Big Brother Spoilers – Ashley says Danielle is the Jordan Character this season…. Just smarter

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

8:55pm Hammock Danielle, Ashley and Brintey

AShley says boogies kiss was so forced and for the camera.. Danielle mentions that Boogie said he would kiss Ashley again. AShley laughs everything Boogie does is for the camera.

AShley thinks Boogie and Frank are talking mad shit about her.. “I don’t even Care”

Ashley jokes that they need more alcohol so there will be a make out season her on the hammock between Danielle and Shane.

Danielle :”There will never be something like that on camera.. He’s too scared”
AShley: “He’s too scared?”
Danielle: “YA”
Danielle asks Ashley what Franks roll is in the show. Ashley really doesn’t know she thinks Frank can be mean sometimes but can see him being all “nicey nicey “ in the Diary Room.
cut to fish

When it comes back Ashley is saying that Britney is the guys girl she gets along with the guys but she is pretty.
AShley says that Danielle had Jordans roll this season, but Danielle is much smart. Ashley “Again I don’t know if Jordan is smart or not”

9:00pm Ian joins them and Danielle leaves.
Chit chat.. Britney asks if they want her to leave them alone to snuggle?

9:55pm The houseguests are either working out or in the kitchen eating and chatting. Danielle carries Britney to the backyard lounger. (You know because walking over there is a waste of Britney’s energy.. LOL actually Danielle just picked her up and carried her. ON a side note Danielle is packing on the pounds lately.. we may have another Porsche)

10:12pm Cam 3-4 Jenn, Britney and Shane

Jenn talking about the music industry. Jenn says when she got her big record deal the record executives said iTunes was a fad and now it basically is the industry. She says that the best thing to do is to really push your content out there give it away and make the money on merchandise and live Shows. Jenn says the entire music industry has changed so much it’s all about pushing your best content out to as many people as you can.
The main objective should be to pack people into going to a live show.. Each person you can make 20-30 dollars from them plus all the merchandising.
Brintey:”how much longer will it be until they don’t make CD”
Jenn: “soon”

Jenn goes on to explain that Bands have to become self sufficient and base their business around Live shows and merchandise. She talks about one of her bands where every one had a job in the band on top of producing the music. Joe joins them. Jenn says the best thing to happen to small bands is their music gets on a summer blockbuster. you make crazy fat stacks on that yo. Jenn: “The big record deals are over”

10:25pm Arcade room Boogie and Frank

Frank one thing real quick I just talk to Joe in the kitchen and smoothed things over. Boogie is saying that 3 people + Britney are telling Shane to put up Dan. Boogie thinks they have a chance because he’ll have Dan, Danielle pushing for a pawn and Jenn, Ian, frank, Boogie plus

Britney joins them..
Boogie says the clock is ticking..

Boogie: “Can I ask this is there any part of Shane that is mad at me for taking the 10 grand”
Britney: “He never has said he was to me”
Frank: “We also felt safe with you people”
Boogie: “Yes it was the best of both worlds…”
Britney hasn’t had a chance to talk to Shane yet because the entire house has been up in the HOH she plans to get in his ear once everyone falls asleep

Britney: “This place feels like a dream.. its the twilight zone.. the weirdness that happens in this house sometimes.. is out of a dream .. “ Britney mentions Danielle picking her up and hauling her around the backyard. Boogie says sometimes i’m in room and i felt like i’ve never been there before/
Brintey gets up to leave.. Frank: “Dan’s not sleeping with me anymore”
Brintey: “I know… silly”
Brintey leaves..

Frank: “She’s Definitely better to talk one on one “
Boogie: “I feel good.. “ (Boogie actually thinks Britney will try and talk Shane into putting up joe or dan)
Boogie: “The biggest problem is shane.. him and danielle are close and danielle wants Dan in the game”
Frank: “I know”
Boogie: “sometimes i Think Shane doesn’t have the sack to put up Dan.. I can’t beleive if he doesn’t put up JOe.. I think Britney knows enough to try to get Joe up”
Frank has seen that Dan was playing pool with Shane
Boogie thinks that they need to talk to Shane tonight and have him sleep on it. THey also need to hit shane hard tomorrow morning before 11.
Both Frank and Boogie are getting tired of Shane’s wishy washy answers. They both wonder that perhaps he likes the attention of people coming to him talking.

10:44pm Cam 1-2
For some reason Danielle and Britney are really getting into wrestling. (More pictures)

11:32pm cam 3-4 
Playing badminton Ian rolls his ankle Everyone crowding around him. Joe inspecting saying it doesn’t look too bad they need to get Ice. Ian saying hey wants them to get the medic. Joe: “did you hurt it hard” Ian: “Ya I heard it pop”
Joe inspects
JOe: “Not too bad Bro”
Boogie: ‘What did you do roll it out”
Ian: ‘Ya.. ohh Shit.. Ahh fuck.. ”
Joe: “it’s a low roll”

12:07am Ian and Britney
(Ian with ice on his ankle)
Britney we might need you to win HOH.. What if we are all out and it’s only you.
Britney knows he doesn’t want to put up Frank but Dan doesn’t want to be walking around covering for Ian. Ian understands tells her they’ll decide what he’ll do with the HOH when he gets it. Britney doesn’t want him to throw the comp because he’s scared to put up Frank.

Ian: “I think the HOH will be other quicky.. probably a quiz.”

12:47Am Cam 3-4 Dan, Danielle and Dan

DAn: “I didn’t want to be outside.. “
Britney: “You mean in the awkward zone”
Dan: “I don’t really want to be fake anymore”

Dan: “how many times you have been bombarded today”
Britney: “3.. same story get dan out”
Dan: ‘is there anything i Need to clear up.. “
Britney: “No nothing to worry about.. we need to get HOH”
Dan: “Whose thise”
Britney looks at the spyscreen “If it’s Joe I’m leaving I don’t want to look at him”
Shane comes up

They joke that dan wanted to trade Danielle for Jenn week one.

Dan asks Shane how many times has he been approached.
Shane says Shane and Boogie in the morning.. then Frank.. then Jenn.. Ashley… Frank again..

Dane wants to know what Jenn is saying. Shane says all of them are trying to get him to put up Dan. They all talked dirt about Dan.. saying he’s a liar and a mastermind. Ian told Shane that Boogie gave orders to Jenn, Ashley and Ian telling him then all the key points and try to get Dan or Joe up.

Shane says taht JEnn only talks to him when he has power either a HOH or POV. Britney brings up that 24 hours ago Boogie was verbally attacking her in the skid row room and now he comes up in the HOH gets all teary eyed and expect for her to look past all that.

They start to question some of the things Boogie is doing. He offered Danielle and Shane a final 3 deal with him and Frank. Shane: “Doesn’t he know we all talk”

Dan now realizes that during season 7 it was all Dr Will Boogie was just like the janitor cleaning up. Danielle mentions that Frnak is nothing like Dr. Will

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is it just me or does danielle look like shes gettin super fat 9000 idk maybe its just the clothes shes in


Does this extra weight make my butt look big?

Couldn’t help but to laugh when Ashley said that Danielle was cast as the Jordan type character (brains and butt, I reckon). Technically by putting Ashley and Danielle together you’d get Jordan, Lydia, Rachael, Natalie, and Porsche.

The voices inside Danielle's head

A cute sweet southern Belle, check. so yep, just like Jordan, except gonna be more popular, well I was until the Zingbot reared his ugly head. But me and Shane will be more popular than Jeff and Jordan. I bet we are asked to be on Amazing Race next. Yep, Shanielle is gonna be all the rage after this season. That is once Shane gets over his fears.

The voices inside Danielle's head

Harsh and hurtful. My butts not getting bigger, it’s that CBS is zooming in on my badonkadonk. Also it’s Britney’s fault. She’s not eating hardly at all and getting skinnier, so it appears that I am getting bigger. So Simon, did you see me fall during the HOH comp. Maybe the fall caused my butt to swell some.

floaters better grab a lifeboat

I think part of it is that she hangs around Brittney who is extra tiny


It’s because she eats a bag of potato chips while she waits on dinner and the cereal and entire bag of Doritos she eats after dinner.


Come on women get a monthly cycle and they gain water weight and can move up a whole dress/clothes size for a few days a month so get over it. Last night she was leading an exercise class, she is physically active, but stress adds to weight factors too so stop being so picky. What is with everyone being so nit-picky on a healthy girls weight. She isnt obese, she isnt anorexic….she is at a healthy weight range, so why even question her putting on a few pounds. its no wonder she has weight issues when insignificant people make comments about her weight,……..last i saw on BB no one was denied winning, and i never heard anyone on the BBjury say they werent going to vote for someone to win BB because they were fat so *rolls eyes* leave it alone, I didnt even hear her ask or say anything about her weight today so maybe she is feeling more secure with herself.


Psst – it’s a joke…. Made even funnier due to Danielle’s own obsession over her gluteus to the Maximus


I guess if Danielle can’t get any attention from Gay Shane she’ll get it from married female Brittney


lol maybe he is super gay :P , no but seriously I like shane he is a good guy

P.S : Lets say Danielle is gaining weight , who cares do we have to point it out ? why do we always critisize people on how they look , no one is really perfect.

Oh and btw I love Danielle ;p

Frank Vicious

I know right…. you don’t see anyone commenting and focusing on Joe’s spare tire… but a woman putting on some pounds is apparently noteworthy I guess :P



It’s because SHE is so obsessed with it. She comments all the time about her a** and asks if she looks fat. She calls people out because she thinks they may have called her fat. If I didn’t know better, I would think fat must have been one of her 1st words.


Danielle :”There will never be something like that on camera.. He’s too scared”
AShley: “He’s too scared?”
Danielle: “YA”

Of course he is – of YOU!

And, did I miss something about Boogie & Ashley kissing?


Those cameras zoomed in real quick when Danielle was bending over while wrestling with Britt lmao

Camera men having a field day!


Talking about wrestling…I’d much rather wrestle Frank and his dad (Sid Vicious) than that strange dude with the tattoos and patch of red hair that keeps popping up in the house and BB yard. He’s downright scary. Is it Jessi in costume?


Stay the course Shane. Boogie will intimidate anyone that let’s him. If I were a house guest I would tell him to go booger himself, get lost. Who cares if Jenn and Ash are with Frank and Mike, because they are losers too. Sorry to speak the hard truth, but Booger is going home.


I seriously just busted out laughing at the “Danielle is gaining weight” comment. So mean, but so true. Girl got ass for days. – I think it’s an insult to Jordan to compare Danielle to her.


Hey Simon, just out of curiosity, I was wondering who ur favorites and least favorites for this season were?


K, well thanks for telling me, I was curious and btw, great site!


Simon if you had to pick a top 3 who would you pick?


if Evel Dick (BB8) and Shelly (BB13) had a kid together it would look like Jenn.


Welp, there goes Ian….

floaters better grab a lifeboat

question about superpass, is it 14.99 for every month from purchase date or 14.99 for every calendar month?

floaters better grab a lifeboat

ah, cool. PREESH


“Voices inside Danielle’s Hippocampus” (pun intended) say: I’m not gaining weight, those are bruises from my falling down in the last HOH comp. By the way, my fave comfort food is taking apart Oreo cookies, throwing out the white stuff and slabbing on Crisco Lard in between. That with a small half gallon of milk is the bomb!


I wonder if danielle planned the matching of outfit colors with shane?? Totally would make them look like a cute couple ya’ll!


Danielle can never, ever be Jordan! EVER!!! Jordan wasn’t a desperate little, jealous (of every female) girl, maybe she wasn’t that smart but she is better than Danielle in every other aspect and that’s a FACT!!! Jordan’s season had a lot more pretty girls than this season and she has never shown that she was jealous of any of them, she was friends with everyone. Ugly, pretty, smart, dumb cause she had a good personality, something Danielle lacks! Big time.


Yes, who can resist being enchanted by Jordan’s vacant stare and bland personality.


I’m surprised Ian got hurt. With the way Danielle is man-handling Brit in those photos, I’m scared she’s going to drop her on her head and snap her neck. As far as Aspie Ian rolling his ankle, that’s a non-issue. He’s about as worthless in comps as Ashley or Jenn.


So Eagle Eye is a doctor now? That’s some Powerhousin’ skill.


Boogie is a schemer, and so Dan is too. The bottom line is that Dan is a way better person than Boogie, also, he is a way better player than Froogie.
Dan and I have completely different life philosophies, but.. despite our differences I have nothing but respect for him.


lol DR is making Brit and Dani wrestle!!!! PPl were demanding they take a bath together instead you get wrestling between the two lol!


ian sucks. he sort of ruined what could have been a pretty epic showdown after we got rid of these floaters. instead its just going to be a 1 sided faceroll. shane is so mentally weak, dan wont admit it, but he wants boogie gone because he cant control people with boogie around. same reason boogie wanted janelle gone


Sorry to disappoint but if Shane would have gone after a floater this week, the next time Boogie or Frank was HOH the would have put up Dan and Shane. And even if Ian didn’t tell them what he was told they were still considering putting up Frank and Boogie.


Guys I think Eagle Eye a.k.a. “The Powerhouse” is growing on me lmfaooo

quack-pack fan

Look away! Look away right now!

If Eagle Eye is starting to grow on you then the volume control on your TV is broken. :)

Eric CA

There is an ointment for that, or was that a suppository.


if boogie and frank go home i might have to root for team powerhouse granted hes an idiot and a liar but i cant stand floaters(ian,jenn,dan,ashley)atleast joe tries to make moves as feeble as they are shane doesnt have a mind of his own and brit well i just cant stand her i guess i could live with danielle winning

quack-pack fan

LOL @ your commentary about who to root for….that you would root for ‘team’ powerhouse (party of one – Joe) but he is a liar and an idiot….He is talking game more but he might as well have an alliance with the oven mitt.


How the he!! do you figure that Dan and Britney (leaving Ian out of it for now) are Floaters? They are the minds behind their alliance.

MU Tigers

Alright, so you think that Dan is a floater. Well by that logic, Dr Will would be a floater too. I disagree about Dan being a floater.

Aqua Bernie

Jen and Ashley usually don’t talk that much game to the HOH, but all of a sudden they can go up there and talk game for Booger. What the hell is up with that? Baffles me! Booger treats Jenn like crap and Dan has been always nice to her. Now she’s against Dan. These two dingbats need to be voted out before they float to the end.


I was really disappointed in Jenn. I kind of expect dumb moves from Ashley, but what is Jenn thinking? She just handed Shane the perfect excuse for putting her on the block next to Boogie. How does keeping Boogie and Frank together help Jenn? It doesn’t. It actually hurts her chances of staying another week or two. With Boogie gone, Frank will need to work with someone, and Jenn needs someone strong to hide behind. As long as Boogie is there, as far as Frank is concerned Jenn is just another body to use on their way to the finale. Boogie is a goner. Even if Joe flips, I think Ian is solid. Boogie will probably only get 2 votes, unless Ashley votes to keep Jenn. I bet Janelle is loving it.


“Dan now realizes that during season 7 it was all Dr Will Boogie was just like the janitor cleaning up. Danielle mentions that Frnak is nothing like Dr. Will”
OH… my………. Run Dan, run! Boogie is going to kill you! BUT I can’t deny that I quite agree with what you say.


i dont see how people find danielle attractive….without makeup she is horrid….she has tree trunks for legs, and she is a complete lunatic on the path of self destruction, she is casey anthony … doubt about it….but instead of doin it to party she just does it out of pure jealousy…i can totally see her hiding her baby in a dumpster


1st time posting, I just couldn’t ignore the ignorance of this statement

OMG …you need help, if you think Dani is fat than you are part of the problem in this world regarding woman’s weight…her legs maybe a bit bigger than the models of the world but, in no way is she considered fat and your reference to Casey Anthony just proves you are a sad individual and shouldn’t be let out on your own


sucks that ian passing along info that wasnt even really fact, just stuff that was being discussed….it sucks

how freaking often did we hear EVERY silent 6 member not named frank and boogie talk about getting rid of those two? I mean seriously. then they both say ONE thing to ian that they need to consider shane as a possibility soon, and it gets turned on them. its just stupid. if boogie had wanted blood he would have had frank take out dan or brit last week, with shane going in as a replacement pov nom if needed. they didnt. ian sucks, seriously

if I was Ian, and I got permission to play both sides from BOTH sides….I would have kept doing so. instead he opened his yap over something he didnt need to, its a shame cbs even let him say “I need to let the quack pack know everything”….WHY? thats not at ALL a good move for IAN. its a good move for DAN.

cbs is losing me with the editing this year of ian. im surprised they didnt just evict frank for kissing ashley and ruining their big bang romance.


so im guessing its goin to be a step up step down HOH….and i think brittany has the advantage, ian too, but hes hurt now lol…..and he doesnt have the balls to put up frank…so hopefuly brittany or dan wins this next HOH……the second hoh probly wont be played until sunday!….its goin go tobe a huge comp i bet….these are my predictions….boogie goes first,,,,….frank wins pov …ashley gets evicted with boogie…..


Shane deserves the half million for what he is putting up with right now.
It’s 4:20 am and she (Dani) is all over him….he is SO uncomfortable! (As am I….got the creeps).


I can’t sleep until Shane officially put up Jenn as the replacement nominee. What’s wrong with me? *Sigh


Ashley is playing the flurt gal like Par in Suvivor and is in total control of the house. Finals 3: Joe, Ashley and Jenn. Jenn WINS., hahahahhaa., now that’s total CBS control. Seriously, Frank will win EVERY HOH or POV he plays from now and becomes the greatest player to ever play the game. Frank wins the next HOH and puts up Dan and Brit., if pov is used, then puts up Shane and Brit or Dan is gone. Go team TITS yo.


I’ve been rooting for Team Powerhouse fora few weeks now, at first he annoyed me. But now I just laugh and find him very entertaining.

Over Shane’s HOH, it’s really become clear to me that this whole season is Dan’s.

And yea, Boogie has some skills, but it seems he really was just riding Dr Will’s coat tails.


Danielle isn’t bad looking. People calling her fat must either be women or men who are attracted to women with the body of ten year old boys. Shane is quite obviously gay, not sure why he doesn’t just come out and say it, the women would leave him alone at least. I can’t wait for next season, when they might possibly just get all new players and leave past stars of the show out entirely, this season is pretty much ruined by the coaches stuff. Although I am glad that Jeff/Jordan/Rachel are not in it.

Eric CA

Just looking at the screen captures… Are they practicing for the next HoH “Brittney Toss”




I can’t believe I voted for Danielle as my favorite person in the house. Even with all her issues, I think there is something very likable about her. I still will make fun of her when I feel like it. =:P


Wow that is way true…Danielle was trying to match shanes outfit lastnite same red shirt blue shorts ….That is really weird if in her head she thinks that way….