Dallas “I’m punting Loveita. Talking about my game, bit*ch you don’t got a game. You’ve got an expiration date!”


POV Holder: Christine Next POV March 5th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 7th
HOH Winner: Jared Next HOH: March 10th
Original Nominations: Loveita and Sharry
Current Nominations: Loveita and Sharry
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige
Have Nots Loveita, Sharry, Joel, Cassandra

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track with our alliance help guide.

10:30am The live feeds were blocked part of the morning.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-08 07-55-44-835
10:50am Loveita is talking to Mitch in the havenot room with Joel. She is campaigning hard. Mitch says that he thinks Loveita has a good chance to stay. He likes both of them but that doesn’t really know where Sharry stands with him. Loveita says you don’t have to be outwardly open for me. If I stay and win HOH I can take the hit. I know I have 2 other votes outside of this room. She says she has Cassandra and Dallas. (With Joel) Mitch says that he thinks she can get the brothers too. Loveita says I’m going to support my people and I’m not going to betray my people. Mitch says he thinks she can convince Tim and Nikki too. Mitch says that Jared is going to be a major threat in this game. Loveita says and he can’t play HOH and I can. We can’t play the gravy train. Mitch asks where she thinks Dallas is at? Loveita says she thinks Dallas will go with the majority because of the blow up that happened with him. Loveita says that she wants to be here for the house flip. Mitch tells Loveita that it was nice to see her laughing and having fun last night. Loveita says yeah I was twerking. Mitch says if you can just have fun with people, you can match Sharry’s social game.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-08 07-45-57-902
11am In the bedroom – Maddy and Christine are talking. Dallas tells Christine and Maddy that he’s punting Loveita. Talking about my game, bit*ch you don’t got a game. You’ve got an expiration date! Christine says that’s a good one! Maddy says that she HATES Loveita!

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11:25pm – 11:45am Backyard – Loveita talks to Dallas outside. Dallas tells Loveita that he thinks she and Joel have a hidden agenda because they stopped talking when he came in the room. Loveita says we don’t. Joel joins them. Loveita says we’re not scheming. Everyone is paranoid in this house. Loveita tells Joel to tell Dallas why they stopped talking. Joel says we were counting the votes. (Joel acts weird when answering making Dallas more suspicious.) Loveita says you already gave me your word. Dallas says if I think you’re scheming, I don’t know. Dallas had walked in hearing his name and they stopped talking. Loveita says we were counting your vote as one of my votes. Dallas asks Joel – You give me your word that’s what you were talking about? Joel says I give you my word. The shake hands. Loveita says I give you my life. And you can watch it back and see. Dallas says I’m just worried about people plotting against me. Okay I’ll take your word for it. Dallas says Its in my best interest to keep you. I know. Dallas says I’ll keep you love, you’ve got my word on that. Dallas leaves. Loveita tells Joel that things are good with Dallas now but that Joel needs to be more direct with people because it sketches people out when you beat around the bush.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-08 08-38-25-802

12pm – Havenot room – Joel has another talk with Dallas to make sure the air is clear without Loveita. Joel says that if Loveita says she is going after the big fish .. Jared and Kelsey. Dallas says yeah that’s why its good to keep her. Loveita joins them and says that she has 4 votes if they (Joel and Dallas) vote with her. Loveita then goes and campaigns to Maddy. (Maddy hates Loveita)

12:30pm Hot Tub room – Phil asks Joel which why he is leaning? Joel says he is leaning towards keeping Loveita. Phil says he’s thinking the same thing. Joel says obviously Kelsey wants Loveita to go… Phil says so its better if she stays. Joel says exactly that way next week they’ll be going after each other. Loveita is going to be pumped up and is going to want to win every competition. And she wouldn’t be going after us. Phil asks do you think you have any influence over anyone? They agree to talk to Ramsey. Joel agrees to and says Ramsey is a wildcard. Phil says I think I’m going to tell Jared that Sharry is the head of the snake so I’m just going to vote that way. Joel says that Jared didn’t say what he wanted. He said you guys do what you want. Phil leaves. Loveita joins Joel.

12:40pm – 1pm The feeds are blocked..

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-08 10-24-23-547

1:20pm – 1:55pm Kelsey, Phil Joel and Mitch. Kelsey says that she could go either way. Loveita is a tough competitor. I don’t know, I’m down either way. If people needed my vote to Sharry then I could be swayed. I know there are other people that would put me up too. Phil says you have friends in this house too. Kelsey says I’m worried if Ramsey or Dallas win HOH because I would be going up. They agree it all depends on who wins HOH. Loveita joins them. Phil asks so when is eviction? Loveita says tomorrow. (Its not, Thursday is eviction day) Kelsey says that she finds Loveita just so awkward, like when she sits down my initial reaction is to get up and leave. Mitch says that’s how most people feel.

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I really want Tim or Lovita to win the next HOH, but preferably Tim.

white iverson

they are showing alot of Loveita on the feeds.. is that how they foreshadow who is going to be evicted?
Since she won’t be around long..they give her more ‘camera time’ while they can?

Do or die

Production only does that for the 1 hour tv show, not during the feeds. I think in this case, Loveita is working her butt off and campaigning hard it stay therefore it seems like she is getting more time. Sharry is probably sitting around not doing anything entertaining so there is no reason to show her.


I hope nikki wins hoh to put raul and kelsey/jared on the block.




i think a tim hoh would be more interesting, nikki wont care as much about the noms and strategy element

and it would ensure dallas and raul are on the block

cass, joel, phil, mitch are on good terms with tim and they all want dallas out too

even though alot dont like jared/kelsi, i prefer them over dallas and raul

im surprised how kelsi doesnt seem too bothered about loveita likely staying

cass was smart to immediately announce to everyone she is keeping loveita, and its started the momentum rolling in favor of loveita, with voters slowly realizing they can vote to keep someone who is better for their game, not the game of the hoh, and jared saying vote how you want has also aided that mentality…even if sharry stayed, cass has done the work to build trust with her as well


its not time for Tim to win hoh yet…he cant show his cards this soon…


Strategically I agree with you. There is an argument to win HOH for a lot of HG’s. Tim definitely at the top of the list. There are basically 2 alliances at best. Being able to real in who you want and get a strong alliance going could get that group to the jury. Goal 1 for any BB HG who knows the game.

Just an observation….
Jared and Kelsey have actually not been obnoxious and frankly not a terrible HOH. Little puzzled beyond the Sharry/Lovieta group why they are been seen as targets.. The real danger is Cass/Jared as the apparently know each other from outside the house. What fun if down the road Tim goes to Cass and proposes targeting Jared a few weeks down the road…….weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


its not confirmed that they do know each other, its come from bruno apparantly, but its not yet fact

cass knows to advance or go far in the game that jared will need to go eventually and i dont see that as any potential issue at all

tim has vocalized others he would target before jared, and its likely someone else takes a swing at jared before cass or tim would have to or need to


And Dallas acts like HIS expiration date is not quickly approaching. He doesn’t even realize how much people want to go after him solely because of his loud mouth. I cannot wait until he leaves.

Is Sharry even campaigning?


i cannot wait until dallas is gone, cannot wait


I think the house guests that are a little older ( late 20’s – 40’s ) – like Tim and Nikki are more entertaining. They aren’t as easily manipulated, see through the bull and don’t blindly follow. The pretty boys and girls are never very popular with the viewers, they lack a lot of substance.


I agree 100%. So why do the casting people keep doing this to us? The fans so time and time again that we want to see older players because they would be there to play and not look pretty. Man I wish they would listen to us!


its all about getting the balance right of personality types, and they want manipulators as well as people who are more easily manipulated


Really impressed with Loveita trying to stay, hope it works out.
Also why does Maddy hate Loveita? Weren’t they working together before


I am under the impression that she is playing the house as Dallas blew up their alliance but are still secretly working together. Here is hoping it works out for Loveita


Maddy is just emotional towards Loveita. Maddy hates her just because Loveita cuts Maddy off in conversations. Maddy just fails to notice that this is simply Loveita’s temperament and Loveita is not her enemy (quite the opposite). Maddy takes it personally and when the emotions take over , one is bound for failure eventually.

Karen B

Simon, Dawg, quick question if you don’t mind! Is it possible that it is contractual for Tim and Nikki that they receive specific amounts of camera time! Not that I am complaining cause they are pure gold amid copper layers at best! I am so ashamed of the way the hgs have been treating them, I just pray when they come out they see Canadians are not anything at all like these degenerates!

Karen Bowes

Do you (Simon, Dawg) know if there is ay truth to the rumour that Caleb from BBUS will be on sometime thi month? Heard this yesterday and I know he will be in TO towards the end of the month!


I want TIM to WIN!!!!


I wonder what happened to Sharry? I haven’t seen much of her other than going to talk to Jared. She needs to talk to the voters.

I like Phil/Nick and Mitch as an alliance. They are playing the power behind the power type of


Mitch is going such a good job of positioning himself behind the powers in the house and actively floating between them. And everyone likes Mitch. It blows my mind how many people have complimented him or said he will go far, but he’s on nobody’s radar and so many people want to work with him. You’d think people would try to get someone like that out as fast as they can. I would love to play an under the radar game line Mitch.

Where’s Sharry? Shouldn’t she be campaigning to HG besides Jared (who only votes in a tie)?