Cody “You’re a 10!” Nicole says thanks but you have your beer goggles on. Caleb “I’d give you a solid 8!”

POV Holder: Christine Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Christine
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

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8:50pm – 9:20pm On the backyard couch – Cody tells Nicole that he would give her a 10 on the scale. Nicole says thanks but you have your beer goggles on. Caleb says I would give you a solid 8. Nicole laughs and says thanks. Caleb says I date 8’s. Cody says I never date smoke bombs. Nicole says I’m attracted to personality first. Caleb says let me ask you something if you saw a guy walk over there could you say how attractive his personality is? Nicole says I’m attracted to personality first. Caleb says lie to me again and tell me you’re attracted to personality first. Nicole says I liked Hayden for his personality. The first time I saw Hayden I knew I would like him. Cody says Hayden is a very good looking guy. Nicole says I found him better looking as I got to know him. Christine joins their conversation because she believes you can be attracted to someone’s personality. Cody comments on how Tim is a good looking guy. Caleb asks Nicole have you ever heard of love at first personality? No! That’s because it doesn’t exist! Nicole says whatever you can win this if you want. Victoria gets up and asks Derrick if he was in love with Jana his wife at first sight? Derrick says no. I knew she was different but not love at first sight. Victoria says you’re not helping me prove my point.
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9pm – 9:25pm Derrick and Frankie are talking on the hammock talking about how they still haven’t gotten another mission. Frankie says he thinks they’ll get a mission that has to do with the Veto ceremony or eviction. Derrick asks and how much time will we get to accomplish it? I am looking for redemption. Frankie agrees he is too. Frankie comments on how Caleb is getting paranoid. Derrick says he’s played a respectable game. Frankie says anyone of us would lose against Cody. Derricks says yeah he’s a beast. Frankie says I think we could beat Caleb. Derrick says this is going to be a tough week. We need to win the double evict. Frankie says if Victoria wins it one of us are going. Derrick agrees. Derrick comments on how Christine has built a good resume. Frankie wonder if Donny will tell the others in Jury about Team America. Derrick says he doesn’t think he would because then he would lose all then money we’ve earned. I really hope they remind him. If he did and we were at the end there is no way either of us would get the money knowing we’ve already gotten the team america money. Derrick says for you to guarantee yourself the win you would need to be up there next to Victoria. Derrick asks if Christine won HOH who would she put up next to Victoria? Frankie thinks maybe Caleb. Frankie says this is big brother not best friend. Frankie comments on how hard it was for Caleb to pick havenots. Derrick asks is there anything I could to do to be safer? Frankie says I don’t think anyone is worried about taking you further and that’s good. Derrick says I hate being that guy .. the Spencer. Derrick says so essentially just stay quiet. Frankie says no one has even mentioned your name to me to this day! That’s a great thing.

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9:25pm – 9:40pm Cody says I am very capable in a fight no one is going to beat me one on one. When I was younger I got beat up by a group of people. It wasn’t a small group it was a big group. Cody says I am not talking about people like Caleb who know sh*t. He’s been fighting with people that wanted to murder him. Cody says I am willing to bite. I am willing to do whatever I have to. I will not let you mess up my face. Its called never back down! Don’t care what your odds are! Go in head first. I will never allow someone to throw a punch on my before I throw the first punch. I will never allow someone to punch me first they could knock me out. Caleb says 8 lbs of pressure is all it takes to knock someone out. Caleb says he doesn’t like to fight. Cody says yeah because we’re pretty boys.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-30 21-32-58-196

9:40pm There are people yelling outside the Big Brother house. (You can’t tell what they’re yelling) Big Brother tells the house guests they’re on an outdoor lock down. Derrick says Inside! We know! Nicole asks did you hear what they said? Christine says you weren’t here before when it happened. We were called into the diary room and told not to talk about it. They all head inside. Victoria says motherf**kers! They all say don’t talk about it.

9:50pm – 10:20 In the kitchen – Nicole comments to Christine and Victoria that there’s only 2 weeks left to have pandora’s box. Christine says she doesn’t think they’re going to get one just like how last season didn’t get one.

Caleb, Derrick, Cody head up to the HOH room. They talk about how it sucks they’re inside all night now because of the screamers. Caleb comments to Derrick about how smashed Cody is right now. Derrick and Frankie leave the HOH room. Cody tells Caleb that he will go to the end. Cody says I am tight with Christine to make us better so that if Christine wins HOH she will go after Frankie and not you or Derrick. I love my two dudes! I love you and I love Derrick. I will take you an Derrick over her. She will hate me and probably won’t vote for me. I’ve questioned Christine because I heard she was coming after me but I’ve never questioned you or Derrick. The only person I am worried about winning is Frankie. If you go to the end with Frankie.. guaranteed you have my vote. If I am going to lose to someone, I am going to lose to you. Caleb says same with you. Cody says if I go home and you or Derrick win it, I would be happy. Cody says that Frankie has crossed all of us. Keeping Frankie tight with you is good for your game but its not good for me. I already know he is coming after me. Cody says to be honest I am not that confident against you or Derrick. To be honest I think you would both beat me. I am not about to cross the two that dragged me to where I’m at right now. If I go to then end with you or Derrick I don’t give a F**K what happens. If I lose to anyone else I will be pissed off! Cody says if I lost to Christine, Frankie or Victoria I would be pissed!! Christine joins them.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-30 22-09-34-265

10:20pm – 10:30pm Derrick goes the storage room and comes out to gather everyone in the living room and on the balcony. He goes back to the storage room and comes out with more alcohol. He says they gave me another 6 pack of beer and a bottle of wine. Cody grabs a beer and shot guns it. (Cody’s getting pretty drunk.) Derrick talks to Caleb in the HOH room. Caleb tells Cody about his conversation with Cody. Derrick talks to Caleb about how he’s had Caleb’s back. Caleb says I know if it was you, me and Cody. If you win the final HOH I know 100% you would take me. And if Cody won it I know he would take you and I would respect it. Derrick says and he would expect me to take you. Caleb heads to the diary room. Derrick says to himself “Perfect!”

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150 thoughts on “Cody “You’re a 10!” Nicole says thanks but you have your beer goggles on. Caleb “I’d give you a solid 8!”

  1. Team america doesnt have to be a secret right… they were told from the get go that it was up to them if they kept it a secret or not…. they wont lose the $ if its revealed

  2. Rumor has it that Derrick’s name was mentioned ? Gotta give mad props to these people ! Maybe, Derrick is a cop ? LMFAO!

    1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLLA DERRICK IS A COP HOLLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Cody saying not the face boy your face already looks like it’s been hit a few dozen times. To bad they didn’t cast his brother he looks Wayyyy hotter and doesn’t look sleep deprived

    1. He’s wearing Beer Goggles.. I wouldn’t be surprised if he said Crustine is beautiful.

      Oh, thinking of him in his beer goggles, what if he tried something with Crustine? We all know she’d go for it in a second.

    2. Seriously, what he is supposed to say? Christine, your husband is one ugly dud no wonder you hang all over me. Stop picking apart everything everyone says.

      Also what people are missing here about Derrick is he is really playing a great social game. He is being nice to people when they are the most vulnerable. What he is doing to Nicole right now is smart game play. It’s not that Nicole is dumb, but right now she is feeling down because she knows she will be evicted on Thursday. Everyone except Victoria is not really talking to her. She does not see what he is saying about her behind her back. He did the same thing with Donny and Jacosta. All the houseguest in all 16 seasons say after they left it is extremely stressful in the house. You don’t know who to trust – everyone is paranoid.

      I not a big fan of anyone in the house but you have to give credit where credit is due. Even though the people I liked are gone. I will take this season over last season any day. All of these people at least played the game. They all won some comps even Victoria. With that being said I do wish there was someway that Nicole can stay, win HOH at DE and get rid of Christine.

  3. I can HONESTLY say that this IS the worst and most boring season in the history of BB…. I have NEVER said that about a past season WHILE it was on the air… this season I can COMFORTABLY say that this season is just awful… doesn’t mean I’ll stop watching though. It’s just extremely disappointing when one’s favorite show that one loves with a passion seems to be becoming worse and worse as the years go by…

    1. Give BB Canada a shot … It was good last season.
      I find that Amazing Race Canada n Australia are better than
      Amazing Race Amerika also.
      It’s as though the O regime has taken over running
      BB Amerika/CBS too.
      Very Sad!
      Go team ? … nobody? Don’t like any of them but Nichole
      but looks like she’s gone on Thursday … bummer!

        1. I find humor in posts in which someone corrects another’s misspelling yet includes an error of their own. For the record, it’s you’re (meaning you are), not your (possessive). Yes, the original poster misspelled America which I think most will agree is a larger error than selecting the correct version of you’re/your.

  4. Why do the two morons think they will get another mission? By evicting Donny that should be the end of Team America. It is only fair. What arrogance on their part.

    1. I’d honestly bet that they don’t. It’d be a joke to have the only remaining members of TA, not even be liked by America.

      Production wants to salvage this season, and after what happened with Donny, any more missions would only leave a bad taste in viewers’ mouths.

    2. Yep, they should call Derrick to the Diary Room and have that envelope there as usual so he gets all excited and set to do his normal overacting. Team America is proud to let you know that since you think the viewers are just as clueless as the juveniles you’re play with in the house that it’s overwhelming over. Holla.

    3. BB should offer them a mission but only state that they CAN win up to $10,000.00 each. DePrick would start to drool and the Pink Poodle would start twirling. The mission should be that they must have a house meeting where they get everyone to acknowledge all the nasty things they have said about the hgs who have left, ask them why they said those things and get them to apologise. At the end of the mission Julie can tell them that confession is good for the soul but because of the nastiness the money will be divided between all the departed hgs.

      1. There is nothing chubby about Nichole. She’s got a very good figure. Tiny and petite beautiful natural hair that’s her own great personality and her voice is her michigan accent. Look in the mirror and judge yourself

        1. She is getting chubby and will be fat like her mom. She has that body type. Crossfit does wonders, she should try it. Unfortunately it won’t do anything for her annoying high pitched voice. Has nothing to do with her northern mich accent.

      2. I’m a woman and I agree that Nicole is a little chubby. She’s definitely no Brittany or Amber – that’s what you call thin. Even Crustine is thin. Nicole has the body type already to be just like her mom when she gets a bit older.

  5. This game is disgustingly predictable. I wish Donny was still in the house :( it makes me sad Nicole is probably leaving again I mean really production we didn’t want the juror to be back in for a minimal amount of time. The Frankie J Grande show has run its course awhile ago. He is vapid. And it has nothing to do w him being gay. I’m surprised Christine remembered her husbands name w cody around and all their unnecessary touching and canoodling. This year has been a barf fest to say the least.

    1. I agree with you totally. I have been watching big brother, the spoilers, and reading the news feeds this show at first got my attention now it completely sucks cause of some specific players and because of its predictable. at first I didn’t like Victoria but at least she played an honest game. Frankie has turned into a complete asshole bashing all the players he felt threaten by, and talking smack behind their backs. Yet he pretends to be all buddy buddy with them. I complete hate him. He acts better then everybody else but he is just jealous and self-centered. For instances, when he was mad that Donny was clapped for and did not win the team America mission, or the time in 8/29-8/30 when he was talking shit about Nicole that she was a monster, lying and manipulating everyone when he is the worst one in the house. I will be pissed if he wins, I would rather caleb win, out of all of them remaining, because it sounds like Nicole lost the veto competition.

  6. I want a Team anyone but Frankie and Derrick

    lets work on that one. get a different team together. seems rather unfair to still be having two people in the house together in this BS alliance that they had nothing to do with. whatever

  7. We all complain that everything is so predictable but that only means that they’re that good at the game. If you go into Big Brother with a bunch of strangers and ninety percent of your alliance’s plans work out… that’s one hellavah game you played.

    1. Yeah, right. If you go into a game with a PhD in manipulations and have trained as an undercover cop and you do what you get paid to do in real life, that is no accomplishment. That is called a ringer! Derrick doesnt deserve &hit, except divorce papers when he gets home.

  8. derrick is the complete opposite of spencer. spencer was on the block constantly and derrick hasn’t been on it ONCE!! Derrick is dominating this season in my opinion
    although im not thrilled about this season, I respect derricks game

    1. Derrick is doing a great job making himself not a target by always talking about how awful he is but if he goes to f3 with caleb and cody and throws it since theyll both take him i think hes playing a 2nd place game. Its going to be hard for him to convince the people hes been telling he sucked all summer that hes actually a mastermind. Also a lot of jurors seem to value comp wins over strategy. Only way i think he wins is if he gets victoria there with him.

  9. BB 16: One predictable, boring Week leads to Another.

    Thanks for mailing the Season in Allison Grodner. BB USA needs a new Producer and Casting Director ASAP. Otherwise just Cancel the Show CBS and put us all out of our collective misery.

  10. If I see Frankie copping another free feel, I am going to scream!! Please Derrick, get in Caleb’s ear before the Veto Ceremony and make him put Frankie on the block. The longer he isn’t, the higher the likelihood he will be there in the end. And if he is, …..

    1. If Derrick is as smart of a player as he thinks he is, he’ll do exactly that. Frankie pretty much laid Derrick’s game bare last night by admitting that he knows Derrick hasn’t been on the block, is not ever mentioned as a possible nom AND has had a big hand in most of the evictions in the house. This exposure is exactly what Derrick has been trying to avoid. Thus far, none of the HGs have vocalized this so now would be the time to get that level of clarity(and danger) eliminated, plus we are all tired of Frankie. Send him to jury house, please!

    1. They were taking about drinking tonight &Christine said (probably to Cody) “please don’t make love to Victoria , you know she gets feisty when she drinks”. Disgusting Frankie said” you should double team her”. Viscous Caleb said “we would ruin her, there would be blood everywhere. Frankie-” you should take her virginity all in one night” Cody and Derrick made vague defense comments. NOW let me hear ANYONE try and defend those two vile creatures. Frankie is now rubbing all over a very drunk Cody. It’s like watching an old pervert molest a drunk. Cody said I won’t kiss you as Frankie kept rubbing against him & rubbing his inner thigh.puck

        1. Derrick was egging them on and laughing right with them, there was no defense by Derrick at all. He stayed and acted like it was funny and went with it. A real man who had a daughter would have told them they had crossed the line. Derrick is like 30 years old , a husband and a father. GROW UP BUDDY!!. Darn, how yall going to excuse a grown as$ man doing that! And on top of that, the way he has talked about women this whole season and has treated Victoria and fondled her. Do you watch the feeds? Crap, the dude might as well just put her on the steet to make him money because he acts like her pimp.

      1. OMG!!!! and WTF???!!!!! Production should have stepped in and stopped Skankie from molesting Cody. What the hell is the matter with this guy???? Can anyone say predator??? Cody is drunk and Skankie thinks it’s alright for him to pounce and get himself some tail? God I would feel so violated. All things compounded from this asswipe … he needs to be taken out of the game by BB. I don’t see how anyone can defend Skankie.


        1. i wish Victoria would not drink around them because that was disgusting and not called for!! And Derrck being around when they said it should have put a halt to the situation, his cop instincts should have kicked in whether he is playing the game or not. You do not play and talk like that!! It should not take the fans/public to say anything CBS should have stepped in and stopped it or had a serious talk with them because enough is enough! Frankie and Caleb is the scum of scum and the dirt off the floor! CBS YOU NEED TO STEP IN AND SAY SOMETHING! CBS can say something when they talk about production but don’t say anything when they talk about gang raping, bashing someone in the face, or bodily harm. We know this is their true personalities coming out but CBS can still put a halt to what somethings are allowed/not allowed PERIOD!! CBS IS FULL OF *%#@ also until they get sued for allowing certain things to happen!!

      2. Thank you. When you think that things can not become anymore perverted then they already are and then they come out with something so vile. To think, Victoria was frightened that Donny would pour boiling water over her.
        When Donny reads all the boards, that remark by Victoria is really going to hurt Donny. I don’t think that man is capable of hurting a fly.

        1. Taylor, I think it was Zach that Victoria said was going to throw boiling water on her. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure. Anyone?

  11. Frankie is ON Cody….it is really sickening! Cody is drunk and Frankie is a total sleaze…someone should knock him out!

  12. I just want to say if they ever do a BB second chances like Survivor did I would like to see crazy Willie, Devin, and Zach talk about feeds gold especially Willie and Devin they make a day feel like a week they make a week feel like almost season of BB.

    1. NO MORE HANTZ FAMILY. They’re all too crazy…. Russel entertaining, and a crafty snake, but will never be trusted by Survivor alliance, Willie is too much of a loose cannon, and Brandon is bipolar.

  13. You want production interference? Want them to do something….ANYTHING to shake things up? Well they are trying. How many times do the houseguests get EXTRA alcohol? Not very. Production sees how they are starting to talk as they get drunk and are giving them more booze in hopes some1 says something that will make the others turn on them B4 the veto ceremony.

  14. That Fr@nk!e is really toooo much!!!

    After Donn!e’s eviction, he tried to shed some crocodile tears.. He said ,” can someone get me a tissue??” Wtf?? These folks are your equals, not your fr!gg!ng maid or servant!! Get your 0wn fr!ck!n damn t!ssue!!!!!

    I can’t believe how low he stooped to bully N!cole — that poor gal!

    Not only did he not admit he should be a have not (having only done it Once), he went further to say N!cole should shut up. His reasoning is because he can’t stand sleeping in the cold have not room. F@fk!ng @r$ehole!!

    If I were N!cole, I would call him out there and then, “you only did it 0nce!! Also, if I were your sister Ar!ana, would you like to see someone treat her the way you trat me???!!!” She should have retaliated. Btw, N!cole is very close to his sister’s age.

    He’s gonna face deep $hit once he’s outta the house, this creature is cruel, egotistical, selfish and extremely self centered.

    About 5 minutes ago, Chr!st!ne was licking her spoon whilst giving C0dy a dirty look… Urrrgh!!! Sooooo d!sgust!!nggg!!! Both C0dy n Fr@nk!e caught what she was try!ng to !mply. Th!s is national tv… A married woman doing that, does she has no shame??!!!

    I got more excitement n comfort watching the action/drama-p@cked UK b!g br0ther. At least there’s no skanky behavior of sorts.

    *wishing Z@ch a great t!me in jury h0use* <3

    1. yeah, frankie has turned into the center of attention and I complete hate the show because of it. if I was tim, Christine’s man I would totally call her out on her actions too. she is so disrespect and acting so slutty. back to frank I hope you heard how he bashed on Donny after he left the house and how he continued to bash on Nicole to Christine just to feel better about himself. if I was his sister I would disassociate myself from him legally. he acts like he is innocent when he is anything but. he called Nicole a monster and said that he was mad just because she got a second chance to be in the BBhouse. when she earned that chance and all there assumptions abut her is based on the lies he and Christine put in her mouth and through her image. really? Nicole is one of the better players, not perfect but straight forward. p.s. they all got Christian to stab her in the back so whose the monster?

    2. I thought I was seeming things …. Christine licking that spoon giving Cody the dirty look …. Made me want to puke! She is the biggest skank in BB history.

  15. Yikes idk if anyone beside Dawg and Simon are watching the feeds or TVGN but Framkie was all over Cody! Cody is obviously drunk and Frankie is trying to pucker up to him. It’s disgusting to watch and uncomfortable to see. I have many Homosexual friends and family members so I’ve seen men kiss hug love each other doesn’t bother me. It’s watching a person take advantage of another person while their drunk. I just couldn’t believe how he was acting and rubbing on him and trying to basically kiss him. Hey if Cody wants to go that way let him do it when he’s not under the influence. Frankie is the furthest thing from a role model, he’s to old and comes from such a good family background as he says but he acts so disrespectful towards so many others. I can’t stand him

    1. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to call bullshit on this. Cody is not so drunk that he can not tell Frankie to stop. Cody does not have a problem with Frankie being all over him, because for one, he loves the attention, and for two, frankie is all over him when he is sober too. It would be different if cody was blackout drunk, or asleep. Cody is wide awake and was also grabbing all over Frankie too. He literally almost had his finger up frankie’s ass. While Frankie is a douche bag, he is not taking advantage of pussycat cody.

    1. Sorry, but in my humble option, there is No one worthy of winning this game, I would have been just OK with either Donny, Zack, Hayden and Nicole (she on the way out) winning, but to me none of the rest deserve the money. It was a one way game/BS from start to finish and so boring.

  16. Don’t you love how Caleb and Cody think one of them is going
    To win Americas favorite player . I can’t wait to see the looks on
    there stupid faces when Donny wins it. Everybody vote for

  17. People like to get down on Derrick, but he is playing the same game that Dr. Will was playing. Actually Derrick is ahead of Derrick because he has won some comps. Will never won any HOH competitions! Derrick for the win!! He is one of the greatest players!

    1. OMG… I did not just read this!! Derrick is not even on the same planet as Dr. Will! First off Derrick has had an alliance behind him to get him to have the votes, Will’s two members of chilltown (Boogie&Shannon) were voted out in the first weeks of the game. Derrick came into the game being well like, so therefore has never been a target, Will came into the game with chilltown and made everyone’s life in the house a living hell. He insulted their intelligence, bullied them, talked shit about them to their faces. Derrick is a cop and knows that people would see that as a target, Will was a doctor and told everyone within the first hour of being there. Derrick has never been nominated up until this point, Will was nominated 4 or 5 times. PLUS, there was no such thing as a VETO, so he manipulated his way to safety every time just by talking and and playing the game. Derrick has had an easy game because he has always been put in the best situations. He has never had to fight for safety in the house. The biggest think that Derrick has had to worry about was who to send home. He has not made any big game moves. His alliance members have done all of the work. Derrick tries to play the “nice cop” routine with by talking to the cameras and trying to explain himself to america. Will didn’t give a crap, he told america that he will do anything to win and even called america stupid a few times. Will was upfront, he told everyone that he was going to lie cheat and steal the win, Derrick tries to paint the picture that he will not lie, or stab anyone in the back. Bullcrap! Look what he did to nicole and hayden during the doubleeviction and how he sent amber out. DERRICK WILL NEVERRRRRR BE AS GOOD AS WILL KIRBY, and I kind of want to punch you for making that comparison. Lol, joking…. kind of.

      1. In season 2 there were not so many twists like now (BOBs, POVs) etc. The house guests of season 2 didn’t have the experience the nowadays “super fans” have it because …it was just the season no. 2. Now people watch all previous seasons (or as many as possible) and learn how to play the game, learn from other people’s experiences whereas the HGs cast in 2002 were just newbies.Also the house guests in season 2 felt intimidated by the fact that Will is medical doctor and that’s why they didn’t challenge him.And last, but not the least , in season 2 almost all HGs except for Boogie were as simpletons as Caleb is and , when you compete by yourself (Will), it’s easy to be number one.

        1. Also, in Season 2 ( if my memory serves me correctly) there was no optional food items. When you were on slop, it was just slop!

    2. NO, come on. Derrick is a puss. Comparing his game to any of the true greats is just silly. Are you being paid by someone to post stuff like that on here? He is going to come in 3rd or 4th anyway so is wont matter. Then you can talk about how unfair Derrick was treated and how he should have won while the rest of us laugh about what a puss he was.

    3. Derrick is not, and never will be even close to the caliber of Dr. Will. He is a kindergarten cop with all these immature grown a$$ idiots. Please don’t compare the still remaining HG’s with any of our beloved BB greats.

      1. There was no such think as slop in season 2 or 3 ,4 , 5 , 6, it was just peanut butter and jelly all day long (BLAH!!!).

  18. I may be out of place to say this cause I am straight but if I was gay I would not be happy with the way Frankie is constantly touching other men. There’s people in this country that probably have not been around many gay people before or even talk to them and might get the wrong impression. I even think Caleb might have not really meet or talk to many gay people b4 then is going to leave back home thinking this is how gay people normally behave.

    1. I agree Frankie is giving other gays a bad name. He is feeding the old fears that gay perverted men like to prey on young straight men. Gays have fought hard to erase that image and now we have Frankie on TV taking probably them back a decade. He should be ashamed but we know it won’t be….instead he will laugh and brag about it.

    2. Frankie is to gay men what Derrick is to married men. They both are bad representatives of their kind. DONE!.

    3. Frankie is totally giving the gay male community a bad name. It has taken many people a long time to accept their life choices, and now he has sent society back a few decades.

  19. How has Frankie not been kicked out of the house yet for trying to feel up Cody? He literally was rubbing Cody’s thigh! I really don’t get how the other men in the house allow him to drape himself all over them 24/7, I’d be creeped out.

    1. I don’ get it either. I dunno y but I have a feeling its because of what happen last season and all the problems they had. This season the HG might afraid to be called homophobes when they get out if they get out. I mean no one would think that about them but only reason I can think of y they dont say anything.

      1. Not only do they not say anything to Frankie about his constant hugging, touching, pawing, rubbing, stroking, nuzzling, fondling, humping, etc., etc. but they often RECIPROCATE! I just don’t get it. Of the many, many gay male friends I have, I have never ever seen behaviour like that, not even between each other! And last nights “performance” almost made me retch. It was beyond reprehensible!

    2. Maybe Cody likes it. Maybe Victoria likes it. Maybe they all like to touch and feel all over each other. Gay, straight … doesn’t matter. They all are acting like a bunch of rabbits anyway. The only time it bothers me is when the married folks do it cause Derricks wife and Christines husband deserve better than that. Its just wrong and it wont be worth the money.

  20. hahaha wow if Derrick doesn’t win this game I will be shocked!! He’s got these dudes so brainwashed he can do no wrong….I am shocked that even Caleb has his back after his display with Frankie thought they were in a alliance. This season is so predictable….next out will be Christine, Victoria, Frankie. I am amazed Beast Mode Cowboy has made it this far Amber getting evicted saved his game!

  21. as big moves go who has made the bigger ones.
    It always seems that is what they try to use the get the final vote.
    So I am wondering when you put it all together, amongst Caleb, Derrick, Cody and Frankie, who has made the ones that would get them the vote.
    I am thinking Cody, or Caleb. Cody getting out Donny and Brittany, then Caleb getting out Hayden and now Nicole…although would prefer he got out Frankie.
    But when you put the three guys against Frankie in the final…who would you vote for strictly on big moves, not hating the person..think like the jury who always seem to forget the backstabbing and how much they were lied to, but go for how the game was played.
    I would like to think that whoever is against Frankie, they would win, because they played harder.
    I know he is going get that far, the final two, no one is going to take him out, too stupid or cowardly to make the big move and have blood on their hands, but I really hope he does not stand a chance in winning

    1. You gotta go back a bit, but Derrick had one of the biggest moves of the game; engineering the backdoor of Devin. As soon as Devin was starting to get outta control, Derrick stepped up (with his only noteworthy comp performance of the season) and took him out. He deserves a lot of credit for that one; even if it was early in the game.

  22. Simon did you hear what people were saying over the wall,I hope it was good,but they acted like they couldn’t hear it,did anybody, that has turned out to be the most exciting part of the whole season!

    1. Wish whoever is doing it keeps it up for the rest of the season if nothing else but forcing the HGs to have to stay in house every night.

  23. From Jewish American Princess Virgin to Hebrew Drag Queen willing to Fukk Married Man for safety – that’s her game folks.
    Priceless. Very appropriate for this pile of drain hair that can do nothing else but resort to ‘old tricks’.
    Really just trash in a hair weave.
    Good luck with that Victoria.

    1. Derrick is just as wrong if not moreso that her. Victoria is a mess but Derrick is not only disrespecting himself, but his wife and child. Victoria at least is not married.

  24. That picture of Crustine staring at Cody, is desturbing, I hope Tim sees it, and relaizes how sexually attracted she is to him… Wake up Tim, you’re wife’s a tramp..

  25. every person that has gotten more attetnion then frankie, he has gotten out, so I am wondering who the jealous little bitch will go after next, he is running out of people.

  26. I am soooooo over the frankie show n his nastyness. How can big brother be this lame this year??? I thought last yr was bad but this season is the Cake Topper of BORING!!!!!!!!! So predictable every week n WoW SHOCKER a detenator won again… n we already know who goes home the next 3 weeks.. flip the house already its super boring…….

  27. Can someone with the live feeds please tell me who is using all of the missing condoms?
    I had assumed that Cody was using them with either Christine or Frankie.
    CBS seems to love showmances so why aren’t they exploiting this?
    I always thought that feedsters could see everything in the house? No? And if you can’t see everywhere/everything, what areas are private? I had thought (and really hoped) that the toilet was private, but when Veronica passed out, CBS showed a clip that looked like there was a camera right above the toilet-gross.

    1. I was wondering the exact same thing if Christine is sleeping with Cody why aren’t they showing it….. In fact if anyone is sleeping together why aren’t they showing it and why aren’t more people curious about why the condoms keep going missing?

  28. Hey heres an idea why dnt we bring back evil dick for a 24hr stayover for pandoras box so he can tell these houseguests just how boring they are n scare the crap out of them to change up the game for once..

  29. This season is so lame. It’s got 99 problems and Frankie’s the b***h that is number 1! Caleb has been to the Frankie Grande school of egotistical studies. Christine is down right disrespectful to Tim. Cody is clueless. Good thing he looks good modeling mens underwear.Victoria always looks like a deer caught in headlights and has brought nothing to the show but
    her infected teeth. You can tell Derrick has played “good cop /bad cop” a time or two, but can’t fault him for knowing how to read and manipulate people. I wanted Donnie, Nicole or even Zach (at least he was funny) to win, but since that can’t happen, my vote goes to Julie for taking Frankie down a notch on live tv. Now that was entertaining.

    BTW Ariana, nice of you to take up for your brother, but he’s the biggest fame wh*** I’ve ever seen. Think of your career first. He’ll throw you under the bus next!

  30. BB needs to step in and remove Frankie immediately, he seems to have free reign to grope and sexual molest everyone, suggesting gang rape of a fellow houseguest, then compounding that by suggesting she be raped by the Zingbot, the others in the room, including Christine and straight arrow cop Derrick were eating it up and laughing at the visuals that Frankie was doing…Derrick even making pelvic thrusts… the very least, Frankie should be removed right away.

    1. They can remove both Derrick and Frankie at the same time as they both disgust me. I hope Derricks wife divorces his as$ when he gets home. What a gross excuse for a married man.

  31. If there was a thought balloon over Frankie’s head it would probably be of Cody passed out in the fire room with the lights out. Frankie is trying to figure out a way to NOT sleep in the HOH room tonight and sleep downstairs without making it look too suspicious.

  32. I would give anything for BB to have Donny film his Bold and the Beautiful appearance now and then have it played to the house at Thursdays live show.

    The scene should be Donny at a restaurant and the server should ask Donny what he would like to order.

    Donny – “I sure have a hankering for some good ole Apple Pie”

    Fakies head would spin until it popped off his body.

      1. …y’all have some very saavy bloggers! They are way more entertaining than the two shows and the live feeds combined!

    1. Of all the great suggestions I’ve read on this site – and there have been many – yours is hands down the very best! Oh, CBS, PUH-LEEEEZE make it happen!!!!!

  33. just now watching BBAD (California time) and it is scary watching Frankie all over a very drunk Cody, thankfully seeing what is going on right now (thanks to this site), Cody is safe, but wow Frankie is being very creepy!

  34. I was watching Cody drunk at the table with Frankie giving him a hug – Frankie rubbing him, pulling his head into Frankie’s neck, then running his hands along the inside of Cody’s costume starting to run down his back and you can hear Cody say, “Don’t”. I’m not sure I’ve heard anyone else tell Frankie that before while he’s trying to rub on them – but Frankie pulled away and stopped touching him.

  35. Okay there is so much sex stress going on with Christine, she wants Cody so bad, there is a fine line and she has really crossed it. She was licking her spoon and looking at Cody with those bed room eyes, like she was wishing that she was the spoon and he was eating her (sorry to be so true). Tim I am so sorry but she has crossed the line dude. Frankie humping Cody like a piece of meat. Victoria BACK OFF derrick.

  36. The way Frankie man handles the other men in this house is gross. How did I know as soon as I read Cody was drunk , Frankie was going to be all over him.Good Lord with this guy. Hungry little f*ck!!!!!

  37. I do agree that Christines husband is cute in his own way. I bet hes a really nice guy too. People cant expect the guy to berate his wife on twitter and the other social media shizz. No matter what is going on im sure he will deal with it when the show is done. I think people need to leave the poor guy alone. That being said…….

    Christine with that spoon and the look on her face…..OMG it was really something to be desired. :S

    1. She mentioned the name of his band the other day and I googled them. Spider Cider. Vocals were okay. Read the lyrics, and they are quite self hating. Several reference to his wife and not feeling worthy of her. This guy has some major issues and I hope he is working some of that out with his music. Christine said he sings like an angel. While I can’t agree with that, it’s nice that she thinks so. She talked about using her money to get a record cut for him

  38. Just wondering but does anyone think this season would of turned out differently had Joey stayed and was on TA or is Cody didn’t step of the beam and get dq’d leading to devin becoming HOH? Also I would love to see Derrick out himself as a cop and charge frankie with sexual harrasment

  39. What was with Victorias hand going up Derricks pant leg? He would get a beating for real. Why does it have to be her to replace Christine btw. Why not take this time to backd**r Frankie, I don’t get it. Silly move on Calebs part because Victoria is no real threat right now. *shrugs*

    1. Because Derrick instigates her to touch him and wants her to. I mean really, how can you not see that he enjoys this. Typical married guy trying to reclaim the glory days of being a frat boy. what a tool!

  40. DePrick would do well to remember he has a young child and would not appreciate anyone joking about gang raping her and providing a visual of pelvic thrusts. This season cannot end soon enough. If I were Vic’s parents, I would haul her out of there as threats have been made and CBS cannot guarantee her safety.

    1. It’s all been the worst…I think it would be quicker to try and make a “best moments” video compilation. (Donny, Nicole and Hayden, so sweet, Jocasta’s loving memorial, etc…)

  41. No more Team America missions, I hope!

    1) The missions suck
    2) I can’t stand it when Frankie gets a mission and starts talking to the audience.

  42. Any straight man would have knocked the he’ll out of frankie. Most of this cast left would do anything for money. This show has literally gone to the pit of hell. Trashy, immoral people and sadly that sells

  43. Why, because he is from the South? I find it EXTREMELY offensive to call someone a racist, as equally as the “N” word, based on their demographics. I have not heard one single thing come out of his mouth to confirm such an an offensive word. Call him, egotistical, self absorbed, conceited, sexist, but don’t call him a RACIST. oh and last time I checked, he was stalking Amber… SMH

  44. Ohhhh, Derricks and Victoria discuss me too! I can’t stand how Derrick and Victoria touch each othe all the time. How can they be so awful on tv? I just don’t get it. I hate Frankie but Derrick is just as bad becuas he is married. I feel so sorry for his poor wife and child. What a tragedy.

  45. Big Brother, I’m so tierd of you always casting the biggest flammer you can find. By doing so, you reiforce the stereotype that all gay men are limp wristed queens. As a gay man, I take great offence to the actions of Frankie. I relize there are gays out there like this but why must you always cast the stereotypical gay. I love this show, but will no longer watch it if you continue show gays in this light.
    PS…Frankie should be removed from the show for his behavior.

  46. Big Brother, I’m so tierd of you always casting the biggest flammer you can find. By doing so, you reiforce the stereotype that all gay men are limp wristed queens. As a gay man, I take great offence to the actions of Frankie. I relize there are gays out there like this but why must you always cast the stereotypical gay. I love this show, but will no longer watch it if you continue show gays in this light.
    PS…Frankie should be removed from the show for his behavior.

  47. Buhahahahahahahahaha! Cody says he can fight buhahahahahahahahaha! I do kinda believe the biting though. He seems like he would fight like a bitch!

  48. BB needs to pull Frankie in a bit. My BFF(who is a gay male) watch the show, laughing at some of Franklin’s antics. But, he’s taking it too far. This individual wants to build schools in Africa and has preteen followers who watch the show yet is groping ppl when drunk, constantly making inappropriate sexual comments that make it difficult to laugh at him lately. Really hope someone calls him out on this.

  49. 8772270787 that’s the phone number for CBS to let them know we do not think Rape is a joke. They need to have a talk with the house guests about this.

  50. So untrue Frankie and Derrick! Team America was told in the very beginning it was up to their discretion weather to revile their ties to team America or not. Is there no end to your lies!

  51. I am so sick of idiots that believe everything that the “lame street media” prints. You need to look up the definition of racist. Just because you are from the South doesn’t’t make you a racist. A true racist would not want a black woman, much less make a complete ass of himself over her on national tv. He was also called a homophobe and he is sleeping in the bed with one of the most flamboyant gays I’ve ever seen. Get a thought of your own and think before you repeat what you have heard . I don’t know anyone that has not ever made a comment that could be offensive to someone in the right situation.

  52. I am the only one totally grossed out by the way Christine uses the spoon when eating? Also, the way she was suductivly using the spoon when cody asked her what she was eating!!! Ewwwwwwwwwww!!!! GAG ME WITH A SPOON!!!

    1. She was trying to compete with Frankie for Cody’s attention who was naturally sitting to the right of him rubbing/fondling/groping, as usual. I honestly don’t think Cody minds. He feels unworthy without all the attention. Which is funny considering how he was always rolling his eyes when Frankie/Zach were doing the same things whenever he was in the same room with them.

  53. There WILL NEVER EVER be
    another Dr. Will or Dan ever in the history of bb past or present so don’t even go there people!!!!!!

  54. Tell you the truth, I think its really friggin stupid to be yelling over the fence to the HG’s. Why bother? Especially if you’re a fan, why do that.

  55. CBS has moved to Immediately remove the four involved with the horrible disgusting joke about sexual assault on Victoria
    Calib,Cody,Frankie,and Derrick are hence being removed from the Big Brother house and game and are not allowed to participate in ANY CBS reality show or any show for life!!
    Donny,Zach,Hayden,Jocosta will be immediately returned to the BB house to finish out the remainder of the season.
    Amber,Brittany,Devin,and Paolo will be flown to the jury house as the new jury members for the season.
    Please continue to watch BB16 and enjoy the entertainment


    Les Moonves
    CBS president

    My dream

    1. Of the three guys in the room, Cody and Derrick appeared to tolerate Frankies vile “joke”. Although a bit of an airhead Caleb had the sense to comment “this is getting inappropriate” whle Christine continuos to smiles as Frankie continues. All should be repremanded along with Christine especially Derrick since he probably had some contact with rape victims. A rape joke should never had been uttered or aired.

  56. Ok, I just want to say that if this was a straight man taking advantage of a drunk girl, do you think it would be allowed? Just wondering if there would be any ramifications if the scenario was this. Instead, because of being PC and anyone afraid of being called homophobic, skankie gets to molest whomever he choses. Its realling disturbing on so many levels.

  57. I don’t understand why cbs don’t do something about them joking bout rape if that was my daughter they were talking bout I would get on a plane and go to that bb house bust the door down and clean house!!!!

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