Cody says he was asked to do a crazy fet!sh for a LOT of money from a guy..

POV Holder: Donny Next POV ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner Team 1: Frankie HOH Winner Team 2: Caleb (current HOH)
Battle of the Block Winner Brittany, Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB ?
Original Nominations: Caleb noms (Donny, Paola) Frankie noms (Brittany, Victoria)
Current Nominations: Joey, Paola
Have Nots Cody, Hayden, Joey, Brittany
POV Players Donny, Paola, Cody, Zach, Caleb, Victoria (HOST = Jocasta)

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-02 12-43-36-563
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12:40pm Out in the backyard – Nicole and Christine are talking. Nicole tells Christine that Hayden is really in with the guys which is good for us. Christine agrees. Cody joins them and they talk about past house guests. Cody says that Rachel Reilly looks like a dinosaur. Christine says I thought she always looked dirty. She then says sorry Rachel I love you. Nicole comments on how Jeff Schroeder is way hotter in person. Cody says I would jump his skin! Christine tells the camera she loves her husband Tim. Cody comments I won’t make any moves on your wife Christine. He tells her husband Tim its okay I have my own man code. Christine wonders what colour eyes her and her husband Tim’s baby would have if they had one. Cody starts talking about dominate and recessive traits. Nicole tells him that she loves it when he talks smart.

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1pm Over on the backyard loungers – Caleb, Brittany, Joey, Victoria and Frankie are hanging out talking about random things. Brittany informs Frankie that his “Mister is hanging out!” Frankie says that always happens in these shorts. America is getting a treat to my balls! The others leave and Caleb and Brittany talk about getting to know people outside of the game. She tells him you have to separate game from personal. Caleb says that he didn’t at first but now he is. Brittany asks if he filled out an application. Caleb says no, well I did but I was invited. Caleb gets up and says well Brit, it’s always good talking to you. Brittany says good talking to you too. Caleb heads inside.

In the kitchen – Victoria and Nicole are sitting at the table. Victoria comments that they need to win HOH to backdoor the sh*t out of him (Devin).

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-02 13-01-00-890

1:20pm Out on the backyard couch – Cody, Christine, Donny, Amber, Nicole and Jocasta. Cody says he was asked to do a crazy fetish for a LOT of money from a guy. I won’t say what it was but it was crazy. Someone asks was it like peeing on you? Cody says yeah only there was a lot more entailed. He says he didn’t do it but realized how much people were willing to pay for fetishes. I won’t say what it was though. Donny says yeah its best to keep that to yourself.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-02 13-22-03-173

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1:35pm Up in the HOH room – Frankie applies cream on Devins face to stop ingrown hairs. Devin says is this like your rub’n tug salon. Devin tells Frankie you have very very gentle fingers man. Caleb joins them and puts on Frankie’s head piece. Devin leaves the HOH room. Caleb and Frankie comment on how their alliance has a good chance at winning HOH tomorrow. Caleb comments on how Amber hasn’t said a word to him. I’ve been totally ignoring her. She comes in a room, I leave. She comes outside, I go inside. Frankie says unless she is just waiting till Thursday day is over. Frankie and Caleb talk about hanging out in LA after its over. Frankie says he isn’t sure where to go in LA. Caleb says maybe Amber will know. (lol) Frankie says yeah … maybe my mom will know. Frankie says I feel like we’ve already won. Like we’ve already earned this after the last 14 days.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-02 13-32-52-796

1:50pm Out on the backyard couch – Cody, Joey, Nicole, Jocasta, Amber, POW POW and Victoria laying around chatting about random things. Over on the loungers Joey talks to Brittany. Brittany says you can watch all 14 years of Big Brother but that doesn’t mean anything because the game changes every minute. Joey says that she hasn’t given up yet and isn’t done campaigning. Brittany says just try and be positive. Just go up to people that you feel close to and comfortable with. If people are voting how they truly feel then no one has to be worried about being a single vote.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-02 14-19-01-614
In the bathroom – Joey campaigns to Victoria and asks her for her vote. She tells her to think with her heart and her brain. Victoria says she isn’t sure how she’s voting but will think about it. Joey heads to the havenot room and asks for Hayden to please give her his vote. Don’t listen to what the house is saying and don’t be worried about being a target if you’re the only vote. Joey then heads out to the hammock and campaigns to Nicole and Christine. She asks them for their vote. Please, just please vote with your heart. I’ve given up a lot to be here .. well everyone has .. I just want to be here. I want my parents to see me in some competitions. I will cut the sh*t .. I will cut the performances down. Joey says I love ya. Just think with your heart and your brain. And please don’t let anyone else tell you what to do.

In the fire room – Victoria tells Amber about how Joey just came up to her asking her for her vote. Amber says not voting with the house makes you a target. Victoria agrees. Victoria says how can she think she is going to get the votes after the other day.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-02 14-31-53-550
2:25pm – 2:50pm Big Brother tells the house guests this is a lock down – Please head inside and close the sliding glass door. All the house guests head inside the house. In the earth room – Amber is talking to Derrick. Amber says that she feels like Caleb/Devin are plotting something to get her out. Derrick says that he’s got her back. Amber says I’m not sending anyone home for personal reasons. Derrick says just be honest that you’re not interested in him in that way. Derrick says you could win HOH and I promise you the people that are alienating you will come running to you. I have no issues with what you did. Did you talk to him about it? Amber says no, he leaves the room when I come in it. Derrick asks so Devin is ignoring you too? Amber says yes. Amber says that Caleb’s been cold. Derrick asks what about Frankie? Amber says he’s been standoffish. Derrick says I just wouldn’t worry about it. I think Caleb is just hurt and a little embarrassed. He is going to have a ton of girls coming after him when he gets out. Derrick says I don’t think the other guys would put you up. Victoria joins them.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-02 14-35-03-711

3:15pm Big Brother puts the house guests on a backyard lock down. All the house guests gather outside and chat about random things like movies.

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Bomb Squad = Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Cody, Derrick, Zach, Amber, Christine
Fragment of bomb squad no name  = Christine, Frankie, Cody, Derrick Zach
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Double Ds = Devin, Donny
Bed buddies = Nicole, Christine
Final 2 Deal Zankie= Frankie, Zach
Old defunct alliances
TheCrazy8s = Frankie, Donny, Joey, Paola, Devin, Amber, Nicole, Cody
El Cuatro = Paola, Amber, Joey, Nicole

Where the vote is 
As of now Joey is going home..

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Please when is Showmance starts!! I want to see it!! Amber is still smokin hot!!!

smd nicole

ahhhh what is a big brother 16 update without caleb talking about amber? its just straight annoying now and he needs to go


Caleb is a turd and I hate everyone says donny is weak player he has more wins in comps than most people!!! And the term floater there has been 1 hoh 1 veto 1 battle of the block and “strong” competitors thru them!!!!

Rhinestone Silversmith

So agree with you! I hate when the “Bomb Squad” are calling themselves “strong”, even though only TWO of them have even won anything.


im calling a cody nicole showmance .. were looking at the next jeff and jordan

King Silva

I could see that happening.

Cody’s idol is Jeff so he could be the next Jeff if he has a showmance with Nicole.

smd nicole


Butters Mom

I agree… Caleb is a broken record…. Im bored with him… he needs to go. His family must be so embarrassed for him… and he is going to be embarrassed as well when he gets out and watches himself… how do they forget so quickly that the cameras are running 24/7? Caleb is one of those people that needs to learn that just because a thought pops in his head does not mean that thought needs to pop out of his mouth. These houseguests are super tolerant of his rantings. I would have already told him to shut up.


I don’t think they are tolerant. I think they are scared of Caleb turning on them. They haven’t even had the first vote and he has everyone walking on eggshells so not to upset him and be sent home. Don’t these people know Caleb only has the power they give him?


I hope they read this stuff and see how what dicks they are..both in a dream world..or are they just ” acting ” to hard? hopeing to get that big Hollywood contract…I think most of these people put on a show to get noticed..


is it just me (and i’m not complaining!), but do several of the guys have gay tendencies? it’s as if bb only picked guys who are 3+ on the kinsey scale this year, i’m just sayin’…


It’s not just you NA. Outside of Donny I’m not sure there is a heterosexual among the whole lot of males. It may just be the results of political correctness turning a lot of todays young males metrosexual so to speak.


Not gay tendencies (except for maybe Zach), just more open minded. As the years go by and the acceptance of gay people grows, everyone (including men) are getting more open minded to it and don’t see it as a threat. You can hug a gay man and not catch it. 😉 These young guys especially go through school with openly gay guys and it doesn’t bother them. In fact, they learn to accept and appreciate them more because gay guys are always friends with girls. lol

It’s pretty refreshing to see these guys being so nonchalant and accepting of Frankie. He even said himself that his plan was to infiltrate a “jock” alliance, but they came to him first. Times are changing.


Who Cares!?!? Maybe they’re all just open minded and accepting of people.
I bet you’re one of those people who think if someone of the same sex says ‘hi’ to you, you’re calling that person out of possibly being gay huh?


tolerance is a two way street.. dont be so uncomfortable about others musings.. his point was legitimate and softly stated.


Northalabamacomplainer…u may be the only one this is Bb16…cbs cast some intolerant people last year…as a I said before so refreshing to see a cast that isnt pairing off day 1. girl on boy boring ass pairings…luving all of the twisted Hg’s


A little observation based on camera time on the feeds and the show. BB must think the front runners to win are Frankie, Zach, Cody, Caleb, Amber and Nicole. Ones that have a possible shot, but maybe don’t make for as good tv/drama; Derrick, Christine, Hayden, Victoria, Devin, Brittany. Not much hope and will only make it to the end as perpetual pawns and weak in comps. No real drama and make for boring TV Paola, Donny, Jacosta, and Joey. And since Joey was the first in America’s alliance what happens if she gets voted off first? Is the crazy stuff she’s been doing perhaps some of her first “missions”?


Ugh I wish the girls would start playing a little more. I know it’s only the first week but the guys seem to all be aligned now and they are just going to pick off the girls one by one. Amber seems a lot smarter then I thought, the fact that she’s already seeing the boys distance themselves from her shows she has good instincts, I’m starting to pull for her a bit. She has a lot of potential.


I wonder if Zach was encouraged to pursue Frankie by production when it looked like no showmances were going to happen (Amber refused Caleb, Nicole refused Hayden). But I have noticed Zach do things that Frankie doesn’t catch (but other HG do).

The will they or won’t they is fun to watch! I am rooting for Zankie, but I don’t want it to be too soon, because it will hurt their game.


Does anyone know where to watch the episode tonight?

Bling bling

Lol I feel bad for amber, she’s getting put in a bad position in the house just because she doesn’t like a boy lmao


Anyone know what web site will air tomorrow’s live show? I live on West Coast and want to see it at 6:00PM. Thanks!

miss xx

Sounded like it was actually Brittany, not Christine, who made that comment about Rachel looking dirty on TV.


Sorry Littleboy Caleb
I use to have all of last yr website saved on my computer but unfortunately it crashed. I have asked a question as well and haven’t as yet gotten my answer. So good luck if anyone will let you know.