Derrick “We could have put you up with Victoria. You would have been guaranteed to lose a physical & mental comp.”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: Derrick HOH Winner 2: Frankie
Battle of the Block Winner  ?/? Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?& ?
Have Nots ?and ?
POV Players ?

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8:30am – 10am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Donny is also up and in the kitchen getting out slop for breakfast. Christine and Victoria are getting ready for the day in the bathroom. Victoria says that last night she felt sick in a bad way but ate more knowing that she could be havenot in a couple days. Christine heads into the kitchen to eat breakfast. Caleb joins her and she says good morning man who can eat! Caleb says I am man who can eat! Caleb grabs a cereal box and finds ants all over it so he sprays it with the raid. He spays it inside the box and then sets the box back down on the counter. One spray kills them deader than a door nail. It’s amazing how Caleb says tell you what there are only so many people in the house I feel like I’m nominating myself if I don’t win HOH I’m going up. Part of the game I guess. They find the ants leading a trail up the wall and spay that too. Caleb starts taking boxes of food off the shelves and throwing them out because they’re covered in ants. Caleb is annoyed that he got distracted killing ants and burnt his pop tart that he had been saving for weeks because he was on slop.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-15 09-43-55-802
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10:05am – 10:23am Derrick pulls Donny up to the HOH room to talk to him about nominations with Frankie. Derrick tells Frankie to start. Frankie says to Donny this is the nomination meeting. Frankie then asks Derrick did you get any information when you were in the DR? Derrick says yeah.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds come back – Frankie is telling Donny that he has been a target since day 1 because of Devin. Derrick tells Donny we are giving you two opportunities to take yourself off the block and be safe for the week. Donny asks so Zach and Victoria stay off the block? Derrick says it was literally by chance, we drew skittles out of a hat to see who was going to put up who. Donny says I could get smoked in the Battle of the Block. Frankie says no, not if its a Knights Move comp. Derrick says I didn’t want you to get drawn with Victoria. Christine couldn’t win HOH this week so she is going in to this needing to win it. Especially thinking there could be a guys alliance. Derrick says we could have put you up with Victoria and then you would have been guaranteed to lose a physical & mental competition and stay up on the block. Donny says sounds fair to me. Frankie says I want you to win. Derrick says we wanted to give you a fair shot and if you win you’re safe. Then Victoria goes up and goes home. If we don’t want to be a target we need to win HOH. Derrick says win the battle of the block please. Donny says I will try! Derrick says it was the luck of the skittle. Its better you’re up with Christine than with Victoria. If you hadn’t got drawn then they would have wanted us to put you up if the veto was used. Donny says if I was head of household I would say I am not putting you up. Derrick says no one has seen us working together.. you’re the easy target. You’ve said it yourself you’re not working with anyone. Hopefully you can win it today, be safe and we can concentrate on the mission and win 5K. Donny says sounds good. I appreciate it. Donny leaves. Derrick tells Frankie Donny wasn’t buying it. That was him being stoned faced again. Victoria comes up and asks Derrick if people are going to hold it against her. Derrick says no you’re good. You’ve got to stop being paranoid! Victoria leaves. Frankie tells Derrick he did a good job explaining it to Donny. Derrick and Frankie get called to the diary room.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-15 10-07-48-928

10:25am In the kitchen – Donny asks Caleb and Cody how did they pick for nominations? Cody says out of a hat.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-15 10-25-23-839

10:30am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the nomination ceremony to take place..

10:40am The live feeds return with all of the house guests except Derrick and Frankie laying in the fire room in silence. Derrick and Frankie are still in the diary room.

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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i’m already ready for this season to be over.
I hope if Donny gets evicted, he, Hayden, or Nicole comes back and exploits Derrick for the rat he is.

Oh and Christine, your days are numbered.


How is Derrick a rat? This guy is doing an amazing job at this game! Do you even know what Big Brother is about? He is not on anybody’s serious radar, he pulls the strings so delicately that no one ever blames him for anything and even if people do point at him or get mad at him, he talks his way out of it. He is pulling away as a clear winner if that boy gets a seat in the finals


then he would be the first and only winner never to b nominated


then he would be the first and only winner never to b nominated nice




You are right, Derrick is playing a good game. I just wish that he didn’t have it so easy!


Derrick is in more danger in the next few hours than at any point this season.

IF Christine and Donny win, Derrick is the most likely player to get sent to jury. It’s an easy sell and despite the fact that most of you don’t like Frankie, Frankie ain’t stupid.

Frankie (to any player other than Victoria): Who do you think will win this game if they are sitting in one of those two chairs on finals night? I know we all said let’s stick together, but THIS may be our only chance to get him out. We got to take it! We have to back door Derrick.

Conversely, Frankie is also in danger. Cody has already put his name out there. And it’s an easy sell for Derrick.

Derrick: Boy the more I think about it, the more I think Frankie is going to win this whole thing! He’s a competition beast! He’s playing for kids in Africa. If he’s in the final two, he’s winning. This may be our only shot. We got to take it! We have to back door Frankie.


To be honest Derrick is playing a good game. But a lot of people in the house are really just too dumb, and cannot see what he is doing. Its just too easy for him.
Also no one can make a move without his say so. Its infuriating.
Plus, I don’t know if other people feel this way, but I don’t like him on a personal level. I feel like he is not very likable because he is hypocritical, and ruins all the fun of big brother, because everything has to be run past him before its done. Everyone is his puppet.

You know you been on BB too long when.....

OKAY wtf is Christine and Cody doing. First Cody and Nicole are all snuggly massaging his head and playing with his hair now Cody and Christine with the arm rubbing and thank you for coming upstairs with me and embracing her in a hug lifting her off the floor and the constant cuddling and resting her head on his chest likeeeee wowwww am I the only one that thinks she looks like a hippie troll? Big nose scary eyes. Blahhhhhh ugh shakes. What is Cody thinkingggg. You know u been in that house for too long when u start feeling chemistry for anything breathing. Bahahah sorry, not sorry.


Teri B

So, is Cody really going to skate thru the whole season without being in an orange chair? UNREAL

I’m so glad I don’t have to watch it anymore. UGH


Teri, why did you HAVE to watch before? And if your done watching, don’t post about it…


“Did you get any information when you were in the DR”?? What the hell?

I have always hated to believe that this show is rigged, but it sure seems like there is a lot of “chit chat” about production this season…more than usual.

If Frankie or Derrick win this thing, I really don’t think i can stand to watch it anymore. I have loved this show from the beginning, but they keep casting such horrid individuals. Someone commented earlier about people “auditioning” and aiming for more Twitter followers…its true. Is anyone other than Donny, here to play the fricking game?

P.S. I like Nicole, but I wanted to slap her for hugging everyone and wishing them well on her way out the door. I would be a bitch on wheels when I left that place. Blow up everyone’s game, reveal all of the secrets….the whole works.

Screw this lovey-dovey crap…its all phony anyway.


I think the DR comment was about the new TA task, since Frankie, Derrick, and Donny were all together. But I don’t disagree with your point wholesale.


I think they may have been talking about a Team America challenge.


It only goes to show how Nicole is much more mature than you are. And with your immature behavior–you wouldn’t have lasted long in the house.


You have to consider the fact that there might be a buyback. It was actually smart of her not to speak out just yet. I wouldn’t have saved her but it would have made it more difficult for her if by slim chance she gets back in the game.
P.S. Buy yeah I too wanted to see her blow it up.

Captain Crunch

Cody is the biggest floater in the house, what has he done besides flirting with the girls and whining like a bitch all season, always threatening to call people out and never does it.

And its obvious to me that Derrick is protecting Victoria b/c he wants to take her to the F2 b/c he knows he’ll win over her yet no-one but Donny see’s this smh..


Wtf skittles out of a hat!? Lol at Derrick and Frankie thinking Donny would believe that bs.


Cody is a floater – and he is still safe. I don’t get this group at all. And at some point in the broadcast he actually accused Donny of skating by? WTF? At least Donny’s won comps and HOH – Cody just sets with himself velcroed to Christine’s side.

I seriously want Donny to win this season – I hope and pray they have a Pandora’s box that will give Donny some sort of special power when the HOH opens the box. I don’t know how they would do it — maybe by sheer luck of the number of times he’s been on the block? How many times now? 5? 6?


So tired of the BS. The only way they can get someone out is to throw a comp. Derrick and Frankie seem to forget that America chose Donnie to be part of Team America. They want him to stay.


I don’t understand people’s problem with Derrick. The man is playing the game perfectly. Nobody dislikes him. He has almost everybody’s trust. He just won a key HOH comp and has been able to get everything to go his way without having his game blasted like other people’s. Derrick is playing this game the hardest out of everyone on it and has been since day 1. Stop hating! Get a life! I hate to even post on these things because people are so petty about it. It’s a TV show and GAME. Don’t hate the player and if you hate the game stop watching and bitching about it.


I agree he’s played a great game, lie/cheat/backstab, it’s BB at it’s best but, you seem to be taking the negative Derrick comments to heart……is this is wife??????


No, what’s your problem on one post you say you hate Derrick and on the other post you’re giving him kudos so which one is it. Your Post Earlier Please Explain If You Can:
1. Anonymous says:
August 15, 2014 at 7:58 am
I hate Derrick. It pisses me off how he’s trying to justify turning on Donny. He’s attempting to manipulate the viewers too, by saying “we did say we will try and save Donny if we could but I keep coming back to him saying he is here for Donny Thompson.” We all know it’s been his plan for a long time to get rid of Donny and Derrick never had loyalty to TA. He’s trying to use reverse psychology on viewers by putting the blame on Donny. How insulting that he thinks we wouldn’t see that he’s diverting the attention off him and placing it on Donny. I hate hypocritical ppl like Derrick, because all he cares is about himself too, yet he has the nerve to call out Donny. I think Derrick is so transparent and I don’t understand how not one person besides Donny can’t recognize how slimy he is. I hope they grab a brain and “take the food out of his daughter’s mouth”, and evict this slime ball. However, no one seems to be targeting him, so there’s a good chance he will be sitting in final 2. What an unintelligent cast.


I’m pretty sure anyone can use the name “Anonymous”. I just did and posted neither of those comments


Ahahahahah took the words right outta my mouth.


i’m not a derrick fan, but admit he’s playing the best game in the house. i hate this season has become so predictable, and wish there were one or two more zachs to shake things up (but no devins, please!).

donny or christine better win pov or they’re off to jury.

^^^ note to mistahbue: cody is in the house for the same reason as victoria – they’ve done nothing, would lose against anyone sitting next to them in final 2, and are faithful to their alliances.


People need to stop saying bad shit about EVERYONE. Derrick especially! He’s been playing harder and smarter than anybody else in there the whole time. He’s been making moves every week without being exposed, he’s got everybody’s trust, everybody likes him, he never gets nominated and just won a very important HOH. I hate even messaging on these sites because people can be so petty but jeeze! Get a life! It’s a TV show and a GAME! Don’t hate the players and if you hate the game then stop watching and bitching about it!

BB16 Fan

Calm down!!! I get what you are saying BUT not everyone is going to agree with you – does that make them wrong? NOOO!! I personally, am not a Derrick fan – Is he playing a good game? YES! but I am not rooting for him and do not want to see him win. But that is my opinion – So please don’t tell me to get a life or be rude just because my opinion doesn’t match yours.


If the vast majority of people don’t like someone, it usually means they’re an unlikable person. It usually has more to do with that person than it does the vast majority. If no one likes the guy, you’re the one that needs to get over it, not us.


Obviously i didn’t think my original post got posted but i guess it did! So that’s why there’s two almost exactly the same!




Derrick is not that smart, his alliance is just filled with dummies. Donny and Zach are on to his crap.They are all so worried about getting Donny out because he would put them up, but any of them are going to have to put the other up. They need to get rid of Victoria because she is not going to put Derrick up. They even said Victoria will do what Derrick tells her to do, last nite in their meeting. Knowing that why would they send Donny home over her. Maybe because they are idiots, that is going to start laying heavy on their minds and by weeks end I hope they come to the conclusion Victoria needs to go, and no vote for Derrick if he remains HOH. Even better he can not play in next HOH. Maybe it was good Derrick won HOH this week, because this could be the start of his demise.

echo 1

The only reason Derrick is playing a good game is he is dealing with kids. If he was playing with adults his age or older he probably would be gone. Older players not counting Donny that is. Donny is a great person but very naïve, not good for this game !!


Yes, Derrick just seems smart because he’s manipulating a bunch of immature kids; i.e., Victoria, Cody. Also he’s trained to be a cop/detective, which I can tell he is putting to use in his game. Donny isn’t naive at all; he knows exactly what is going on.

the only season savior

would be a Zach ATTACK and Donny F2, or a Zach ATTACK and BMC F2(Zach would win)

it drives me bonkers how blind BMC is. he just doesn’t get it. and it ruins the game for everyone else, much like Victoria or Danielle or whatever her name is


Derrick and Frankie are a piece of work. Why would Donny believe a word the says. This games sounds like it is rigged from what these guys are saying. BB fans should stop watching and just come to this site and read and have BB rating tank

Teri B

That’s exactly what I’ve done. I can’t stand to watch it so I read about it here. CBS doesn’t get my viewership any more. They can take this rigged bs they call “Big Brother” and stuff it. Okay, mini rant over.


Nobody caught that Donny just blatantly caught Derrick in a lie? Derrick told him he was picked by skittles. Donny went straight to Cody and asked how he was picked and Cody told him a hat. Donny knows….he just gotta figure out what to do with it.


Come on, Donny! Win the BOTB and egg will be all over Frankie and Derrick! Win the next HOH because you’ll be solo and put up Frankie/Christine and back door Derrick!


Cody is to Derrick what Memphis was to Dan back in season 10. A perfect choice to take to the final because no one will vote for him. He has absolutely no argument to win over Derrick (or anyone else for that matter).

Cackling Hyena

It will not be unanimous because like it was with Dan vs. Memphis. Remember, Christine gets to vote, too. (If not, all that lesbian affair with Cody would have been for nothing).
It looks like things are not that bleak for Zach and Donny this week.
I still am clinging to my hopes that the losing HoH gets evicted this week.
#WildCard #FearTheBeard #ZachAttack #MakeUpPrincess
Zach, Donny, Victoria F3.


Most players come into the house with a certain strategy in mind… Yes, even Victoria might have a strategy. Most players who win Big Brother use manipulation and lying. Derrick’s strategy has been used many times to win. Just once, it would be nice to see someone who wins competitions and plays with class win.


the only thing that will save this season is Christine and Donny winning botb… then Donny winning pov and not using it sending cody or caleb to jury house.. I dont believe Christine is going to throw this botb .. she will just say she accidentally won it….

Michael from Canada

It would suck to see Beastmode go. He’s one of the only interesting people left in the house.

Roisen Dubh

Dear Lord, Derrick is scumbaggin everyone in that house and they all just keep lining up for more. I just watch the feeds, haven’t watched the show for the past 3 weeks, because I came imagine the crappy editing that’s going on. This should’ve been an amazing season, just like BB 15, but because of this Real World fetish, we get a glorified soap opera. I’m youtubin season 3, back in the olden days when people actually played the game and didn’t roll over.


I agreed with you up until you said BB15 was a great season. LOL! IMO, this season still has last season beat by a landslide. I least some of these people are likeable.


I was month-to-month on the live feeds and finally cancelled today. This has been the worst BB season since I started watching (back during “Oxy Adam’s” season). I do not expect BB to rig the game so that my favorites (like Nicole or Hayden) win, but I do expect them to portray the contestants fairly on the show.

Derrick has been given an incredible edit despite a pretty dirty game. He can’t even keep from lying to America. He says over and over in the DR (including last week when he voted to evict Nic over Donny) that he’s Team America first. That he would never evict Donny. We all knew Derrick was lying to US, yet he doesn’t get called out on it. And I can’t even stand to watch the feeds when Frankie is involved.

So here’s how this awful season will end. Brace yourself (for the obvious): Donny goes home this week. Then Hayden or Nicole return, only to be evicted next. Then Zach will be gone after that, meaning there’s no one to root for.

So what will we do? We’ll convince ourselves that we like Caleb and we’ll root for him (despite knowing deep down that we really don’t like him). The next person gone will be, of course, Caleb, leaving us with nobody to “kind of, sort of” root for. (Derrick will want to keep Vic around as long as possible.)

That leaves Frankie, Christine, Cody, Derrick and Victoria. Cody can’t win anything, so he’ll be gone next. Derrick will convince Frankie to stab Christine in the back and send her home after Cody. Then Derrick will win the final HoH and he’ll stab Frankie, taking Victoria to the final two. Vic wins 50k and gets no votes from the jury. Derrick wins the 500k. Julie then announces America’s Player. She says, “The top two votegetters are… [camera pans to Frankie with a big smile on his face] Donny and Nicole!” My guess is that Donny ends up with the most votes, but it could also be Nicole if she returns to the game.

So save yourself some time and cancel your subscription. You already know how this ends.

Michael from Canada

Speak for yourself. I’ve been rooting for Beastmode since early on and have always defended him as a man of integrity.


Team Americas challenge this week needs to be vote out a detanator. Lol!!


I wish the house guests would just WAKE UP. As much as I don’t like Christine, she has got realize that she is at the bottom of the alliance. She needs to save herself now and win this BoB, remain safe for the week and hope that Nicole comes back so she can try and work with her and Donny. If she does throw it, then Frankie needs to take the opportunity to backdoor Derrick. Again, another person I don’t like but it’s pretty sad watching all of the sheep allow Derrick to control them. Derrick is playing a great game so why not get him out when you have a chance? Now is the time they have to start thinking of the end game and make a big move, turn on the alliance and get a REAL threat out.


Just realized now that Frankie nominated Donny and Christine…nevermind.

Mister E

I felt so bad for Donny when he cried on last nights broadcast. I think Zach felt bad also. He is in this house alone with no friends anymore. I would love to see Christine leave this week, but would rather see her and Donny win BOB so Donny is safe. Derrick has played a very good game all year, but Donny has played the most honest and respected game all year. Donny deserves to win just as much as anyone on the show, and deserves it more than most of them. He has won more comps than most, he has been on the block more than anyone, and he has made it this far pretty much on his own.


I felt for Donny as well. You could see Zach felt for him in that moment and it went nowhere.I was hoping Zach would have had a bonding moment on a personal level with Donny and united as a team. Guess not.

Frankie is gross

He’s just gross to look at and some of the vile things that come out of his mouth make me hate whoever cast him. Thirty something pink horny rodent. Puke. Christine better fight for her life because if she’s still up there after veto i don’t think she’s safe. Zach has been waiting to start up a new zachattack and he’s been asking for her to go for a couple of weeks now. Not sure what he would do but judging by his whole gameplay this this season i know what he won’t do. He won’t sit there quiet while she gets to sit on the block not scared and unanimously vote out donny. I just pray christine and donny win and zach wins veto and pee sitter goes home. That scene of him punching himself in the face and waking himself up on wednesday is basically his game in a nutshell. I wish he was holding a hammer. He was probably dreaming he was holding a dildo.

Frankie is a Phony

I cannot stand how he acts in the DR on eviction night with Julie. Nauseating. He does the same shit everytime. Enough! This is not the Frankie show that you think it is. You’re a disgusting self-absorbed douche, you actually believe America loves you. He most certainly has the most PUNCHABLE face I’ve seen in a long time. Too bad there is no one in that house to put Frankie in his place with a verbal beatdown. Asshole!


I dunno. Maybe I’m jaded but I think they deliberately cast these dumbos. After last year’s fiasco cast, they wanted a “good guy” to win (cop like ‘Survivor’ maybe?), so they put all dimwits in with Derrick the undercover interrogator, so he could sail to the final and win. Trying to redeem the brand? Also having Frankie with a “mega-mega pop star” (seriously?) status reeks of desperation to get teenybopper viewers back. They want Derrick and Frankie to make it to the end. Donnie was put in as the-nice-older-guy-who-doesn’t-stand-a-chance. I’m not going to say I won’t watch anymore, etc. because I will. But can’t wait till it’s over. Sucks.


I still think last year was the worst year, but this year it’s getting pretty darn close to being the worst. Maybe BB has run its course. So sad because every year I look forward to it, but lately it’s been such a letdown. My favorite BB season was the All Stars with Will, Janelle and Boogie, but these last 2 seasons have just totally sucked rocks. Yawn.


Your sister might not be a “mega-mega pop star” if:

–You tell a housefull of 20 and 30-somethings that your sister is a “mega-mega pop star” and only two out of the eight have ever even heard of her.

I mean, the guy said his last name was Grande Marciano and that his sister was Ari. Wouldn’t someone put together Ari and Grande if she were such a big star? As of now, she is a one hit wonder. Like Right Said Fred. Or Chumbawamba.


It is kind of inevitable that Donny isn’t going to make it to the end. I truly believe though he will win America’ favorite player. I would also like to see Jeff Probst and Phil Keoghan there to offer him an open invitation to Survivor and The Amazing Race. If Kellogg wants to offer him to be the face of ‘poptarts’ for $500000, I would love that too. I always want the good guy to win……sorry.


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