Cody tells Zach if you’re going to throw people under the bus just make sure they’re out here!

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 12-29-16-936

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12:30pm Zach joins Caleb & Frankie and watches their game of pool in silence. Frankie heads inside. Zach tells Caleb if I told you I would never put you up and never vote you out what would you say? Caleb says na, no probably not. Just like I’ve said its for my game. Zach asks how do you think its better for you game? Caleb says well he didn’t straight lie to my face and try and get me out. You had a secret alliance. Zach says he was in it too! Caleb says yeah there was a lot of them. When I think about what’s best for my game I know this is best. Zach says Cody has Derrick’s back over yours any day. Caleb says this is the thing even if I wanted to and voted to keep you people would want me out if I didn’t win HOH because I went against the grain. Zach says so in all honesty you think its better to keep Cody over me. Cody has Derrick and Christine’s back over yours .. and everyone else’s back over yours. Frankie joins them. Zach asks if he believes that. Frankie says no. Cody walked into the room and said that Caleb is the most loyal person in the world. There is no reason to vote him out. Caleb tells Zach and that is why its good to be loyal. Frankie says Cody is the biggest flirt and he slit all the girls throats. Zach says I’m not making sh*t up. Frankie says you can’t because we will call you out on it every time now. Caleb says why would I chose you over them when they have done nothing wrong to me personally. Derrick joins them. Cody comes out right after. Cody comes out and if you’re going to throw people under the bus just make sure they’re out here! Caleb says the only thing he said is that you (Cody) have Derrick and Christine’s back over mine. Zach says I’m not throwing you under the bus! I’m just not going to roll over and die! Cody says okay. I don’t expect you to. Cody heads back inside.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 12-40-53-655
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12:40pm – 1:05pmFrankie and Zach are getting heated in the backyard. Frankie calls Zach a prolific liar. Frankie tells Caleb you were running around to Caleb last night before you were even put up. How is that smart!! Zach says because I knew my game was over. Frankie asks why did you come up to me this morning then. I cuddle with you this morning because I love you as a person! Zach says I am not an idiot so F**K YOU! Frankie says I didn’t call you an idiot. I call you a prolific liar. Frankie asks so are we going to do this all week?!! Zach asks what? Frankie says us fighting! Me constantly having to go and defend myself against things you say and do. Things that are in the past need to be left in the past. You’re on the block right now because you couldn’t let it go. The fact that there was a conversation 6 weeks ago .. it doesn’t matter. I promise you right now if you bring my name into it again .. I will f**king wreck you! You f**King threw me under the bus to me yesterday… so how could I trust you!? You threw the f**king HOH under the bus before it happened. Zach says you were putting me up! He told me you were putting me up! Were you not!? Frankie says I was definitely having a moral dilemma. Frankie tells Zach to just be fun Zach-attack. Zach says that’s not going to happen. Frankie says there’s other ways to cause a show without throwing people under the bus. Zach asks how? Frankie says I don’t know steel more sh*t.Frankie says you smile and go up on the block that’s what I would have done. If I wasn’t HOH I would have been up there. I wanted you to volunteer to go up with Donny because you’re the only one that hasn’t been up there but you wouldn’t do it so we had to draw candy out of a hat. If you had done that we wouldn’t be here right now. Zach says okay fine. Frankie says I was heavily weighed by personal feeling towards you but I had to tell myself this is just a game. And to be personally honest I don’t know if this will even help me in this game. Frankie says I love you and I will never hold anything against you. Zach says I appreciate it. Frankie says its just a game. Zach says yeah and I’m going to play it. Frankie heads inside.

In the living room – Christine talks about how much she f**king hates Zach! I want to literally punch him in the face! Christine says I have so much information about Zach that I could tell Caleb that would make Caleb want to throw Zach out of this house right now but I don’t have to tell him.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 12-59-14-404

1:10pm In the living room – Caleb and Cody are jokingly going off making fun of how when Christine and Derrick went on patrol they came back and she said I just got patrolled! Cody and Caleb jokingly say they took it as a s*xual connotation.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 13-14-51-425

1:15pm – 1:20pm Out in the backyard – Derrick asks you alright?! Zach says just pissed off. Zach says whatever I don’t even care. Derrick says there are people you will talk to after this and people you won’t. But either way I’ve been preaching the whole time that you already won… realistically you will see when you get out of here you’ll see what I mean. All you wanted to do was get into this house! And you did it. Zach says and I’m going to Germany. Derrick says even when you get out you’re still not done.. you’ll be back for the finale. Zach says I appreciate it. Derrick heads inside.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 13-18-01-975

In the storage room – Zach reads the rule book to find his saving grace…

1:30pm Up in the HOH room – Frankie asks do you guys want to talk about what Zach was saying out in the backyard. Caleb says everything he says goes in one ear and out the other .. I don’t really care what he has to say! Derrick says he’s telling Donny he wants him to go to the end but then he’s telling you and you the same thing. They talk about how he can’t be trusted. Frankie says I don’t think he actually wants to be a monster. Cody says I think he does. Derrick says literally he talks out of his a$$.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 13-28-18-225

1:35pm – 2pm Derrick runs down stairs and sits into the living room. Frankie joins him and the question what Zach is doing in the storage room. Zach comes out and Frankie asks what cha doing? Zach says nothing. Frankie follows Zach to the bathroom. Zach says I won’t have to wear this f**k activity tracker. Its the most annoying thing ever. Zach says he wishes he could watch the feeds in the jury house. That would be awesome. Frankie says you can’t .. maybe you can I don’t know. Zach says right now it must be so boring. Frankie and Zach decide its nap time. Zach says I need to take a poo.. I need to loose some of this weight. Donny joins Derrick in the living room. Donny asks what’s up. Derrick says just trying to earn 5k! Frankie heads up to the HOH room and runs into Cody. Cody says I knew he was going to start saying sh*t about you. Frankie says everything was literally what he suggested. Cody says yeah so it doesn’t matter.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 13-57-48-394

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How is Frankie going to wreck him? Throw glitter at his face? Idiot.


Frankie will tell all his followers (i.e., his sister’s) that Zach is a prolific liar.



Double D

Cody has won fewer contests than Victoria and they call her the floater.


This has got to be the dumbest cast in BB history ever. Caleb, Cody, Victoria, and Christine, wouldn’t believe it was raining unless Frankie and Derrick told them it was. Each of them have heard these same things Zach is saying before yet they still call him a liar instead of believing him. I don’t see how they think Zach is a liar when even when he lies when they ask him he tells the truth and admits to lying. I hope Donny and whoever come back wipe the 5 of them out then leave Victoria down to final three to show them all how much of an idiot each of them really are.


And she’s done a lot more, because she’s been on the block, she’s played BoB. She hasn’t lost all those BoBs, which is also a lot more than Cody has ever done.

Frankie is an idiot, if he thinks getting rid of Zach is a good idea for him, just as keeping Cody is a really bad idea for him personally. Some of these people can be used to get out the spares, like Christine and Caleb, i’m sure Derrick and Frankie want them both out, and I’m guessing no one is going to volunatarily get rid of Victoria if she can be dragged to F3 and chosen as F2.


Actually Victoria is a floater and Cody is not. A floater has no allegiance to anyone, Cody is loyal to his alliance where as Victoria has none and is just there. I’m so annoyed Rachel used the term floater incorrectly and now everyone thinks it just means you can’t win comps.

The Truth

Actually Victoria’s allegiance is to Derrick. I don’t know if any of them fit the “true” definition of the term floater but we can all agree that they both suck at the game and are riding Derrick’s coattails

Donna J

here is the definition for Floater according to wiki
The typical Floater social strategy includes joining no alliances or joining many but having true loyalty to none. The Floaters goal is to stay out of the way as be seen as a non-threat while the Leaders and the Gamers take themselves out of the game. The typical competitive strategy choice for Floaters are selective or passive.

She is loyal to Derrick….has a F2 with him…he of course will win the 500K – but 50K is not too shabby either.


I think people confuses coaster and floater. Cody (and sometimes even Derrick) is more of a floater and Victoria, Donny, Jocosta, and sometimes Nic And Heydan were coasters. Cody and Derrick both float to whoever is in power and try to kiss asss (remember when Nic was an HOH and they tried to temporarily get in good with her). If Heydan returns to the game, Cody and Derrick will be Team Heydan and make a fake, temporary alliance too. The coasters are just surviving and just present (sometimes they win or sometimes they never win). Coasters are not part of an alliance, they are solo. Nic was a floater/coaster for the first half of her game and became a coaster or free agent towards the end. In my opinion, floaters are the worst. They are like parasites or welfare recipient that’s mooching off the power for their convenience. I hope that clears up the confusion. 🙂


I love Zach and do not want him to go!!! This is such BS


Cody is such a pansy. All this guy is talk so much crap but in reality dude would get owned by an 11 year old girl. Dude is a serious pussball. Its ok Zach you will come back in this house and you will win the HoH.

Beer Muscles

This is Cody! The guy that thinks he’s GOD’S gift to humanity runs his mouth after a few drinks, tries to get a little too friendly with someone’s girl, gets confronted and then hides behind the 4-5 friends he’s with. Cody has no sack ALONE. He’s a tough guy with an audience/back- up only.

The Greatness

Oh Allie!!!! That comment has me ROLLING!!! Too Funny!!


Zingbot: Fran-kie, you have 1.5 followers… in dog years! ZING!




Who’s a “prolific liar” there Frankie?!? You just lied to him over and over while calling him a thief and a liar! WTG asshat!


Let’s not forget Derrick, he’s a liar and manipulator also, Christine and Cody are just taken up space and Caleb is the toughest roughest cowboy – star celebrity want-to-be. uggh

I’m hoping and expecting Production is not going to let this stand – because we’re looking at real idiots. I mean really Please Production let/help Donny win the next HOH and if he doesn’t win the next HOH help him keep winning the veto. He’s deserving to put up with all this crazy mess. It takes a HERO to stay and live in this house with these idiots and that would be Donny. Derrick shut up


I’m so sick of Frankie and his I love you endings! Someone please slap the pink off his head onto to his face.


What’s with the weird “YOU’RE A LIAR! I LOVE YOU! LET’S CUDDLE!”

I don’t have a problem with HG lying. It’s part of BB and they all know it. But the way Frankie and Christine do it to their “friends” in the house is gratuitously mean spirited. Publicly hurting the other apparently just for fun’s sake.

As much as I like Zach, he should have thrown in his lot with Nicole/Hayden while there was time. Blinded by bromance?

Hate Cody and Der

Very true. What a F N Puss!!!!!!!!

pants on fire

Enough with Christine too already…who the f*ck does she think she is? So quick to have something to say about each and every one but never to anyones face!! She has no game other than playing the others game!!


Cody Kotex, Disgustine, and Fakie need to STFU!!


She is all about hating & nastiness. Can she say anything nice about anyone but her cuddle pets?


I thought Christine was a Christian lady all she talks about is hating people, does she think her mom, dad and pastor is loving this part of her where’s the Christianity. All she says is hate, hate, hate while holding onto Chicken Cody.


Perhaps if she keeps her mouth on Cody’s thing we won’t have to hear her blissful cackle. In all history of big brother, she might be the shittiest yet.


I would take the entire Nerd Herd over Frankie Grande right now. This guy is unreal. I can’t wait for him to leave the house and realize that he has no actual fans and the whole BB community hated him the entire season.


Katie….LOL…LOVE their name “The Nerd Herd”…..

Super Fan Catalog Keeper

Caz, You must have never heard of the Nerd Herd (They called themselves the Friendship Alliance, the rest of the house called them the Nerd Herd) from Season 6.

Up until this season its was the worst alliance ever in Big Brother. The Detonators have now given them a run for their money.


The Detonators are the most pettiest, vindictive, and cowardly alliance in BB history.


That’s it, Zach. Don’t go out in style. That would be too easy on all those idiots. Go out in Zach Attach style! Make them squirm. Make them drown in their slime. Make them miserable. Don’t give them a moment of peace. Make the next few days a hell for them and amp up the pressure. Out them all, especially Derprick and No Balls Cody. Turn it up – to the max. Don’t lay down and go out quietly.


Wreck the house Zach……. best post of the day. Donny needs to step up and start telling all the TA stuff or he’s next. It’s kind of obvious at this point.


What is that going to accomplish? He can’t say anything about who is in it, they likely wouldn’t believe it & would just run back to their master & rat.


I’m not sure but I think if he tells he loses the money.

Linda loves Zach

After this week, if Zach is voted out, I really hope he gets back into the game and partners with Donny and Victoria.

Has BB changed the rules for this year because it seems like broadcasting who is going up as a replacement nominee has been against the rules in years passed. Breaking the rules for production favorites?

My Humble Opinion

Victoria will never leave Derrick – the conclusion is obvious – HG voted back will exit – UNLESS he/she wins HOH – that is the only possibility of a game change.


Or Donny wins HOH.

Zach Rules

Frankie and his “moral dilemma” over nominating Zach. Yeah, right…


we ALL were like WTF when he started throwing Zach under the bus so early in the game, it made NO SENSE to someone with a loyal ally

so for him to say that, wow. he has tried to remove Zach on at least 3 occasions. amazing


Zach’s game was over the second they heard someone scream “We love Zach” from outside. Frankie needs to believe he is the favorite of everyone. That is why is completely blind to the game of Derrick and hopefully that will be his downfall.


I just hope zach comes back on Thursday and win HOH and take them out.


Zack should at least make Frankie squirm by telling him about how Jury is going to vote. Zack has Hayden and Hayden has Nichole. Then when Donny comes in to the Jury house, Hayden has Donny and Donny has Jocasta. Zack will guarantee that with his influence, no one will vote for Frankie, he’s dead to them.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Unfortunately I think Frankie cares more about winning America’s Favorite Player than he does about winning the game. He just wants attention and fame and he thinks he is getting it. I hope he reads every single post on this site when he gets out.

Techno Challenged

If I knew how – I would send him the link…..

Save Zack

Has little sister Grand-meh has ever had these links posted to her twitter I wonder (I don’t follow twitter). Does his family have any idea how despised he is?


All us Zach fans are just going to have to wait until Thursday! ! Hopefully he will be walking right back in with vengeance. If he does not for some reason make it back in the house I hope Hayden does. The best final two would be Donny and Zach the two underdogs who made it!. Idk how they would pull it off but fingers crossed!!. And the fact that Frankie calls Zach a liar, and follows it with steal some more shit! Is just so fu*#ed up. He’s already getting voted out! Do you have to bash him, lie on him and then try to have your way with him.. Ummm MR. GRANDE you’re in for a rude awaking come finale night..


It started out as being a fame Ho but the real Fakie has come out. He’s shown he’s nothing more than a mean, spiteful little b!tch who truly believes he’s better than normal people.


Hopefully something happens in the next few days that totally changes this game. They said most twisted season……….lets start getting all these twists!!!!!!!


I’m hoping Zach or Donny end up with DPOV within the next few days in order to keep both of them in there in time for Hayden or Nicole to come back and give them the numbers.


TAMPAX CODY! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMFAO for DAYS!!!!

Best hashtag ever #TampaxCody

I wish I had 1.5 twitter followers to ask them to help me trend it! LOL

Hotin AK

They have become the Goof Troop! Frankie runs inside and all of a sudden Cody and Derrick run out. I do have to say I love the picture of Cody and a puffed up chest….Looks all swollen and ready to BEEF…

Zach Rules

Cody’s a lot like one of those little yappy dogs. Lots of bluster and noise, but also prone to wetting himself.


Excellent!! I haven’t heard a better description of NoBallsCody than THAT!!


At this point Zack should make the BB H a living hell. Frankie is believing his on lies and should be the next one out. Zack doesn’t know that his leaving is a hidden blessing because he’ll have the chance to come back. I’m sick of Frankie with his vile mouth, Christine with her ugly self, Derrick, Cody and almost sick of Caleb because he’s so damn dumb it’s funny.


Caleb is very loyal to them but he’s gonna feel so stupid when he finds out Zach is telling him the truth cause derrick and Cody have each other’s back over all the guys and then they each have a stupid as big nose bit#h in their pocket for backup. #BMC get out of dumb mode


the truth is he won’t feel that way

he will be happy to tag along to an ariana grande concert. its that bad with caleb.

the way Zach played Frankie was PERFECT to his face, which is PROOF that the DR is telling Frankie that Zach is not genuine.


He isn’t going to get anywhere near Fakie’s sister. Her people and mother will see to that.


That is how STUPID Caleb is!!! Cody and Derrick didn’t even deny it and nothing else was said!
You see though how Derrick does it? He’s like a Jedi…these are not the droids you are looking for…and Zach calms down and blames him for nothing. That’s how and why Derrick will probably win.


Caleb does know that Zach is telling him the truth. He also knows there is nothing for him to do. If he votes for Zach to stay he is gone next week.
The house knows that Caleb is loyal, and they are using that against him and anyone they want to get rid of,


Cody the floater trying to act all hard now. When he had the perfect chance to take Caleb out he pussied out. Loose Cannon VS Mangina…


I hate all the condescending attitudes from the other players towards Zach now that he’s on the block. It’s so ridiculous. I hate it. Derrick – the “belittlerer” # 1 – is the worst. Trying to get votes from everyone he has backstabbed. Whatever!

I truly wish that Zach NEVER, NEVER, NEVER EVER speaks to Frankie again after they are done with BB and whatever other thing that they must do on TV regarding it after the season is over. That’s the best and biggest punishment Frankie will ever get because if there was someone that truly liked Frankie – and God knows why – is Zach. The second best punishment is to see Zach back for All-Stars 2 and have to watch it and answers questions on his youtube channel about how amazing Zach is and how the audience loves him so much. The 3rd best punishment is to realize that CBS gave Zach, and only Zach, a whole promo during this season and ZERO to him. The 4th best punishment is for him to realize that had he kept Zach, he would have had a bigger possibility of winning this season and that now he doesn’t have Zach’s friendship any longer.


I hope Zach doesn’t come back at least for a few years. The house has really messed with his head. Thank goodness for Donny (once again). Zach has bonded with Donny and I think he learned a lot about himself. With a few more years under his belt and some friends like Donny rather than fratbrats, Zach might become a fine man.


I don’t want zach to return not because he’s not fun because he would be dumb enough to go back to americas most hated players
Hopefully cody or hayden return


Cody? CODY? Are you out of your mind completely? Give the 500k to Derrick, even to Caleb, but take Cody out of our sights for life!


didn’t call you an idiot. I call you a prolific liar.


and Christine with this wanting to punch Zach BS

I am sick of this BS CBS. you have multiple HG’s talking about causing Zach physical harm. you HANDED Frankie team America and a way to throw Zach under the bus for things he never did. “prolific liar”…really? WTF is he talking about

I honestly didn’t watch the last 2 episodes. I have no interest in watching this show anymore. its complete BS and at this point is getting cruel and on the side of bullying

pisses me off like no other when a woman sits there talking about hitting a man, where if it was Zach saying he wanted to punch Christine, OH MY GOSH, women’s rights groups on the way

the stuff frankie is saying

drives me absolutely insane

he is so far and away my least fav HG ever, its not even funny. he is the biggest hypocrite, and had no reason to make it this ugly on Zach, he is ruining him if he comes back, and that pisses me off. you give him no chance to fight for his spot in the house, then constantly use stuff he didn’t do as the reason, stuff handed by production to you.

such total BS.

Kathie from Canada

And after the dust settles,Derrick appears and fluffs Zach’s self-esteem. Always working the jury votes and thinking one step ahead of the other meat heads! Smooth operator, even though I am honestly not a fan. 🙁


Derrick is the only member from that alliance that deserves to win. Only guy that has any chance to get enough jury votes.


Fakie is the most sanctimonious prick ever. How much more are we going to be forced to take listen to him. Zack should not have allowed himself to be talked to in this manner.

lol zack

I’m sorry I don’t feel bad for zach . he knew he could not trust Frankie and he can do math. He should have gone up instead of being a little puss about it. I agree with everyone Zack is comic relief but honestly in life I have to think he is a tool. He seems inmature and has a entitled attitude. Would you want him dating your daughter?? I wouldn’t!! I want Hayden back to work with Donny. If Zack comes back i see him crawling back in with the derrick crew and not Donny. Sure he might get Frankie out but he would still give Derrick the win in my opinion.

Beast Mode Cowpie

I could stomach seeing Derrick win if it meant I get to watch Frankie get evicted.


you just don’t get it. if you are a male, you are either under his age, or clueless

EVERYONE is a douche at his age. every single guy. every one of them. I was, every friend I had was, every guy I have ever met since I can remember was a total douche and an idiot until about 24-25.

you realize his brain is still developing?

Bad news!

You’re still an idiot.


That’s ridiculous. Most of the guys I knew at that age were not douches at all. Maybe the reason for your personal experience with douches is just that douches seek out other douches, whereas upstanding guys try to avoid them. As for brain development, many men have already achieved their full level of neurological maturation by age 21. A guy with Zach’s severe ADHD will take longer, but unfortunately there are concurrent maladaptive behaviors and character flaws which he’s developed as part of his functional difficulties. He’s always going to be a less than optimal relationship partner unless he gets a wake up call at some point that spurs him to get some therapy. Doubtful that will happen.

Just sayin'

Frankie is 31 so he has no excuse….


I think Frankie planned all along that Zach would be the one to go if Frankie couldn’t get Donnie that is why he wanted him up with Donnie and wanting Zach to throw it. I think Zach knew in that meeting that he was a target too bad he didn’t just agree to go up with Donnie and then try like heck to win it.

aww cody

way to back down like we all knew you would

can’t wait to see them edit Zach as a psycho, and Frankie as the angel playing a perfect game. Zach is just taking it too personally, Frankie is playing a game. right? that is the edit. its total BS, and I defended Russell Hantz and others when it comes to game, this goes WELL beyond that type of stuff. this isn’t Frankie calling Zach a B word twice. this is really bad bullying that I don’t want my kids seeing

Frankie thanks for ruining BB. I hope CBS has people monitoring comments because I have no interest letting my kids see anything with Frankie grande. Derrick plays the game, Frankie is taking it to levels that should earn his butt out the door


The results of this season are absolutely atrocious. If Donny goes home and/or Frankie makes it to the final five I’m done. Production pull something out of your ass and save Zach, someone who actually deserves to be saved. Fuck Derrick and Frankie and walking vagina this season is coming close to being worse than last years.


Last season was bad, but sorry this season is worthless and a total waste of time and energy. At least a few had brains last year; this cast is a bunch of brainless idiots and the bullying is I have to say worse than the racial comments last year. They are making actual threats of violence, and they just do not shut up especially pink cockatoo and Ratine, and the constant humping Frankie does of every single man on the show is just disgusting and Ratine doing whatever she is doing with Cody under the covers is beyond disgusting. Hope the divorce papers are already filed by her husband. Aryn was honestly so self entitled and so spoiled and so young she just was oblivious to what she was saying and hopefully she learned something. Frankie is a disgusting vile 31 year old man who lives in the most diverse city in America. He should know better!!


Oh, please tell me more about how you are done with this season!

Beast Mode Cowpie

Frankie calling anyone a prolific liar is hilarious. Almost as funny as Caleb always talking about himself in the third person.

A Shrink

He’s a narcissist!

A Busy Shrink

allow me to clarify – Caleb is who I was referring to….


Does it really matter? I think each the term can be accurately applied to both of them.

A shrink

My comment below was meant to go here – Caleb is a narcissist…. predicting not a good ending with this bunch – Donny needs to get out and manage the jury votes – That, I think, he could accomplish.


Apparently – I need help – I’m apparently techno challenged.

Help Me

Welcome to my world…


He and Christine deserve each other. Everyone is so Scary to her. I mean seriously, has she taken a look in the mirror. There are plenty of them in the house, what does she do walk by them and not notice them. She whines about people being scary looking (men in the house) or good looking (women in the house) and Cody just flat our whines.


the good news is we all know the truth

not only is Frankie a total liar and a POS as a person(not just in game, he has proven he is not a good person) but he will learn very quickly that he made a massive mistake voting out a guy who would have voted with him. BIG mistake. oh and he goes to jury where he will tell EVERYONE there how bad Frankie is, so guess what Frankie, all that “blood” you didn’t want. you just basically opened up a dexter style bloodbath in the BB Jury House.


if Anyone else violated it, they would do it. Except for Frankie and Donny.

Please BB

Bring Back Nicole so there’s someone with a set between there legs!

Hate Cody and Der

I like Nicole as much as the next person. But she is very nieve and would go with Der. hoping for Zach or Hayden.


Here is the exact rule about nominations that Frankkie clearly violated: 10. No one is allowed to talk about the nominations outside the Confession Room. Implied and indirect discussions about the nominations (wanting to nominate an unidentified person with a distinct description, etc.) is also forbidden. Big Brother reserves the right to declare a nomination round invalid. The results of the nominations (i.e. the names of those with the most points) will be announced to the housemates and viewers a couple of hours later. By voting, internet and SMS, the viewers will finally decide who can stay. The result of this vote will be made public in the live show on eviction nights and the housemate who was voted out will leave the house on that same evening. This housemate will get enough time to gather his/her things and to say goodbye. I also agree with aw Cody and his statement about Frankie now clearly bullying and believe it or not BB has a hard and fast rule about that which they also do not abide too. Frankie should be ejected from the game immediately.

Stanky Waaaa

Wow, I couldn’t find the rules. Ate they posted somewhere? Perhaps CBS is allowing this behavior from Stanky toward Zack for Ratings? Either way he is taking his whole attitude a bit too far since he’s HOH and got the POV. I hope this bites him in his ass and he gets the boot and leaves crying back to his family like the big baby he is!


Yea, BB is getting more bold, slowly exposing the rigging over the seasons… Even AG made a comment on twitter, about it being “Another Successful Rig”, after Frankie won POV… It’s nice they’re finally admitting what Live Feeders already knew. BB isn’t a GameShow, so why try and hide it? No law against rigging on reality television, yet.


Even if what is being said is true, it is never enforced. Therefore, these are not rules; they are guidelines.


So what does that mean for us? How can that affect a change?


Sharon- unfortunately you are quoting the nom rules for the BB UK/AUS show, as the viewing public does not vote in the US. Too bad we didn’t have a say in all this mess of a season. Brendon broke the nom rule in his season- when did BB stop enforcing it anyway?

Don't go zach!

Please find a way to save zach he is THE ONLY reason I watch the show..

Beach girl

But CBS is catering to a pop star’s brother. They will not punish Frankie but I wish he would be treated like the other houseguest. Fish as a have not, he only eats fish! Some punishment. Favoritism at its finest!

Beach girl

But CBS is catering to a pop star’s brother. They will not punish Frankie but I wish he would be treated like the other houseguest. Fish as a have not, he only eats fish!


Zach is planning some sh*t. He just spent 10 mins reading the BB rule book. Reading under the Legal section.

The Rule Book

Do you think he will read that HG cannot tell the evicted HG that he/she is heading out the door? Even if that is there, sadly, the thought police will not enforce their own rules – welcome to BB


Maybe checking on sexual harassment. Had Frankie been a straight guy talking to a girl the way he has done Zack (to a lesser degree some of the other guys) all of America would be screaming to CBS. I think due to last year’s incidents everyone to afraid to tell Frankie to stop if for fear of being called a bigot.


Lol! Sexual harassment!? Sure sack has been hitting on Frankie every day “every day you turn me more gay” etc. Zack was just as bad or worse. You are grasping at straws here


It may be a single HOH this week in the house, but there could also be an HOH comp in the Jury to decide who comes back. Imagine House HOH Donny wins and Jury HOH Zack or Hayden wins. That would be epic.


It’s really terrible to see Frankie being the one to take his own best friend out of the game. I really was hoping that Hayden would come back and team up with Donny and Zach to start cleaning house. Unfortunately, only one can come back. I still think that if Zach comes back he will somehow fall for Frankie’s and Derrick’s mist again. Donny is the only one that sees what is going on but can’t talk to anyone about it. Donny needs a miracle to make it to the end. At this rate, Caleb and Victoria will make it to be the final two because these other idiots (except Donny) are using them to get further in the game. And can someone from the DR just tell Christine to shut it lol!

lol zack

I wonder if Frankie is hurting Adriana’s career. You would think at some point her PR people are going to want to do something for her to save face concerning her brother.


Who cares one way or the other about Arachnid Grande’s career? I don’t.


CBS cares. They own her. That is why Freakie is on the show. That is why all the advertising on TVGN.


Not much of a career, I’m 100% positive it will go the route of Lindsay Lohan/Miley Cyrus/Britteny Spears soon enough.. People think Frankie lives in his sister’s shadow? She’ll be there with him in 6 years… No hate at all, just statistics.


The 3 people you just mentioned are still totally relevant. Britney is doing Vegas FFS….


I hate Frankie! He is so full of himself and is just proving he’s a major jerk with his comments to Zach. He’s such a weasel liar! Zach is crazy at times but no where near the bad guy Frankie and Caleb have made him out to be it makes me laugh! Although on another note Zach should have voted to keep Nicole! Also Frankie get a clue, you are out of here soon and so is Christine! Derrick is the only good player in this game, kudos to him for being nice to Zach he’s always thinking game moves ahead, he wants Zach’s jury vote!

donnie wallberg

I don’t like how they are talking to and about Zach. so you can say things to him about how terrible he is and the stuff he has done(Which he hasn’t), then you do the same thing to him with a rap, are MEAN and condescending to his face, and still other HG’s sit around wanting to PUNCH Zach.

have fun with your season CBS. I am done until next year’s terrible cast


Dawg & Simon thx for all your hard work and keeping all the BB fans update.
I have watch BB since season 1 and have never seen this kind of HG before. People that have the live feeds and come to this site are mostly die hard BB fans and could care less who Frankie’s sister is! So big deal she a up and coming singer who cares.
Last night when I saw Frankie saying that Zack took their stuff it pi$$ed me off, TA were to do this and then set up the patrol no where does it says they are to slander Zack as a thief. I guess the rule that applied to Brandon in his season does not apply to Frankie because of his family name. Frankie is the prolific liar, manipulative, delusional . He need no right to say what he did and to call Zack a thief that is so wrong and to have the other believe this is wrong and AG needs to step up and do something about Frankie’s behaviour! Also Christine theart !
I will come here and see what going on but CBS and put their live feeds @%%.

Evict Snoutface Derrick!

Can someone tell me why they call each other Rose? Anyone know? I didn’t catch the joke, if there was one.


Finally one of the “bomb squad” is going…I hope next week,when the game is back to normal BB that things continue to go south for this alliance and they whittle down numbers. Tired of being bored senseless. I love Donny but he needs to win HOH to ensure a regime change. No one else will make a move.

donnie wallberg

I bet Ariana Grande’s people expected Frankie to be well received. that he would be loved and become America’s fav reality gay man. when really he is one of the least BB HG’s of all time, and not in a good way. you have people like boogie, well loved by some(WOO), hated by others, that you want to have the hate for the reaction. but Frankie is NOT getting the type of reaction that is going to be good for Ariana.

she needs to separate herself from him, now. although you can tell with the CD, CBS had planned to give Frankie an HOH to show off Ariana Grande’s career. they said he had planned to tell everyone, I believe it was in order to get her CD and have it on CBS.(owner of her career basically)


Sharon I hope you right I want to send home cody all he do is hug people wife and girlfriend in talk about Donny if he only knew how many fans he got let me count that’s right I can cout them on my hand he just got one fan in that’s Christina from a man to man if I was marry to a woman in she hug up on another man in the house like that I want be happy at all cody should respect that he on tv do not hug another men wife over and over again it disrespectful that’s why us fans want cody to go home in Frankie lost my respect too
I hope Donny wins hoh this week we really do in hope jocasts comes back to win now in Donny will go through the house


Why is it that production gets involved constantly – but when a rule is broken, and they can save a fan fave, it’s suddenly hands off?

I can’t stand this season. I stopped watching on the double eviction. Such lame ass shit.

I only keep up here, because I appreciate what Simon and Dawg do for us.

But if Zach leaves I’m done with bbus.

I’ll stick to Canada, thx


It’s ok – Zach will be returning on Thursday and then it will be Zach’s Revenge.


The odds are way above 50/50 for ZackATTACH coming back and/or blonde bohunk Hayden!!!
The odds are more like 25% for a return by Nicole and 5% for Jocasta having a sweet victory!!!


I wish they would allow America to vote a person back in instead of letting them play to get back in. .


Then AG wouldn’t have a job, come on, Man!


Frankie actually broke two rules. Telling someone they are going home and getting news from the outside world.


Hey houseguests, all of you hate Zach (and Donny). Well all of America hates you all! America loves Zach and Donny not you losers.

coup de tat

Would love to see Zach get coup de tat and put derrick and Frankie up.