Big Brother Spoilers – Veto Competition Tomorrow Probably “How Bad Do you Want it”

POV Holder: ? Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

8:45pm Cam 3-4 Bedroom
Dan says he as a strong feeling it’s going to be “How Bad Do you Want it” If thats the case they need to throw the POV to Shane or Britney. Danielle doesn’t want to throw the POV competition but she understands it needs to be done.

Dan is concerned about Britney scheming in the HOH with Frank for the past hour. Daneille tells him not to worry she’s just working Frank in the event that Dan or Danielle go home this week.
Britney comes down..
Dan: “You need to know that every time I go up there that i’m not going after him (Frank) next week”
Dan: “I just talked to Ian and he said that if Shane or Britney win POV he will use his power” Dan adds that if Frank, Dan, or Danielle win the veto Ian will not use his barbarian power (barbarian power = ian’s veto power.. Dan is calling Ian Conan the barbarian now because of his performance in the Competition) .
Britney: “Frank won’t fight hard for the Veto.. “ Britney adds that Frank doesn’t trust Ian at all and he’s really worried Ian will use the power but not worried enough. Frank is also skeptical that tomorrow’s Power of Veto Competition is “How Bad do you want it” )
Danielle: “Shane won’t shave his head.. “
Dan :”Frank won’t”
Britney: “Ya.. Neither will Frank”
Brintey: “So I need to take all the punishments”
Dan: “Frank is going for prizes.. I’ve never played that competition what’s the trick you just hit the button”
Britney: “Ya”
Brintey: “I’ve been up there for over a hour.. Frank’s getting all emotional he was crying.. he feels a lone in this game”
Dan: “you are alone buddy”
Danielle says she’s going to head up the the head of household bedroom and talk to Frank because he’s all emotional
Dan tells Britney they need to try and get a QP meeting tonight..
9:00pm Cam 1-2 Danielle and Frank HOH
Key Points
A) Danielle wants to work with Frank if Dan goes
B) Danielle wanted to get Janelle out before Boogie pitched the idea to them. She didn’t think they had the votes
C) Dan S!hit on Franks Dream
D) Frank doesn’t hold the AShley thing against Britney and Danielle
E) They Hug it out (Image Link)

9:24pm Hot tub Cam 3-4 Ian, Dan and Britney

Ian says that the Diary Room tried to talk him out of using the veto. They asked him “How does using it benefit you” BRitney: ‘You don’t feel that way do you” (Cut to fish we only got a bit of the conversation)

9:27pm Cam 2 Ian show his mom the Veto Power he won today.

9:33pm Backyard Cam 3-4 Jenn and Dan Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Dan talks about Frank being unstoppable in the competitions. He says that Frank has to be aware that people are starting to get worried and want him out because they will never win against him. Jenn agrees.. Dan :”He’s not playing in the HOH next week.. we’ll need to win every POV or HOH from here on in.. Anyone that keeps him around is playing for second.. he’s got a great shot at winning” .
Dan: “Even if he sends me out I’m not going to vote personally I would consider him to win the game“
Dan points out that Frank is outstanding at winning competitions. HE went through all 6 of them to win the HOH.

Danielle joins them and they start to chit chat

10:16pm Cam 3-4 Danielle, Britney and Dan backyard talking about drunk dialing people. Britney mentions that sometimes she tweets out picture of herself drunk and they look horrible. I think Ian is roaming around the house.. was on the hammock.

10:17pm Cam 1-2 Powerhouse +1 Sleeping
Off the Feeds you have Frank sleeping in the HOH. (Damn the house feels empty)

10:50pm Powerhouse and Frank sleeping everyone else in the backyard Shane tells them they got Alcohol togging.. Shane: “For 8 people they gave 4 beers and a bottle of wine”
everyone is planning on banking the alcohol.

10:52pm Cam 3-4 Ian, Dan, Shane and Britney

Dan asks Ian if Shane wins the POV will Ian use the power 1000 percent?
Ian says Yes .. He’s going to tell Frank before he does it though. DAn :”You are not going to Russell Hantz it and pull it out of your pants”
Ian: “I’m not going to blindside the guy twice”
ian understands that Dan’s rolling the dice by throwing the competition so if he should do what is best for him . Dan: “I don’t have a problem throwing it as long as I know everyone is up to the plan”
Ian is going to say to Frank that he strongly feels against having a player like Joe in the house. Ian: “Frank even said it himself.. that Joe doesn’t deserve to be in this game”
Shane says he will take danielle off and Ian takes Dane off. Britney and Joe go up and Joe goes home.
Jenn comes back and Ruins the Quack Pack meeting.

(I really don’t know if Ian can be nominated if he uses the power.. I’m starting to think he can’t)

11:16pm Cam 3 Backyard Full Quack Pack

Dan: “Freaking Production is trying to talk ian out of using….” Feeds Cut Ian: “they want me and Frank to Work… Feeds Cut .. When we come back Joe is with them they start talking about competitions and which ones could be coming up.

(So according to Ian The Diary Room is trying to get Ian and Frank to work together they do not want him to use the barbarian power )

11:27pm Cam 1-2 Ian and Britney (Image Link)

Britney saying that it’s not necessarily a bad thing if Dan goes home this week. Ian: “I agree completely”
Britney: “Because look how sneaky he is… but Frank will kill both of us at comps” Britney adds that Frank was saying he might put up Joe or Jenn up as a gesture of goodwill if we promise not to vote him out.

Britney: “I think Danielle will come work with us and Frank.. and Shane will to.. Thats why we need to win the Veto”

12:11AM Chit chat it’s been going strong in the backyard.. Joe, Dan, Danielle, Jenn, Britney, Shane.. Ian on the hammock Frank sleeping.

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147 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Veto Competition Tomorrow Probably “How Bad Do you Want it”

  1. Britney looks good in that orange suit, incredible how you can package such and evil, whiny biotch and transform it into eye candy!

      1. Hopefully Joe will see the footage of Britney making fun of his kids after he gets evicted and he will freak out and kill Britney’s husband!

        1. BRIT is using her tits and that bathing suit to give Ian a thrill and why she hugs on him all the time too. She’s using him like a wet rag. He’s worst than Danielle, but with his eyes staring at the girls all the time.

  2. so production is trying to get Ian to use his power.. to what ultimately spell his doom… i think production wants him to use it so he will be the biggest target in the house ( another frank saving measure)

    1. although i can see their point …. if he cannot go up this week and doesn’t use it and have it go away on him then he may have to

      1. Assuming what Ian is saying is true i think it is pathetic that bb wants frank in this game so bad they have to resort to trying to infulence it there way we should all go to the complaint line and complain

    2. Whose to say Ian hasn’t concocted this ruse up himself.
      Playing off their own suspiciousness of production, so he can move forward from this point less one quack, (Dan).
      Just maybe, he has woke up “himself” to see, with all of them, he has absolutely no chance of getting much farther than a week or two.
      Dan was apparently, very out of character during Pandora’s Box.
      Dan did state tonight, he’s out for the title, the money wouldn’t mean that much to him.
      Ian got Boogie, and Dan has given him plenty to go after him.

      1. maybe but the problem is that dan would rat Ian out and then he would have the remaining quack pack after him and frank as well so he would be in a really bad spot his best play is if they shane or brit win the veto and take danielle off and then Ian takes down off the quack pack stays the win hoh and they get out frank before frank figures out it was all Ian and not dan

  3. My rants for the night-

    1) Does anyone else remember Danielle planning to backdoor Janelle when she was HOH?
    She seems to be trying to convince everyone it was all HER who came up with it, she can’t stand that Boogie is the one who pushed her to pull the trigger, thereby getting the credit. If I remember right she only wanted Janelle out AFTER she heard about the fat legs thing, which I am pretty sure was AFTER noms. Maybe I am remembering wrong…

    2) Is Jenn serious up in that BY? She is telling Dan that she is thinking she and Danielle can get to F2…

    3) Maybe Frank does have some kind of power, cause I can not imagine going to bed at 9:30 pm and leaving the rest of that house to scheme.

    4) Last but not least. Can we send a note over the wall instructing Danielle on the proper usage of the word “Touche” ?
    I have yet to hear her use it correctly.

    1. .i honestly doubt frank has any sort of power but i think he is not that worried about the schemers as his plan is intact. So there is nothing he can really do until he find out who wins the HoH. Then he can start working to get the replacement nominee in his head and then take them and try to arrange the vote to get out who he wants as long as it is is one of the QP

      1. of course he can go to sleep …producton is doing all his dirty work … come on .. trying to talk Ian out of using the power .. they will do anything to keep Frank around … including letting him cheat … gonna watch the end of this season and then finished with the crap… too much interferance from production. (the room of clowns behind a wall )

    2. smart move on his part to go to sleep, be more rested tomorrow….this game is a mindf*ck,at some point its smart to just refresh & reboot…enough scheming for the day!!

    3. 1) Yes, Danielle wanted sure if to put Janielle up but Dan talked her out of it. Dan saw first hand that the coaches were not going to work together-based on Boogie calling out Janielle during that coach meeting. Dan was then receptive when B/F pitched it and of course Danielle was happy to hear it was back on the table.

      2) Jenn is serious and thinks she can get to f2

      3) Frank won $3K from what I understand from PB. He is mentally and physically exhausted – just think about what he has been through.

      4) LOL

  4. Diary room is trying to convince Ian not to use the veto! Is the show even hiding now that they manipulate who wins? Think it is time some people write CBS and complain. It is complete crap that they told him this. Morons on the switch allowed that comment to go thru as well.

      1. Brit just said that Ian confirmed the DR was trying to convince him not to use the power, Dr asking “is this really the best thing for your game” What the hell!!! DR interference again

        1. That totally sucks! I could see if it was some idiot (i.e. Ashley), but Ian knows what he’s doing. BB needs to back off!!

    1. I couldnt agree more!! CBS needs to stay the heck out of the game play!! These people left their loved ones, some of them quit their jobs or put their education on hold to come play for the $500,000. And it is not right for production to fill a veto drawing bag full of houseguest choice tokens, or place shamrocks closer to the top of one players pit than the others, or to drop the coaches in the game and not have eleminations on the night that just so happens to be the night that the player you didn’t want to go home was about to, and worst of all I feel is to have to gumption to ask other houseguest to not nominate certain ones or to ask them not to play a POV because it would hurt the player you are favoring. It is just disgusting. And I think I speak for most of not all fans of the show when I say that we want to see a true game played by true players, the way they decide to play it. Even if it isn’t the way you (CBS) think it should be played. Nobody likes a cheater.

      1. I agree … And I’m not sure how much more time I’m going to give this show….but it is called big brother. In a political society, a ‘big brother’ is about oppression, manipulation and things not fair. So, of course production will get involved to scew results.

      2. you are so right mama…..even tho near the end of last season I did want rachael to pull off the win…the twist with her and Jordan wasn’t right of production to do that….my issue is only the $500,000 prize money. I do feel it is wrong that production can mess around with that…I think it is amoral….somehow they found a way around the legal issues by setting the official rules and the contracts the players signed….I think in the future these things are going to have to be cleaned up.

    2. Get over it DR ask all the players about their moves in the game. How do you think you get the responses you see on the broadcast show. Duh!!!!!!!!

      1. It’s not just DR (production) questioning Ian, he stated that they were pressuring him to not use it. There’s a fine line between asking questions to get responses that the viewers enjoy seeing and actually persuading one of the players how to play the game. SO many reality shows are fake, but we hold out hope – as a previous poster stated – that ALL the people who’ve given their time & sometimes their jobs – have a chance to be the winner rather than CBS choosing!!!

  5. Simon please help me since so many conflicting posts. Can Frank put Ian up as a REPLACMENT nom if britney or Shane wins pov and use it???

    1. Picture this scenario
      Dan and Danielle Nominated for Eviction
      Britney wins the POV
      Monday during the POV ceremony Britney uses the POV saves Danielle
      Frank puts Ian up as a replacement nominee Ian and Dan on the block
      Ian uses power to save himself
      Frank puts Shane up on the block
      Dan and Shane on the block

      the exact mechanics of Ian’s POV power are still fully unknown

      1. I know. That seems weied tho. Since Ian can’t compete in veto comp it seems logical he couldn’t be nominated tho. Sucks when they make up a power and don’t even know themselves how it works. Kinda leaves the door open for production to manipulate it to their liking. Plus them trying to talk Ian out of using it is fking ridiculous. Brit just said it on bbad and they went right to commercial. OOPSIE!!

      2. Since the exact mechanics of the veto is unknown to us and if production is not saying what the entire mechanics are of the veto (i.e. is Ian already safe since he cannot participate in the veto competition) –I think that production is reserving the right to “change” the rules as they see fit

        Mini Rant — So there are commissions all over the US for gambling at casinos, sports commissions, etc… Basically to ensure that things are fair for those involve while still ensuring that people are making money. It’s still all business but fair laws are in place. No what I don’t understand is, is there a governing body that ensure that everything in these reality shows are fair? I mean, I get that it’s about making money and ratings but so are casinos and sports games –and they have governing bodies to ensure that everything is fair. Why is it that reality shows get away with unfair practices –rigging situations. Best example (and I’m a Jeff & Jordan fan) –Last year Jordan and Rachel was able to take themselves of after the “duo element” was re-enacted. I’m a Jeff & Jordan fan and even I found that peculiar. I’m just upset that there’s not a governing body that ensure that these games are fair. I mean people put their lives on hold. These so called twists are put in place just to mess with people’s strategy because it didn’t go like they planned. “Twists” such as:

        > Reset button | in reality –if that twist didn’t happen, Boogie would’ve won the $100,000 (Janelle’s team would have self-imploded)
        > Eviction cancelled when it was Joe vs. Frank because of the reset –even if it wasn’t a reset, Frank would’ve still been able to return
        > And I’m sure there are others from other seasons, but the point is that these so called “twist” happen at the most convenient time for some people. I personally just wish that there was this governing body checking on these reality shows and ask questions like: was this twist really planned for this week? how far apart were there clovers in the ball pit? how much oil/soap was put in the lane for “SWAMPED”? etc… etc…

        I’m just really frustrated with BB because their game manipulation is sooo obvious. Okay, that’s all. Rant over…

        Just had the get that out there… ^_^

        1. I guess you should look at these reality shows as more of entertainment than actual competition for 500k. It’s basically a crap shoot of who is best suited for the win, who they want to win, what makes for the best T.V. I mean out of all the big brother winners, there are probably only a select few that won by “playing the best game”. I haven’t watched all the seasons, but I would say that Boogie and Will were actual great players. Others like Rachel and might even go so far as to say Dan, were helped with the win. Production can sell these people out whenever they want, with the questions they ask and making alliances second guess things. They probably sign something that makes all of the bull that goes on ok. And most just want on T.V. no matter what show and no matter what the prize, so to put them on T.V. the 500k is just a bonus at that point, not to mention the pay they receive just for being there and prizes they could win. All reality T.V. is fixed to some degree.

          1. I don’t think production helped Dan I thought BB did not want him to win that season. Did I miss something?

        2. Think of the show “the price is right”. Everybody in the audience is a contestant. How they are called up to the stage is up to production. As long as they don’t rig how the people actually get the money it’s fine. BB is the same. Just think of the housguests like the audience members of “the price is right”. Production can do whatever they want to the people up until the actual money is awarded. Production covers their asses by letting the hg’s vote to award the money. So you see, they are not truely contestants until they are in the final 2.

        3. Omg! A governing body? Seriously? Do you really think They would leave it all to the people they cast? You should thank them! We get an entertaining show because they plant these seeds.

          1. No not serious –that why I said mini rant… In a perfect world I hope that it’s true. And like I said, governing bodies exist today for casinos, sports games, etc… to make things fair. I know that its not going to happen but it still doesn’t change the concept that it should be there. Like I said, it’s a rant and I really only expect that to happen in a perfect world. –So chill…

        4. I am thinking it probably works the same the regular veto works they can use it to save someone on the block and they cannot be nominated it is the only way that it makes sense Frank’s only play would have been if he nominated Ian . Ian can’t play in the veto because in a sense he has already won a veto

      3. I don’t care about Dan, Danielle or even Brittney on the block but I really don’t want to see Shane nominated, I hope he wins it all!!!

        1. I wish all the conspiracy theorist would just quit watching already. If the show is so rigged why did Britney not win! She was clearly America’s favorite if you read any blogs during her season. The Brigade had to be the most boring cast ever except for Enzo and the fact that they ran a Brigade train and mind screwed her up until they finally told her she had no shot. The look on her her face was PRICELESS compared to Janelle and Boogie both hands down!Production talks to all the players the same except for Jenn and Joe since neither one has a chance in Hell of winning anything.

      4. simon can you clear something up for me what did they mean on tonights bbad …when they said the zinger about Kara and Shane? I thought shane was free to like who he wants because he is not with Danielle.. i dont get it i thought he only liked her for a friend… why would everyone defend danielle about Dans comment .. britt made a stupid comment about Dans wife and the mail man…dans married to chelsy thts not the same as Danielle sick fantasy in her head.. so do you know whats really going on between shne and Danielle?

      5. If they are smart and truly want to save quackpack then they need to throw the pov to shane, who then takes off dan. That leaves Danielle on the block and Frank would nominate either britney of Ian, which in either case Ian would use the pov. But I don’t see Frank putting up Britney because he genuinely thinks she will work with him so he can only put up Joe or Jenn. And if Britney does wind up on the block next to danielle, i think britney goes home for the scheming she’s done the last week.

        Also, how on earth does Britney think Dan leaving could be good with Frank still in the house? It would just be getting rid of a close ally who would be vital in taking out Frank.

        1. She doesn’t she is just trying to plant the seed in Ian’s head that if Ian ever wins hoh after Frank is gone he will go after Dan before her as much as everyone thinks dan is the schemer it really is Brit and she is good at it. She knows how close Ian is to dan and ian might want to side with him before brit she is just creating some doubt as a backup

      6. I’m confused, aren’t we cheering for Danielle, Dan, Britney, Shane and Ian to stay together? If so, why would Dan and Shane being on the block (the product of Simon’s ideal plan) at the end of the week be a good thing? Or are we cheering for Dan to go home? If so, wouldn’t it be better to just leave Dan on the block against Danielle and not use any powers/POV? Or are we cheering for Shane to go be sent home? I’m confused as to why the Quack Pack thinks they can all be safe this week. It seems like the only way it could work is if Ian is automatically safe (although it doesn’t seem like this is the case since there wasn’t any talk of “Well, I can’t nominate Ian….” from Frank).

        If I was Shane or Britney wouldn’t I be trying to win the POV so it WOULDN’T be used and trying to convince Ian NOT to use his power?

    1. I think it was pointed out that Francis had to pick somebody. Dan volunteered since he hadn’t been a have-not yet, and obviously realized Francis would’ve picked him anyway.

    2. Last night or the night before I heard one of them say that Frank had to pick someone to be a have not and Dan volunteered because he had never been one.

    1. Dr.Will I watched your boy interview with Jeff and I have to say he really isn’t that bad of a guy. He really came off bad in the house. He knows it just a game unlike some people on here. Don’t get me wrong I am not a fan, but I wasn’t one of your either. Has anyone else watched it?

      1. i just watched it!!! if anything it made me realize he was the real deal, nothing fake going on there, love him or hate him he is who he is!! i enjoyed it alot.
        Ashley’s interview was pretty painful!! hahah

        best so far has been Wil’s, he is hilarious!!

      2. I hated Boogie when this season started and thought he was a joke. But as the season went on, he did have a lot of strategy that made sense, and he came across to me as a genuine guy with his relationship with Frank. I do agree with him that a good portion of the house was too stupid to play this game with. He was right when he would say “I shouldn’t have to sell this stuff to Joe, it’s common sense.” Most of when he said, he shouldn’t have had to sell as much as he did, it should have been the smart thing to do for the people he wanted to do it. But I do feel like his reputation hindered his game. No matter how much sense his suggestions made, there was always doubt and skepticism. If he had Dan’s reputation going into this house, he would still be there running the show right now.

      1. I don’t think he got a power tho…he’s not a good actor if he had a secret power he would have that demonic grin on his face.

  6. OMG!!! Have you seen any movie prior to 1990???? You morons are talking “great” movies and don’t mention anything really worth seeing. And this is the group I’m rooting for! Please change the subject!!

    1. Better than watching Will play with his weave or Britney sucking on suckers directly into the microphone.

  7. How Bad Do you Want it?

    1. Would you cut off all your hair?
    2. Would you go streaking in the DR?
    3. Would you attempt wrestling Allison Grodner?
    4. Would you eat nothing but eggs for 48hours?
    5. Would you dye your skin blue and dress like a smurf for an entire week?
    6. Would you get a full body wax?
    7. Would you kill Frank’s dream… once and for all?

    1. 1. already been beaten to it when i got my hair cut a few months ago ( had will length hair)
      3. Yeah
      4. hell yeah
      5. HElll Yeah and even got my name
      6. yeah sure i guess….. i am just glad i am not a sasquach so it wouldnt hurt as much
      7. OH YEAH

  8. So much changing in the house right now.
    Hard to know who’s on whose side and who is telling the truth.
    Especially hard to know what Frank is really thinking because he doesn’t have anyone he trusts enough to share his strategy with, or so it would appear.

    I really do hope Frank has DPOV or CDT for next week. He will see where everyone really is aligned this week and then pay them back next week.

    Probably wishful thinking but don’t sh*t on my dream.

    1. i agree, its stinks not knowing what Frank is thinking, hopefully he does his morning chat outside alone to the cameras in the morning so we know where he is at…
      dissapointed to read that the DR is trying to persuade Ian to work with him tho….they gotta let the game be what it is! if its 6 to 1 so be it….

    1. From what i can gather Ian’s power is basically the same as a regular veto he can use it to save himself (if he was nominated) or someone else and he can’t be nominated if the veto is used. The only difference is he got the veto before the nominations. As for the QP sinero they want for either shane/brit to take one of them off best case is for shane to win it. Shane takes danielle off then Ian takes dan off and brit goes up against joe or jen (most likely joe) and the QP saves brit.

  9. Alright I think I got it so the qp wants for shane/britney to win pov and take Danielle off the block then Frank will put up the person who didn’t win pov then Ian uses the power to save shane/Britney/Dan so everyone is saved

  10. DAn :”You are not going to Russell Hantz it and pull it out of your pants”

    LMFAO I remember that shit, i was like dude do you got pockets??

    Even though it would be funny if Ian did that..

  11. Frank probably got a free ride to the final 2 from pandoras box. I just can’t stand how every year the DR try to convince people to do certain things. They need to stay out of it and just let things happen. It’s so clear they want frank to win this thing even though the fans at the live show were not happy that frank won POV during the live double eviction

    1. i read that a couple times today..i need to go back and re-watch because i missed hearing the crowds reaction!! i thought all that noise was because Joe was on the ground…altho mind you i was yelling at the TV so i couldnt hear LOL

    2. Agreed 100%. I’m so tired of listening to Frank talk about all the cheers from the audience when he won that POV.

      The crowd got real excited when Ian found the first clover. Then when Frank found his and was on his way to winning, I’m pretty sure there was an audible ‘groan’ coming from the crowd.

  12. Doesn’t production normally tell the houseguest not to talk production and stops the feed before it can be broadcast. To protect the show, you would think the broadcast is time delayed like other live shows. Is it even possible that Ian is setting up the Qpack for a fall to show Frank that he is back with him 100% so that he is safe next week. It would then be DBS vs IF with the two floaters?

    If not, then I am pleased that Ian is willing to play his game and not what BB wants it to be. Shows he is not a pushover and that he really does love this game. Either way he does have guts. Go Ian!!

  13. I just don’t understand what is so special about Frank that production is working overtime to save him. I know things are manipulated every year for drama, but man it seems like anytime quack pack even think about something good happen to them, production starts trying to sabotage them. Just let it go, the majority of your viewers want to see him go, and so does the rest of the house. I won’t be surprised if joe, jenn and britney are selected for the veto, so shane is on the sideline and frank has the easiest road to win the veto (since dan and danielle want to throw it to Brit/shane) and keep it the same.

  14. I am not sure if Dan throwing the PoV is a good idea?! I can’t tell who Ian and britney are stringing along frank or Dan? But why throw it? I understand some of the reasoning but at this point I would think you can’t trust people when there is fewer people to play against! I think it’s stupid for him to throw it! And I do not trust Britney or Ian at this point and with production stirring the pot I would think that Dan would say I need to win it I can’t take the chance of you all turning on me! Wake up people this game is getting stupid!! I think Dan is going home if he throws it! Bad move I think to throw the PoV!

    1. If Dan (and Danielle) do not play their hearts out for the POV, then it will be the same as Boogie playing for the $10K. Why on earth would you not try and save yourself? Do you really not want the $500K? If so, then why did you even sign up for the game?

  15. I wonder if Ian decides to not do what the production wants would they expell him???? and if so how would they announce it….. as a “family emergency”

  16. Do they realize that possibly only out of the 5 of them might play for veto. Ian already can’t play because of his power and if one of them doesn’t get picked that leaves Dan, Danielle and one other to try and win it. But they want Dan to throw it so that would mean Danielle might, and they don’t want her winning it either so really it could mean one person vs. 3 which is awful odds.

  17. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but now I hope frank joe or jenn win this game. I have no respect for Ian and Brit. They are willing to just get dan out when the only reason frank wants out is because he took the heat for the team. Frank keeps saying that Dan is only looking out for himself when really he’s the only one who is looking out for the team. It’s really sad because I have a feeling he with throw the veto to someone and they won’t use it on him. This is why no matter what alway look out for yourself in this game. The year the brigade made it was a special season. You had 4 guys who kept there mouths shut and watched out for each other until they got rid of Matt. Then the 3 guys watched after each other. There may never be another alliance like that. Even though they were boring to watch they were still the tightes group

  18. Oh shit Britney’s game is on point! Shes in the best spot n will stay there for a long time because none of these people will try to get her out

    1. Why would she play for veto if she is not on the block… if she won this veto and took off one of the noms then she would be up during the next HOH’s reign unless she or ian wins it

    1. Why would she play for veto if she is not on the block… if she won this veto and took off one of the noms then she would be up during the next HOH’s reign unless she or ian wins it

      1. I’m not saying she’s playing for veto. I’m saying she’s been talking big game in how her beloved QP needs to win in every competition, with her always say “WE”. she kept talking the same “we” shit when the brigade took her off the dick ride alliance. she’s playing the same way this season. she needs to start saying “I” need to start winning for my own game.

  19. QUESTION: was Ian safe from nomination this week? Or could frank have had still nominated him?
    I need to learn more about his power. I also need frank to talk to the cameras by himself so we can know what he’s really thinking.

    1. No Ian wasn’t save from nominations he still could have been nominated his power is basically the same as one of them winning the veto during the veto comp they can use it to save someone on the block, themselves (if they were nominated) but they can’t be nominated after the veto is used

    1. It might go back to the whole “Production loves Frank” thing. They probably know of the perfect scenario to keep all of the Quack Pack members alive after this week and of course, they wouldn’t want Frank, out of all people, to have to waste an HOH on Joe or Jenn. They probably did not intend for any of the 5 to win the special power and now they’re trying to pressure Ian to just toss it aside.

    2. On BBAD, Ian just told Britney that they, production, don’t want him to use the veto. They want Ian & Britney to work with Frank. He also said for him to say that he was working with the wrong side, the evil ones, & now he’s seen the light. They tried to hush him up, but he kept trying to tell Britney & got it all in.
      Proof of the manipulation & cheating caused by the production department. I can’t believe Julie would put her name on something with such little integrity.

    3. They want to keep the drama in the house and they want to help frank win because he is there fav not america’s but there’s

  20. It seems the whole house except for frank is in an alliance so i just dont understand why they got a special power it just doesnt make sense they already have all the power just seems kinda pointless one of the whole house alliance has to go his veto thing changes nothing

    1. Are you kidding it changed everything it allowed if used that the QP to all stay in the house if they didn’t have that power one of them were garanteed to go home now they might be able to all stay if the veto falls in shane or brits hands

  21. I love how Ian says he went to bat for them when really what he did was out frank and Ashley up but then blame it on Dan and others to force him to put frank and Ashley up. Ian hasn’t gone to bat for anyone. He’s letting Dan get voted out for something he did. Dans the only person who went to bat for them. Remember Britney saying that if we make an alliance we stick together and if the other side wins we still stick together. Now she’s doing the exact opposite of what she said. Its 7 against 1 and there willing to make a deal with frank. If they give him a free ride next week then this game is over and frank will win. These people are so stupid

  22. Boy, some of you are grasping at straws with all the conspiracy theories. In a game like BB they probably ask them all sorts of questions about different scenarios about this and that. Ian probably didn’t mention the 73 other scenario questions they asked… Geezus yo.

    1. IKR . All this conspiracy crap is getting annoying. It’s as if no one has ever watched this show just like most of the players. Production gets all the players to talk game and ask them all the same type of questions to get the responses you see on the broadcast. That is why no one is surprised when he says it . Depending on your position in the game they always ask about certain scenarios for that position. I wish people would stop being idiots! People comment on crap like the players in the game know the same things we know . We not only need smarter players in the game we need smarter people watching! Mini rant OVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Seriously Ian grow the fuck up. Him swinging on that hammock making all that noise as everyone else is sitting around on couches talking. Does this kid have any self respect he looks like a good damn idiot. Your not 12 years old anymore. It really is pathetic his dad must be ashamed . I think he definitely is autistic . But come on man your 21 years old and act like a fucking 12 year old. He gonna look back on the n ten years and cringe

    1. Being autistic myself.. people like you FUCKING DISGUST ME… IT must be nice to have that silver spoon shoved up your ass so far that it has tarnished your brain. maybe you should take your OWN FUCKING ADVICE and stop acting like a stupid ass high school BULLY.

  24. Let’s see how rigged this show really might be. Imagine the conspiracy theories if the PoV picks are Joe, Jenn, and Ian when the Quack Pack strategy is to have Shane or Britney win….

      1. His name can still be drawn though from what I’ve seen. If so then there are only 5 players. If not drawn, then there would be the traditional 6.

    1. At the end of the day bb can’t make Ian do anything he doesn’t want to do they only suggest it mostly because they want to keep the drama in the house instead of it being all one side and they seem to like frank for some reason so they are trying to influence it which is how we knew they were going to give frank a hoh

  25. I hope Ian can be a replacement nom if somebody uses the veto then he can use his veto on himself. Which would guarantee two QP members stay nominated.
    Dan is such a weasel and Britney is a lying loser. Danielle is gonna keep bring up the Bristol comment up over and over. What a annoying bitch. Frank FTW

  26. Brit and Ian in BR (11:27)
    Ian: They (DR/Prod) want us to work with Frank.. me and you

    Brit: Why, because it’s good for the story?

    Ian: It’s good for the story They like you, and they’re working to showing me as a bad like, like, the bad forces and I was taken advantage of and now I’m seeing the light.

    Brit: that’s fine.

    I just sent a complaint to CBS about the above.
    Is it reality or scripted? I didn’t pay $14.99 to watch people act out something for fatass Allison Grodner.
    I honestly do not even believe what I saw and heard tonight, I am beyond disgusted.

      1. Seriously? I am hilarious?
        It doesn’t bother you that so called reality is being outright scripted and manipulated?
        I understand it is TV, and they steer them in certain ways. I think the use of the word “story” just pissed me off.
        So it is not a reality game show, it is just a soap opera and the outcome is already decided.
        OK I get it now, I thought something different when I started watching BB.

    1. It would be reminiscent of that idiot Survivor player who gave his Immunity Idol to the women and they voted him out that night!

  27. I think its scandelous how production was trying to get Ian to play “thier” way.Its BS how they have been helping Frank and Boogie stay,how they let Frank cheat,how they keep telling players what to do and especially how they made Danielle look like a “stalker”.That was sooo below the belt. She is on effing T.v!! This may very well ruin her life when she gets out! Yeah,she’s clingy…but to say,stalker was just wrong.I wrote CBS on thier feedback form on thier website,and you should too.Tell them we are watching the Glass House now!!!! LOL.

  28. I don’t think Production’s trying to get Ian not to use his power. It’s possible, but I mainly think they want him to say why he should and why he shouldn’t use it. They’ll broadcast both of those messages on the CBS episodes to make it seem as if Ian doesn’t know what to, creating a bit of drama for the audience. Of course, if you follow the feeds you know what’s going to happen so it won’t work as much on us.

    1. You would think fans of the show would have figured out that is how they get the DR responses that they show on the network broadcast and commercials leading up to the broadcast…….Sheesh!

  29. Two questions about Ian…

    1) Why does he always swing back and forth on the Hammock? I can hear the squeaks during BBAD and on the Live feeds whenever it’s on an outside camera.

    2) Why does he also say “Thanks, I will.” when he’s playing pool.

    1. I think all of these annoying quirks is just his strategy. If he is as smart as he claims, he will try to save Dan, but I have a feeling Dan is gone this week. If he has a chance to, he needs to win that pov and not throw it.

  30. OMG. Frank is such a tool. I really want to see him gone. I hope Brit is just blowing sunshine up his ass. At least Frank didn’t get the power. Or maybe he did. He says he won money, but maybe he got the coup de Jeff or DPOV and is just saying he won money.He’s acting pretty cocky for a guy that has nobody left to work with and can’t play next week. Did the feeds show what went on, or have we just pieced it together from HG conversations?

  31. Case scenario
    Frank wins PoV
    Keep the nomination a same
    Ian saves Danielle or not use the special power
    Frank name Shane as a replacement.

  32. These ppl need to keep Dan in the house since Frank has such a hard on for him. They are not thinking! It isn’t hard house guests. And it is bs that bb is trying to sway ppl into doing something.

  33. Here is Frank Situation

    Either Frank wins POV, Veto Ticket or Coup e’tat to save him!

    That way Frank will guarantee to make it to the Final 6!

  34. @Simon, What is Frank going to do since Ian has a special Power? What are his option?
    -He has to win his PoV (Keep the nomination a same
    -He has to get the Veto Ticket!

    What are the options Simon? Explain

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