Big Brother Spoilers – Dan’s Boot List Frank, Ian, Jenn and Joe

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations: Danielle And Britney
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian did NOT use his veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 1 week
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments

9:19pm cam 1-2 Britney and Danielle

Britney is crying saying she doesn’t want to take this opportunity away from Danielle. Britney says she had her chance to play and she blew it. She thinks that at this point there is no point she’s not getting the votes to stay.
Danielle: “I just want us to have a good time.. tomorrow and the next day”
Britney : “I feel like my fate is sealed”
Britney: “I just don’t want you to ever trust Dan again”
Danielle: “OK..”
Britney points out that Danielle cannot trust Jenn. Jenn promised Danielle that she wouldn’t use the veto and she did, “I thought she liked you or something”. Danielle needs to to bring someone she can beat in the final 3, someone who is weak at comps.

Danielle whimpers says she wants to take Shane because he deserves the money. Britney: “Then take Shane and Joe and write shane a cheque for 50 thousands”
Britney says she would vote for Danielle in the final 2 but Frank, Dan and Ashley won’t. Britney thinks she can talk Ian into it.

Britney warns Danielle about Dan says he might be a nice guy in the real world but he’s not a nice guy in this game.

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9:41pm Cam 1-3 Britney and Dan
Britney tells dan that the house is so strange right now after all that has gone down the last 2 days it’s very quiet. She says it was so strange for her to see Jenn use the veto. Britney explains that after the funeral Jenn was visibly so disgusted in Dan she was marching around the house saying you are a terrible person.

Britney says she had a long talk with Danielle that she has accepted her fate she knows she got played but one of the best players in the game. Britney: ‘I’ve lost this game before.. it’s not difficult to accept that.. I’ll move on with life.. I’m not mad at Frank”
She points out to Dan that Frank is saying everyone is going after you.. What he did was a smart move he shifted the heat right onto you.
Britney says that last time she was mad at herself for not trying harder to stay but this time it’s doesn’t matter she’ll accept it and move on.
Dan: “Frank is running around thinking he’s safe next week”
Britney: “Ian was in the backyard saying to Frank.. hey Frank you got Duped.. you got duped .. you told everyone Dan was going home and look Dan isn’t going home.. “
Britney: “You can see Frank just starting to boil.. he frank yelled back I didn’t get dupe I made a smart move because everyone wants Dan out not me now…. Frank was like yelling at Ian.. “
Britney: “I told them It doesn’t matter it’s fine Frank I understand.. Ian relax”
Britney: “Frank told me last week you have an inflated ego in this game”
Dan: “Look.. if you end up going home.. I’m going to try and get Frank out right after you.. it’s my only chance to go back to some of the people I use to work with”

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10:01pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Room Danielle, Frank and Dan
Dan tells them that he told Britney that he’s going after Frank next .. Dan laughs. He explains that Britney thinks he, Jenn and Frank have a deal.
Frank: “I think we got Joe and Shane’s Vote”
Danielle: “Are you sure of JOe’s Vote.. He’s acting weird”
Frank: “Joe has a man crush on shane.. Now i’ve been telling him that”

Danielle tells them Ian is trying to start a bandwagon against Frank.
Frank doesn’t care.. nobody trusts Ian in the house anymore. Dan needs to talk to Ian.
Frank leaves..

Dan: “What has Shane told you about his Vote”
Danielle: ‘He said I have it.. but that I’m scared”
Dan: “He doesn’t have it in him to lie to your face.. he will tell Britney by wednesday that she doesn’t have her vote”
Danielle: “I’m worried about Joe”
Dan: “You don’t need him”
Dan: ‘What’s Wrong… “
Daneille: “This day has been tough”
Danielle: “I trusted you Dan.. you hurt me so much with what you said.. You cannot understand how much you hurt me”

Dan: “you’ve now become the number 8 target in this house no matter what.. they will never put you and I up.. If that means you being mad at me I would rather that any day of the week“

(10:15pm cam 1.. hard to hear this conversation because of the low volume)
Danielle asks him how far will they take Frank. Dan: “until we can guarantee we can get rid of him.. we can backdoor him with 100% certainty”
Dan: “Then Ian, Jenn and Joe are gone”

Dan says that he just going to hang out in the Arcade room all day long until Thursday.

10:32pm Cam 3-4 Joe, Frank and Shane Backyard
Frank is really playing up that they needs to send Ian home next week.
Frank: “I tell ya if a little “PR***” like that wins this game he’ll be pissed”
Shane: “Who Dan”
Frank: ‘No Ian”
Joe tells them that 20 minutes ago Ian was running around the back yard screaming.. Get on the Bus i’m winning every competition.

10:44pm Cam 1-4 Frank, Shane and Joe

Frank: “If Ian wins HOH he’ll put up me and Dan and I think i’ll have the votes”

Shane tells him he’s in a tough situation he’s 50/50. Shane says that Britney has been saying she’s played this game twice and Danielle has only played once so she’s cool about leaving.
Frank: “I have nothing against Britney i’m against Dan”
Frank: “I just want that Lil F***** going into the HOH feeling completely alone”
Frank tells them they need to put up Dan and Ian if they wins HOH

Danielle joins them.

10:56pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Room Dan and Britney

Britney tells him it’s pretty obvious thru conversation that Dan is voting her out.
Dan: “I’m always up to hear a pitch”

Britney says “no no” you wanted me out from the beginning, “Your angle could be JOe .. you want me out.”

Britney: “you’re voting for Frank it’s obvious you’ve made a deal with Frank and Jenn.. you are working with them”
Dan: “He wants me to take out Ian next week since he saved me this week.. doesn’t mean I have to do it.. O do what I want in this game”
Britney: “So you made a deal with Frank and Jenn that you would keep them safe next week”
Dan explains that Frank will keep him safe this week if he takes Ian out it has nothing to do with Jenn. Britney is shocked by what Jenn did.. frank must have offered Jenn the world. Britney points out Frank was talking about getting Dan out for awhile and it was pretty obvious that Jenn hated him for a hot minute. Dan thinks it’s because with the house all split up she keeps big targets in the game to so the heat isn’t on her. Britney doesn’t buy it she doesn’t think Jenn was high on many people’s list. She may be now but not before.

Britney tells him he’s up to something she’s going to “crack the code”.
Britney: “You are working with Frank”
Dan: “Why because I can beat him in everything.. If I don’t get him out in the next 2 weeks he wins the game”
Britney: “I knew I had a very fragile house of cards built that if one whisper got out it would start crashing down.. and it did.. I knew Frank didn’t trust me upstair. ”
Britney: “Clearly you are misting people.. but you are voting for Danielle which doesn’t make sense.. so there is something else going on.. “
Danielle: “I feel like Joe arvyn right now.. I figure this out”
Dan tells her he’s open to a deal with her he just doesn’t want to be number 2 because that outs him. Britney says he could just vote for her and if the vote comes out 3-2 for her he can say Joe was the one.

Ian joins them says he was a 5 out of 10 on the drunkenness scale today.

11:41pm Cam 1-2 Britney and Shane

Britney: “have you talked to Joe”
Shane: ‘It’s obvious he wants you to stay.. He told me it’s up to me the way I vote will be the way he votes”
Britney: “Ohh “
Shane: “My mind isn’t made up yet”
britney: ‘I hate putting you in a bad position”
Shane: ‘It’s OK I understand.. the thing is Danielle is so emotional.. you’ve been with me since day one and she;s been with me since week 2”
Britney: “She’s been holding it better than me.. you have to
Britney: ‘Obvious Dan has a deal with them”
Shane: ‘Yup I know.. they are going to put me up with Ian”
Britney: “You have to still get Frank out”
Britney: “I know this is tight spot for you.. it’s not going to be personal”
Shane: ‘I gotta do what’s best for me”
Britney: “Do you think there is a possibility of Danielle going back to Dan”
Shane: “God I hope not.. i’m starting to think she will”

Britney: ‘I feel like we don’t need to talk game.. you know where I stand weather I stay or go I hope you win this game”
Shane :’thank you.. you’ve been with me since the beginning and your guidance has really helped me”

Shane knows he has to start winning competitions, he can’t do anything until then.
Shane: “I will never forget what Dan did to us.. regardless if you stay or leave I will never forget.. “

Britney points out that Danielle is outside having a blast and Britney is inside upset.. Shane says he noticed that. “Maybe that is how she deals with hit” Britney: “maybe thats how she’s trying to get votes.”

Shane is a bit worried that Danielle might go back to Dan because of all the laughing going on outside (You can actually hear Danielle, Dan, Frank, Jenn and Powerhouse outside laughing) Shane: ‘It really comes down to who will fight for it more you or her and right now i’m going to say you”

12:20AM cam 1-2 Britney, Joe and Shane

Joe is very suspicious about Dan right now he points out that Dan is outside right now laughing with Danielle, Frank, Jenn and Dan.

Joe: ‘is there any possibility of dan and Danielle coming back together”
Shane: “I think he can wishy washy her”
Joe: “I can’t stand the dude”

Joe says Dan is still Frank’s target. Britney says it just seems odd that Dan would call Danielle out say she betrayed him and she’s dead to him than vote Britney out.

Shane: “Frank told us he would hold it against me if we go against him”
Britney: “He cannot play in the next 2 HOH’s how much can he hold it against you”
Joe: “I think he’ll want to hold it against me regardless.. this is why I want to keep BRitney.. but I want to draw a line in the sand.. “
Joe doesn’t want everyone to go be buddy buddy with Frank after he sticks his neck out.

Britney: “There is something up.. I can’t figure it out yet “
Shane: “I’ll talk to Dan tomorrow.. but how can I trust him he could be lying to my face”
Joe: “Straight Up I want Britney here”
Joe: “I will go to the death with you guys.. I’ve told you that. We ride it out.. we have to.. we have the numbers”

Britney: “The next HOH is critical..”
Joe: “We have Ian, you, me , Britney in endurance we will Kill”

Britney tells them even if she leaves this week they have to use their numbers now it’s their only chance. Joe tells them they know where he is at and he knows Shane is in a tough situation so he understands.
Shane: “Right now it’s 50/50 being straight up”

(LOL wow imagine the blindside if Danielle goes home.. )
(2nd place if she’s lucky.. Image Link )

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Just wanted to point out that danielle britney and ian would be in the spot their in if they had not voted out boogie.Im suprised that none of them have noticed this.This is why people say dont make the big moves on the big players to early.Even if dan was on the block he still would of had the rat on ian card to play and the core four would still be together

Team Shitney

Boogie mentioned that this week he would turn on the silent 6, strike the first blow so they would have been in trouble either way


That is a valid point but they still could of got rid of him during the second eviction and jenn wouldnt have had the veto to play.Plus maybe frank isnt as pumped to have won the veto and the hoh.Regardless just food for thought the drama in the house is great because of it


Where is ” ? ” in all these conversations?


I now take back my previous post about Jenn.




So sorry about the caps, I have a hard time seeing and so I use the caps, will just not comment after this, know this I certainly love commenting on your sight, guess I will let my son do it for me if I need to say something! again didn’t mean to make you upset!

The real Boogz

You can type in caps then hit shift and F3 to convert. Not sure if you have to highlight or not.


If you go to Control Panel you should be able to make everything bigger. Have your son give it a try :)

Ians virginity

Someone should invent a key for that

brit's sexy

I am going to stick my head of household in Brit’s veto.


Wow Dan is a magnificent bastard! I hope Dan gets his comeuppance next week for sure.


Don’t understand why Dan is the bad guy. He spoke the truth. He was leaving and he outed the rat. Afterall why protect him so that it benefits Ian, Britney and Shane?!! It’s common sense. He had to flip the house to progress in the game. Everyone has done the same. None more so than Britney who has stabbed Janelle in the back, Boogie in the front after leading Frank and Boogie to think that Dan was the mastermind. Dan took all the heat and kept mum. 100% if that had been Britney, she would have freaked out. Truth is, in this game, you want ppl who are great thinkers, schemers or beasts at comps. That’s why we watch BB. Just cos you look good in a little bikini and have funny DRs doesn’t make you special. Dan is just smarter than most ppl in the house.


Please let the house find out that Danielle is a part of everything before the voting! What a great show that would be. Britney, Shane, Ian and Joe will go off! It would be a war! It would be priceless! Crossing my fingers!


Danielle asks him how far will they take Frank. Dan: “until we can guarantee we can get rid of him.. we can backdoor him with 100% certainty”

I knew Dan wouldn’t stick to that final 4 with Frank. LOL.


Britney shouldn’t give up so easy, she has the votes to stay, she just has to convince Shane not to vote for Danielle to stay, I was is she acting so defeated I understand why she gave up in BB12, but now when she actually can get the votes to stay she gives up, Wake Up Brit!!!




i did not see where you put that to me about the caps sorry it bothers you so much, again i cannot see to well so will just stop commenting!

quack-pack fan

Not to be rude but you mentioned having bad eye sight so I am guessing you are not able to fully view BB. This must be the reason you hate on Britney so much because if you could actually watch the feeds you would see she is a great BB player and is hella funny!


Wow really a great bb player best floater ever maybe and thats a stretch



The Real TMZ

omg….stop YELLING!!!

The Real TMZ

and btw,i concur

Dan is THE MAN

Cathy is yelling again, reminding me of Powerhouse diary room sessions. Shhhh please?


Why yes you are!!!!


I wonder what brit’s farts smell like??


Big fan of Britney but she deserves to go home. If you’re not even going to ATTEMPT to stay in the BB house because it’s Dani’s first time then you might as well just self-evict. Give me a break. I have to admit this has been an exciting week but next week WILL be a bore if Ian does not win HOH Thursday night. He is everyone’s “target”. And the season will be progressively boring without Britney and to a lesser extent Ian. A final four of Jenn, Dan, Dani and Frank will be HORRENDOUS just saying.


One day, Dawg will win the poll. One day…


woOoOo dans taking all the frank votes


You see I believed for a second that Dan was on board with making me come true with his final 4 promise. But nope now he’s trying to take a sneaky sh!t on me.

Dan is THE MAN

Your dream needed some fertilizer and Dan delivered!


If frank was smart he would now flip back and have jenn keep brit so dan would easily be the main target next week.Ian isnt any kind of threat i wouldnt even be worried about getting that kid out hes only playin for 50k.Only people with a shot at the whole thing are dan,frank,shane.Unless all 3 leave which i highly doubt


Lol….some of the people here kill me man…why would he do that? Jenn loves Danielle and he just made an alliance with J/D/D and himself…also by putting Brit up u think for a second she wont target Frank….the whole point of this back door was to get Ian’s closest Ally out and to have Ian be the target next week while having the alliance of F/D/D/J a secret…


ahhhh but that isnt the case dan is already talking about getting rid of frank.Brit now will never trust dan so frank would have brit jenn and maybe the rest of the house minus danielle


EVERYONE wants to get rid of Frank (except maybe Jenn). That is not going to change. He has won too many comps and has battled his way through this game, while the others have mainly coasted. They all know they can’t beat him in the end. Saving Dan and aligning with him this week was still the smartest move . If Dan had left, it would have been right back to Project Get Rid of Frank. Now, the house is shaken and at least Frank has SOME of the attention diverted from him. That really is the most he can ask for at this point.


In short, Frank would never have Brit. He would always be her target, just like he is everyone’s target.

Just Me

I totally agree that it is his only chance at staying but he needs to wok on Shane, Jenn will never do it.

Jake K.

This move puts him equal with Will. His moves in this game are methodical and crafty. Despite of whether anyone thinks he is a bore or not, he is proving why he is a winner of this game and how he was able to save himself off the block but the so-proclaimed “best player to ever play this game” couldn’t. Mike Boogie I guarantee will even give him props for this. I have watched Big Brother every day for 13 summers and 1 winter and never missed an episode. This plan, down to the tee, was perfection.

Props Dan.


I totally agree, but what people fail to take into account is the advantages Dan has, especially regarding Frank. 1. Dan’s played this game before. While Frank may have watched the show religiously, I think an applicable analogy would be poker: you can watch the WSOP all day. It doesn’t mean you know how to play poker once you’re sitting at the table. 2. Dan got a free month to see how everyone else played.

So, all things considered, I think Frank is/will be every bit the player Dan is/was.


This move and replacement nominee roulette in season 10. There is no one better than Dan at causing a scene and turning the house on its head and come out the winner. Will is better or just as good but even he didn’t make those 2 moves and blew everything up in his favor. He manipulated individuals, not the entire house at once.


It sucks that there’s only two people in this house who actually know how to play this game, Frank and Dan.


Lol, I love Britney, but I would love to give her a slap in the face. Hello, Joe was campaigning for you earlier and Ian is voting for you to stay no matter what. You were Shane’s coach at one point. She could turn this around! She’s picking now to be a nicer person? Danielle wasn’t thinking twice about having to cut Britney loose.


Britney is just laying low because she knows if she makes a move now it could be reversed in the next three days. She’s waiting for it to get closer to the live eviction day and then she will offer Shane to let him toss her salad, but watch out for that nerve gas :}





Just Me

LOL, I agree. She is needed in this game to keep it exciting. A big shift will have to happen if she stays.


Next comp is brick haulin and I got dis shit cause I’m a POWERHOUSE Beeotches! Then I will cook everyone breakfast…. How do you like your eggs with or without dysentery?


Think I will just get my sleep after Brit goes home rest of these people will be boring!
Shame on dani turning on a sister for a bro!


I’m pretty sure Britney is just lying to Dani and Dan about knowing she is done.


Bros before Hoes!


something tells me Britney is not going to be evicted. it will shift Dan’s game to really work with Frank once Danielle is evicted. it will be Britney, Ian, Shane and powerhouse vs Frank, Dan and ?enn. ?enn will win the upcoming HOH.


Shane is smart, he got tired of winning HOH so that Brit could have her way keeping all the heat on him, while Brit hides behind his coattails. Shane used to be one of the biggest targets, but lately for a few weeks now, nobody has seriously talked about putting him up. Britney is stupid, she should’ve taken up the slack and won an HOH herself. But because she didn’t, now she’s on the block in danger of going home.


It makes no sense to say this move makes dan the greatest player all he did was rat out his alliance. ian did that with boogie and frank and boogie went home so does that make ian the greatest player….no…..had dan been taken off the block with out ratting the quack pack then he would be considered the greatest player


It makes no sense you keep posting the same thing on every topic either….but you do!!!!!!


ok so what is it to you? Obviously your stalking my comments if out of 4 pages of comments you see mine on here and on other updates as well get a life.


also if your going to complain learn how to write a proper sentence this doesn’t make any sense…..”posting the same thing on every topic either”…….wtf


It is Dan’s craftiness and cool head that make him great. When Dan was blamed for outing Boogie/Frank, he opted to take the heat. A lot of other players would have panicked, gotten on the defensive and ratted Ian out immediately or put the blame on someone else . Dan remained calm, using this position to essentially blackmail Ian and to be seen as the martyr to his alliance He then waited for the perfect time to expose Ian and save himself. Dan’s patience and ability to not blow up very often are not qualities often seen in Big Brother houseguests. He really is like a robot sometimes lol.


Danielle is laughing it up outside, doesn’t look like someone upset or emotionally drained. She knows she’s staying. Why? Why so happy when your main man humiliated you and made you sick last night? Earth to Britney and Ian, figure it out!!!!


Lmao oh shit the ma*****tion story is finally revealed………………there goes Joe’s vote….


What did someone tell Joe about Britney spreading that story earlier in the game?


Is there anything that is NOT about Danielle. Holy Crap, she is so annoying!

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

I’d hit it.


Danielle needs to go. She’s irritating. There will be more drama If the line is drawn and it’s 4-3 and the bonus is no more whining and maybe then Shane will get back into the game. Plus I’d love to see the look on her face when she realizes she lost Shane’s vote.


I’m really torn on this one. I’d love to see Nurse BatSh*t and her deal with Dan et al exposed for two days of pure drama.

But then there’s the whole idea that Shane is obviously the key vote…she totally knows that. So if she stays under the radar with the deal and tries to work Shane but can’t close the deal, then when she goes we’ll get tears from the moment Julie says: “by a vote of 3-2…” all the way thru the post interview commercial.

In fact, will she even be able to answer a Julie question? I can see it now: “Why me, (sob, sob) what did I ever do (sob, sob)”

Then we can only hope for a goodbye message from Shane to pop up like this: “I’m sorry but I had to go with a more level headed mature smarter choice…but mostly because the whining was just too much. Oh, and by the way, I think Julie has a copy of the court papers; they say 200 yards…so get to steppin”

She’ll probably still be crying come finale day…especially when Dani Donato shows up dressed to the 9’s


Did anyone else here the news that rachael and brendons wedding will be on reality tv on my fair wedding.Yes i know punch a whole in my man card for knowing anything thats going to happen on that show

billy bob

i wonder why no one has aked if they have a final 2 with frank,everybody has a final 2 with frank except ian,lol these people are just stupid,and this is the season of alliances geez how many alliances r there? silent 6,quack pack,surgeons,head hunters,drunk punch tuesday,whatever brits and daniels was,dark nights r last call,and who names an alliance with 3 weeks to go,lol dumb asses


if anyone votes to keep brit they are a complete fool.


Did someone mention Ian’s name?

production rigged it

why would ian,joe and shane be fools if they kept brit, they would get rid of annoying it’s all about me danielle, shane wouldn’t have her hanging all over him all the time. plus in the next hoh it would be 4 against 2 since frank can’t play and it will probably be endurance so with danielle gone ian or brit would probably win and they could get rid of dan or frank and if frank stayed then they would have another chance since he couldn’t play in the next hoh either, if they got rid of him that leaves jenn, take her out and they’re in final 4 what’s so bad about that.


Wow forget my earlier comments looks like no matter what happens everyone is still gonna want frank out guess hes gonna have to win the veto two weeks str8 fu** it TPH4L yo im on board



I think that BB production purposely installed at least four people in the BB House that have co-dependent personalities. Reasoning: look at the newbies that have clung for dear life to their EX – coaches, (EVEN AFTER THE RESET!)

Frank: Stuck to Boogie till the bitter end and still talks about him constantly.

Joe: Stuck with Janelle till the day she got booted out, (his was the only vote for her to stay).

Danielle: Still sticking with Dan, even after he insulted her in front of the whole house.

Shane: Has been protecting Britney the whole game, even now with his playmate on the block, he’s having a hard time deciding what to do.

Everybody should’ve listened to wise Willie Hantz’s advice to play the game for themselves and not for their coaches, (AND HE SAID THIS BEFORE THE RESET !!!!!!!!!!!!)


Kinda makes you wonder what the game would of been like if willie hadnt blown a gasket.Lets have a season with wiliie,chima and whats his name from season 2 justin i think it was


“You brought a headbutt to a knife fight, son!”

The Real TMZ

now THERe’s an oxymoron=”wise” Willie Hantz”….lmao that was good


Yeah, Willie was right and none of them are honest enough to admit it because they are still clinging to their coaches, or maybe it happened so long ago they have forgotten about him. I wish Willie hadn’t left, or at least, I wish the newbs had listened to him and not let the coaches run their game.

Shane should be protecting Brit this week, not because she was his coach, but because it is the best thing for his game right now. Frank is still on team Boogie, even though Boogie is gone. Janelle’s team minus powerhouse abandoned her even before the reset, so I kind of respect that, but where are Ashley and Wil today? They are gone. Danielle is just pathetic. Give her a little attention and she is yours. She would have been out in the first few weeks if Dan wasn’t her coach. Even after he used her in his resurrection plan, she still gravitates back to him. I hope Shane sees it before Thursday and keeps Brit. I can’t stand Danielle another week. Brit’s going home, and instead of sympathizing with her, Danielle says yeah, it sucks, but I have a rash. I remember she did the same thing when Kara was on the block. Kara was looking for a little support, and Danielle was telling her, yeah, you are going home, but think about me. I will be alone when you leave, what am I gonna do? Please send her to jury with Ashley this week!


I really hope that Brit figures out Danielle knows everything and is willing cut loose Brit. That would be some good drama.


Wishful thinking but I bet everyone there in the house wishes they could evict those two, Brit and Dani . So annoying both of them ,and Ian ,please just start putting him up so he uses his veto so he’s out the door . And Dan, well still gotta get votes and noone now likes him .and he hasn’t won nothing just taken everything, the total floater . Put him next week please with Ian .
But in the end they are going to vote to evict Dani and Dan knows this from this from the beginning . He threw Dani under the Bus totally .and she too self absorbed to see this …


In season 10, Dan threw every competition until the final weeks. Once he started trying to win, he won. I expect he is doing the same thing this year. He tries to make it look like he is not a threat in competitions, and when everyone has written him off, he wins because everyone underestimates him. It’s part of his game. Just watch and see. I think this week is still too early, but next week, I bet he wins HOH.


I really don’t think it’d be big blindside if Danielle leaves. In fact, it looks likely. I’m surprised Frank didn’t make a fake deal with Ian and tell him to use his POV on Danielle and take her off for Joe but in truth Frank would have put up Shane. Then Jenn uses the veto on Dan and boom…Britney goes up and you control the votes.


Exactly. The best strategy would have been getting Britney and Shane on the block. Danielle staying up was a HUGE risk. This affects Dan more than it does Frank, though. Frank now has two cards to play: Ian being the rat (he’s held on to the rat info as best I can tell and has only brought up the Boogie vote and him going on the block) and how Dan pulled the fake Danielle speech in order for her to fall on the sword for him.

At this point, it’s pick your poison with Frank or Dan. Keep the guy who’s thisclose to Janelle’s comps record or the guy who was once called Judas but still has people drinking his Kool Aid. There was a reason I refered to the QP as the Cult of Dan.


I hope Jerry is doing well, watching Dan on tv and yelling. His Judas speech was epic and to play the game at 75..I give him mad props. Prayers for his wife who was sick at the time.


It seems like Danielle is going to go, just a guess


Here’s to hoping:) Shane needs to realize the stalker has got to go.


I so hope that Danielle is sent home on Thursday. Blindside her!!!
Go, Ian, Brittany, Shane and Joe!


seriously if dan doesnt work hard to get brit out I will be disappointed in him here.

you have to get rid of brit. I REALLY want her out the darn door, I am so tired of her doing nothing then crying and getting her way because she is “good at endurance”


brit has won about as many comps as kathy did in her season. so…time for brit to “get to steppin” followed by ian, followed by joe, followed by danielle

jenn city, dan, frank final 3. please

production rigged it

what exactly has dan done except throw britney and ian under the bus other people could have done that too so it’s not like it was some genius move and as far as comps go you say britney hasn’t won anything well last time i checked neither has dan i’m just sayin!!


brit has also won as many comps as dan

rusty j

I feel like the odds of Britney staying are pretty good right now… and would probably increase getting closer to thursday… Am I missing something or does anybody else think that Dan should have pushed to get Joe up instead of Britney? That way, there would be no chance that Danielle would be voted off… Dan wouldn’t have burned his bridges with Ian Britney and Shane, Frank would likely have still been into it because he is still gaining an alliance with Dan, Danielle, and Jen, and they would outnumber Shane, Brit and Ian in the following weeks… it seems so obvious, right? Why was Britney a better target?


What’s funny is that anyone who still thinks Ian is so great (which I would hope not many), can watch him spew any information about anything that would be beneficial for him to keep to himself. Ie: “Frank told me we would talk later, that the more people think we hate each other still, the better.” Why not, start playing the game and see what he can work out with Frank? That is what makes Frank a great player, he knows when to keep information to himself, and he has always been willing to let the past be the past and start new with people in order to benefit his game going forward. If Ian was in Frank’s spot, he would have ratted out Dan to Britney and Shane, and the next week gotten back door-ed by them. Frank and Dan know what’s up in this game, and it doesn’t make Boogie less of a player because he couldn’t pull it off. He was dealing with idiots that don’t know how to play, where Dan was lucky enough to have someone who knows the game, to be able to work with. Props to Dan, but even more props to Frank. I doubt it will happen, but I’d like to see them both in the finals together. 2 great players.

Brit's Giant Coffee

Dani needs to go home. Shane wins hoh. Noms Dan and Frank. Frank w ins veto. Shane putsup ?. Dan goes homr


I have never really been a Brit fan because of the way her and regan talked about people in her season but if she doesn’t fight for herself and stay I’m gonna be mad. Come on Brit wake up. She needs to get her head out of Danielle’s ass and see she is liein to her face. The hives on her neck would have been a dead giveaway that girl was being sneaky, I can’t stand her pathetic whinny ass. Brit can come out of this week in one of the best positions in the house. She doesn’t even have to talk deals with Dan. In dans head he has to know he wins the money if up against Brit in the end. That is the only way he gets the 500 and Dan knows it.


Dan is going to take this opertunity to get Danielle out the door but he is going to try to do it with out any blood on his hands it’s the only chance he will have unless he really thinks taking her giving her 500 proves he is the best He knows he can win big brother if he is sitting next to Brit I can’t wait to see what he picks. I don’t think his ego will let him keep Danielle bb isn’t a TEAM sport.


I hope this is where Dan is going. I agree. The only person Dan can beat in the end is Brit. Otherwise he is playing for second place. I will die if Danielle wins the game!


Frank, Jen and Dan want Britany gone for a good reason, she has Shane and Ian’s ear. Maybe Joe, he just kinda swings from tree to tree! Britany is a bigger threat than Danielle. Personally, I am sick to death of both of them. Shane is such a dummy, Britany was laying it on thick tonight, “i won’t blame you, I won’t hold it against you”, reverse psychology doesn’t always work. She’s trying to guilt him into voting for him, yet Danielle is positive she’ll get his vote. This will be interesting to see what pans out. I do wonder if Dan doesn’t care one way or the other which one stays or goes. Probably wants Danielle to stay, she’s definitely not as bright as Britany. Tonight’s BBAD was just whiney, whiney, whiney. What a drag!


if brit stays, im officially putting an end to watching this show on cbs

frank unable to play for 2 hoh’s=see ya frank….but you deserve it because you opened pandora’s box for a freaking money tree with 10k. whoop de doo, enjoy your 3,333 dollars

brit stays. after doing NOTHING in this game. NOTHING. when she can still get more jury votes than danielle, they vote to keep her. why….just why? why shane? what the heck has she done for you this game? seriously, send the crying girl home, or Im done, Im so sick of her, id rather have danielle win if it means getting rid of brit right now. RIGHT now.

vote out brit please so I can watch the rest of the season, but to keep her, gives her basically a ride to the f3, and thats such utter bull.


@yeah, Frank is not going anywhere. He will only win 2 PoV stay alive, which he will win it twice and makes it 5 PoV in the row.

Jen W

Guess it’s time to start outing Britney & all the crap she has said about everybody. Joe might be interested in the story she’s spread about him


Joe stop it already with the lines in the sand. We all know who you are loyal to. The Ass of the HOH. Now get to cooking your bacteria laden food.

Dan is THE MAN

Powerlines in the sand.

the edukator

powerhouse sure does enjoy writing theoretical lines in sand. this is odd based on how he never clearly picks a side



That’s the name of the bus that Ian was telling everybody to climb aboard
when he was running around the yard yelling, “Everybody get on the bus,
from now on, I’m gonna win all competitions”.

Ian is a legend in his own mind.

VA Vet

If Britney stays, we are guaranteed two weeks of high drama. Frank will be livid—-making all kinds of threats— and won’t be able to do anything other than try to save his own skin.

If Britney gets evicted, Dan will be the main target and we all know how dull things are when the entire house is gunning for one person.

If I were Dan, I’d vote for Britney to stay and would constantly remind Frank that he (Frank) will go down in BB history as the winning-est BB LOSER!


@VA Vet, Frank ain’t biggest bb loser. The only loser is Dan. He doesn’t given crap about Danielle. He using her to win. The only way to get rid Dan is Have him force secret alliance and then Betray him. Like Four Person alliance with Frank,Shane, & Danielle.


I got a message to the next HoH. I dare you to put up Frank on the block. If you do, he will keep on winning until no one left. First, he survive over Willie (Expelled),Shane (Twice),Danielle & Ian. Nobody, I’m mean nobody has no balls to put up Frank because all of you are scare of him.