POV Holder: Emmett Next POV March 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 1st
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: March 28th
Original Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Current Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots No Havenots this week

4:50pm Gary, Suzette and Aj are out in the hot tub room. Gary tells Aj that he will be voting for Suzette to stay. He says that he just doesn’t want Suzette to go out like that with a zero vote. Aj says that he understands and wouldn’t expect anything less. Aj and Suzette leave.

Big Brother Canada March 27 2013 416pm
5pm – 5:10pm Peter joins Gary. Gary tells Peter that he is voting to keep Suzette. Peter says that he doesn’t think anyone would hold it against him. Peter says that everyone knows you are friends with her. Peter talks about wanting to give Liza a vote. Gary talks about not knowing what he will do with the POV power next week. Peter says that he will have three options, the HOH, the two nominees and then the three people drawn and then there will be three people sitting on the bench and then you can substitute one for another. Peter says now I will have to re-read it … then says nah nah .. only one of the three selected players.. so you can’t replace the Head of Household or neither of the nominees. You can only replace the three selected players. (THIS CONFIRMS THAT THE RUMOURS OF GARY BEING ABLE TO VETO A NOMINATION IS FALSE AS PETER STATES HE HAD READ THE RULES OF GARY’S POWER.) Peter says that it might make all the difference in the world or it might be completely irrelevant. Peter tells him that it might be better for him not to use it.

5:20pm – 5:30pm The house guests are sitting around talking about the tournament, about still being on an outdoor lock down and other random things. Big Brother finally lets them inside the house.

Big Brother Canada March 27 2013 526pm

5:35pm When the house guests enter the house they discover that Big Brother installed a new camera in the living room. Emmett and Talla go into the storage room and discover that big brother left the BB door into the storage room open. Talla keeps pointing at it telling Big Brother. Then all of a sudden big brother closes the door. Emmett talk about how he was tempted to run through it.
Big Brother Canada March 27 2013 531pm

5:50pm Jillian and Andrew are in the storage room talking. Andrew says that he knows she doesn’t want to talk game but… I really want to breakup Topaz and Alec so bad. Jillian asks why? Andrew says because he is going to win!

6pm – 6:15pm Gary, Talla, Jillian, Andrew and Aj are in the kitchen talking and making their dinners. They are making meat balls. Talla says these are gorgeous balls!
Big Brother Canada March 27 2013 615pm

6:20pm – 6:35pm Andrew and Alec are talking on the couch. Andrew says that if he isn’t HOH this week …then he wants to be on slop, just to try it. He tells Alec that he was a slop star!

Big Brother Canada March 27 2013 710
7pm – 7:20pm Andrew finishes cooking his steak and asparagus dinner. He sits down at the table and Alec watches his plate like a hawk (sounds and all) just waiting for any scraps of food.
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I hope Jillian doesn’t blab back to Alec/Topaz/Gary about what Andrew said….Alec thinks Andrew can be trustworthy……I guess we will see what side Jillian wants to play on.


When did Gary win this power ? if so will he use it to save Suzette.


He didn’t he won a veto pass which allows him to switch places with any of the hgs that are picked to play (except hoh and the two noms).


So many crazy rumors running around about what Gary won.. My official stance is he won a trip to mars. Dawg on the other hand has been watching the feeds when things went down so he might have a more reliable opinion.


I hope Peter’s god damn fingers fall off having Liza’s hair elastic around them 24/7!


As the HG’s have mentioned, Suzette will be the last person to be evicted that no one in the house really cares about leaving. After this week, anyone leaving is going to cause ripples in the house.

I’m seeing that the house divide is starting to be: Andrew/Jillian/Emmett/AJ/Talla on one side, and Alec/Peter/Topaz/Gary on the other side.

This HoH is going to be huge in determining which side ends up the power and numbers.

I called this on twitter on last night, so I figured I’d better call it here too (My Big Brother home.) 😉 I’m locking in my final 3 prediction now: Andrew, Jillian and Emmett.


I am willing to lock in…Jillian, Talla, Peter.


Your prediction is what I would love to see in final 3, do I think its going to happen? Probably not. I think Emmett is more loyal to Peter/Alec, although I think he would be better off choosing to side with Andrew.


The best game for any group is to bring in Emmit and Jillian. Oh but my gut tells me That Alec/Peter may go with Gary/Topaz instead. I have a bad feeling if Andrew wins those 4 cut a deal to put up Jillian/Emmit and the one left goes home next eviction protecting Talla and AJ and Andrew. Andrew makes the deal and ends the posibility any of those 3 make the final. They got 1 shot at the king. They wound Emmit and don’t finish it Alec and Peter may not like the following week. This isn’t what I want I just think it’s a possible senario. Also Gary winning HOH is a real wild card. Could he just target the soogies or does he make another big move? Friday/Saturday feeds could be pretty good depending on who wins HOH.
Lastly Gary’s POV power might be used to set up a backdoor eviction by removing the target from the POV comp. Could end up a nasty piece of business. Say 2 pawns go up and Emmit is the target all Gary has to do is remove Emmit from the POV comp and backdoor city. I’ve seen several comments about how Gary’s power is pretty limiting I think the opposite. If your going to backdoor someone it leaves them with no chance to protect themselves. Just Imagine Emmit asks his friend Gary to remove him from POV so he can rest his foot/toe. The house has a secret deal to backdoor Emmit! Season 1 of BBcan is over for Emmit and he never had a chance or saw it coming. Replace Emmits name with any HG not named Topaz add a cooperative HOH and house block vote and anyone can be 1st in the jury house. Only Gary is garunteed to play for POV but that’s not the real power IMHO.


Your description is very complex and I kind of get it but the thing that sticks out is that you said WOUND EMMETT. Done and done. Did you view the soccer match. I realize it may be not a nice thing to say about our little Alec who plays soccer at UBC, that the harm was intentional. He cheats (that’s how I see him handing over HOH to Andrew last week), then cheats again (he took his blindfold off during the piñata competition), then injures his most powerful opponent. Coincidence? Maybe.


I was surprised that Gary’s still floating. I thought he was pretty tight with Emmett, but he was just talking about taking him out. I’m rooting for Emmett, but I’d really be okay with anyone not named Topaz, Gary, or Alec. I could go either way on Peter.


I’m really disappointed if Gary is floating Emmits name for eviction. It’s a really stupid move. If Gary doesn’t win HOH on Thursday Emmit might be his only chance to be safe. Emmit could move enough of the house maybe. We really have no real idea if flip floppers Alec and Peter are going after Gary or not. Andrew seems to be the one most focused on evicting Gary at the moment.

Shakira Stan

To be honest, if the “house” tells Emmett to nominate Gary, he will do it right away because he’s a pussy and he doesn’t wanna make enemies and so will Jillian. It’s more than normal that Glitter is trying to find a way to get the biggest physical threat of the house out! The only person Gary can truly trust is Topaz but let’s face it, she’s not gonna win competitions any time soon. I’m starting to get extremely irritated by the shields, especially Peter. I can’t stand this kid. I like Emmett, but I wish he had more guts. Alec doesn’t even realize that keeping Gary in his side is good game move for him, it’s funny that he thinks he’s got Andrew in his pocket.


my personal Twitter account


Suzette is gone tomorrow!! Yes!! I cant wait. I love how BB tried to portray her as a nice mother, but she didn’t give them much to work with. Everyone knows the type of person she is. Tom was right. She says she is representing for aboriginals, plus sized women, mothers, etc. Well she made them all look bad then. Shes the only aboriginal person Ive ever seen, if I was as racist as she is, I wouldnt think too highly of them. However, I am not a bigot like her, so I’m sure that there are plenty of fine aboriginal people in Canada that are very dissapointed at how inapropriate she acted after saying she represented them. Suzette doesnt represent anyone but the delusional. One of the worse people ever to be featured on any tv show. Anywhere. Absolutely disgusting inside and out.
I’ll be throwing a party on Thurs. for sure


I’ll be glad when suzette is gone. Then we don’t have to address the nation’s issues on a forum meant to discuss the happenings in a house full of people trying to win 100,000$.

People who go on reality shows should not be held up as pillars of their community. Or as representatives. People in reality tv are there for the money. Money, as we know, it the root of all evil.

There are other more relevant places to discuss these issues. Places where it might even do some good. But in the context of a reality game show, it’s just not right.