crows coming……someone amongst you is a lyin’ cop….Frankie is a fu*k face ( just because I wanna hear it again ) Beast Mode is a douche.”

BB: Predict the Predictable

Out of the 6, i think i want Cody to leave first. It would be the most satisfying. No more would we have to suffer through his uncomfortable and unusual cuddling with Crusty the cackle. No more would we have to suffer through his uncomfortable and unusual relationship with Frankie “I’m a star” Grande Balls. And no more would we have to suffer through his insistence that he is intelligent…and honest…and straight.


and his constant i’m gonna call him out hes worse then victoria and frankie in the annoying department

canadian guy

When does BB 17 start?


To hell with that. When does BB Canada start?


Derrick brings up BB13 when Porsche and Straight shooter got screwed over by a Pandora’s box. (Porsche had HOH put Rachel and Jordan up. some padora’s block twist had the nominees play in pairs so it was Jordan/Rachel Vs Adam/Straight Shooter. Rachel/Jordan win POV are both taken down and Adam/Shelly get nominated. Shelly goes home to death threats. Here’s the OBB post from that event.. ) .

Most obvious rigging, I’ve seen since I started watching… Julie tells us, when PB is in play, which means that PD wasn’t planned, they did that when Jeff messed up in the Clown POV, and Rachel and Jordan would be heading out one by one… Jeff, was going to win that POV, and HOH(he was the best at it, Porsche was 2nd best), he went too hard in the balls and knocked one of them out the bin.. Even Jordan admitted on the feeds right after duo twist got reactivated, that the POV would be tailored for them to win, then the feeds cut..

This is why it’s best to buy the feeds, feeders get to hear HG complain about Production tammpering in the game all the time… they did it A LOT last season, during the week of the “Racial Blow Up between Aaryn GM and Howard and Candice”, production made Helen keep Howard on the block, when she was ordered by Demanda to.


**production made Helen keep Howard Off the block


The hell is a “Disgusting amount of pain”?? I would guess that’s the pain Zombies get in when u cut a limb off(Yes, I watch too much Walking Dead LOL)……

Why is the girl obsessed with that word?


Literally, at the end of the day, it is what it is. Disgusting.


I agree 110%!

Nera's Mommy

Limited vocabulary – literally.


Hey, what are those sticks they’re playing with? Looks fun..


Don’t worry, you can purchase them on the BB Website….for $29.99. Or at Lowes Lawn & Garden kebab blowout sale for $1.39.


Have Not’s Kebab sticks.


Really? Derrick was very creative with them, made it look like a more artsy version of popsicle sticks. LOL


C’mon Simon,
I know you don’t like to show your hand, but I can tell that you’re REALLY worried about our little Victoria. Am I right?? Hmm?? C’mon, Hmm? lol


Ok, so DON’T play with me. Doesn’t hurt my feelings….not one little bit. Just gonna pick up the cue ball and go home…….*sniff, sniff*


Not sure what he means… theur luck has actually been very good. The only people that have gone home from their own alliance has happened due to their own actions. If anything, they are due some bad luck.


What if they have Pandora’s box and Cody has to pick a box out of three and in those boxes are zach Hayden n Jocasta. ?!?!? When Cody picks the box another player (zach) comes back into the house and they have a double eviction


New cure for insomnia: Big Brother Live Feeds.


Cody is asking Derrick if Donny takes himself off the block should they put up Frankie, Derrick says no A few minutes later Cody brings it up again and Derrick shoots his idea down again. Donnie had planted those seeds in his head that it will be Derrick, Frankie and Victoria final three. I hope he is getting suspicious of Derrick of not wanting to take him to final 3.


Wow! I’m stunned – could Donny actually have gotten through to one of them? It’s simply shocking. I almost don’t believe it. Cody suggesting putting up Frankie… plant those seeds, Donny, and watch them grow. Oh, who am I kidding… there’s Derrick, spreading the Roundup.


“Caleb – imagine being the only person to not open Pandora’s box”

Not a chance, there will ALWAYS something in there to entice them to open it… Money, seeing a family member, Special power of protection.. The best PB Ive seen that wans’t about protecting a HG, was Natalie being proposed to by her BF, I believe the other HGs got a scavenger hunt for scattered cash…


Throw Justin Bieber or Amber in there and Crush Mode Cowboy would open up Pandora’s box in the blink of an eye.


PB will probably be Frankie’s sister to give the HGs a concert to boost the ratings in that critical viewer demographic – the tweenies!


Pandora’s box has some big boy pants for Cody…but they’re 2 sizes too small.


I hate when production has a hand in the game but at this point throw a special power towards Nicole or Donny. The season is already done for so they might as well mix it up. With the exception of Nicole and Donny , the remaining houseguests are just so rude that I would be happy to see there game get unfairly screwed over. Especially seeing how these young, immature punks completely isolated Donny and said so many disrespectful things about one of the nicest houseguests to play bb.

I'll Leave a Reply.

They don’t deserve to be in a house like that, if they’re just going to stink it up.

Julie Chen

Houseguests, I told you all this would be the most twisted season ever and you are about to find out why. For the first time ever, nominations will just be down right nullified because America hates all of you except Donny and Nicole. Yup thats right, for no other reason than you all have been such douche bags, Donny and Nicole are now both safe for the week and to top that, for the first time ever in BB history, 6 people will be placed on the block, including the current HOH. Donny and Nicole will have the only votes for the week. In the event of a tie, both votes will be sent jury. Bet you assholes didnt expect that. But ypu know what we say expect the unexpected.


I would be crying tears of joy if it truly went down like that.


Thank you very much Skankie Frankie. You have forever ruined lemon pie with meringue topping for me.

Brokeback Gayleb

New drink @ Starbucks tomorrow the ” Grande Lemonade”

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Victoria's Areolas

If you drink it, it’ll not only make you a sourpuss, but it’ll make you defecate basketball size lemon drops.

It's Me Again

Will and Dan must be watching, shaking their heads, ashamed of playing the same game, Big Brother, as these fools are. It was a joy watching those all time best players play, now it’s upsetting to know millions tune in to watch something not worth watching.


They made it enjoyable, (Janelle, Dan and the rest of them) sure they argue, scheme but nothing like this group – I’m not sure if I’ll be back next year. This is a sorry, mean, lying, immature group of people


Did I just hear that little fuckstick correctly? Did Frankie just say that he hopes Zach “makes something of his life”?? Something about hoping “he doesn’t go back to caddying for his little brother”????
This from a middle aged troll whose sole offering to the world is milking off of his HALF sister’s ” fame”???
What a delusional, condescending little bitch.

BB: Predict the Predictable

I miss when the twists of the summer were largely associated with the theme : Project DNA, Summer of Secrets, or the eXes. But i much rather BB17 to go back to old school big brother: 1 hoh, 2 noms, 1 pov, an eclectic cast that varies in age and maturity, (STOP WITH THE 15 TWENTY-SOMETHING- YEAR OLDS AND THE 1 OLD PERSON ) no production involvement, no haphazard little-thought-out twists-thrown-into-the-mix-when-the-clear-favorites-are-about-to-get-evicted and NO MORE RECRUITS. We dont need PERSONALITIES or GIMMICKS, we need people who UNDERSTAND HOW TO PLAY.


I don’t know what this show is that we’ve been watching but it sure as hell is NOT the Big Brother I have watched and loved (even thru last year’s muckfest) for 16 years and now we get THIS?! Boring does not begn to describe the lack of action and detestable does not begin to describe the majority of the houseguests (excluding Donny, Nicole, and my fave Zach). What has happened to the eclectic mix of hgs? What happened to the FUN? Playing poker with cards made from scraps of paper and nailpolish numbers, jumping in the pool for the sheer joy of it, beer pong? Where’d it all GO? Now we get hours and hours of shooting pool while the rest lay around and whine! And, btw, Donny is FORTY-F##CKING-TWO YEARS OLD! In my book that is NOT “old”. The beard and his own referral to himself as an “old man” does not make him old! I would LOVE to see a season of Big Brother with a few honestly older houseguests. I am sure there are MANY Fifty-Somethings and even Sixty-Somethings out there who are fit enough and strong enough to keep up with overwhelming number of Twenty-Somethings they have been putting in the house! I just miss the OLD Big Brother! Okay, that’s the end of my rant. . .


You can rant some more, joy. I enjoyed it!

Senior's BB

Yes, we can have wheel chair races, the denture toss, duelling canes, musical rocking chairs, pass the gas and hide the incontinence pads. No need for have/have nots, we all eat mushy slop most of the time anyhow. No need for beer or wine but a small glass of sherry before lights out at 9pm would be nice. CBS could make it a once weekly show for 6 months to accommodate our slow moving, not so hot bodies.


I would love to see a wide range of ages and more diversity. Looks and hot bodies just don’t cut it for me. I think there would be less nastiness and more respect in the house if there was a wider age range. Somewhere this show has taken a wrong turn and we need to get it back or I’ll be tuning out next year. Sad because BB used to be something to look forward to. Geez, what has happened to my favorite show?


I hate Derrick

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Victoria's Areolas

On Sundays when that stupid golf goes past the time when BB should be playing and then they air 60 minutes and make you wait even more to watch BB, it ruins my whole night I had scheduled for viewing other programs.

NO MORE! This smut they now have on BB is not worth the wait. I can watch other channels and catch up on what’s going on with this site.

Brokeback Gayleb

Still feeling the effects of happy hour….your username made me ” literally ” LOL….oh damn, those visuals though?


OMG!!! Cody and Victoria don’t know about Seinfeld??? Were they living in caves without cable? Where did they find these people???

Pandora’s Box

Open Pandora’s Box … there is a Pregnancy Kit for Christine …. LMAOOO !!! Its Positive for Cody and Christine .. FIRST To Do Baby IN BBH… They are going to Call it .. Big Brother Junior Frankie … lol Sorry Christine’s Husband … NOT !!!

Brokeback Gayleb

There’s ping pong balls with super glue for Cody, Penicillin for Fu*ck Face, paper bag for Chrustine, handcuffs for Derrdick, sleeping gas for Snotoria , million dollar check for Donny

sorry for you to thumb down me

Umm, I get the love for Donny. He is a true elder/old soul. He is smart. He is THE beast of comps. He just has it. But his GAME….damn it, his game….socially, strategically. He was unfortunately late to this game. I love him. In BB, these types just don’t win the prize! Derrick wont win. We hear hate for him on this site (b/c he’s porkish or runnin’ the house or a lyin’ sack) but his GAME is AT THIS moment pretty flawless. He has positioned himself incredibly well. People on this site love underdogs and hate runners of a group of people. Why is it in DR sessions that everyone seems to say the one person they trust 100% is derrick? He is the dude who said “hey, its your HOH, you do whatever you want”….that right there from an HOH perspective says “this guy will respect whatever I do b/c its a game”….even he thinks he’ll go on the block and get sent packing soon. He just seems to be thinking a step or two ahead of others. Frankie is cool as hell. His social game is sick, yet annoying as hell, but trusts derrick. Cody is seen as derricks lacky. Victoria looks at Derrick like a 10 years older big brother (pun), Caleb is loyal yet still a boy of derricks. Christine is now like Zach, wildcard float. Nicole is smart and naive. Donny….dammit. He shoulda shaved in week 3 and then pimped his comp record. And don’t give me the excuse of “b/c they targeted his allies and they left he is now alone”…. No, donny chose his allies and he (quote Indiana Jones last crusade) chosen poorly. This happens in BB. Remember the exterminators. What a goddamn joke that was. Judd was the only guy from that 4 I cared about, and what a putz he was. Please stop whining about this game. Its like whining about the Houston Astros….. Who gives a s#%@!!!!!