Christine says you guys should have just backdo*red me so I couldn’t win the POV!

POV Holder: Christine Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Christine
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-31 12-47-18-614

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12:30pm – 1:10pm Caleb wakes up does his laundry and then makes lunch. Cody wakes up and joins Caleb in the kitchen. Caleb asks him how he’s feeling. Cody shrugs. Cody says man this thing is so hot! Cody asks what time everyone went to bed. Caleb says he can’t remember. What time did you go to bed? Cody says I don’t know I passed out. Caleb says the last time I looked at the clock Victoria pass drunk on the floor right here. Caleb says maybe 1:30am. Christine wakes up to join them. Christine asks Cody if he’s okay. Cody groans. Cody asks what time did I go to bed at? Christine says like 11:45pm. Christine comments on how Cody just left last night. Cody says if I drink and get drunk I just don’t want to be around people. Cody talks about his dream where he got evicted. Christine says you guys should have just backdo*red me so I couldn’t win the POV! Cody says trust me that’s what I told them to do.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-31 12-51-44-690

1:10pm Victoria heads outside where Christine is by the washing machine. Victoria says that she was going to fold Derrick’s clothes. Christine says that Derrick likes his clothes folded a certain way, not even is wife does it. Victoria says oh really because I’ve been doing it all along. Victoria goes inside and wakes up Nicole in the havenot room to tell her what Christine said. She tells me this about Derrick! I am so pissed! I hate her!

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Derrick joins Cody, Frankie in the kitchen and shows Cody how he was passed out.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-31 13-22-46-223

Cody heads out to the backyard and talks to Frankie about how annoyed he is about being drunk last night. Frankie says that he wasn’t that bad. You were talking and then you passed out. Frankie tells Cody about how Victoria was on the floor scream laughing about a sheet pan.

1:37pm – 1:40pm In the living room – Victoria is talking to Derrick about how Christine told her not to fold Derrick’s clothes. She said that your wife doesn’t even fold your clothes. Who is she to say that to me? Derrick says it doesn’t matter. Victoria says I was going to slap her! I’m not kidding. “You motherf**king nasty wh*re!” Wouldn’t you be mad? Derrick says no, yeah I hear ya.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-31 13-38-31-130

1:55pm – 2:15pm In the kitchen – Nicole and Victoria are sitting at the kitchen table. Meanwhile out in the backyard – Derrick, Caleb and Christine are talking about random things. Big Brother tells them its photo time. Caleb and Frankie are the only house guests that initially go in to take photos. Nicole joins them.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-31 14-29-04-163
2:20pm – 2:40pm Derrick talks to Christine out in the backyard. Christine talks about how after she won the veto all Frankie was talking about was how he would have done. And I was like let me enjoy my win. She says even this morning he was questioning her what was going on in the bathroom. I was like I’m just putting my bathing suit on to go in the hot tub. Derrick says he’ll calm down after the replacement nom. Christine says if Victoria makes it to the final 3 I will be livid. Derrick says I don’t think its good for anyone’s game for her to make it to the final 3. Caleb joins them. Christine says I feel so happy getting her out because then finally the useless person is gone. It is smart though leaving the person who can’t win anything to the end to get out. Caleb and Derrick agree. Caleb says I’m not going to lie I’m pretty scared about Frankie winning the double eviction. Derrick asks why? Caleb says I think if he has the chance he would try and take Cody or I out because he knows he can’t beat us. Christine says all he talks about is himself. Caleb says he scares me. He could beat all you in a comp but he knows he’s not going to beat Cody and I. I think its best to get rid of Nicole but we just can’t let him win the next part. I trust that you two would do what you’ve said you would do. Nicole ask already gotten a chance to play and come back and he had 4 opportunities to win to stay and she didn’t. Christine says I would rather sit next to any of you guys than that thing (Frankie). Christine goes to take photo booth photos with Frankie.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-31 14-31-22-384

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224 thoughts on “Christine says you guys should have just backdo*red me so I couldn’t win the POV!

      1. Exactly!!! this season is so boring. can’t wait for it to be over. at this point I would love to see Victoria win just to get back at the BS/Detonators.

      2. This is what CBS and BB want. For everyone to talk. This is how ratings go. If you see on every episode in small print the show is not responsible for the opinions said by the hg. Although it’s in poor taste this is what BB wants. For all of us to watch.

        1. Unless you are a Nielsen family (and I was in May), you will have no impact on ratings. That doesn’t mean you can’t weigh in with emails, etc. to CBS, which I heartily recommend. Frankie was even more disgusting last night as he honed in on a drunk Cody. BBAD clearly showed him pawing his inner thigh. The look in his eyes was the same as an animal with its prey in sight…

    1. It would at least be understandable if they were fighting over something of value. That swine nose alone is a deal breaker! They are fighting over a wannabe hipster with smelly feet who is a megalomaniac. Did I also mention that everytime he speaks he sounds just like Eddie Haskell ( you young ones can google that reference) .

        1. I don’t have the feeds.
          Can anyone tell me if anyone woke up with there butt sore from that perverted attention whore frankie?

      1. The odd thing is that Ken Osmond (Eddie Haskell) grew up and became a Los Angeles Police Officer. He was medical retired due to injuries he suffered in a shoot out with a suspect. So the question is was he type casted due to his personality?

    2. So I guess CBS/BB are now condoning the raping of one of the house guests on the show???? Seriously why are Frankie, Caleb, Cody and Derrick not ejected from the show when they were discussing the gang raping of Victoria on the show??? Oh, I guess CBS/BB do not care when one of their protected few talk about committing a felony crime such as raping Victoria on the show. Guess they condone acts of violence in some cases. Derrick should be fired for even participating in that vile conversation. Chen gets all upset over a dumb rice comment, but guess when the four guys on the show are discussing gang raping a passed out Victoria that is acceptable conversation. HEY CBS/BB WAKE UP THEY WERE DISCUSSING COMMITTING A VIOLENT ACT ON ONE OF THE WOMEN ON THE SHOW!!! That is unacceptable and it needs to be addressed or it looks as if the network and the television show are condoning the gang raping of women. So glad Donny is in jury and out of the house with these vile EVIL PEOPLE!!!!! FRANKIE IS A SOCIOPATH AND WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE AFTER WHAT HE SAID LAST NIGHT!!!!

      1. In a previous post one of the guys had mention about the condoms were going missing, all I want to know is “WHO” is using the “CONDOMS” Christine and Cody (naw, touchy feely, mmm) or Derrick and Victoria (naw, cause he’s married, mmm) or Frankie and whomever. Nicole, just came back in the game, no one spoke to Donny. Now, if they did other things a condom is not necessary (if you know what I mean, hehe haha). So, how are the condoms leaving the condom drawer? Hopefully, NO one, I mean NO one used them on Victoria (that’s not funny not even to just talk about it randomly) CBS, stop letting things slide cut it out!!!

      2. hey Anonymous wake up they weren’t discussing committing a violent act, they were discussing a sexual act. i really hope you’re trolling, and if so congrats you got me to feed you. but if you actually believe they were joking about rape then you are an incredibly scary individual.

        1. HEY WTF RAPE IS AN ACT OF VIOLENCE, and they were talking about GANG RAPING A YOUNG WOMAN THAT WAS PASSED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rape is not an act of sex, but an ACT OF VIOLENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. How dare you or any one else like you that thinks that was a joke, why because they laughed. It was not funny, I wouldn’t even laugh if it was your mother. Rape is terrible regardless if she was passed out drunk it doesn’t give anyone, anyone to say it is/was a funny.

        1. George, where’s your mother, when she has a moment some of us would like to say some mama jokes about pulling a train on her and in her. OOOOOOps just a joke

      3. If you read google will CBS get rid of Frankie grande it tells what this is all about. People whom seen it says, it was Frankie who said it, Cody thought it was bad. Derrick pointed at Frankie and remarked. No one brought up Victoria but Frankie. Yes he should be kicked off show and apology to her and her family. Frankie tries to be funny , he is not , obnoxious yes and filthy mouthed. But so is his sister if any of you read what she wrote about him a few weeks ago. Him as a nice person and all the sex he gets. And we care, I don’t think so. I’m not sure how it all went down , but seems not like it was written up here. Was a comment by Frankie and the others guys said a few words, But they did not mention a name. More at each other.

      4. Now that it’s making the news on TMZ, CBS might actually do something. But the reason would be Ariana. Having her brother say shit like that and show up on TMZ is not good for the show or her. I’m sure her people are going to try and distance her from him as best they can. He’s nothing. She’s a big deal right now.

        It is strange the Victoria’s parents want an apology from Ariana!! WTF does she have to do with it?? This leads me to believe they are fame whores too! Like everyone wants some bit of attention or TV time. It’s kind of gross.

        At this point if I “had” to pick one of these losers to win it’d be Caleb…just because he seems to actually live in a fantasy world he created for some reason (might be a scary reason) and seems almost childlike in some ways (even though he says so strange shit) while the others seem actually mean and vile and people you’d wouldn’t want to be around.

        1. Victoria’s family should obviously be demanding an apology from Frankie, but not Ariana. They should also expect an apology from CBS for not stopping it before it went way over the line. I hope production encourages Caleb to back door Frankie to prevent any more significantly inappropriate behavior to be aired.

      5. All games aside CBS needs to address this ASAP! Derrick is a prick for not stepping in but instead he made a joke about it!! I just hope Vic don’t drink anymore around that mental war patient and that pink flamingo because that was not funny one bit!! CBS should be ashamed of themselves but let them say one word of production and they are all on the speakers shutting it down. IJS Can’t with this sorry BBUSA!

        When do Canada BB start? Anyone going to watch the Utopia show that starts the 7th? I’ll try anything except this snooze fest of BB USA.

        1. Big Brother Canada 3 will start some time around February 2015. I’m definitely going to watch Utopia once BB16 finishes up. Right now its just too much to handle.

      6. Actually it was frankie leading the pack. Derrick and Caleb tried to tell him that this was sick. They just weren’t forceful enough.

    1. What the hell comment is that? Geez, Derrick has done nothing to embarras his wife or family, except play a evil game. He is nice to Victoria. I guess in your world, men cannot be nice to woman unless they are automatically cheating with them? Grow up, he is being nice to the girl.

      1. +1

        I watch the feeds a lot. Derrick has done nothing. Haters just going to hate. Now Cody and Christine, that is a different story.

      2. Marie, you think Derrick has been nice to Victoria? Go to TMZ and see how nice he REALLY is to Victoria. He only pretends to be nice to her face but behind her back he trashes her. And Victoria is either too stupid or infatuated to see that. It hurts the most because he is a cop. Game or not, he shouldn’t joke about a woman’s virginity. People look up to him as a model and for protection. It’s so sad.

        1. His pretense of being nice to her is for the good of his game. He is ‘being nice and protective’ towards her because he knows she is the one he can beat to win the 500k. That’s why he is being nice. He is simply using her.

      3. Ok Marie so that ” I love you Victoria. I love you Derrick. The rubbing of his leg , arm. Sitting close in bed, chair, lounge outside and wherever else they sit together doesn’t seem odd. The way he talks to her at times. You must have missed those episodes because why on gods green earth is she so upset Christine is touching her mans clothes. A little obsessed I think. But he allows it to happen.

      4. Derrick has been leading-on Victoria. Hugging her constantly, Laying in bed with her, Asking her to make him food. He never talks about his wife around her.

        1. If his people skills are so good he should have realized that he was taking a very vunerable. immature woman down a rabbit hole. Now she is deluding herself with fantasies that Derrick will leave his wife and daughter for her. So either he is not so good at understanding the people around him or he has callously allowed her fantasies to get out of hand to keep her vote or the take her to the final two.

      5. Marie, wake up and open your eyes. Derrick has done numerous disgusting things to embarrass his family and get him fired. He talked about beating up suspects, killing in relation to Donny, and last night participated in the conversation about raping Victoria to just name a few.. Sorry, but he is scum!!!

      6. Please all who don’t have the live feeds – go to TMZ and hit celeb gossip and scroll down to frankie – read parents blog first and then hit play to see how great the remaining scum talk about Victoria. This is not funny and to me is soooo over the top that I a shaking. I will no longer participate in TA votes to give these two any more money. This is the most discusting display I have seen from these ppl. I look back at last season and even they come in 2nd to this display. Please go watch it. It will maike you sick.

        1. I’m just going to say this to the “Derrick’s Lover’s and “Derrick’s Hater’s, it is not ok to belittle anyone for a game/money I’m sorry it just isn’t. We all agree Victoria probably does not have a clue but when she gets out she will be devastated (she trusted and in her young and immature mind she love’s this man). As someone said he is a cop if anyone is going to think of someone’s feelings it should be him regardless of how much money is involved. If he doesn’t give a crap now, I can imagine what type of person/cop he is when he’s not in the house (what you see is what you get). Derrick is playing Victoria BIG TIME for money because it’s a game, doesn’t mean its right. Wrong is Wrong and the way are world is regarding talking down/bad to women it’s not acceptable, it’s just like calling a black person the “N” word. What was acceptable back in the day is not acceptable now, you can’t make it right, just like a round ball won’t fit in a triangle. Derrick and CBS are wrong.

          1. The family of “Big Brother 16” houseguest Victoria Rafaeli is fuming mad over a joke Frankie Grande made about 2 guys teaming up to take Victoria’s virginity … and they want apologies from him AND his sister Ariana.

            During the livestream on Saturday, Grande told two male houseguests they should “double team” Victoria and “take all her virginities.” He then made a bunch of extremely sexual gestures. Just watch the video.

            Victoria’s mother, Lizabeth, tells TMZ she definitely took Frankie’s comments to be a “rape joke” and feels her daughter is now a “target for rape” because producers did nothing to stop Frankie’s rant.

          2. I betcha all the evicted guests would’ve been ecstatic to be “treated” the way Victoria has, all the way to the final 2!

            Give the naive clueless Victoria rant a break. She knows exactly what she’s doing. How nice it is to stress about puffy face and bleeding scalp because of extensions.

          1. Frankie needs to be let go, Victoria’s mom is right to worry if she is left alone with these men. It was disgusting and horrific to make a joke like that. Caleb stalked a girl in there, threatened violence a few times. BTW – what is with Cody nearly making out with Frankie and grabbing his butt! Cody is a very confused man

            1. First of all I don’t consider this a “JOKE” I don’t see a damn thing funny. CBS and big time producers shame on all of you if you consider this a “FUNNY” or as some of you people say “BOYS will be BOYS”. But when the boys start looking at and making jokes about your (mother, sister, daughter, niece, cousin or anyone in your family) is it still a joke (ask Derrick, remember he said he would knock someone in the jaw) he didn’t last night in fact he was laughing right along with the rest including disgusting Christine. This needs to be looked at seriously or should we get in touch with Victoria’s mom and stand by her when she jokingly takes ya’ll to court.

  1. Now there’s any issue with who’s folding Derrick’s clothes? he should be folding his own damn clothes. These people are imbeciles.

    1. EXACTLY!! Thank you! Who are these stupid c*nts?? Being all subservient to the likes of Derrick…or any of the men. The women this year just made me sick. Not a strong one amongst them. Why didn’t THEY play the men?? Amber had a perfect opportunity to lead Caleb on (the way these guys do to the women) and use the shit out of him…but no..she had to flirt with Cody and just ‘couldn’t’ deal with Caleb. Man she’d have a strong protector in him.

      Stupid bitching whoring women… thanks CBS for such backwards casting.

    2. I am confused, did Derrick tell Victoria and Christine they must wash and fold his clothes? What a monster to demand these poor sweet girls do his laundry! They have a mind of their own, if they didn’t want to do his laundry, they wouldnt. Maybe they are bored out of their minds and want to keep busy, too bad it is not focused on cleaning that absolutely disgusting kitchen!

  2. Derrick just lost any respect I had for him. He should act like a married man and quit embarrassing his wife. He’s vulgar and morally corrupt. I really can’t believe that he is so blinded by the money that he will treat women that way. Poor excuse for a man.

    1. Who cares if hes using her for a vote. Its a game. You people crack me up with all the crap you say about derek. Look what dan did and we all loved him. He swore on the bible his marriage his cross, those are evil things to do but we all loved him and never said shit about that. Its a game and you do what you can to win. I dont get offended over anything these house guest do because its a game thats on tv. For all we know these people are just acting it is for ratings. If you all think these house guests are aweful people then what do you call yourself because alot of you say worse things then they do. Ill get alot of thumbs down but i take that as they are the ones who are just plain aweful.Vote for zach for AFP. Dont vote for donny because you felt sorry for him. I liked donny but man he was so boring to watch. I like good tv not boring tv.

      1. Sean, there is no comparison between Dan and rat Derrick! Dan never ever talked about wanting to kill other house guests, i.e. Derrick about Donny, he never talked about beating up other people, or participate in a discussion with Frankie, Caleb last night about the gang raping of women. Derrick is a pretty sorry excuse for a father and husband when he would even allow that type of discussion much less participate in it. How would he feel if that had been his daughter or wife that they had been talking about. Much less he is a police officer and they were talking about committing a violent criminal act against women. That is not game talk!!!

      2. I am sorry, but I must state my disagreement with a certain part of your comment. I was not, am not, and will not be a fan of Dan’s game and what he did. I realize that may be an exception to the general fandom and because of that, I try not to comment on similar styles of gaming. I recognize that actions/words/statements that I do not find “entertaining” (e.g. Dan’s funeral, swearing on the Bible, etc.), others – perhaps the majority – have voiced their appreciation. To say the style (Dan’s) was/is universally loved, however, would be incorrect.

  3. Someone please backdoor Derrick so the season can be watchable again. Between him and Frankie, I just can’t handle watching them anymore. They both are vile and skanky.

    1. They need to get Frankie out already! He’s the only one of the detonators that got out a strong player (Zach) other than Caleb when he got out Hayden, but he didn’t really do much. It’s a waste of a season if Frankie is in the finale and I believe because he’s very good at manipulation, he would win. I don’t wanna see that happen. I can’t stand that self absorbed piece of garbage. grow some balls Caleb and make a good move of your own for once!

      1. They keep talking about it. They keep getting the opportunities to do it. And none of them are willing to be the ones to do it. Either Caleb or Cody have had options to use the veto and backdoor Frankie, and both of them have been talking to others and the current HOH about how it needs to be done, but neither of them actually did it when they had a chance. i can’t see any good reason to hang on to him and continue to give him more chances to win HOH or Vetos, epecially, as he has been pointing out over and over, this is the last week where someone sits out the veto. And it was him.

        none of them seem to want him to win, none of them seem to want him to get past or even to F4, and all of them seem to be waiting for the next HOH to actually do it. How about do it so Victoria is out this week, and gives Nicole a chance to be the HOH for that quickie HOH getting Frankie out then, then she can’t play in the next one and off she goes then.

        should have been done last week, of course.

        I think Derrick and Frankie should stop holding their breath waiting for the next TA mission, btw.

  4. If Frankie is shown the door ASAP, what would this do to double eviction night? And would the rest of those fools receive a punishment? There aren’t many people left in the game so things could get complicated. I doubt that CBS will have anything to announce tonight since it is not live. Is the Frankster still sleeping or has he been called to the DR????? Will be anxiously awaiting updates. Finally some action in the House!!

      1. I just googled ‘Will CBS remove Frankie Grande from Big Brother’. I was amazed to see that there is an online petition to do just that. I signed. Let’s see if it makes a difference. They need 1000 people to sign. Good on them for at least trying.

          1. Just google: Will CBS Remove Franke Grande from Big Brother and sign the petition. It is easy to find. I already signed it and it has a place to give your feedback also.

            1. I just signed the petition; not sure if it will have any impact, but one can only hope. Others have been warned or expelled from the game for threats of physical violence, so I’d like to know what CBS is waiting for – a lightning bolt? An angry mob with pitchforks? Locusts? C’mon, do SOMETHING!!

          2. It was called The Petition Site. It seems that it is used if anyone wants to formally take issue. I had to use my full name, address, email address, phone number etc I guess to make sure I was legit. Immediately after adding my name, I received an email confirming. It also allowed me to remove my personal stuff and decline updates of other petitions. I’ve since deleted it. Sorry I can’t be more specific. It popped up when I did my original search if CBS will remove FG from Big Brother, maybe the third or fourth item.

        1. I have sent several emails to CBS but not expecting anything to change except to see a disclaimer at the beginning of each show.

        2. First I thought you were kidding, but I googled it, and bam, petition popped right up!!
          Thank you, thank you thank you…
          Wished I could have signed it a thousand more times!!

          1. You guys are ALL a little dense aren’t you? You do know that ANYONE can create a petition (online or not) and post it for ANYONE to sign??? You guys are giving all your private information to some “one stop petiition stop” website, all for something that will HAVE ZERO effect! LOL. ANyways, dont blame me when all 100 of you sign it, then next week Frankie is still there saying the same old crap, and you are left getting spam emails bc you give up personal infomation…all bc you people have never heard about using google. Educate yourself people!

            Oh yeah, here is a fact – Frankie will NEVER be REMOVED from the BB house by production. IS NOT HAPPENING. SO save your breath, get over it, and quit being babies…cheers!

  5. Cody, Christine, & Victoria are all FLOATERS. & unfortunately at least 1 of them is going to make it to final 3

    1. I am not savvy enough on the BB lingo for “floater.” From reading various comments, however, I realize if I use it incorrectly will get my hand slapped by the “true” and “super” BB fans. So…. please excuse my ignorance but is Victoria a “floater”? I didn’t think she changes and gravitates to whoever is in power on a given week… granted one “group” seems to always be in power… but, I thought her loyalty is totally to Derrick. She definitely is coasting behind him, but is she a floater? As far as Cody, I really can’t tell if he is truly loyal to Derrick or he perceives Derrick to be the one in control but would flip on a dime. Christine, on the other hand, seems to gravitate towards the power person of the week so I assume that is a floater?

      1. I don’t think anyone has really flipped from one side or alliance to another, ever. So i don’t think there are any real floaters in this game. Victoria hasn’t ever seemed to stray from aligning herself with Derrick, and hasn’t even seemed to understand that people do form alliances. In fact, other than the BS and various offshoots of it, the non BS people never seemed to create alliances, and no one other than Derrick and Cody seemed to even do F2. it’s hard to know where people stand when they don’t seem to stand anywhere that would make sense for their personal games.

        the ‘group’ which includes Frankie, has decided the eviction order. which basically means even tho everyone agrees and everyone wants Frankie out asap, none of them will do it until Nicole is gone, and possibly until Christine is gone, assuming that Victoria is continually protected by dumb moves.

  6. Really??? They are arguing about who should fold this MARRIED man clothes? I do think Victoria like Derrick a little more than she should. I don’t believe she look at him as a “older brother.”. I think possum face is doing this to get on Victoria’s nerves. I can’t wait until her and ugly ass Frankie is out the house. They are the main reason I stop watching the show. I am done with this season. I am waiting for Utopia!! I hope it’s good.

  7. Is this what BB16 has come to? Arguing about who folds clothes better? Why are they folding his clothes at all?! This guy deserves to freaking win because the rest of these people are MORONS!!! This should make for some good tv. Pfft

    1. now you see why girls don’t work together you can only shove so much stupid in to one room they could never have meetings

  8. If Derrick was as brilliant as everyone says he is, then he should
    be using Caleb’s brother’s letter on him to get Frankie bd’d. Keep
    reminding Caleb about what his brother said & ask him if it means
    anything; if he’s trying to send him a message, etc.

      1. i can;t agree you more. Frankie trust Derrick 100%. there is no way for Derrick to make a move to get rid of Frankie who he controls now. on the other way. Christin is more unpredictable for his game. that is why he is talking to her a lot to try to put her on his side.

  9. literally CBS START THE DRIP TONIGHT!!!

    Put it up for a vote – Should Team America Continue without America’s Favorite?

  10. Is that what it takes to light a fire up one of these girls @@$.?? Lmfao. Why didn’t she fold the dam clothes week 2. Hahahahah

  11. If Frankie really wants to help the world…he should build churches and schools in the Islamic State of Syria / Iraq. He might have a little more respect for “Team America” once he sees how his behavior is viewed there. Anybody who watched BBAD last night saw Cody drink too much and Frankie try to move in like a horny shark with blood in the water. It was even more disgusting after listening to him encourage the brutal rape of Victoria. Less airtime for Frankie please. I almost puke when I see him.

  12. Oops, TMZ changed my mind…

    CBS please immediately evict the remaining Team America sickos and reinstate the last two previously evicted houseguests as the new Team America!

    1. Christine is the one that actually steered the boys to discussing Victoria and sex. Without her starting it I don’t think Victoria was on anyone’s mind.

  13. Im a girl and Derrick is still my BB champ! He is playing everyone in this house so well.
    Derrick for the win!

    1. Well I am a married woman with two children and Derrick disgusts me. I hope his wife leaves him. She’s better off with out that piece of cheating trash. I wish her luck!

  14. Derrick has become an embarrassment to his wife and daughter. He thinks women are here to serve him. Bullshi*
    I hope his wife learns from this and puts him in his place.

    1. a few weeks ago Derrick was giving Hayden “woman” advice and told him how to handle women…. He said, “you say, you are prettier than me, you are smarter than me… now lets go buy you a new purse”…. then said it works every time. I cant believe everyone is just now seeing what a prick he is. His wife clearly doesnt have any bigger of a clue about him than Victoria does if this works on her.

  15. REALLY? A cat fight about who gets to fold Derrick’s clothes? Damn, got bitches fighting over ya clothes, that’s some P.I.M.P shit right there.. He need to take advantage of that..

  16. Hate the game. Not the players. Some of you commenters are just as bad as the people playing. It’s a freaking game designed for entertainment.

    1. I agree Enough. All this gay bashing of Frankie and misogyny toward the other women is wrong. Thanks for pointing that out. The rape comments about Victoria are the worst .

    2. It is not entertaining – AND – Frankie is a sorry excuse for a human being (and the least entertaining of the group).

  17. I, as a highly educated, successful woman, get sick to my stomach watching these girls kiss up to the men to survive. Why don’t they use the brains that God gave them to succeed in the house? Oh right, we are talking about idiots that can’t seem to think for themselves.

    1. Oh, thankfully we have a “highly educated, successful woman” commenting on the game. What does your education or personal success have to with BB and why are you comparing yourself to the women that are left in the house?

      1. Rosie so sorry if it offends you to learn that there are intelligent people in the world. And guess what they have opinions too. I know you must struggle with this realization but when you return to your minimum wage job tomorrow you will feel better.

        1. Actually Cadee, I have done very well for myself in life. Unlike you, I don’t insult people because of the type of job they have or how much money they make. Education, social status, personal successes, etc. or lack thereof doesn’t make certain people better or more important than others. Unfortunately the world we live in is dominated by people like yourself who think education and success is EVERYTHING and sadly along your path in life you never learned HUMILITY.

    2. As an educated, successful woman you should know it is impolite to boast about yourself and it only negates anything else you say.

      1. Who prefaces a statement with “as a highly educated, successful woman? No one thats who. Are you running for office, making a campaign speech? STFU. Nauseating.

      2. Oh I forgot as a women I should pretend I am dumb and helpless so insecure men can feel superior. ; ) God forbid don’t admit you are smart in today’s society for you will only be perceived as boasting. Get a life.

  18. When they first entered the house I was a big fan of Frankie. I have lots of friends that work in the creative arts that are gay and at first Frankie reminded me of them. However, as the show has progressed I have lost that loving feeling for Frankie. The last few nights of BBAD have pushed me over the edge and I now can’t stand to hear him talk. His ego is so big that I doubt he has any room for real love or compassion. The gay friends that I have are funny and flamboyant but also have hearts of gold and would never say the kind of stuff that Frankie has been saying….. especially not on live TV!!!. How can he think that anyone would like someone that says the kind of stuff he does. He must hang around a lot of really disgusting people to think that his attitude is acceptable. I bet he is “building schools” in Africa to boost his ego not because he is passionate about the good that it will do. The problem is that Caleb and Cody are so hung up on the idea of bringing their alliance to the final 4 that they will not get him out. Dumb and Dumber and Dumbest. I’m hoping for Derrick and Victoria for the final 2 and Vic to steal the money from them all!!! She doesn’t deserve it but neither do any of them.

    1. he goes with an organization they foot the bill he basically helps labor he doesn’t put out financially like he wants you to think

    2. I find it sad but so telling that I even need to write this response. Frankie is flamboyant. Frankie is obnoxious. And Frankie is gay. Frankie is also an asshole. But Frankie does not represent all gays any more than Caleb represents all cowboys, Victoria represents all Jews or Ickstine represents all baristas. Are all cowboys stalkers? Are all Jews stupid beyond belief? Are all Starbucks employees backstabbers?
      Frankie is a representation of only himself based upon the experiences and circumstances HE has lived.

  19. LOL Divorce papers,child support and spouse support payment everything he’s working hard for will all be gone. HOLLA

  20. I’ve been wondering about Derrick and the fact he’s never told the truth, he lies lies lies. He’s really good at lying. I know he was a narc and he got training on how to lie but I wonder how many people have been arrested based on him not telling the truth.

  21. what was the point in that update? nothing happened. Except for the vicious clothes argument. Sad that this season has become so boring that is what it has resorted to.

  22. That will be the day you see me folding Derrick’ s clothes. ” Donny says under his breath, watching from the jury house tv. “

  23. Did you see that TMZ had an article about the rape comment frankie said and victorias parents want an apology not only from frankie but from his parents and sister too

      1. Ariana is set to have her 2nd album debut at #1 on Billboard’s album charts.. So she is feeling no pain.. As for CBS and Big Brother, every year is filled with controversy.. The more controversy, the more media attention, and that brings up ratings.. You may say that people hate Frankie, but without him in there, that house would soon become as interesting as watching paint dry. You can bet your house that CBS and Big Brother are loving all the social media exposure right now, it is bringing much needed media attention to the show. In Hollywood there is no such thing as bad publicity.

    1. Can’t imagine that Ariana’s people are very happy with that front page feature story. I didn’t quite understand why they want an apology from Frankie’s sister or family though. Of course these are the people that sued the city over Victoria tripping on a crack in the sidewalk according to her so maybe they are setting up an attempt at some money. Also I didn’t notice anyone on here saying what a hypocrite Derrick is about this situation. Didn’t he threaten to bust Zach’s jaw for talking bad about Victoria because he’s a father & wouldn’t want someone talking about his daughter like that. But when Frankie “jokes” about double teaming her & having blood all over the room…he says nothing? Tough guy Derrick!

    2. Parents should be asking for one from CBS for putting such a vile creature on the show in the first place. But why wanting one from his sister? The only thing I can think of is because the only reason Frankie is on the show in the first place is because maybe she is the one that pushed CBS to have him on the show so that he was locked away in the BB House for the summer, ensuring that he was out of her way for her CD release and the VMA’s.

  24. Any one remember that old Twilight Zone episode “Eye of the Beholder”? I think Derrick had a cameo in it as one of the doctors.

  25. Derrick would risk his life for any of you and your children. I guess everyone here yapping their mouth must walk on water…

    1. Possibly….but he has shown he would also go drinking with a bunch of guys & laugh about the suggestion your daughter get gang-raped!
      Sorry……can’t forgive any of them for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. To make this season fun please have a triple instant eviction and get rid of Christine, Derrick, and Frankie… and bring back Devin, Donny, and Zach, but one could only dream right.

    1. Instead of just a DE this week, just continue the evictions until only 2 left and have the vote right then and there thus ending the season.

  27. At this point I’d welcome a hair-pulling catfight, if it would get both of them kicked out of the house. And yeah. Derrick needs to fold his own damn clothes.

  28. Who wants Cody to “backdoor” them more? Frankie or Christine?
    Here she is flat out saying she wants “it”.

  29. Poor Victoria, she is going to be a head case after she gets out and sees how Derick played her.(even though someone might need to sit down and explain it to her.)
    No-one is going to need the money more than her, with all the therapy she’ll need.

  30. If Team America is over (and oh, how I hope that is true), will Derrick be more willing to nom or “help” nom and vote out Frankie? At one point it seemed Derrick wanted to stay friendly with Frankie to:
    a) continue to get missions and money
    b) believe the hordes of his sister’s fans would be rooting for Frankie and anyone that supports/helps Frankie.

    Now, if TA is over and Derrick is seeing that the fans are not the huge voting block that Frankie claimed they would be (“no [apple pie] for you! ala Seinfeld), will he be willing to use his influence (aka mist) to get Frankie out? In recent conversations, Cody’s vote is no problem and Caleb, well, he claims one minute that he wouldn’t have a problem.

    I am not sure – is Derrick’s plan really to take Victoria to the final three? How can that plan work? Derrick has not proven himself to be extremely dominant in competitions and Victoria… well let’s say she freezes and is not able to do well. This would mean that Derrick would have to absolutely trust that the third person would take him over Victoria for the win. It may be the case with Caleb (because he is head and shoulders above everyone – just ask him!)… but is it really true with Cody considering some of his recent comments)?

  31. Looks like Victoria has the case of the ‘Psycho Fatal Attraction’. I feel sorry for her because she is so clueless.

  32. This season has been so bad for women from the way they are perceived and treated by the men in the BB house to the way the women perceive and treat each other and themselves.
    Just when I thought this season couldn’t get any worse, this happens.

    1. Talking about gang raping Victoria last night by the guys especially Frankie was disturbing and yet CBS/BB do nothing. No wonder our country is such a mess when a major network acts like it is acceptable to discuss gang raping a women that is on the television show with them. Makes me wonder exactly what we don’t see and even though do not care for Victoria I actually worry about her safety in the house with these four sick perverted potential rapist. That conversation should not of been allowed and they should all be sent packing. It is sick and according to BB rules threats of violence are not tolerated. HEY BB RAPE IS AN ACT OF VIOLENCE!!!

      1. when did they talk about rape? the premise of their jokes was that victoria would be the willing initiator. the blood would be a byproduct of her virginity, not violence. of course you don’t have to like crass humor, but you shouldn’t defame them with false accusations of rape.

        people like you legit scare me because if you were on a jury you would literally condemn a person to his death for no other reason than you didn’t like him.

        1. Any guy having sex with an intoxicated woman is leaving himself open to a rape charge. A drunk person cannot give legal consent – they are impaired.

      2. At least the BB voice should have yelled out “stop that” or “cut it out” like they do for things much less offensive than this. Sick to think the production staff thought it was funny too and wanted them to continue.

  33. BTW, The comments Frankie made about how Cody and Derrick should take Victoria’s virginity, have made it to TMZ home page.

  34. You know Frankie is a real fuck up when we are having problems having kids Rush our fraternity this year cause of how much of an ass he has been. No joke our numbers are half what they are! I asked a kid who was going to rush why he isn’t rushing anymore to our fraternity…his response “Go Grande or go home? I don’t want to be associated with that.” OUCH

    1. was what it was called back in my day….yes it was the 80s…but all the pretty boys rushed there……more of a Cody type….

    2. Are you being sarcastic or serious??? Frankie Grande would love it if he were to hear that he has become such a national house hold name so that he is able to affect nation wide fraternities… Cody and Zach were the only two fraternity members on the show that I can recall talking about frats. Frankie graduated from college with honors but has never said he was in a fraternity.

  35. Derrick sure welcomes Victoria’s behavior. This is more than a brother/sister like relationship; it’s more like a excuse to get close. Weak girls this year!

    I wonder if she folda his underwear?!

  36. is if, instead of complaining to CBS, who clearly doesn’t care, everyone complains to the sponsors. Especially if people create clips of the more vile things the guests have said and places them half screen with commercials that air during the live shows. Once advertisers start getting backlash CBS will change things faster than if every fan in the world complains directly to them.

    1. If every conversation was said in fear of sponsor reaction BB would be horrible. Let the hg say what they want and deal with the fallout when they get out.

      1. There’s a huge difference between jackass behavior or even nasty comments to people’s faces and joking about gang raping a near blackout drunk virgin and watching her hymen blood going everywhere (raping anyone in any condition), or having a cop go off multiple times about how he’s going to bash someone’s face in

  37. Just when I thought nobody could top Caleb’s obsession for Amber, Victoria proves me wrong. Is Derrick a liar? sure but who in the history of BB hasn’t lied. The thing with him and Victoria is she seems so emotionally unstable that he’s probably scared to tell her to back off. He seems to handle her with “kid gloves”. I agree with everyone that it looks wrong.

  38. I think cbs should ask hg to the living room and show the beginning of the feed where chrustine say don’t make love to her .Then ask would skanky chrustine deprick cody and caleb if they should keep rolling the feed or would they like to explain tell skankie hes gone because of his overwhelming repulsive sexual comments and gestures and send him to seek some much needed help . Deprick would you us to send this revolting act to his wife and boss ziiing.and for the rest of them we think your families and towns would love a copy of their repulsive behavior .

  39. For those making Derrick out to be such a great guy – have you not seen the video of the conversation about “taking away both of Victoria’s virginities,” where instead of sticking up for her, this “great guy” imitated what it would be like for Zingbot to be doing this to her. *rolls her eyes* God help this girl when she realizes the type of guy she’s been fawning over all this time.

    As if that isn’t bad enough, there’s a screen shot from last night’s live feed with Frankie’s hand up Derrick’s shorts while he’s laying on his bed. Yeah, real nice guy, Derrick…

    1. Must have missed something. The only zingbot demonstration I saw was Frankie’s(beyond gross), didn’t notice Derrick doing too.

      1. Maybe I like it? Leave me alone while I explore my boundaries with Frankie and see how much farther I can go with Victoria. And to my wife, I love you honey. Don’t believe what you are seeing on TV, its all a lie. I would never do anything to embarrass you and our daughter. Love you so much honey no matter what you see. And me acting like the ZIngbot while screwing Victoria, don;t worry about that. I am just practicing on her so that I can do it right for you when I get home. Its all innocent.

  40. She doesn’t get upset over the fact that she’s their permanent replacement nominee, but she get’s irate over whose folding Derrick’s clothes.

  41. Caleb is self-absorbed, delusional, egotistical, clueless about his position, and well lets face it, pretty dumb because of those things.
    Victoria is self-absorbed, delusional, egotistical, clueless about her position, and well lets face it, pretty dumb because of those things.
    Since there is no way in hell I want any of the others to win, THESE are what I’m left with as choices?
    I mean even BB6 had 1 person in final 2 I could respect(Maggie, probably the most underrated winner of all time because she was part of the Nerd Herd).
    But this season I’m left with choosing between the 2 people that offend me as a viewer the least…….

  42. Really? Freakin towels???? I……..nah, I got nothin’……I just feel like tapping out on this miserable season. I also feel like at the rate I’m losing brain cells following it, I’ll be dumber than Vic by mid September.

  43. When the camera shoots Depigface laying on the couch,his nostrils are fucking huge!!!! Its like ;looking down the Holland Tunnel or something !!!!

  44. Christine must know she is going soon. Cody admitted to her that a back door was an option, so maybe she is trying to irritate Victoria to get her to explode. There is only so much Derrick can take with her being so clingy. He may decide that she has to go and in his own words – DONE. Hence, the group will put her on the block and evict her on Thursday (DE). If Christine can talk to Nicole and make a deal with her, they could possibly fight for HOH on Thursday and put up two of the guys. If one of the guys wins POV, the other guy goes up – One guy gone. Down to five with 3 guys and 2 girls. Christine may be using that “cat fight.” with Victoria to keep Nicole.

  45. Well Frankie wanted to be famous (be careful what you wish for) now his ass is all over TMZ for the rape comment he made about Victoria!!! I thought last season’s cast was horrible but this dude took all those memories away, this pink haired self absorbed pansy has no idea what he’s in for when he leaves the house, freaking jerk!!!!

  46. And the nominees for most intolerable are:

    Vacant who happily accepts her role as “the utterly useless one” in exchange for indifference from her king, Derrick.

    Christine who tries to cackle her way into a group of guys who have wholeheartedly expressed their desire to bang every single girl in the BB House except for her. Of course, she also feels the need to please her king, Derrick.

    Frankie has the potential to earn his third win. He of course continues to impress us by defaming others’ characters, with the exception of his King Derrick

    Caleb, our poor delusional, incompetent cowboy has given us more fables than Aesop himself. He has done everything he possible can to get into the heart of his queen Amber and his King Derrick.

    And lets not forget out Cody, even though we try as much as we can. King Derrick.

  47. Fans should also create reaction videos to the videos of the vile things the guests are saying to try and prevent them from being taken down. If the video is only a collection of clips and advertisements then they’ll be off before people even see them. But reaction videos, especially without the visual footage, and just the audio, with captions showing who is saying what have a better chance of staying up.
    Also if people create fake advertisements using the products with quotes and place them on tumblr the advertisers will pull the money so fast. One example I thought up…
    I’m sure one advertiser is a cleaning company…
    Cleaner X… removes 99% of bacteria, germs and exploded hymen blood and DNA. Cleaner X, because without evidence it’s her word against yours.
    Veterans Association (next to pic of Caleb). Soldiers like him are why we need funding to get these people as much psychological treatment as possible.
    Some sort of Police Agency… Hey, you already know we’re not firemen or EMTs.
    List of names of all the Anti-Gay marriage elected officials and lawyers and organizations… next to the worst Cody/Crustine pics… hey it’s not man or women, but nutless bitch boys and mutant chicken/pig hybrids are still better than two men or women.
    Ariana I love and support everything my big brother, the best big brother ever, says and does.
    Remember, they grew up together and share the same family values.
    Parents, you too can have a child that thinks watching gang rape is a fun way to spend the night.
    In every advertisement should be something saying if ANY of the currently remaining houseguests (excluding Nichole… yes I know she was just as ugly in the beginning, but you need a young contrast as well as Donny) win or even stays or even gets to keep the money they’ve won or earned as part of their stipend they’re supporting this garbage.
    They also need to give Donny and Jocista $500,000 and say this year you win BigBrother simply by being a human being with morals and grace.

      1. Actually, the whole reason I wrote those two posts was so I didn’t explode; and no, I’m not apologizing or going to be insulted for being furious at people who make gang rape jokes without any consequences

  48. Isn’t there sometime of rating system for tv programs on prime time slots? This show has offensive adult rated content and is on when underage children watch. This is displaying adult behavior….profanity….discusting sexual references. I realize there is a disclaimer at the beginning of BB and BBAD…..HOWEVER….super bowl and the network were fined for a nip slip….where are the people now? Unless the networks endorse this stuff….like sexual harassment. …discussion of group rape on a virgin….oral sex….anal intercourse…talks of killing….bullying. ..what gives CBS….your going into the gutter.

      1. The live feeds are uncensored and unedited.. Anything could be seen there from swearing, nudity and even sex.. Parents who allow their kids to watch the live feeds should no better.. It’s not up to BB and CBS to monitor what parents allow their children to watch online. The live feeds are for adult audiences not for children. The tv shows are for families, as they are censored and edited.

  49. Caleb has to be wondering why the girls are arguing over folding Derrick’s undies and not his…….what happened to his original plan to have all the ladies in his back pocket?

  50. Last night, Frankie was asked if he would “hook up” with Andy Herren. Frankie hesitated and was asked if he was not into redheads. Frankie says “I meet so many people… I list them on my phone; like Geg the Redhead, Blonde blue eyed met in bathroom stall, guy met at the back of the bar” Such a class act…his family must be so proud.

  51. Derrick,Caleb,Cody and exspeshly Frankie and Christine are the most discussing people I have ever seen! There is something’s that is not worth the money and the top one is your self respect! I personally think Fakie Frankie has a very unhealthy obsession with his sister I would not want my brother sitting in the tub staring at my picture! He needs to quit talking about her he is making people not like her either! They need to get him out before he destroys her career!

    1. I’m sure frankies sister already has her damage control team working overtime to help her with this situation. I don’t think Frankie will be a focus point for Ariana to be seen with for quite sometime. – He may have set her career back a few paces since her fans are preteens and teens. I don’t think if I was a parent I would let them attend any concert of hers. I do think she will pay a price for his actions in the house along with him. They will both get boos. Sorry Ari but he is your brother.

      1. One last thing about Ariana Grande that some people don’t realize.. Her manager(Scooter Braun) is well know for being the manager of pop music’s biggest bad boy… Justin Bieber.. We all know nothing sticks to Justin Bieber for long, he is made out of Teflon.. Watch Scooter work his magic with Ariana as well. Frankie will get the similar treatment.

    2. Billboard has already stated that once the official album charts for the end of August are released that Ariana’s album “My Everything” will debut at #1. She also is the 2nd female arist in history to have 3 singles in the top 10 at the same time on Billboard’s charts. Is Frankie hurting her career? Obviously not. People who hate Frankie won’t do any damage to her career either, because they automatically hated her and the entire Grande family long ago. Why should she abandon her brother? Just so haters can feel better about themselves? Family always sticks together when one of their own is under attack.. If that is something you have never heard of before, then just shows what kind of family you have…

  52. When will BB let America vote to nominate and evict houseguests? I so want Frankie and Christine to leave before Final 3!!!!!!

  53. Honestly derrick knows exactly what he is doing. He’s not a dumb 20 yr old still figuring out male and female dynamics. He’s exploiting vic’s naive infatuation with an older man and manipulating her every second. He doesn’t give a crap about her otherwise he would have defended her when that disgusting conversation happened…. that would not have ruined his game but shown him to be a stand up guy. I don’t think what is going on is cheating but it is 100% disrespectful to his wife and daughter and is really unnecessary for “game play”. I really wish they would show it on tv cuz how do you out one couple for doing it but not the other irregardless that cody and Chris are way worse? He knows vic is into him and is probably enjoying it. To me that is not an honorable devoted husband.

    1. Derrick is not only the father of a daughter but he is also a COP. A COP who stood there laughing hysterically with the other disgusting loser guys in that house. Money is so important to him that he wanted to remain one of the guys instead of putting Frankie in his place and tell him that wasn’t funny and that it was inappropriate. Frankie wasn’t talking about a sex he was talking about a violent assault against and unconscious woman. That shouldn’t be funny to any especially a COP and a man with a daughter. I’m sure if Donny were till there he would have said something to them.

      1. Who ever heard of a cop neglecting integrity for power, control or money? I guess you haven’t been paying attention to past incidents involving police and the violence upon women, some of them involved sexual violence like ripping off clothing of suspects or prisoners .. All in the name of duty was the response from the police departments once it became public. I’m not surprised at all by Derrick’s actions, in fact I would have truly been surprised if he showed some integrity and spoke out against that behavior. Of course if anyone is to mention his actions to his employers, they will be quick to respond by stating his “exemplary” conduct while on duty.. The usual tactics we see police departments use when one of their own gets embroiled in controversy.

  54. It looks like Ariana’s fans are now up in arms about Skankie dragging her sister into this. No way Skankie gonna wiln America’s favorite player now. Comments on TMZ are very negative by Ariana’s fans.

  55. Wow what can you even say about some of this stuff that hasn’t been said.At this point I’m just waiting to see them take each other out and see who the top two are and if they really are going to let Derrick sly his way to the end.

    On that note, it’s risky they are leaving Frankie in the game when they had two weeks in a row to possibly back door him. They were okay with doing it during Nicole’s HOH but not now. I hope it comes back to bite Cody or Derrick in the ass. I see why Caleb wouldn’t put Frankie up at this point but not Derrick because he could have used/influenced Cody’s HOH to get Frankie out of there last week. But I guess Derrick feels like he has a final two with everyone.

  56. My wish which will not happen…Christine to go home over Nicole and Victoria.

    Now wake up you guys Christine needs to go home before Frankie and Victoria.

  57. Frankie is in big trouble for the nasty rape remark. Not only TMZ but all the online magazines have an article about him.
    Hope he gets booted out.

    1. Long time BB fans know for a fact what Frankie mentioned is not even close to being the worse thing they have heard out of past players mouths. If there is any outrage coming it is from newbie viewers who only started watching the last couple of years and never seen or heard of past incidents. Side by side Frankie and Evil Dick are not even close when it comes to deplorable comments or actions.. Evil Dick said over and over in season 8 how he wanted to rape Jen and called her a bitch to her face as well as being verbally abusive, he was also physically abusive burning her with cigarettes.. Guess what happened to Evil Dick? He went on to win BB 8 and is now looked upon as one of the most loved and best players of all time by some.. Yup it’s a case of it’s nothing that long time viewers of BB have not seen before.. At least no one said they would have sex with Victoria’s corpse like Evil Dick infamously said about Jen in the house. Yet Evil Dick is well respected as a player and faced no wrath when he left the house, he left the winner amid cheers from the audience. Much ado about nothing….

  58. I, as an over-educated, moderately successful asshat, weep at the thought that this group of self-satisfied turds somehow represent the future of our society. I have become my parents.

  59. These houseguest are all idiots! I don’t understand why you all say you don’t want to take Frankie to the end with you but he is still left in the game. You have the perfect opportunity to take him out now but you all want to wait until next time. Let’s just give Derrick the money now and end this predictable bad season.

  60. I watched the TMZ video and it was DISGUSTING. I was happy that Caleb said it was inappropriate. He was the only one that really spoke up. I was surprised-just wish he did more.

    1. Do you mean Cody? Because Caleb was the one talking & laughing how they would destroy her, there would be blood everywhere.

  61. Hi Guys: Please don’t forget that Victoria only feels threatened by a BIG BLACK MAN (Devin)……remember? She’s quite okay with whatever the White boys say to and about her. It’s all funny, (he! he! he!) don’t you know? Just a joke! Talk about inferiority complex!

  62. I wrote to CBS, and complained.
    I suggested that they shut this show down now!
    Pay everyone by dividing the money amongst those left and let them fight this off screen. These excuses for humans, should not get one more moment of screen time. This is a great show, just not this season. A mistake was make in the screening of these house guests.
    1. It is a young person’s game. No need to mix generations.
    2. A couple of players who are not emotionally capable of understanding how this game works.
    3. Sluts and perverts, should be weeded out. (too harsh, ya think?)
    CBS, go back to drawing board, you can make this game great again. If not, it deserves to be cancelled completely.
    Please, go to CBS and express upon them, how much you enjoy the program, but something must be done.
    Thank you for reading,

  63. Ok am I missing something? If Frankie goes home he CAN’T win the double eviction HOH so why not TAKE HIM OUT THIS WEEK! They even stated a perfect reason by saying that Nicole has had 4 chances to win something and failed so why not get her out AFTER FRANKIE!! THESE PPL R ALL IDIOTS!!!

  64. As a retired police officer I was disgusted by all the people in the room , especially Derrik, he laughed along with the rest at Frankie’s reprehensible comment , he then compounded it by saying the Zingbot should rape Victoria as well, then he pantomimed with pelvic thrusts , he should be suspended from his job and before he is reinstated attend sensitivity training. No wonder some call us PIGS. Caleb making it more violent by describing blood all over the place, and that paragon of female virtue , Christine cackling and giggling. Derrick as a cop you should know RAPE IS NOT ABOUT SEX, IT IS AN ACT OF VIOLENCE! Does the name …..TENLEY mean anything to you?

  65. Simon/Dawg do you get as many outrageous comments on blogs you do on other shows or topics like you do on this Big Brother blog?

  66. As a retired police officer I was disgusted by all the people in the room , especially Derrik, he laughed along with the rest at Frankie’s reprehensible comment , he then compounded it by saying the Zingbot should rape Victoria as well, then he pantomimed with pelvic thrusts , he should be suspended from his job and before he is reinstated attend sensitivity training. No wonder some call us PIGS. Caleb making it more violent by describing blood all over the place, and that paragon of female virtue , Christine cackling and giggling. Derrick as a cop you should know RAPE IS NOT ABOUT SEX, IT IS AN ACT OF VIOLENCE! Does the name …..TENLEY mean anything to you?

    Read more:

    1. Most people I have talked to are not all surprised at Derrick’s behavior considering he is a cop.. Let’s face it being a cop these days doesn’t mean you have the respect or admiration that profession once did. Most people are beginning to lose respect for cops because of recent headlines concering police brutality across the country.. I’m sure someone will dig up dirt on Derrrick’s police conduct record and it will be all over TMZ.

  67. There is a petition on to Remove Frankie Grande from Big Brother. The only this is he was not the only one said anything, Caleb Reynolds also had a hand in it. So I say remove Frankie and Caleb!!

  68. Ok. I am sick of the comments about suggested “rape”. Just because you don’t like the people in power doesn’t mean you have to trash their character. This is a game and yes people make comments that get blown way out of proportion. EVERYONE has made a comment in their lives that if caught on camera would tarnish our “character”, but the fact that you can’t get your favorite person to win shouldn’t justify the vigilante campaign to influence a rigged game.

    I can’t stand Frankie and I agree the comments were distasteful, but I do have a life and I chalk it up to something HE will have to deal with and move the f(k on. Where was all this outrage when Zach said and still says HE HATES VICTORIA AS A PERSON? Again, just let the game play out and trash these people when they get out of the house in 20+ days.

  69. OMG PEOPLE!!!!! It’s a freakin’ GAME!!!!!! The HG are playing a GAME!!!! If any of you were trying to win $500K you would tell anybody anything to win!!! I love Derrick and Frankie. They have truly played the game the best. Think about how you would play the game. All of these comments against ANY of the HG have the possibility of negatively impacting them after the show. Think about what you say and accuse people of. You are not in the house so you have no idea what’s really going on! Everyone has joked around in their lives. Their only fault is being on camera. Take a breathe and pop a Prozak people and calm the F down!!!!

  70. Face it people… Derrick is enjoying being with a woman who will do things that his wife won’t do like fold his clothes a certain way.. I think this is what most men look for in a woman to do things just the way he wants. If it wasn’t for the fact that Derrick had a kid, I could seriously see him hooking up with Victoria, married or not. I think back to last year’s BB Canada 2 where Jon and Neda were really close friends and everyone could see them falling hard for each other even though Jon had a loyal girlfriend at home waiting for him.. What happened there was after the show ended with Jon being the winner, he broke up with his girlfriend and Jon and Neda became a couple. I see the sparks flying between Derrick and Victoria, and it’s not all Victoria’s doing either.. Derrick is an active and willing participant. He is certainly not putting any boundaries on their relationship or letting her down gently.

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