Big Brother Spoilers – Boogie and Frank Call Dan out Frank: “I’ll start 3 weeks ago when you lied to our face”

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

10:15pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Shane HOH Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Dan tells him he’s got Shane’s back no matter what happens. Dan thinks that Boogie and Frank are onto him but they have no idea it is Ian spilling the information. Frank joins them in the HOH, “So what happened to the Silent 6.. I feel like a idiot with all the blogging I did about it” Shane: “I don’t know what is going on.. who to believe” Dan mentions that he’s always been taking the heat in this game. Frank questions him why he feels like that Dan’s never been on the block he’s been safe every week. Dan: “My season I was a constant target played the game from the back”

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Britney joins them. Frank asks her if she needs a hug. Britney says no she’s alright. Shane leaves.. Silence.. They are looking at the spy screen at Joe, Danielle and Ashley working out in the living room (Pilates)
Frank: “What if his name gets drawn and the comp is literally hauling bricks tomorrow” (The POV tomorrow)
Dan: “Hauling Bricks”

Frank says he fought so hard to be on this season and now he feels like he has to fight every week to stay in the game.. Dan says Frank has had a tough run.. most people woudl have folded.

Shane comes back in..

Shane asks Frank how his date went’’ Frank: “it went alright..” Britney give him a look. Frank: “What Brit” Britney: “what.. nothing” (This is funny because 2 days ago Frank flew off the handle when britney asked him the same question in the kitchen)

Dan leaves..

Frank starts talking about Dan he says what he’s going to tell them has to stay between trust them. This is not a last ditch effort on his part and he doesn’t want them to think that. He’s saying they should consider Dan as a replacement nomination.

11:18pm Cam 1-2 Boogie and Dan

Boogie is saying that it’s complete bull shit that they are saying Shane saw a question mark on a box and that made him flip his vote to putting Frank and Boogie up.

Dan doesn’t know he only told Shane that should keep his nominations the same and not let the question mark in the arcade ball game they found influence that.
Boogie: “You mean the 4 of you never had a conversation about putting us up”
Dan: “Nope”
Boogie: “Did you talk to Shane about it”
Dan: ‘Nope”
Dan: “Bottom line is i’ll take the heat for it”
Boogie points out that there is going to be a huge conversation between everyone in the house about the silent 6 alliance unless he starts answering questions.
Boogie says that Britney told him that Dan, Frank and danielle were running the game.. Boogie: “Britney pretty much told me it was you”

Dan and Boogie decide to go up to the HOH.. Dan basically runs to the HOH room.

11:20pm HOH Dan, Boogie, Frank, Britney and Shane

Boogie wants to get this entire thing out of the open.
Boogie: “So i’m obviously mad at Dan which he doesn’t think I should be”
Dan: “Can us three talk up here” (Boogie, Shane and Dan)
Frank: “Why not me I’m up on the block to champ”
Boogie: “We all heard the stories.. Britney is saying that it’s Dan“ (That told her Frank and Boogie are after Shane and britney)
Frank: “She never said Dan’s name”
Britney: “I never told anyone where I heard it”
Dan: “What do you want me to say.. go ahead tell me what do you think”
Frank: “I’ll start 3 weeks ago when you lied to our face”
Boogie: “Look we want the truth.. if you guys are making a big move why hide it.. why the sneak around”
Britney: “Can I ask you personally did you ever say you were going to put up me and Shane”
Boogie: “Well ya of course.. I think there has also a conversation with the 2 duos coming after the other duo”
Boogie swears he never told anyone else but Dan.

Boogie knows that Dan is the one saying that Boogie wanted Shane and Britney out. Boogie never had that conversation with Ian, Joe, Jenn .
Shane chimes in that maybe they heard it and Boogie meant it for a later Date. Boogie explains to them that when they eventually all need to go 6 people cannot win the game.

Dan starts asking questions.. to Britney asking her what she thinks..
Frank to dan: “You got to start answering questions man”
Dan: “I don’t run names through the dirt and I don’t go back on my word”
Frank : “Mike and I think you are running our names through the dirt”
Dan: “That’s your prerogative”
Boogie: “Why did I go for that 10 grand if i’m not 100% invested in this group”

Dan: “On my wife Chelsie It never came out of my mouth.. I never said that Boogie was targeting Britney and Shane”

Boogie: “I never understood why people say that.. cause what does it mean when you go back on it.. oh right NOTHING.. You go home to your wife”
Frank: “You lied to my face 2 now.. I can’t believe what you say”
Boogie: “Look who do you trust other than Dan to have you turn on us.. Because I never said that to ANYONE”

Boogie looks at Frank tells him this will all be easy just answer them did he have anything to do with these nominations. Dan is silent. Frank: “Look son we know it came from you”

Boogie proposes that Britney, himself and Dan talk about it alone.

11:50pm HOH Britney, Boogie and Dan

Boogie says the only person he had the conversation about taking Britney and Shane out was Dan so if it wasn’t Dan that told them then they are lying. Boogie is not happy how this all went down.. the fact is he was going to go final 6 with the silent 6 . Boogie leaves..

11:50pm HOH Britney and Dan

Dan: “you want me to take the heat on this one.. I don’t drag people names through the mud.. it’s best for me to fall on the sword on this one”

Britney ands that Danielle told her that Boogie was hinting she should put Shane and Britney up. “He said to her you ready to make a big move that you won’t like.. .and I don’t mean Dan”
Britney: “He doesn’t think he told Ian that. do you think Ian wasn’t telling the truth.. I was taking the heat for this then when they found it wasn’t me they flipped it right on you”
Dan: ‘Thats not good.. bottom line my game won’t get screwed because of Ian.. Boogie just doesn’t remember saying it to him because remember what Ian told us Boogie said it in passing”
Britney: “If they told you that they were coming after us then why didn’t you tell us that”
Dan: “Cause theres no point.. you guys know i’m rolling with you.. they told me a lot of stuff”
Britney: “This whole thing was such poorly handled by Shane”
Dan mentions from this point on they need to walk Danielle, Shane or Ian through a HOH win because it’s clear to them now the new players cannot handle it.
Britney: ‘What do you think we should do”
Dan: “I’m taking the heat you guys have nothing to worry if Boogie stays..”

Dan: “I’m still down with the 5 and i’ll take all the heat and that Kid needs to know exactly what went down and we saved his ass.. If we are drawing the line in the sand I need to see that he’s on our side”

Dan likes Ian he just hopes when the shit hits the fan they can count on Ian and right now he feels like they can’t. Dan mentions that Frank and Dan told him lots of stuff that Dan was using to benefit the quack pack. they offered him a final 3 deal and he agreed but he was always 100% loyal to the quackpack.

Shane joins them

Every second that Danielle stay in the Arcade room with Frank and Boogie is a bad second for us. Shane says they better get Ian up here. Dan tells them both they need to worry about Frank he very good at this game. Dan asks Shane what the castaways are doing. Shane says that Jenn and Joe are really awkward. Shane says that Jenn told him that the game is starting up. Shane laughs asks them what does Jenn know about the game.. she hasn’t completed any comps she hasn’t been nominated. (OK who is Jenn)

Dan explains that either frank or boogie are going home and the survivor is going to rally the floaters against them and it’ll be them vs us and if one of them wins the HOH and we don’t win the POV I’m going up. Dan is fine playing that game they just need to call in the quack pack and get the stories straight.

12:18Am HOH IAN, Dan, Britney, Shane
Dan: “Alright this is what’s going on.. I’m taking the heat for you telling Britney”
Dan says he was in tight with Boogie and Frank but he was always loyal to the quack pack.. Dan was tight with Frank and Boogie so he can gather information. Some of that information he told them some of it he didn’t because it wasn’t pertinent to the game that week. Dan says that he always steered Boogie away from the quack pack and tried to keep the target on the castaways.
Dan: ‘When one of them leave they are going to rally the floaters and YOU” (Points at Ian)
Dan: ”I need to know that you are with us.. My name is getting dragged through the mud and we’re not rating you out”
Ian says that he’s 100% Down with teh quack pack.

12:35AM Cam Boogie and Frank
They are rehashing the entire night’s events.
Frank: “I wanted to backd00r dan I wanted to backd00r dan Bad:”

12:46AM Cam 1-3 Britney and Danielle

Britney and Danielle are both in shocked about what has happened. Everything was lined up perfect but because of Shane this entire shit storm has turned into a shit tornado (My words)

Britney starts acting very animated says first we Shane throws me under the bus.. then we find out Dan is working both sides.. now we find out Boogie wants to go after Dan.

Danielle is so mad at Shane right now for slamming the door shut on her face during the HOH discussion. Britney assures her that it’s best she stayed out of it. Danielle is a little hurt that Dan has kept so much from her. Danielle is made that she had to stay in the arcade room for 90 minutes and get verbally pounded by Frank and Boogie.

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Did frank or boogie actually said that to Britney or did Ian lie to Britney about f&b wanting to go after Shane and Britney


I personally saw Boogie catch Danielle in the backyard alone and ask her who she’s thinking about gettng out if she wins HOH and he was actually more telling her than asking, saying something like… time has come to make a big move, one you will not like. He was directly letting her know to put up Shane and/or Britney. He feels she is dumb and that he controls her. That was today or yesterday.


No you’re correct Boogie was trying to manipulate Dani on nominating them basically (HER REAL alliance members) thinking she might!


Because Boogie has Narcissistic personality disorder he really thinks that he can control everyone and get them to do what he thinks they need to do for him…it is all about him…him…him and his need for control because he is so out of control!!!!!


Well you do know there playing big brother that is what your supposed to be doing…I don’t know what show you think your watching


Yeah Boogie has deluded himself into thinking that it was his macinations that got Dr. Will to the win in BB2 and again when he won BB7. He thinks he was the mastermind and not Dr. Will.

Dannie Boy Rocks

Anybody that supports Dan needs to know that Ian has to go in order for Dan to even get close to winning this game. At one time, I wanted Dan and Ian to work together, but Ian is really messing up Dan’s game right now. Boogie thinks Dan is the rat because Dan is the only one he talked to about putting Shane and Britney up on the block. Boogie doesn’t realize that Frank had a side conversation with Ian about this as well. Frank is so focused on Dan that he is forgetting his conversation with Ian, then again maybe Frank does remember and just wants to throw Dan under the bus. Meanwhile, Ian is sitting pretty right now on all sides while Dan is taking all of the heat. What Dan needs to do is straight up tell Boogie that maybe you didn’t talk to anyone besides me, but maybe your partner did. He should hint to Boogie that maybe Frank talked with someone about the game plan, then maybe this will help Boogie figure out that Ian is the rat. I don’t know how Dan is going to survive this. He can’t let a newbie outplay him.


I can believe that Danielle thinks that Frank is lying about Dan wanting Frank out so he could team up with boogie when he sat there with her and Britney and said I hope we get frank out so boogie will team up with us. What r they stupid!!

Insecure Teenagers

We’re hoping Boogie goes and The Quake Pack Survives the double eviction.


Danielle is complaining that she wasnt allowed in the HOH to be berated with questions by Boogie and Frank…

Thats like someone complaining that they werent involved in the car accident that her friends were in!


Danielle's Pity Party Planner

Why didnt they tell Danielle the truth about why she couldnt come into the HOH room – there’s not enough room for you Fatso.


They probably didn’t want her to randomly ask them if they saw he falls during the HOH challenge! LMAO

The voices inside Danielle's head

Well that was a little harsh. I weigh less than Ashley.


What I meant us did boogie or frank tell Ian they were going after Shane and Britney or did Ian make that up. Shane is a coward but Britney and Dan are hiding behind shane. They order take some heat too.


Man Dan has everyone suckered in this game! Frank is the only person well now boogie too that know how sneaky Dan is playing! Britney has a right to be pissed at Shane but proof yet again why Shane’s social game sucks. This wouldn’t happen but how fun would it be to watch Frank and Boogie find out it was Ian who snitched and both of them go off on him!


If somehow F/B both find out.. about Ian.. he would still be safe!!
and target would still be DAN MWAAHAHAHAHHAA

and please the whole house knows how sneaky Dan is…

the dude is a selfish prick


didnt Frank tell Ian this plan too…remember boogies remark about him talking game to the “magic 8 ball?”


My mistake….it was Frank who “hinted” to Ashley if she won HOH to put up Brit and Shane(date Night)

just a random fam

Wow, I have never in my life ever witnessed 2 people (B&F) make such a big deal over being nominated…oh ya, that’s right, they are big whiny cry babies. HAHA!! It doesn’t benefit their plan to be both in the hotseat at the same time. I can’t wait til I see their DR room session when they will be jumping up and down and very happy. Go chilltown!! you are making yourselves look very immature right now and giving “chilltown” a very bad image. Chill the F$^& down and get a F’n grip!! I can just picuture Dr. Will shaking his head in disbelief at how fast boogers ruined his Chilltown legacy. lmao. Real classy boogers 2.0.


You obviously don’t watch BB!

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

Chilltown 2.0 population after Thusday night 1

Bittney is the last person that knows how to play this game. Lane is not around to tell you who they want you to vote for. When they remake the movie “clueless”Brittney you would be perfect.

Alright you d-bag AG time for you to F the show up this week, how are you going to do it??


Its just a game stop wishing people ill


I totally agree!! It’s a game. Don’t EVER wish ill will on someone. SMDH!!!

Nicole N.

OMG thanks for the updates sounds crazy in there. Britney is right about Shane he should man-up and admit that it was his decision even if he was following his alliance, the HOH has the final decision. I’m so glad she called him out. As for Frank and Boogie they need to get over themselves this witch-hunt to find out the truth of who had the idea to put them up is stupid, earth to Frank and Boogie-it was everyone’s idea not just one persons. It was making me laugh so hard when they were questioning everyone, their attitude of who would dare put up the kings is over the top and stupid! It’s not helping that everyone is catering to them. Britney was making excuses Dan didn’t say anything..they act afraid and paranoid of Frank and Boogie which just makes it worse when the reality of it is one of them will be gone if everyone just calms down. If I was Shane I would have just yes I put you up and your both a threat. This paranoia that someone has to go under the bus is stupid since only one of these players will even be here next week what can they really do to anyone.


If Frank had a brain in his head he would of known he was going up, Shane has put him up how many times, and the time that Willie did it, that was Shanes alliance. Frank and Boogie need a brain.


If shane could “Man-up”, he would’ve laid the pipe down on Dani proper….

The voices inside Danielle's head

I know right. He should be hitting this. I’m a catch. Or at least rub my butt. Did you see me wipeout and fall on my ass? Sure glad Shane didn’t throw me under the bus like he did with Britney. Just another bit of evidence of his desire for me. It feels sooo good to be so desired. Did y’all know that I can crack a walnut between my thighs? I hope I win HOH next so I can get a Sugarland CD. I want to hear Stuck On You. Have y’all seen that video? I don’t know why, but I can really relate to that video, it speaks to me. Are you listening to ME???

PS Good Morning Trey, I heart you.


I’m kind of taking a liking to Ian being the rat….it’s about damn time Dan and Brit have felt some heat


Even though every one seems to hate Frank and Boogie they actually played a good game up until now. The only reason they didn’t back door the Silent Six was because it was too early and they would have made themselves targets for the whole house. As for who is running the house it is actually Brit and Shane how can everyone ignore this. Shane is the most physicak player in the game and the cast=a ways need to team up with one strong player and make this an all floater house it would be boring but epic!


I know Frank thinks he has this amazing BD Dan plan…but can he really be that confident? He thinks Dan is telling everyone what to do, then while he’s on the block he starts yelling at Dan like that!? I think that was pretty risky and not too smart…I like Ian but I don’t want Dan to go down for what Ian did…but they can’t be mad at Ian, he needed to tell them or else they would still trust B/F…really it was Britney’s “a reliable source told me…” that got them into this mess…..


Dan taking the heat for IAN?? Give me a break!! that’s what happens when you form an alliance with boogie, silent six,

How does Ian messing up his game?!!!!

Dan is all about ” my game my game my game” dude STFU!!!

and.. didn’t Ian tried to campaignfor his @ss to be saved last week.. ??

screw you dan! go back to your wife you idiot!!!


What is he supposed to do? Play his game for everyone else? Get down to the final six with Boogie and Frank, the final 5 with the Quack Pack or even the final 4 with DBS and then volenteer to be evicted ala Lawon?

Of cousre he has to think about his game. If he doesn’t, who does?


Dan has got to be one of the best players in Big Brother History


I would take out “one of” …his game is on point


He plays this game like it was poker.


he’s a liar.. swearing on his wife
throwing competitions.. to appear weak.. which he really is
and is all about “my game my game, that’s gonna ruin my game, my game , my game”

best BB winner is Will Kirby hands down!!


Oh yeah because Dr. will never told a lie! Lol


I’m sure his lies are more intelligent, articulate, slick… than Dan…

no one can beat Dr. Will


Dan is trying to be like Dr. Will. He’s even copying his phrases.. His “sucker” comment about Frank or “they don’t know what’s gonna hit’em” … it’s kinda lame


YES Dan is the biggest f**kin liar. I remember Jerry calling Dan “Judas”
I have no religion, and have many different perspectives on politics and many other things, but I respect his game most.


Dan agrees with you. He said it to Shane last night that Dr. Will was the best player in BB history and that he patterned his game on Dr. Will.

But I will say it again, if Dan doesn’t look after “[his] game” who will? Ashley?


You’re a psycho. It’s a game. Sending death threats is some stupid shit. Get a life. Fucking lunatic.


Dan told Danielle which told Britney Ian also was toldby Boogie but Shane got it from Britney so who cares it was a true statement Stop blaming everyone Boogie and Frank busted own up to it and fight like you want to stay only way if they tell the house about the Silent 6 and hope for the best let the castaways know what they up agaunst maybe they will fight harder Boogie you looked like a cry baby we thought about it but we didnt put Dan up You got Got before you did it So maybe your not the best player in BB history Awww


@Rhonda.I agree with your comment about Boogie&Frank acting like a bunch of babies.They’re right,they should have back doored Dan,but they didn’t because they were fooled yet again by Dan.Which shows who is the better player(Dan).If Boogie&Frank are still in the game come Thursday’s double eviction.Then it will be because production saved their no game butt’s,yet again.All Dan needs to do is keep his cool and continue showing the viewers why he is considered one of the best players that ever played the game.Double eviction is on Dan’s side.If Dan isn’t playing in the veto competition today.Then he needs to explain to Shane and any of his alliance members that get to play,how they need to fight like their life depends on winning the veto.If Dan, Britney,Shane or Danielle win the veto,both of those cry babies will stay on the block.Then their plan will be to take out Frank then Boggie in the double eviction.This can work as long as production doesn’t try and save those two(Boogie&Frank) babies again.


Yes, production comes in to save certain people, quite obvious and disappointing. Is this suppose to demonstrate “Luck” in life. This makes for a good show. Kinda as though there are writers using and manipulating what’s occuring…”spinning” a show. Unfortunately, Dan needs to get on the “Block” and show how he manages this position in the life of “Big Brother.” A real player takes all positions and demonstrates courage. Frank has been in all positions, this demonstrates his agility, wit, and bravery to take it. Frank has good social game, never being sullen while being on the block…Boogie is devastated (too much ego—narcissistic tendencies

Dirty hands

This has to be some of the dumbest people to have ever been cast in BB history.


Uh huh right right true
Things Shane says when ppl are talking to him. Damn Shane is yella not the sharpest knife in the draw,
he’s more butterknife status when it comes social.
This is what u get when pull ppl of facebook that never seen the show

production rigged it

@sam you should be banned from this site for even thinking that let alone saying it, it just shows what a sad and pathetic person you really are, you’re a sick person who obviously needs help so from now on if you don’t get banned i hope everybody doesn’t waste their time in responding to your ignorant comments anymore i know i won’t.


That is a rude and stupid remark to make!!! My father died of cancer and I would not wish that on anyone!!


poor white trash Frank should have been gone the first week. Now he is mad that he and Mike are up. he has to admit they(quack pack) got to them BEFORE the same thing was done by F/B. Quack pack took the first shot. They have the numbers, its time for white trash to go. If he wins pov and I m sure it will be catered to him, then Dip shit Boogie goes. Gotta cut one of the heads off this two headed monster. HOPEFULLY their days are numbered. CAN UUUUUUUUUUUUU DIG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Frank should be pissed off most at Boogie for playing for $10,000. He could have very well won the HOH, since he’s very good at these types of competitions. What Boogie did was a disgrace.


lol when Ian said to Mike hes hear because Will turned it down Mike was pisssssed.

Shane is so bad at social he makes Kathy & LaWon look like genuis.


@sam. You seriously are a loser for wishing someone cancer. Especially over a show. Obviously you never had a friend or family member die from cancer. I just lost my father to lung cancer. After seeing what he went through I wouldn’t even wish it on my worst enemy. Get a life bro.


sorry for your loss Mike..people can be ignorant, especially when hiding behind their computer screen. im guilty of saying stupid crap sometimes too


I hope they both(Froogie) will be evicted on next Thursday, and Ian reveals the quack pack in his goodbye message, but that’s never gonna happen :(


that would be epic!!!!


The “Quack Pack” is retarded!


Name – yes. Alliance – No


I love the name Quack Pack I laugh everytime someone says it

Danielle's Pity Party Planner

This cast – with the exception of Shane and Ashley – has done the impossible – make Boogie seem likable. I used to be a fan of Britney’s but after her overblown diva hissy fit over Shane just saying she influenced his decision I want Frank to win veto and for Shane to put Brit up. I hope the mean girls drown in their bath tonight.

I love Boogie

If i were shane and boogie gets taken out, & If quack pack doesnt win hoh next week, flip on the quack pack and u got frank and shane runnin the house the next couple of weeks with joe as ur biggest threat. Smart move to throw dan and brit under the bus if this happens. but i wouldnt give shane that much credit to thinkin that far ahead.


I totally agree with you!!


Apparently you’re not SMART enough yourself to realize Brit won SAFETY therefore she CANT be put up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danielle's Diary

Why was I left out of the HOH room? Was shane talking about me? Did britney say i can’t move in with her? Oh my god, ya’ll, did u see me fall? I think i could have broken something! SHANNNEE! Come toss my salad baby! And get the fu*k away from ashley!


If we could get Britney and Danielle to wash each other in the bathtub now. Production needs to tell them it’s for the ratings. :)


Ewww, how GROSS!


Yea that would boost ratings, IF they got NAKEDS


Bottom line Shane made the first strike (twice) against Frank but wised up to make Boogie work this POV Welcome to the game Mike Boogie Oh Janielle part you wanted to make a statement there to go after Janielle funny how other houseguest felt Janielle was a stronger player than you so they wanted her out first too but if you were up that weak your boy Frank would of gone home because he is a threat not like you going for money when has anyone gone for money when their partner cant play for HOH come on Sucker


Come on now Boogs and Frank you got caught with yer pants down, they got you before you got them because you know you would have gotten them this week if you had the chance. So quit whinning, quit the F bombs, quit acting like you are owed an explanation or at the very least a head on a silver platter. Its a game where no one owes you nothing, so you got got, and thats all there is too it. Play for the POV, there is a double eviction and plenty of game left so lets see how the game plays out……go IAN and the quak pack!!!

Shane, in the future just man up, say I made a decision I guess I didnt think it through fully but it is what it is and leave it at that, but dont shove your team mates under the wheels, tsk tsk tsk


Froogie can backdoor anybody, but the others can’t. What a Joke!

Froogie should wait until POV competition is over. In that case, they might have a great chance to make their plan to put Dan on the block is working.
Dan probably wouldn’t try to compete tomorrow. But now.. the quack pack getting all fired up for the POV.


really well said ! i agree completely. they’re really overdoing the ”we were so invested in this”…. such bs. if they didn’t strike now, they were going to strike right after. and as to why boogie went for the 10 k instead… plain and simple, he’s greedy and really not all that invested about winning this game. he’s basically said it himself ! he’s had one foot out the door since the start.


I think that Boogie was telling a half truth last night. He went for the 10K because he felt safe (and is greedy). But the reason he felt safe was not about being in the Silent 6 but because he thought he controlled everyone.

Case in point:
He controls Frank.
Dan was aboard 100% (Sucker)
Britney needed to go (“before Jury” were his words). She was easily controled by the Brigade that he could do it again.
Danielle – like a game controller
Shane – good for one more HOH and without Britney they could bring him in. He felt Shane was under control.

That takes care of the S6

Ian and Jenn – he was their coach, they will do what he says.
Ashley – easily manipulated
Joe – He as no one and can be bullied into what ever they want.

Basically he was cocky.


boogs went for the money because he knows frank’s a bigger target than him. he even told frank this last week. something like if they come after us, you go home. so as long as frank’s in the house, boogie feels he can do whatever he wants until he and frank are split up at which point he needs a new strategy (and frank gets totally screwed). it’s super arrogant, but frank takes on way more risk than boogie, and boogie still walks away with 16k when this is over if he can’t form a new strategy (though i think shifting to the, everyone can beat me why not take me to the end tact would be smart, cuz he scores at least another 50k for second, making 66k total of the 100k he would have been totally happy with as a coach).

bambie buns

boogie and frank are morons…they sat there saying write the check big brother…now their crying..and one
thing shane was right about was..if they got hoh dan or shane would have gone

But wtf lost all respect for shane..its his hoh man the eff up and say I put you up because I wanted to beat
You to the punch…I highly doubt if shane is sitting in final 2..and questions come…he won’t be saying britney
Influenced his decision then…he will own it…each person that asks he says I can’t remember what I said
He straight up threw britney under the bus…and boogie needs to use the small brain god gave him…nobody
Will give boogie the money unless he’s with ashely,jenn, or joe…and even then I don’t think

He sure as hell isn’t getting with frank next to him..newbies will not give boogie the money over frank
Not to mention he is wealthy so…if I were boogie I would shut up let them take out frank for him
And cool his jetts

bambie buns

Hands down best thing for the feeds…sooo sick of everytime they talk it turns into being about
Danielle..what celebs she’s met..trey or shane…sick of her trying to make shane jealous..




The greatest Player EVER to play the game (DAN) has stepped in and sorted the mess out!! … Shane just got a lil flustered but he was right to say the entire “alliance” was involved in the decision- since they WERE! .. and Dan is Not backing down!! .. Boogie really want to CRY!.. Now, Dan has to *Smooth* things over with Danielle and Britney. Britney was WORSE than Shane, Britney Totally Overacted because Boogie n Frank fussed w/ her!- If she could/ can NOT handle the game, then they need to send her back to her hubby!


I think Britney was hilarious. “I have such FANTASTIC powers to CONTROL what everyone is doing.” etc. That was funny.

Dirty hands

How does Brit fit in the bathtub with that fat ass Danielle in there at the same time?


Thanks for your very perceptive comment!


Britney is pretty smart, sitting there and asking Boogie why he even cares and he couldn’t come up with a good anwser, honestly Boogie and Frank remind me on bullies, they keep pushing and pushing people and Dan handle it great, you know, it’s like I dont get it Boogie doesn’t like being made to look like a fool and tv but he doesn’e care about making others look stupid when he f**ks them over,

its a game ppl

These cast members are so bitchy and they all seem to believe another and If someone goes back on their word they all flip out… apparently they have not watched this show ever Dan is now the best player in this house and I can’t believe I like boogie now its sad


Why is Brit so mad at Shane? She likes hiding behind men and then gripes when she’s found out. And what is this ridiculousness that Shane isn’t a man because he tells the truth? Is this a maleogynist statement/stereotype? Brit is pathetic! And did anyone happen to notice Ian’s boob’s, now that Janelle is gone, Ian has the biggest boobs in the house!!!


I think the word is misogynist.


What would happen during the POV name draw if Player’s Choice was used on (picking a random name) Ian and then the next person drew a chip with his name on it?


They discard it, choose a new name and edit.


I wish Danielle would have won HOH. She proved she could handle making big moves like this last week with Janelle. She might be crazy, but she can handle herself in the game and that’s what matters.


Damn Sam, you’ve just shown how truly pathetic you are… wishing something like that on someone because of a game??


Boogie: “Why did I go for that 10 grand if i’m not 100% invested in this group”

Uhhhh, because you’re a greedy fuck???


This season really shows how inexperienced players rate against returning players. If the Caches would have stuck together they could have been a final four.


Anybody noticed Frank is lookin more like Frankie? cut that hair off fool, you look like a tranny

King Silva

Your comment was so hateful you should be banned!

Simon is there a way you can ban this hateful troll’s IP so he can never come back as a different name to spread his hate?

The Voices Inside Captainwedgie's Head

I upset. Too early rocking boat. Joe and tattooed girl should be on block. Come on boogie work your magic again. Chilltown 2.0!!!


Best night of the season!! Grenades yo!!! :-)


It was sad watching Boogie be so sure that it was Dan spreading the info about him targeting Britt and Shane, for a houseguest so concerned with his image on the show he is making himself look pretty dumb. He is so obsessed with being the better player than Dan, that he wants to look for reasons to get him out. Even if it means hurting his own game, if he had not treated Ian like a piece of shit all those weeks he would not be in this situation. Boogie made a huge mistake attaching himself to Frank in this game, the reason chilltown worked so good was that Will was a strong social player not a competion ace. Meaning Will was always in the back, but with Frank they are always in the light. Bringing out Boogie’s manipulation to the forefront of everyone’s mind, and making him and Frank the number one target.


Just what I am thinking…..Boogie wins POV and takes Frank off the block, since he was the one NOT to play for HOH and put Frank in this position. Hes going to say something like, look buddy, I put you here, I don’t need the money, go get em. He didn’t want to play to begin with, he won some money for his time there and he will make a classy exit. Boogie knows his time is up and it will look better if he takes myself out. Anyone else thinking this could happen? Or am I just hoping for something like this to happen?


I glad this is happening to them not that i am a big janelle fan but this was the complaint they had about her and partly why they sent her home and they went and did it to frank twice already. At least when asked by dan frank said hey i thought about putting you up this group is acting like scared little girls so it’s about time they get called out. So sick of every one lurking in the shadows behind their newbies it’s time britney and dan feel the heat of the situation. Dan has intentionally thrown comps, britney hasn’t really tried to get blood on her hands. They pressed the reset to enter the game it’s time they play it more than socially. get off their asses, get their hands dirty and also play comps.


Fuck the quack pack.they can all suck a dick. Pieces of shit.I hope karma bites them in the ass && bobbie or frank win it all. I was all about the silent y til the quack pack got greedy.they can all suck dick.dan is liying piece of shit. Britney is a whiney bitch,shane is a wanna be Dr.Will kirby,Danielle needs to gets over herself about love && ian is gonna be like chicken george MARK my words.


First off….OBB poster..SAM, needs to be evicted!! I realize we can get caught up in this game and we are all guilty of it at times, but his comments were totally below a certain standard that needs to be kept. Shame on him…there are many ways of expressing oneself about a certain event/topic, but to want to see another human being stricken with a deadly disease and succumb to that illness is not only shocking, but totally unexceptable. SAM crossed the line and anyone who can not express themselves/opinions in a more morally exceptable manner doesn’t need the opportunity to do so.

The voices inside Danielle's head

I know right? I wouldn’t have nothing to do with Sam. And y’all know I am a bit guy crazy, so that’s sayin sumthin, huh?

BTW, did you see me fall down during the HOH comp?


Don’t want to get on the Hate-Danielle bandwagon here but golly! She’s poison on the feeds sometimes it’s infuriating! Has anyone noticed when she’s alone with Shane, she either opens her legs wide, pushes her butt towards him, or tries to rub her feet against his? I know she was hoping to get on a dating show and all but one can only take so much. She practically pushes Shane to the edge of the bed in an effort to cuddle.

Last night was epic though! Great grenades!!