Zach says they are all great people left in the house “I might go out Zachattack style”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

BB16-2014-08-20 17-35-17-471

5:32pm HOH Derrick and Frankie
Derrick – you know how that all stated.. .I over heard Cody and Christine talking about it.. I just happened to wake up..
Once Derrick heard it he knew he had to pull COdy/Christine together with Frankie so frnakei was kept in the loop.
Derrick – I know 100% he wants one of us gone.. Frankie’s a beast and Derrick’s a great social player..
Derrick asks him if he has Christine in his back pocket..
Frankie says no
Derrick says he doesn’t have Victoria in his pocket she’ll flip on him if she has a chance. They notice on the HOH Camera that Donny/Caleb have written “Bye Frankie” with the Jenga blocks on the kitchen table.
Derrick thinks if he’s on the block with Frankie caleb votes Frankei to stay if Derrick is on the block with anyone else Caleb votes Derrick to stay.

5:40pm HOH
(Derrick and Frankie are essentially going to try and guilt DOnny into not putting them up because he’s TEam AMerica. They are trying to make it sound like DOnny is turning on them when in reality they turned on Donny. )
If DOnny wins HOH Frankie says he will pull DOnny aside find out what Donny has going on.
Frankie – “I understand you are here for DOnny THompson, but do you honestly think that turning on America is good for DOnny thompson .. OKAY… by throwing us under the bus to all the people that told us”
Derrick hopes CBS isn’t showing this as them coming after DOnny he hopes they show it as Donny coming after them.
Derrick – “We tried to give him a mission and he didn’t do it.. “
Frankie wonders if Caleb is going to flip on them
Derrick – the only person i WHoleheartedly trust is you.. which is bad.. we have so many layers to us eventually someone will catch on.. We KNow Donny has.
Frankie says Derrick and him are the reason they won the Team America tasks Donny did very little.
Derrick thinks they can trust Caleb but not as much as they can trust each other
Derrick – We’re playing two games we’re playing Big Brother and team it’s come down we have to win COmps..
Derrick – I always thought you had Christine..
Frankie says Christine is a smart game player she will make strategic moves.

BB16-2014-08-20 17-36-58-537

5:36pm Donny writes Bye Frankie on the table..

BB16-2014-08-20 18-08-25-288

6:07pm Christine, Victoria and Donny
Victoria – That is so awkward I can’t believe HAyden really said that
Christine – THe thing I told you about yesterday
Victoria snickers
Christine – Ya he talked about it for awhile.. explaining why it happened..
Victoria – why .. you know why tell me
Christine – you know why .. from frankie.. you know when you’re trapped in the house
Victoria – true true true dat..
Frankie comes in
Victoria tells Frankie he missed his chance to get laid
Frankie – From Devin
Victoria says Hayden got an er$ction from Frankie “Missed your chance”

BB16-2014-08-20 18-24-44-5946:25pm Bathroom Derrick and Cody
Cody – I’m on the chopping block and this guy is trying to rally votes to get me out..
Cody – I want to call him out I want to call him out so bad.. I wanted to call him out last week..

BB16-2014-08-20 18-34-11-4606:34pm Caleb, Frankie and Zach
Caleb says they are all kinda jealous he gets to go to Jury house. “We’re kinda jealous you can probably call home and we don’t get Caleb says he can chill in the jury house and if there’s a buyback come back rested and ready. Adds that the person coming back is just going to be the experience that.. you know what I mean.. “
Zach – All I keep thinking is 28 days and we’re back with our families
Caleb – you and your bro-skis will be playing golf
Zach – September 17th is the last day.. we are so close.. we’ve been in this house for 63 days without contact with anybody.
Frankie says he always see when people on their last night leave so relieved and happy.. cites when Brittney left after the brigade “Now I understand it”
Zach – ” I can’t wait to walk out that door”
Caleb – In a way Zach is lucky.. In a way I wish I was in his shoes.. if i’m not top two I might as well be i his shoes in the first place”
Zach and Caleb start talking about them being the only people in the house with nicknames. Zach says BeastMode Cowboy is bigger than ZachAttack.
Caleb – I don’t think i’ll hear Zachattack out there I’ll hear Zach
They talk about Zach’s speech tomorrow.. Caleb gives him some examples, tells him he can use bits of hit if he wants.
Zach says they are all great people..
Zach – I might go out Zachattack style you all f*** suck.. F** you, I hate you, vote me out, you all suck.. I’m f** pissed
Zach says he won’t do that he’s thinking about not planning anything this time.
Caleb – What comes from the lips the heart speaks.. There really no loser in this game there’s a winner but no losers
Frankie – Except for DOnny
Frankie says he should Zach attack the jury house.

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BB16-2014-08-20 18-36-04-925
Cuddle time

BB16-2014-08-20 18-59-09-253
6:59pm Zach packing his stuff…

BB16-2014-08-20 19-09-56-000
7:18pm HOH Caleb, Cody, Christine, Derrick, Frankie, Victoria
Frankie cannot understand how people can come back into the house because they have weeks and weeks to talk things over in the jury house.
Frankie – It’s such an unfair advantage

BB16-2014-08-20 19-32-36-457
7:28pm Cody and Victoria HOH
Victoria is worried if HOH is won by Donny he’ll take her out. Victoria is worried about how she is being perceived outside the house
Victoria says she hasn’t spoken game with Derrick for the last three days.
Cody tells her people are just covering their bases
Victoria- I’m getting a little paranoid i guess.. my best friend in the house hasn’t spoken to me in 3 or 4 days.. not even a personal level.. he doesn’t even acknowledge when I walk into a room.. you acknowledge it Frankie acknowledge it..

Victoria says Donny is making a fool out of himself trying to get Cody out .
Cody – there is no one I want out of this house more than donny. I wish we could put up one nominee..
Cody says Derrick ignoring her is not cool.

BB16-2014-08-20 19-40-04-574

7:40pm Christine and Derrick Fireroom
Derrick mentions that DOnny was them whispering..
Christine – He’s such a turd
Christine – this is the worst day I’ve ever had in here
They agree something big is being built in the backyard for tomorrow’s HOH.
Derrick is questioning what Donny really thinks because was Donny is saying to all the house guests doesn’t make sense.
Christine calls Donny stupid.
Derrick – Do you think he made a mistake or there is something we’re missing..
Christine – you think maybe he went over his head.. or perhaps he thought i wasn’t going to say anything.
Caleb pokes his head in for a second.
Christine – That was so awkward..
Derrick – he’s paranoid seeing whose in this room.
Derrick – the only people I want to win beside you and me is Cody .. I honesty think you have a good chance tomorrow.
Derrick says it’s amazing Donny is making him look like Dan. “I wish they said that in the DR”
They mock Donny for saying they are the mastermind this season.
Derick – we’re kinds like floaters..
Christine – Victoria and Nicole were floaters
Derrick – Victoria is not even a floater.. she doesn’t know they’re two sides.. She doesn’t
Christine – what does she thinks she’s here for
Derrick – She thinks entertainment she has no clue.
Christine brings up that Donny told her Derrick and Victoria are together.
Derrick – she doesn’t talk game to her because she doesn’t have any game.. I would be a moron to team up with Victoria she can’t win anything.. she has no benefit in my game whatsoever. I do feel obligated to defend her in front of zach ..
Frankie joins them..

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Christine finally sees the light. America hates her.

Caren in Canada

So last night I watched a two hour live chat with EvelDick and someone asked him. in your opinion who is the most hated hg to ever play the game, can yall guess his answer lmaooooooo He said by far not one person holds a candle to Frankie (although he had a few choice names for him lol) When asked who he would have on his show Dick at Night from this season to interview his only interest was Donnie and perhaps Zack! Now I love love love EvelDick for one simple reason, he speaks what he thinks and what he says about this season and these people had me laughing so hard I was crying! As my fiancée says this is the season of the cunny bushes! Am ready for this season to end!


I feel like Frankie treats people outside of the big brother the same way he treated Zach. #saveZach 🙁


Frankie’s not a friend to anyone inside or outside the house you can tell by his behaviour … remember, even when we lie there’s always a bit of truth.


I’m concerned that all the main show BBC watchers are going to vote Frankie for America’s Player. I really think Donny deserves it for living with these morons so long and winning all these comps. Also, Cody is so entitled for someone who has done absolutely nothing and crumbles under pressure when it is time to perform. What is really the difference between Cody and Victoria?


Donny is a LOCK for America’s Favorite Player. Arianna’s minions aren’t enough to get Frankie the prize.


Well Frankie finally did what he’s been wanting to do all summer, screw Zack!


I 500,000% agree with you. I bet his friends outside the house have gotten backstabbed by him repeatedly. You can tell he has that personality of talking sh!t behind people’s backs. Saying the most f up sh!t about them. Then, when they confront him, he apologizes, says how much he loves them, tells them that they are his fav person on the planet, sucks their d!ck. Then, a little time goes by, and he does it all over again. He’s the fakest POS ever!!!!


Victoria- Needs to stop screaming
Frankie- Needs to get over himself
Cody- Acts like a gay stripper
Christine- Needs to go back to her husband
Derrick- Self-described Quasimodo, needs to get a personality
Caleb- Needs to see a psychiatrist
Zach- Needs to pick a team (and I don’t mean a BB team)
Donny- I love him!

Kathie from Canada

I think Zach probably plays for both teams, as does Cody and Caleb. ;


@Kat…….Cody IS A GAY STRIPPER…..lmao


So Donny tells it as it really is and sends the rats running. He hasn’t had a lot of people talking to him or filling him in on all these groups, he just sat backed and watched, then pretty much hit it spot on. Now there freaking (Derrick especially) because he has been playing everyone and hasn’t been up yet. BB PLEASE somehow get Hayden or Zack back in, and they can work with Donny and get these pins heads out. As I read from other here I am hoping for some type of power would make this season worth watching.


i’m 1000% postive zach will b the one that comes back in and he’ll team up with donny and take fuck face out


You are so right. Frankie is a friggin pig with all the sexual comments. Christine has to be one of the nastiest people on the planet. Wasn’t she saying she was bullied in school? You’d think she wouldn’t talk about people like she does. No wonder she and Frankie are tight. Nothing going on with her and Cody yet she’s wondering how his voice will sound on the phone? It’s funny that she thinks they will be talking after this. Caleb is a sad little boy with a very low self esteem. I really wish they did a follow up show with clips from them watching the season. This has to be one of the worst seasons ever.

This season is why I give up

I just… I just can’t anymore!!! This season X__X It’s so boring and one-sided! The real season begins if production filmed the HGs watching themselves play the game on playback and taped their reactions! Where are the twists, Julie?!?!

Frankie: I’m a fan of Ariana Grande BUT Frankie GTFO OF MY TV SCREEN! Everyone’s faces when Donny wins America’s Fav will be replayed on my PVR over and over. The backyard yeller said it best: “Caleb we hate you, Zach we love you, and Frankie is DISGUSTING! Honestly, after last season I wanted to stop watching but gave it another shot because Frankie was on, since I am Ariana’s fan but Frankie is so disgusting he doesn’t deserve to ride the coattails and be in his sister’s shadow. Once you’re gone Frankie, I got one less problem!

Victoria: Does she even know herself what her strategy is? Cutting up HER hat to prove a point to Zach *sigh and face palm* – when she checks herself in the mirror and spends 2 hrs preparing for the day *rolls eyes*.

Donny: You are a beast and the only one who sees the BIG picture (Derrick as mastermind) I am so sorry that Frankie and Derrick are a part of TA (which is hurting more than helping you) I am also sorry you are always on the block and having to fight for your life while having to put with these imbeciles (I would call them worse, but I’d be stooping to their level – besides mama taught me better than that!). 🙁 Don’t worry though, the REAL WORLD LOVES YOU! WIN THAT HOH!

ZachAttack: The reason this season was remotely entertaining. Go win that buyback! Team with Donny and flip the script on this house and on production! I can’t believe the witchhunt of him around the TA missions.

Derrick: I really had high hopes for him since he was an undercover cop (obviously no longer undercover), and his strategy off the bat was fine but then TA happened… and well… yeah X__X Stop insulting America by pandering to the cameras as if all your decisions benefit Americans. Do your decisions help the econ crisis or the prevention of racial profiling (as a cop, he should be working on this one)?… No… so STFU! If he wins, (which will most likely happen), it will not be because of great gameplay but because of the HGs obliviousness (except Donny). Can someone please find the sun within the fog? LOL to when they rewatch and see themselves as sheeps.

Cody: Yes, you’re attractive… but that’s all you’ve got working for you. Really… cuddling with Christine??? I can’t even…! Stop being Derrick’s b**** and grow a pair… highly unlikely coming from a guy who sits and pees.

Christine: Please don’t insult your husband’s intelligence by stating your ‘thing’ with Cody *shivers and shudders* is nothing but gameplay. Honestly, how did it take this long for her to realize how inappropriate it was? Thank you Zingbot! I’d love to ‘talk’ to Christine outside the house (or if she was my barista at Starbucks) *takes off giant hoop earrings* . Any horrible thing you say about Donny or anyone else is really a reflection of yourself. Nicole had you’re back… she doubted you but was willing to put that aside… and now she’s evicted!

Caleb: As a woman, his obsession with Amber definitely earned him Creep Mode Cowboy status (nice one Donny!), like c’mon she just ain’t into you. However, as a BB viewer, it made him entertaining… because now he may have some game but he’s just gotten condescending and narcissistic.

Nicole- Voice annoyed me, played bad game but TRIED to turn it around too late. BTW hated production trying to shove her and Hayden down our throats as Jeff and Jordan 2.0.
Hayden- Could’ve been a contender if he had done more and listened to Donny. Sad way to go out though. Please get a haircut!
Jocasta- Had personality in DR sessions, wished we could’ve seen this IN the game.
Devin- like he said himself, played too hard straight outta the gate. Yo bro, at least you’re hanging with your daughter.
Joey- She’s laughing her butt off at the girls being picked off week since they didn’t listen to her.
Amber- I feel sorry for you being in the house with Creep Mode Cowboy and being called out by Zach. You looked great with straight hair! Wish you stayed longer!
Pow Pow – Liked her in the beginning but then the BOB comp with the swings X__X * sigh and face palm*
Brittany – Is it just me or does she look like the actress (Friday Night Lights) Minka Kelly (who herself looks like Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester)? I thought she was the most attractive! Like Donny said, she was dealt a bad hand to play with… but c’mon watch the show at least! I did feel bad for her leaving after kicking 2,400 goals. Hopefully her situation with her kids works out. Wished you stayed longer!

#DonnyFTW #FearDaBeard #TurntUpDonny

Derrick's Blood Pressure Medicine

That was awesome!


Love this whole thing! (And you saved me a lot of typing.)


FYI- I always give a thumbs down to an extremely long comment no matter what it says.


FYI – I’m also a bit pretentious.


You are also an imposter- and a bitch.


Great post and well stated. I pretty much agree but I’ll say what you can’t …. Besides Donny they are all f*cking loser a**holes and I can only wish like you they get called out somehow. They think they are Americas darlings and that we hate Donny. So delusional. I hope they go back and read these (since they are all narcissists I’m sure they will) and see how their “fans” really felt




What is X_X?


2. Christine:
“Jacosta laughs so loud about stuff that isn’t even funny.” Projection
“Nicole is so jealous of me.” Projection
“Donny is such a liar.” Projection
“Zach is such a liar.” Projection
“They are such a floater.” Projection
“I hate everyone.” Projection!


Wow! That WAS awesome (clapping hands wildly). You nailed it!


Predictably..CBS edited Frankie telling Zach he was the renom. #RenomRule

Detonate 'Em

But first…we have Zach commenting to the camera in the storage room that he can’t wait for tomorrow. We had Zach reading the rules. We have Zach being strangely composed and not tormenting anyone. Hmmm…methinks that Zach is going to claim that the rules were broken by Frankie telling him that he was going to be the renom, and on a dime, Frankie is going to be forced to put either Derrick or Victoria next to Cody. If he has even a hot second to think about it, he will realize that it is his chance to oust Derrick. Zach and Donnie will vote him out and Christine will not vote out Cody, so she will also vote out Derrick. If Frankie is smart enough to see it, that is.

For the love of GOD!

I hope you’re right!


If you’re right, YOU will get the largest GROUP HUG, sounds like a winner and a plan.


Not like CBS cares but I have not watched the actual show since Frankie won that BOB because I find the edits so sickening. I wanted to hear the zings, especially on Christine but I am just so dissatisfied with the Frankie show I couldn’t bear to tune in. The only interest I have to watch again is on finale strictly because I am hoping to hear boo’s for these dumbo’s. Minus Donny. Thanks Simon and Dawg because I have resorted to only coming to your site for updates.

bye! frankie!

They didn’t show Christine zingbot. Guess truth hurts. Skipped a few people


This idiotic Cuddlebuddy Alliance is so bad, I would be ecsatic if the deplorable Friendship Alliance could come in and wipe them out. UGH!!!!!

Lil' Sebastian

The problem with Derrick & Co. is that they never own their eviction. They always try to find some way to justify who their evicting all the while thinking they are doing the viewers a favor.

Also, it’s hilarious that Derrick and Frankie think if Donny turned on them then he would be turning on America. They have no clue how much they are disliked, especially Frankie.


Wait…Christine calling Nicole a floater is hysterical. Nicole has won more comps than most people left in the house, she tried to take out Frankie..I just can’t hahha if anyone is a floater it’s Christine’s boy toy Cody. I mean, what has he done?!


These morons are so clueless. The only comfort I find this season is reading all the comments here, and knowing that I am not the only one is pissed about how things are going this season. (Also there are a lot of funny comments) So thanks everyone!
This week has gone by so slow! Let thursday come already!


Fuck you Frankie. You’re sadly mistaken if you think Donny is the loser. Look in the mirror you delusional piece of shit.


And he is honestly delusional if he thinks he’ll think he will win americas favorite over donny and creep mode cowboy thinks he’ll win it too lol i can’t wait to see there faces when julie says donny won it


I think they should have a Golden Turd award for the most hated houseguest.

Cocoa Puffs

I guess everyone in the house can talk game but as soon as Donny does all hell breaks loose. I think Derrick is afraid they may call a house meeting. Best thing that could happen.


Poll Question: who do you want to come back? Answer: the HG who will team with Donnie to take down Derrick, Frankie and Christine. I’d really like the returning person to be Zach – but only if he doesn’t fall for their lies.


The more comments that come out of Christine’s mouth the more I dislike her. She really is an awful person. She has no understanding of other people or herself. She must have been picked on as s child and now attaches to the “popular crowd” to give herself power but really has no clue she’s next on their list.


been on here since day 1 everyday nobody has liked that girl from day 1 lol


Zach is the reason you won the TA tasks, not you and Derrick


These people disgust me, I almost wish Zach and Donny get evicted so they don’t have to be around these scumbags anymore. I want them to be final 2 but I would hate for them to have to endure anymore days with these gossiping 12 year old girls disguised as adults.


I am currently watching tonight’s episode and I cannot believe how disgustingly sneaky and conniving Frankie is. I felt terrible for Zach. He gets away with maliciously talking about people while getting a good edit because why? Because he is the sister of a teen pop star. So sad at how this BB is turning out especially since BBK ended so clearly rigged 🙁


It’s a shame how the show has turned out. Frankie took something that really was supposed to be funny and silly in the show and made it into a something he could frame and mob Zach with maliciously. When all he had to do, since he had the support of most of the house, is put him the block, give an excuse, and move on. . He has to add sick theatrics and propaganda as if some of us viewers think it’s entertaining.


II actually think that production is tired of frankie and dislikes him. I don’t think they are giving him as good an edit as they could. The edit he is getting is bc of his Ariana connection but when it boils down to it if production really wanted him to win they would give him an even better edit. It seems that production, like the rest of America, loves Donny. They screamed after he won bob and Christine made a comment that production members wear fear the beard shirts!


At the end of the day, CBS got their advertising. The only had Skankie on because it would be another level of propaganda for the hard sell of his sister’s record. Funny how it was released just after he told everyone on the show. But now Skankie is just what he is…a creepy older guy desperately clinging to an illusion of youth and deceptive self aggrandisement. Not a bad body, but, that hair, sorry, its not in style, or cool or anything, his face…has more wrinkles and an elephant’s butt, and the personality of dog crap. “Cray -Cray!” Who did he think he was, Rachel Rielly?

Frodo on Steroids

I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I mean, this might BB jumping the shark. I’m almost out. Nobody has a gun to my head and it is summer out there….there has got to be something better I can do with my time….????


I agree. I’ve always loved this show but the last few years have been horrendous. I wish they would get people that actually watch the show instead of people scouted because of their pretty face. Ugh.


I really don’t know what casting has been thinking. It’s ridiculous. The “pretty” people they pick aren’t even that attractive to me. It’s like they are picking the dumbest, dullest people they can find. They are trying to fill stereotypes. And I guarantee there are plenty of good looking people who are also fans and apply to BB. They should be picking them! I think casting is losing their touch.


I know what Donny was trying to do confiding with the witch but I think this may come back to bite him. She is such a slime ball! Running off dumping all her new found info from Donny to the clowns. I might have taken a chance to turn the tide with Caleb if I was Donny. That might have been a wee bit safer but probably not much. Donny unfortunately you are a one man show. Such a kind soul deserves a better fate Hopefully the buy back will buy you some new life.

Dawg and Simon thank you so much for all the hard work you put in keeping us informed. You gentlemen are second to none.


While I am glad that there will be a returning player THIS week, it will take more than that to save Donny and that returning player. They will still be down 6 to 2 and unless one wins the HOH, one will likely go next week, Then we will be right back where we are today.

Production MUST know this would be a DISASTER for the rest of the season.

Here are two “hopes” on what could happen to save the season.
1. IF they still do the dual HOH’s, have one of them be a returning player.
2. A “fan vote” for a house guest to get a special power. (Example: Coup d etet or golden veto) I am confident that Donny or Zach would get that power. Probably Donny.

Side note: Please….. PLEASE…. don’t let Jacosta win the re-entry comp. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fingers crossed.

My Blood Pressure Medicine

CBS is really pushing hard for Frankie. His sister was on some entertainment show (on CBS-before BB) and there was an interview with her. As Frankie told us, she is going to be on the VMAs but they were asking her all sorts of questions about Frankie and BB. This is so rigged for Frankie. They are using her for ratings (for a younger demographic) while giving her tons of free PR and just when her cd is to be released. Not right. It’s so obvious! I think we are stuck with Frankie. I didn’t think so before I saw that interview, but I fear Frankie will win AFP because of his little twitty sister. ARGHHH! This show is making my blood boil!


Yep, they’re using her and her fans for ratings and pissing off their (BB) TRUE FANS. Do they really think those Ariana fans are gonna be the one’s to come back next year and watch? Nope. In my opinion, all they are doing is pushing the TRUE FANS away. Not a smart move!!


I’ll bet money right now, soon as they go after Frankie, and if they don’t give him another BOB(that can be won by one person) and he doesn’t win POV , watch an “extra POV” or D-POV, Coup d’etat, or some NEW power of protection by an unplanned Pandora’s Box(like they did in season 13 to save Rachel) pop outta nowhere… CBS are Ratings hunters for sure, they’ll do ANYTHING to make sure the ratings stay up, but in recent years they’ve been doing so much that it’s making it so obvious, when they’re protecting someone.. Seasons 13,14, and 15, you knew Rachel, Dan and Elissa, was being protected.

Frankie stankie

Don’t most Ariana Grande fans have to go to bed at 9pm? This girl looks all of twelve, never heard of her prior to this seasons Big Bros.


What would make the ratings go up is a Donny comeback. + pre-show promos of Donnyisms. #fearthebeard

CBS is Lame

After watching live feeds I cannot believe how CBS edited what went down … Frankie & Derik decided Zach was leaving way before Team America even started hiding things (like Derik would anyone touch Cody or Victoria). CBS is so full of B.S. with their lame editing. I would love Derik and Frankie to go up next … actually wish we could evict them along with Christine and Victoria all on one night!


Derrick apparently was never an undercover cop as I read somewhere on her; what he was in reality was I guess an underage kid who became a narc/snitch for the police. Isn’t that what happens sometimes when a kid gets in some pretty deep trouble and the police offer him a way out by being a snitch for them on other kids? He is a poor excuse for a human being and police officer after the things he said about Donny. Hate them all except Donny and Zach. The rest deserve KARMA! BAD KARMA!


You shouldn’t believe everything you read. That is completely untrue. He’s a real cop. I’m a Donny fan all the way ! But don’t think it’s fair to make up lies about people just bc I don’t like them. That would be called pulling a Christine. And that sucks


I beg to differ. I would amend your statement to read – “That would be pulling a Derrick”. He is the one who created lies and smear campaigns directed at Britt, Nicole and Donnie. Christine is not an original, she’s a follower.


Christine, Derrick, Frankie are all liars. But there is nothing wrong with lying in and of itself in BB. You have to lie to make it. You are obviously not the brightest out there and not getting the point. If you paid attention to what’s going on Derrick creates smear campaigns to further his game. But Christine flat out says malicious lies (maybe hoping they help her game but she doesn’t do it well) eg the comment about hayden/victoria hooking up to nicole. And the comments about Donny being a pervert, etc… Christine says lies maliciously. Derrick does not. And the point is making up that Derrick isn’t really a cop etc just because you don’t like him is something Christine would do, not Derrick. Derrick is strategic.


You might want to aim your comment at the originator of the “not a real cop” commenter, as it is not I. On the other hand, your personal observation about my “brightness”, aka intelligence, is unnecessary. My opinions are as valid as anyone else’s whether you deem them worthy or not. In addition, I will take the high road and not make personal comments about you but I will say that it is a well known fact that our “favorites” or “family”, can do no wrong – it’s a psychological thing. I have been known to suffer from its ill effects as well.


Lol Christine saying Nicole is a floater that is hilarious! Christine sorry to say your the floater !

Pink turdlet hair

Christine is the biggest damn floater out there. One of those annoying ones that won’t go down and you have to multiple flush to get er to go


Call him out, cody!! Call him out!! Oh wait I forgot, you don’t have any balls…

Pink turdlet hair

If one decided to have a shot every time Cody said he was going to call someone out you would be passed out under your coffee table nightly.


So Nicole was a floater but won several comps ??? So lost derrick is smart and playing to win I get it but the rest of the house is so bad at this game I’m not sure if they all assume they can assume all win if donny leaves?? derrick knows he has cody assumed Victoria assume and since chris would choke on cody dick if he asked (btw the dude always rubs his nuts donny called him out on it once. After grabing himself he touches his own hair and other ppl it’s grose)
Against caleb and frankie. Now frankie should see this but he assumes creep mode would win and take him which he would but he can’t win last 3 weeks in a row. Here’s to hoping Nicole or Hayden come back and win hoh as they enter back or donny wins.
Frankie was so pissed that donny was saying he may have chance at America’s fav. and I hear him say his sister name again ill break my tv!!!!


Soo for all the assume my phone auto corrected that word there lol

Vote donny

Why hasn’t Donny gotten his Diamond Power of Veto? Or Coup? They gave Jeff one. Donny is just as equal if not more likable than Jeff. It would help make this game interesting again


Christine referring to Donny: “He’s such a turd” if only the bitch knew…………………..


The pic of Frankie and Derrick in bed is PRICELESS!!!!! The paranoia being displayed by the detonators is hilarious. It’s like they don’t want to let each other out of each other’s sight! Donny has upset this LOYAL,TRUSTING bunch of assholes!! I love it!!!

The Snortmeister

Derrick cuddling with Frankie. I knew it would come to this. Sorry, Victoria.


Not to mention how he has something in his mouth just like a pig on the grill!


Derrick, frannkie, cody and christine biggest pos ive ever seen i hope they all lose if donny or person coming back dont win i would prefer caleb winning over the rest of them jabronis


I’m right there with you. If Donny leaves…I have no one to root for except Creep Mode Cowboy. If you would’ve told me a couple weeks ago that I would be rooting for Caleb to win I’d smack those M&M’s right out of my hand.


Disgusting. I would never root for bitch mode cowboy ! He’s a crazy, narcissistic, dumbass. And that story about attacking the Arabs in the bar is just terrible. That should really be getting more attention than it has. That’s just as bad as some of the comments made last season. I will be so pissed if Caleb, Christine, Cody, Frankie or Vic win. I’m rooting for Donny but if he doesn’t win it truly should be Derrick bc at least he played.

what is happening?

These people have a warped view of themselves and of other people.
Did Christine just say Nicole was a floater?
Did Frankie just say Christine is a smart player that makes strategic moves?
…and so forth.

Ugh. The constant mocking and calling Donny names.


Christine, Crustine, Disgustine, Hagstine, Fuckstine, Muckstine, Shitine, or whatever you’re called…you are such a vile, ugly, lying, disgusting, and manipulating piece of shit; and you’re a disgrace to all women! How dare you make up a disgusting story about Donny being a pervert? You ARE this season’s biggest bitch and I hope you reap what you’ve sowed….you whore!!!


Amen to that! That whorish nerd make me so sick that I wish Amanda or GinaMarie slap the shit out of her!!!!


I’d pay good money to see GinaMarie Zimmerman slap or beat the crap out of that poor excuse of a woman!

The Snortmeister

I wonder if Christine is equipped to handle the shit-storm of negativity that awaits her, outside of the BB House. (Not that I care; I don’t.)


Thank you! I completely agree with that. I get tired of people saying they are different outside the house. That is completely untrue. I understand to a certain extent in real life people wouldn’t lie or manipulate as much as they do on that show. Bc it is a game and you have to do that to win. But anytime someone says or does something, that isn’t directly related to gameplay, shows what they truly are. People are what they are and shows like this bring out the worst in people and bring forth what they already have within them. It amplifies their traits. I also think in the case of this cast most aren’t playing the game so they aren’t acting this way for strategic reasons . They really just are like this. People may be “different” outside the house but that’s only bc they aren’t under this stress that brings out their traits. I mean look at Caleb; he really is insecure, narcissistic, dumb, misogynistic, narrowminded,etc. what you see is what you get. Don’t expect him to be any different outside the house. Christine – malicious, insecure, just a vile person. Exactly what she’s like in the real world. Cody- wimpy, dumb, insecure, bland.

Very true

The malicious talk and hate mongering has nothing to do with game play They are just ugly people


You forgot “cackle twat.”


Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Cody is gonna call Donnie out? WTF!
Oh,right, it’s Cody prissy pants, move along folks, nothin to see here.


It would be great if he did call Donny out. Then the whole house could get sucked into a confrontation, with Donny just laying it out for them. Derricks game would be so blown open. He’s already freaking out about it. Even though no one believes Donny right now, some of what he’s saying about Derrick might sink in eventually.


Just when I think this group can’t be any dumber, they do it again. I want Donny to win BB, I want him to win America’s Favorite, I want them to exit the house and realize how much some of them are despised (Frankie, Christine, etc). But at this point, Donny in the jury house wouldn’t be so bad so he could be happier and not have to be around these toxic people. Who does casting anyway?!?! They’re the ones that need to be fired.


These people are in for a big shock when they get out of the house and see how many people can’t stand them. Caleb: “There really no loser in this game there’s a winner but no losers.” Frankie: “except for Donny” I find it hard to believe that even his sister could cheer for him at this point!!

This Season Blows

So apparently Donny is production’s favorite too along with Frankie? Well, that’s two people to root against now.


I would think that Julie Chen and her husband have more power in deciding things than “production.” No doubt “production” does what they’re told.


I know it is a game but I am so sad for Zach and Donnie ,on jokers, they are all just ignoring Zach and Donnie this is such an immature group! I really hope the live audience claps and yells really loud for Zach and yell Zachattack,Zachattack, because Caleb just said people will yell beastmode cowboy, but he will never hear Zachattack again! Prove him wrong!

Damn it christine

After reading these last 3 posts, I now hate everyone in the house (-Don, Zach). They think that they can win America’s favorite, wait until they see that they are the least liked HG’s this year. Reading these posts are making me break my laptop screen. Damn it!


How funny is this – according the Christine everyone in production is wearing “Fear the Beard” t-shirts! (She’s pissed they don’t understand 🙂


OMG, that would be epic. If it’s true, where is the time stamp to hear this?


Look you guys! I was going to call him out, but then I was like no, I shouldn’t. But if he says anything else, I’m going to call him out on it. Unless you guys think I shouldn’t, then I want.


I am tired of hearing Frankie say things are unfair. We know they are unfair…you have been given advantages from the start of this game. Deprick isn’t sure what to think right now..his mind is turning to mush and I’m loving it. I hope Cotex tries to “blow up” Donny’s game. He will be schooled…what a fool he would be.

I'm back

After tonight’s show, I want Zach back in the house SO bad as long as he Teams up with Donny. The way they treated Zach (mainly Frankie and Caleb) burned me up!!!! Poor Zach. I can’t stand how Frankie has treated him. Ugh. I like Donny but why has he waited until now to try and really play. He should have started serious game talk earlier in the game. Even with big alliance he could have messed with votes, blames other people, created paranoia amongst the big alliance, etc. Zach attack FTW tomorrow to re-enter house. If not Zach, then Hayden. Let’s get this party started tomorrow. Props to Derrick although I can’t stand his ego as he is playing a great game. Not a nice guy but so far a good BB player.


I have really soured on this season in the past week. I no longer look forward to watching the shows (though Zingbot is always great and Kathy Griffin was a great addition, even though we didn’t get to hear everyone’s zings).

Other than Donny and Zach the rest of the idiots are so clueless that Derrick is playing them all. I hope Derrick takes whatever winnings he gets and puts it towards a new nose and maybe some teeth. Maybe put some away for future platic surgeries in case his kids inherit that pig nose. What is it with the noses this season? Christine and Victoria are almost as bad as pigface.

I hate that Frankie is representing gay people through this show. He is such a bad stereotype in so many ways. He had a rare opportunity to have people know and like him for who HE is and not who he is related to and he blew it by being the obnoxious, over the top stereotype. I like his sister but wonder how she sees him even if he is her brother.

Cody and Christine continue to make me hurl. I could stare at him for days but once he opens his mouth its all gone. He keeps using the word literally and always uses it wrong. He and Christine can’t stop pawing each other. Its such a weird visual, like when you see Hugh Heffner with the 20 year olds, its such a mismatch you know something is just not right with one of them.

I feel bad for Zach and Donny. Both deserved better from the game, they ended up saddled with a horribly uninteresting cast that just threw comps and followed Derrick’s directions like sheep without realizing he was playing them all.

And what is with the damn hats this season? Watching tonight’s episode every guy was wearing some sort of hat, and most of them butt ugly.

Pink turdlet hair

I agree about the stupid hats but what the eff is with the terrible eyeglasses this season? Um, sorry Derrick, you have a little snub nose and those big glasses look like $hit on you, Christine….not really sure what the hell would suit your face and Nicole looked ridiculous in her glasses too. Just because something is in style doesn’t mean you should wear it.


Look at Trashtine closing her eyes while cuddling Cody, yeah, that’s just innocent, there’s nothing there, it’s just game(Says the future adulteress), I feel so bad for Tim… She’s too excited to get affection by an attractive man… Cody must like homely chicks..


I hope they show the comments that these houseguest have made about Donny on the show so the people who just watch the tv show know how disgusting these people are. #teamdonny


Oh no, we would never do that. That makes it so much harder to influence the non-spoiler/BB feed watchers.


Oh I watched the feeds and I got sick, upset, crying, screaming at how stupid these people are. I love Donny so much I would give him 500K if I had it just to leave this stupid show. I cant even begin to say how disgusting this group is I dont even think half of them are even clean, disgusting, disgusting!!!!!

I have had it, had it!!!!!! OMG I need to take another nerve pill, I know I wont be able to work on Thursday, I should just take the day off again!!!! OMG OMG I hate this show!!!!!!


You may be taking this GAME a little to personally


Ask Derrick why people don’t trust most cops. In his 15 minutes of fame he has come off to a lot of viewer’s as a nasty person if things don’t go his way or someone peeked his cards.


I thinks that’s a screwed up comment. I’m a Donny fan all the way but just bc you don’t like cops don’t assume that most people don’t. Usually people who have gotten into trouble with cops or do things that give them a guilty conscience are the ones who dislike cops. Majority of people are rational people who realize cops put their lives on the line everyday to protect us. You can’t assume Derrick is a bad cop from this show and where do you get off deducing that bc you deem one small time RI cop from BB as bad that that makes all cops untrustworthy. Where is the logic in that? 99% of BB contestants like. Caleb is is the military and acts like a total punk. He is a terrible example of military men and I’m sure the army is very disappointed in his portrayal of the military. Just bc I hate Caleb though does that mean I assume all of the military are jerks? Nope. I still love and respect the military and what they do for the country.

No comment?

This year they have been VERY limited in doing pieces where they interview the families of the HG’s.

Any wonder why? LOL

“That jackazz ain’t my relative”


I’m sure they probably had intended on interviewing Ariana before everyone started hating Frankie. If they interviewed her now, it would be a PR challenge for sure.

im begging you

someone yell back into the house and set things straight. someone needs to say to each of these people:
Frankie: even your sisters fame wont save u once we get ya. All of America hates your dumbass and if you win trust me there will be international riots
Derrick: your a fucking cop. your the biggest manipulator big brother has seen, and not in a good way. dumbass. Your demonic. You need Jesus, when your assreaches thejury house ask Jocasta for some help
Donny: we love you! If you dont win the game, you will win americas favorite
Cody: grow a pair u pussy. i hope Christine husband kicks ur ass. floater= you
zach: your kinda douchebag but at least your not evil like the other houseguests .btw hes not the saboteur!
Victoria: who in the hell is victoria. there aint no victoria in this game
christine: your hideous get plastic surgery
caleb: amber is at home right now signing a restraining order agins you. beast mode cowboy my ass u dumb bitch


I’m glad cbs aired Christine and Cody’s touch relationship with each other on Sundays episode and speaking of that episode I kind of wish Donny didn’t do what he did cuz now Derrick might really want him gone and not just pretending to go with his squad, I hope he wins this upcoming hoh just to see the dud squad panic and throw each other under the bus


Of course Donny knows you are going to talk to each other. He has a good read on the house the whole season and is just hoping to make you all paranoid of each other, which it’s working because he is getting under all your skins!

Derrick and Frankie are so nasty. The fact you talked about you not wanting Cbs to show you throwing Dnny under the bus is revolting. I hope CBS shows how slimy you two are. Frankie, hopefully Donny does win America’s fav! Wouldn’t that piss every single one of you off!

Derrick gets really angry about the things he says others are doing, but what he is doing himself. He got pissed Frankie lied about who he was and now he’s pissed at Donny because he is manipulating everyone. Can we say projection!

I just watched the show tonight and I’m glad they showed the Cody Zing that Zinged both him and Chritsine. I thought Amanda and McCrae was gross last year, but out two out grossed them!

Team Fear The Beard!


I forgot to address tough man Cody. Your such a tough guy. Are you going to call Donny out like you’ve called every other person you said you would but didn’t this season. Go back and crawl up Christine’s va@ina and shut up!