Big Brother 14 Final HOH Part 2 results

First HOH Dan Second HOH Ian
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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Ian Wins HOh Part 2
9:05pm Cam 1-2 Feeds Back kitchen Dan Ian and Danielle
Danielle is freaking out on Ian saying if he takes Dan she will taint the jury and nobody will vote for him. Dan takes Ian into the Arcade room asks him how does Danielle know Ian says she heard him say final 2.

Ian says he feels sick he goes into the toilet and throws up (You can hear him puking). Dan is in the Arcade Room, Danielle marchs into the Bathroom starts Screaming at Ian (FEEDS ARE NUTS RIGHT NOW and I’m not joking this time.. lol)

Danielle: “I swear if you vote for that man I will turn the jury against you.. you are turning into him..”
Ian: “I’m not turning into him”
Danielle: “WHATEVER”

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9:19pm Cam 1-2 Kitchen Ian and Danielle
Danielle: “I am not mad at Dan I am more mad at you.. you’ve done a deal with the devil”
Ian: ‘What do you mean deal with the devil”
Ian: “I’m considering both options.. “
Danielle: “thats fine Ian but I am telling you know if you cut me for that man you will not get my for nor will you get shanes”
Ian: “Ok”
Ian goes into the shower..

Danielle meets Dan in the Bedroom while Ian showers. They recap what is happening. They are putting on a act for Ian trying to get him to throw the last HOH to Dan.
Dan tells her to cool it off a bit and say to Ian “I expect Dan to cut me but I never expected you to cut me”

9:53pm Dan and Ian Cam 1-4 (Danielle in the Diary Room)

Ian says he can’t get the soot off his face
Dan: “DUde you look like a grease monkey.. “
Ian: “It was super John Blaze.. best set ever”

Ian start to explain the competition to Dan. He was worried at first that it was going to be a game based on concentration.

Dan says he’s sorry he was celebrating when he found out Ian won. Dan thought Danielle wasn’t so close. Ian says Dan was very loud, Ian hopes it wasn’t a act because it did look like it. Dan says it was a act.

Dan: “We did it final 2”
They do a renegade dance.. (Image Link)
Ian tells him there is no way he’s going to throw the final HOH. Dan asks him if he doesn’t trust him. ian says it’s not that he it’s a great resume builder for the Finale. Ian says he is taking Dan if he wins there is no chance he’ll take Danielle.

10:12pm Cam 1-2, 4 Kitchen Dan and Ian Ian tells him neither of them have a chance to win against Danielle.
Ian: “She called you the Devil”

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206 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Final HOH Part 2 results

    1. Fair and square?????????????? Haha Production fooled you!!!! The last 6 comps were all designed for Ian to win….all about memory and puzzle….sounds fishy to you????? AG obviously wants Ian to win!!

      1. All of the previous Final’s comps have always been like this. It is not swayed for any one person to win. They all are good at all of these comps. Of course there must be a winner and must be loosers. I feel the other two have just as much as a chance to win any of them.

      2. Alot of the competitions at the end is mental and remembering household events and times, it always has been…and Ian didn’t win the last 6 comps anyways,

    2. You guys DO know BB (The AG show ) is rigged right lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like me SOME Ian Koolaid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. OMG! Dan stop misting my Ian….he is gonna throw it NOOOOOOOOOOOOO Once it goes to We Will Be Right Back Screen Dan will be gone!!!!!!!!!!! GONE IS SAY!!!!!!!!!

      2. If the show was rigged than Frank would still be in the game and Janelle and Boogie would have both made it to final six at the very least

        1. Hey! Cut me some slack!!! I cant save all my favorites!!!! Not my fault Janelle and Boogs played a stupid game this season!!! Although I got my Ian 2 the end by making a LOT of the final comps DESIGNED for Ian

            1. It’s always “rigged” when your person doesn’t win. Well I sat through the abortion that was Rachel Reilly’s winning season, and I was never such a poor sport at seeing Dominic, Cassie, and Danielle out the door that I cried “rigged!” Whaaa! Someone call the Whambulance! You all are so desperate for Danielle to pull this off it’s pathetic. She hasn’t done anything this game! Shane and Dan and the rest of the quack pack made all the moves for her. If she deserves to win, so did Enzo! Ha!

      1. Kellie, don’t know if you have kids, you obviously sound young and supid.
        Let’s hope that when you have kids, if you don’t already and someone
        calls your daughter fat, you remember that you once put down a girl that
        you know nothing of. I can’t stand danielle, but I wouldn’t call her names.
        Don’t know what you might look like but look at yourself in the mirror before
        calling others fat. You stupid idiot.

        1. Peaches, you are the a**wipe because you can’t read! Kellie ASKED, “In what way is she fat?” She did not CALL her fat and having kids had nothing to do with anything since Danielle doesn’t have any. I assume you are very sensitive about your own weight and are taking it out on Kellie, who DEFENDED Danielle.

          Oh, and hon, “you obviously sound young and supid” because you can’t even READ!

  1. IANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN that’s my boy! And he has broken the mist! He said he’s not throwing the 3rd HOH yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss IAN

      1. he said it when he was talking to dan. after ian left…got in the shower…dan told danielle they will work on him the next couple days…he told her to say something like…”ian, if its your vote that evicts me, i will make sure shane or ashley dont vote for you”

        1. you know the stupid part of that strategy of DD is that she won’t have any interaction with the jury because she will be sitting in the kitchen table in we’d night while Dan and Ian are in the living room doing hoh part 3 live….so empty threats!!

          1. I agree, empty, she will have maybe one second to have a say….listen I gave up on all of them when they both Threw the game to Dan…..I’m sick of all the lies and playing on peoples emotions this season…..I think there was far too much manipulation this season…..Dan talked her into taking him off the block….thus evicting Shane…..
            Then after Dan did this she then FRIGGIN DROPS FOR HIM…..risking her game…….this is her fault…..two very large mistakes that she should not have done. She should have known enough about this game not to fall for this….as someone said on the feeds this week, Dan/Danielle’s game ended with the reset….he was no longer her coach, he’s in it to win it…….she should have realized this as well…..I do think he feels a little bad, but not bad enough…..
            I think she could have won it without Shane had she not dropped for Dan…..who friggen gives someone the game???????

            1. What’s all this manipulation stuff? Dani was a willing participant. Dani jumps off and throws the first HOH to Dan. That wasn’t Ian throwing anything, that was Dani. Dani then feels this false bravado and thinks she can take Ian in a mental competition. Dani even says she has a photographic memory all of a sudden. Really Dani, when did you get these powers, was it after you became a doctor? Now she lost the comp and calling people the deviel. Oh Dani, I guess you are going to have to go to phase 3 and try intimidating Ian …. oops wait ….you tried that …… I guess Ian is going to give you the screw that Shane never did.

              1. Danielle doesn’t even know the meaning of a photographic memory. If she truly had one, she wouldn’t have to study at all! When I was in college, I had a bit of one because I could just go back, in my head, and read my notes right off of the page when taking a test (sometimes they were fuzzy and it didn’t always work). I think she believes that, if she sees pictures in her mind (i.e. “photographs”), that is the same as a photographic memory. If anyone has one, it is Ian. Her delusions never stop, do they?

                FYI, she is so insecure and clingy because, as she stated, her Dad was mean to her as a kid. (She also stated that she thinks he was that was because she was destined to do something like BB and he was toughening her up. What, was her Dad also clairvoyant?) So, she picks completely unavailable (uninterested?) men and goes after them, makes up fake romances, lies to and about herself constantly, trying to win Daddy’s attention. Her grandiose delusions about everything she has done (made up), how pretty she is, how smart/sweet/innocent she is, the fact that all the boys love her and are just waiting for her to crook her little finger to come running to her side (Shane, Trey, Hayden) prove she has very little grasp of reality. Even former friends/roommates state that she is delusional and a fake braggart and they had to break away from her. Girl need serious mental help having nothing to do with the game. After she watches and finds out that she was in the bottom as far a favorites go, she will end up seriously disturbed. The problem is, she is also a narcissist, so there is very little counseling will do for her because she does not have the ability to see herself as anything but a victim and would never tell the truth so it would be difficult to make any progress.

                It’s so funny, everyone calling Dan out on his lies. At least his were for a reason – to win $500K. Danielle has made up so many things, she would have to be about 50 years old to have accomplished everything she says she has done. Her lying is much more insidious because the only thing she gets from it is an ego boost because she feels that everyone will be jealous of her or admire her more because of them.

  2. To quote Barney Fite just let me “nip it in the bud” and tell Gavin to STFU before he posts he illiterate nonsense….
    Dawg & Simon are the best… Thanks Guys !! donation coming on Tuesday….

  3. bigbrother after dark is crazy danille is fuming ian won lol … danille and dan is pretending so ian can throw the next competition but ian is very smart he told dan he aint throwing the next competetion

  4. Poor Ian! Danielle has turned into Dan, not Ian! Leave Ian alone you big, fat bully!!! He’s gonna have a stroke!! Hate Danielle!!!

    1. What you saw had nothing to do with her being a bully. That’s a simplistic and ignorant statement.

      Can’t blame her for letting her nerves take over like that, but after what occured, no one should be surprised. I feel Dan may still take her if he wins, btw. Smart thing for her to do is apologize to Ian.

      On the other hand, she’s mad at herself. She knows it and that’s what hurts so much. Dan’s game is another matter, but this is about her. I don’t mean it in a mean way, but she needs to see a psychologist because she’s one of those girls who are so trustworthy and needy of a man, they get screwed over time and time again. I see it in real life all the time and that’s what I deducted from her stories over the summer. She’s a nice girl, just emotional, young and immature. If Dan doesn’t win, she will pay dearly and it’s something she will have to live with. Yet, maybe it’s the one thing she needed to finally make a change in her life…

      1. It’s not her nerves making her go off on Ian…She is doing exactly what Dan told her to do. It’s another act of hers. She is doing what Dan wants once again. I hope she cries to eviction day. I was A dan fan until this. The both of them laughing at what they are putting Ian through was the straw that broke the camels back for me. I just hope Ian realizes that that’s no way in hell the 2 of them don’t a have a final 2 deal and plays their asses this time.

    2. u have the right not to like some one but stop calling danielle fat if she is fat what the hell is roseanne barr or whoopi goldberg a f tanker ship

    1. Well said.

      Karma must be a snake because he would have to unhinge his jaw to take a bite out of Danielle’s ass.

      Go Ian!!


  5. Lol Danielle you are so dumb. You can’t turn this jury to vote for Dan over Ian. Dan deserves to win more obviously but this jury is so butthurt that Dan evicted them that there is no way he can win this thing. I expect Ian to win Part 3 of the HOH and he SHOULD take Dan then and Ian will win it all.

    1. QUESTION: How come Ian is filthy dirty and Danielle is spotlessly clean in a really dirty “Supposed” HOH competition. UM SOMETHING SMELLS FISHY!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Both Ian and Dani had clothes/costumes on over their current clothes. You could see that Dan brought out the costumes for them to weart when he came out of the jury room before the competition begain.

  6. Man, if Danielle lays her “rage” on any thicker, she won’t have to worry about Wednesday, because she’ll give the poor kid (Ian) a heart attack before then….

  7. Lmao at Danielle trying the strategy Dan told her to, she doesn’t even see that Dan is in the best place right now, he positioned himself for guaranteed final two. She is soooooooo stupid, and Ian already told Dan he is NOT throwing the final comp, not what Dan wanted to hear but he can’t expect his way 100% of the time ,although he has gotten his way thus far. Will be epic fighting, when will Dani see that she’s been played by Dan?? Never??? LMFAOOOOOOO

  8. DID THIS JUST HAPPEN! Dan must throw HOH3 to Dani in order to keep Ians Jury vote but thats dangerous because Danis loose cannon right now I hope she calms herself because she cant deal with Ian right now

    1. Dani doesn’t play in HOH3, only Dan & Ian does. Then winner decides who they take with them to final 2. Dani is so damn blind, it’s unbelievable!!!

    1. Like Dani can get Shane to vote for Dan, NOT! Hell she’s not even going to the jury, she won’t be able to speak to anyone, she leaves the day of the vote.Duh!! Don’t believe anything she says Ian!! Stay strong!!

      1. ian knows this, and if he hadn’t thought of it already, he will. dan is using danielle to set himself up for ian to take him to the final. her anger only hurts her, and she’s too stupid to see this, even after shane was blindsided. she deserves what she gets.

    1. Never, he has better chance with Dan in final 2, would mop the floor with him. Dani would get sympathy votes for the funeral still, plus Frank hates Ian second to Dan, so to secure his vote Ian would need to take Dan. He would get Frank, Ashley, Brittney, Joe for sure against Dan, that’s the 4 he needs, plus throw in Shane for good measure.

      1. i’m seeing it that way right now, too. dan has upset too many hg this season with his gameplay, and he’s probably the least liked between the two. ian might be smart to take dan if he wins.

      2. Frank will vote for Ian if he evicts his arch-enemy Dan and Frank cant stand Danielle (you werent fooled by his fake flirting with her were you?) and his hate for Dan transfers to her as Dan’s puppet. Frank respects the game and will appreciate Ian’s game play over Danielle being controlled by Dan all season – even giving up her power to Dan and allowing him to vote out her showmance and guarentee to be in the Final 2 with either Shane or Dan – no way Frank rewards that kind of stupidity. So Ian gets votes from Frank, Ashley (she will vote with Frank), Britney (who likes Ian and will also respect him for being a giant killer by taking out Dan) and Joe.

        Taking Dan and his misting powers to F2 is too dangerous and it would be sooo satisfying to see him go home without 50K or 500K.

  9. Lol, wow. #1) Ian never had a deal with Danielle, so there’s nothing to “cut.” She’s just being a bitter bitch right now because she threw the first part of the comp and lost out on the 2nd round. She has no control over her fate and she knows it’s Dan’s fault. #2) Danielle thinks she can control the jury? HA. The jury members will all know how biased her vote’s going to be anyways. #3) By the way, even if Ian loses to Dan in the end, he’ll be $50,000 richer, so Danielle will have nothing to brag about.

    And the Dan/ielle act makes no sense anymore. What are they trying to fool Ian into? Throwing the final part of the comp? No way in hell is he doing that. Obviously, Dan is looking out for himself now, because if he treats Ian right, he’s guaranteed to be in the finals. Danielle is sinking her own ship.

  10. AHA!! Daniell is so angry!! But, she’s not ready to face the fact the at she did this to herself……. Love it. Poor cereal. Crunch..crunch. She’s taking the wrong way here. Ian doesn’t do well with bullying.

    Now Dan is fighting for second place. Ian got it. With Damielle, he doesn’t have her vote or Shane’s. Without her, same deal.

    Go Ian. You’re the best that’s left/

    1. Agree with the votes but she’s acting angry as part of Dan’s plan to get Ian to throw the final comp, which he already said he wouldn’t do. Will she ever realize how bad Dan played her?? Wow, what an idiot!!! LMFAO

      1. She will realize it when she watches the tapes at home. She’s crying now, wait until to rewatches all of it..Yikes!!! It’s a shame that she hasn’t the sense to know how she has been being played over and over again. You have to feel sorry for the gal.

  11. dan and danielle are sure gonna try to mess up ian’s head the next few days…hoping ian will throw dan part 3 of the hoh. all ian has to do though is remember (or diary room tell him) that the last evicted house guest doesnt go to jury…or have time to turn shane and ashley against him. and i could see ian not caring about shane or ashley’s vote anyway…he said himself he got alot further than he had hoped.


    one more vote from jenn, ashley or shane, ian wins.

    how danielle gonna convince shane to vote for dan after he voted him out?

    their plan isnt going to work

    1. Heath, that’s an excellent point. There’s one “X” factor that Dan simply has NO control over. What Ian will be told by Production during his Sun/Mon/Tues Diary Room sessions – and it will be PLENTY! AG wants a Dan/Ian final two. BADLY!!!!!!!!!!! AG will poke more holes in Dan’s “get Ian to throw Part 3 of the HOH comp” scheme than a slice of swiss cheese! AG will tip Ian off, but in such a way where Ian WILL still take Dan along if he wins. Dan better win Part 3 of HOH, or Danielle’s casting a jury vote! Even worse for her though, is that AG is, as we speak, busily inventing an HOH Part 3 comp that Ian cannot POSSIBLY lose!!!!!i Chemistry comp, anyone?

    1. Total game move. Dan and Danielle discussed how Dan would do this and Danielle would say to Dan ” you’re crazy if you think he’s taking you, he promised he’d take me.” then Dan could act like he thought Ian had made a final two with Danielle. this was all done in an attempt to get Ian to throw final HOH. But even Ian said it came off sounding fake.

  12. OH NOOO!!! … What are Dan and danielle gonna do Now!? “(( ( Danielle is carrying on the way dan told her to do, if Ian won part 2 – Dan is gonna try to get Ian to throw it) … In hindsight, Dan’s deal with ian should have required Ian to throw all of it- not just part 1. – I really hpe that Dan can get ian to throw part 3 ( or that Dan wins it)!!

  13. Ian broke free of the mist!

    He said he’s not throwing it no matter what.

    Just hope part III isn’t questions about “Did a houseguest say this or this” Dan would win.

  14. I doubt that Ian will even consider throwing the last HOH to Dan.

    Ian’s guaranteed $50K if he wins part three and I’m sure he has that much figured out.

  15. YES!!! You go Ian Terry! Take that Danielle…you thought you could just throw the first hoh and win against Ian! Now you will have to watch Ian and Dan in the final HOH and hope that Dan wins! I can’t believe you would dare say to Ian that he made a deal with the devil. Wake up Danielle…YOU made a deal with the devil! GO IAN!! Show them who is running away with the half mil!

    Ian will get half a million dollars on Wednesday!
    “And none for Danielle Murphree!” – Another Mean Girls quote

  16. All I hope for at this point is Ian wins the last HoH. Seeing either Dan or Dani going home at this point is equally great at this point

  17. Dan and Danille now turn on each other. Going to be very ugly.Dani plays the Shane card. But, oh wait. Ian’s in it because Shane got screwed.

    Ian’s taking Dan. If he wins final. And he will. Because face it, folks. Dan hasn’t won too much. Hiding behind the dumb ones. Ian however, is no dummy.

    The mist may not work, Dan. That’s all he was//mist. And, mist evaporates.

    For the first time, Dani is really angry. Not over loyal Shane, or her BFF Britney. Hoist on their own petard.

    Win it, Ian. Show the World good wins over evil.

  18. I’d bet Dan is in the AR laughing listening to Dani tear into Ian. He sent her in to bulldog Ian which is yet another sadistic ploy of Dans’. I hope Ian wins HOH and takes Dani leaving Dan in 3rd with $0 except for his stipend. That would be the cruelset cut of all that Ian could bestow on evil Dan. I hope it happens with either Ian or Dani winning it all. I do hope Ian wins it though after going through all the troment that Dan and Dani have thrown at him. He deserves in and I think he would be least likely to splurge on expensive toys but rather use it for his education and his family. Go Ian Go!

  19. Uh guess what Daniel…….You just might be evicted on the Live Show, Danielle won’t even have a chance to influence the jury, if she can make it that far without attacking Ian on stage, don’t want to see Ian hurt but it could be good tv that night. Ian for the Win!

  20. if dani had not used that power of veto she would be in dans spot right now guranteed 50gs but she is an idiot she now has to depend on dan to win the last hoh what an idiot

    1. Danielle has made some crucial mistakes lately. She took Dan off the block and put up her “boyfriend,” the one person that she could really trust, and was stupid enough to think that Dan wouldn’t vote him out. If she wanted Ian out so badly, she should have just let the nomination stand and you know Shane was voting out Ian no matter what, he wasn’t flipping. And then jumping off of the final HOH endurance comp, her specialty, to Dan? She lost the game right there. If Dan wasn’t okay with jumping off for her, she should have known something was up.

  21. Das ma boi Ean. All he does is win. Daniele got got by da most best playa eva in da big bro hizzie. All dats left is fo Ean ta lay a beet down on Dan an he got dis game one. Easy as cake. Non of yall in da hizzie ad da skillz dat Ean as. He as da looks, da smarts, da swag an da looks ta be da bestest playa eva. Holla at ya fav girl of all time. Queen CHIMA!!!! Lates beeotches!!!!

  22. I love the “you won’t get Shane and mines vote!”

    A) There’s no chance in hell Shane’s going to vote for Dan to win


    B) If Ian is against Dani in F2 he for sure doesn’t have her or Shane’s vote so she has absolutely no leverage.


    C) I’m not sure Ian is going for a hard push to win, I think he’ll be happy with second and I don’t see him taking any risk at this point that would jeopardize that

  23. i am so glad ian isnt mist … he told dan straight up he wont throw that next competition to him …. dan didnt like that that jury is so bitter with shane and frank ian best chance will be draging dan to final 2 because most people wont give him it twice or they may not like the way he played to me played great but i aint voting those bitter jurors are……. lol i love u ian glad u won one more to go

  24. Did anyone catch how Production asked Dan to reattach his mic and he got pissed and said something about you’re not getting a show tonight and stormed out the room, then Dani said, “His mic was on, why did you do that?” to Production.

    Not that Ian could of heard anyway, he was in the shower.

  25. Finally the QP and the QP fans turn on each other. I was never a fan as i wanted Frank to win. I havent posted since hes been evicted except once or twice but i want Dan to win. Hes responible for Brit,Frank,Jenn and Shane all 4 back to back. Dani is delusional but i want her in F2 because she showed she is loyal to her alliance. I cannot stand Ian because of his obsession with the QP and he just had a bad attitude when things dont go his way. Hes been nominated twice in a week all season he hasnt had to do anything to get where he is. Boogie gave him 3k and saved him or he would have followed jodi out the door wk 1

    1. The quackpack ceased to exist when they were the only ones left. It’s not like they can start evicting jury house members a second time. And the praise of Dani and putting down of Ian is fantastically hypocritical considering she is in the bathroom screaming at Ian, lol

      And say what you want about Ian, but he was fiercely loyal to the QP, and been straight up with his final 2 with Dan (not once have you seen him considering turning on Dan). Honestly? He’s probably the most loyal player in the house this season.

    2. You make some good points about Ian, Boogie did save him and I’ve been disappointed with some of Ian’s choices in the game also, however if it comes down to Ian verus Danielle I’ve got to pull for Ian. I think Danielle has dug her own grave so to speak.

    3. Boogie is a Saint!

      Boogie cured cancer!

      Its so funny, players don’t like getting played.You make it sound like Mike “The Fake” Boogie gave Ian 3K out the kindness of his heart. News flash, he had to give it to someone on his team. If it was left up to selfish Mike, he would of kept it all. Each time Mike had the opportunity to go for the money or win a comp, he went for the money. Boogie never had Ian’s back. If he had Ian’s back, why was Boogie in the Silent Six without Ian? Oh wait, because Boogie was looking out for his own interest. He was making a move and took Ian for granted. Boogie thought he was mind controlling Ian like Dan mind controls Dani. Opps, Ian not Dani. Ian actually had the temerity to look out for his own self interest over Boogie’s. Oh my, Ian is now a weasel…..LOL! Ian keep looking out for number one, Boogie fans ….you can bite the big one.

      1. please Boogie gave Ian the POV the first week of comps because he knew that Ian was a target. Willie and Brit were taling about sending him home becuase he creeped them out. Boogie was the was that gave the kid a chance, you don’t have to like Boogie but you have to give credit where it’s due.

  26. OMG really Danielle?? Screaming at Ian isn’t going to help you!!! She should be kissing his ass turning him against Dan right now if she wants to make F2!!

  27. Still think the jury as bitter as they are will vote for Dan in the end. They’ve always voted for the player who played the best game. Remember, a lot is going to come to light when Dan tells the jury about all the things he did to play everyone, not to mention, they’ve seen it in the episodes they watch at the jury house.

    1. John, the jury doesn’t get to watch ANY BB episodes while in the jury house. In fact, I believe the ONLY part of BB they ever got to see in past seasons (the actual evictions, via a DVD given to the HG by production, on his/her way in to the jury house) is no longer provided. All they know is the descriptions of “what went down” from the HGs themselves.

    2. Oh my, here is Dan’s brother in-law again saying how great Dan thou art. Vote for Dan! Vote for Dan! Dan will lead us to the promise land. Hey Bro, pardon me if I don’t jump on that bandwagon. Dan is just one vile creature. Judas got his 30 pieces of silver, Dan can get his half million dollars. However, no money in the world will allow Dan to buy class or common decency.

  28. Dan still has plenty of time to mist Ian, especially knowing how vulnerable Ian is right now. Dan can really play into that. But wonder if Danielle will have enough time to ponder that if she hadn’t used the veto on Dan, Shane would have still been in the game. Danielle or Shane would have won the first HOH and Danielle or Dan would have won this one. Either way she would have secured a spot in the final two. She’s been played for a fool, and she’s no campaigner so unless Dan wins third HoH she’s out.

  29. Dan knows that Ian does not respond well to aggression and tonight was proof as Ian threw up in the face of Danielle’s onslaught.

    It’s quite clear that Dan is stage managing this production hoping that either Ian will decide to throw the final HOH just to be safe from Danielle in the mistaken belief that it does not matter and Dan will take him to the end at which point he wins by a wide margin or that Danielle can stay on Ian so hard, making him a nervous wreck before the final HOH, leaving Ian so frazzled that he will screw up.

    As evil as Dan is, he reads people extremely well.

    He had Danielle go hard at him, now has told her to ease off. You can expect this pattern to continue right up until the final HOH. I would expect Dan will not offer him comfort, so much as say he just has to accept with her anger as she knows she has lost and blames you. Think back to when Danielle was up against Jojo and Dan gave the whole “You have to do this on your own” speech. Dan will just keep saying it’s over now, but Ian is on his own with Danielle and whatever she does the next few days and then what she says to the jury. I think Dan knows he has already planted the throwing the HOH seed, Danielle’s aggression will be the water, and Dan telling him that he just has to take her yelling and threats is the sunshine. I don’t think he will sell throwing the HOH too hard.

    The question is can Ian keep from having a nervous breakdown and caving in to Dan for the next few days?

    1. I’m sure Ian will realize that there is absolutely no incentive for him to throw the final part of the final HOH. The money is within reach and having the title of BB winner is a dream of his! This is where he should be playing Dan’s game – get to the finals, worry about jury votes later. Ian has a great shot.

    2. Also expect Dan to talk a lot about Shelly and what she had to endure for turning on Jeff and Jordan. He will try to position Danielle as the Jordan of the house and if he chooses Dan over her at the end, then they will hate him like they did Shelly. Dan will make it clear that he is still the best partner (He will say Danielle has Ashley, Frank, Jenn, and Shane and that is ballgame) and is Ian’s only path to victory, but he will use Ian’s natural anxiety, coupled with the isolation of the house, in order to get him thinking about life as a BB vet.

      Ian wants to be a lovable rogue like Will or Dick, he does not want to be a pariah. Dan has been setting this up by building up Ian to think that when he gets out he’s going to get laid and that he’ll be hired for personal appearances and will surely be invited back. Dan has sold Ian on the idea that his life is about to change for the better in a revolutionary way.

      And now he’s going to show that evicting Danielle himself, rather than letting the villainous Dan get a little more blood on his hands, represents the carpet being pulled out from under him.

      Dan will tell Ian that instead of being the BMOC at Tulane, flying out to Vegas for paid appearances, and getting girls…Ian won’t even be able to return to his previous existence as now he won’t even be the nerdy RA in the dorms at school, but the heinous traitor who chose Dan over Daniele, America’s sweetheart. He will tell Ian, “Sure you’ll have the $250K, you did remember taxes, but you’ll have to spend that hiding from the same lunatics that threatened Shelly last year. I hope you’re not too attached to Tulane because all the fans know that’s your school. Maybe your credits can transfer to another school and you won’t lose any time. But don’t worry, it will die down after about a year or so. Of course BB won’t be able to invite you back for concerns about security and their liability, but hey, you already won, so who cares, right?”

      I kind of expect this to be Dan at his most evil.

    3. Bobsky, production will provide Ian will ALL the comfort, reassurance, and “Dan Mist Antidote” (just invented, by Ian’s science professors at Tulane!) that he needs, between now and Wednesday. It is in AG’s best “BB business interests” to keep the young lad strong!

  30. She can only be mad at herself for first taking Dan off and Shane going home and still after that she threw the HOH comp to Dan, she gets what she deserves,

  31. I feel so bad for Ian! Dan and Dani should really be ashamed of the way they are treating him in this game.

    Dan is a coach and a teacher that is supposed to help mold young minds – no matter what their medical circumstances are.

    Dani is in the medical field and should realize the mental torment they are putting him through.

    and neither one of them cares. It is so sad that game play and money can turn people into methodical monsters to play off on someone’s weakness and handicap that they were born with. Ian’s case is not like rudeness or being a bully – but an actual malady that he has to live with day in and out.

    And even through all of this, Ian is being the bigger person by trying to sympathise with Dani and trying to call Dan out on his ignorance of the way he is treating her.

    If Ian wins this or not is still yet to be seen, but in my opinion he has won over a lot more people than what he ever gave himself credit for. His family should be proud.

  32. After another 3,000 calorie meal to start the day (In and Burger meal), Danielle rips through a 600 calorie bowl of Fruit Loops like a pig slopping at a trough. You can literally see her ass expanding on television. Plus, she eats like a complete slob, trying to shovel the food in her mouth so quickly that it falls out the sides–and she chews with her mouth open which is completely disgusting. She is so goddamn gross. Please send her packing.

    1. Amen! I cringed every time the camera swapped to her. Grazing like that was the last bowl of froot loops on the planet. I guess they called her to the DR so she could finish chewing her cud. Time for that hefer to head to market…

      Go Ian!!

    2. Lol, ikr. She can’t get the food in her mouth fast enough. Everytime I turn on the feeds, she’s shoving her face with something. or picking her face, or asking someone if someone else has said something about her body. I felt sorry for the slinky and the bowl of cereal.

  33. Dani has no idea how to handle people not misting her. The fur will fly now. Dan will now poison Ian against Dani. He has to, to get to final 2.

    Expect a lot more zits. Maybe some rashes. For sure, restriction orders, kidney problems, giving up her job.

    Be strong Ian. Remember everything. Then win it all.

    But, you are going to be harrassed. Big time. D. ani is just the devil’s pawn. My Lord, she thought the $500.000 was in the bag. It maybe was, until she did the dirty to Shane.

    Now, not even America’s vote. Better save up for the Dermatologist. Because, pizza face is gonna be busy. Pop, pop, pop.

    1. I have a feeling production is going to tell Dan and dani to KNOCK IT OFF, I just don’t believe they’ll let them torture him this way.

      1. I hope you are right. No one likes to get yelled at. If this keeps up, Ian might respond and say something Dani won’t like or forget … shut up you Cow!. Then Dani will cry all over again and call Ian the deviel. Wait, Dani already inferred that Ian was the deviel …. Ian just be done with it……say moo! moo! moo! when Dani starts up again.

  34. What exactly did Daniellen expect Ian To do? Throw the competition to her? Oops, she already did that in round one by throwing it to Dan . Let’s recap how the sore loser of the comp got herself into this situation. 1st she takes Dan off the block and ultimately loses the one guy left that might have thrown her a bone in the comp or at least she may have had a chance in beating,therefore securing her own spot,then she throws round one to Dan( again, why? Oh yea, it’s because there was NO Way Ian could beat her in anything physical,mental, required a photographic memory or if it was her lucky day, a LYING comp) then the great Danielle waits 2.5 seconds before screaming and threatening Ian by tainting the jury house against him. Brilliant Danielle.She just managed to make Dan look like a nice guy. Out Vey,this girl needs professional help….SOON

  35. Danielle is full of shit = FRANK 2.0. Trying to give Ian a stroke. I don’t care if its fake. She’s crazy. Ian’s vomiting cause of her. GO DAN AND GO IAN! Great final two.

  36. No, Ian will never throw part 3 of the comp. He has caught on to Dan. He knows that he has a final 2 deal with Dani. Dan is being played at his own game! Ian has officially been demisted! WOOOOFREAKINHOOOO!!!!!!! Dani is playing it up in hopes that Ian will throw part 3 to Dan so that HE gets the blood on his hands and Ian wouldn’t lose any jury votes. Dan is just the sweetest thing isn’t he? Ian= $500 g’s!!!!!!!!

  37. ian just aked dan if danille being angry was fake,and hes not throwing the last hoh,but if its the normal last hoh he might not win,he needs to mist dan to throw it,lol

  38. I think Dan has votes locked….in big brother the jury always seems to vote for best played game regardless of personal feelings. Frank will have cooled down by now. Jenn, Brittney and Danielle will vote Dan. That’s 4 right there…Dan will probably win 6-1 with Ashley as lone vote for Ian….

  39. Dan and dani are truly evil. I understand it is a game, but who can be that evil. I cant believe Dan is a teacher, if I had a kid in his school, I would take them out. I hate to think he is a teacher and she is a nurse. Very scary people. Poor Ian, how awful and evil these two are.

  40. ian vs dan, ian wins

    ashley = ian
    brit = ian
    frank = ian
    jenn = ian
    joe = dan
    shane = ian
    dani = dan

    dani vs dan, dani wins

    ashley = dani
    brit = dani
    frank = dani
    jenn = dani
    joe = dan
    shane = dani
    ian = dan

    dani vs ian, dani wins

    ashley = ian
    brit = dani
    frank = dani
    jenn = dani
    joe = dani
    shane = dani
    dan = dani

    1. I hate to tell you but your way off base Ian has Britney either way and Frank is voting for the best player unless it’s Dan while Joe is only going to vote for a newbie and Ashley is voting how Franks penis tells her to

      1. But don’t forget Britney had Ashley’s ear for a full week while they were alone in the house. Don’t you think she would be using that time to burn Frank!!

    1. Whether it’s an act or not, no one likes to get yelled at. What if Ian responded and called Dani a Fat Cow! Would it been ok and just say Ian was acting?

  41. Danielle tearing into Ian is only helping Dan go to F2. Ian will be so sick of her that Ian will take Dan just to get back at her. She needs to be kissing his royal little ass a bit to get on his good side or else… But she is so mentally deficent that she isn’t going to see that it would help her to be kind to him. Oh well, she’s still on track to give the money to anyone but herself.

  42. (Go Ian!)

    Ian should take Dan to the final two.
    If he does, these are my speculated votes from the jury.

    Danielle: Dan
    Shane: Ian
    Jenn: Ian
    Joe: Ian
    Frank: Ian
    Brittney: /no clue/
    Ashley: /no clue/ probably Ian

    Fingers crossed!!!

    1. No clue? Britney would definitely vote for Ian. Jenn would vote for Danielle, though, because she really wants a girl to win, especially next to a guy. I think Ashley would vote for Ian as well.

    2. Danielle: Dan…………correct
      Shane: Ian……………..correct
      Jenn: Ian………no clue probably Dan
      Joe: Ian………….wants a newbie to win
      Frank: Ian…… clue
      Brittney: /no clue/…………thinks Dan played a good game but she likes Ian, also Ian has won alot more comps than Dan and played a pretty good social game. brit will vote Ian for sure
      Ashley: /no clue/ probably Ian….correct

      total Ian ….minimum 3 for sure
      Dan 1 vote for sure………..need I say his zombie Danielle BB14 Queen of the dumbest move this season.
      Go Ian smoke Dans a$$ in the comp and F2!

  43. Ian has to win this game, but winning the final hoh is a must otherwise that psychopath hillbilly danielle is final 2. she is really gross on every level and that voice ,wow, people really talk like that??. go ian, get it done, take this and finish off these weasel tools

  44. 1. I really hope they show the jury a clip of Dan’s two faced sceeming and Danielle going off on Ian after he won before jury vote.
    2. Let me clear this up…Ian was Not Puking………..He was coughing the coal/black crap out of his lungs….been there ..done that.
    3. Ian has no desire to throw the comp…..he knows how close he is…after he calms down abit and gets his hammock back he will see Danielles threats are hollow.
    she won’t have a chance to influence anyone, besides half of em are still healing from the stab wounds she put in their backs. And Shane voting for Dan? LOL LOL
    Not a Chance!
    4. Danielle needs to figure out that she might get more with abit of honey than vinegar mist.

  45. Go Ian for the final HOH, really want to see Ian and Dan in the finals. Been my picks all along. Fingers crossed. Danielle seems really nice, but wow, stop picking at your face young lady. That shit is going to leave scars!! Plus, it gives me nightmares.

    1. I gotta see that. Did you see Shane’s interview with Jeff? He said that Will had some nice legs, I’m starting to wonder about him.

  46. Ian needs to take it since all he has done is let other people pay for what he does in the game. Ex. Dan and Frank. He also is part of the renegades. I would be yelling at him to.

      1. That’s not going to happen. Jordan doesn’t have anything to offer Jeff. Jeff got a little career going on with CBS and is meeting a lot of hotties. Sorry to say it ….but there is no way Jeff is settling down right now. Jordan gave him until June of next year …… pack your things Jordan, you will be heading home without the ring. Why did Jordan follow Jeff to California without a ring? Oh yeah, to keep track of Jeff and remind him …choose me…..marry me. Ladies it never works in your favor when you follow a man with no commitment.

    1. How mature is Danielle right now? Why is she so mad at Ian? She’s been rude to him all the time! I was thinking to myself how cool would it be if Dan threw the HOH to Ian, and then Ian blindsided Dan. Now I don’t know!

      1. I think Ian could make the best impression, if he wins, to cut Dan the Man, “the best ever”.

        Ian might be too much a fan boy though, and Danielle may prove too grating.

    2. Yes, plus it was all paid for by the other reality wedding show, with David Tutura who is a wedding planner…It will be shown sometime in December.

  47. If Ian wins the final HOH this is how I see the votes going
    Ian vs Dan
    Ian vs Danielle

  48. Did anybody catch what Dan said to himself at about 10:34ish it sounded like he said something about him throwing the HOH! Did I hear that right!?!?

    1. Yes, he just said it again, throwing it to Ian. And when he said “It wasn’t this hard last time” I think he was referring to Keesha, not sure, though.

      Danielle is going to flip her shit and end up on Shutter Island in a straight jacket!

    2. He’s considering letting Ian win because he’s not sure about Danielle and him in the finals anymore. He wouldn’t want the blood on his hands and he knows Ian will take him anyways. That way, he won’t lose Danielle’s vote.

    3. Dan DID SAY that his best move is to throw HOH Part 3 to Ian. His conscience won’t let him not choose Dani if he won it so he’s thinking of throwing it because he’s confident Ian will take him. I wish Ian would win Part 3 and pick Dani. OH YEA!

  49. dan has to take ian no question,if takes danielle he loses fosho
    thats it game over dan u gots to take ian

    1. I think he would lose to Ian as well.

      Britney – Ian
      Frank – Ian
      Joe – Ian
      Shane – Ian

      Ashley – probably Ian

      Danielle – Dan
      Jenn – Dan

  50. Well Danielle did say she was REALLY good at puzzles, so I think Ian did win fairly. Even if someone says it is rigged for Ian, if Dani is good at puzzles and actually won some of them, it would have been fair for both of them. Either way Danielle is being skanky and rude. I’m sorry but if someone said that to me, there is NO way I would take them with me to the end. She should have won the comp herself and she would have nothing to worry about.

  51. If the final HOH is still guessing what the evicted HGs said, I would make Dan a strong favorite. Ian is still in the dark about a lot of what has gone down and did not exactly get to know everybody that well. He thinks Frank hates him way more than he does Dan or Dan had Jenn ready to target Ian or that Shane agreed to replace Dan on the block. etc.

    Remember all the conversations Dan has had with people, letting them spill their guts, while he just listens without revealing much of himself. He can read most people like a book, so I suspect he likely doesn’t need Ian to throw it…but he’ll try to get him to anyway as an insurance policy.

  52. Yea!!! Dan just said he’s going to throw the 3rd HOH so he wont have to evict Danielle – with Dan its obviously not a guarentee but it would be great for Ian to have the power and then have Danielle see the writing on the wall and grow some ovaries and confess to Ian that Dan’s funeral speach was a fake and she and Dan have been playing him all along and she now realizes she’s getting played too and that Dan will mist the jury and boast how he manipulated both she and Ian to take him to the F2 and will win the 500K. With this confession she can tell Ian the jury wont respect her being controlled and manipulated by Dan all season and will respect Ian’s game play over hers and she will be happy to take the 50K over getting nothing.

  53. I know how they can pass the time: why don’t they all get on that scale sitting in the hallway outside the bathroom and see which houseguest weights the most? I hope Trey had the good sense to change his phone number. If I have to watch this worthless bitch cry like an idiot for the next four days, I’m going to scream.

  54. At least now we know the best BB players ever.. ANTS… They never get evicted.. They can’t be misted,.. now they are in the
    ie bin.. Go Chilltown Ants!!!

  55. it all sounds so fishy!! maybe production does want the loveable nerd to win, afterall he has captured and tugged at the heart strings but whats alarming is that Big Brother may not be an even game with production having a hand in who wins and so forth, so what does it take to win this game? May the best man/woman win but this is getting to be too much especially with the assumptions/accusations from Dan & dani that BB tried to uncover their plan, hoping BBCanada is not this corrupt especially with Simon going to be in the house!! Hope he wins since he knows his BB shit ;) And Simon no showmance!! lol ;)

  56. Dan or Ian will be final HOH… Whatever current drama Dan and Dani are selling, Ian isn`t buying…Ian may have thrown up for any number of reasons. I doubt Danielle`s temper tantrum had anything to do with it.. I think the mist is just securing his spot in the final two should he lose the comp. Daniele current behavior will just turn Ian away from her even more. He doesn`t like rude people. Dan can now convince her he did all he could to help her. I think he wants to go to the end with Ian.He wanted to take her but she messed it up with Shane….Dan needs to realize he has carried her as far as he can and now has to play for himself and his family.

  57. lol @ the Ian fans out there…let me get this straight, ummm Danielle,Shane,Jenn,and Frank are pretty much all gullible,mindless to the game idiots who got played..and Ian somehow magically does not fit this category (kool aid much?)
    lol @ the Ian fans out there excited that he’s not throwing the last HOH…umm didn’t this genius mastermind BB player just THROW THE FIRST PART OF THE FINAL HOH?!!? how can u seriously enjoy BB and root for someone who UNWITTINGLY throws any part of the final HOH? Do not project ‘your strategies’ into Ian’s mind for those were not his reasons. He got misted at some point and was still under its influence at that time.
    lol @ Ian fans thinking he can beat Dan but not Danielle…if you cannot beat a puppet how can you beat the puppets master?
    in other news , Ian is an adult who has seen every episode of the show he willingly went on,,he has a ‘disease’ that a sh!t ton of people have and it’s totally live able …BB could probably throw in a deaf stump armed albino and you sick bastards’d already be voting em America’s favorite before you even knew em..and after irregardless…
    I came into this thing chilltown mike boogie and so I adopted Ian and frank n hopes..when Ian made his one move ( you know the one where he told britany that boogie wanted her out,,and then SHE and her boy Shane took Boogie out . Ian’s vote died not send boogie home, Ian could have voted for boogie and boogie would have gone home still. I am not even sure if this was a good game move for Ian at that point as he was tucked away in 2 strong alliances.furthermore tipping his hand to boogie before he left was not smart) and kicked boogie out, I switched to team frank. When Dan double crossed frank, I HATED Dan and wanted to go team Ian. There was a path ahead of him that could have really led to this kid going down as somewhat of a BB legend. But instead of realizing what was in his grasp, well, I don’t know what to tell you, he got misted and now it is too late. He pissed that all away..the feeds,shows and DR all show he really isn’t and has not been thinking logical let alone strategical.
    Which brings me to Dan …do I like him? I’m mixed..I love loves me some dr.will,,lovvvvves…..he is my favorite by far and will always have a place in my heart . I love how he does his thing and also that was at the begining of reality tv and he was a true one of a kind original. But Dan has earned the title of greatest big brother player of all time if he pulls this off. He has RAN this house. RAN. yes these people are stupid but he takes advantage of their weaknesses and their situations in the game and that takes strategy AND lots and lots of maintenance…lots( yeah I’m talking to you mike boogie and your go to bed early ass and your sleeping on Ian ass..and your cozy take the ten grand and don’t get Dan out ass,,I love you mike boogie)
    How can any jury vote Ian or dani over Dans incredible BB resume
    1 of 13 people to even win BB
    Only person to win BB twice-will never happen again
    Will be the only coach to take one of his players to finals-never be done again
    Was only BB winner to win unanimously -don’t quote me
    Only on block twice in 2 full seasons and got the HOH who nominated him to take him off block?!
    Will take his partner in crime to 50,000$ twice- amazing accomplishment
    Pulled off what will go down as a legendary move(best ever) with Dans funeral
    Provided us kikkass tv with live blindsides
    Is Dan a scumbag in real life?i don’t know,put a camera on him 24/7 and I’ll tell you…but in the BB house? Well in the BB house he’s the King. Lately he’s been playing with the kill. At some point you have to respect it if your a fan of the game.

    1. Ian and Dan have both played well. Ian for a 1st timer played some fantastic game this summer, stabbing Boogie and Frank in the back, directly overseeing Frank’s eviction, defending his Quack Pack alliance to the point of making himself a target, but then gracefully dodging bullet after bullet by winning competitions when it was necessary. His awkwardness around people made for an interesting social game that obviously helped more than hindered him-it in fact endeared him to a lot of the houseguests (Boogie, Brit, Dan). Not to mention he’s in the top 3 for America’s favorite-tied with Dan and Britney-so no doubt his personality is easy to love, which has been an asset to him in this game.

      Dan, however, is the best returning player to ever play this game. He has officially broken the invisible glass ceiling that prevented both Will and Jordan from moving past 4th place their 2nd time through. Dan has also had a direct hand in the eviction of every other coach in the game (Silent Six’d Janelle, Quack Pack’d Boogie, and stabbed fellow Quack Pack Brit in the back to live another week). His funeral performance-phenomenal-perhaps the best if not most interesting move in the game. Not to mention, he’s gotten one of his players to the end. Dan is an incredible player, perhaps the best to ever play the game.

      Which is why I still don’t get a couple of things.
      1. Why Danielle thinks she deserves to win over either of these fantastic players. (I don’t care how “nice” people think she is-WHAT HAS SHE DONE?!)

      2. Why either Danielle or Ian think for a second they should be taking Dan to the finals. Ian, in a fair and just world, has Danielle smoked in the finals by a vote of 4-3, receiving the votes of:

      Ashley: You saw her reaction to Ian’s name in the jury house, she wants Ian to win this. She no longer cares that he evicted her.

      Brit: Will ultimately vote for best gameplay-you even saw her defending Dan’s gameplay in jury to Frank- she will vote Dan, then Ian, then Danielle

      Frank: Will be the token asshole that votes emotionally this season-there’s always one. However, Frank’s biggest issue this season other than loyalties being broken, was weak players hiding behind strong players, and he specifically called out Brit and Danielle as being guilty of that. Frank votes Ian, then Dan, then Danielle. (if Ian evicts Dan at the end…Frank’s vote is in the bag).

      Joe: Said during his eviction interview, “Ian deserves this more than anyone.” Joe votes Ian, Dan, then Danielle

      (Dan, should Ian win part 3 and evict him, should also vote Ian. I think Dan’s vote in this scenario is a toss up, as on the one hand not voting for Danielle seals his fate as a total asshole in the eyes of many players and fans of the game (which I wonder if his ego would withstand the judgment, but then again he’s done a fantastic job shrugging off other people’s judgments thus far), but not voting Ian when Ian has made strategically superior moves in this game makes him a huge hypocrite and would be a huge disrespect to a game that Dan claims to care so much about).

  58. What Danielle is saying, he’s not getting her or shanes vote either way. Cause if Ian takes Dan, she won’t vote for him. But if he takes Danielle, he’s obviously not getting her vote cause he is competing against her and shane wont vote for Ian. So his is screwed 2 votes either way. And basically, Danielle is saying that she is going to give “that man” her vote in the end. Why would she give such a “terrible” person her vote. But then it would mean that she would have to for Ian but they we get back to the top. She is definitely contradicting herself.

  59. Well its been a crazy summer at least Dan gets second place.

    He’s def not winning the 500gs not with that salty jury bumbed but at least Danielle doesn’t get jack.

    Cannot tell you how that makes me feel makes me feel great!

    They should give dan 100gs since he’s a coach but whatever.

    Maybe britney was the only one I would like to see win something aside from Dan.

    Everyone else can suck it.

    Congrat Dan and Ian.

    Ian you little S*** you did it won bb14 hatted this kid but now I’m okay with him.

    if it meant Danielle not winning than I’m with it baby.

    Dan your the greatest you made this season with your epic blindsiding and misting. lol

    Made it to the end not by winning comps but by making and saying that right things to the right ppl.

    Thank god I don’t have see Shane touching his hair like Joe touches himself. “Backstreet’s back alright” this guy I mean with the late 90’s style at best gross.

    Shell necklases to the fans with k swiss sneaker so sexy Shane lmfao somebody get shane boyfriend to giving him a pearl necklace as a replacement.

    And for Frank aka carrot top he’s as bad as Danielle.

    Ashley and ? and Joe you not even worth talking about.

    Love Kara, Wille crazy guy Janelle wish they were in the game longer. Than you Simon and Dawg for the update love you sooo much the best spoiler site in the internet no lie!!!!!!

  60. DAN has both of them eating out of his satanic hands he has dani picking fights with ian to get ian to throw comp on weds. knowing at same time it will tick off ian so there is no way he would take dani to finale with him.i have never saw a more sick,twisteddd ,maniacle unhuman being in my life and to say if all fair play for money that is what we’ve come too . shit on people it is ok to do so for money.lie cheating yes part of big brother but oh my god now we are allowed to bring in people who are bible thumpers like dan and who can lie on their faith as long as they read some more passages to find justification for his actions when he knows there isn’t and i don’t think he is going to go back to work with out having to explain himself but problem with that is he will get a slap on the hand and told to do some hail mary’s and gee a big contribution to the church and school will help for give his sins a liittle better wont itl and dan knows that all he has to do is say sorry all forgiven even by wifffyyy because a little shopping trip for her and all is forgotten; chelsea just remember next time dan says he was out with the boys and u have a gut feeling he’s lieing guess what he is or already has. someone like dan who can lie that easily is twisted. ian tres to lie and he can’t he starts stumering and he chokes up and the truth comes out he can’t do itl. that is what most of us are like lieing doesn’t come easy to us like it does dan gheesling and probly his wife u marry like don’t u DAN FIRST OR SECOND PLACE EITHER WAY KARMA IS COMING FOR YOU …….

  61. OMG how can dan be such a twisted fuk he’s behavior as the season went on became more and more like a cultest leader. there is something to be said about that how can one person screw people over so bad and at the same time get them to screw them selves over. for those of u daneille haters walk a couple feet in her shoes when the show is over and u wont be so quick to judge her. the poor girl is going to need help and that is not funny. if i was part of her family i would go looking for dan and show him a lesson in follow my boot up your azz or better yet how would he feel if someone did this to his persious chelsea he wouldn’t find it so funny them would he. its ok for dan to mess with women but don’t send threats to my wife he says if u want your wife to be safe or worried about her safty don’t put her im harms way u jack ass ……

  62. Somewhere about six screens ago someone wanted Frank to win and I agree! A kid who loves the game,respects the game and played his heart out.I It’s not boastful if you actually did it!! Frankl.y( no pun intended) these last few feds would have been way more interesting if he was around that house!They were all jealous…even my girl Britney.. I’m hoping that “good” does trump “evil” and Dan goes home with a third place and empty pockets. The Bible, his Grandffather’s chain and his wedding band…I would have belieded him too.’ Unfortunely for Danielle she fell for it too. Dan has totally unseated Evil Dick as resident bad guy. There’s a difference between gameplay and crruelty…if BB decides to bring him back again I’ll never warch again!. And I’ve been aa 14-year old loyal fan.

  63. Good Job IAN – Keep the Mist at Bay and you Will Beat the crap out of Dan with the jury – do not listen to Danielle, YOU WILL WIN THIS!

  64. I said it very week get rid of DAN, dear frank you are stupid ass. You kept in the house.Danielle you are a dumb ass.
    From the beginning the goal was to get the COACHES out ,.WTF is wrong with you people

  65. If anyone knows what school district he works in I strongly recommend he be fired . The reason is because all the bs about this is how to coach someone is just so full of crap maybe Dan needs to go work for penn state university he will fit in quite well . A match made in heaven also how can the producers of bb let a veteran who’s won before win again that’s just unfair and unsportsmanlike they should give Dan 100k that’s it and give a newbie 500k to make it honest . If they don’t in the future people are not gonna bother signing up because if bb sends in veterans again they’ll know it’s fixed in favor of the vet and that’s screwed up . Why in hell sign your summer away to a game that’s fixed against you even survivor is better and the amazing race is better but bb is starting to look like a rigged game unless it makes major changes to its comps and dq those who cheat it’s a waste of time . And yes Ian admitted on the after dark show he cheated when he staged his falling off in part 1 . Hell if I was American and they put me in with Dan would be gone long ago his so called mist is all lies I’m betting if he lies this bad in the house just really think if you have kids in a classroom with him for a year what did your kids really learn . He’s unfit to teach kids period has for dani I feel for her because what Dan has done to her this summer is gonna really change how she looks towards others she will have trust issues with men because of him . I know it’s a game fine but you don’t need to play off an innocent 23 year olds emotions your just ruining her out look on life . If Dan did that in school it would be considered bulling . Ian is such a moron I honestly wouldn’t ever date him Ashley and kara are both intelligent women and are out of ians league that kid needs to grow a set and maybe learn sex Ed before he tries to hook up with an ex playboy playmate because she has brains not just looks only certian people are chosen for playboy .

  66. It is Danielle and Dan’s scheme to hopefully rattle Ian and get him to throw Part 3. Danielle is playing it to a tee and it is SO FUNNY!!! … Ian is getting quite Unnerved … I don’t know if he is ready to throw it (close!)

    Part 2 was ddesigned for Ian advantage, === I thnk Dan might have the edgein Part 3! … Ian is good at facts and numbers. Dan is good at People! – If Dan wins Part 3 ( and he had Better take Danielle) – I will Hoop and Holler and Dance in the treets! – Danhas play an Phenonmenally great Game!(win or lose).

  67. It’s plain that Danielle fell in love with Dan, she is trying not to show it, but I am sure Dan’s wife can see it REAL GOOD! And how bout’ that guy who walks on his toes and rocks himself silly ~ he needs to buy BB a new swing…omg, that terrible noise that poor swing made all night on the After Dark show, I had to turn the volume off. Is he trying to look WETARD DID, for a few votes from underdogs, or is he fakin’ NUTS!!!……WHAT A skinny little wimpy man ~ BB has reduced the show to this kind of house guest? I think the Big Brother Series in the UK has the USA beat this year.

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