Derrick “EAT your quesadilla so I can go to bed! You’re just b***hing! I could careless about them.”

POV Holder: Christine Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Christine
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-31 00-05-17-325

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12:10pm In the kitchen – Derrick is cooking slop creations. Victoria joins him. Derrick tells her that the cookie sheet is called a sheet pan. Victoria loses it and starts laughing hysterically saying sheet pan over and over again. It’s not a sheet pan!? Victoria drops to the floor laughing. Derrick looks at the camera and asks if the live feeders are watching this. Caleb gets down behind Victoria looks at the camera and points to Victoria. Victoria keeps saying Sheet Pan, Sheet Pan!! Christine comes back from going to bed and tells Victoria its called a sheet pan. Victoria says that’s weird. Victoria says tomorrow they should put plastic bags down in the backyard with soap and water. Caleb asks a slip and slide. Derrick says no, we just did that last week. Frankie asks last week?! Derrick says two days ago. Frankie says yes rose, I’m still bruised from it. Caleb says maybe they’re building us something in the backyard. Victoria says no we can’t go outside because people are yelling. Victoria asks Frankie what they were yelling. Frankie says Donny forever, ya’ll are burning in hell! Caleb tells Victoria he is the king of this castle. Derrick says I just got a little aroused. Caleb and Frankie head to the HOH room to go to bed.

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12:35pm Victoria tells Derrick maybe I can convince Caleb to not put me up. Derrick says I don’t think you should. Its just going to put a bigger target on your back. If you tell him to put up Frankie and Frankie finds out you’ll be his target next week. Derrick says you’re not going home. Its just more TV time for you. Everyone wants Nicole gone! She already had two lives. She’s gone. Don’t take offence to it, he clearly likes you. Derrick says you don’t even know for sure you’re going up. Victoria says I just feel bad. Not that I feel bad for her leaving because it just means I am just that much closer to half a million dollars but there are just straight up malicious people here. Christine is just so vicious. Derrick says well she’s safe this week. Victoria says Hayden deserves to be here. Derrick says no one deserves to be here. You’re here because of your game play. Victoria says being malicious shouldn’t be respected as game play. She takes pride in putting people down. Victoria says you better freaking fight because you’re the only person that deserves to be here. Victoria says if I leave its going to suck. If I leave I want you to win. Derrick says I will try. Victoria says there no loyalty in their game play. Derrick says EAT your quesadilla so I can go to bed! You’re just b***hing about them right now. I could careless about them. Victoria says If I leave, I just want you to win! Derrick says I will try, I will try my hardest.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-31 00-49-27-542

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-31 01-04-45-011
1pm In the havenot room – Victoria tells Derrick she really doesn’t want to go. Derrick says I really want to make it to the end with you but if one of us goes at least we met each other. I am excited because at least this week is in the books. We just have to win to secure our own fate. Whatever’s meant to happen will happen. That’s all we can do. Why don’t you go get some sleep. Victoria starts crying. Derrick tells her to go sleep in the fire room where Christine is sleeping. Victoria says she doesn’t want to. Derrick says well she’s safe this week so you need to be cordial. Derrick goes to leave and Victoria pulls him in to hug her. He leaves and she lays in his bed. She lays there and cries. She then gets up and hugs Derrick in the hallway. He tells her she’s just emotional because she’s been drinking. He tells her to go to bed. She says okay and then goes to then bathroom and starts crying again. Derrick comes back and asks her what she’s doing? She says she’s been holding things in. Derrick says its just a game. She says she’s been playing with her heat when she knows she shouldn’t. They hug for a bit and then he tells her she’s got this, do your thing. Derrick leaves.

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“quit wasting your HOH’s on girls”

I just can’t listen to anything about an all girl alliance, or “girl power” when the girl left in the house that people are rooting for looks at it this way. she has that same mentality that she isn’t a big threat so she shouldn’t be targeted. its the Victoria philosophy to BB. “I am still here, so I must be doing something right”.

we need more Rachel’s and Janelle’s who just say screw that noise

Lady E

The females ALL had a chance to have their own alliance and they turned on one another. Then at the end, they’re questioning why??


start with 8 guys and 8 girls after a guy wins this year the girls would have to win 5 or 6 times in a row to equal the guys wins women don’t know when to talk and when to shut up in general sorry it is what it is


Yes they all had a chance but there is ALWAYS one that sticks their head up all the guys asses – in this case – Christine.
She is the biggest idiot in big brother – like gm idiot.


lesson to be learned hear if do what you are told or can be controlled we will consider keeping you ladies reason they don’t team up girls don’t trust each other period and I can understand


IN the pic Victoria looks like a monkey….


SUN 8/31 12:13:53 AM PST the pic of Victoria and Caleb VICTORIA looks like monkey..

more wine

IN the pic VICTORIA looks like a monkey….


Wouldn’t it be a kicker if Victoria was playing Derrick. Nah. But someone should tell her she is on a reality show and she will have to leave


Victoria, caleb and especially cody got smased last night….Production even gave them 8 more beers and another bottle of wine….They started with 12 beers and 2 bottles…only those 3 were drinking….The camera zoom in on Skankie rubbing codys upper inner thigh and it was not rebuffed…even sounded a little like sexual talk the way skank was oooing…then heard skank talking to chis about it….hard to hear….but defiantley about what he and cody did and said…did make out cody told skank he was Beautiful as he was rubbing his 1″ away from his winkie!
All I can wish for …is they deliberatly got them smashed …so they wake them up real early and caleb won’t be able to think straight….when a pandora box or something else happens and Nic comes out on top.


You are so right! Janelle or Rachel would have discarded these guys as easily as scraping bubble gum off the bottom of their shoe.


That’s was the “REAL BIG BROTHER” (Rachel and Janelle), I don’t know what this mess is? Bring the real BB back with feisty men and women playing their own game not just one person’s game.


yeah or even Danielle from All Stars. that girl can flat out PLAY the game. its fun to watch. I just can’t stand these girls who go into the house with zero plan. even Zach had some sort of strategy, the guys quickly move and get something going EVERY year. yet we are left with these girls who are just…lacking as participants on Big Brother.


Frankie wants to be famous, I guess he did it last night. Now everybody knows how disgusting he is by suggesting two guys should rape victory. He is all over tmz right now. Frankie, you are disgusting and your comments are not funny at all.


CBS is now in a position of having to decide on whether to make Frankie accountable for his disgusting comments or they may face several lawsuits. I noticed on the TMZ video that Derrick, Cody, Christine and Caleb were laughing loudly as Frankie went into his horrid frenzy. Victoria’s family should be outraged. Derrick, Caleb, Christine and Cody should have to apologize as well for laughing and adding to Frankie’s despicable rant. Last year CBS allowed similar activity – racism, misogynistic and perverted comments to take place in the BB house. Someone placed some really good rules on this blog regarding to behavior on BB for next year. CBS may have to revamp their rules or they are going to see a lot more problems in the future.


Didn’t Virginia also make disparaging remarks about Devin? Don’t recall exactly but I remember thinking it was bordering on slander.

Virginia’s mom lost me when she demanded apology from Ariana and her parents.

Internal affairs

If you are an off duty cop and you watch a crime in progress and do nothing to intervene, is that considered misfeasance of duty ?
If you are an off duty cop and you witness a group of young men discussing how they are going to gang-up on a girl and sexually assault her, is it ok to join in and laugh and escalate the situation further?
Just wondering how Derrick is putting money before honor and duty.


That scene from 12:10 – 12:14 about the “she pan” is Soooo Funny!!! I’ve watched it over, and over again. Omg that is Feeds Gold for sure !!!


BB16 has no testosterone….Caleb no balls, Cody no balls, Derrick no balls. Oddly Frankie as more balls then the 3 of them put together. I can’t believe no male has done anything but follow the obvious. Boys and I mean BOYS you have all abs but NO BALLS. I pulling for any of the Females.




If Caleb sends Frankie packing, he will make our summer a little less regretful and gain my respect. Don’t hold your breath!


It will never happen. It is the season of the puzzies where no one wants to get blood on their hands…..which is by far the most annoying and overused phrase this season…followed by beast mode douchebag….er I mean cowboy.


This could be their only chance to backdoor him! I have a sickening feeling that it’s not gonna happen 🙁
Expect the expected!


This is just another example of these fools not looking ahead in the game. Does Caleb not realize that if he put Frankie up and Frankie was sent to the jury house he would gain some serious respect from the jury members who despise Frankie?! Which is all of them. That translates into votes. Of course he doesn’t. Instead he is focused on some ridiculous goal of having the biggest alliance making it to the end BB record. Caleb there is a reason why no one wants that record. They want to win half a million dollars!

And if Nicole tells Derrick one more time that she wants him to win since she cant and she will talk to the jury members about how great Derrick is I am going to explode. Who does this?! Does she not reaize that Derrick will do everything in his power to kick her butt to jury so that she can campaign for him to win the big money. I like Nicole but she doesnt think about what she is saying. Arrrrrrggghhhhhhhh!


Nicole had made comments about Derrick being the one to get out. Now she’s going to cheerlead for him??? She is asking to be sent to jury. Maybe being out of that hell-hole BB house and then going back in pushed her over the edge.


Derrick and Victoria’s relationship is kinda weird…. not as bad as Cody and Christine’s though


Even after she saw Derricks wife and baby daughter on video, Victoria still keeps hugging him and crying for attention. But, I blame him, he’s the one that’s married. He could have kept her close without allowing the touchy, feely crap. He is wrong and his poor wife has to see him manipulate a 21 year old sheltered girl. For that, I hope he doesn’t win.


Derrick and Victoria are nothing like Cody and Christine. He does hug Victoria (and I have guy friends that I hug) but u see when she wants to sleep in his room he sends her out. He does love his wife and child and I haven’t seen them do any touching that is out of line. But I am sure this is just someone who doesn’t like Derrick.


cody and Christine are out of line but everyone hugs each other more than normal there in prison think about it Frankie hugs 10 times more than anyone except cody and Christine think about it Victoria did it more because she was drunk and that’s normal but derrick told her to go to bed like 4 times trying to do it in a nice way he thinks about everything he is doing 24 7 and how it will effect his game not really a fan of derrick but almost nobody left to pull for he really has played the game about the best you could never been put up and jury loves whens the last time that’s happened like dans second season he knew and we all knew 2nd was the best he was going to get jury hated him


Derrick is the worst of all of them. He’s married and gas a little girl: bad husband and bad father.


And anyone who would defend Derricks behavior toward Victoria probably is as greedy as he is. He exemplifies gluttony in all his behavior. You can hate Derrick and also call him out for being a cheater. You can also like Derrick and call him out for being a cheater. A cheater is a cheater r in all areas of their life. That’s Why Derrick is just being consistent when he comes on to Victoria. He’s a glutton for money and women and power. Just an all around vile man.

Butters Mom

Derrick has definitely showed a lack of integrity on BB. He did take an oath to protect while on or off the job. He does seem to be motivated strictly by money and has crossed lines regarding his marriage vows as well as his job for the sake of getting further in this game. I havent liked Derrick for a very long time because of his lack of ethics and I wouldnt trust him outside of the house anymore than I would inside the BB house. When you look at the group that has been cast for this show, you have to wonder if Production knew he had these flaws just like the others in his group have serious character flaws and thats why they chose him. It seems like the producers goal these past two seasons have been to show a train wreck of bad behavior and have cast people strictly to get what they are looking to focus on. Of coarse you cant have villans without victims so they also cast the innocent and Victoria seems to be less than capable of taking care of herself in that house with these vile jerks. Im concerned about her when both Nicole and Christine are both gone this week and she is left alone in there with all of those guys… then what? Her parents need to get her out or start the pressure to get those involved in the rape convo out immediately. They had no problem suing the city over a crack in the side walk so Im certain they are ready to show a lawyer the tapes that are circulating everywhere right now. CBS needs to show the feeds on the prime time show as well…. this editing crap to make Frankie and the rest of them look good shows extreme bad judgment on their part.

Still love Donny

I am not really a Derrick fan…However just because Victoria is a virgin and her parents sheltered her does not mean that she is exempt from being played just like everyone else. I know we all have our own opinions…but at the end of the day this is just a game and if she didn’t come to play she should not have come.

Real Deal

Nah their relationship is easy to figure…Derrick is using her for all she is worth(not much) on his way to 500K and Victoria has no clue she is on BB and is falling in love with the only man that has ever lavished this much positive attention on her.

Butters Mom

Positive attention? Is that what you think he has lavished on her? gesh!


Poor disillusioned Victoria. I think she is in love with Derrick and when she finds he does not want to know her after finale, the people in white coats need to be available.


Just wait until she finds out Derrick is a cop and has been lying to her all summer. She will have to be institutionalized.


I fault a 30 year old married man with a child for manipulating a young naive girl this way. Game or not, man up as$hole. You repulse me.


I agree, Vacancy is in love with Derrick! The reality of his family will probably crush her. He’s playing BB and she’s at a 3 month slumber party.


LOLOLOLOLOL. 3 month slumber party 🙂

bb fan

When did Derrick say he didn’t want to have anything to do with her after the finale?


Victoria is most definitely in love with Derrick. She has very little experience with affairs of the heart. I swear, if by some fluke she makes it to the final two, those folks in the jury house will give it to her. Watch those egos deflate right before your very eyes on live television.


Victoria is delusional and generally not a great player, but in the past two days reading the updates here, she seems to have a great sense of what is going on in the house, more so than many others in the game. She sees how nasty they are all. Her judgment is clouded by the DePrick, but otherwise she does seem to get it in terms of the game play.


“Victoria says I can’t believe how Cody is toughing a married girl. Nicole says maybe he’s married. Victoria says no, I think he is just really insecure. He flirts with her because he knows she won’t turn him down. She gives him attention that no other girl would. She laughs at everything he says. I don’t think anything he says is funny.”

Finally Victoria says something that shows insight, Cody clearly is using Christine to stroke his ego (possibly hide his attraction to Frankie) now I just wish she had the insight towards the game and realize how she is next in line to go…. I really don’t understand this season’s cast, the majority of them don’t even seem to be playing to win, and don’t even care to fight to stay… where are the stronger females, Janelle, Rachel, Danielle, even players like Jen Johnson, Keesha, Libra, or at least a feisty female like Candice, Amanda, Renny…. anyone to call out the guys… any of these females calling these guys out would bring out the true misogynistic and ego-maniac tirades from Derrick, Caleb, Cody, and Frankie…. (especially since they already complain about Donny and Nicole when they really didn’t even do anything)


Will someone please tell her she does the same surf with derrick…


Cody married? Is gay marriage legal in New Jersey?


Cody will have explaining to do when he goes home. Add booze and you see what a fruit cake he is. Why isn’t Frankie being told to stop the talk about gay sex….He refers to wanting it in his butt from cody….He talks about wanting oral…..what gives production…is this the season you out people?….That constant gay talk and Frankie flattering around makes me want to puke! Stop shoving that crap at us every day…..This is a reality game show….not a gay hook up show!


I agree that production has focused and encouraged Frankie’s bad behavior. They are ramming this down our throats and we are sick of it. If this is what “they” get their rocks off over, good, film it and use it for your own purpose not insult America with this slut. BB reflects society today and what a sad nation we have become in the eyes of the world.


…..yeah and Derrick is doing nothing wrong with Victoria. Its all innocent because is all about money. No shame in making your wife and little girl watch you come on to another woman on tv. Victoria is so insightful about Christine and Cody but is love struck so bad and has been played like a ho by Derrick, that she cant see how foolish she is as well. I can’t figure out who makes my stomach turn more, Derrick when he strokes Victoria or Victoria when she strokes Derrick. No, I got it, its when Derrick and the other macho boys are taking about raping Victoria and tag teaming her and Derrick laughs and joins in the fun. Yeah, real nice jerkoff, considering you have a young daughter at home. What a tool to first of all come on to Victoria and lead her on for money and then to talk about and joke with the other guys about her being tag teamed. Yuch, really nice!

Detroit Girl

You took the words right out of my head Ryan, about Victoria. If only she had turned on her perception weeks ago, this game may have been different. She might have seen Zach & Nicole were telling her the truth about house alliances.


Victoria says some of the most truthful comments on the show: The show is very boring, Cody is insecure/needs attention, is touchy feely with Christine because she is the only girl in the house who will let him do it to her. The irony is Victoria is one of the reasons the show is so boring. The most exciting part of the show lately are the “shouters” from behind the house relaying messages to those dimwits. The other irony is that Victoria is also very insecure/needs a lot of attention. She and Cody are very similar in the way they behave on the show. Derrick is the only guy in the house who shows her any attention. She has gotten touchy feely with his leg that is extremely inappropriate. Derrick will probably have to do some explaining when he gets home as to why he allowed an obviously naive girl to get that close to him. I did see Derrick use great psychology with Victoria last night when she was drinking and started to try to get an argument going with him. He told her not to say something she would regret and then asked for a hug. They hugged and the dispute was over for Victoria. He also told her to go to bed before she fell asleep on top of him when she was obviously wanting to sleep with him. He said he would be mad if she slept in the same room. She went to another room. He definitely has control over her and that house.


No gay man in his right mind would be attracted to that petri dish that is Skankie.


Petri Dish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best name yet. Laughing so hard the tears are pouring down my leg.


James Rhine…one of my fav BB players ever, I think an underrated player.

gosh I want another all stars


Not nearly as Frankie’s two boy toys Zach and Caleb. ” You guys like Gladiator movies?”

Skerry Sherry

It’s skerry how much Pricktoria likes Skeerick.


I’m so tired of Flakie crying about Donny messing up TA missions. If the fools would have just voted to keep him that would have been an easy $5000 task. Donny did as much as the other two to win, except the one he smartly refused to even try. I think 99% percent of viewers are just sickened that Donny’s gone. Donny may have not been the greatest player ever but he sure was THE BEST MAN TO EVER PLAY THE GAME! Remember Donny for America’s favorite. TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Frankie is so self absorbed, he can not see the obvious – he is NOT well liked by the majority of people. Even hecklers behind the fence have been sending not so subtle messages about Donny’s departure. What does dimwit Frankie do? He blames Donny for not getting $5,000 and worries if there will be any more TA challenges. Donny deserves AFP. He will probably get it with a landslide vote. He conducted himself with dignity on the show as well as kept his relationship with his girlfriend a priority. The other two MARRIED people failed miserably at putting their relationships a priority and will probably face consequences outside of the BB house.


Let’s hope you are right. Karma is a bitch. I hear there is GoFund campaign for Donny to raise $5000.00 for him. Anyone familiar with this?


The last time I checked, they had raised about $1400.00

tim's lawyer

Why is there so many thumbs down? Donny was the man! Who the hells got a problem admitting that? I guess all the other damn houseguest have family members that still might actually like them.


I hope when Frankie is evicted they boo him. Frankie refuses to accept the fact that America DID NOT LIKE HIS PLAY and that Frankie is the reason they failed. He lives in a world where everything he does wrong is YOUR fault. He is an insecure little gay boy living in his sister’s shadow desperately wanting attention and receiving none.


Also whats up with Derrick touching Victoria butt when she hugged him in the hallway and Frankie rubbing up Derricks thigh when he was laying down sleep. why hasn’t the DR called him on his sexual touching houseguest every chance he gets?

new to BB 14

cmon Backdoor ANYONE !!!!!!!!!!!

Please nominate anyone BUT Victoria!!!!!!!!!!

Cody,Derrick,Frankie cmon calib be a beast!!


If Derprick doesn’t use this to get rid of Fakie then he loses the game. We all know Fakie will strike at Derprick as soon as he can. Now is the time Derprick. I’m not a fan but I truly hate Fakie so if you’re going to get him out now is the time to take your shot.


I agree. I think the DePrick is making a fundamental mistake if he fails to get Frankie out during this double eviction period on Thursday. He will not make it to F2 if he does not make the move now as the Skank will likely beat me at all comps going forward. He better wake up!


Cody and Derrick will regret letting a second opportunity to backdoor Frankie slip through their fingers.


Agreed, Derrick could regret it. I’d like see Caleb just backdoor someone without any prior discussion. C’mon Beast Mode crush it.


Caleb will never do it as he is all about the Bros! And Skankie is his best friend in the house. So there is no way that he would replace Crustine with the Skank.

Perfect Time...

Since Caleb is HOH and Crustine is Vetoing herself, this would be the one time that would be a chance to get Derrick out, thus have Frankie in Caleb’s ear… But this stupid cast won’t do it.


OMFG get that white low life scum bag pervert molester delusional trash out of that house NOW, Frankie is the and I mean THE lowest form of life there is!!! I mean Who would ever want to date or even be a friend of his???? I wish nothing but the worst to embrace him in life!!! CBS what the puck were you thinking when bringing this whacked pile of scum in this season MY GOD!!! and PLEASE take the pucking cameras off him, I don’t wanna see his face or hear his voice ever again!!! I wish Caleb would get so drunk that if Frankie touched him he would knock his pucking teeth out and plant his head thru a wall or drowned him in the pool!!!! lmao ok im good now, just had to vent……………………………


Tell us how you really feel… LOL.. Exactly what most people are thinking about that little weasel. Hang in there!! He will either be gone very soon or F2. Our pain will be over in about 3 weeks. Then he can go back to his delusional pathetic life as a “wanna be Media Mogul”.


frankie’s white?


Now is the time for Derrick to put it into high gear and convince Caleb to backdoor Frankie. Please please please Derrick and put all of us who think Frankie is a worthless human being out of our misery. Caleb, turn up the beast mode and do something worthwhile and make your HOH count!!!!!


I really don’t think Derrick has the guts to do it. If it backfires on him he is the immediate target. Cody is useless to him in the long term.


Week after week we keep waiting or someone to make a big move. I don’t think it will happen. They all seem like they are stuck in glue. Where are the balls? Where is the drama? I feel like I am watch the pot waiting for the water to boil……


Dear Production…I hate it when you manipulate the game. Except this one time…for the love of all that’s holy…give Caleb $10K to turf Frankie!! Make this interesting. Please.


Another whole week when a major game move simply does not happen!
The last three HoHs simply did not dare to put up a power player inside the
Detonators just to see where the chips fall. No Bold Move = Derrick wins.

Art in the Dark

I get a kick out of the screamers outside the house. Show’s the passion of the fans. I know we don’t want outside information to get in and sway the game (some of us do) but these people need to get more creative. The bullhorn was a good idea but what about a water balloon launcher? In my college days we got really good with our precision shooting objects around campus. Just a thought……mmuuu ha ha ha


Victoria will pull a ” Fatal Attraction ” when this is over. Caleb will go crazy on someone. Cody will still be in shock he didn’t win. Frankie will be in rehab for overuse of makeup products. And Donny will have his own show on social skills.


Omg, Anon, I was thinking the same thing! Like Vanessa’s totally looking ol porky up as soon as this is over. Hope the family doesn’t have a pet rabbit because that sucker’s going in the pot! Lol
On a related note, you ever notice Valerie’s got them ol crazy eyes? Seriously, you ever catch a still shot her staring into space?…I swear you can almost hear the music from Psycho in the background…

Michael from Canada

Did you see how skillfully she cut up the pink hat? It looked like it wasn’t the first time she’d stabbed the crap outta something.


During the finale after Skankie wins Julie says, “We thought you like to present a check to your schools in Africa. As a courtesy we have invited the President of the charity to the studio to accept your winnings with this giant check for 500k made out to their foundation!!” Skankie, congratulations and congratulations to the African students who are beneficiaries of your generosity! Ah, the look (most likely smirk) on Skankie’s face would be PRICELESS.


I would like to see Oprah be there to accept the check. Ask him to come on her show and then latter cancel him for Donny as his replacement.


I doubt frankie is building these schools on his own….The money he says is going for schools is probably his travel money….His food money and hid hotel money. There is no way a school can be built and supplied for the small amount he claims. This little creep has probably never swung a hammer. I think he’s lying to make it sound like he’s worth a shit. Where are the pictures?


My neighbour’s wife does the same thing. Each year she gets donations from church, friends, yard sales, whatever to pay her airfare and hotel for Africa. Once they arrive, she is too ill to help with anything. She sits and amuses the children while everyone else is swinging hammers, painting, etc.

Nana B

The way this bunch thinks will be so thankful they had “Derrick the Undercover Cop” there to protect them. They are just too dumb to realize what a lying, conniving ass he really is.
Cody, please put Frankie out of our misery and send him out the door…although the jury house would have to hire more staff to wait on his every whim. He is one despicable human being.


Frankie is disgusting!! I have gay friends and they would never behave the way he is behaving! I read that Frankie and Cody disappeared into the bathroom together for a while and I think you can guess what happened there! Do these people forget that they are being watched by their families?! If my son or daughter behaved like this on national television I would be mortified! Frankie just can’t keep his hands to himself and these guys just don’t seem to care.’s bizarre and hard to watch! I have no problem with someone being gay…I do however have a problem with someone that touches and rubs all over another person suggestively on a constant basis. If that’s not enough he says some of the most horrible things about the girls! What he said about the guys double teaming Victoria was just too much…If my husband heard a man say something like that about our daughter that man would be knocked out immediately! Derrick being the father of a girl should have lost his mind on Frankie for those comments. ..absolutely unacceptable!

mr ed

Deprick is the same as all these assholes. No morals at all. Members of the boys jerkoff club! He is just as bad as Fakie but tries to come off as caring. What a dipshit!!!

Andy & Spencer

Derrick truly screwed himself over personally on many levels by not making it a point of shutting down the tag team BS of Frankie and Caleb.
As a 30 year old man having a very sketchy relationship with a naïve girl. A phony friend.
As a family man, husband, father. He even expressed how Vic’s dad must feel watching this & doesn’t defend the man or his daughter.
As a police officer and protector of society & enforcer of criminal law. I don’t want this guy be involved in a criminal investigation of assault on one of my loved ones (god forbid) for fear it would mean no more than fodder for jokes when he gets back with the boys.
As a decent human being. Anything less than expressed outrage, even contained, is unacceptable and I have lost all respect for Derrick.
This conversation, that he was part of, is approaching the worst of Spencer & Andy’s misogynistic garbage that earned them so much respect.
Yeah, so now just tell me it’s just part of his wonderful undercover gameplay. FU Derrick, IMO you have achieved the scumbag level of BB15. Way to go you spineless bitch.


Hope Christine is watching Cody’s behavior when he is drunk as a skunk. She needs to realize that she is witnessing the true Cody – so leave him alone – go back to Tucson and “BEG” for TIm’s forgiveness. She truly has a great family who are probably praying that she comes to her senses before she destroys her life.

Stunted Growth

This is Vic. Probably coddled by Mom & Dad. Will never get off the tit either, Mom will always be involved in everything Victoria. It will cripple any relationship she has with a man.


i wish Victoria would not drink around them because that was disgusting and not called for!! And Derrck being around when they said it should have put a halt to the situation, his cop instincts should have kicked in whether he is playing the game or not. You do not play and talk like that!! It should not take the fans/public to say anything CBS should have stepped in and stopped it or had a serious talk with them because enough is enough! Frankie and Caleb is the scum of scum and the dirt off the floor! CBS YOU NEED TO STEP IN AND SAY SOMETHING! CBS can say something when they talk about production but don’t say anything when they talk about gang raping, bashing someone in the face, or bodily harm. We know this is their true personalities coming out but CBS can still put a halt to what somethings are allowed/not allowed PERIOD!! CBS IS FULL OF *%#@ also until they get sued for allowing certain things to happen!!


Victoria’s family should let CBS know that they are NOT happy with what those perverted guys are saying on the show. It is becoming very obvious that 90 days in that house is much toooo long for these kids. Even Donny (who was the only clear thinking one of the bunch) said he was beginning to wonder if he was really things they were in the house. They need to get Victoria out soon for her own sanity. She is way too involved emotionally with Derrick. She will get really hurt when she realizes BB was just a GAME for Derrick.

Countdown to the Merciful End of BB16

24 DAYS LEFT !!!


Countdown– you really are an idiot.


I happen to agree this is the worst BB in history. Can’t wait till it’s over. Just give Derrick the money already.

Countdown to the Merciful End of BB16

Well at this point 26 other people feel the same way so… screw you. 🙂


Is it time to dink the Kool-Aid ? If Nicole goes, which is nearly certain, who do I want to win ? Not Frankie, I am totally repulsed by his ” Liberace on amphetamines” act. Caleb -too strange; Cody – a tough guy behind everyone’s back, Christine – no! and non game player Victoria. This leaves Derrick – sigh.


“Nicole says I don’t want to see Christine’s ugly face…”

It’s OK, you can be honest, Crustine is fugley. Bet she turns the lights out before she looks in the mirror at home…


Victoria is crossing boundaries with Derrick. He is a married man – and you can tell he gets uncomfortable with her clinginess. Cody and Christine are disgusting….but I blame Christine more because she is the initiator. Victoria is acting like a Jezebel trying to encourage Derrick to stray by playing the role of innocent helpless and naive. It’s bad enough if you don’t respect your own vows…but for a single woman to continually try to encourage a married man to be tempted is dispicable. So unfortunate that all of the decent women in the house were the ones voted out first – and about to be voted out again.


LMAO. Nice use of the word “jezebel”.


Derrick is worse than Christine. He is married with a child, he’s older and he has been grooming Victoria just like a child molester grooms his younger victims. He disgusts me.


Frankie has no idea how much he is hated right now. He lives in his sister’s shadow already. When he gets out and sees what she did on the VMA’s and her summer concert on the Today Show, he will need some serious therapy…or maybe when he goes to Africa to build those schools, he should just stay.

mr ed

Pink haired dildo would probably start some sort of disease down there!!! They don’t need that!


That POS needed therapy before. I’m glad that he’s in there while his sisters huge promotional blitz is happening. VMA’s, Today show, Americas Got Talent, inerviews all over, album dropping. Hahaha. you f’ing hanger on. I hope she is surrounded by a great team and keeps this POS at a distance.

Production can SMD

Part of me thinks that Allison Groot-ner must enjoy watching the all-guy alliances destroy the house. It’s the only logical reason since this leaves the viewers with an embarrassingly predictable season. In addition to the fact that she CLEARLY does not get any action of her own, she probably gets off on watching a large group of hot men dominating the house with barely any clothes on…


ROFL this just made my fucking day. The sad truth is you’re probably right too…

Never Heard of Ariana Grande

It seems like all male alliances dominate nearly every year, but this is the first season where every week is exactly like the week before and everyone is evicted in an order you could have predicted weeks ago.

I hope to one day see another season that is not dominated by an all-male alliance but I don’t think it will ever happen.

If there isn’t an all-female alliance from Day 1 next year, they are stupid.


Victoria…Bless her sheltered, naive heart! She is In Love with Derrick! And even though Derrick did lead her a little…I believe that was all it took….She is very easily swayed…and I heard her say…her dad and mom did not me before marriage…and they love each other…she was raised that way…I think she will be crushed when it is the real world again…and no 24/7 contact with derrick


I can’t even put into worse how much dislike I have for stankie because he is beyond vile and repulsive. The really weird thing is there are no words to describe his repulsive behavior and disgusting personality. Seriously, no words because he is beyond description. UGH!!!!


So Cody sees himself as an awesome streetfighter. Me thinks he may have had some of Caleb’s storytelling kool-aid mixed with his wine & beer. Here’s a tip DUMBASS. Don’t have your words write a check your fists can’t cash! Cody may be in for some street fun when he gets home…….Derrick, be careful around your girl Victoria when she’s had wine. Your wife would not like what was brewing in Vic’s mind last night………You can actually see on BBAD last night that troll Frankie methodically stalking Cody once he was aware Cody was hammered & becoming defenceless…… Production knew people were getting blitzed & offered up a second batch of beer/wine hoping things would implode. Nice try.


Cody a street fighter? Kind of like those street gangs dancing away in West Side Story, twirling around leaping and snapping their fingers?


Hahaha. Cody a streetfighter. Ok Ponyboy, meet me at the vacant lot. You pussy!


The jurors should each be given one extra key on finale night. The winnings to go to charity.


Victoria whispered yesterday to Nicole, “I can literally pinpoint the bad people in this house”.
Um – I just don’t know what to say except the sight of her grinning about being in a house full of ‘disgusting’ people is just so ironic.
Nicole, being an outcast has now began talking to her because everyone has sent her to the fringe, like Donny.
Victoria can only get any conversation from Derrick, otherwise (actually monologues), about herself only of course.
I secretly wish someone would yank on her hair as a joke playfully then take away her secret power – hair. I forgot the mirror also of course but her codependence on it makes me wonder if she fell while rollerblading and staring at her pocket mirror at the same time; or her reflection in a window.
I had a dream that I bitch-slapped her and it was the best dream I’ve had since my proverbial ‘flying’ dream.


lmao@rollerblading & looking in pocket mirror. 420 double funny .


Hey CBS/BB – Now that Donny has been evicted, America would like to see Nicole take that 3rd spot. The next challenge for 5 grand is to keep Nicole from exiting the BB house. Anyone with me?


Stupid question. When BBCAN does start, are we able to actually watch the show in America or is it all online?


Caleb needs to backdoored Frankie!! I bet if the truth slapped him in the face about what an evil person Frankie is, Caleb still wouldn’t backdoored him. What an idiot! They seriously are a bunch of cowards!


The very day Caleb heard who Skankie’s sister was, was the day they became BFF. Caleb really can’t stand Skankie but knows he could meet Justin Beiber if he stays friends. How simple minded is Caleb?


Caleb really did prove his stupidity last night when he was talking to Cody and Christine. “Frankie scares me, I really don’t know who he would put up if he won HOH, probably me.” Thursday is going to be a DE and everyone knows that. Caleb can’t play in the next HOH and he thinks Frankie will target him… hmmm a smart player would say, wow now would be the perfect time to take out Frankie before he comes after me… season of idiots. Even Cody is positive Frankie will go after him and thinks Nic won’t… yet he wants Nic out before Frankie. Also they have all said what a great competitor Frankie is and that Nic has lost her competitive spirit.. hmm what should we do? Oh I know go with the house decision and take out Nic.. its brilliant, America will love us.. we are the best, smartest alliance ever!


Boring!!!!! Get this over with already.


For God’s sake just stop watching you doofus .


Ok George look everyone has a comment obviously you don’t agree what others voice but for Christ sake shut the f— up your annoying.


Henry, the truth hurts doesn’t it?


Henry, please also learn how to spell.


Just a heads up, Henry. Any minute now George will start posting comments under your name. It’s his favorite trick.


Nothing is more cowardly than posting as Anonymous.


Settle down, Rose.


The dance that Derrick & Frankie are doing with each other is about to come to a boil. Who will pull the trigger first? Frankie is a vile, disgusting human being but he’s not a moron like most of these hgs. Derrick seems to have his ducks nicely alligned but I can’t say the same for Frankie. I think Frankie’s in for a big surprise. My fingers are crossed. Frankie not making final 4 would crush him.


CBS–Please leave a message to TA that the last 3 missions have been cancelled due to the dissolution of Team America. Sorry they couldn’t remain intact to earn more $$.

Blow up Team America

I agree

BB #1 Fan

Remember Victoria saying she was the best looking girl at the beginning of BB?
She’s blowing Derrick, don’t you watch the live feeds. He is a guy, they never deny a BJ.
She is suicidal, and Derrick (the cop) should see that. What a prick.


Is that true? It doesn’t seem in character for either of them.


You’re expecting true statements on here? Wake up and smell the slop.


I thought the same. Derrick is mist likely getting some. Wonder if he is reciprocating?

ms lola

BB went from last year’s racial slurs to this year’s sexual misconduct. What’s next?

A Nonny Mouse

Geez, even when they’re drunk they’re boring!


So many people in here say alot of crap about franki derek cody and you people are no different then them. I get it why people hate on frankie and cody but why so much hate toward derek hes just playing the game right. Everyone loved dan including myself and he did some nasty things but i guess you people think its ok to rip on people because you dont like them even though the people you like do the same things and you praise them for it.


Hate is the theme of BB commentary.

Another BB Fan ?

Well this is my first post of the season. I have been a fan of this site for years and consider it the BEST BB site to get updates from. I am not a live feeder this year but do follow BBAD. Which brings me to this post. I was absolutely sickened by Frankie last night. I have no problem with his lifestyle choice but I think it is revolting for a gay person to approach a straight person in the way that Frankie has this entire season. His behavior with Cody last night reminded me of a desperate bar fly trying to get a pick up at last call. I have plenty of gay friends and LOVE them. They would NEVER act the way he does, ever. They respect straight people and do not cross that line. His actions are the reason that some people fear or hate gays. He makes it look as if being gay is only about sex, with anyone. In all the years of BB, there have been quite a few gays on and I never remember anyone of them acting the way he does with other men. In all seriousness, I think there is something really wrong with him. He cannot stand not being the center of attention and for him any attention even bad is something. He behaves like a child, he found out that he is not the favorite so now he is going to act out all the more and give “them” something to talk about. In his mind, well at least their talking. SMH


Cody is a grown man. He can say NO at any time. He’s also a male stripper. If anyone is taking advantage of anyone it’d be Derrick taking advantage if Victorua. Where is your outrage now! Predators are predators, gay or straight.

Another BB Fan ?

That thought did occur to me Anonymous, but Frankie has touched several of the men in the house. I think that maybe for some of them they are afraid to look homophobic to viewers so they allow some touching it as long as it doesn’t get to far. Cody, I heard, did tell Frankie to stop at one point. I think a live feeder said when Frankies hand was under his costume and running his hand down his back. There comes a point where Frankie takes it to far. But you are right, Cody allows more than he should.


Thank you for saying that! As a gay man, I’ve been horrified by Frankie most of the season. At first, I thought Zankie was really cute, and I was really pleased that a gay/straight friendship had blossomed. I thought, “What a great thing for America to see!” Then some people started assuming Zach must be gay or he wouldn’t be friends with Frankie, especially because they were touchy-feely (BTW, you can be touchy-feely without it being sexual).

Then Frankie started making it really clear that he CAN’T make touching be non-sexual. He can’t make anything be non-sexual. Then he started throwing Zach under the bus. Then he has just descended into vile, disgusting, awful, inappropriate, lewd, revolting, self-obsessed behavior. He makes me SMH in sadness.

So why am I glad you wrote that? Because I’ve been horrified at how Frankie is representing gay people. Thank you for reminding me that plenty of people realize that Frankie is a disgusting HUMAN and in no way a representation of most gay people. We aren’t all like him! I think he’s just sad and pathetic.


Believe me, majority of us do not think Frankie in any means is representative of gay community or human race.


Probably dating myself, but while I also have gay friends I love, etc. same as you, when I was growing up, people were so homophobic, Frankie would have been beaten for far less. Esp. by “manly men,” like Beast Mode. Sociologically, things have changed a lot since I was in school in the 60s. Seems way healthier for ppl not to be so freaked out if a guy touches them, but totally agree with the mashing and perving being outrageous. If Frankie were straight and he was fondling women in the house and making sexual comments, he would be OUT because the women would tell production to get him OUT. why do the guys tolerate this? Serious question.


I used to think Derr was a good player, but over the last week I have decided that he isn’t even good, just okay. The only thing Derr has done in this game is get others to trust him and keep the target off his back. This is a smart game play, especially at the beginning. However, he is now setting himself up to go to the end with Caleb or Cody and I think this is a bad move. Derr knows he is a weaker competitor than all of the boys so the only way he is going to win this game is to get rid of the boys… but he is too scared to make waves and is now playing for second place.

If Derr were truly a great player he would have seen a great opportunity with Nic coming back in the house and used it to his advantage. I really think the only people he can beat in the f2 are Nic, Vic, and possibly Chris. If Derr would have used Cody to take out Frankie last week he could have gained some of Donny’s trust back. He then could have convinced Caleb this week to take out Donny. Thant would leave Nic, Vic, Chris, Caleb, Derr, and Cody for the DE on thurs with Caleb not playing for HOH… perfect time to get rid of Caleb or Cody. He then has helped make big moves and has set himself up for a better chance of winning comps at the end adding to his resume.

As time goes by I just see Derr as weaker and weaker. I really don’t know what he could say to the jury at this point to make them vote for him over anyone else because he hasn’t done anything. His biggest move was flipping the house to keep Zach and setting Hayden up… but he is going to have a hard time proving it was him since it was Cody that outed the rationales to Chris and Frankie and Frankie was blamed for setting Hayden up.


Exactly!!! Derrick is not one of the greats….one of the greats would have taken him out in a few moves! Derrick is too afraid to make a move…he has to have someone else do it for him…that is NOT a great BB player! He is playing Derricks version of Andy’s game IMO.


The sad part T, is he isn’t even having others make big moves for him!

Blow up Team America

I still think that Frankie and Derrick should receive a “twist”…since they voted out the other TA member (Donny), please tell them that they have forfeited their TA winnings and they will be given to Donny since they “broke up” TA!


Derrick will be friends after the show with Donny because they’ll be doing a lot of BB promotional work together. I think at this point, Derrick sees this bunch as his goats.


Donny will never be friends with someone who is such a lying manipulator and who embarrassed his wife on tv. Donny has old fashioned American values . Donny doesn’t need friends like Derrick.


Donny will tolerate DePrick due to his obligations with CBS. He will never be friends with him. Donny is a man of morals and will not sell himself for a few dollars.


Derrick acted all outraged that Zach teased Victoria, who by the way has no sense of humor. But him leading her on knowing that there is no future and toying with her emotions is way worse. She is in for big heart break. He is such a hypocrite to judge Zach’s actions.

Sheet Pan

She found me funny.


I think Derrick is holding out to see if they get more TA missions. I
think if he would have gone after Frankie. Even tho he is a pretty sure thing to win, he would love to have a big power play on his resume & that’s about all that’s left.