Caleb says I’ll put up Victoria. She’s not going to like it! Cody “Oh yeah she’ll be coming after you next week.”

POV Holder: Christine Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Christine
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-30 19-01-12-437
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7pm Up in the HOH room – Caleb says I’m so glad this week is done. Frankie calls Christine a beast. Caleb says I’ll put up Frankie and.. he laughs. He says I’ll put up Victoria. She’s not going to like it but.. Cody says oh yeah she’ll be coming after you next week. Christine comments on how Nicole wasn’t happy with the amount girls Hayden’s slept with. Cody says that one of his ex’s was upset that he had slept with 2 girls and so ever since then he will never tell a girl the actual number. Frankie says that if anyone even asks him he just laughs in their face. Caleb says he doesn’t even say because no one believes him any ways. The conversation turns to talking about ADHD and how Cody thought he had it but his Dad told him he didn’t have it. Caleb says that one of his friends showed up on a p*rno pl@yboy live with a girl called Panda. He says the girl wears a panda outfit. Caleb says he’s a corporal in the army that he could have sworn the guy was married. Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they return – Cody, Christine and Caleb head downstairs. On the way down the stairs Caleb pretends to fall down the steps. Frankie wastes not time in trying to “help” Caleb by groping and straddling him.

7pm – 7:30pm In the kitchen – Nicole asks do you think Cody would take you or Christine? Derrick says maybe me just because I suck at comps. Caleb, Cody, Frankie, Nicole, Christine and Derrick are in the kitchen. Cody and Caleb shot gun a beer. Victoria is annoyed that the guys are drinking without her. Cody says if you fall behind you get left behind. Victoria says its early. Caleb says its after 8 o’clock! Victoria says no, its 7:30pm.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-30 19-22-36-095

Caleb shows off his boob job. This cost 2 grand! Frankie is playing with the play-doh. Victoria is painting her own face and then starts painting Frankie’s face.

bandicam 2014-08-30 19-28-35-521

7:40pm – 8:15pm Cody shot guns another beer. Cody laughs and says I can’t believe I have to wear this for a week. The conversation turns to talking about the power of veto competition. Cody says he couldn’t remember anything. There’s my ADHD kicking in. Christine tells Derrick that he did really good in the competition. Derrick says thank you. They start arguing about what colour Julie Chen’s dress was. They debate on whether it was more pink or red. Frankie tells Caleb he would trust him more if he made if farther in the competition. Caleb tells him to suck it. Frankie says I would like to.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-30 20-04-23-904

Caleb says I work at Lowes I know colours. Frankie says you work at Lowes I’m a homosexual I know colours better than YOU!! Cody says WHOA pump the brakes! Cody says I don’t have to be gay to know colours. Caleb repeats what Cody said. Big Brother opens up the backyard. They head outside. Frankie says I want to play a game of pool with Cody while he’s drunk.

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I’m sooooo pissed off!


So bored! Next week Victoria, week after Crustie, followed by Frankie, this entire season has been so predictable


Just the typical week, with CBS making it look like another houseguest is the target, when we know Nicole is a goner.


Yes, but even if Frankie’s eviction in 2 weeks will be “predictable”, it will still be the most satisfying eviction of the season. I can’t effing wait.


Can’t they please get that despicably motivated Frankie off this show! He and Christine have absolutely NO REDEEMING QUALITIES!

I used to love the color Pink...

…now I want to vomit.

(oo) Derrick's Pig Nose (oo)!!

noooooo says:
I’m sooooo pissed off!

You and a million+ BB fans! Not only am I pissed off at this whole BB16 OBSOLETE season, but the planning for this cast of……. was a complete cluster-f#çk¡! Ok, I’m no homophobe and what gay people do with their lives is their business, but REALLY do I have to continue to watch that pink feathered Rupaul groping, fondle, and dry-sex rape and grab-a$$ with Cody on BBAD! I kinda get the feeling the “BIG SUMMER TWIST” will be Christine revealing that ‘he’ was once a man and Cody will finally come out, and on finale night Frankie will get down on one knee and this will be the summers grand elusion! CBS and this sorry production should hang their heads low, such an embarrassment and disgrace! If I want to watch a gay guy humping and touchy-feely other guys, I’ll watch Logo TV! Another slimy thing to watch is Derrick’s crazed infatuation love crush with Ricky Lake….. (my bad) Victoria! UGHH! SMH!

Married but looking

Everytime I see Derrick and Victoria, I keep feeling like I am watching an episode of CHEATERS. He disgusts me and she, well, she is just revolting.


Thank You, very well said!


You are probably a little homophobic. If you have to explain that you aren’t a homophobe because it isn’t self-evident, you probably are one. And why insult RuPaul in the process? Frankie isn’t worth shit. RuPaul IS the shit.

What puzzles me is the fact that Cody and Frankie and Zach and Caleb all cuddle, stroke and even fondle that gross, unattractive P.O.S. I question those 4 men. Frankie can’t help himself because he is…Frankie. They can help themselves.

Another Anonymous

What I learned this summer:

– The “Most Twisted Season EVER!” didn’t have any twists. The houseguests knew what was coming every week and so did we. A Pandora’s Box that replaced the nominees last week could have shaken up the house and saved the season.

– Production could have caused chaos simply be enforcing the rules (renom rule would have saved Zach, penalty nom for Christine for throwing the BOB, etc.) and giving the returning houseguest a week of amnesty.

– I thought I couldn’t dislike a BB winner more than I disliked Andy from last year. I was wrong. If Nicole doesn’t win there isn’t anyone left that I even remotely like. Last year’s cast was awful, disgusting and racist. The remaining members of this cast are awful, disgusting, boring and full of themselves.

– Whoever does the casting for BB needs to be fired.

– Simon and Dawg do a GREAT job and this is the best Big Brother site on the net. If you’ve been to this site at least 3 times this summer you really should think about donating a few bucks to them for their time.


Well said, AA!


I donate, I shop through their amazon link weekly.


Renom rule is not a real rule!


WHY didn’t they penalize them and stick to the rule book. YES it would have shaken up the house and it would have been an exciting night to watch. Then zack would have been saved!!!!!


I have read this site for years and Simon and Dawg do a great job. But some things they allowed to get through earlier today about Frankie were disgusting and should have been blocked. I particular remember a poster calling him a child molestor. HOW was that post cleared? HOW?


would you guys ever consider getting a comment section mod to moderate innappropriate comments? which would allow you guys to focus on the articles and updates?


That comment had many thumbs ups and downs. Come on, that wasn’t a slip up. I just think their is so much venom for him and Christine that many of the posters on this site are getting way to personal. They are saying these cast members are being horrible, well they are just as bad and worse, some of them. Don’t you think at some point you guys should point that out?


Why dont you go Frankie yourself!

Richard Simmons

Frankie is a vile old queen.


Yeah, I find it particularly funny yet sad when I see posts like “Frankie is a vile, disgusting human being….He probably picks up little boys in his spare time…I hope he gets aids.” etc. etc. etc.

I hate Frankie too but some people are just going overboard in their “hate”. I mean, c’mon, pot meet kettle.

Kathie from Canada

There is a ‘reply’ place below each and every comment posted. If you find something objectionable, speak up. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Some may agree, some may disagree. Make a ‘big move’.


Not trying to be a meanie but a slip up is a slip up –we all slip up – just like some of us make mistake with our GRAMMAR. If anyone feels they can monitor their site better then do so. Thanks for apologizing, personally – I’ve seen and heard worse standing in line at Wal-mart. Love your site. Good Grief!!! Moving right along and I know thumbs down.

Kathie from Canada

Given the fact that many of the HGs say and do so many inappropriate things, the comments are bound to reflect our reactions! Dawg and Simon have an uphill struggle trying to maintain a balance and they do a great job. In fact, Dawg is my favourite in the house!! lol


Have you ever tried out? Or seriously considered it?

Donny Bravo

I would love a season where Dawg, Simon and all the other Big Brother Bloggers get thrown into a house for a summer.

I would be on the live feeds 24/7 lol.

I’m sure CBS or BB Canada could make it happen regardless of location if fans showed enough interest. We need to get a petition started!


I think if you took out inappropriate comments this site wouldn’t be as much fun! You guys do a great job giving us these updates…esp for the likes of me who can’t stand listening or looking at these HGs anymore and just read the updates. But the comments really make me laugh…including the inappropriate ones. It’s all in fun and it’s not like there are any serious repercussions to them. I mean the HGs seem to be able to say all sorts of inappropriate stuff…including skankies rape comment without being censored. Just my thought. Love this site

Roisen Dubh

I admit I go into the blue zone every once in a while to try and pull a laugh and if I offend someone, I’m sorry and I apologize to Simon and Dawg. They run a top shelf site, and if the comments go way overboard, you know as well as I that that the wonderful and devoted posters on this sight will straight hammer you for it. That being said, Your crying about things being said about Frankie? What about the things that this guy has said and done all season? Basically calling America a bunch of bigots because we thought his play sucked? Saying that he wanted to punch Nicole in the face? Saying that people should give him AF because he’s gay? Going around and groping everybody( These guys are really gonna vent about that one when they get out of the house) Talking about stabbing a baby and drinking it’s blood? Dry humping all the guys? The vile things and the lies that he’s said about the evicted HG’s? Saying that crap about Jo when she was decent enough to hold a service when his PA Pa died? Vic got called out for groping Hayden by production, Cody and Christine got slammed by CBS over their touching and they let this guy slide with all the crap he’s pulled? Lying about his age and saying his fans are 12 year olds? What the hell are we supposed to think? He knows he can pull the gay card if they try to check him for his obnoxious behavior and it paralyzed the house and production to tell this guy to stop acting like a horny housecat. This guy is a POS and brought it all on himself.Be honest, would you let this guy babysit your kid? I would have no problem with Andy or Reagan Babysitting my kid because they have shown themselves to be responsible and considerate of other people. Simon, Dawg, please do not change a thing about this website. This is a unique site where the posters police all of us if we get out of line. This site gives me hope for humanity. Peace Out!


With what has been said in this show and done by BB players for years and what cra# BB production has let go forever, you can’t blame some people who read and/or post on this and other sites. So many people are just fed up with what has happened and been said. As I agree with other posters here, this in nothing compared to what we see on other TV, Movies, music and the media. You have a few choices, you can leave the site, turn the channel etc.. And make a comment about your views, and have a dialog with others. In today’s world it sucks sometimes what is said and/or done to others, either we put our big boy pants on and address it or we move on. Simon and Dawg have done a VERY GOOD JOB with running this site for years. They can’t control every single word that’s written and at times so much is going on and you have to skim through some stuff because the info fast and furious, they are only human (sorry Simon and Dawg we still believe you guys are superman? ) but they will miss stuff time to time. As to the subject of Frankie he is by FAR the worst person and most vile BB HQ this year, if not the worst for a long long time. The guy cannot keep his hands off anyone, it’s beyond gross watching him humping, groping, exposing himself, and touching everyone all the time. Add that with the stuff that has come out of his mouth, there’s not much hope of giving him any respect.


Why get out Nicole when she has proven she isn’t a challenge beast anymore and has the biggest target in the house for others to hide behind?! I mean why piss of Victoria if you intend to bring her to Final 4? The sooner Frankie goes the better, heck a Frankie backdoor could make this season tolerable to actually watch on tv again.


Sorry I can only give you one thumbs up. Ten thumbs up from me. Couldn’t have said it better myself.


So his sisters fans won’t watch but he shamelessly promotes her album everyday. He’s disgusting. He has no purpose.


I wish Cody and Derrick would just convince Caleb to get rid of Frankie. It’s getting so I get sick at my stomach every time I hear him or read what he says. They can get rid of Nicole on part two of the double eviction.


This season has died.

Cody's Dino Name

I would like to change my vote to – Mypussyissaurus Kotex (lord forgive me)


Caleb, get that PC off of your head! You are not authorized to wear the patrol cap in civilians, let alone inside. We all know you are in the Army, but you do not need to violate Army Regulations to show us. I can’t say I’m surprised that he is one of the lowest ranks in the Army. One step above a private.

Michael from Canada

I don’t think anyone was expecting him to be a colonel….


Well I didn’t fight in Iraq and see combat like Caleb did so I am withholding some judgement on the guy. I think you all owe him a bit more respect.


I was wondering the same thing, pretty low rank since he said he went to West Point. What a joke. I asked my daughter’s boyfriend last week if he knew him since he said everyone knows him. He said it’s weird that he graduated from same high school same year as Caleb and he never heard of him. I told him Caleb said he had 5 interceptions in a football game and he started laughing saying no one has done that. I told him Caleb said he grew up and was friends with all these Major League Baseball players and nfl football players. He said there’s only been 1 person from their town to ever make it pro. Poor Caleb and his illusions of grandeur.

Butters Mom

You graduate from West Point as a 2nd Lt.


But Caleb said he only went to West Point for two years. So he didn’t graduated. I had a second lieutentant in Army who also dropped out after the 1st or 2nd year He went on to finish his degree in a civilian university and was ROTC and from what I can remember the ARMY expected him to pay them back for the expense of 2 years at West Point with 4 years of service in the regular army. Now this was almost 40 years ago and things may have changed, but I doubt he ever applied for West Point yet alone be accepted to this prestigious school. To get into any of the service acadamiea you need superior grades and a stellar record of Jr. ROTC or something similar. community service and a recormendation from a congress man, senator, V.P or President. I know because I got a blow by blow on the process from a coworker who’s son was accepted to the Air Force Academy this last spring. Caleb said sometime several weeks ago that he was a hell raiser and basically blew off high school. Does that sound like West Point material?

The Truth

Looks like he had three interceptions in a game, and five that season, according to this article in the local newspaper. But I am not sure how someone from his high school class wouldn’t have heard of him. He was a star football and baseball player there.

The Truth

For what it’s worth, the three picks in a game tied the school record. Another article mentions that he gave the invocation at his high school graduation.

Michael from Canada

That’s why they call him Beastmode.

Uncle oldie

That makes sense now. My fault. That is the next county over from where he lives now. Family must have moved. Both connected to Ft. Campbell

Tallington Bear

Maybe he went to West Point to watch a football game. Once.
It’s actually hilarious to even consider beast mode getting the congressional nomination or the grades required to even be considered.
No seriously, did he really say that?

Michael from Canada

Technically he didn’t say he enrolled there… he just said he went there.


Please let some common sense shine through their m*ther f***ing heads! Nicole is not a big target to them! I can’t wait for Tim to come on the show so we can see what he thinks about his wife Crustine. Oops sorry… I meant Christine. Oh wait… NO I DIDN’T! Tim believes that it’s all part of the plan for her to get farther in the game. Or maybe she just likes to touch people. And I’m done with Fakie. He thinks he has all these fans because of his sister. Wait until you realize that America hates you.


I know…there is no way he graduated at Westpoint!


Soooooo ready for BBCan. BBUS franchise is done and dead. Time to move on.


If Derrick is really smart he will take Christine to the end. Then he is assured the $500k. Wouldn’t it be great to have a season filled will adults over 50. Instead of a bunch of young adults who for the majority are clueless, and mean.?


Derrick *has* to take Victoria to the final two (and plans to do exactly that). He’s been so good at convincing the rest of the houseguests that doing what he wants is their OWN idea that when it’s time for the final vote none of them (except Donny) will believe he was anything more than a floater who wasn’t that great at comps.

Wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony? For Derrick to lose BB because he can’t convince his puppets during the finale that he was misting them the whole time?


Nothing would make me happier than for Derrick to be blindsided toward the end. That would actually save this season for me. It would redeem my faith in Big Brother.


Get off Simon and Dawg’s butts. They do an amazing job and it would be impossible for them to catch everything BrianW. I’d like to see you try and do a better job.

RancyPants Roxit

Amen & Ditto Margie
Simon & Dawg R AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Simon and Dawg can only do so much people, why do people in the BB house always tell each other that they love each other and hate people with the same mouth. You do not know these people really. Frankie is going to have to get professally help because he is going to get a hugh reality check to see how many people dislike him. Come on Celeb wake up and put up Frankie, he is like a male dog (that has not been fixed), he humps everything and everybody. The people in the house need to get a water bottle and use it every time he does it.

Sting Zing

Dawg and Simon ROCK!!! Thank you for all you do. And I truly mean that.

Jimmy 64

Caleb does not have the guts or the balls to put up Frankie .
He calls himself beastmo cowboy yea right . More like no
balls cowboy.


This is the most one-sided, predictable, boring-ass season of BB EVER!!!


~“This season was dirty dirty game play”~ And these asshats would know! Nothing but a group of candy assed bitches wahwahwahing about everyone else and behind each other’s backs. And when you think you can’t hate Francessa any more she brings you to a new low of basic bitch behavior. The last thing she has a right to do is bring out the homophobic card. No, you’re a straight up shitty excuse of a human being who needs to be put under some heavy manners.


This season sucks. These people suck. Everything sucks.


At the finale, Julie should hand Cody a bag containing two small balls and tell Cody that these fell out of his pants as he entered the Big Brother house.

Michael from Canada

Is Frankie giving Derrick an elbow job in that last picture? Why is Derrick allowing that?!


Indeed. I would toss him out that hammock so fast…

Derrick s

Maybe I like it? Leave me alone while I explore my boundaries with Frankie and see how much farther I can go with Victoria. And to my wife, I love you honey. Don’t believe what you are seeing on TV, its all a lie. I would never do anything to embarass you and our daughter. Love you so much honey no matter what you see.


Come on!! Backdoor Frankie already!!!… How many more chances do they think they are going to get???


F-ing back door frankie!!!! I don’t want he to have the satisfaction of being the the final 5!


Ha, Victoria worried about them zooming in on her f*cked up pockmarked skin.


Frankie, Christine, Caleb and Cody are the tool to help Derrick to win BB16

Roisen Dubh

Here comes the booze. Hope something goes down. En Vino Veirtras or whatever.

Derrick s

We can only hope that something excicting happens.


I hate that Christine won the POV. I was looking forward to her leaving. Well, it is a double eviction this week.


Only in Vicsnoria’s crazy head is there a love triangle going on between her, that pasty turd Nosteraltu (Nosferatu) and Cackle-twat. Chief Wiggum only has eyes on the prize and Cackle-twat only has eyes for Walking Vagina. His Dino name should be the Snot-sucking Snatch-is-sore-ass…


Speaking of Frankie – What is with so many of you using the word “HATE”? It is such a strong word and I feel it is being over-used. Why not use detest, despise, loathe, or dislike?


Hate’s not an inappropriate word. Considering how often we’ve heard it come out of Chistine’s mouth it’s pretty much our go-to word, this season.


Because I already used all those and pure out and out hate is all I have left.

sick at my stomach

this season of bb reminds me of the last episode of seinfield. the cast went in front of a judge and he wondered h ow in the world could these horrible people ever find each other sounds like a remake but, these are !0 times worse.

Crusty Crabs

typical Frankie Grande behavior, it’s everybody elses fault……I’m telling you, he will not see anything wrong with anything he did in this game…this spoiled brat has been gettting away with sh!t his whole life..probably as a result of mommy and nona spoiling him . He acts like an entitled celebrity ; heard his sister is a diva too. I’m gonna have a wave of nausea every time I hear his name from now on. Interesting to know that most of his relationships have been short lived.and he brags of having over 100 lovers , What a tool

Hate Derrick

That’s all-just hate his lying ass. “I can’t win (FAKIe, Cody, Caleb, Crustine) you are all so good. You have all the jury votes …I’d be happy with 2nd place”. UGH! Would love to see him voted out.


For Cody’s costume name I would like to humbly request Mucousaurus. Snort and swallow! Ewwwww


These people will be lucky if they don’t have rotten vegetables thrown at them, once they’re back out in public.

Vicky solo

I think Derricks wife is going to be throwing more things at him than rotten vegetables. Probably divorce papers.


Geeze, this isn’t a creative writing class…


I nominate Frankie, Christine, Derrick, Victoria, Cody, and Caleb for the boiling water challenge


Christine should honestly just sit back and shut up when the houseguest have ANY conversation about marriage or relationships. Haha. I would be embarrassed to even open my mouth if I were her when they were having the love at first sight conversation. I don’t know what kind of relationship she has with her husband, but if it were my spouse, I would not even go to the finale, just to send her the message that her ass is in trouble.

Nana B

Have you guys watched the interview Jeff did with Donny after he left the house of idiots.
It was awesome and he also had clip of acting prep for Donny’s appearance on Bold and Beautiful.
Donny is the greatest and I know he will be so happy when he finds out how much America loves and respects him.
Check the videos out on CBS Big Brother, you will love them.

Today Show...

Ariana was on Today show this week…talked about family….she mentioned her mom and grandma. Even grandpa. Never mentioned her brother.

She is a diva. Faux humble…


The feeds right now:

You’re going to win it.
No, you’re going to win it.
I would be happy to lose to you.
If you win, I wouldn’t be mad.
If it’s you, you have my vote.
If I lost to you….
If I lost to him…
You’re going to win it.

EVERYONE STFU!! God these people annoy the muthereffing crap outta me! These people annoy me so much that I starting to root for Victoria at this damn point.


BB 16: One predictable Week leads to Another.

Thanks for mailing the Season in Allison Grodner. BB USA needs a new Producer and Casting Director ASAP. Otherwise just Cancel the Show CBS and put us all out of our collective misery.

Nana B

Frankie is thinking he might get lucky with the drunk lizard.

new to BB 14

Simon and Dawg for producers of BB16 or BB summer 2015!!


How amazing: I made it through this post without reading Frankie say or do something completely gag-inducing.

Nera's Mommy

Hey Evel Dick: it’s time to round up the minions, hand out the bullhorns, and send them out to stir up some sh*t!!
We’ve waited long enough!

I heart zach

If Caleb is in f2 I see him winning no matter who he goes up with…
Seriously think about it he has actually won comps, volunteer to go up and very trust worthily 🙂
Besides that all that’s left that I would actually puke if he wins

I heart zach

* correction
That I wouldn’t actually puke if he wins

Lady E

Victoria is a hypocrite. Derrick is married, girl lol.