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First HOH Dan Second HOH Ian
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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11:10am – 11:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return, Dan is out in the backyard and already in the pool. Ian gets up and changes his battery. He heads into the living room and puts on his shorts in the living room. Out in the backyard Big Brother asks them to lower the awnings. Ian comes out into the backyard and says good morning guys. Ian immediately starts swinging on the hammock.


Danielle is lying out on the backyard couch in silence. Dan is back in the pool.



12pm – 12:20pm Danielle heads inside to clean her face. Dan is in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Dan asks Danielle if she is alright. Danielle says that she isn’t okay mentally; she says that she can’t even talk without crying. Dan doesn’t say anything and heads out into the backyard. Danielle pours her bowl of cereal and sits down at the table to eat. She starts crying. Dan comes back and asks why are you depressed. Danielle says I am emotionally done. Dan says so you don’t have confidence in me. Danielle says that she tried to win yesterday and that she is sick and tired of that pompous a$$. He talks so much s**t about you, that kid is a little demon. Danielle says that they made them step on scales yesterday too and that just made me… Dan asks why did you have to step on scales? Big Brother switches all four cameras the backyard, then switches back after they are done talking about. Dan says that he keeps telling Ian that you (Danielle) are being a big baby and I can’t wait to cut you. Dan says I also said to Ian that if I have to see Shane’s sweat pants one more time I am going to burn them. Danielle says that she only wore them once. Dan says I know its all just an act to make him think we aren’t together. He gets paranoid when we talk. Danielle asks do you really think I am being a baby? Dan says no, but I have to use whatever angle I can to get him to trust me. Danielle asks do you really think he will throw it to you? Dan says maybe. Danielle says I hate this game, I will never come back! Dan asks why? Danielle says do you not see how miserable I am, you two have each others backs and keep talking s**t about me. I know its just for the game but I am sick of it! I am over it! I still had hope yesterday but now I don’t. I have no one in here, I can’t even talk to you. Dan says you can talk to me. Danielle says no I can’t, not really. Danielle says I lost the first competition, lost the second competition and now I am alienated. Danielle says that she let her dad down. Dan says no you didn’t he said he would be proud of you either way. Dan says its not over yet. Danielle asks do you not see why I feel this way? Dan says yeah, but I also feel like you think I can’t beat him. Danielle says I didn’t play a nice game to get to the end to be alienated.


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OK Dan fans, let’s review the tape:
1. Dan naps for one and a half weeks as Kara walks out the door, but does wake up long enough to tell Danielle, she’s on her own.
2. Shane wins HOH, and because of Dani’s relationship with Shane and Brit, Dan gets dragged into an alliance he wanted no part of, but hides behind anyway.
3. Reset week, Dan outs the plan to blindside Frank, which pisses off everybody, but Dani won HOH, so Dan gets to hide again
4. Then Shane wins again, and Dan was no help with the Boogie-Frank situation, but whatever, Dan’s safe.
5. Dan rats out Ian to Frank, but neither can save Dan. Dani saved Dan by convincing Jenn to use the veto.
6. With Britney gone, no one had a social game, except for Dan and Dani. It’s been easy for Dan.
7. If Dani had Britney’s back, Britney would be in the final 3, instead of Dan.

The case for Dan winning BB14 is very weak at this point, but production will probably have final say.
I would love to see Dani win over Dan, but AG won’t allow that, 7-Eleven and McDonalds might not survive the rampage of crazy cat ladies, as they stock up before hitting the message boards.


FYI, Danielle did NOT convince Jenn to use the veto on Dan, FRANK DID!!!! Dan convinced Frank that it would be in HIS best interest to save HIM and vote out Britney. Danielle may have said stuff to Jenn to make her more comfortable using it, but Dan convinced Frank, not Danielle/Jenn. :-p



You’re wrong. Frank made the case and Jenn said she had to talk to Danielle first and Danielle had to be on board before she would do use the veto on Dan. She deserves just as much of the credit/blame for saving Dan.


BBFan003, Bobsky is 100% correct. Jenn was still waffling, in a MAJOR way, after Frank’s proposal to her. Jenn then went straight to Danielle, who told Jenn that using her veto on Dan was what DANIELLE also wanted her to do! Jenn then still came back with, “I’d MUCH rather use my veto on you, Danielle!” Danielle told Jenn “Absolutely not!” It wasn’t until then (and only then) that Jenn was 100% on board to use her veto to save Dan.


BBAD episode 46 day 51, the night of the funeral, 10pm bbt Dani and Jenn in the HOH room. Dani is excited about the prospect of saving Dan. Jenn is very reluctant, she wants to use the veto on Dani. Yes, Frank talked to Jenn first, but Dani is the one that convinced her. Watch, and be enlightened.

Judas 2 me

(RS) – Love your post. Glad I’m not the only one. Thanks.

Captain Idiot

completely wrong, watch the episodes and you will be enlighten, pizza face is gonna loose, all she cares about is her psychotic relationship with capt idiot, she is making an ass of herself balling all day and nite, and she needs to stop say how her dad and brother are gonna kick dan’s ass, its a game and she got played, get over it, and go pick at your face a lil more…..

What the ?

Is this RS person really still trying to convince people that Danielle is better than Dan? Are you joking me? WOW Whatever your smoking must be some good Sh*t stay enlightened I’m sure the world looks pretty behind those rose colored glasses.


I don’t see Danielle being in the final 2.I think it’s gonna be Ian’s choice,cause i believe he will win the final HOH,and if that happens I think he beats either one


Dani didn’t convince jenn, Dan misted frank to get Jenn to do it. Whether he’s been hiding or not, Dan has been able to get everyone to pretty much do what HE wants them to do. Passive domination has won over franks aggressive in your face domination. At least so far. I’m still thinking Dan has something up his sleeve, misting production and trying to figure out how to get dani to F2 and still get Ian’s vote. If it wasn’t for Ian’s vote, no chance Dan would take him. He really needed dani to win part 2.

quack-pack fan

Absolutely right. Giving Dani credit for Jenn using the veto is like telling us that everyone loved Frank but prentended they wanted him out.

NO one denies that Dani spoke to Jenn about it but that was just a formality. Frank put it in motion after Dan convinced him to take him off the block. Dan told Dani to get close to Jenn in the first place.

I think the reason there is so much conversation about this and other moves is that Dan is not loud and proud about his moves unlike Frank. Dan manuevers his moves in such a way that you kind of wonder what just happened….i.e. The Mist.

I guess if you are not a Dan fan then you are less likely to give him due credit. The man has won this game before and now he will be in the F2 – anyone who thinks that’s an accident should really watch the season over again.


Frank convinced Jenn to use that Veto on Dan, not Danielle, pay attention and stop talking crap. Danielle was Dan’s puppet in her entire game.


You’re obviously a psychopath, but let’s try this anyway.

5. Dani saved Dan….

I’m starting to think you’re Danielle’s mom. Only a true psycho could’ve watched A) Dan swear on the bible and convince Frank it was best to go after Britney, B) watch Frank convince Jenn to use the veto, then C) watch Jenn to make sure it wouldn’t piss off Danielle if she did, then say: “Yep, Danielle totally saved Dan here.”

The decision was made at that point. Jenn was going to do whatever Frank told her to. The rest was just a formality.

You are without a doubt my favorite poster, though, even more than Gavin. True crazy is tough to find. So, thanks!!


Hey Biff, you know, you can tell alot about a person, by what they say in their posts. For instance, you are male, over 50, morbidly obese, and there are many cats in your vicinity. It’s like I’m looking at a photograph, huh Biff?


LOL, under 30, personal trainer, and I’m a dog person. So, not even close :)

And, I’m sorry, I missed your response to the issue of “Dani saved Dan….” I guess you’re not going to refute that. The same way you couldn’t refute that she’s only in the game because he didn’t boot her week 1 when everyone thought he should.


No, a**wipe, that’s a MIRROR, not a picture.

OBB HIgh School Yearbook

RS, all I’m gonna say is that if the OBB posters were all the members of my high school graduating class, I’d vote Biff Tannen the “Hey moron! Don’t forget! I’m the smart one, and youre the stupid one – Capiche!” Award. Let’s face it . All of us should just genuflect at the amazing opportunity we have to just soak up Biff’s world-class brainpower every day. (I’m kissing my boots, Biff.) Signed, a brainless OBB minion, who thanks his lucky stars every day for Biff’s daily BB guidance…….


LOL at angry people :)


When did Dani convince Jenn to use the veto to save Dan? Dan convinced Frank to get Jenn to use the veto on Dan. And if Dani was such a great player as you’re making her out to be, then why did she arguably make the biggest mistake in the game by taking Dan off the block and getting Shane evicted? Dan is playing the best game in the house. He laid low when he needed to unlike Janelle who came out with guns blazing thereby making her the first coach evicted. He formed good relations with a lot of the houseguests unlike Boogie who basically only had a good relationship with Frank thereby making him the second coach evicted. He listened to a lot of the houseguests unlike Britney who gossiped too much thereby making her the third coach evicted. Dan jumped alliances when he needed to in order to get further in the game. Dan told people what they wanted to hear in order to get further in the game. Dan never got emotional in order to get further in the game. IMO Dan is definitely playing the best game of the season.


And the conspiracy theory’s all rigged, lives on.


Wow you’re really clueless. Dan may have ‘slept’ for four weeks, but he’s stayed committed to Danielle since week one-He saved her over Jodi and the supposed “drama mama”, he’s coached her since day 1, and after finding out Boogie wanted to target him, of course Dan went ahead and took part in an alliance with Shane and Brit, but he didn’t hide.


Yes, he would have been way better off with Jodi, that makes sense.


RS if I did not know better I may have thought you were as delusional as Danielle lol. Trying watching the show without twisting the truth all Daniellesque. Every year they have the nay-sayers of the ones that are getting ahead with their game play just because they did not play it the way that person wanted them to OR look the way people want them to look. If and when there comes a time when a person in BB that does not lie and manipulate and gets far, people will still find something to bitch and moan about. If a person slept through the entire show and woke up just long enough to manipulate people to evict each other, piss people off and still veto them I would say that is a damn good player. I don’t know what people like you are looking for in a game that basically deconstructs reality and rebuilds it so that people can claw their way to the top. There are no rules in BB G A M E that state one must abide by their morals and live by the law of truth and honesty. Hell people that aren’t even playing the game and have never been on BB do not even have an ounce of Dan’s integrity via BB house! Get over and enjoy it for what it is ENTERTAINMENT.


Well, with this critique you must think Dr. Will is the 2nd worst player in BB history.


I STRONGLY disagree with the bulk of your post. I’m an Ian fan, and I don’t want Dan to win, but I’d be lying if I said Dan doesn’t deserve to win.

Dan misted almost EVERYONE into doing his bidding. Everyone is a victim of the mist, in some way or another. He misted Ian into not nominating him EVEN AFTER Dan nominated Ian for eviction. He misted Frank into convincing Jenn to keep him safe, and evict Britney instead. He misted Danielle into throwing the first part of THE FINAL HOH COMPETITION, EVEN AFTER he back-stabbed her, lied to her face, and evicted her boyfriend. Dan was Frank’s worst enemy at one point, but despite that, Dan was able to get Frank to believe that he actually wanted to work with Frank and actually had Frank’s best interests in mind. And we see how well that worked for Frank.

The only ones who could see how through Dan were Joe and Britney, and Dan was responsible for both of their evictions.

Jenn was convinced to use the veto by Frank, who was convinced to ask Jenn to use the veto by Dan. Dan misted Frank to talk Jenn into using the veto.

Dan had COMPLETE control over Danielle this entire game. His control was absolute and unmistakable. Everything Danielle has done has been what Dan told her to do, despite the fact that he was always screwing her over in some way. Maybe Danielle did have influence over Jenn’s decision to save Dan, but at that point, Danielle was firmly seated in Dan’s pocket. Dan has manipulated Danielle into working in his favor this ENTIRE game. When she was HOH, she asked Dan “What do YOU want me to do?”. When she won the final veto, she asked Dan “What do you want me to do?”. Danielle doesn’t make decisions without consulting Dan. She’s been playing Dan’s game all season long.

Dan had to change his plan according to the twist and according to the way the chips fall. At first, he wanted to take Boogie to the end because he didn’t believe he could win this game again unless he took a previous winner to the end with him. But that plan fell to pieces when it was revealed that Boogie planned to target members of the Quack Pack. Even though Dan did rat out the plan to blindside Frank, it didn’t hurt his game. It just made his alliance members unhappy for a bit, but they weren’t ready to evict him JUST for that one slip-up. They needed him at that point, because it was just the 4 of them (Shane, Britney, Danielle, and Dan.)

Dan knows how to read people. He knows how to get them to reveal things about themselves without actually asking them about themselves. He has that sort of social game where he can develop a relationship with you, get you to trust him, and then cut your throat when he’s needs to. He gotten everyone in that house, especially Ian and Danielle, to follow him like sheep. Even after he cut Britney’s throat the way he did, people STILL trusted him. People STILL wanted to take him to the end. That’s how good he is!

Dan is the most calculating, conniving, insidious person this season. He is a master manipulator, and we can’t take that credit away from him.

Three's Company

Ryan4. I was always confused about Dan telling Frank about the QP – not that he did it but when did the QP realize what he did? I was never clear on that – I don’t recall any conversations between QP on that subject.


“Everything Danielle has done has been what Dan told her to do, despite the fact that he was always screwing her over in some way.”

I totally agree except that, other than evicting Shane, Dan never really screwed her over. He was trying to make it LOOK like he was screwing her over so the target was off of his back. He didn’t give her forewarning on stuff like the funeral because he KNOWS she’s not a good enough actress to pull off fake hurt. But all of this “screwing over” has actually allowed Danielle to make it to the final 3. Without it, one or both would be gone already.


If Ian won the ‘Walk the Plank’ comp, Dan would have been in trouble. He’s very lucky that Dani won that for him.


I’ll be happy if Dan wins but I’ll be okay if Ian wins. It’s kind of creepy to see people get so hostile toward Dan. The guy is playing a game and doing it well. Everybody is acting like he murdered everybody to get to final 2 lol. Face it Dan is the rock that everybody’s crashing their head against. It’s not like he’s a Russell Hanz bloodline that have anger issues and truly does make people feel unsafe physically. Dan is the snake and he slithered his way to the top and that’s called strategy lol. I’m going to say this again ……….what are people exacting from the ideal BB game player? The ones that profess their loyalty and honesty screwed someone over eventually or was planning to screw somebody over but was never successful. That’s the issue! It’s okay if they do it but if it’s done to them it’s the end of the world. If anybody auditions for BB and thinks they are going in there telling nothing but the truth and never hurt anyone I doubt will make it very far. The truth hurts more and people hold grudges. Humans are emotional headcases and that’s why Dan emphasizes DON’T BE EMOTIONAL. At one point I honestly felt Danielle was obsessing over Dan in a very nonchalant way. I think he knew she liked him and he used that to an advantage. HENCE why he made such a big deal to bring Shane and Danielle together ‘romantically’ in case he felt she was going to be a Fatal Attraction. Anybody remember that movie? lol Anyway I honestly feel in all sincerity something is mentally wrong with Danielle. It goes beyond being self-absorbed and pathological liar. You know she will read these BB forums and she may very well lose grip of reality. I worry for her as a person not a media exploit of BB franchise.


I am not hostile to Dan at all. He made the show incredible this season. I am simply pointing out facts. Dan fans give him all the credit, when the truth is, if it weren’t for Dani, Dan would be in jury.


No if it wasn’t for Ian, Dan would be in the jury house. Ian kept Dan safe by not putting him on the block.


Everybody will screw somebody in this game it’s just some are not as clever or quick to the punch. I think I’m a good person and have morals but when you’re in the game of BIG BROTHER you’ll find out fast it’s play or be played. What person goes in there and cooks up a plan to boot someone and goes to them and says hey I’m going to boot you out and I’m telling you this because I’m an honest good person. Do you think that person will say ok since you are an honest and good person I will allow you to boot me. Thanks. Uh no. They will scheme to get you booted first. I think I gained respect for Dan when he did his funeral. He was going home. Frank was determined and I felt nothing would sway him. That’s a damn good come back in my book. It’s not like Frank had doubt in wanting to get Dan out he was dead set on it. And using Danielle’s emotions was wrong? What about her twisting the stories and talking shit about people of things that never happened. Everytime someone was evicted Danielle would talk shit about them. Anyway, I hope Ian and Dan win. But from all the mumbling from Ian I have this feeling he would scheme to get Dan out to shock the jury and the audience. Gain more votes! ; (


Wow, that last picture of Danielle is hideous!!! That girls gonna need some DEEEEEEEEEP therapy when this game’s over. I still think Ian should “backdoor” Dan and take Danielle. I think everyone in the jury with the exception of Shane would vote for WHOMEVER voted Dan out!!!! GO IAN!!!! <3 <3 <3


I know right it should be against the law for the cameras to show Danielle without her makeup


no, she won’t need deep therapy when this is over, because it will be over.

she’s forgotten she’s on camera, or doesn’t care right now. she’ll regret that decision later.


Dan’s a abusive SOB. Convincing Dani that he’s working with her interest in mind so she forgives him. Chelsea is hopefully paying attention as well as all the guys he coaches and teaches. How NOT to treat your girlfriend 101. BB may not allow Dani and Ian to swap stories before the next comp but if Ian wins hopefully he realizes he can be a Leader and not a follower and take Dani because both of them have their anger misplaced. Then he will win the 500K.

out with the bibleman

I absolutely agree Ian should vote Dan out if he wins the last HOH because that would be the biggest move in BB history and I have been thinking that that would really appeal to him……….I think he’s thinking of doing that and misting Dan the way Dan misted everyone else…….In any case seeming as if he is definitely taking Dan works in his favor…….

Distant Observer

Ian is going to backdoor Dan most likely. He was talking about the 12 point buck he missed …but not this time.
Wouldn’t that be sweet, especially if Dan throws the comp to him, all the sweeter…Ian would get a Standing Ovation from
the Jury and audience…go Ian one more comp and do the deed. Daniel needs to pull her head out of her a$$ and get with the program.
Hasn’t anyone taught her she gets more with honey than vinegar mist? The game isn’t over till its over. Come on Danielle don’t freakin blow it again.
She has to be one of the worst BB players in history. Obviously the 50g’s will get her started with the therapy she desperately needs.
Go Ian …one more comp!

Aqua Bernie

I think so too, Ian was mumbling last night about 12 point buck, now that is what he said about Frank when Ian was getting him out. I wonder if he means now it’s Dan’s turn.


When he made the 12 pt buck comment last night I believe he was working through the points he was going to make to the jury when he had his chance to speak. I could be wrong but based on the other things he was saying at the time it seemed he was reviewing his “moves” in the game and preparing for that speech.


My thoughts EXACTLY!!!! <3

Three's Company

Love the shot of Ian’s hammock facing the house! Now we can see his point of view!


Holy Stimming out of control batman !!


Danielle face looks like she’s a methhead.


oh man, danielle with no make up outdoors? this IS a bad week…


Simon, do you think Dan can beat either house guest at the point. It really bothers me that Dan might not win because he absolutely deserves it. Right now people are heated about the game but next summer we will all be looking back and going: wow Dan played a great game, just like we all do with Dr.Will right now. During his season people hated Will for lying etc. but now EVERYBODY loves him and he is a legend of this game. The jury will commit a deep injustice to the integrity of this game if either Ian or Danielle beats Dan. It should be a very easy vote, sadly the jury may be bitter. I don’t care if Ian is a nice young man that could use the money, his game was above average that’s all. His best strategic accomplishment was the formation of the Quack Pack (which was not even his own doing entirely) and outing Boogie and Frank to Brittany. Other than that he won competitions but that doesn’t mean you are good at this game. For example Frank, Shane, and Brendon (bb12/bb13) suck at this game yet they win a lot of competitions.


Of course he can win but only if Ian takes him Dan will have Danielle’s vote Danielle will convince Shane to vote for him he has jens vote brittnays cause she defended Dan to frank maybe joes not franks maybe ashleys


Dan & Ian final 2!!!!!


Dan, Ian or Britney for Americas Favorite!!!


Hope Ian wins this yo.

Dawg/Simon thanks for another great year of OBB. I really enjoy your services every season.


How can I watch it in Texas.
Thanks for the help

Danielle's Gaping Pie-Hole

Danielle missed every single sign …Dan betrayed pretty much everyone he came into contact with…and she thought he would not do the same to her??? LOL Go Ian.


I think if Ian wins he should make his biggest move of all and evict Dan. Right now he seems to be set on keeping his word to Dan and their final two deal, but he should take a page from Dan’s book and blindside him. I’m saying he should do this b/c I think against Dan he actually has a 50/50 chance of winning. Most in the jury are bitter about Dan, but they got screwed by Ian too, so maybe casting their feelings aside they have to choose one and like in season 10 Dan will get the votes b/c he played a little better game. If he is against Danielle then I think his chances of winning go to 60/40. He played the better game, but Danielle hasn’t really ticked off any of the jury. You never know how a jury is going to vote on these shows, but if they vote logically Ian definitely has it in the bag, but if they vote emotionally it’s probably going to be Danielle. So I would love to see Ian get the final HOH and make that big move and then see the look on Dan’s face.


Winning the final HOH and evicting Dan would be a great addition to either of their list of accomplishments in the game, but would Ian rather send a BB veteran packing or defeat them in the end? Ian’s superfan ego says take Dan all the way. I agree Dan has a great shot at winning honestly, but emotionally against Dani, not so great, and logically against Ian (and losing his secured vote from Brit to him), no. A week ago I thought Jenn would toss a vote his way, but once she reunites with Frank in the JH….I don’t know. She admitted he was a good player, but I don’t think she’d argue that against bitter Frank. During Shane’s eviction someone mentioned Dan telling the evictee Dani played him all along, hoping Shane would hear and be angrier enough at his closest ally to change his vote, but that wouldn’t happen even if he did hear. Since Dan considers dropping the Final HOH, if Ian or Danielle evicts him that, to me, will be the bigger than Dan blindsiding Shane.


Have confidence in Ian!! He is fully aware evicting Dan would be only the hugest move ever and would guarantee him a win.


Ian isn’t dropping the 3rd HOH and he sure as hell isn’t evicting Dan. If you haven’t noticed Ian isn’t exactly fond of Danielle and the feeling is mutual.


Team Ian all the way


DITTO! Take out the 12 point and don’t bring Dan to the two like Brittany said.
He played a clean good game.


It still is anyone’s game.. So why Danielle is acting like someone died gives me concerns for her mental health.. She lost a competition. That’s all.
Both her and Shane knew they couldn’t beat Ian, the favorite son, in the finals or jury votes.. That’s why they wanted it to be Dan that cut him. To secure Ian’s and other jury members vote against Dan should he make it to the finals.
The couples plan. Shane throws to Dani round 1. Shane beats Dan in skill round 2. Dani throws to Shane round 3. Shane evits Dan.. Maybe. I still think Shane’s plan was to evict Danielle. (OMG call 911 LOL)
He knew for sure he could win against hated Dan. Only problem would have been if jury members wanted to know why he evicted Ian and didn’t evit Dan when he had the chance. So before final veto Shane’s opinion was Dan is dangerous. He changed his mind when he saw how Dan doing his dirty work, getting Ian out, would benefit him.
Dani was fine about backstabbing Dan..She didn`t care really which of her two suckers she sat beside in the end. Why feel sorry for her and not him. He trusted her. Still does to the point it could mess up his final game. If he throws the final comp to Ian because he can’t handle dumping Dani then the player really did play the player.
I think Dan was on to the couple`s nasty final 2 plan. The night before the last veto Dan told Ian to not give up hope and could he beat Dani in round 2….
I don’t think Dan will throw the final. He’ll try to win.. He’s just looking at all options and moves.. He keeps his aces close to his chest. No-one but Dan knows what he’ll do next..
As for the jury.. HA … HA … Ha .. etc …etc.
All this makes for a great show. Love it. Total addiction to super reality TV BB.

Danielle's Father

That stupid fat pimply cow of a daughter lets me down again and again. Good for nothing!


Wow! Very cruel and uncalled for comment.


That was uncalled for! I am not a Dani fan, but that post was over the top.


Dani has an extremely hard time deciphering between reality


Ian and Dan have both played good games. Obviously Dan has played a little more dirty but whatever. He’s not my fav but I could handle him winning. IF Danielle makes it til the f2, I will not be able to watch?! For some reason, they don’t show how annoying she is. If u watch the live feeds you most likely agree with me. All she does us cry or talk about how awesome she is. She acts like she’s running the house?? All she talks about is how every girl is jealous of her and at one point talked about how Shane won’t quit following her??? She’s crazy but not stupid. Like she didn’t know that Dan was kick Shane out?? Come on?! He told her several times that if/when he got another shot at him that he would NOT pass that up!!! I hope that Britney gives her hell, since she had to console Danielle for days before she was leaving the house!! It will be interesting to see what Brit thinks of her now!


Danielle does translate as annoying to some even though CBS doesn’t show the full scope of her or any of them really. I’ve watched the whole season with people who know nothing about BBAD, the feeds and updates and just watch the CBS show. And she comes off as full of herself, delusional, and like there something off her.But mainly full of herself and emotionally unstable at times. I don’t agree with labeling her as fat or anything but I do find her to be very unlikable and hard to relate to root her her even if it’s for second place. Hoping for Ian and Dan in the final 2.


Danielle your Mistake was trying to play *LoveMates* with silly Shane!!! – You waited TOO Late to decide to let dan Cut Him. Dan tried to cut Shane 6th.. not 4th. but you would not let Dan do it, cause you wanted to lay up in bed with Shane some More- smh . – BUT, Danielle, hold on, Have faith in Dan’s abilities.

If Dan can not get Ian to throw it, Dan has a very good chance of winning Part 3.. It is stuff that Dan paid more attention o- thans Ian! …. America’s favorite Player :: DAN!

Aqua Bernie

If Danielle played a nice game, then what is dirty and conniving to her? She really is delusional!!


GO IAN! Get rid of Danielle she doesn’t deserve a penny!


i really believe ian is a man of his word, he will take Dan. Remember why he turned on Frank and Boogie? They made it known they the didn’t think much of him. they bullied him and he knew where he stood with them. after the way danielle treated ian last night i don’t think he will take her. they i/d really think they cannot win against dani. remember we only got one view of the jury house that was right after frank and joe’s evicition. i think by now they have cooled off. brittany will continue to talk and i think convince the jury that dan played the best game. dani just through in the towel … she is doing what she always does … what ever dan wants. she never played her own game.


Remember, my fellow OBB’ers: The BB14 winner isn’t gonna be about our own personal favorites. It isn’t about who “deserves it more.” It isn’t about how “clean” or how “dirty” anyone played the game. From here on in, it’s about Dan and Ian laser-focusing on TWO things: 1) Both 100% playing in their OWN best interests, and, 2) Presenting, through both words and actions, the “most likable, most endearing version of themselves” to the 7 jurors on Wednesday night. Period. Nothing else matters. (Don’t forget, Ian promised Dan he’d throw Part 1 of the 3-part HOH, back when Dan agreed to evict Shane. Ian kept his word. Now Dan & Ian are all square. Danielle also throwing Part 1 was simply an AWFUL decision by her. And a late mistake like that in BB gets you evicted.) Dan’s planned outburst of “joy” & Danielle’s outburst of “anger” if/when Ian won Part 2 did NOT serve its purpose. Ian will not be throwing Part 3 to Dan. (Besides, Dan doesn’t really want Ian to!)
When Ian wins, he will take Dan along, for only ONE reason: Ian believes (rightly or wrongly) that taking Dan to the final over Danielle is Ian’s best chance for 500K Otherwise, Ian would evict Dan, with no problem, “Renegade Partner” or not.
Dan WILL now throw Part 3 of the HOH to Ian. Because Dan is convinced that he cannot beat Danielle in the final. if Dan won Part 3 of the HOH, he’s already said to the camera (when he was alone, Sat PM) that his conscience would FORCE him to bring Danielle along with him. In other words, his conscience would cost him his only remaining shot at first place – vs. Ian. So Dan has to throw Part 3, making Danielle juror #7. Even then, Dan winning BB vs. Ian is FAR from a sure thing. But it’s his ONLY shot to win, and Dan’s all about “playing the BB percentages.”
No many how many times HGs have been warned about “Dan’s Mist,” its special power is that it STILL works anyway. Dan will be awfully persuasive on Wednesday. His mist also brings on some sort of “convenient memory loss.” But, mist aside, Ian still has an awful lot going for him. He’s been the young, massive underdog in the house, almost from the start, and that’s very easy for people, jury or no, to root for.
Dan will spend 90% of his time between now and Wednesday on just ONE thing: deciding EXACTLY which “mist words” to spray in the faces of the three “swing votes”: Frank, Ashley and Jenn. (Britney, Joe and Shane are “Ian definites”, and Dan better pray he’s held onto Danielle’s vote.) Dan has NO room for error. I believe that Ian is in absolutely GREAT shape to win 500K. We’ll see.


Wow. Did Danielle really say that she won’t let Ian win because it would be sickening to see someone win who doesn’t believe in God? She is an idiotic psychopath that will have no influence over the jury.


Wow, watching Danielle on the feeds makes me realize how much of a BITCH she is. A DUMB BITCH. I don’t feel sorry for her at all, I really hope Dan backstabs her and takes Ian to the final 2 so that I can watch that stupid “shocked” look come across her face. Can’t stand her!!!


I cannot handle Danielle!!!! I know that people who only watch the regular show have no idea because they don’t show how annoying she is for some reason! all she does is cry. And when she’s not crying all she does is talk about how great she is…. How the girls are jealous of her cause she gets all the attention, how she’s carried Dan and Shane, and how she thinks she’s running this game. Oh yeah, and how she thinks that Shane has followed her around???? She’s crazy!! Watching the live feeds now and she’s taking a break from crying so she can talk about how she hates Ian and how he’s do evil?? Cause he won, get over it crazy!!


How did dan betray danielle? did he push her off endurance comp?, steal her pov? make her loose comp to ian? honestly who throws a comp in the final 3 or puts her so called final 2 boyfreind on the block not even 2 weeks after the most cut throat player(dan) in the game told her shane needs to go.
its funny how these so called morol players (danielle and shane) and fans, had no problem backdooring frank, janelle and almost ian, who by the way was the only one to stay loyal to quack pack. its not ian or dan fault it hers she played horrible end game


OH F ME ! Danielle thought everything was great & lovely when she was FN Frank… she even pretended she didn’t know Dan would evict Shane… now the BEEYOTCH is just on my nerves! Clean house Ian… and Dan while I think you’re a piece of shit, I hope you get the 50K


I don’t think it matters who Dan takes to tthe final 2

Either way, I don’t think enough jury members will vote for him to win.. He screwed almost all of them..

I only see Britney and Jenn voting for him to win, Ashley will probably vote the same way as Frank …..

Everyone else hates him..


Wow. Dani’s giving Dan the rational he needs to throw the HOH to Ian. During commercial break she’ll get everyone to vote agaist Ian. The stupidity continues!


so this is the second restraining order for Danielle this season…one for Shane and now one for Ian because of Danielle’s threats to snap his neck!!


Its so funny watching dani focusing aa the rage she should feel for dan at ian. At least she tries to be a good christian, lol.


Colleen, I totally agree with you!


I’d bet a lot of Danielle’s crazed depression today relates to her having gotten on the scale….


Oh, by the way, YES, Danielle, you are being a big baby. Others have had it MUCH harder than you throughout the entire game yet you CHOOSE to throw the first part of the HOH? You really are dumb and deserve to lose. It seems that, since you think you won the game weeks ago, reality is finally setting in that *gasp* you might not win and are NOT America’s Favorite. Maybe if you had chosen to try to rub your 2 brain cells together once and a while, instead of letting Dan do all the thinking for you, you might have had a chance. But, no. Your choice was: 1) to find someone pretty to harass and forcibly cuddle with; 2) find someone to do all the thinking for you in the game so you can focus on stalking Shane; 3) do everything someone else tells you to do so you don’t have to work at all between competitions, i.e. let someone else carry all the water for you, including letting Dan run your HOH’s and Veto’s. If you didn’t want Shane to go home, you should not have Vetoed Dan and put you cuddle buddy on the block. I hope Shane is really pissed at you for doing it because it was a STUPID move if her goal was to keep Shane. And she has no one to blame but herself for throwing that HOH. I think it is stupid for ANYONE to throw any of the final 3 HOH’s because you have to put your trust in someone else letting you win at least $50K.


Dan is weird. He’s one of those people to where stabbing you isn’t good enough. He has to twist the knife and make sure it’s in there good. WTF is wrong with this guy. Does anybody see the pleasure he gets when talking about how he’s screwed people over? It’s freaky. Lol.

I’m rooting for him though despite his crazy tendencies and his creepy eyes.


I believe in dan ppl want a player to have all this integrity. Trust me playin like that will get you on the jury house or sent home. Dan is doing what dan has to do to half the players said they would do what dan is doing then they got in there and didnt produce alltrusting and all that and got sent home.too bad. Just ask dick donato if you should play with integrity and they all loved him.

Dan desrves an acadamy award

I think dan will beat Ian… dans votes …Britt cause she votes on gameplay.. Danielle, Joe,Jenn.. ians votes shane, frank and ashley.. dan can win but he needs to throw it to ian…to have no blood on his hand. to get Danis vote..


Why does everyone think Dan would get Joe’s vote. Joe didn’t like Dan. He wants someone new to win. Joe has no conncetion to Dan and he started to like Ian. I think Ian gets his vote.


I think because he already won BB and 500,000, the jury will hold that against him and award the newbie..


Last we heard of Danielle she was saying she would snap Ian’s neck. Guess you can’t make physical threats in the BB house. They probably had to dose her in DR.

I can see her later in life on one of those Deadly Women episodes where the nurse brings her patients close to death only to revive them just in the nick of time, but loses half of them just so she can waiver back in forth from in control power position to out of control and bawling her eyes out, all in the name of seeking attention from the staff and community.

Or she could be a really nice person. :)

Honey Boo Boo Child

If Danielle makes it to the final two, this will be her final speech:

I stuck to the end with Dan, I was loyal to Dan, Dan was my coach and I learned from him. Me and Shane met in the BB house and we’re now engaged, there he is, hi honey. I was loyal to Shane. Dan this…..Dan that…..Dan this…yada, yada, yada. After I win the 500k, I can’t wait to meet Hayden in the BB party blast. Dan was a good coach and I learned from him, if I hadn’t been loyal to Dan, I wouldn’t of gotten this far.

Do you think Trey still loves me? Dan coached me and I listened to him and I consider that good game play. Hey Trey, where ever you are, kisses and hugs.

I knew from the beginning that if I stuck by Dan, I would win this thing. Big Brother made me step on the scales and I gained 40 lbs, after going thru that, you can’t take the win away from me I suffered very much for it. Dan was a great coach.

Dan is the second best player in Big Brother history, next to me. Dan is going to write a book about me, titled, “How Danielle Learned From Her Coach, and Played Better Than Him”. I had to endure Shane stalking me so I deserve to win. Funny how it turned out, now me and Shane are engaged. (Shane cringes in his seat).

Did I mention that Dan is going to write a book about me? I gained 40 lbs! That’s not fair! I saved Dan with the POV. Dan was at my mercy. The coach relying on his player. And all I get If you don’t choose me is 3 inches on my waistline and 40lbs, I deserve to win, I suffered for it.

I had to see a BB psychiatrist over 2 dozen times because of all the trauma I suffered in the house. I deserve to win. Did I mention that I gained 40lbs?

I stuck with Dan through thick and thin. I suffered so much trauma that I picked and dug at my zits so hard, that I now have 2 permanent craters on my face, one on my forehead and one on my chin. That should count for something, please vote for me! Hayden, I hope you attend the after BB party.

I hate Frank, I love Shane, I hate myself, please vote for me. Look at me, I’m so loyal to Dan that my lips are still stuck to his a@@, and please, no salad tossing jokes! Please vote for me, waaaaah. Please vote for me, waaaah. Please vote for me, waaah.

Dan desrves an acadamy award

i would not pick Danielle ii were dan cuz she would have…jenns vote ashley, Frank, shane,. and she would win…i hate her she rode Dan and shane to the end she does not deserve 500k


I honestly HATE Danielle. I think she is a total waste in the house.