Dan Mists himself “Pure Insanity to throw the Final HOH. so insane it just might work”

First HOH Dan Second HOH Ian
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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10:18pm Cam 1-2, 3 Kitchen Dan and Ian
Ian tells dan if Danielle comes to him saying he has a final 2 deal with her that it’s BS. Je knows he has less of a chance to take Danielle than to take Dan. Dan says same goes with him If Danielle comes up saying she has a final 2 with Dan it’s not true. Dan warns Danielle

Dan: “No morph this year”
Ian: “Good.. it’s so played out”

Ian mentions that so many competitions are “Played out” they need new ideas.

Ian thinks Boogie will be pissed if he wins the Final HOH. Dan doesn’t think so says that boogie will be proud.
Ian: “I like the guy a sh!t ton.. he’s funny as hell. “

Ian says he’s not going to be putting up with Danielle screaming with him. Dan thinks it’ll be all good in a day.

Dan wonders if the Diary room is trying to calm Danielle done. Ian thinks so, Ian again says he’s not going to put up with Danielle’s crap.
Dan plans to go to bed at Midnight, Ian is going to stay up and wait until the hammock is free.

Dan: “Dude we F**** did it”
Ian: “Renegades did it.. Beat chilltown”
Dan: “Get to steppin Chilltown”
dan is hoping that Ian “rages” with him and memphis on wednesday night. Ian says yes he wants Quack pack and renegade T-shirts made up

Ian starts talking about the competition.
10:30pm Danielle comes out of the Diary room.. walks into the kitchen
doesn’t look at the guys. ian continues to talk about the competition.
Ian called into the Diary Room

10:33pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Dan Dan asks her what is wrong.. She says she feels alone and she knows Ian will not take her to the end. Danielle starts crying, Dan gives her a hug. Tells her not to worry.

Dan goes back to the kitchen.. Says to himself “Wasn’t this hard the first time around”.. He sites and looks at the memory wall… “What the heck do I do.. If I want to win this I have to make it to the end with Ian”
Dan: “What do I do.. My best move is to throw part 3 to Ian.. If I win My conscience will not allow me to cut Danielle..”
Dan: “Insanity to throw the Final part of HOH. so insane it just might work.. ”

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10:50pm Cam 1-2 Dan living Room Playing with the slinky while Danielle is in the bathroom crying her brains out.

10:51pm Cam 3-4 A rough day for Danielle.. (She’s been crying non stop for a while)

11:00pm Dan in the living room and Ian in the kitchen. Danielle walks by, Ian asks her if she is OK. Danielle: “Ya.. I don’t want to talk to you right now”

11:06pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Ian
Dan wants to make sure Danielle will not guilt trip Ian into taking her.
Ian says no way, he thinks what Danielle is doing is childish. Dan says that Danielle did a dumb move when she gave Dan the power to take out Shane. Dan wants this to be over he wishes that the finale was tomorrow.

Dan says he doesn’t think Ian will Skullduggery him after they’ve been working together for so long.
They look at the memory wall Dan tells Ian his 2 “Lock Cities” are Britney and Jenn.

Ian says there is no way he will win against Danielle, Ian counts the votes for Danielle. Jenn, Frank, Shane and Ashley. Ian is very excited about the prospect of getting the 50 grand. ..

11:24pm Danielle crying (Image Link)

11:39pm Cam 1-2 bathroom Dan and Ian they are both Giggling about making it. Dan says Frank will be PISSED when it’s him and Ian in the final 2.

12:03AM Cam 3-4 Dan goes up to Danielle asks her if she is OK and if it’s OK for him to turn off the light. She says yes
Cam 3-4 show Dan and Danielle sleeping
CAm 1-2 show Ian walking around in circles in the kitchen pounding Diet Coke

12:49pm Ian is the only one up.. He’s roaming around.. wiggling waiting for the hammock
1:11AM Nothing has changed


1:15am – 1:20am Ian is pacing back and forth from the kitchen to the bathroom. He ends up going into the arcade room and sitting down in a chair. A minute later Dan comes in and joins him. Dan asks Ian how he is doing? Ian says I don’t think they are going to give us the backyard. I am not tired, I am just too amped up! Dan laughs. Ian says shhh! Is she okay? Dan says yeah I mean she just hit the lights. She didn’t say anything; she just hit the lights off. Ian says f**k dude it’s going to be so awkward around here the next few days. Dan says he thinks it will be okay. Ian says it will be okay, okay. Ian says I can’t believe I got to 50 thousand bucks! Dan laughs and leaves the room to go to the bathroom. Ian goes into the bathroom and asks Dan if Danielle is asleep? Dan says yeah she hasn’t said anything. Ian asks if his bear and snake are okay? Then he asks if Dan’s monkey is okay? She didn’t do anything to them? Dan says no they are fine. Ian says she better not touch them. Dan and Ian go into the arcade room. Dan and Ian say “wrap f**king city!” Ian says it’s over kids! Wrap f***ing city! Dan says good job and and hugs Ian. Dan says that he is going back to bed. Ian says that f**king s**t was tiring and the worst part was getting s**t in my mouth. He says by the end of it his mouth was so dry and he was coughing up s**t. Dan says they heard (production) you throwing up. Ian says by the time I was going for the last one and went for the button I was coughing my head off. Ian says you know what else happened, for the clean one I had it on Willie, and had to clean it entirely.. I had to clean that W. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back Ian continues to pace. Dan heads back to bed. Ian continues to pace. Danielle gets up and goes to the washroom. When she comes back through the kitchen she asks Ian what time it is. Ian says 1:30am. Danielle says geezz. Ian says I don’t think they are going to open the backyard; I will give it till 2am. Danielle goes back to bed and puts her head in her hands and then rolls over to go to sleep.


1:35am Dan and Danielle are both sleeping in the kicks room. Meanwhile in the kitchen, the backyard opens up and Ian says sweet! Lock down’s over! Ian heads outside to swing in the hammock. Ian keeps saying over and over again 12 point buck, 12 point buck. He continues to mumble to himself. Last time I misfired, this time 12 point buck.


3:05am Ian is still swinging in the hammock mumbling to himself… He is going over what he will say to the jury. “Every man and woman for himself..” “Danielle was going to send me home..” “hook line and sinker..” “I gave you a trip to Maui, I could have given to my mother and father.” “With two people that would never take me to the end.” “it just made mathematical sense to split two and two once they got to final 4” “It just makes mathematical sense” “I took you down, I was being loyal to my alliance, the quack pack.” “I went to great lengths to hide it.” “based on statistics” “I made a big move to get to the end” “I never threw any of you under the bus” ..etc…

3:10am Ian heads inside. He goes to the washroom, then heads into the living room. He strips down to his underwear in the living room and then goes to bed in the kicks room.


3:20am All the house guests are in bed sleeping..

8:25am All the house guests are still sleeping..
9:30am Still sleeping..
10:10am No wake up call yet, the final 3 are sleeping their way to half a mil…

10:30am ZZZZZzzz…

11am Still sleeping..


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295 thoughts on “Dan Mists himself “Pure Insanity to throw the Final HOH. so insane it just might work”

    1. Dan may be in for a big surprise if he goes to the jury with Ian. I think it could be a sweep. I don’t think Danielle would vote for him. Her emotions overtook her tonight and she directed them at Ian, but I have a hard time believing she would let Dan win after everything he did to her. Shane isn’t going to vote for Dan. Frank probably hates Dan more than he does Ian. In fact, he kinda likes Ian even if they fought a little. It was Dan who swore on the bible. Ash will vote with Frank. Joe really hates Dan. If it were Dan and Danielle, Britney would probably give him the money, but when Danielle comes in with tears on her face and both Shane (who is close with Britney) and Dani tell her what Dan did, I don’t think she’ll be happy about it either. Jenn will go with the house and I think she’s closer with Ian anyway. I think that Dan’s only chance is to take Dani. If he wins round 3, of course.

      How do you guys see the votes go?

      1. I think that Ian has the best chance of winning, if he is in the final 2. Ian would beat Dan, hands down. If Ian were to take Danielle, I don’t think that Dan would have any influence over the Jury…they’ve made the mistake of trusting hime\ too many times. And you can bet that they’ve shared a LOT of stories. I’m pretty sure that anyone would win over Dan. He played a real straight honest game last time, so I think the jury would actually hold him to a higher standard since they made decisions regarding him based on how he was last time. Ian has played a real good game (as opposed to a fake good game)’ One thing for sure, I do think the right ones made it to the final 3. And I DO think Mike Boogie will be very proud of IAN !

      2. Well most of this is just your opinion. And I do agree with some of it. The jury is dumb and bitter except for Britney. Dan won’t get Danielle’s vote if he cuts her out and he can’t go to the end with Danielle. He will 100% lose. With Ian…meah…he’ll prob still lose but he’ll have a chance. If Ian wins the final HOH and cuts Dani then Dani will vote for Dan. Jenn will vote for Dan. Britney…dunno…she loves Ian but she did say on Jeff’s show that she’d vote for the person who took her out. Frank will vote for Ian. So will Ashley. And Joe…I dunno…toss up really. He hates Ian. But he hates Dan too. Shane will vote for Ian but who knows…he’s an idiot so maybe he’ll be swayed by how Dani votes.

        This new format doesn’t help Dan tho. If the jury can ask questions and simmer over them till the live finale, Dan would win hands down. But since it’s live, ppl will vote on emotion. Ian will prob win. But just about.

    2. Did I just see Ian taking aim at a 12 point buck???? What the hell???? Do you think he’ll pull the trigger and take out Bambi’s Dad????? Wow, WOULD THAT EARN HIM A SURE FIRE $500,000 OR WHAT????? Take him out Ian, take him out!!!!!! I would so LMBO to see that just because – how cool would it be to see the King dethroned in his own house????? LMBO!!!!!

  1. I don’t think that girl is going to make it until Wednesday. Didn’t I read somewhere maybe yesterday that they have a psychiatrist in there for them if they need one?? <3

    1. She’ll regroup in the next day or so and put on the charm offensive or throw Dan under the bus. It won’t do her any good since Ian has known what he needed to do to get to the final two for a long time and isn’t going to be moved by any of her tactics.

  2. No man on the planet, in his right mind at least, is going to date Danielle after this display. Wait until she gets out–then she’ll really have something to cry about.

    1. actually shes been getting a pretty good edit on the show… people forget that only like 5 percent of the fans read the updates and/or watch the feeds.

  3. I feel like if dan went to the end with ian them the jury would vote for ian, am I wrong? If dan went with danielle then they would be forced to vote for dan…unless they’re still super bitter… am I right?

    1. I think you’re right on! Ian would probably win over Dan. He has been in the game, has 4 comp wins to his credit, won 3 of them when he needed to the most, has made moves, and has been a pretty loyal guy. He also has a good image/story – the youngest contestant on the show that has been watching for a decade and BB was once just a dream to him. The title would mean more to him than the money, I think.

      Dan has been cutting people off left and right, with the hope that people will vote for him in the end out of respect for the game, but it doesn’t always work out that way. It’s not like Ian hasn’t played much of a game. With Danielle, she has been kind of pathetic and even though she has won comps, she hasn’t had much of a presence in the house other than putting up Janelle that one week. I mean, she essentially evicted Shane with that dumb move and has now spent the night pitying herself, even though Dan will still take her if he wins. BB, this is what you get for casting someone who showed up for a dating show.

    2. Dan gets second place regardless who he is paired with in the final two. Even though Dan has made big dramatic moves he made enemies who aren’t likely to forgive him and award him $500K. Add to that, there will be one or two who think he had his Win already and aren’t inclined to give it to him this time around. Paired with Danielle the vote will be an anti-Dan vote more than rewarding the better player. Paired with Ian the vote will go to the player who impressed them the most plus throw in some anti Dan sentiment. Dan’s best chance is to go with Ian and convince the jury that Ian’s moves were mostly his ideas. In the end though, Ian will win because regardless who had the idea, Ian made the moves and made those moves without alienating half the house.

  4. Lmfaooo I love the title of this one Simon! Oh man guys I can’t tell you how happy I am right now I just hope Dan really throws HOH. I’m not a crude person but I feel no sympathy right now for Dani as she weeps. This is the girl who just thought she was going to cruise to the finals as she rode on Dan’s coattails, she had a hand in Brit’s eviction (her good friend) and her “boyfriend” Shane, there is no way Dani did not know that Dan would would evict Shane! Oh how the mighty have fallen huh Dani? You’re better than Ian at puzzles eh? Not today. One more win for “the kid” and he’s going to win the whole thing. So proud of him do your thing Ian and FINISH STRONG.

    1. Ride on Dans coat tails? Ridiculous statement, Dan was never Hoh for more than 5 minutes. Yes Dan made moves, but Danielle didn’t ride on his coat tails, if anything she did all the work!!!!

      1. She was played and used as Dan’s puppet, she also might have lost the game for him when she told Dan to keep Shane the last time. Hopefully it is bye bye Danielle, Dan used her emotions to get this far and if it wasn’t for her Jen would be sitting in the final 3 and playing for 50 grand and Dan for the 500 and she would definitely be on her way to jury.

    2. What leverage does she possibly this she has to tell Ian he won’t get hers or Shane’s vote if Ian evicts her?? He wouldn’t get their votes either way. If she is sitting beside him she obviously wouldn’t vote and Shane would vote for her. DUH!!

        1. I don’t think knowing the names of producers and the crew are going to help me comprehend the show anymore. I don’t give into conspiracy crap and just enjoy the show.

          1. People always cry rigged when the show doesn’t play out their way and blame Allison Grodner. The accusations get more ridiculous and pathetic each season. It’s funny how these people even start to sound like Frank with their childish rantings as I read their posts in my head.

            Tell me again how, somehow, someway, production rigged the last six competitions or so in Ian’s favor…yeah that happened….

            1. I don’t know if there is any production manipulation going on right now but, there was a LOT of interference this year, even more than last year. Last year, it was in favor of my favorites and I didn’t really like the manipulation, but at least the player had to decide to open Pandora’s box, or not. But, this year has been beyond the pale. AG did everything she could, from the reset to trying to convince Ian not to use the 2nd veto, to try to get Frank to win the game. It was actually way over the top and completely obvious. Since I have only been reading the blogs since last year, I don’t know if it has always been this way but I have been watching since Day 1 and last year was when it became obvious that they set it up to save certain players. Last year, they interfered 1-3 times, maybe. This year, it has been countless times, including bullying players in the diary room to do what Production WANTS them to do, not what is best for their own game. Their thought processes and choices should not be used to manipulate players to production’s advantage. It’s one thing to offer something like Pandora’s Box, where the player gets to choose to open it, but it is another to completely eliminate an eviction and reset the game to save Frank early on. It is apparent that the coaches were never supposed to enter the game because it put too many people in the house. There were no luxury competitions, no food competitions, etc., which made this season exceptionally boring. Those were the fun ones! But, they had to eliminate all of that because the just HAD to save Frank and this was the only way to do it. They said something the day before the reset that let everyone know that the eviction probably wouldn’t take place, so it was a last ditch effort and was the only thing they could think of without completely discrediting themselves and the game. Besides that, the coaches competitions were so boring & stupid, they had to be eliminated.

  5. Dan really has earned his spot as #1 if you take out emotions. But, I am feeling so bad for danielle :( and I just <3 Ian ….so I think I'll be happy with whatever happens

    1. Watching bb after dark and Ian is SOOOOOO weird. He is talking to himself, rocking back and forth like a crazy person and has conversations with NOBODY!! Anyone else creeped out by him???

      1. No, I’m not “creeped out” by him at all. Actually, seeing some examples of his neurosis have made him more lovable to me. He should be seen as such an inspiration. There are people everyday who hide away or go through depressions based on little “ticks” they may have. So to see Ian not only embrace (in his personal life) these obstacles that can sometimes “creep” people out, but to go on national t.v. and participate in reality game show that not only tests your physical abilities but “judges” (in essence) you socially… I think he is absolutely amazing, and hopefully anyone who suffers from any type of neurosis (and even those who -such as myself- don’t) can look to Ian’s experience on Big Brother and draw strength… I loooooove Ian… Hope he wins!!!

        1. I’ll totally second that…the kid is amazing to be able to handle it all. Sure he comes across as cocky at times and even seemed to miss a few big move opportunities along they way in the game. But all in all you’ve got admire where he was able to get to under those circumstances (game & his personal) and now to think he could be standing side by side with one of his heroes (Father Dan) at the end…well kudos to you kid, kudos to you.

          Let’s face it, “Father Dan” has played one helluva game and from that standpoint alone is probably the most deserving of the title…if, as it should be, everyone in the jury saw it for what it was and voted the way I feel the game should be voted on; based on game play. But most of them will add too much of the personal into it, so just like American Idol is never a talent competition but rather a popularity contest, and from that angle “Father Dan” shouldn’t get but a couple votes.

          All in all I’d be fine with that…Ian will be so thrilled with the title and the fact that he garnered it against ‘Father Dan’ whom many here want to try and crown: “The Greatest BB Player Of All Time” (which I still reserve for Dr. Will). Give the kid the $500K Make his life, let him help his family…and Bismuth for all !!!

          1. In principle, judging the game includes social game (as Britney astutely pointed out to Frank on Thursday). If Dan has pissed a lot of people off, it means his social game lacked. Big moves are alienating enough; big moves where you gut people’s feelings is even worse. I think Dan has shot himself in the foot by trying to make so many big moves by stabbing and manipulation.

        1. Ian mentioned ADD but stemming and walking on your toes are signs of Autisim not ADD. Given that, it is amazing Ian is able to withstand such stress in the BB house. His quirkes are his coping mechanisms. I believe Dan played the best game and deserves to win….If not, I am hoping it is Ian!

      2. Yeah, because he is the only person to ever talk to himself.

        What I find creepy is people who obsess over such nonsense as a person’s quirks (and seemingly ignore the quirks of their favorite players….and they all have quirks of one sort or another).

        Turn the channel if it creeps you out so much.

        1. First of all had NO idea he had a ADD or ADHD or OCD or is autistic but if that’s the case then he should not have been on the show. My cousin is autistic and has an insane memory and amazing ability to remember facts and figures. Completely UNFAIR advantage. Regardless he is weird. The way he walks on his tip toes and literally has full on conversations with himself. Dan deserves to win and has made major moves in the game and did it on his own, NOT riding anyone’s coat tails!

      3. Simon / Dawg,

        If Danielle is evicted will she be reunited with the rest of the jury before the Live show on Wednesday night? My memory may be wrong, but I seem to think that the last evicted HG doesn’t see the rest of the jury until they meet again on the live broadcast. Several commentors seem to imply she’ll have time to influence the other jury members.

          1. Simon, I was just reading through and catching up on everything, saw your link to the Survivor Blog, and now I completely forgot where you posted it, can’t find it to save my life. Can you either repost the link or let me know which entry’s comments you posted it under? I’d like to save it in my favorites.

              1. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going there now!!! If there’s a comment section, I hope you don’t mind me bugging you as much as I do here:)

          2. And that is not lost on Ian, no matter HOW MUCH she yells at Ian about her tainting the jury (which I think is an acting job anyways).

          3. That is exactly what I was thinking last night when Danielle was pulling her bitter/bullying antics on Ian. Her behavior was so over the top that I was trying to will Ian,thru the TV, to not get too effected by what she was saying to him about making sure she taints the jury against him because like you said, she will spend very little time with the jurors , 2nd for Danielle to come up with any reasonable argument of why to not to give “evil” Ian a vote to win she would then have to say that Ian broke their final 2 agreement thus making every juror dazed ,confused and wondering if every time each of the jurors were voted out, what role she played (especially Shane) in their eviction,and 3rd, with the small amount of time she will have to spend with the jurors before voting, there is no way she will be able to control herself enough to focus on swaying anyone away from voting for Ian because as we all know by now her conversation will be completely about her, ,,,what they think about her ,,,mixed in with a few lies to ensure everyone is paying attention to,,,,,,her. Hopefully Ian will realize the lack of time Danielle will spend in the jury house before voting and just focus on part 3 of the comp, securing his position in the final 2 and working on a great speech and question answers to be able to beat Dan.

      4. He’s a high-functioning autistic. The repetitive behaviors are called ‘stimming” and they are what autistics do to calm themselves down. Totally non-destructive and harmless. A symptom, but not of anything dangerous.

      5. I know right.. I hate Ian, why does he swing back and forth on the god damn hammock / kitchen chair?! Why doesn’t “The Voice from Above” tell him, “Ian STOP IT!”

      6. You know what I find creepy? Dan’s DR sessions: he always turns his head to one side, half-closes one eye, and raises his voice just a little too much.

        And don’t even get me started on those weird little Ralph Machio Karate Kid headbands he wears. What’s up with that?

        I don’t know why, he seems normal enough interacting with others in the house, but as soon as he gets in front of that DR camera, he transforms into creepy-Dan. It just kinda bugs me and gives me the heebie-jeebies in a “Hey, little kid, wanna piece of candy?” kind of way.

      7. No I am not creeped out by a young man who obviously has some sort of disorder…be it either ADHD or Autism. He can’t control his body’s nervous energy, particularly when excited or upset. I think his boldness in game play and winning comps when he needs to makes him the excellent big brother player that he has proven to be. There have been times this season when I wished I was sitting next to him just to touch him and quiet him but no one there bothered. I hope he uses the intelligence he has been given and knowledge of the show to really get that “12 point buck” assuming that he means Dan.

  6. Danielle crying? Uh maybe she shouldn’t have thrown the first part of the HOH, nor should she have used the veto on Dan. If she didn’t do either one of those things she would be in a much better position right now. What does she expect Ian to just lay down and die and throw the comp to her? She can’t be mad at him for winning it, the only person she should be mad at is herself for playing so stupidly! Cannot wait to see her evicted on Wednesday night will be the best ever!! She did it to herself.

    1. I think Ian said the same thing to Dan, concerning Dani, thinking he should just throw the comp to her. I think her feelings are hurt, more than defeat .she was so sure to think she had shane and dan wrapped around her finger.

    2. I cant believe my ears, when Danielle, told Ian, how she would get ashley, not to vote for him in jury. Isnt she the one that voted ashley out? and also said she hated her.

    3. Danielle made one huge game mistake that manifested itself in several different instances. She never got rid of the original presumption of the game, that Dan was working as her trustworthy friend and advisor. He of course, even up until the end, played this to the hilt. Ian said yesterday that using the veto on Dan was a Marcellus level mistake, and it was, but it was a mistake her loved and admired “coach” foisted upon her. It wasn’t a failure to see tactics so much as a failure to see mallice. It was almost laughable to hear Dan say that his “ethics” wouldn’t allow him to cut Dani in the final two. She’s already been cut by you Dan, in far worse ways than any other player was capable of.

    4. I think you are right. She IS mad at herself…..and taking it out on Ian. She screwed up MAJORLY and now she is lashing out. NOT good game play

      1. More sloppy emotional game play from Danielle this season. Makes me miss Janelle, and even Jordan a little. Give me a female competitor that doesn’t screw up her game this close to the end by becoming a total basket case. Bad form.

  7. It’s actually a good idea for Dan. If he throws it, he can sit back and let Ian take him to the final 2, and not have to worry about the aftermath of Dani not voting for him because he screwed her after the final HOH. Whatever way Danielle votes, Shane will also vote. Britney will probably vote for Dan. Joe will probably vote for Dan, even though he didn’t like him. Jenn may also vote for Dan if she respects his game enough. Frank won’t vote for Dan, I don’t think. Neither will Ashley vote for Dan.

    1. Ian and Britney were super close in the house, so she will probably vote for Ian and not Dan. When Joe was evicted, he told Julie that he hoped Ian would win the game so I think Ian has that vote locked as well. Frank hates Dan more than Ian, another vote for Ian here. Ashley will probably vote for Ian, she likes him plus Frank is probably voting for Ian so she will follow suit. By my count that’s enough votes for Ian to win over Dan. Danielle will definitely vote for Dan. Shane and Jenn I am on the fence with them. I can see both going either way. Shane was super pissed at Dan for voting him out, but will have Dani in his ear telling him to vote for Dan. Jenn, she just doesn’t want a man to win, can’t stand Ian and blames Dan for her eviction. I still think Ian has the votes to win over Dan…

      1. MomTo4Boys, I don’t think Frank dislikes Dan more than he does Ian. Ian betrayed Boogie and Frank, by being the QP’s “mole.” Frank knows that. Boogie went home because of Ian’s sell-out of them. Frank & Boogie were like salt & pepper, and I don’t think Frank ever fully “stabilized” his BB game after Boogie’s exit. I believe that Frank sees Dan as the “lesser of two evils” here, and will give Dan his jury vote, not Ian. (Frank also knows that Boogie has both known and respected Dan away from the house, since BB10.) And if Frank and Ashley have been “hookin’ up” in the Jury House (which is very possible), she just may decide to go along with whatever Frank decides. That way, Ashley can go back to her coloring! I’m rootin’ for Ian here, but, assuming Dan has Danielle and Jenn’s vote as well, what Dan sees is a chance for a 4-3 Dan win here. Man, how many times has it comes down to Ashley as the “swing vote” this season?

  8. Dan you dirty dog…..i must have been misted because i thought he was going to Dani…..at least that is what he said yesterday!!!! guess Ian winning changed things! …….oh well! i still want him to win! :)

    1. I agree 100%. Dan is the best player of all time in my book !!! I am confused though. When is the last HOH comp and when does the new HOH pick who is going with them to the final 2? Does the person who is voted out get to go to the jury so they can talk to the other players or does all this happen on Wednesday?

    2. Mark, that’s not gonna happen. I just heard Dan use a word for the first time this season. Conscience. Before Dan went to bed, he said that his conscience would make him take Danielle along, if he won HOH Part 3. Wow, there is some humanity inside Dan after all! Dan knows that Danielle beats him in jury. I think Dan also assumed that Ian would as well, so taking Danielle was a lock for Dan. But NOT so fast. If the 2 HGs that Frank dislikes the most (Ian and Dan) are the final two, Dan has a REAL good shot at Frank’s vote. Against Danielle, Dan has NO shot at Frank’s vote. That’s why Dan throwing HOH Part 3 has suddenly become his best (and only) chance at the 500K. And if it appears that Dan lost “fair and square” in Danielle’s eyes (and you can bet your boots it will), it then shouldn’t cost him Danielle’s jury vote, which he needs.

    3. Agreed, Dan deserves the win. Regardless if you agree with how he played the game or not he still played it the hardest. From day one Dan had his mind on how to win the game and made moves to do so.

  9. OMG I feel so bad for Danielle I hope Dan wins part 3 and takes Dani There the only true alliance that lasted. I guess after Dans craziness not that true but yeah!! see ya next year love this site tanks Simon and Dawg

    1. How can you feel bad for her? I sure don’t she did it to herself. Dan and Danielle aren’t much of a true alliance if he throws the final HOH to Ian. She’s treating Ian like crap because she screwed her own game up. I so cannot wait to see her out of that house Dan/Ian F2 is what I would prefer to see.

      1. She is one imature so called nurse,or? would that be teacher, or docter, I know Iam tired of hearing her blow snot ,when she whines like a little baby too

    2. i am hoping that Dan takes Danielle too…. i cant stand her, but its what he should do and frm the coaches perspective, its the right thing to do..

    3. The only true alliance is Dan and Dan. he needs Danielle’s vote to get 4. The only way he can get her vote is for somebody else to slit her throat ( boogeyman of all people predicted this) so he won’t be the bad guy and she will vote for him over Ian. If Ian send out Danielle, Dan will get votes from Danielle, Jenn, Joe, and maybe Ashleybor Britney. He might even think he can mist Frank.

        1. Britney has repeatedly said that if Dan makes it to the final 2, just write him the check because he will win. He’s got 9 lives and is a great strategist and mastermind. She respects game moves and knows that although she likes Ian like a little brother, he has been playing under the wings of the quack pack and hasn’t done nearly as many good game moves as Dan has. She will vote for Dan, IMO.

          1. I don’t know about that. Ian got Boogie and Frank out. He has won as many competitions as Shane did, and took himself off the block once. He said he’d be loyal to the QP until they were the only ones left and he did that. Anyone in jury that hates him hates Dan more, so taking Ian is a smart move. Ian started the game being expendable to Boogie and Frank, just an instrument to get the two of them to the end and they not only planned to discard him when needed, they ignored him and didn’t give him any credit for anything. I really love that Ian outlasted those two, and I love it that Frank will have to choose one of them as winner. Watching Frank in JH just confirmed that he is a sore loser and delusional about his own game play. He isn’t as great a player as he thinks he is, and Ian tried just as hard as him to get on the show. He probably thinks he will at least win America’s favorite. I look forward to seeing his expression when Brit wins it again (I hope).

  10. What a baby danielle is being…….. she really hasn’t done much in this game but stalk shane. I realize shes won some comps but when it has gotten down to really saving herself she hasn’t done anything out of the ordiary such as Dan. Dan is the man but I hope Ian wins this year would love to see a newbie (not Danielle) win this thing.

    1. Dan and Ian are being crude a$$holes to Danielle. It’s one thing to be excited about being the final two and possibly winning BB14, but the crude and lewd body gestures that they are making towards Danielle are uncalled for. It makes me wish that neither of them win. They don’t like Danielle crying, but they are acting far worse in my book. She’s been honest to their faces on how she is feeling and all they can do is make cheap shots behind her back. That shows a lot of their true character.

      1. Hard to claim the high moral ground when you use the word a$$hole to call them out for being crude (dollar signs don’t change the word or its meaning).

        It’s not like Danielle is Miss Polly Purebred, she has great moment of being crude and obnoxious too. And I never thought the gestures were directed at her specifically, but were just two guys acting out, nothing more and nothing else. Stop trying to play the victim card for Danielle she is just as capable at throwing down the crude and obnoxious.

      2. She has NOT been honest to their faces! She told Dan and Shane she would take them both to final 2 when in reality she had no idea which one she was going to take and then when Shane was gone she told both Dan and Ian she would take them to final 2! Now, it’s part of the game, so I’m not saying she’s doing anything wrong, I’m just saying you shouldn’t portray her as “honest” because, like everyone else in the house, she hasn’t been.

      3. Yeah and Dani threatening to turn the whole jury house against Ian if he votes her out is completely OK? SHE is the childish one in this scenario.

        1. Actually I think she’s being; to quote NurseBatSh*t, DOUCHEY and she’s telling them all she’ll leave all SALTY too. My how the tables have turned.

          1. Dan wins part 3 of HOH…he should choose Danielle, he will lose against Ian! DAN DO NOT THROW IT!!! Although, I do not wanT a previous winner of BB to win again…I cannot stand Ian or Danielle!!! GO DAN!!

  11. You guys never know what he’s gonna do. He might just be doing this just to mist Ian into thinking he is working with him and have him throw it to him and take Danielle to the end with him… but that’s just from an observation and Dan is just such a wild card this season

  12. Ahhhhhhhh, shoes on the other foot now Danelle ,love doing it to everyone else but now its now its yur turn bahahahaha . Its just a shame Dan gets money again ,wish Shane had . And Ian he’s becoming more a dick everyday .

  13. Watching Ian the past two plus hours I have decided he is the perfect partner for Ian – he is a s*it without human compassion. He ridiculed Dani for being a crybaby. Note to Ian – the girl just lost out on at leat $50K dollars – partly because of you. She has every right to be upset you ass. IMO, Dani was on the front line more than Ian – Ian was protected by Boogie and Frank and then Dan and the QP. I hope Dani goes postal on his sanctimonious ass over the next few days. I hope she pulls a Rachel on him and follows him everywhere. I want her to kidnap that damn teddy bear. I want Dani to spend as much time as possible telling Dan what an unworthy person he is. I want her to make him regret EVER using her in the manner he did. I want him to think that maybe he will need to get that restraining order against her. And on Wednesday, as soon as he greets his misted wife – he needs to let Shane know that Dani was completely blindsided last Thursday – he owes her that.

    Personally, I hope I never have to see either of this two douchebags ever again. If being successful (per Dan’s books) is behaving like he has the past two months, I think I would rather hang on to my integrity instead. May they both rot in BB hell.

    1. Technically, Danielle hasn’t lost out on 50k yet, so I don’t know why she’s acting like it’s the end of the world. If Dan happens to win, he will still take her.

    2. How is it partly due to Ian?!?! Danielle THREW the 1st part of the HOH!! She did it to herself! She was too confident that she would beat Ian in the 2nd part that she lost focus and Ian won when he had to. Give credit where credit is due. Ian won the comp fair and square even if it was memory because according to Danielle she too has a photographic memory. Dani has no right to be mad at Ian.

    3. when dan wins the 50 or500k he wont care what his fellow hg’s think of him and ian wasnt on the front lines bcuz he was behind enemy lines assassaniting chilltown. and as if piganielle was on the front lines remember how many times she gave the he will keep us safe line.

    4. Thans Cruizin596….. Finally a comment I agree with. Dan has used Danielle so much and lied to her so much that it’s difficult to tell when he is speaking the truth. Plus, Ian and Dan’s lewd body gestures towards Danielle have been over the top and uncalled for.

    5. She followed him into the bathroom and yelled at him while he was puking after the last HoH. He doesn’t owe her anything, including compassion. She made her own bed. Deal.

  14. These weepy cry babies that feel bad for Danielle right now must not watch her on the feeds. This girl thinks her shit doesn’t stink. she ‘s constantly bragging about herself and all her accomplishments and how much she looks like Kate Beckinsale. I don’t feel a bit bad for her sorry ass, and when she gets out, she can always buy a bag of blow and get her salad tossed to make herself feel better.

    1. I missed this. She said she looks like Kate Beckinsale? The same Kate Beckinsale seen here? http://freeimagesarchive.com/data/media/255/11_kate+beckinsale.jpg


      1. She also thinks she looks like Tyra Banks, J. Lo, Catherine Zeta Jones, Bristol Palin, and Marilyn Monroe. *laughably ridiculous*

  15. I like that Dan said something to the effect of “who would have thought I had a conscience.” He does feel for her, but wants to win. I mean that is why he is there. He feels his best chance is with Ian. I just hope that Ian does take Dan, because Dani should not be in the final two.

  16. I Love you, Dan!!!! … But you had Better Not forget about Danielle! – I think Dan is still trying to coax Ian into throwing Part 3! – Danielle played around, too long with Shane.. she should have let Dan evict Shane instead of Joe, if so … It would be Joe there instead of Ian.

  17. This whole thing this past week has reminded me of a BB version of Romeo and Juliet. Danielle knowing full well that taking Dan off the block will send Shane home does it happily. Her bad acting after Dan cast the eviction is obvious proof along with her fake speech.

    Now it comes back to haunt you girl. Danielle, you thought you were so smart but when you had Shane cut you just cut your own throat as well. Can’t wait for Wednesday night. I’m gonna have popcorn and soda and laugh my ass off as you walk out the door in 3rd place with nothing. So fitting. You thought you were playing Shane but you got played the whole way by your coach who has repeatedly put you in danger to further his goals. Hahahahaha!

  18. OMG, Danielle does some stupendous gymastics kicking both Dan and Ian in the head… Expelled from the game, she cannot vote and the 6 person Jury is split 3-3… no BB winner!!

    Hmm, that may not work…
    She’ll hit someone on the Live show after convincing all the Jury members to do the same…. everyone is disqualified and it’s not a 3-3 vote but a 0-0 vote…

  19. I am not a Danielle fan but right now Ian is just being an ass. I cant stand how he is acting. He is being just as childish as Danielle just different. She was so loyal to Dan and for him to screw her I think is ridiculous. All I will say is I dont want that pupsqueak Ian to win.

    1. Yeah I’m not sure why people feel sorry for Ian, he can be a childish punk who has made some petty decisions during the game; however I still like him better than Danielle.

  20. I think a reversal in fortunes if Dan throws the final HOH would be poetic justice of a sort for Dan. Dan throws it and when Ian gets up to make his decision and, unlikely as it may be,says to Dan. “I’ll be happy with whatever the jury decides to do,but I got to think of myself in this situation and that’s why I vote to evict you Dan.” would be THE moment of the year and the capper on play….big moves right till the end. Dan would be floored, as would Danielle. And Ian would win the game just based on his play and amount of bigger moves he was apart of.

    Again….I do not get why you people are upset with Danielle’s emotions, again….this CAN be a very emotional game for people and Danielle has been genuine with her emotions in the game. Ever heard of “in the heat of the moment” people? When you have cameras on you 24/7, of course there are going to be moments shown that are not flattering….but that is true of ANYONE. Danielle is a truly nice person that also tends to be like anyone else with strong emotions,in letting them run amok from time to time. She will also be a rather bitter final vote if she does indeed leave on finale night in 3rd place.

    Also, Dan’s is not misting himself when he knows that the throwing of the final HOH cold work for him. Ian has been adamant in stating him and Dan in F2 but this is BB and expect the unexpected. If that happens, Dan wins 500K,Ian wins 50K and Danielle will look back on the game in the next few weeks and realize when it was the most advantageous to get rid of Dan and kick herself that she was so trusting of him.

  21. Dani is a sore loser! You did it to yourself ugly! Cover you face with a blanket while you stare with your mouth open like an idiot. You got your boyfriend out because of your blind love of Dan. BooHoo !!!

  22. the feeds are def worth the money tonight. seeing Danielle crying bitch crazy is my sort of entertainment, especially all the BS she talked in how other people acted in the house. only person Danielle should be mad at is herself. giving Dan the veto to vote off Shane was stupid. either way if it’s Dan in the finals with Ian or Danielle, Dan will have the votes to win.

    1. I’m a Dan fan,so I obviously want Dan to win this game again.But,I’m not happy about this out come.Dan has played the best game this season(In my opinion,the way Dan played this season makes him the best player ever).However,If the jury doesn’t vote based on who played the best game.Then Dan won’t win against Ian.If Dan was against Danielle then he could talk about how she was his puppet since day1(I know after Britney was evicted,Ian also became Dan’s puppet.But,Dan controlled every move that Danielle made much longer than Ian).What makes you think that Dan will get the votes against Ian?Oh,and keep in mind,that this jury might not be like season 10 jury members.Season 10 jury members,had good personal reasons not to vote for Dan(especially Ollie)but they were mature enough to vote for the person who played the best game.Which was obviously Dan.

      1. I’m not really a fan of Dan, well atleast not some of the things he’s done, but I have to agree with you. I think at this point, for the reasons that you pointed out, Dan is the only one would deserves to win. Every decision he’s made he did it to get himself to the final two and win the game. Danielle was too busy listening to Dan and not thinking for herself and Ian was too busy trying to get Frank out of the game because of Brit. I don’t really like Dan but I have to root for him.

    2. I did not watch the feeds tonight, but went to BB Facebook and hope what I have read is not true. Can anyone update me please. Is Ian really making racial slurs about Jenn and others and being derogatory to women in comments he is making and thrusting his penis at the camera and making crude and bigoted comments. I really had liked Ian a lot and always wanted Ian and Dan as final two but not so sure anymore if he is doing the things that people are saying. Someone even said that Dan seemed astounded and making really ugly comments about Danielle. I do think that Dan cares for Danielle but he really wants to win and that is proven by his comment in that It was not this hard the first time. Hope Ian is not acting like they say he is!!

  23. @Simon.Why would Dan want to throw the final HOH?I thought he felt like he would win against Danielle and Ian would get the jury votes(not because Ian was better than Dan,that’s a joke).So,what’s wrong with him winning the final HOH and taking Danielle?I don’t get it.

      1. I think Dan may be messing with Production. He said that after Production busted him talking to Dani and he yelled at the camera and flipped them the bird. I am thinking he still plans on trying to get Dani to F2, but is not going to show his hand to Production anymore to avoid them interfering. On another note, I caught something Ian said about the comp and them telling him to completely clear (wipe off) the W – then it went straight to fishes. Did Ian perhaps get some assistance during the comp?

    1. The only reason Dan would throw it is that he is 100% confident Ian will take him to finals! By him not winning the final hoh he is not the one evicting Danielle Ian is, I think Dan does care for Danielle and wants her in the finals but for Dan I get there he might think he has to throw it so that he never lied to her about taking her because he couldn’t he didn’t win it! I kind of thought this the minute I saw that Ian won, I thought that Dan was going to consider throwing it so that he didn’t cut Danielle Ian will! But who knows there are a few days left! Anything can happen?!?!

      1. If Dan thinks Production is pushing for Ian in F2 – he tells the cameras he is going to throw it – they hint at that to Ian. I think Dan got pissed at Production tonight.

  24. Wanted to go on the record and say I was so wrong the other night. I honestly thought Dan’s goal was to get his player to the F2. I’d be happy with Ian/Dan in the F2. I kind of want Dan to win because he played a great game & brought me back to the earlier days of BB. It would be cool to have someone win twice. But I’d be thrilled for Ian to win because I think he would do good things with the money. He deserves it too because of all the challenges he faced & overcame. I never wanted Dani to get this far at all because of her disgusting attitude (and I feel sorry for Dawg/Simon having to watch her on the feeds all this time just for us). If Ian makes F2, I’m voting for Shane to get the 25k. Not because I liked him that much, just feel like he could use the money (hope he’s not lying about that).

  25. I am confused I thought Dan was taking Danielle to final 2 if he won. Why is he suddenly talking about throwing the HOH to Ian, I think that is a bad idea. I feel like he has a better chance against Danielle and it is way too big a risk to throw it to Ian anyway. I think Dan is loseing it. I think this is his plan because when he said this he wasn’t talking to Danielle or Ian but the camera. Dan your so close to the end throwing it is your worst idea yet leaving it up to a kid who wants the fame is not a good idea because he could backstab Dan just to say he got Dan out. I hope he thinks this one over.

  26. Has anyone else noticed that Dan has lady hands? Honestly more like 14 year old girl hands. I think his aggressive behavior is to overcompensate for his petite paws.

    1. well he does coach football at a catholic school….no wait i’m not going there if you know what i mean…sorry couldn’t help it.

      1. i want to apologize for the comment i made i started thinking about it and i was thinking out loud and never should have typed it. i know that is a real sensitive subject especially with what just transpired with the Penn State scandal involving Jerry Sandusky so i humbly apologize to everybody.

  27. For the people dogging Ian tonight, just remember he is a 21-year-old kid who has the chance at winning the most money he’s ever seen in his life. Of course, he’s excited, let him have it. He walked in as the smallest, weakest and most awkward nerd & has made it to the F3…imagine how cool this is for him. He was picked on, bullied & completely dismissed by older, bigger guys and still made it. He’s probably been picked on his whole life. I’m happy for him & he deserves to be there more than Danielle.

    The Dani sympathizers must not have watched feeds or kept up with them on this site because she’s not as innocent as you think. Don’t be snowed into thinking she was blind sided by Dan’s eviction of Shane. If they were supposedly all on the up & up then what was the reason to take Dan down & put Shane up? She knew Dan would do that & once again get the blood on his hands, not hers. She’s been letting Dan do all the dirty work so she could get jury votes. She’s a master manipulator and compulsive liar, she knew what she was doing & what was going to happen! If it weren’t for Dan, she would have never made it this far.

    1. I do wish Ian would stop reminding Dan of all the jury votes Ian will get though LOL Not sure why he doesn’t get he may be talking Dan out of picking him for F2

    2. I agree with you about Danielle 100% but you have to admit Ian has his faults also. To paint him as an innocent victim is almost as wrong as knocking people for defending Ms. Nutcase. I know we all have our favorite and we feel the need to defend them, it’s also easy to get mad at other people when they knock your favorite, especially when your excited for them but that doesn’t mean that its an accurate view of the houseguest. So I’m sure that Ian has had some issues while growing up but he’s had some advantages other people havn’t had as well. Plus bad past experience doesn’t excuse poor childish behavior.

      I guess that’s part of the fun, picking someone and cheering them on. I liked Frank but even I admit he came off as too cocky and his social game suffered from it. He made himself a target when he shouldn’t have. I disagree with some of Dan’s action but then again I’m a chilltown fan and Dr. Will and Boogie were not the friendly house guests either. Either way it’s just a game, have fun root on your favorites, rip the ones you dislike but don’t get mad when someone rips your guy. It’s all in fun (unless your condemning someone to hell)

      1. None of them have been my favorite. I’m a huge fan of the game & rarely pick someone I want to win…when it’s down to F5, F4, F3 etc, I try to evaluate who I feel deserves to win. I was just trying to add some perspective

        1. Ahh, I understand and no worries. I actually think think that Ian deserves it over Danielle. I just think that a lot of ian’s fans paints him as this innocent victim and excuse anything he does. He has made some pretty petty remarks on the feeds before but it’s ok because he’s Ian not Dan? plus the guy has a lot more goin on for him than people give him credit for.

    3. First of all, I am tired of people calling Ian a kid and making allowances for his bad behavior because he is “just a kid”. He is 21 years old. Last I checked, that was considered an adult.

      I have watched the feeds all the way thru and I realize Dani did a lot of the heavy lifting for Dan. However, in the case of Shane, she was completely blindsided. Dan convinced her to take him down because he was not comfortable being there with someone else in control. Loyal to a fault – she made the wrong decision and did as he asked and got skewered as a result. I think Dani was hoping to put off the inevitable until F3 with Shane, hoping that the boys would take each other out. Dan made a huge mistake in evicting Shane. Dani had complete control over Shane and could have played him in F3. Now, he has to hope and pray that he either wins the last phase or Ian stays true to his word…which is debatable.

    4. I agree, I don’t see Ian acting so disrespectful. Dan is the one laughing behind her back, and Danielle is acting like a super bad loser ” I don’t want to talk to you” when Ian asks her how she is. After she tried to pull the scam on Ian that Dan hatched by yelling at Ian the moment he won. Dan and Danielle were scheming ever since last HOH, they wouldn’t even let Ian play cards with them. They were completely shutting him out. Ian was playing on his own, like he was for nearly the entire game ( who ever said, We’ve got to protect Ian). It’s unbelievable Ian made it this far. He was supposed to be the first one out of the Quack Pack. And he was supposed to fall apart without Britney, and he’s the only houseguest to trust Dan and not yet had Dan (successfully) backstab him.

  28. Dan will be foolish if he thinks he will win against Ian in the f2. Dan has to win the next hoh and take Danielle to the f2. lol @ Dan saying to Ian Frank will be PISSED if it’s Dan and Ian in the f2. Frank is taking out all of his stress busting nuts all over Ashley in the jury house. Frank and everyone else in the jury house should be a little more relaxed and subdued. if anyone is going to be PISSED about Dan and Ian being f2, it will be Shane.

  29. i don’t know how anybody could feel sorry for danielle she has nobody to blame but herself….she was guaranteed final 2 100% because shane and dan were both taking her but she turned into delusional danielle again and fell for dan’s shit once again and gave him the power to get rid of shane, apparently she forgot that he wanted to get rid of him before…if that wasn’t bad enough after he blindsided her yet again by getting rid of shane what did she do she turned around and threw the first part of the hoh to him, i mean you can’t get much more stupid than that, so if she wants to blame somebody if dan doesn’t win and take her to final 2 all she has to do is look in the mirror.

    in my opinion if ian makes it to final 2 he would win either way:

    britney-frank-ashley-joe….britney had final 2 with him…frank was his teammate at the beginning and danielle also lied to him plus he will associate her with dan…ashley liked him just not in that way…joe i think will say that ian played a better game because dan played alot of danielle’s for her…

    6-1 or 5-2
    britney -frank-ashley-joe-shane-britney same reason as above….frank absolutely hates dan for what he did to him….ashley said when britney showed up at jury that she was hoping it would have been dan plus she was closer to ian because dan never talked to her….joe never trused dan and when he walked in to the jury house he talked about how dan would be reading the bible while he was stabbing you…shane who obviously was scumbagged by dan and if you saw his interview with julie he called dan a dirty player and with jeff he said that he would never vote for dan in the final 2, i don’t think even danielle could convince him to do that.

    jenn would definitely vote for danielle and probably for dan too but i don’t think that’s a lock though.

    britney would vote for dan over danielle because she respects the game and knows how good he played it.

    if ian wins the final part of the hoh that would help tremendously because then he could say that he made it there on his own he brought himself and didn’t get there because of somebody else he earned it. (when i say on his own i’m just referring to the final 3 part hoh)

    1. Your Ian/Dani scenario – don’t necessarily bet on Joe voting for Ian – he was on board the Shane/Dani train and he did not like Ian.

      Dan/Ian – this is a hard one because we do not know who will vote personal and who will vote game.

      Ian would actually be smart to take Dani as he could add taking out Dan to his resume

  30. Why is anyone feeling sorry for Danielle?! SHE is the sole reason Shane is gone. SHE threw the first part of HOH… She has done all of this to herself! When you’re stupid, you suffer.

  31. see, that’s the difference between Dan and Danielle; Thursday night during the live feeds she sat with Ian at the kitchen table and didn’t say a word but just cried, oh, stopped to eat pizza. now, i am watching Dan interact with Ian while Danielle is in the diary room and they are having a conversation. the trouble with Danielle is she allowed Dan to dictate how she should react and say th rough out the whole day. i wonder why she used the veto knowing dan wanted to get rid of shane and warned her about it. i think the date sealed shane’s fate, dan really worried about what happened. he made the right move!! he is in the best position, why do they think Danielle can beat them in the final 2 idk. mind you frank thinks america loves him, played a honest game and he will be an all star. their persecptions of america thinks is way off. i guess it’s harder to predict the jury as we haven’t seen much of them this season. her she goes … crying!!! time to go to bed.

  32. Dans not throwing anything. He will NOT put his fate in Ians hands. Personally i think he is planting the idea of throwing it to not get blood on his hands to Ian. He needs Danielle to be mad at Ian to assist with selling this idea..at the least he messes with Iand head before the final comp
    lol @ the Ian fans out there…let me get this straight, ummm Danielle,Shane,Jenn,and Frank are pretty much all gullible,mindless to the game idiots who got played..and Ian somehow magically does not fit this category (kool aid much?)
    lol @ the Ian fans out there excited that he’s not throwing the last HOH…umm didn’t this genius mastermind BB player just THROW THE FIRST PART OF THE FINAL HOH?!!? how can u seriously enjoy BB and root for someone who UNWITTINGLY throws any part of the final HOH? Do not project ‘your strategies’ into Ian’s mind for those were not his reasons. He got misted at some point and was still under its influence at that time.
    lol @ Ian fans thinking he can beat Dan but not Danielle…if you cannot beat a puppet how can you beat the puppets master?
    in other news , Ian is an adult who has seen every episode of the show he willingly went on,,he has a ‘disease’ that a sh!t ton of people have and it’s totally live able …BB could probably throw in a deaf stump armed albino and you sick bastards’d already be voting em America’s favorite before you even knew em..and after irregardless…
    I came into this thing chilltown mike boogie and so I adopted Ian and frank n hopes..when Ian made his one move ( you know the one where he told britany that boogie wanted her out,,and then SHE and her boy Shane took Boogie out . Ian’s vote died not send boogie home, Ian could have voted for boogie and boogie would have gone home still. I am not even sure if this was a good game move for Ian at that point as he was tucked away in 2 strong alliances.furthermore tipping his hand to boogie before he left was not smart) and kicked boogie out, I switched to team frank. When Dan double crossed frank, I HATED Dan and wanted to go team Ian. There was a path ahead of him that could have really led to this kid going down as somewhat of a BB legend. But instead of realizing what was in his grasp, well, I don’t know what to tell you, he got misted and now it is too late. He pissed that all away..the feeds,shows and DR all show he really isn’t and has not been thinking logical let alone strategical.
    Which brings me to Dan …do I like him? I’m mixed..I love loves me some dr.will,,lovvvvves…..he is my favorite by far and will always have a place in my heart . I love how he does his thing and also that was at the begining of reality tv and he was a true one of a kind original. But Dan has earned the title of greatest big brother player of all time if he pulls this off. He has RAN this house. RAN. yes these people are stupid but he takes advantage of their weaknesses and their situations in the game and that takes strategy AND lots and lots of maintenance…lots( yeah I’m talking to you mike boogie and your go to bed early ass and your sleeping on Ian ass..and your cozy take the ten grand and don’t get Dan out ass,,I love you mike boogie)
    How can any jury vote Ian or dani over Dans incredible BB resume
    1 of 13 people to even win BB
    Only person to win BB twice-will never happen again
    Will be the only coach to take one of his players to finals-never be done again
    Was only BB winner to win unanimously -don’t quote me
    Only on block twice in 2 full seasons and got the HOH who nominated him to take him off block?!
    Will take his partner in crime to 50,000$ twice- amazing accomplishment
    Pulled off what will go down as a legendary move(best ever) with Dans funeral
    Provided us kikkass tv with live blindsides
    Is Dan a scumbag in real life?i don’t know,put a camera on him 24/7 and I’ll tell you…but in the BB house? Well in the BB house he’s the King. Lately he’s been playing with the kill. At some point you have to respect it if your a fan of the game.

    1. I agree Dan will win no matter what. First, people love to make history or be a part of it. (Dan winning twice) and 2nd, No one will want to give a 21 year old kid half a million over a married man (with kids in the future), I’m sure. And last, Dan’s game! Even Brit, though she loves Ian, she’ll vote for Dan, cos it will make her look better that she got taken out by the best.

      So I think Dan has this no matter, but before it’s all over, I would prefer an even bigger meltdown from our one and only rollie pollie, southern bell, Danielle.

    2. Correction…Ian cut a deal with Dan, that if he took him off the block he would throw the first part of the vito, he stuck to his word once again.
      As far as strategy, Ians strategy is pretty good in theory, if the house wasn’t made up of super flakes. Ian is using his alliances to further himself in the game and has been loyal to them, He had his QP alliance and he was loyal, unfortunately they weren’t except for Brit and maybe Shane, Then he had his F2 alliance Renegades with Dan. Unfortunately Dan has stabbed everyone in the back with a few extra twist and thrust thrown in for his personal enjoyment and Dan has been loyal to no one. Ians flaw was trusting his alliances, but somehow he managed to win comps when they really counted for him. Unlike Dan? How many did he win? Ian is not perfect, he’s immature in many ways but has over come a lot of personal issues going through the show and he does make some really dumb comments at times but i pretty much think that’s a nervous thing with him. Danielle ….what can I say…Instant Karma…ouch

    3. 2 minutes ago I was saying how much I love Ian (and I still do for sentimental reasons…). But, you remind me why Dan has to win…. He encompasses the spirit of the game. It’s like all year long we wait to see how much drama the new season of Big Brother will bring. Then all of a sudden people start saying “Hey, hey, hey there’s too much drama. Someone’s actually playing the game in the exact way Big Brother was intended to be played.” This is Big Brother not Charm School people. Watch the game you waited to see all year and be happy for once!

    4. WOW, well said! I am afraid Ian’s comment of a 12 point buck is Dan and evicting him. This would be another vote for him for all of those who have a hard on for Dan.

  33. All Dani had to do is let Dan get rid of Shane when he wanted to, and none of this would of happened, It would of been her, Jen and Dan. {I don’t think Dan would of taken a chance with Joe} they would of snowballed passed Jen. and they would of been in the finals together. I still am not certain what Dan is going to do, someone said he was griping at production, so he might be playing production to get them off his back about taking Ian. I still see Dan wanting to take Dani because of the coach player theme and his ego. Don’t get me wrong I think Dan should win, but he does have an ego. Between now and Wednesday a lot can happen.

  34. So, it appears that, of her favorites, AG is going to get her way yet again. Saves by Production this year…

    1) Frank conveniently saved from eviction by game reset
    2) Question of cheating during veto pick – palming houseguest’s choice chip – discussed on the feeds
    3) Question of cheating during candy comp by Boogie and Frank that was never addressed – but allowed to go on.
    4) Walk the Plank comp when Ian should have been DQd for stepping off his plank and onto another – he was allowed to stay on and ultimately make a deal – he might have gone up otherwise without that deal
    5) Veto ball – a way to keep Dan in the game – changed how the HGs thought it would be played to let Dan’s plan work out.

    1. Please someone tell me that Ian is not acting the horrid way that people that are watching the feeds are saying he is on the BB Facebook page. They say he is acting like a bigot and saying racial slurs against Jenn and others and making derogatory comments about women. Please tell me this is not true as I have really liked Ian but not so sure anymore.

      1. I watched BBAD last night on Showtime and didn’t hear anything like that. They were whispering a lot but talking about jury, comps & past seasons. He was upset with the way Dani was treating him. Maybe I missed it but I don’t think he did. Anyone else?

    2. “1) Frank conveniently saved from eviction by game reset”

      Dan benefited more from this. Dan was protected for 3 weeks and didn’t have to worry about being put up on the block.

  35. I believe Dan’s thinking is that if it is him and Ian in the final 2 he would have locked up Dani, Shane, and Jenn. And he believes he can get either Ash or Frank, it is very risky. But the final HOH is a very hard one to throw, it is maybe the biggest crap shoot of the season. I think as we get closer to finale night, he will decide not to, just like when he decided not to throw the veto to Brit or Dani. Ian is socially inept, and it would not suprise me if he got all questions wrong in the final HOH. If Dan is up against Dani in his mind he for sure loses Shane , Jenn, and through cutting Ian him as well. Dan is a crazy player so who knows what he will really do, but the bottom line is if the jury votes on pure gameplay he wins unanimous again. Joe will not vote for Dan no matter what, Joe hated Dan from the second the show started. It’s crazy but I feel Dan could pull out a W, with votes from Dani, Jenn, Shane, and Frank against Ian. That would be his only chance and a slim one at that.

  36. Dan has played a near flawless game so far. Every move he has made has turned out in his favor. Many times I saw what he was doing and wondered if it was the right decision. Then it would work out for him. I don’t want to doubt him again, but I just don’t see throwing a final HOH and going to final 2 with Ian as his best move, but once again Dan could prove me wrong. I think he has more “likely” votes against Dani.

    Dan/Ian vote break out:

    Dan gets

    Ian gets

    This leaves Ashley and Frank as the deciding votes and since Ian back stabbed both of them, maybe Dan does have a shot?? but I would think that Frank would be more likely to vote for Ian, then Dani in the final 2 and Ashley will do what Frank does.

    Dan/Dani vote break out:

    Dan gets

    Dani gets

    This again leaves Frank with the deciding vote. I hardly think Frank would give the win to Dani, but he doesn’t want a coach to win the game.

  37. Dan you had Better Not throw part 3. If you do win Part 3… You had Better take Danielle!! – Danielle has been loyal to you! .. I can Not stand that Arrogant Ian!

    1. I really don’t see how Ian is arrogant. The kid is a nervous wreck all the time. He looks like he’s gonna crap himself at every other turn lol. Anyways, whether or not we think he is arrogant is besides the point to me when considering who deserves to be a finalist… he has A) won comps to save himself and make moves and B) played a social game with tricking Boogie and being in a secret alliance. Ian has played more of a well-rounded game than Danielle. Danielle has won comps but her social game isn’t all that… all she’s done is follow Dan’s instructions. None of her social game moves were her own.

  38. I am watching bbad right now, 1 am pacific time, and I swear I can hear someone screaming in the background, and Danielle is in the diary room. I know Dan and Ian heard her, they started talking loud and trying to cover, but, I know I heard it. If any body has to win this game it is Ian. He does not have the desperation and gross opportunist attitude that Dan has. He has actually reprimanded Dan for his behavior. I respect him more now than since the beginning of the game.I hope he wins America’s favorite as well.

    1. I am mistaken about the screaming, sorry, it was the garbage can , every time it closed it made some weird noise lol, Drama. I still want Ian to win, wait til Danielle watches this back……

  39. I don’t know why the dimwits that complain about Dan are so concerned about his reputation and say he is different from BB10. I just watched every episode of BB10 and Dan was still the sneaky player as always. He even quoted himself as “Sinister”. Dan is the Man because he knows how to play this game and WIN. DAN FOR THE WIN AGAIN! YAY

    1. Dan goes with Ian to the F2, he’s getting crushed. He’ll mabye get Britt’s vote and that’s it. If he goes with Danielle, it’s a 4-3 vote and it could go either way. He made it way to personal this time. He wasn’t as bad in his season. He’s just being cruel this time around. dani already had issues, he screwed her up even more.

      1. I do not consider his game play ‘personal’. I have a feeling he knows Danielle is a pathological liar due to the fact he questions her stories and points out her psychopathic behavior in the mirror. He is using that to his advantage. People are taking it too personal. It’s silly to think a person can go in this game and not use your resources to get ahead without pissing somebody off. Fans will bitch and moan people being evicted will bitch and moan. There’s only one winner in this game. I’ve been cheering Dan and Ian on the whole time. Danielle scares me to be honest. Her lies are not even related to the game and if anybody else noticed everytime she mentioned people outside the game they cut to the fish! She’s mentally unstable and BB needs to be more observant or at least dig alittle deeper in allowing those types into the house. Last night I swear it looked like Danielle was listening to the voices in her head!!!

  40. Dans best shot is against Dani.

    He can make the argument that he got there and got his player there; controlling her moves, guiding her, etc.

    He has a hell of a speech that he could make against Dani whereas with Ian, I don’t see him saying anything that would result in him getting the votes and winning.

    Ian vs Dan ; Ian wins.

    Dan could possibly win over some bitter HGs with his speech against Dani.

    I don’t know what he’s thinking.

    1. I totally agree with you about Dan having a better chance with Dani. If it is a bitter jury then he won’t win with either. But if he takes Dani, not only can he say he had that big target on his back the entire game and still made it to the finals, but he was the only coach to bring his player to the finals. He can also say that he had to backstab everyone so his player could reach the finals. Then he could tell them that Dani and he have been working together and she knew about the funeral soon after and was on board to get eveyone else out (except Shane).
      No matter what everyone thinks of Dani, she has been loyal to Dan the entire game. I have rooted for Dan the entire game. But if he doesn’t at least try for the final veto then I won’t be rooting for him in the end. He can win with without throwing Dani under the bus too. He really doesn’t have a better chance with Ian. The bitternes of the jury will determine it. It will can down to who he has the better arguement for winning the money and I think it is with Dani.

  41. That newest update (where Ian is on the hammock) is a bit disconcerting as a Dan fan. I wonder who Ian thinks the 12 point buck is. I would only assume Dan. And, what happened with Ian’s last HOH? That was Jenn’s eviction, but Dan was the original 2nd nominee, only to be taken down by the POV.

    Uh oh, Dan. Don’t throw Part 3.

    1. Nevermind…Dan had convinced Ian to put Shane up as the pawn instead.

      Well, maybe Ian was hoping all along to cut Dan off first, but wanted Jenn out instead. Anyway, that hammock scene scares me a bit as a Dan fan.

  42. What Dan doesn’t realize it that although Ian screwed over members of the jury, and has done some pretty immature vile things, they somehow still view him as this little innocent kid. Anything Ian does gets looked over; whereas if Dan does it, it’s magnified. He doesn’t realize this and will be the reason that he only gets the $50,000 prize.

    1. Yep and I think that will be Dan’s biggest mistake. Most of the jury still think of Ian as this innocent little boy who is very sensitive. Dan on the other hand is the bible carrying anti-christ who likes to eat small children. Dan would be better off taking Danielle unless he can do an amazing job misting the jury.

  43. BTW. If Britney wins Americas Favorite Player I will die. Anyone but her PLEASE.

    She’s the only person that gets to talk so much shit and it gets looked over and laughed at but if anybody else does it, it’s rude and horrible.

    Always jokes at someone else’s expense and it’s ALWAYS behind their back.

    Beyond tired of her.

    1. I agree Brit always talks trash behind peoples’ backs but can’t handle face to face disagreements. It bugs me everyone still thinks she’s cute when she is just immature.

  44. If Dan and Ian make it to the final 2, Danielle is not gonna have time to talk to the people in the jury house. She may get a chance to tell Shane not to vote for Dan during a commercial break but other than that, everyone else will make up their own mind. I am hoping that Brit, Frank, Jenn, and Joe will vote on game play as opposed to voting due to personal issues. Hopefully they have had enough time to realize that Dan is the true scholar of the game and after all he’s done mentally this season, he deserves the win unlike Ian who has been under the wing of the quack pack the entire game. Personally I think Dan can beat both Dani and Ian in the final 2 but it’s all gonna hinge on his final speech. If he can go through the season pointing out his strengths and the other opponents weaknesses like Dan coaching her from the beginning, his resurrection after being put on the block with everyone planning to vote him out, his POV and HOH wins when needed, his personal relationships with the jury members, his silently taking the blame for Ian’s betrayal, the fact that Danielle was fully on board with his resurrection plans after the fact causing her to continue lying to everyone about hating Dan, his honesty regarding the obvious fact that everyone has to be evicted for him to win game, etc.

    1. If Dan throws the game and , he mists Ian into taking him along, he deserves the win. If Ian backstabs Dan as his 12 point buck and blindsides Dan to the jury house, Ian deserves the win. Dani isn’t an option over either one of these guys at this point; Either Dan or Ian would have to point out that Dani just did whatever her coach told her to in this game even after the coaches were through. They will make her look weak (and they should), because even though sometimes it seemed like she was thinking for herself and making good moves, at this point, it is obvious she was just “misted” the entire time and counting on Dan to hand her $500k….and that is delusional. No one will be able to give her a vote based on game play

  45. Well, Well, Well…Is Ian planning a kill shot to take Dan down? ….12 point buck…..they’ll give him some serious jury points big time….If he took Dan out in front of Jury they would probably give him a standing ovation.

    1. The 12. Buck comment is probably still in reference to Frank (he commented before Frank was ecivted that he tried to get out Frank earlier but missed and instead ended up taking out a sweet doe unfortunately as collateral damage later he finally saw his opportunity to take out the buck and took his shot) Sounds like Ian is practicing what he will say to each jury member, IE: Jenn I gave you a trip to Maui, Frank I saw an opportunity to make a big game move by taking out a strong player (buck), Danielle wanted Ian out before Jenn showing her disloyaly to the quack pack which he was always loyal to, I never bad mouthed anyone, etc.

    2. As a sportsman myself, that comment (12 point buck) got my attention as well.

      Ian taking out Dan after Dan throws the final HOH would be priceless.

    3. Ian was rehearsing what he would say to the jury. The 12 point buck refers back to when he was talking about getting first Ashley out then Frank…Frank was the buck.

    4. I think that Ian is very loyal to Dan. Also, as a fan of the game, I think Ian’s win will mean more to him with Dan standing next to him. Ian is talking about Frank.

  46. Imagine how envious everyone will be if Dan not only wins the half a mil but also pulls in the favorite player check, lol. He will be revered as a BB God for years to come. His final step would be to come back for all star season and win that too. Which out for Dan’s magical mystery mist. ;)

    1. No way Dan would win All-Stars. After this season he will undoubtedly be remembered and there is absolutely NO way an All-Star cast would let him skate his way to the finals again.

      I don’t care how much mist that guy has lol.

  47. Ian may cut Dan if he wins the next HOH. I don’t think he considers Dani a 12 point Buck. He just may pull off the biggest blindside yet. If Ian gets Dan out the jury will without a doubt choose Ian for the win. They all claim not to want a floater to win and Dani really only made it this far because of Dan. It’s Ian’s best chance to win and I am sure he knows that.

  48. Honey Boo Boo Child says: Second hand smoke can kill you!

    And so can second hand mist!

    Just look at Shane, he’s dead.

    Dan misted Danielle to use the veto,

    Dan’s mist emanating from Danielle delivered a lethal blow to Shane

    And Shane literally laid down and died!

    P.S.: Sorry about mentioning, “lethal blow”, honey chile,

    Don’t want to get Danielle’s fat chops salivating.

  49. P..S.S.: Kara couldn’t hold a candle to me, honey chile; I’m the queen of beauty pageants!

    Ya’ll better redneckognize dat!

  50. IAN IAN IAN glad he won the second HOH but don’t start celebrating 50 grand too soon! You never know what Dan will do. He might win the third part just in order to tell the jury that he was the best player for managing to get himself and his student to the end. I really hope Ian wins the third part and takes Dan!!! Most deserving final 2 in recent BB history!

  51. i watch big brother after dark dan wanted to take danille to the final 2 but the stupid girl mess it up i thought danille couldnt get any stupider guess what she said … i will convince ashley the jury not to vote for u ian …… dan listen to that when she was finish saying that dan said great i will send danille to jury to gather votes for me ….. now dan has a reason to throw the next hoh because danille will convince or try convince the jury to give it to dan but that jury aint listening to her ….

  52. I read that Ian is autistic, so that is why his behavior is odd. He is a brave young man and I think he has given America a glimpse into the world of autism.

    1. He isn’t autistic. It was rumored he had aspegers, but that is all it is rumors. Stimming is a sympton of several conditions, not just autism and aspergers. Ian told Dan about his stimming, and at no time did he say he had autism or aspergers, and until he says otherwise that is what we should go with, not internet rumors.

      1. i had a kid with aspergers…it’s a form of autism, often called high-functioning. What other conditions involve stimming? It certainly is a hallmark of autism and aspergers

        1. I’m not a doctor but I’m guessing it’s the stress along with his ADHD, could also be the diet he’s on in the house that makes it worse. I really don’t think he is autistic. I think that people forget that he is a college student with a high GPA. He also mentioned that he wants to get his PHD once he is done with his B.S. He is awkward but not as awkward as many other outside the house.

          I think that he’s condition has been exaggerated because people want to paint him as an underdog, most of us love to root for the underdog.

          1. Also some of his early behavior was actually strategy. He wanted to entertain the houseguests so that they kept him around. (not the roaming the house, laying under furiture part but the dancing around kicking himself in the head part)

  53. Ok, I guess most of you who think your opinions matter and are so quick to posts without being knowledgeable of anything this season have two important bits of information wrong and it is giving me a headache. Number 1…. the 12 point buck refers to FRANK… if you pay attention to what Ian is saying, he is talking out loud what he want to say in his speach. He is not some crazy wierd kid with cooties or something. He is just a nerd who thinks out loud. Number 2 for you morons who thinks you know how the jury will vote…Do you watch Live chat with Jeff? No clearly you dont. Brittney is voting on pure game play and says she will vote for Dan. Frank said no way in HELL will he vote for Dan, because of course Frank is a baby and although saying he is a fan of the game, clearly he forgets this game is not meant to be a fun holding hands and screwing easy girls and easily win compitions type of game. You need to play dirty to win.

    1. right on, I suggest that everyone watch the post eviction interviews with Jeff. You can really get a good idea on how and what the house guests are thinking and they are actually pretty good interviews.

  54. “Ian keeps saying over and over again 12 point buck, 12 point buck. He continues to mumble to himself. Last time I misfired, this time 12 point buck.”

    Dan better win that final HOH or wednesday might be the best finale ever…

  55. One thing to keep in mind. What does production want? Do they want their first two time winner of BB? Or they want someone (Dani) who did as she was told to do the whole game? Or do they want the BB fanboy to win? If BB “influences” decisions made in the house, I would suspect that those same “influences” are there in the jury house. Survivor the jurors always vote emotionally. But BB, for the most part, they vote for who played the game the best. BB11 was one of the worst things to ever happen to this game. Jordan won and she didn’t backstab or lie (much, if any) to get her win. That goes againist what has transpired in all previous seasons. I will take my Big Brother without a side of Political Correctness thanks. And Dan delivered this year. Whether he wins or not, Dan helped re-establish how this game was meant to be played. As well as cemented himself as one of the best to ever play this game, if not the best.

  56. I was once rooting for Frank but everything Dan has done this season especially the funeral thing was pure genius. The funeral kind of reminded me of when Dr.Will was nominated for eviction in season 7 & he stood up & told everybody I think during the pov speech that he absolutely hated everyone.. But if Dan manages to make it to the final 2, he deserves to win.

  57. I can’t help how mean this is, but there has been no bb event as satisfying to me as watching danielle cry for hours. I may have to flash back, record it, and replace my dvd of a thunderstorm with it as my preferred way of drifting into a blissful sleep.

    It’s clear, by the way dani went from bullying ian before to inconsolable after, that the DR helped dani bring the events since shane’s eviction into sharp focus. And while on some level i believe that dan may be undecided about whether taking ian or dani is his best option, she realized that she is truly alone, and has been used in every conceivable way save the ways in which she wanted to be used.

    I’m not a dani hater. Her peronality disorder and gorgeous expanding butt has been the guts and glue of this season. And while i might vomit if she won, an as with rachel, the absurdity of her very existence has been mesmerizing. It’s been like watching a camera in the cage of a zoo on which you watch a rare and impossible creature that roams and plays, unknowingly conounding the laws of nature.

    I think ian is going to have a tough slog to beat dan with the jury. And though i want to thank dan for working dani’s strings in the most entertaining ways, still, ian ftw.

  58. OK boys and girls, let’s handicap this thing:

    It all comes down to emotion vs. game play. If the Jury votes on game play I think this is how it would go:

    Dan vs. Danielle
    Ashley – As Frank
    Britney – Dan
    Frank – Dan (if he is honest about game play)/Danielle (if there is no way he is voting for Dan which is most likely)
    Joe – Dan
    Jenn – Dan
    Shane – Dan
    Ian – Dan

    Dan vs Ian
    Ashley – As Frank
    Britney – Dan
    Frank – Ian (the kid won more HoHs and POVs)
    Joe – Ian
    Jenn – Dan (only because she is closer to Dan)
    Shane – Dan
    Danielle – Dan

    If the Jury votes on emotions:
    Dan vs Danielle
    Ashley – Danielle
    Britney – Danielle
    Frank – Danielle
    Joe – Danielle
    Jenn – Danielle
    Shane – Danielle
    Ian – Dan (He will always vote for best player)

    Dan vs Ian
    Ashley – Ian
    Britney – Ian
    Frank – Ian
    Joe – Ian
    Jenn – Dan
    Shane – Dan
    Danielle – Dan

    But most likely that some of the Jury will vote on game play and some on emotions:

    Dan vs Danielle
    Ashley – Danielle (with Frank/emotions)
    Britney – Dan (game play)
    Frank – Danielle (emotions, hates Dan too much)
    Joe – Dan (game play)
    Jenn – Dan (both)
    Shane – Danielle (emotion)
    Ian – Dan

    Dan vs Ian
    Ashley – Ian (with Frank/emotion)
    Britney – Dan (game play)
    Frank – Ian (emotions, will claim game play)
    Joe – Ian (both)
    Jenn – Dan (both)
    Shane – Dan (with Danielle/both)
    Danielle – Dan (emotions)

    So, it will be a close one either way. Britney is the one that I think could flip these scenarios. My thinking is that even though she likes Danielle and Ian better, she respects Dan’s game play enough to give him her vote. Also it would piss off Frank counter his vote.

    There are other factors and by no means are my predictions 100% locked in my own mind.

    Some may be asking “Why no Ian vs Danielle scenarios”? Two reasons. 1) Highly unlikely to happen 2) This post is too long as it is.

    1. There is no way Jenn would vote for Dan over Danielle.

      I am afraid most players will vote emotion over game play and for that reason Dan has nearly impossible hurdles to overcome to win. Give him his due, Ian also played a good, smart game, even if you may think it wasn’t on par with Dan’s.

      Another thing, the jury is not aware of everything that has gone on behind the scenes, so they might reasonably think from their perspective that Dan wasn’t so much a great player but a reckless one. Dan will have just a few minutes to make his case that he out played everyone else to such a degree that he deserves to win.

    1. No, she lost part 2. Now Dan (winner of part 1) & Ian (winner of part 2) will play each other for Final HOH on the live show Wednesday night. Whoever wins will decide who is evicted.

  59. For those who don’t know, Danielle and Dan are playing Ian right now. Danielle is treating Ian this way because they are trying to get him to throw the final HOH. What Danielle is doing is nothing more than a scare tactic. Everything she’s been saying to Ian is what Dan told her to say. She wants to psyche him out a bit.

    I don’t feel sorry for Danielle, however. She did this to herself. She trusted Dan, and he backstabbed her by sending Shane out the door. Then, she trusted him once again and threw the first part of the HOH to him. She’s in this position because of her own gullibility. It’s shocking how much power Dan still has over Danielle.

    1. That may be true about Danielle and Dan playing Ian right now, but remember, Dan’s plan is to throw the HOH comp so Ian will cut Danielle. She doesn’t realize that this plan (that she and Dan have concocted) is actually just making Ian NOT want to take her to the F2. She’s buying her ticket out the door every time she opens her mouth.

      With that said, Did anyone catch Ian (finally back in his hammock) saying “Last time I misfired, this time I got a 12 point buck!!)

      Wow, COULD Ian be thinking of putting a bullet between Dan’s eyes and taking Danielle instead. Wouldn’t THAT prove to be a $500,000 move??? To take out “The greatest player of all time???” from the final 2?????

      Think about it!!! <3 <3 <3

  60. Here is how it will play out Dan will win and Ian or Daniele will lose. Dan has won the game and the only way he will lose is if Ian wins the next HOh and evicts him.

  61. Does Dan think he can beat Ian?
    Also, I feel so bad for Danielle, I haven’t felt this bad since watching Keesha (BB10) get screwed out of the finale.

    1. I think Dan realizes his only chance to win is with Ian, and even that is going to be a long shot. He burned too many people along the way, and unfortunately for Dan those people aren’t likely to put their emotions away.

    2. I always thought Danielle would get Keesha’d. I was sad for Keesha, but not for Danielle. She has won a few competitions, but except for getting Janelle out, she hasn’t done anything unless Dan told her to. Whenever she had the power, she did what Dan wanted. He used her and she didn’t clue in after the first, second or third time he did it to her that he is a snake and can’t be trusted. If she had just left her own nominations the same, Shane would be there still and the game would have been hers. I would have liked to see Shane make it to the end, but it was worth losing him to see the look on Danielle’s face. She still went ahead and threw the competition to Dan, and now she is done. Boo hoo. Cry me a river Danielle. She won’t even get the chance to taint the jury because they won’t even know who got evicted until Julie says “and evicted just moments ago, the last member of the jury, Danielle”.

    3. Danielle would beat either Ian or Dan.

      Ashley – has been getting some action with Frank in the JH -votes Danielle
      Brit – Ian
      Frank – Danielle
      Joe – ? probably Ian
      Jenn – Danielle
      Shane – Danielle
      Dan – not sure. Probably Danielle, but it wouldn’t matter. Dani wins

      Ashley: Danielle
      Brit: Danielle
      Frank: Danielle
      Joe: Danielle
      Jenn: Probably Dan
      Shane: Danielle
      Ian: Dan
      Dani wins

      Ashley: Ian
      Brit: Ian
      Frank: probably Ian because he hates him but hates Dan more
      Joe: Ian
      Jenn: got screwed by both of them ??
      Shane: will come down to who he hates least
      Danielle: will come down to who she is maddest at when she votes
      The above is before considering Dan’s mist, but Ian has some pretty good mist of his own so it could go either way.

      Finally a finale that has two worthy competitors. I hope Ian wins, but won’t be disappointed if Dan does!

  62. I wonder who’s A$$ Danielle’ s Daddy, (or maybe her kid brother or Imaginary boyfriend) gonna kick now? Dan’s or Ian’s? Between being able to control most of the jury house votes and being so loved by her family(a family who is probably dyin from embarrassment over the things she has lied about and slandered them on National TV) that she can order a long distance a$$ whopping is amazing……Amazingly delusional. Well done you nutbag

    1. Simon/Dawg I already added this to my Favorites Feed. I’m kinda hooked on ya now!! <3 <3 <3 See ya for Survivor!!! (I hope Lisa Welchel does well, I loved watching her on "Facts of Live"!!! <3 <3 <3

    2. Man I havn’t watched Survivor in years but you guys have done such a great job with this site I might check it out and follow along.

  63. Can anyone help me understand something? Even though Shane didn’t hear Dan when exiting, if he asked Jen about Danielle, what would she tell him? Did Jen know that D and D had a final 2 agreement?

  64. If Dan was misting production, I’d laugh so hard. Then they’d have to stop rigging the game because all the contestants in the future would be accounting for production and lie in the diary room.

  65. I agree with those who think Dan’s best chance to win the 500k is to win the next HOH and bring Danielle. Bringing Danielle gives him one redeeming quality; that he was loyal to one person from day one and he did whatever he had to to get them both to the final two. His argument to win would be that he not only accomplished the extra challenge of getting to the final two AGAIN, but this time he got two people to the final two and every lie, backstab and win was with that goal in mind. I understand he probably wants to cover his bases and get to the final two anyway with Ian if Ian has the choice, but he is talking CRAZY if he thinks it is a good idea to throw the final HOH to Ian!!! Ian is so likeable, he played a pretty good game and I think deserves votes for challenges won and sneaky moves like the Boogie betrayal. I think the jury is crossing there fingers they have the option to vote for Ian and he could even win 7-0. As much as Danielle’s behavior all season annoyed me and it would bug me for her to get second, I want Dan to win based on his crazy moves and how entertaining he made this season. Dan made the moves I always wish people would make when I watch BB or Survivor. His best and maybe only option is to win and bring Danielle. I hope he sees through his own mist by Wednesday and doesn’t throw it to Ian!!!!!!

    1. You make some good points BUT I think his best chance to win is with Ian. Dan has burned too many people getting to the final three, and these people are the type that are going to vote against him as pay back (and not vote the best game player). His only hope is to take Ian (or Ian take him) and chip away at his support, which quite frankly wouldn’t take much if Dan convincingly smears Ian with the blood on his hands. Danielle is a so so player who hasn’t made a lot of enemies (hard to make enemies if you are ineffectual) so she would be harder to beat in a final two.

    2. I agree, I don’t see why Dan now considers it safer to go to final two with Ian. The only reason may be that he doesn’t think he has enough votes if he cuts Ian and goes up against Danielle. ironically this came to Dan after Ian started saying what votes Danielle would have locked if Ian picked her, Jenn, Ashley,frank, Shane. Dan may have realized that he’d have those same votes if he (Dan) went up against her. (plus he’d lose Ian’s vote too). Ian was honestly trying to convince Dan of the reasons why Ian would never change his mind and choose Danielle, and in the process may have accidentally misted Dan.

    3. Your absolutely right – Dan’s best clean up for all hismessy bloodletting is to tell the jurors he was in ‘coach’ mode and it was as important to get Danielle to the end as it was himself and he would have made the same moves for any member of the jury if he had been their coach so it was never personal. The advantage of this strategy is that it underscores Dani’s weakness as a player and that she is only in the F2 because of Dan – which half the jurors already suspect or will easily believe. If he has to he can go into every move of Dani’s that he controlled – the jury will be mollified by hearing he his dirty play had some underlying moral compass – getting his player to the F2 and the jury’s dislike for Dan would be overriden by their reluctance to vote for a player who was basically Dan’s puppet.

      Dan’s wanting to throw the 3rd HOH so we wont have to pick Dani is short-sided – he knows he could lose Ian’s vote by making such a late season back stab but he should be seeing the big picture and I predict he will. But I do hope Ian wins the 3rd HOH and ends up winning the game.

  66. Dan is thinking of throwing the final comp so Ian will vote Danielle out the door, that is going to just give him the $50,000 because the jury will vote for Ian over Dan. Why he is thinking that way is beyond reality, it’s insane, he is misting himself….he should try and win the final comp, cut Ian and take Danielle, that way he will win the grand prize because the members of the jury will not vote for Danielle to win the $500,000. Everything he has put her through, and she followed him to the end and he is NOT going to try to take her with him to the end?……. makes him a GREEDY, SELFISH, DESPICABLE human being. AND I WAS ROOTING FOR DAN ALL THE WAY until now. WHAT IS HE THINKING!!!!!
    Danielle haters are jumping for joy, you have no compassion for the weak, trustworthy, emotionally sick, delusional people who need help, I feel sorry for all of you.

    1. In your adjectives for Danielle you left out arrogant, self-centered mean spirited insensitive and narcissistic – its always satisfying to see this type of person get their come uppance.

  67. At this point I’d be happy with either Dan or Ian winning, both have some solid arguments for their win. In the end people are going to have their favorite and point out all the reasons THEY need to win while marginalizing the others accomplishments

    Dan – master manipulator who’s been cutting throats left right and center since the mid-point of the game. Has pulled some pretty slick moves along the way and using peoples character against them (Frank’s ego, Dani’s need for approval, Ian’s desire for group acceptance, etc). He’s played a great game. Arguments against would be that he had 4 initial weeks of safety where he had an opportunity to forge relationships and learn about the other HG’s without worry of being targeted. That’s a pretty big advantage. Also part of the game is getting to the end with solid gameplay while at the same time not leaving the jurors so raw that they won’t vote for you. He may have failed at that part

    Ian – really seen as a nobody and non-threat for the first half of the game, was smart enough to help found a strong alliance to get to the end of the game (4 of the 4 QP made it to the end), was instrumental in getting Boogie out, was instrumental in getting Frank out after so many missed chances and was won every time when it was needed to avoid getting backstabbed. No one except Dr Will expected Ian to be at the end. He also hasn’t scumbagged as many of the jurors as Dan has. The only one who would really hold a grudge is Frank, and I think he hates Dan way more than Ian.

    I think they have equal chances of winning and it’s anyones game. I just really hope Dani doesn’t win.

  68. This crying shit from all the female HGs is too fucking annoying , every season they get more and more pathetic. GROW A PAIR (not literally though) This is the MAIN reason females hardly win in recent years unless “powers” help get them there both Jordan and Rachel had powers give them the edge or save them. I want a dominant female on one of these seasons, fuck all this emotional bullshit

  69. I think Danielle has finally realized she has been played. Her going to the jury house is all her own doings. Throwing the first HOH was just stupid

  70. I am really hoping still Ian wins the final HOH and takes Dan. Really, either one of them deserve to win. I guess anyone who makes it to the final three deserves to win, no matter how they got there. I don’t think Dan has a chance against either of them. I thought he might earlier on in the game, but he made too many moves and said too much to have the votes. I hope Ian wins, I think that would make me the happiest. Go Ian and Dan!!

  71. Simon do we know what the rest of the timeline is through Wednesday night? When will they play the final comp? When will the final eviction take place…live, shortly after the finale starts to air on Wednesday? When do the live feeds end?

  72. the one thing about Ian is he is loyal. if not for him the QP would have never made it he always said it was never an option. i think he will take dan to the F2. They are both convinced they can’t beat her. The jurt has had time to cool off and i think they will vote for the best player which is dan. jenn was amazed on how dan could convince people to do what he wanted. i think she respects him.

  73. Ian’s got the 340k after taxes on lockdown if he brings Dan. Just to clarify, when he was mumbling in the hammock “12 Point Buck” is he referring to taking out Dan and bringing Danielle to the final 2??? please NO. Danielle needs to feel the pain of being 3rd, kids acting like she is entitled to win this game, get to steppin hillbilly………Dr Will: Greatest of all time

  74. If I were Shane I would not vote for Dani… she’s too dumb to have that kind of money on hand. I thought for a minute she had a chance and might be half as smart as she claimed to be but alas she has proven me wrong time after time. I think Ian should win… thought he would have been evicted LONG AGO… but again I was wrong. Dan is just skeevey and I know all about “game play”, but I don’t care for him AT ALL… he’s a greasy shit too!

  75. chilltown final predictions

    wil: ian
    boogie: said danielle will make it to end, probably w/ dan

    chilltown successfully predicts final 3———

    and dan should win, its dumb on his part to not take danielle, her crying etc would easily lead to a lack of votes. I think even frank would vote for dan over danielle

  76. if dan doesnt take danielle, he basically gave the money away

    he must take the person who road his coattails, and trust his speech ability, and danielle’s flopping ability

    ian wants the money so much, I think its a mistake to take ian

    im actually shocked dan thinks anyoine wants danielle to win this game

    1. I agree, I think Dan is overestimating Danielle and underestimating Ian. Up to this point Dan has played a near flawless game but this mistake could cost him the win.

  77. Anybody remember Natalie of big brother 11? Final 2 with Jordan. Jordan was, and is, a sweet sweet girl, never cheated, never lied, BUT also, did NOT win many comps, was NOT a great competitor. Natalie didn’t win many comps but did play kinda dirty, she lied, backstab, etc etc, The jury at the end did NOT vote for her because of that. They decided to go for Jordan because of the way se treated people and how she did NOT check her morals and ethics at the door, she wouldn’t even kiss Jeff for pit-sake. Another example, BB 4 Allison vs Jun, same deal, pretty much everyone hated alison for her antics.

    Dan could be setting himself for a Natalie/Alison spot. He has played a great game, he did get to the end, BUT, you can only do to much crap to people before they vote against you. If it where him against someone just as ruthless. or annoying, or mean (i.e. Evil Dick vs Danielle, his evil spawn). Than maybe the jury can be a little more objective about the game. But someone that has backstab almost everyone in the jury, and lied his teeth out, against someone that hasn’t, will not win. If it’s Dan vs Ian, Ian wins, maybe unanimous. If it’s Dan vs Danielle, Danielle wins, not by much but she wins. Dan’s only chance is to mist the jury.

    I would love to see a Ian vs Dani F2, just because, 1)Love to see Dan’s face been blindsided, and 2) I would love to see 2 newbees win over vets. Ian deserves 500K, Danielle would do good with 50K for all her “emotional trauma” therapy she will get (grin).

  78. If Dan wins HOH is he taking Danielle or Ian? is he lieing to Ian and will take Danielle? wtf is going on here folks?
    Dr Will: Greatest of All time

    1. If Dan wins he is taking Danielle. I really think he is going to throw it. It gives him another jury vote if he ends up with Ian in the final two. Danielle will vote for Dan and Shane might too…his best bet is to throw final HOH Ian takes Dan and gives himself a fighting chance to win. Ian and Dan both deserve the win

  79. What’s Dan so worried about? He has about as much chance to win either way- so try to win HOH, and if he does then great, he takes Danielle. If not the oh well, Ian takes him and he tries his best to mist he jury. Done deal either way- no sure win no matter what.

  80. i’m thinking if Dan wins HOH he will take Danielle to the final 2 then mist the jury with some story about coming into the game as a coach and getting his player to the end and then elaborate how he deserves to win. Ian has to win HOH or i think he is gone
    Dr Will: Greatest of All Time

  81. Danielle’s tears are genuine for the FIRST time. Because now she’s concerned that she might not get any $$$$$’s. That IS a reason to cry. However, here’s the difference, Miss Delusionelle. You betrayed Shane, and by doing so put yourself in this position. Shane never betrayed you. He was taking you to Final2, and you were the only one he promised that to.

    He has far more reason to feel sad and betrayed. Not only have you blown your game, you’ve given up any chance of a relationship with him..even friendship. His family and friends will let him know just what you are. And, it ain’t pretty.

    You took Shane’s loyalty and kindness for granted. Karma’s a bitch. I hope you are able to bring yourself to watch and read BB14, when it’s over, and learn somethings about yourself. You’re young, and foolish. You wanted to be admired too much. Wanted to be wanted by all the guys.

    Watch your meltdown, when Jenn was thanked for making french fries. You fell apart. Unfortunately, I think your problems need to be addressed with professional help. Because, your delusions had nothing to do with game play.

    It would be REALLY interesting to hear Trey’s take on you. Something tells me it would be VERY different from yours.

  82. Danielle does not deserve the grand prize. I don’t even think she deserves $50,000. But I think that the jury would give her the game if it was her and Dan in the end. Dan knows that there is no way he can win the game. With Ian, he has a chance, slim, but a chance. This is the guy that planned his funeral in solitary dance party and pulled off the most incredible move of the season, perhaps the best move since season 8. If he can do that, he might still mist the jury. Danielle really has no enemies. They all know she is annoying, but I don’t remember anyone getting into a fight with her. Of course they still don’t know all the bad things Danielle said behind everyone’s backs, but she really didn’t harm any of them in the game. Dan however had a role in sending every jury member home, and so did Ian. Ashley got burned, Brit got burned (by Dan), Frank got burned by both of them. More than once. Joe was a good sport and so was Jenn. I think they will vote for the best game player and so will Brit. Shane got burned by Dan, not Ian, but he is a dufus, and there is no way to predict what a dufus will do after being misted. If I’m Dan, I’m thinking that I am one of the best players to have played the game. I already won this once, and if I can’t win it again would I rather lose to my mini me or to the kid who outplayed Boogie and Frank? I think Dan would rather lose to Ian than Danielle. Remember, Dan is a mature adult who works with youth. He had to listen to all of Danielle’s delusions and not react to them all summer long while he used her as a game piece. I don’t think he likes her and he obviously doesn’t believe her crazy stories about herself. It’s always about herself. If he is with Danielle in the end, the mist won’t work. They already feel like he was mean to her and if he starts campaigning for himself against his player he looks a bully. If he campaigns against Ian, he won’t look like a tool because Ian has some bad karma with the jury too. If Danielle goes to the end she wins, no matter who she sits with. Ian and Dan know it.

  83. Ian was the odd little kid when he got to that house. Everybody would have voted him out but Boogie saved him at the first real eviction. Ian cried when Boogie gave him $3,000. Everyone saw that. Ian will win hands down over Dan. After all the trauma, the jury will hand Ian the $500,000 because it will make them feel good to help him. It would be a bitter pill to vote for Dan. If Dan took Danielle, he would win because there is no “Ian Factor”. But against Ian, Dan loses.

  84. I predict Ian and Dan in the final two and I actually think Ian will take this one.

    I have said in my previous posts that I really believe Dan has played a heck of a game and his ability to “mist” people is awesome. I think he definitely deserves the 1st place but I just done see him getting it.

    There are too many people in the jury that cannot separate game play from real life and they will either NOT vote for Dan because of the way he played the game or because he has already won.

    I think Dan will throw the 3rd HOH to Ian – so he doesnt have to look like the bad guy to Dani. Ian evicts Dani.

    My voting Predictions

    Dani – Dan (she will be mad at Ian for evicting her)
    Shane – Ian (this guy could be the deciding vote. Will he vote emotionally or will he vote with Dani?)
    Jen – Dan
    Joe – Dan
    Frank – Ian
    Britney – Ian
    Ashley – Ian

    Just my thoughts

  85. Sigh* saying Ian got out Frank AND Boogie is a lie.

    Ian got out Boogie and thats all. The rest Jen,Ash and Frank were all under attack from the rest of the house and it if anyone but Joe had been HoH they would have been evicted. His stupidity almost got him out in 15th and 6th.

    1. The fact is Ian won the HoH and put up Frank with full intention of sending ‘the hairy red headed beast’ home and he did. Credit where credit is due.

      1. If you crediting Ian for Franks eviction cuz he put him up with hopes of him going home, then you have to credit the Boogie eviction to Shane who did the exact same thing.

  86. Simon please respond with your opinion: If Ian is the one to evict Danielle then Dan WILL get her vote, and now has a shot a Shane’s vote. He will get Frank and Jenn (because they hate Ian and will respect Dan more…..Jenn wanted Ian out and respects Dan as a competitor and I don’t think Frank will vote for Ian because Ian screwed Boogie over) and then all Dan needs is one more if he doesn’t get Shane. That could easily be Ashley, Brittany or Joe. Many people act like Ian has this in the bag, really it’s anyone’s game..besides Danielle =)

    1. I have yet been able to digest what will go down with the final 2 vote. I think Dan will take Danielle to final 2 and Ian will take Dan.. either way Dan wins cash.

  87. It’ so disgusting watching Dan telling Dani to bully Ian. It really makes me phyically ill. And Dani actually doing his bidding..Ugh. I know it’s just a game but don’t you think BB should not allow Dani to bully Ian??? It’s Abuse. Dani has no mind of her own. So painful to watch.. Go Ian, win it all.

      1. I understand and your right, Danielle not thinking for herself or even thinking things trough has made her a weak houseguest. She should have known that Dan could possibly evict Shane. I’m guessing she is more comfortable letting Dan make the decision so that she doesn’t have to. It’s sad she made it to the top four. I’m pulling for Dan with Ian coming in second.

    1. What Danielle doesn’t realize about this bullying plan is that it will only hurt her in the end, not Dan. She can just keep throwing threats and insults at Ian, sinking her own ship in case Dan really does end up wanting to throw the last part to Ian. Ian will then take him for sure because he wants to sit next to a good player at the end and he thinks that Dan has been loyal to him. Great move on Dan’s part, but I don’t think he realizes that he’ll probably lose.

      1. I’m not so sure that Ian plans to take Dan to final 2. Personally, I think Ian is thinking for Ian and is planning on taking Danielle because who in that jury house wouldn’t vote for the PERSON WHO ELIMINATED DAN – The “greatest player of all time”??????? I think it’d be 6-1 for Ian if he gets Dan out, the PERFECT $500,000 scenario for Ian!!!!! GET ‘EM Ian!!! Mama’s praying for you!!!! <3 <3 <3

        1. Idk, I think Ian would lose against Danielle. In that situation:

          Ashley – Danielle (Danielle never did anything to her.)
          Britney – Ian (She likes Danielle, but Ian stuck by her all the way.)
          Frank – ? (Ian had betrayed him in the game, but he has said that he wants someone deserving to win, which by everyone’s accounts, is not Danielle.)
          Joe – Ian (Said that he liked Ian after he was evicted.)
          Jenn – Danielle (Wants a girl to win.)
          Shane – Danielle (His girlfriend.)
          Dan – Danielle (His follower.)

          I think that Ian would win over Dan 5-2, while he’ll probably lose to Danielle 5-2.

  88. Well, it appears that Dan has Danielle acting like she is with Ian as their plan to get him to possibly throw the part III/HOH and she thinks if Ian throws it to Dan then Dan is taking her to F2. She is not aware that Dan and Ian have the Renegades and F2 plans. So I assume that Dan would then win….boot Ian and him and Danielle in F2, but would he actually dump her and take Ian…I can’t see that happening. Now, Dan’s thinking he could benefit by himself throwing the Part III…Ian taking him over Danielle and then misting the jury for the win. I don’t think Ian would throw the Part III to begin with. and if he wins it he is gonna take Danielle as he , as I’ve said all along, doesn’t care so much about the money as he does the ego aspect and to take out Dan, the biggest player of all time would thrill him to death and be sitting at final 2 with Danielle he is assured a win. I think Dan’s best chances are to win part III and take Danielle where he really can drive it home how he not only got himself to F2, but as a coach, got his player beside him, where he led her the whole way. I think even Frank might give him the vote. GO DAN!!!

  89. I am still confused at what Dan is doing. I hope he doesn’t throw the last competition, because I think Ian is considering evicting him for the jury votes. However, I do think if Ian wins and evicts him Danielle could win. So Dan and Ian would be making mistakes do these moves. Danielle needs to woman up when the chips are down you just don’t lie down and die you take action and fight to be there. I think she should be being nice to Ian and being making a case why she should stay over Dan and she should be also sticking like glue to Dan incase he wins and reminance because like Dan said he actually has a conscience so he might take her. Crying all night isn’t helping her case, she seriously lost all of her game as soon as Shane Left.

    1. The BEST move for Dan is to throw the HOH and have Ian take him to the finals. But in the end Ian will still have the votes and the “Mist” of Dan will finally be over.


  91. Ok, Im calling it and this is how I see the final day turning out.

    1) Dan throws the last HOH to make it look good but in the end Ian wins. Dan wants the money and the only way is for him and Ian to be in the final.

    2) Voting for Dan in the end will be : Ashley and Jenn.

    3) Voting for Ian in the end will be : Britney, Frank, Joe.

    4) Danielle and Shane in the end will vote for Ian as it will become clear to Danielle how much Dan F-ed her. In fact I think she will figure out Dan threw the last HOH competition when she watches it..

    So there you have it, Ian wins 500K on a 5-2 vote. BTW Im not an Ian fan, wanted Shane but just glad that DAN will not win it.

  92. Danielle is sooo annoying!!! But they don’t show any of it in the show!!! If she gets to the end I will be so mad!! She thinks that she’s running the game and all she has done is exactly what Dan tells her!!! And I agree that she had to know that Dan was going to evict Shane?!?! He’s told her that he’s getting rid of him the next opportunity!!!

  93. Ian deserves to win. He is a trusting ,brillant person. If Dan knew he was going to lie he should have left his Bible home. What a poor model he has been to the students at his school and also around the country

  94. Is Dan stupid? He does know Danielle is leaving on finale night, therefore not being able to affect ANY votes……
    It is official. He has become affected by his own damn mist.

    She can’t talk the jury into doing anything and even if she was going to the jury house, who in their right mind would listen to her? Her argument would be beyond biased and everyone in the JH would see that.

    Danielle thinks too damn highly of herself if she thinks she can change anyone’s vote, I can tell you that.

    Like I said, Dan’s best shot is taking Danielle.
    Ian will vote for the best player without a doubt, that being Dan; so there goes one vote for him.

    Dan is getting ahead of himself and he needs to slow it down before he ends up sitting in one of those jury seats on finale night; Voting, instead of being voted for.

  95. I dont think Dan can beat Ian in Final 2 but he can beat Danielle. No one thinks danielle deserves to win this game and jury will see that Dan got her there and vote for Dan. Ian has played enough game where jury would leverage their hate for Dan to rationalize voting for Ian to get the 340k after taxes
    Dr. Will: Greatest of All Time

  96. there will certainly be reamifications for Dan in the real world for the disgusting way he has acted on national tv. game or not his employer can easily fire him for his actions on a tv show. I wouldnt be surprised if he loses his job and maybe even his pathetic sheep wife.

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