Cracks in Fatal 5 – “why the f*ck are you talking to me like that, are you f*ckg kidding me”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?

Big Brother 18 Alliance page

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-26 09-19-24-926

12:01am Jozea and Frank
Jozea – you can trust me.. I’m confident I have nothing to hide
Jozea – I’m into the whole Xena.. respect the warrior.. As guys we’re men and let’s do this.. You beat me fair and square that it..

Jozea wants to leave the gossip and lies to the girls.
Jozea – I’m a whole different ball of gay i’m so deeply into the manly part of it
Jozea apologizes for rambling on
Frank – that’s what friends are for

Jozea – it looks good at this point

Jozea: I hope America sees how F***ing bam I am glue. They call me the glue I stick people together

Frank – Who
Joeza – Everyone I feel like i’m the messiah.. I feel master speeches on passion and hearts and souls and connections
Jozea – American be like he’s the f***g messiah or some shit like that

Jozea – I do feel sometimes i’m the glue .. nobody else does the talking.. They look to me for answers.. But then again I did pull out that card the angel watches over joseph when Sarah did my sh1t (sarah?).. Maybe that’s something maybe these are my children I have such a connection to them I don’t want to see any of them go home.. Especially Bronte she’s like my little sister

Jozea mentions the houseguests finding out about the shooting in Orlando,

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-26 02-11-46-879

12:20am HOH Fatal 5
Nicole brings up talking to Victor today and he told her there was 6 votes for sure Jozea to stay. Tiffany says they are doing a good job making Jozea feel safe. Nicole says Jozea told her jokingly she is a target of the newbs but there’s others before her.

Tiffany wants to know who his before Nicole.
Nicole – he didn’t give names
Da’Vonne – you are for sure before her
Tiffany – why
Da’Vonne -you you …
Tiffany – why would you say that
Da’Vonne – calm down this is what they say every day i’m just relaying to you what they say Chill out
Tiffany – I am chill I’m just asking why you would say I’m before..
Zakiyah – every day they switch
Da’Vonne – back and forth
Nicole – Tomorrow it will be her (Zakiyah)
Da’Vonne – we got the numbers
Nicole – It’ll be back to me tomorrow
Zakiyah – Doesn’t matter They’re all going anyways
Da’Vonne – First blindside of the summer it’s going to be hilarious

Fatal 5 isn’t trusting Paulie or BRidgette. Michelle says Paulie doesn’t trust Bridgette at all. Michelle brings up that Bridgette is always playing the victim card.

Da’Vonne – she’s not fooling me
Nicole – that doesn’t bother me because everyone see it
Zakiyah – Frank really believes her
Michelle calls Bridgette a snake
Nicole – I don’t like her game wise.. I can feel her staring me down 99 percent of the time
Da;Vonne offers if she wins HOH she’ll take Bridgette out.

Zakiyah pecking order has Victor at the top of the list.
Da’Vonne says Victor gets on her nerves. Nicole would rather Bronte leaves first before Victor leaves. Nicole says a lot of people are targeting Victor he won’t make it as far as Bronte.

Michelle says Paulie told her he wants Victor gone, She proposes they get Paulie to take Victor out.
Paulie comes up followed by Natalie. Paulie tells them they have to wear the pixels until Midnight on Tuesday
Michelle says the pixel outfits are Awful. Sounds like Frank got a modified shorts because the original were so tight.

Nicole says the Power of Veto ceremony is happening on Sunday, Da’Vonne agrees.
Da’Vonne – that gives us a whole week..

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-26 02-45-21-076

12:40am Nicole, Zakiyah and Da’Vonne
Nicole – God, you cannot tell Tiffany anything.. She flips out
Da’Vonne – ya ay ay a
Nicole – don’t tell her anything.. Don’t stress her out she can’t hand it
Da’Vonne – she can’t
Zakiyah – That’s weird
Da’Vonne – Gohs..
Zakiyah – that was weird.. Has she flipped out on you
Nicole – No

They agree Tiffany is too sensitive. Sounds like they told her she was a potential target and flipped out. Nicole proposes they don’t tell Tiffany anything unless she’s in immediate danger. Nicole is worried Tiffany will now run downstairs and start something.

Zakiyah – her emotions are too erratic..
Da’Vonne – I’m not telling her shit. I don’t care if an ice cream truck pulls in the backyard y’all tell her.
Nicole wants them all to tell Tiffany Nicole is the number one target.
Zakiyah is worried Tiffany will stop trusting them.
Nicole says there is nowhere for Tiffany to go so she has to trust her, “We just know we can’t tell her anything”
Da’Vonne – me and James started talking about that two of the 8 she’s the 1 with a big question mark.
Da’Vonne says when she was in the house Vanessa wasn’t emotional but what Da’Vonne say on the feeds she was an “Emotional roller coaster”

They agree Tiffany is fragile.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-26 02-56-51-612

12:31am cam 3-4
Paul and Bronte chit chatting..

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-26 03-27-13-177

1:04am Michelle, Paulie and Tiffany
Michelle doesn’t think Glenn was forth coming about his past.
When she saw Glenn at first back in May “I tell ya he… he didn’t look goofy like that at all”
Paulie says Glenns, arms, traps and back were solid he was like a boulder.

Michele doesn’t think Bronte is a preschool teacher not with a body like that.
Paulie says Bronte could be a fitness model maybe a Zumba instructor but he doesn’t thin she’s lying
Tiffany doesn’t think someone would lie about being a zumba instructor.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-26 03-02-08-357

1:46am Bathroom Michelle and Tiffany
Tiffany is pissed at Da’Vonne.
Tiffany – Am I being antisocial today..
Michelle – you’ve been really social
Tiffany – I feel like I’ve been in a bad mood everyone pisses me off.. did you see how she reacted to me..
Michelle – ya .. I was like shit this is awkward
Tiffany – who was getting snippy first.. who was it..
Michelle – I don’t remember the conversation
Tiffany – I go whose going first
Michelle – yeah you were just curious
Tiffany – she was like calm down, I was hey why the fuc* are you talking to me like that can’t stand people talking to me like that…. are you f***G kidding me.. and she’s like Chill out.. I’m not feeling it man

Tiffany says Da’Vonne always brings up that she never trusted Vanessa.
Tiffany – Notice Da’Vonne likes to talk shit
Tiffany wants Michelle to let her know if Da’Vonne is starting shit about her.

Michelle says NAtalie reminds her of Jordan Loyd

Tiffany – I feel like people have been mean to me today
Tiffany is warning her about Da’Vonne “Keep your eyes open” Tiffany wants to trust her but she’s getting a “Vibe” From Da’Vonne.
(LOL so the fatal five starts to crack)
Michelle doesn’t like Bridgette, “I hate talking to her”
Michelle only really wants to talk to the “8 People”. Michelle doesn’t mind Paul and Natalie but doesn’t like Victor.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-26 02-49-57-907

2:09am Nicole gets pranked

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-26 03-51-13-481

3:51am Everyone sleeping
7:07am still sleeping
8:21am sleeping
8:49am Feeds on Jeff possible POV ceremony.

9:10am Feeds back
Victor finds a piece of Chalk outside.

9:45am nothing going on houseguests making breakfast waking up.

Lots of excitement over this story Corey shared last night. Apparently his friend bought a goat for their frat house and got so drunk one night tried to light it on fire by spraying lighter fluid on it. Corey’s Goat story found here (FYI with a live feed subscription you can go back to any point on the feeds and rewatch.
June 25th11:05pm Cam 1-2 Kitchen Corey,James, Natalie, Paul, Frank
Corey – he went and bought a goat and put in it there backyard.. it was in our baseball house he got f*** up one night he got some lighter fluid and sprayed it on it tried to light that mother f****r on fire he was so drunk
James – he tired to light a goat on fire
Corey – this goat it was scared to death.. it was right by the fire place.. it wouldn’t even move
Paul – why did you hurt goats
Corey – he wasn’t going to move he was so scared
Paul – why would you light a goat on fire thats not nice.. i would never light a goat on fire
Corey – he tried to light that mother f***r on fire… he was the drunkest person

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I’m so incredibly disgusted over the animal cruelty story Corey was telling earlier that I can’t even enjoy the feeds or anything. What possesses a person to not only try and light a goat on fire but to then tell that story to people? There were already signs that Corey is a bit off in the head, but this isn’t like saying a party was gay. He thought it was amusing to try and light a living breathing animal on fire and I just can’t with this. At all.


I was too then I realized I was eating a chicken sandwich while reading that, so I can’t be too mad at him.


Well it’s one thing to kill animals just so people can eat them, but it’s another to harm animals for no purpose other for shits and giggles and then to brag and laugh about is completely different.


I fail to see the difference. Most people eat animals because they enjoy it & tastex good. Buying neatly prepared packaged meat at the grocery store means you are directly contributing to an industry that slaughters countless animals purely out of profit. And those animals in those slaughterhouses go through much more than whatever Corey did to that goat.

FYI: I’m not a PETA member and do not give a shit about animals, but I’m also not a hypocrite either.


You’re right about big changes needed across the board to clean up mass production, McDonald’s Purdue & Tyson others have already outlawed many cruel practices. (I’m vegan with exception only eat fish) But extended animal torture, not just cow tipping, for entertainment is a feature of serious mental illness in the DSM, like alot of the hazing rituals justified by “frat boy school prank drunk” excuses. Corey & his buds might be frat frunks, but inability to draw boundaries, exhibiting pride & humor is something he rambled on about, even after he couldn’t get anyone to agree with him. Freakazoids need to worry.


You fail to see the difference? Torturing an animal for your drunken kicks? You fail to see the difference? Wow! Put your hand over a open flame…them maybe you will see the difference…


Put my hand over an open flame? How about taking a hatchet and cut out my intestines instead? Or maybe pay someone off to do it in a slaughter house?

I’m not a cow or a pig so people won’t get as much pleasure out eating my body parts, so it is all moot.


If you can’t see the difference then your as stupid as your name.




You, sir, win the Internet for today.


Also as Corey was telling this story, even someone like Paul was saying that was fucked up to do. That’s how bad it is!


Corey points plummeting. There is nothing funny about torturing animals, jail-time crime & red flag for serial killers. Talks too much, gives team strategies away. Freaks out angry over the smallest things, ego, insecurity, historical facts way off in political rants, like he’s got no awareness how he’s coming off to public. He’s emotionally unstable, Nicole should keep her distance… that’s how many creeps on campus, Corey, Joz, Vic, Paul… Paulie gives game away…. Frank & James only sane ones, that’s, why they’re Powerpuff/Newbie targets.


That wasn’t a frat prank, Corey converted to Jewdism and was sacrificing a goat.


That was a great point. Well done!


Horrible story! However., it wasn’t Corey, it was his frat brother. The others should have stopped it, though


It doesn’t matter if he participated or not, the fact that he would tell the story to people hehust met, thinking it would be funny tells something about his character


It doesn’t matter if he participated or not, the fact that he would tell the story to people he just met, thinking it would be funny tells something about his character


Here we go, let the delusions slowly creep in to Tiff’s head and paranoia run amok. Can we say Vanessa all over again !!!! Of course Mama Day doesn’t trust her and rightfully so, neither does Nicole and James. I thought Paul was bad I think Tiff is even worse to tell you the truth. I don’t think I can handle a whole Season of her. I hope she goes and soon.


Do you watch the feeds? You must not. I’m not necessarily a Tiffany fan (I don’t like her yet or dislike her) but she’s really not acting all that paranoid. I would say day is being the most paranoid of the bunch.


You are acting as if Tiff didn’t talk and hangout with Paulie a lot yesterday. Paulie who is not a part of their alliance and is currently on the block. The revolution is already blaming her for trying to sway the votes and fatal five and the 8 pack is paranoid about her because paulie is not a part of their crew. She wants paulie to be her Steve except that everyone else saw her trying to do that with him so they are paranoid with that. Also did you see that blow up and her drama with Frank? Everyone in the alliance can already see her as dramatic and emotional and yet the people in the alliance is still in the wrong? please, I’m rooting for tiff too but she needs to pull it together.


Tiffany has to quit being so sensitive over everything and get her emotions in check. She takes things way to far, and it’s putting her on her own team’s radar. It’s dangerous to have a team mate that’s falling apart at times and frustrating being questioned and interrogated when she feels in the least bit threatened. She has a good group and can probably go far if she gets it together, but she better hurry, they’re becoming leery of her.


She was hanging out with Paul a lot? If you have the feeds them how did you miss that z does too? Did you miss the part where day told Tiffany that z and Paulie kinda like each other. In other words, back off he’s with z. When he’s not with her. He flirts with all the girls. He’s definitely codys brother, for sure.

And Paulie may not be an actual member of the alliance simply because he wasn’t in the room when it was formed, but they ALL talk to him like he’s a part of it, all the time.

So Tiffany hanging with him and/or talking to him is no different than what anyone else is going. Except that z is getting jealous when she needs to hang it up. He flirts with all of them.

sunny dee

i watch the feeds in the form of After Dark. Tiffany over reacts, i wouldn’t be surprised if she over reacted to Day there just the same way she over reacted to Frank saying there were 3 bottles of wine, (an earlier recap comments mention that incident), he had to go out to the hammock to smooth things over with her, because obviously she was dramatic, but denying that she was dramatic, it was incredibly stupid and reminded me completely of Vanessa there. she wouldn’t even look at him, and she’d been talking to james about stuff just prior to that.

i’m thinking, geez why do these idiots want to get their own alliance worried about what they might flip out about next. but also, what kind of upbringing did those two have where they always take everything as an attack, insult or dig instead of just a normal remark. basically Zak took one of the bottles of wine, there was some discussion about it, no one flipped out, when it was said it was taken up to the 4 girls, but there was still discussion carrying on, Tiff says ‘oh, was there 3 i only saw 2’ still dragging it on, and Franks says ‘yeah, tiff i brought them out, there were 3’, and she literally gets all offended because he said that. his remark may have been a bit frustrated, but that was after it was being discussed way too long, and she figures he is attacking her, instead of taking a moment and thinking, hey, this guy is my friend and ally, and he hasn’t shown me any reason to think anything else, so maybe i should just try to be empathetic and understanding and go ‘oh, ok, 3 it is’.

i think both V and T are narcissists, and incapable of much empathy towards others.


I went back and watched it on the feeds and still don’t get where they got “she was freaking out” from? If they think that’s freaking out, then they must be overly sensitive themselves. lmao I don’t see it.


For her own game, hope she can control the emotions, maintain multiple alliances & tone down the interrogations which don’t really satisfy need for info but increase her anger & distrust. When you put people on the defensive, it backfires. Every vet or relative of vet has been a rotating target. If you’re a strong player, like she is & says, you make yourself a target. If you isolate & observe only, you increase distrust like Bridgette. If she loses it she can blow her alliances, increase distrust. She had to expect being Vanessa’s sis would scare people, esp HG’s who don’t know rules, how to play.


I am encouraged to see changes to the game that bring back uncertainty to the eviction process, and curtail the rampant throwing of competitions. Not getting blood on hands and respecting the HOH made the game boring.
It was too predictable to HG’s, guessing which comp is next…I hope they scrap most of them…all this obsession with studying things around the house…boring.
New game and I like it.


“I don’t care if an ice cream truck pulls into the back yard, ya’ll tell her”. Da’vonne cracks me up. I hope she stays in the game a long time.


Doesn’t seem like she’s learned much from her past mistakes. She still doesn’t trust anyone, still paranoid for no reason, and still talks crap about everyone. I really don’t see her lasting very long unless she calms down.


I was really hoping that Tiffany would take Vanessa’s better traits and drop the paranoia, but no such luck. She’s digging her own grave already. Shut your mouth, Tiff, you were in a great place with a good alliance….


Vanessa had no good traits…people were just idiots last year


Da didn’t learn anything last season. Already running around stirring stuff and talking about everybody. Won’t be long until they all talk and catch her in the act and then bye bye again. Paul probably caused a slow down in alcohol for a while. That’s just greedy to drink like that when there are limited amounts. That entire team needs to go out first. Josea, Da, then Paul and Zak. They are each distasteful in their own way.


Natalie is just so funny and random how she just appears out of nowhere in different rooms just to give people makeovers, she thinks she’s on a different show or something, lol.


So is Natalie a Victoria?


I don’t know if the Fatal Five is cracking so much as Tiffany is cracking… If they get rid of her, their group still seems like it would be very solid (for now, at least)


I heard that one of Corey’s friends set a goat on fire outside of the house and he was laughing… is that true? That’s fucking sick.


Ahhh, the alliance that came too soon. Now the Fatal Five could have an issue on their hands. Tiffany is unstable and could totally fuck it up for the other 4.


How is asking “why” she’s first to go does not make her unstable lol. It wasn’t even that deep. Da is acting like she flipped out and she really didn’t. She just seemed shocked that they were naming her over vets when the vets have been the focus this whole time. She literally didn’t “freak out” at all. If anything da is the most paranoid one out of the group. She literally doesn’t trust any of them except maybe Z. Which Z is coming off a bit unstable herself. She’s getting a little coo coo over Paulie. Paulie is not that into her, she needs to chill. He’s just kind of flirting around with all the girls and she’s starting to act a little Calebish. Lol

An ornery mouse

Looks like another season of everyone tiptoeing around a Russo sister so that she doesn’t freak the fuck out….. I wonder if Tiffany will be able to work it to her advantage the way Vanessa did?


I don’t think Tiff is as smart as Van. Being a poker player Van has an analytical mind, Tiff just goes on emotion.


Vanessa was not smart…the rest of the cast was stupid


Ok I didn’t really love Vanessa simply bc of the crying but to say she isn’t “smart” is stupid. Her IQ is 155 which is considered genius.

Call her a cry baby, annoying, whatever, but you can’t say she’s not smart. Smh


On IQ, Stephen Hawking told the New York Times: I have no idea (what his IQ is), people who boast about their IQ are losers.

IQ has less relevance when applied to an adult. Knowledge and ability are something which can developed. Much like the athlete raw talent only gets you so far and IQ is the athlete’s talent, if you don’t put in the work you will only go so far.

All access

Thanks guys so much for watching and posting I tried to watch some yesterday and I was beyond bored out of my mind! I was stationed overseas the past couple of years and this sight is how I kept up with big brother now back in the states I wanted to watch but it feels like a waste of my time
So boys with that keep posting I enjoy your sight and live shows much more then all access
Thanks again


As I stated earlier…Day fears Tiff and thus has been undercutting her. She will chill a little now that she knows Tiff is onto her a bit.

I’m not going to go into detail about that right now because the small group of people that are lurking here just waiting to bash Tiff I don’t want to dignify in any way. Their obsession with Vanessa has lasted over a year now and won’t end soon. Tiff could cure cancer and they would spin that to negative. Really pointless to even engage them its what they want.

Ok. Onto more pressing stuff! I as some of you know am a fan of the game and those that actually play it and I am starting to see more actual game play which is grand!

Jozea..haha. I am worried for him on a real life basis because mental illness is real and he at the very least has a very serious personality disorder and his actual life is going to be miserable if he doesn’t seek and find some help.

But! For this week. He is gold! Going to be a blast watching those fools Vic Paul and Jozea realize they are nothing in this game and are about to be out the door. Jozea at least is entertaining with his over the top cluelessness and think godly of himself stuff. But Paul and Vic are just such huge douche bags and unintelligent that it’s brutal to watch. Brutal!

I have Tiff Michelle Frank and Corey as my final four. But Corey is showing more doufus dumb jock than anything else lately. I think he is a nice guy but had hope he was going to be a player in game and that hope is fading.

Tiff for the win! Tiff Michelle Frank final 3! Ha.

Sorry this post got long….peaCe


It’s not Tiffany that’s paranoid and cracking, It’s Da; she decided she doesn’t trust Tiffany because of who her sister is which is ridiculous. And she is stirring shit up amongst her own group?! That’s just horrible game play … I think she sees Tiffany as a huge threat and is trying to damage her game… So obvious


Corey is quickly becoming a person I don’t like. I think he’s more than a little “off”. Just look at those eyes, the eyes don’t lie. He’s nuts and a complete a$$.


When someone like Paul says that’s not a nice thing to do…

Time to Flip

So, the story is Corey had a drunken idiot frat bro that failed to light a goat on fire? From the outrage I thought Corey was into boiling animals alive like Asians or having sex with them like Canadians.

Seriously ?

The outrage is due to the fact that he was laughing and found this funny. Anyone with any human decency should be outraged by this. Lighting an animal on fire is complete animal cruelty and participating in this in anyway or finding it humorous is disgusting.


And here we go …..
It was bound to be found out about day
Talking shit about tiff and it coming back to her well day needs to chill before she is the one leaving after jozea
Paul, victor, and jozea are still delusional as ever( jozea still think he isn’t go home which will make for good TV on Thursday )
Another thing i wanna point out is that is off-topic is Frank as much as I love how he’s playing the game has been cocky lately & I don’t why but it will bit him in the butt .


Yeah. I was actually surprised Paul reacted that way to Cory’s story. That tells me Paul has some decency in him.


My thoughts on Tif so far…I actually like Tif far more than I did Van. She started out trying to lay low, yesterday was an emotional bad day for her it seems but I would not say she is unstable. Everyone can have a bad day and we don’t know her past or what triggered yesterday. Hopefully she can get back into the game and doesn’t continue down this path.

Da…I felt sorry for her last season. This season not so much. Her gameplay seems to be centered on stirring up trouble wherever, kind of like Audry. Eventually its going to catch up to her. She started with drama and hopefully her time on BB will end soon.

I’m hoping Josea is out the door come Thurs. Beyond that I will have to watch more to decide who should be next.


Tiff seems much more self-aware, and loves Audry, gives shout outs to her all the time, having won her online sequester game, as well as discusses openly her families habits of wearing their emotions on their sleeve. She saw what it did to Vans game by watching feeds, hopefully she’ll use drama to her advantage, ie. keeping Da’s double agent status in check. Nicole who can be emotional & level headed & even Michelle ate trying to calm Tiff down, or save it for later when the blindside makes the Powerpuffs really mad… their guys are the “unstable” ones this season.

On It

Wasn’t that guy’s name Aubrey not Audrey?


Will somebody (James) please, please, please get rid of that stupid thing on Tiffany’s head. It’s worse than a beanie.


Day is paranoid?!? Tiffany is 100% mimicking her sister Vanessa. Stays in bed feeling sorry for herself and looking like a mess with the same type hat Vanessa wore. Puts on those huge ass shades when she’s trying to get info and Yes I watched the live feeds. Tiffany did freak out and have the same reactions Vanessa had last season when her name came up. She tried so hard to get Michelle to agree with her( didn’t work) bull crap. Tiffany said in her pre-show interview she would play like her sister but “maybe” not as evil. So why should Day trust her? She trusted Vanessa and look what happened. Tiffany is trying to use Michelle exactly how Vanessa used Steve. “If you hear her say anything, let me know”. “I get this vibe”. “Did you see how he/she was attacking me?” One season of Vanessa was enough.


I swear production is feeding the Vanessa 2.0 storyline to Vanessa’s sister.


Frank is the front runner for winning it all. I think he needs to slow it down before the girls catch on to him.

Clays Undercutt

Cracks in the femme fatal five?Jozea Christ is the glue… (Clears throat): The Crazy Glue.
This season is funny. Those newbie boys prancing around with their stupid egos are going to be crushed by the girls if they can get it together –

Am I the only one tired of seeing Paul’s “Jack-Nicholson-from-the-Shining” meets “Bra’s of Sunset” seemingly terrorize Bronte’s “Shelly-Duvall-from-the-Shining” meets Tori Spelling in the new TV must see: “Big Brother, May I Sleep With Danger?”.

Corey is on my radar as far as some ignorant things he has said but let’s face it, he’s not the one who tried to light the goat on fire…. Anyone know if there are Capricorns in the house? Maybe he is threatening all the Capricorns and they should write CBS and start a petition to have his Texan butt booted off the show… C’mon! … let’s not be so sensitive. They’re all a bunch of morons and if anything theses houseguest teach the viewers what NOT to do~ getting offended by this stuff and putting energy into it is useless. Being reduced to a cultural stereotype sucks- not all black females are sassy, not all Puerto Rican men are macho food monitors, not all Texans are racist bigots, not all gays are attention hungry pervs, not all short Asians like to feel smart and taller by playing jokes on people, and not all white men fart when they get old….
Let’s all get along!


Clays Undercutt.. You are my new posting hero.. Please consider just going by UNDERCUTT… it’s a fucking franchise


Jozea is the all knowing Messiah, Paul thinks he’s on Jersey Shore. Natalie auditioning for Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Tiffany having a meltdown this early in the game, Corey relaying sociopathic behaviour to the HGs……….gahhhhhh!


So disgusted by this goat story. He is a horrible person. Only a psycho would find this amusing. I think he should be removed from the show. I’m so appalled by this. I would never associate with someone like him.

BB Fan

Agh, Nicole is sooooooooooo annoying. She thinks she runs the game. Can’t wait till they kick her little whiny annoying ass out.


Nicole will not win because her nominating The ” Messiah ” and The ” Beard” will have all the newbies gunning for her and eventually, all of the eight pack alliance will eventually turn on her.


The people most likely to win the game. James, Frank, Michelle, Paulie, and maybe Tiffany?


Zakiyah and Michelle are playing the best game out of the newbies. Michelle reminds me of the way Derrick played the game. Making sure that he was good with everyone.

Also, the girl alliance needs to stick together so they can take out Frank and James. Everybody’s too busy thinking about taking out Jozea, Bridgette, Paul, and Paulie that they don’t realize that Frank and James are two strong players both phisically and socially. They can talk they way to a million dollars.


Who is most likely to get evicted at the final three?

A for Davonne
B for Frank
C for Nicole
D for James
E for Bronte
F for Natalie
G for Bridgette
H for Zakiyah
I for Tiffany
J for Michelle
K for Victor
L for Paulie
M for Jozea
N for Paul
O for Corey


So, disgusted about the goat story. For him to tell the story and on live feeds shows what kind of sick freak he is…. and laughs about it. Sickening!!!