Frankie says Cody needs to start winning. Caleb says he’s pretty but I don’t think he’s that smart.

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-21 02-07-14-950
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2am Caleb comes really close to Victoria and says “Mama! MAMA!” Victoria laughs a says it scares her. Frankie says I’m really glad I don’t know how to do that! Caleb then gets up in front of them and tells the about Diamond Dave Ninja School on Jerry Springer. Caleb says type in Diamond Dave Jerry Spring… his brother slept with his sister or something. Zach says Diamond Dave is the man!

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2:20am – 2:55am In the bathroom – Victoria asks Derrick how’s your day going Derrick! Derrick Says I’m fine, how are you? Victoria says fine why? Derrick says you’re completely being condescending right now. Victoria asks what!? No I’m not! This is the second time you’ve said that. Derrick says its just an observation. Victoria asks why do you think I’m in a bad mood! Derrick says if I knew that I wouldn’t be asking. You’re just acting different. Victoria says I think its your sub-conscience.. or your guilty conscience. Derrick asks my guilty conscience? Victoria says you’re feeling guilty about something so you’re saying that. Derrick tells her to spit it out junior! Victoria says you know me better than my ex-boyfriends. Derrick asks why are you mad at me? Victoria says not mad, hurt. Derrick asks hurt, why would you be hurt? Victoria says this is something small but its not. When I walked into the fire room.. you and Christine were talking and you literally kept the conversation between you two and you ignored me and didn’t include me in the conversation. Derrick says she has come up to me. I’m not going to be rude. It’s not like replacing you. Victoria says literally lately you two have been spending every waking moment together. Victoria says I care but I don’t. You don’t even try and hang out with me. Derrick asks are you jealous?! Victoria says YES! Derrick says I don’t get jealous when you talk to Cody. Derrick tells Victoria that she has to win the HOH, you owe me. Victoria says I do owe you. I have to win it. Derrick says I wasn’t seeing what you were seeing but now that I know about it I will make a concious effort to make sure I don’t do that.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-21 02-44-51-180

3am In the living room – Cody, Frankie, Caleb, Derrick and Christine are hanging out talking about random things. Frankie and Caleb head up to the HOH room to go to bed. Frankie says I was trying to be Stealth Mode Gay Boy. Caleb says at the end of the day I want the final 4 to be You, Me Derrick and Cody. Caleb says I feel like I wouldn’t be good at the final HOH’s. Caleb says from here on out it literally has to be you, me, Cody or Derrick winning. Frankie says Cody needs to start winning something. Caleb says he’s pretty but I don’t think he’s that smart. Frankie says he’s not that smart. Frankie says Derrick is smart and you and I are both smart and physical. Caleb says I bet your bottom dollar they say to dress in athletic gear and tennis shoes. Frankie says imagine if it was an A and B competition? Caleb says if that was the case I would just self evict! This is gay! This is stupid.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-21 03-37-56-317
3am – 4:15am In the living room – Cody, Christine and Derrick talk about airport security. Christine says that she flew from Tucson to LA with a knife in her backpack. Derrick talks about how he had a small one in his wallet and they were pissed at him. Christine says its probably because I’m a girl. Derrick comments on how he is generally nervous to hear Christine’s diary room sessions because she is brutal! Christine says Derrick you have nothing to be worried about. Derrick says there was probably one day that I pissed you off and you sliced me up like a f**king piece of cheese. Christine says there were some people I hated like Jocasta but not you. Christine says that Amber wasn’t pretty. Victoria agrees. Cody says was not a very naturally pretty person.. like she needed make up to do herself up. They talk about what past girl house guests are hot and which aren’t. Derrick asks so who did you think was the hottest girl this season? Cody says Christine. .. and Victoria. Derrick, Victoria and Christine head to bed. Zach heads to bed in the earth room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-21 04-07-39-151

4:15am All the house guests are now in bed. Zach says last night sleeping in the big brother house. Tomorrow at 7 o’clock I will be walked out that door with my head held high, I might not be walking out with 500K but I’ll definitely be leaving a winner. Peace out America. It’s been real! I did what I cam to do.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-21 04-23-07-508

10:20am They’re still sleeping …
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-21 10-19-49-465

10:30am – 11:05am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Victoria and Donny are the only ones awake. Victoria goes to the diary room and then back to bed. Donny heads into the diary room and then he starts doing lap around the house.

12:25pm The live feeds are blocked while the house guests are locked up in the HOH room…

1:30pm The live feeds are still showing the live feed highlights with Jeff Schroeder..

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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294 thoughts on “Frankie says Cody needs to start winning. Caleb says he’s pretty but I don’t think he’s that smart.

    1. I will never understand why Christine hates Jocasta and Donny so much.
      She certainly doesn’t behave like someone that was bullied in her past.

      1. It would be different if she was apologizing for her petty statements in thr DR or to the cameras alone. Then you could say it was for game. But its not she is just a petty mean person.

      2. I’m really excited to watch these boys start turning on each other. The HOH competition tonight should be very intense.

    2. She loves to use the word hat and ugly. I hope Julies calls her out on it when she gets evicted. I don’t want Julie to question her about cuddling with Cody, because at this point she’s been made aware of it, by Zingbot yet she continues to do it, so there’s nothing more she can say on that, but I would love to her response to being such a negative and vile person. She’s very insecure, and all she does is talk negative about women, and flirt with men. She downgrades other women to men to get them to notice her and not focus on the other women. She should never say someone is not pretty, because she was the worse looking female of the season and that’s not only with her looks, but her personality as well. She’s all around ugly. For her to have a husband at home she’s very insecure and still wants to be loved by “A LOT OF” men. It amazes me how she respects Derrick and his marriage to his wife by not flirting with him, but yet she doesn’t respect her own husband and flirts with other men. I am not saying she should flirt with Derrick and disrespect Derrick’s wife, but how is it she has so much respect to not cross that line with Derrick, yet she doesn’t respect her husband in the same way. And spare me the it’s just a game and she’s doing what she has to to win. NOT TRUE, because she has said it herself many of times, that she is the same way outside of the house and Tim knows about it and doesn’t like it.

      1. Julie will call her out on absolutely nothing. Just some lame ass questions which may as well be asking her what her favourite colour is.

        1. EXACTLY right. Julie will “call her out” as much as she did any of the vile characters from last season…NOT AT ALL.

    3. You know what gets me about Christine is that she is supposed to be a bible-reading, church-going person, but, yet, talks so horribly about certain people.It literally make my blood boil. She is a disgusting human being. Her insides are black. Not even Jocasta can save her.

      1. It’s funny that you mentioned Christine being a Christian ; just yesterday I was wondering what happened to her Bible and Bible study, and then she swore on the Bible to Donnie that she wouldn’t repeat their conversation, then immediately went and told Cody everything.
        Also, I’ve never heard a Christian use the word ‘hate’ so often.
        My Nana was very religious and always told me to never use the word hate because it was not Godly.
        Christine is so worried about what her pastor and family are going to think when they hear Zingbot’s comments about her that she cried and begged production not to air that clip. Yet she doesn’t seem to care what they think about her actions (fondling Cody) or the non-game related hate-filled venom that she continuously spews.
        I think that it’s time for her to start reading her Bible again.

        1. She said she grew up poor, and that her and her husband are very frugal, that they are on a very strict and tight budget. The way she cried about her church and family seeing Zingbot and not worry about her everyday actions, I would guess they don’t have access to the Live Feeds, or internet for that matter to read what she’s saying or doing. BB didn’t air that portion of Zingbot either. They referenced it to Cody, but nothing wa mentioned to Christine about her flirting, and if her family saw what CBS showed it made it look like Cody flirts with Christine and not the other way around.

      2. I would say following the bible would make you more judgemental not less. The bible or peoples interpretations of the bible is full of nothing but judging others and their actions.

          1. Sure, but what about god judging Abraham after telling him to kill his son, so he can judge how much he fears god. Or god judging all the people of the world and only speaking to noah to save him and kill everyone else. or god judging the actions of sodom and gommorah to be evil and then destroying both cities. the bible is full of judgements.

            1. let your common freaking sense guide you pretty simply and if something you cant figure out with common sense give up your an idiot

        1. I am a Bible reader. Sooo! I try not to judge others because for me the Bible is about LOVE. How God loved us and how we should love each other. IT even says JUDGE NOT! However it is much harder not to judge than it is to judge. A lot of the people on this site are judging in someway.

          Now with that being said….She does seem to spew a vast amount of venom especially towards those who have not do a thing to her. And she has the nerve to call people unattractive. That’s like me calling someone fat. (I am fat by the way.) It just sounds like insecurity. on her part. That and a lack of mirrors. Well she is in the BB house so that’s not it. So it must be that her glasses are not strong enough. I won’t say she’s ugly. But she is NOT prettier than Amber. (See I say I try. I am trying.)

          BTW If either Christine or Victoria had a brain in their heads, they would have read that BS the guys were feeding them and realized how easy they lie to them and blow smoke up their pipes. Oh But they don’t have a brain. (Still trying lolol)

          I don’t like in general all the mean talking from them or on this site that attacks people for how they look. I think that if this was all on video some of us would not be so willing to comment on looks. But all of this horrible bashing from Christine and the others is just horrible. The word hate being used way to often. I really don’t like it. I am about to stop watching this season all together. Like it has been said on this chat, this season sucks. These people suck, not just the air. I hate the editing of the last couple of episodes. And everybody except Donnie that I liked is going or gone. Unless they enforce that renom rule and keep Zach and Hayden or Nicole comes back.

          BB is getting bad!

        2. The sad thing about Christine and all of her negative judgments about people in the house, is that not a single one of them talk about Christine. Nicole called her a liar, Donny talks about the way she laughs, Victoria says she doesn’t like her and everyone talks about the way she flirts to be a married woman, but no one talks about her physical appearance or anything. That’s not game play she is just a vile person with serious self esteems issues that she needs to tear other people down just to lift herself up.

        1. When they were talking about spitting in food at restaurants, one of the HGs said “that’s not possible” and Christine said “There’s ways around it.” SO, yes, she would. And probably has.

    4. What would really be a game changer, is for next week, let America award the DPOV to whomever they vote for (by that I mean Donny) could you imagine the chaos in the house? Bunch of spineless whiny babies.

      1. Would be even better in that scenario if Vic wins the regular veto, the person that come back is safe and Cody or Derrick are the HOH and have to show their cards, because it would mean the only people left to evict are Caleb, Frankie, and Christine and Derrick or Cody whichever one isn’t HOH.

  1. I can’t stand how much sh*t Cody and Chrustine have said about Donny. Anymore I want those a$$holes out first. Whoever comes back will be allies with Donny. These a$$holes have had it too good for too f***ing long. Fear the beard! TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. HA HA HA HAHAHAHAH!!!!!Cody win? Cody cant win anything he is the biggest floater. I cant wait until this stupid show is over and they all get called out. I hope Hayden gets a chance to come back in with Donny and kick butt!!!!!

  3. Last year there was a rumor that, on occasion, the live audience is comprised of many members of the CBS staff in order to avoid any unpleasantness (mainly around Aaryn’s eviction). If that is not true and the audience includes actual viewers, instead of “booing” when certain HGs are eventually evicted (or win), it seems more fitting to be silent. Some of the HGs seem to create their own reality. If they hear anything loud, they will believe they are well-received. Additionally, some seem to thrive on hate. If they hear very little, maybe that would sink in more.

    It would also seem more fair if CBS would air the hateful conversations for the TV viewers (like they eventually did last year – although nature of the hate was on an entirely different level). It is not as if these types of conversations occur rarely – or an isolated incident. If TV viewers are to vote, should they see the HGs in all their glory?

    Yes, I was one of the “simple-minded” viewers that watch/read hoping that clever gaming can exist without acting like a heartless, hateful person.

    1. By the sounds of it the BB staff hate Crusty as much as America does and I think that they might fill the audience with the biggest haters and booers ‘cos it’s what she deserves! I hope that they have a longest beard competition soon! Go Donny!

      1. Christine is always complaining about Production not asking her any questions or her opinions on things in the DR. That should tell her what they really think of her and that non-stop giggle-talk-giggle of hers.

    2. I have heard both sides of the argument as to whether they should air more of the hateful conversations and show more of the negative side of the house guests. A lot of people feel that yes they should show the house guests as unedited as possible. That way people can vote for America’s favorite etc. with full knowledge of the way everyone played the game. On the flip side, I have heard multiple people complain about them showing too much of the drama, bullying, etc., because it makes it a lot less enjoyable for them to watch. People were actually turning the channel or leaving the room when they were bullying Zach last episode, how will people react to Donny being treated the same way? Honestly observing the viewers reactions to the show is just as much of a social experiment as watching the show itself! I just sit back with my bag of popcorn and watch lol.

    3. During the pre-show the audience is told to be respectful of the evicted houseguest. They’re told something along the lines of “it is very stressful inside the house and coming back into the real world can be challenging.” Especially at this point where people are going to jury, there still in the game so to speak so audience persuasion should not be allowed. There will be plenty of opportunity for the HGs to find out what people thought of them when they return home.

    4. Right on @ Social Experiment, I feel the same way. When Frankie, Cody or Christine are evicted…when they walk through the door to give their exit interview w/Julie: the audience should not clap, scream, hoot or holler. They should be completely silent, and during the interview give these nut jobs the side eye. Christine, has said she hates Jocosta, Amber, Devin, Howard from last season and was disgusted to find out she had Candace previous (mike). I’m noticing a pattern with you! Bye! Gurrl! Bye!

    5. I would say that of course there plants in any tv audience. Tv audiences have a job on tv, too applaude. How much of that applause do you think is spontaneous and genuine? Plus people tend not to clap until they are told or until someone else starts.

  4. Jeez Louise this cast is horrid, vial people with the exception of Donny. Seriously Cody, go back to your lesbian relationship with Christine and shut the F up. I hope he does “call out” Donny (for what, I have no idea) and Donny puts him on blast. Donny should say “I would punch you in the face right now, but I don’t hit women”. Question, if Donny gets evicted next week, is he allowed to out Team America? That’s the first thing I would do as I’m walking out the door. BTW fucktards! It wasn’t Zach that hid your shit, it was me, Derrick and Frankie as part of TA, and just explain the whole thing. Ugh! I wish the backyard screamers would scream that America loves Donny and you bet your ass that I’m voting a thousand times if I have to for him to win AP.

      1. If it is true that if a TA memeber ‘outs’ TA they wont get any money, how was it that Joey was able to tell Hayden in the begining of the season to keep her because America voted for her to be a player for America? She told Hayden “America voted for me to play for them…but it doesnt start until next week” – which was totally true, she was voted a TA player and it didnt start until the other two memebers were assigned.

      2. They had a choice on whether or not they wanted TA to remain a secret. They won’t lose any money but the remaining HG won’t trust Frankie or Derrick anymore

  5. I’m obviously rooting for Derrick to win, you can tell from my chosen name. However, I also like Donny – he is the only other player who understands this game well. Both of them are playing a game of chess and it is brilliant to watch. I honestly feel (just intuition, could be wrong) that both of them are good hearted human beings, outside this house. Inside the house, Derrick is an amazing social player and Donny is a competition beast. Both lie. Both talk badly about other people behind their backs, but only when it is necessary to gain people’s confidence (Donny has done less of it, only because he talks less). I don’t feel either of them is nasty (unlike players from last season).
    However, I am so disappointed that some people (on this forum, and others) are extremely nasty when talking about Derrick; sometimes spreading falsehoods, and other times being so free with insults. I get it – the majority of us support Donny whole heartedly. But, I just love Derrick’s game, have supported him since week 2, and want people to give him the respect he deserves for playing a great game. Peace.

    1. While I agree Derrick is playing a great game and I have no real negative feelings about him, he lost all my respect last night. If he wins it wouldn’t be terrible, but again, no respect from me.
      He’s just as bad as the rest of them. Acting like a toddler because someone found him out and had decided to go against him. He’s a great player, very smart and calculated when he is in control, but if he loses just one bit of that control he loses it. He has never spoken about anyone the way he talked about Donny last night, and that’s only because he realized Donny has figured him out. The way he manipulates Victoria knowing she will be crushed, AND the way he tired to manipulate the audience so HE looks like the good guy is just not something I can get behind.

      1. I didn’t like Derrick from day 1, and knew he would be a scumbag. Everyone’s acting like last night was the first time he’s said shitty things about Donny. He’s done it from week 2. And not just Donny.

      2. Derrick the decoy is playing a good game because he is playing with young immature naïve kids im sure most notice that the older players aren’t following him or at least question who is this guy !!

      3. I was thinking about that last night too. It seems like every time someone says anything negative about him (true or not, mostly true) he turns it around on them and makes them feel bad and guilty. I do believe he should win if he makes it to the end, but respect is gone for me too. I would hate to be spoken to the way he talks to some of them. Especially since the house guests never have anything negative to say about him. I just don’t think making everyone feel guilty is the way to win. BUT other than that he’s done a good job!

      4. I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. Derrick is very strategic but I too believe that he will crumble once he is under pressure. Last year, the first time Andy was put up on the block he cried. Derrick has never been in ‘survive mode’ and it’s clear that he can’t handle it. I want to see his poker face when he has to fight for his life in the game. I don’t like Derrick… There is just nothing about him that draws me to him. I like Hayden, Nicole and Donny because of their personalities. I also don’t like Derrick because he continously talks to the camera. It’s not the Derrick Show. Please sit down.

        In my opinion, Donny is my favorite because he is a good player and has worked the hardest to remain in the house.

        Who should come back in this house?
        Nicole – No. She is easily manipulated and will be controlled by Derrick.
        Zach – No. He is unstable and unreliable. He can’t keep secrets and can be manipulated.
        Jocasta – No.
        Hayden – Yes! A beast a competitions. Very observant about what is going on in the house. Will work with Donny, effectively.

    2. Derrick has played a great game, but his position in the house kind of fell into his lap. Caleb and Frankie gave him the alliance he’s used through out the game and Team America keeps Frankie, the only real threat to Derricks game, from going after him.

      And to win the game, you need to lie and trick people, which Derrick has been great at. Yet he seems even better at it then he probably is only because most of the house guests are awful players. But what makes Derrick hated, at least in my opinion, is how he goes about the lying and forming relations in the house. He uses his dead grandfather and Frankie’s to make a stronger bond, even though he’s planned on evicting Frankie twice. He uses his daughter all the time to relate to the girls, bad mouth other players, and pass himself off as a protector.

      And the most annoying thing about all of it is that he tries to pass himself off as America’s player. Constantly talking to the camera, outing Donnie on the live show about not doing the mission, constantly making sure that Donnie is at the bottom of the house but always acting like he’s looking out for Frankie and Donnie when he’s in his DR interviews because he knows fans picked them and he doesn’t want to seem like he’s against them, even though we all see the feeds. The lack of quality players (or even players with common sense) this year has built his ego up so high he thinks he can control BB fans like he does his house guests. And the reason Donnie’s game is more impressive is because he and Derrick are the only two who know exactly whats going on in the house but Donnie does this without every other player constantly telling him everything like they do with Derrick. Part of that is because Derrick has a good social game, but again, a large part of that is because of how he luckily fell into the big alliance that others basically gave him.

      1. I’ve been saying this for weeks. Derrick DID have this game fall into his lap. Production handed it right over to him. They cast naive 20-something kids, people that Derrick built his career off of manipulating, then handed him Team America to protect him from both Frankie and Donny. Frankie, because he’s production’s smokescreen, their OTHER PET, so they had to make sure they’d work together, and Donny because he’s the only one in the house both old enough and wise enough to see through Derrick’s crap. This season was rigged for Derrick. I’m so over it.

      2. Yes… That’s another reason why I don’t like Derrick. He tries to manipulate the viewers and that’s not even necessary.

    3. Derprick has starting talking personal trash about Donny. He tried to throw him under bus in a DR when Donny wouldn’t do the TA and hurt any chance he had. Fakie have been plotting how to use Donny this whole game while making others hate him for no reason. If Derprick had ever truly worked with Donny on anything besides TA he would have earned respect instead of contempt.

    4. Derrick has done a great job manipulating his way through the game without getting his hands dirty. The only problem I see for his future game is that he has used a style of manipulation that makes people think that it is their own ideas and not him. so when Derrick convinces Frankie to nominate someone Frankie thinks that it was his own idea and counts as his own “big move” and not Derrick’s. The majority of these house guests are very shallow and simple minded, and I don’t know if they will really understand what Derrick has done. They all seem a lot more focused on Frankie and Donny’s competition wins than anything. The only one in the house that really sees what Derrick is doing is Donny, and since Derrick is not very good at a lot of the competitions he might run into some trouble in the next few weeks. Especially if Donny clues the returning house guest into Derrick’s game.

    5. I used to support Derrick but turned when I realized that he was a hypocrite. Nobody else is allowed to play the game but him. Nobody is allowed to talk together and especially not talk game, nobody is allowed to have an opinion unless it has come from him, nobody is allowed to campaign because they should just rollover and die and be happy they had an opportunity to be on BB. Nobody is allowed to call out or throw anyone under the bus except him. Do I think he’ll win the game? Likely if the comps go his way at the end. Do I think he’s played a good game? For the most part yes, but for all of the above and more, no. I especially hate the way he treats and talk about Donny and Brittany. Personally I can’t stand the man now.

    6. I would agree that Derrick is playing a great game and has a great understanding of the game, Donny not so much a great game, but he does know whats going on and understands it well. My issue is the way Derrick blows up when it seems things aren’t going his way. Maybe this is an act, maybe not. If its not an act then he needs to learn some humility. Another whole argument could be made too that he is not so much a great game player as the people he aligned himself with are just clueless idiots!

    7. Derrick the decoy anyone notice how the decoy has very fem plucked brows what kind of decoy was derrick or should I say how far under cover did he go

  6. Has Frankie slept anywhere besides the HOH bed with his “flavor of the week”? Hope Donny wins next HOH and boots his ass!

  7. Funny to watch yesterday when Kathy Griffin zinged Victoria. She had no idea that all America feels she has no clue of BB. Her response was ”
    Well I’m still in the house ” can’t wait for her to see why. Then I wonder if she still will be infatuated with Derrick.

    1. Even after she gets out of the house and someone explains to her what the comment meant she still won’t get it.

  8. I’d rather have all 4 cameras watching Donny sitting quietly by himself in the backyard than listen to this froot loop dingus foolingans pump up each other egos. I’ve never see such a group of needy and insecure grown ups in my life. “No your pretty. No, you’re prettier.” Ugh! Yeah Christine is one of the prettier women in the house, get real. Victoria isn’t bad looking, but once she open her mouth stupid takes over and overshadows everything else. And I can’t believe they are still talking about Amber, smh!

    I’m gonna be sad to see Zach walking out the door! I hope someone gives him a new pink hat. I would love him to win and come back in to play, but no matter who comes in the “mean girls” are going to focus on getting them out, which might keep Donny alive for another week if he doesn’t win HOH or POV.

    1. The reason these girls talk about amber is bc they are so unbelievably jealous. Amber is prettier than you two. Get over it. The nerve of saying she wasn’t attractive and only looked good with makeup is ridiculous. Just makes them sound insecure and petty. And the nerve of someone like victoria who is obsessed with putting makeup on constantly to say amber needs makeup. Ridiculous. Christine is fugly obviously but I’m sorry victoria is not a very attractive girl particularly without makeup. She’s not ugly but she’s definitely not a beauty like she thinks. No one would notice her in real life and she got very little attention in the house and that’s why she hates the other girls bc they all outshined her.

      1. Last night when the group was standing around talking about who they missed the least (evicted houseguests) – Cody was talking about how much he missed Brittany. He was acting out his reactions to whenever she would walk by him – basically how a guy checks out a woman that he thinks is beautiful. Would have loved to have been able to read Christine’s mind when he was doing that – it must have ticked her off royally.

  9. This is seriously sad watching Zach have to leave! Why oh why couldn’t there be a coup de’ tas or DPOV this season. We needed it so bad this year.
    On a different note, does anyone else find caleb’s “creeping” a bit disturbing? This dude has so many issues on so many levels. Stalker, creeper, ninja, movie star, most popular boy in town, singer……. Wow

      1. LOL! I must have missed that one! If that were true, which I highly doubt, he’s probably that one cousin that nobody wants to claim they are related to.

  10. Can’t wait to see house guests reaction to how we all felt about them
    While in the house. Think they might get a huge dose of reality. I think they should all give Donny apologies. : )

    1. These idiots won’t recognize the hate. They will only see the love from 1% of the population. Just like Victoria’s reaction to ZingBot. Duh!! They think they will go into webcasting their activities and selling autographed photos. Caleb thinks he can get rich by copyrighting Beast Mode Cowboy. Hard to watch these people.

  11. Christine and Cody – Really? Are you two serious? Get off our screens.
    Derrick reminds me of Boston Rob’s final season in a way, remember how amazing it was how in control he was because he has all these young people who were in awe of him so they almost never even considered betraying him until it was too late. I should make this clear, Derrick is not Boston Rob by any means in my opinion but the way they follow Derrick and believe every word of his and believe they owe him is reminiscent of Rob dominance. Rob himself admitted if he had chosen the egg that put him on the other team, he might not have won because it was comprised of people who were older i.e. could think for themselves. If Derrick had a different cast, I don’t believe it would have worked out for him so well

  12. Omg who was the hottest this season: Victoria & Christine???
    Lols for days.

    Granted they aren’t ugly, but on the inside…

    1. Ummm since when is Christine not ugly. Do you need glasses? Victoria is not ugly but she’s definitely not pretty either. And she needs a shitload of makeup( and extensions) to make it to a passable look. It’s delusional either one thinking they are the prettiest in the house . I highly doubt Christine thinks it but victoria is delusional enough to actually believe it.

      1. Sometimes a homely person will seem attractive if they have a good personality ….not so in Christink’s case . She is all around ugly because of her jealousy and constant “hate” I didn’t think I could loathe anyone more than I did last season, but these a$$holes have surpassed that. That are despicable human beings, especially how they’ve ostracized Donny and Zach. Good reality check when they come out. JULIE CHEN BETTER PUT THEM ALL ON BLAST LIKE SHE DID ARYAN LAST YEAR!!

  13. Christine and Victoria I don’t know where they get the balls(must have stole cody’s) to call any unattractive with the way they look. And they should know derrick and Cody just blew smoke up their asses saying they were the hottest girls this season more like the ugliest. I can’t stand Christine I want her booed so bad once guys discard her ass like the trash she is. #POS x 2

    1. When guys go to a bar, they never try to hook up with the prettiest girls. Either these girls have issues or usually are head cases. If you go up to the average / homelier looking girls you either get lucky or find out they might have some substance to talk too. [they’ll give up the booty]
      In Christine & Victoria’s case their the bar flies that never woke up with the man the next day. This is a special time for them.. LOL

  14. Oh Cody, you disgusting piece of shyt! Did you swallow Frankie’s balls to replace the ones you lost? Vicblob & Christink are the ugliest people ever on BB and that’s what they will be known for.

  15. I have heard that today on the episode Julie Chen will be giving christen a penalty nom and she will be going up and zach will be coming down

    1. I doing like a majority of the HG and agree they seem to be horrible people.

      Is it a rule that they can’t throw a competition? They can on Survivor. It seems to be a legitimate – albeit sucky – strategy. I am not sure if that warrants a penalty nom.

      However, eating anything other than slop while on slop should result in a penalty nom. That is cheating.

      I’m not sure why telling a person he or she will be evicted is a punishable offense except that it is proscribed in the rule book.

      In any case, all the rules should be equally enforced. If a violation of one results in a consequence, so too should any other violations.

  16. Donny FTW …. but…
    If any of them take Victoria to the F2
    I really hope that the jury votes Victoria the winner
    It would wrap up this season well.

  17. Of course, how can Amber be pretty sitting next to you two beauties, Christine and Victoria. You two are not only beautiful outside but even more so inside.

    Just when you think you’ve heard all ridiculous stuff, they seem to surprise me.

  18. Someone should tell Fuckstick Frankie that there is a difference between entertaining and irratating.These lame accents and jumping around on everyones knob is the latter. This ass is a total hateful jerk.The Grande clan must be so proud of their wanna be something boy. What a lowlife! Beast Mode Jerkoff looks like a giant fly with those blue glasses on. Don’t get much dumber than this.!!

  19. “I might not be walking out with 500K but I’ll definitely be leaving a winner. Peace out America. It’s been real! I did what I can to do.” Zachattack #stayblessed.

  20. Its nothing left in the bb house but ugly women cody made the comment amber wasnt natural beauty but your sitting between monsters half dead vicky and double chin dork chrissy ugh ugly

  21. Cody-Kotex says Disgustine and Victor are the hottest girls this season?! Sorry, but either you have cataracts or you haven’t been around hot women before!!!! Disgustine once again hating on the beautiful black women again and yes, Jocasta was WAY prettier than that crusty four eyed jealous crone! I’m gay and Brittany, Jocasta, Amber, Joey, and Nicole are beautiful and you WISHED you had their beauty! Your hatred and jealousy made you look very ugly…including your soul. Feel sorry for your husband, siblings, and parents after they’d seen the REAL you!

    1. Christine is fugly. And victoria is no beauty. Even Jocasta is better looking than Christine. Cody is obviously bsing them for votes that’s pretty obvious. He’s said quite a few times that amber and Brit were easily the hottest, which is what I think most people would think. I think Christine knows that he doesn’t mean that (I hope) but victoria is so delusional that she probably believes it.

      1. EVEN Jocasta was prettier than Christine? Jocasta is much prettier than Christine, she is very attractive. I think it bothers Christine that the two “older” moms Jocasta and Brittany (tho iI think J is about Frankie’s age and B is in her late 20’s?) are better looking. Nicole and Amber’s good looks drove her crazy too. Did she really think she was going to come on BB and be the best looking girl in the house? I think the attention from Cody has her completely delusional. Enjoy it white it lasts, Christine.

    2. You forgot about Paola, but literally, ALL OF THEM are prettier than Cody, Christine, and Victoria. It is funny how they demeaned the black women more than anyone else. All of the other girls are not as ungrateful as these 3 dingbats.

      1. I thought I was the only one noticing it. It is like it was impossible in their head (Christine and Victoria) that a non-White woman could be prettier and could have a lot of male attention, much more than them…

        Poor little thangs..

        Sometimes I wonder where were they secluded before their escape to the BB house…

    3. What the hell is this place, the Enchanted Cottage? (An old movie where to ugly people fall in love but look beautiful to each other in the cottage) Cody has no brain, I swear, so he has to resort to flirting with these girls because he has no other game. I also do not think Cody is all that attractive, he looks a bit out of it most of the time. Insecurity is rampant in this house.

  22. hopefully the buyback will be jocasta and nicole vs hayden and zach. followed by two consecutive weeks of double eviction. and hopefully get victoria the hell out of there

  23. Seems Christine is falling pretty hard for Cody. Wonder if she thinks the showmance is real and will continue outside of the house. No doubt she’s in for a rude awakening. Her husband asked her not to forget him, but that’s exactly what she has done, even after being called out by Zingbot!

  24. I so hope zach wins americas fav. I know donny will win it and thats ok too but with how all these idiots treated zach behind his back is so unfair. Vote for zach.

      1. Hope people don’t split the vote between Donny and Zack if Donny is evicted and able to win AFP. That would be like splitting the baby and would will leave room for Frankie to win. Donny has to win to wake these idiots up! We’ll always have Zack attack. He have us froot-loop dingus fooligan and so much more. I know he’ll be back for all stars. I serious doubt if Donny would want to come back.

  25. Yeah, right.Hands down, Crustine and Vapid Vic are the two best looking women in the house this seeason? Crustine must have glasses on as thick as coke bottles and be blind as a bat…and Vapid Vic would never admit that anyone was better looking than her. Worst yet, those guys all agreed with them! Good thing that Cowboy wasn’t there with them. He’d never let anyone say that those two were better looking than Amber! I’d vote best looking for the filthy, smelly bunny slippers before I’d vote either one of those two skanks!

    1. Cody, you’re such a nice guy. You haven’t made any enemies this season. Well, except for one, Christine’s husband.

    2. Something like: “Cody, you are such a sweet guy, everybody loves you…except for…Christine’s husband! ZING!”

  26. Christine?? LMFAO… hottest female houseguest this season? OMG… he better have only been saying that to make them feel better lol. easily, it goes Brittany, Joey, Amber, Nicole, Cody, Jocosta, Victoria then Christine…. for hottest FEMALE houuseguess

  27. Seriously…whatever crazy pills these idiots are taking should be mass produced. We all need one to get through this season.

    Come on! Lay off Amber. She’s a natural beauty and enhanced with make up. PLUS she’s really nice too. Skanktine is so jealous and delusional beyond belief. Geeez… If Vagody had a working penis that outrageous out and out lie about Skanktine and Clueless being the only beauties in this season he would be a walking boner. Again I kinda threw up in my mouth when he said that.

    Skanktine…reason you’re ugly outside is because your inside is ugly too. Nothing redeeming about you there. You let your insecurities and jealousy rule you. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Ever wonder why some average looking person are the most popular? Their spiritual beauty outshines and people are drawn to them like a mother to a flame. This kind of beauty lives on much longer than physical beauty which fades with time.

    1. I agree with you. They are both delusional uglies. I can’t stand jealous, catty girls who don’t like you bc you’re pretty. Amber looked to me to be a natural beauty who just enhanced with makeup. Which is really what makeup is for. Not covering up your whole face with a pound of makeup like victoria. Brit was pretty but I think she was much less of a natural beauty than amber. Christine and Vic must know Cody is bsing them (I hope). If not they have some real delusional issues.

  28. I’m honestly surprised Zack is being so cool about eviction. I’d want to make Frankie’s week Hell. It makes me so mad because Zack didn’t get really close to anyone but Frankie and the jerk stabbed him in the back. If Frankie were really concerned with the children in Africa he would use his personal wealth. Effing tool. I hope Donnie & Hayden are f2!!!

    1. Personal wealth implies that he has a job or some means of support other than stealing $20 bills from his sister’s purse when she’s not looking. I hope you don’t mean that he should give away the $10 a month he rakes in as an internet mogul? Have some compassion, he needs that money to live in!

      1. Frankie’s mom is CEO of a company that is foremost in providing communications to the marines and navy. It’s a company that their grandfather bought in the 60’s.

        If you know about military contracting, you’d know it’s quite possible that the Grande’s are in fact billionaires; let alone millionaires. Ariana’s money doesn’t come close to mommy’s bank account. That’s the reason why Frankie has an expensive NY apartment while making crappy Youtube videos.

  29. This b**** hates on every girl that is brought up in the conversation. (britt, jo, amber, candice, jenn, vic) along with every body out of her alliance. (don, zach, hayden, nicole, etc)

  30. How do these morons jam this much stupid into 2 short hours?

    Victoria psychoanalyzing Derrick – It’s your sub-conscience or your guilty conscience
    Derrick hypnotizing Victoria – I……..owe……..I…..have………..HOH…..white noise
    Caleb analyzing Cody – Cody is pretty but I don’t think he’s that smart
    Caleb’s PC sensitivity to Frankie – If it’s an A and B comp I would just self evict! This is so gay!
    Christine – I have a knife in my backpack. I carried it on the plane from Tucson. I couldn’t get TSA to frisk me
    Christine & Victoria – Amber wasn’t pretty
    Cody – Amber was not a very naturally pretty person.. like she needed make up
    Cody answering Derrick – The hottest girls this season? Why Christine. .. and Victoria of course

    No fkin way! Dawg, you gotta be making this stuff up.

  31. I can’t believe Cody thinks Christine is pretty. Are you kidding me? How desperate is this guy? Amber and Britney were the prettiest girls this season so stop lying Cody. Christine was the ugliest piece of sh*t with her ugly a** noise and shit ugh.

    1. The whole cast is creepy It must be some sort of social experiment! What the hell was the criteria for picking these people. And to think this cast was the first choice over the rest LOL Who was doing the casting is my next question. Now its down to does it matter who wins this season is toast. The season should be called the Despicable Me the Reality TV show!!!

  32. I just caught up reading comments posted earlier and want to say something: please stop referring to Donny as a “poor old man.” He’s not old at all (42), and while he may not be wealthy in a monetary sense, his life is far richer than any of the house guests could ever imagine.

    That said, someone started a fund raiser for Donny on so he could get his eye surgery. Please give what you can.

    Lastly, CBS – if you’re not going to fix all the missteps you’ve made this season, at least give us this: Let the audience be allowed to show their TRUE feelings when HouseGuest’s are evicted.

    1. Thank you for posting the again. Very little has been donated which is unfortunate when we have so many Donny fans on this forum. I realise that he is receiving his daily stipend and money for TA but Donny quit his job to fulfil a dream, which sadly has become a nightmare for him. Donny is showing America that kindness, respect and manners brings more reward than hating, backstabbing and cheating. I hope the remaining group of vile misfits watch the feeds at the end of BB and realise how truly disgusting they are.
      Donny FTW

  33. I still think that was a pretty good move on Donny’s part to tell Alice the Goon everything. Of course she was going to tell everything, he gave her the seed to plant for him. Once you hear things you can’t “un-hear” them. His words, that she helped spread, will come back again….and let the fun begin.

  34. Christine is the worst.

    Do you remember how she was initially introduced in the first few episodes? Christine is a nudist. All of the forums were blowing that up trying to generate some buzz.

    Thank god that never happened on the show, but you know that it was enough incentive to tip the scales for BB Production in favour of this waste of space.

    Next year, don’t put in a disgusting human b/c there’s an off chance she’d get naked. Christine (thankfully) kept her clothes on, but she will go down in BB history as one of the worst cast selections.

    1. Thank f’ing g she left her clothes on. Maybe she was going to try the nudist thing but saw how well it panned out for the first booted to the curb (Joey-blue hair-no game-role playing borderline personality).

      Anyway, I’ve had more than enough of her bad nose, messed ears, greasy/stringy hair, no lips, terrible laugh, cry babiness, cowardice, and inappropriate behaviour with that other charm-school valedictorian Cody.

      This season has been one huge disappointment.

      1. Joey was a recruit but she could have been a player if Ratine and Amber hadn’t run to the guys to tell about the girls alliance. Her mistake was not gathering them one or two at a time and watching who they run to. But Joey called it–that’s what Alex was about. Alex said if you don’t have a pen!s they aren’t going to be allowed to play much less win. CrazedCaleb told Amber that she didn’t need to know any game plan just sit back and do what she was told. She didn’t like that so out the door she went. If Joey had watched the feeds for a couple of seasons this would have been a whole different game.

  35. Damn! donny laid it all out for them spot on. He was 100% correct in everything he told them. He may not be exact on which one of them is at the very bottom of the “pecking order” so telling both Crustine and Cody that is was them is pretty much exactly as it appears to me. It could be either one of them that Der-prick targets next. Frankie too for that matter. As Donny pointed out, there is no way Der-prick wants to let him get to the F2 and take a chance Frankie will win.

    I am amazed that they all know Frankie or Derrick will win but none of them are willing to vote them out now. Christine, Caleb and Cody are just sitting there knowing even if they made it to F2 with either Frankie or Derrick they would lose. They can’t see that Derrick is planning on taking Victoria to the end. None of them for some strange reason never check up on Derrick’s stories. He has told each and every one “you are the only one I trust 100%” “It’s me and you against everyone else” He tells Christine he doesn’t talk game to Victoria. If that was me I would be chatting with Victoria and and it would be easy to get info from her that they do talk about more then hair extensions and how Victoria is being viewed and portrayed.

    We can only hope that Donny wins HOH or the returning HG and Donny somehow shake things up. I give Derrick credit for his mind control over the others but considering their lack of game play only a little credit.

    1. Very well put. Christine actually said there is no pecking order. Is she really this damn stupid? Of course there is a pecking order! I swear these morons (Cody, Christine, Caleb, Victoria) seem to believe that there will be a “couch” for them all to sit on as they all hold hands and get awarded the money for winning the whole thing. There is only one winner you dip$hits, you are being utilized and will be disgarded and tossed out at the appropriate time.

    2. Agreed, why are they afraid to challenge Derrick and Frankie? It’s as if those two are holding them as hostages or something. Why would you want to give the money to someone else you will never see for the rest of you life. Instead of trusting Donny, they run to each other and blab while knowing he has told them the truth. They seem so dense to lack such self-evidence. I actually don’t get that. They know they are being screwed, yet they go with it. Maybe it’s that syndrome when one is hostage for a long time and you start to agree with your captors.

  36. Wooow Christine actually thinks she’s prettier than Amber? Amber was by far the prettiest and IMO Christine and Victoria are the ugliest.

    1. I myself think Brit was the best looking followed by Amber. Christine is hands down the LEAST attractive of all of the girls this year (including Cody AKA man-pussy) followed by Victoria. For Christine to think she is even average would be taking too much credit.

  37. “At the end of the day” Beast Mode Cowboy ain’t that much of a Beast and Cody it just, well, not smart.
    Can someone please explain to me how Caleb really think he’s the best player??? Really??!

  38. Wish Derprick would just shut up and stick the apple back in his yap and go and lay on the dinner table like a good piggy!

  39. I don’t know how Christine and Victoria have the b@lls (stole cody’s he had no need for them) to call anyone unattractive looking the way the do. And their stupid on top of that if the believe derrick and Cody when they said their the hottest girls of the season when they were clearly blowing smoke up their ugly asses. #delusional POS x2 and #lying POS x2

  40. I just figured it out, Codeine is near-sighted. It has to be, it couldn’t be that he’s a LIAR! Christank and Victim the hottest girls! REALLY?! Or he could just be a very good whore. Tell the, umm, cliant what they need to get off.

  41. Hey Cody! How does it feel to win the exact same amount of competitions as Victoria???? How does it feel that Donny, a guy twice your age, has won an HOH and 4 POVs? You used to be okay back when you didn’t run your mouth.

  42. Gawd Cody is such a delusional jackass! He is still in the bloom of youth and has no idea that his looks will not get him through life.

  43. I hope tonight Hayden comes back into the game and wins HOH. Let’s face it, he the only houseguest who will
    put up Derrick and Cody (with Frankie as the replacement nomination).
    Donny if he wins HOH (it probably won’t happen if it is an endurance competition), would probably nominate
    Frankie and Derrick. Frankie would escape using the POV, and Derrick by having more votes than the replacement nominee. Donnie’s HOH would be a failure.
    Donnie’s desperation to find allies among Derrick’s and Frankie’s minions will lead to his downfall.

  44. I have to check the live feeds, but did Cody say Chrustine hottest for real or just a joke and dodging the question. I think they lied about their thoughts on Amber to bolster the Chrust so she won’t see the blindside coming. In private convos none of the guys list her as a final 4 or 3. She is in for a rude awakening.

  45. I think it is great that Donny has rattled Derrick’s cage. He has run around sucking up to these fools and taking their loyalty temperature. Unfortunately Donny has been planting his seeds on some VERY rocky soil. Practically cement. Nothing is gonna grow. Sending all positive thoughts your way DarkHorse.

  46. Um…. Amber looks better than your grouch’o Marx looking self…. (Where’s your cigar)???? Gtfoh

  47. The buy back is cool and all but they would most likely be evicted the next week if Donny does not win HOH. That’s the only problem. Hopefully that’s not the case

  48. I think Arianna and Christine”s husband Tim should form a support group. They can call it “We Wish They Had Remained Anonymous”. or “We’re Totally F*cked”- WTF. They both have wished they could tell them to not trust Derrick and to keep loyal to Zach (Ari to Frankie) and Donny (Tim to Christine). They have unfortunately suffered from guilt by association.

  49. Thanks for the hard work.

    I only started watching BB last season, but there doesn’t seem like there is as much scheming.

  50. Christine never ceases to amaze me. She projects all her flaws and insecurities onto the other house guests…everyone is stupid, creepy, perverted, ugly, etc. those are all the characteristics that make up Christine. She is a smorgasbord of fucked up.

  51. Frankie’s edit on last night’s BB was so aggravating. He has had it in for Zach for weeks! He is jealous because Zach has “it”. Just like his sister. He has never had “it” and he never will. Even Dr Will called Zach a “captivating” contestant on twitter. Being so close to it but it out of reach has warped him into something that is not very nice. These people who also have ego problems have helped delude him into thinking he is right to crush poor, poor Zach. He is just like the jealous guy in Amadeus who wanted to crush Mozart. He will have a rude awakening at the end as well.

  52. Cody win something! LOL If he wins he will call out Donnie LOL. How bout Der win something? Tools all f n tools!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Finally figured out what Skankie reminds me of when he eats: HE looks just like a COW CHEWING CUD!!!! God he is sick, disgusting and vile, and so is Derrick, and Ratine. I seriously do not like anyone left in the house but Donny after tonight!

  54. I want Zach AND Hayden to come back and knock Derrick and Frankie out. Cody does so much whining and complaining it’s pitiful. And I’m sorry, how is it Frankie, Derrick have had Donny’s back???? He has had to work his butt off to be taken off the block. No one has been on the block this year as much as Donny has. These idiots are delusional!!! They have been trying to get him out since the first elimination.

  55. Damn it.. I’ve been a fan of BB since it’s inception. I use to love this entire concept and would often wonder what I would do in this house. It’s seems the last few seasons the show has failed to evolve but rather devolved. This has become a show about kids, who are actually young adults but still childlike, fame obsessed and ignorant, thrown into the house to watch how quickly they turn from being pretty faces to ugly souls.

    And its just getting worse. We have not had one close vote the entire season! We’ve had obnoxious personalities saying absolutely nothing (well they are good at being mean spirited).

    I’ve watched some of BB Canada and boy have they turned that show into something to watch! It’s wild. But for us here in US we are stuck with this lame pathetic crowd boring us each week, while we as fans keep hoping (praying) for something fun to KICK IN! It’s like every little morsel we get excited because we had so few. I mean Derrick getting a little paranoid is a big deal! huh? He should have been sweating 5 weeks ago if this crew got their sh*t together.

    I’ve becomed less and less interested. I find this forum more fun to read then watching the show. I wish Zing Bot or Kathy Griffith stayed longer to really tear into them more.

  56. hey dawg an production please help Donny for your true big brother fans
    he the only reason we watch if derrick get his way with Donny goes
    home why don’t you just cancle the season cause we want watch never again
    cause bad people always win they was talking
    about Donny bad in we know it in not happy about it Donny is a good kind man
    that’s why he got so many fans so please do what you can to help Donny for us fans
    you don’t need to help derrick or Frankie look at how good they are in the game people want put them up
    please help Donny please if he goes we goes

  57. The delusion of these self-obsessed twats is too much. I can’t… *facepalm*

    Ugh! OK first, The Walking Vagina is getting doing my head in. He actually is going to sit there and bitch because Donny “has the nerve” to feel shunned. Yeah, he is supposed to lay down and not only take it…but enjoy taking it. Just because that is how you prefer living life…as The Runaway Hide…doesn’t mean men with balls do. Just keep making your idle threats…they are as worthless as your vapid conversations and disingenuous compliments to Cackle-twat.

    Between that and The Princess Cried getting jealous, Cackle-twat fishing for compliments by stating the pretty girls in the house weren’t pretty, Creep Chode Cowpie thinking he is James Bond, Chief Wiggum thinking he is America’s favorite…Spankme thinking this as well, and having to see screen caps of Cackle-twat eat that pickle?…I am about as disgusted with these f***tards as I can get. I hope however this buy back turns out tonight, it helps Donny start cleaning these effers out of the house. They can call themselves “The Cleaning Crew”…has there been an alliance called that yet?

  58. Amber was the hottest girl this season, Christine is jealous and insecure, she doesn’t have the audacity to talk shit to Amber’s face. She’s pathetic, and Cody is just pandering to her and blowing smoke up her ass. To me, Victoria and Cody are in the same league, can’t win shit and are just floating through the season. Cody has no room to talk. None of the people left in the house are likeable except for Donny. No wonder he’s sort of left out of their clique, he’s not an asshole like them.

    Ps. Thanks again Simon & Dawg!

  59. OMG ..Cody lied to the Max saying Christine & Victoria were the hottest girls in the house! More like HobGoblins was def Brit & Amber!

  60. Not only are there extremely dumb people up in this place…now they are blind too!! Cody I hope you said that about Christine being hot for game play because that’s the kind of hotness I wouldn’t touch with a friggin 10 foot pole!! Personally, in my rankings of the hottest of the 8 this year…the last 2 left are the bottom two!!

  61. Wow. Cody is the biggest ass kisser I have ever seen. It is funny how all of them are throwing so much hate towards the evicted girls, it is like Cody is jealous of them too. We saw all 3 of them without makeup as well, and…….not a pretty sight.

    It is REALLY saying a lot when Caleb is saying you are not that smart. These people are pathetic.

  62. Zach needs to win the buy back and wreck shit with donny… And Victoria how stupid can you get lol. Derrick has had you in his pocket for the longest. I honestly hate the detonators and they have the nerve to say donny won’t win America’s favorite.. He has a better chance then those scrubs. Frankie sucks too that traitor

  63. For all of Frankie’s antics, I really think he has a low self-esteem. There have been a few times where zings have been thrown his way and he gets this broken boy look for just a quick second, then goes into his Broadway act. Kind of sad actually. BUT, don’t get me wrong… still can’t stand him! He needs to grow up! Team Donny all the way!

  64. Christine says Amber wasn’t pretty, like come on… she was a model. Christine is a troll and I’m not one to call people names but she is so shallow/fake and I hope Amber calls her out on it. Then to make things worst possum look-alike Derrick has to ask who is the hottest girl of the HG and Cody being fake says to them Christine and Vic. Those are the two were the most unattractive (I knew it made sense for Cody to lie but uhhh)… seriously are they on another planet. This season sucks like I can’t even try anymore but ill decide if it will get better after tonight.

  65. I am really not sure what show you people have been watching. This is Big Brother. How in the world can you think that Donny is the best player here? He has not even played the game, besides winning some comps. Any real BB fan (as he claims to be) knows that BB is a game that requires that you work with people. Donny has isolated himself and now claims that they are ganging up on him.?. I hear you. He is a likable guy, and was my favorite at the beginning, but he has no game. I usually like the so called underdog in this game, but there is nothing to Donny besides his beard and his kind simple ways. Any real BB fan would know, that the object of this game is to win, not just be the kindest person in the house. I mean really, this is a Chicken George situation repeat, except all of you people are falling for it. How about America’s favorite player actually be a player?

    1. No one has ever said Donny is the greatest player, because that is a big fat lie. He only got fat because he won POV’s or they had a bigger threat that week. People like him more than everyone else, yes, but he is FAR from being that good of a player.

    2. Donny is a good player, he knows what is going on. I think the BOTB threw him as the usual game has many of the stronger players leaving first. His plan was screwed and he did not have the luck to be in the room when the bomb squad was created….some things break down to luck. I think he was afraid to talk game after seeing what happened to others that had and was hoping to get to the end when they start fighting amongst themselves…he’s almost there if he can hang in, he may just surprise everyone and make it to F2.

  66. I don’t think I would have a secret lovefest for 500,000.00 if I were married. They play it off as if it is “just friends”. Just sayin’!

  67. Watching Big Brother last night was like watching the Disney channel version of Big Brother, with Frankie as the star. His over the top ridiculous facial expessions to different things that happened on the show, were too revolting to watch. Actually Caleb could be included in that observation too. Frankies skipping around making sure he was in every frame, were just too much. It was like watching some wannabe child star trying to get into acting. For the first time since Big Brother began many years ago, I had to change the channel. I cant stand the fact that the show has become a showcase for whomever production decides in their eyes is the most ‘entertaining’?!

    I hate to say it but maybe the show has run it’s course. The players seem to follow some kind of formula to get to the end…stay low…find a weak player to take to the end….be the weak player….don’t be the player to suggest any other path or you will be labelled as a rebel and people will try to get you out…I could go on and on but I wont.

    Unless Big Brother finds some real twists…and real ‘players’ this show is in deep trouble. It has just become too predictable….too nauseating to watch! Bleh!

    1. Mel I totally agree. The show has runs it’s course and is way too predictable and staged. Frankie is the grossest house guest ever. He is a pervert, rude, attention seeking braggart ever cast. He is not entertaining but vulgar. Christine is ugly from the inside out and puts down prettier girls because she does not want Cody liking them. She disrespects her husband constantly. Caleb is a creep and really frightening. He is a pathelogical liar and thinks he will be a star. Caleb is unbalanced and chauvinistic to the extreme. Victoria is thee most useless player ever on the show. She is so insecure and constantly checks herself out in the mirror. After applying her makeup with a trowel, she makes herself look like a drag queen. She has nothing intelligent to say ever. Cody is a mimbo and has nothing to offer the show except his looks. He just wants attention from everyone and has everyone trying to guess his sexuality. In fact the only man on the show whose sexuality I do not question is Donny. Weirdly casted year but predictable with game play. Where are all these supposed twists? I just see one alliance dominating the house which shows the supposed twists are not that good.

      1. I agree too! Frankie is a pervert! I think he is an embarassment to the gay community. To any community for that matter. His sister’s success has gone to “his” head.

  68. After watching yesterday’s episode, it became clear where this sudden burst of game talk from Donny came from. Because he is aware of the purpose of zingbot, he took the zing not as an insult, but a reflection of his game, which the others failed to do. Perceptive on his part, and I don’t think it’s too late. Face it, Derrick isn’t going anywhere, and I am starting to think that CBS is setting up a grand Royale battle with good vs. Evil at the end…I.e. Donny vs. Derrick. ..

    1. Actually the Zingbot occurred a few days ago but was only aired last night. I also think Production has been warning Donny he had better do more than play defensively. That he better make some effort at forming an alliance somewhere. As hopeless/silly as that sounds,given the HGs he’s facing, it’s his only real chance to go further.

  69. I been watching Victoria, Victoria ant worried about a damn thang!!! She might end up winning BB16. I might have to readjust my thinking? Has anyone else noticed that?

  70. Caleb saying Cody isn’t very smart. LOL
    These cast members got in for several reasons
    No need to go farther but they don’t cast normal every day people

    1. I hope all stars is 2 years away. it gives Zach time to mature a bit, watch a season of BB, understand the game a bit more and I think he will win the next time he plays. he is actually very good in comps he just crumbles late or throws them, that would change. his social game would change. if he came in as more of a subdued Zach, no speeches etc, I think he plays a Dr Will like game. may be a target but may figure out how to make the target disappear.

      I miss Zach already because they basically kicked him out of the game a long time ago. why didn’t production tell Frankie he was GOOD for him game? I don’t get it. they manipulate everything, and they are allowing Zach to walk out the door? it makes no sense to me, and to have him alienated from the entire house? why? to what effect? I am trying to understand it but I honestly can’t. he wouldn’t win the game in F2 with Frankie, what is Frankie doing? it seems like we are either in for a huge surprise, or production isn’t as much on team Frankie as we thought, or maybe they jumped ship and accidently cost Zach his game, I don’t know. seems TA clouded all of their moves behind the scenes.

  71. This is easy. Donny needs people on his side right? Zach would stay on his side if still around. Donny has to make a move of desparation to Zach, Caleb, Victoria to get votes. He outs Team America and throws all the blame on Derrick and Frankie for the “Neighborhood Watch” Zach then tells Caleb how they are playing him and he was never in the new alliance they formed. They were just dragging him along because Derrick, Cody, and Frankie could control him. The house implodes and Cody goes home 3-2, and Derrick or Christine have to win HOH. More entertainment and season saved

    1. the problem is that BMC is completely clueless and useless. he has been told of things and it doesn’t matter. he will get the backdoor at some point and no one will care. he, Victoria, they are some of the big casting mistakes IMO. I had hope once amber left that Caleb would wake up, but he hasn’t. he is Frankie’s new BFF and ready to hang out with Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. seriously. he is going to walk out of the house thinking “At least I am friends with Frankie and can go backstage to ______”

  72. I’d like to see Amandah in the house after Donny and Zach leave. Ha ha…even though I still can’t stand her. She would have ALL of them running scared, and live in the HOH the rest of the season.

  73. “Frankie says Cody needs to start winning something. Caleb says he’s pretty but I don’t think he’s that smart.”
    That’s cute. This last HOH was about remembering stuff, and Cody finished 3rd. 1 spot away from being HOH. Caleb finished… Right. Dead Last. But Caleb is obviously the smart one. Priceless.

  74. What happened to the DR sessions this season? DR sessions usually cause havoc on planned evictions. At the least, cause endless scheming. Most boring and disappointing season ever!!!!! Zach at least made it tolerable! Frankie should have to do renom because he did tell Zach ahead of time. This season waste of CBS time slot! BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Viewers need a do over this season!!

  75. How shallow are these idiots that the biggest question they can ask about their housemates is who is pretty? Not who is intelligent, who plays the best game, but who is pretty? Seriously? And I don’t think it’s at all fair the undercover cops are put in the game. They have an unfair advantage of being trained to manipulate. Derrick, like Tony from Survivor, has quite the edge to win.

    1. I agree that cops have an unfair advantage. Derrick also was trained as an undercover cop. Here is the quote from CBS bio: “Derrick attended college on a full ride baseball scholarship and got his master’s degree in Business Management. He’s been a Police Sergeant for 10 years after starting as an undercover officer when he was only 20 years old.”
      Soooooo, let’s just get it out of the way that no one is making up anything about Derrick having been trained as an undercover cop. Other posters have claimed that this is not true. It’s true. Get over it. He is skilled as being a liar and gaining the TRUST and infiltrating a group. WOW, talk about being a shark! Still don’t believe that BB is gonna let his cop stratus stay unknown. In fact, I think that before the jury votes, regardless of whether Derrick makes it to final 2 or not, that everyone is gonna find out he’s a cop and that will change votes. You’re going to have some bitter HGs when they found out he lied about who he is after he made such a BIG deal about Frankie’s reveal. AND Derrick has also tried to make Donny out to be something more than a groundskeeper.
      I want to say that the difference for me between Tony of survivo8 and Derrick is that Tony owned his strategy and was honest about his role in evictions. Tony also worked HIS butt off in finding hidden idols etc. He really competed and worked hard. Derrick has done almost nothing but manipulate. I don’t respect competitors, no matter how good, that don’t own their game. Moreover, Tony was not overly personal about his moves and Derrick is very personal about it. I don’t want Derrick to win, I don’t respect him as a person and I think that he is a tool.

  76. If ANYONE other than Donny leaves, it will be a successful HOH this week. They are all equally horrible in different ways.

  77. He needs jury votes! And Victoria and Christine are dumb enough to believe Cody telling them they are waaay prettier than Amber…….
    Cody is only too sad at the moment that he can’t somehow get a message to Nicole and Jocasta that they are prettier than Amber too!!!!

  78. When everyone was getting excited about whose names (from prior BB) were on the covers of their microphones – Donny was the only one who refused to look. He said he thought he would get in trouble if he did look – Victoria replied we didn’t get in trouble – so while the group keeps bugging him to look suddenly….
    Production: Donny….thank you.
    Cody is getting dressed after his shower (and talking to Christine – surprise yes she’s there too) – production tells him to put his microphone on. He replies something to the effect of – bro, really. About a minute later production says – Cody… (Cody thinks they are going to tell him to put his microphone on and starts giving production grief) clean the bathroom mirror. Cody then termed himself the BB Bitch – Cody clean the mirror, Cody clean the sink, Cody clean your face. He gave himself his new nickname – the BB Bitch!!!
    Production makes me laugh!

  79. Anyone else just had zero desire to watch the show since learning zach was leaving? Haven’t caught an episode in a week.

    1. I didn’t watch last night’s show either…..after reading all the comments left here on this site about the editing I didn’t think I’d be able to stomach “The Frankie Show”.

  80. What has Jocasta and Donny done? To be so hated by these ungreatful dead ass housemates,
    (exclude)Zach. I wish Jocasta could come, back in the game just to tell them after they leave the
    big brother house she would render free Eulogy service , after they read all the bad comments viewer’s
    made about them. To top it off America Favorite player Donny or ZachAttack that would do them in.

    1. Jocasta should have never been on this show. She thought she was “above” it and too “Godly”. She is a self appointed motivational speaker. Nothing more.

  81. Ya know that feeling when you’ve been around someone for so long that you find everything about them REPULSIVE (talking, walking, breathing etc.)?!….Yeah, that how Derprick feels about Victoria. This chick has a MAJOR crush on her protector and he’s sick of her!

    1. Derrick ain’t no prize either. Outside the house, she wouldn’t give him a 2nd look. Too bad he is just as ugly inside as well based on all the things he has been saying about Donny . What a hot-head!

  82. Julie:Zhenzhong I announce the evicted houseguest’s name, that person will have a few moments to gather their stuff and say goodbye. By a vote of 4 to 1, Zach, you have been evicted.

    … Zach gets his stuff, offers goodbyes… Goes to the door, but it is locked.

    Julie: Houseguest’s! Please take your seats. I need to share something with you. Due to a rule violation, Zach’s eviction is voided. The second in line for eviction, Cody, having at least one vote to evict, is evicted. Cody, please gather your things, say goodbye and join me outside.


    Juile interviews Cody. Says he gets a chance to come back in…

    Julie: Houseguests! What have I said? Expect the unexpected! I have some news. One of the evicted houseguests will be coming back tonight. Fast forward, Nicole returns. Zach, Nicole, Donny and Derrick team up. Frankie flips back to Zach. Caleb, Christine run like rats on a sinking ship. Victoria heads to the kitchen to eat as she fears being on slop.

    1. That would be entertaining, but can you imagine how the whiners would be complaining about production intervention after that. Also what is this rule violation some people are hinting at? What is a renom?

      1. Also, love everything about this, except for the fact that Frankie will never turn on Caleb. Frankie has this ugly aspect of his personality that craves attention, approval, and all things he can’t have. Ever since Caleb basically tried to destroy him in the BoB two weeks ago, Frankie has been all over him (more so than before), desperately clinging to him in the hopes that he’s won the dumb muscle head over. Caleb better watch himself though, because as soon as he indicates to Frankie that he has indeed put his faith and affection in his hands, Frankie will grow tired of him and cut him loose-just ask Zach.

      1. THANK YOU Dawg…….we all appreciate you and Simon so much! You guys are like our summer “bartenders” listening to all our rants. Hey everyone go to Amazon right now and BUY yourself something!

  83. I felt like CBS was trying to sell us Cody. Sorry, I ain’t buying, and if Zach goes, I am done watching the CBS version of the show. Frankie is a disgusting person.

    Zach has been bad for your game from day one? ahahahahahahaha. he has taken all of the heat for you and your little band of douche bags.

    oh and Kathy griffin’s zing on Zach…It was funny but also made me VERY uncomfortable. you want us to accept everyone for their sexuality, let them come out on their terms etc, why is that different for Zach? I think you leave that alone, you could tell he really had no clue that zing was a possibility. he does it without noticing, but I just don’t think that is any of our business.

    oh and I can’t stand cody. he is the worst. terrible in every way to watch.

    1. Both Donny and Zach understood how they are being thought of outside. Donny is stepping up his social game and Zach, -OMG- may have realized that everyone knows he is g*y while he was just being a downright open-bro. I *he* Zach does NOT tone it down. I agree, let Zach find his own way. I don’t think he is g*y, but if he ends up there, I don’t care 110%. His frat-house antics have kept me entertained. And I’ve got to believe he was raised by great parents that have allowed him to love all. Man-bro or g*y-bro, it would be great if he could be our bro.

  84. Cody is a girly man, he is dumb as a post…..if you watched the first episode you would see that he is ” Daddy’s boy” daddy even kissed him on the lips a couple of times…he reminds me of a friend of mine that all the girls threw themselves at,but after one date they wanted nothing more to do with him….the usual complaint was ….” what an empty headed idiot”

    1. In my opinion… Not a chance. If anything were going to happen it would have been days ago giving the other nominees an opportunity to campaign. However, Zach has a very good chance to return tonight. It will be interesting to see who returns and how they’ll shake up the house…

  85. Cannot wait for BBCAN to return. BB15 and BB16 suck +++. The only way this season will be less sucky is if Frankie and piggy Cop gets evicted., and Donny winning the season:))

  86. My dream scenario- penalty nom issued to Christine for giving the bone to another player(wow how wrong does that sound?) Vic goes up. or taking Down Zach and making Frankie nominate VIC. Donny wins HOH, Hayden comes back. Caleb and Cody nominated with Derrick as the BD option. That would be one hell of a week for this show. But I can only dream.

  87. Most delusional conversation of the season: Derrick telling Frankie that he can’t understand why Donny turned on them, and Frankie saying that MAYBE it had something to do with Donny realizing that Christine tried to throw the BOB. And Derrick still refusing to acknowledge that Donny was clearly their target this week. Never mind that Donny’s been Derrick’s target for awhile. This may turn out to be Derrick’s undoing. He’s been strategic and smart all this time b/c everything’s gone his way. He can’t seem to handle pressure. Dan would never be carrying on like this under any circumstances. There is no strategic reason for pretending to his own alliance that they all didn’t want Donny out. He’s reacting due to his ego. He’s unraveling.

    1. Yep, totally agree. I am tired of people saying Derrick has played such a good game. It’s more complicated than just staying in the game. It’s HOW you stayed in the game and what you did and WHY you did it. Derrick is now being revealed for the petty player he is. I can’t wait to see him explode next time he doesn’t get his way.

    1. Actually I don’t If they compete for it, my money’s on Nichole. If the existing houseguests vote, it’s Jacosta (yuck)

  88. Just wanted to say thanks so much to Simon and Dawg for this website! This season of big brother would have been absolutely dreadful without this forum!! (fun to read all the comments!).Very bummed about Zachattack today … I hope the crowd gives him the massive cheer he deserves (especially sad to see him go after Frankie managed to somehow win him over). How cool would it be if he came back in and put up Frankie and Derrick (and there was no BOB)? :D

  89. I don’t want to paint all police officers with the same brush, but it takes a different kind of person to become a police officer at all. You need a level of confidence bordering on conceit and cockiness. You have to be able to not second guess yourself in certain situations. As an audience we don’t have any idea how Derrick is in real life. Is the mister nice guy, making comments to boost others confidence and moral? Or is the true Derrick the insecure, quick to insult others if things aren’t going his way, guy? Also does anyone know if there is any truth to the statements that he wasn’t really an undercover cop, but just a troubled teen who turned informant?

  90. Frankie not only has tried to molest every guy in the house (with the exception of Donny), including Derrick now hugging up to him…he also tries to do the same thing to all of America with his prissy little smiles and winks at the camera. Sickening, he is just gross!

  91. to me it seems like they had to get Frankie his HOH for the ariana grande CD reveal, and that required Frankie to tell people as he had planned to going in, about who he was. the timing is perfect for her CD. I think in the process of rigging the game in such a way to make that happen for grande’s career, Frankie did something they didn’t expect which was freak out and blame everything on Zach and ruin Zach’s game completely. I think they just care more about Grande’s career, as they do have a stake in it, they have no stake in Zach, hence last episode how Cody all of a sudden appears. they are trying to make us like him as Zach’s replacement. it is NOT happening for me.

    Cody and Zach are the perfect example of how two guys a similar age who wear similar clothing and talk pretty much the same, can be totally different people to the point where we think one is a total weenie and sucks, while the other is a hero of bb16 to many.

    Cody sucks CBS, we aren’t buying Cody. and none of us have even bought Frankie.

  92. Besides being the first BB season with all non-smokers, this is probably the very first season of BB where none of the women were able to use their feminine wiles to advance their game. Here’s a run-down of our 8 lady HG’s:

    Joey – Feminist – probably scared off most of the men when she ran through the house topless.
    Paola – Loud and abrasive.
    (Both of them could have sparked a spicy showmance, but were gone too soon.)
    Brittany – Stunningly beautiful, but a single mother with 3 kids. That’s a penalty kick to the groin.
    Amber – Gorgeous, but scared to death by Caleb and suffering some sort of PTSD in the romance category.
    Jocasta – Married, untouchable, religious.
    Nicole – Available, cute & sweet, but SMART enough to limit herself to kisses on national TV.
    Victoria – Pretty, admitted v!rgin. Her elbows say otherwise, probably frustrating all single males in the house.
    Christine – Ahh, Christine. Married, unfortunate in the looks dept. Rubbing Cody for good luck, all the while knowing he wouldn’t give her the time of day two feet outside that house. All other guys are keeping their hands off of her.

    Bottom line: The s#xiest girl on BB16 was Frankie, but none of the guys were willing to go that far!!

  93. ZachAttack Fans check out – a site devoted to breaking down the streotypes regarding straight male affection in America – inspired by none other than the love of Zach for Frankie.

    1. I was wondering that, myself. I made a donation several days ago, but when I just checked to see how much money had been raised, the page seems to no longer be there.

  94. Just bought my husband a 70″ screen tv for his man cave and had to break the news to him that it is broken…he was devestated but when I told him what Cody said about Christine and Victoria, he agreed. Taking it back tomorrow!

  95. now that they got rid of Zach, its a matter of time before you get all the blame, all the focus, all the hate, and voted out because they can’t handle the thought of others finding out about their game. even though everyone knows at this point. what a bunch of maroons. cody is the worst. can we somehow get them to enforce that rule? why does Zach have to find the rule himself? shouldn’t a broken rule just get it taken care of like with brenden? I don’t get why Zach had to find it. fix it CBS. save Zach ATTACK. and send back a new HG in the process. lock that door, then tell people of a returning HG. then they can scramble over Donny, Zach and Hayden being in the house together. if Hayden didn’t listen to Nicole complain about Zach all the time. she is such a dingus. if she returns she would just screw Zach if he were in the house. she refuses to believe the rest of the house is out to get her and tells people what he says. part of me wants Zach to stay out for future seasons. I don’t want to waste him on this group that won’t help themselves from derrick/cody/Frankie walking to f3.

    1. Whenever I see Cody, I think of that saying, “I know the wheel is spinning, but I think the hamster’s dead.”

    2. Agreed. If we are talking strictly physical appearance, I always thought Devin, Zach, and Hayden were way more attractive.

      If we factor in personality, Cody is just about the most unattractive guy to ever step foot in the Big Brother house (Season 9 excluded).

    1. A luck based competition? No I think its going to be whoever wants it the baddest and whoever has the most heart. I hope its a 9 hour endurance :)

  96. Are these houseguests children( minus Donny and Zach). They continue to walk past Donny and ignor him. Real mature. What is with Christine. She hates everyone. There is no reason to make fun or call ugly names to other houseguests. Heard Frankie call Amber a c.,. the other day. What use is it to call a houseguest that has already been evicted a name.

  97. Everything I see on CBS scheduling in NJ says Big Brother tonight at 9 channel 2. Hoping I’m not blindsided. BB not showing up on CW programming.

  98. I seriously would watch Amanda from last season and she annoyed me to death last season over any of these houseguests….I feel like they are all so concentrated on becoming famous they barely care about the game…Derrick is the only one with the eye on the prize

  99. Simon or Dawg, do you think Donnie will vote to keep Zack even though it’s pointless or to make a point (depending how you look at it). Or do you think he will vote with the house? I hope he doesn’t vote with the house because it wouldn’t matter anyway. He is still their #1 target. Hope he votes to keep Zack just as an f-you to the others! Just curious what you two pros think.

    1. I wish that he would vote against the majority too but I really don’t think he will. Considering how afraid he is for people to share his conversations with him, I think he is going to vote Zach out.

      1. Thanks, Dawg. I’m afraid you are right. Argh! But I hope he goes against the grain. Guess we shall soon see. Thanks so much for this awesome sight BTW!

  100. I just checked and Donny’s page has been closed. It shows $500.00 raised. When the page first opened it was to remain open for 91 days so don’t understand why it is now closed. The webpage for giveforward says that the person who opened the page is the only one who can access further info. I don’t recall who on this forum started the campaign.

    1. I thought it was started by( playtone 22) but I could not remember the date…I went back and tried to find the entry but no luck yet.

      1. I sent an email last night to the very kind person who started the fundraising page, she responded that due to a potential problem with getting the donations to Donny, she felt that it was best to take down the donation page and all donations would be returned.

  101. I’m so routing for Nicole to come back… This season has been such a disappointment, the women have been walked over and the only 2 left in the house have no respect for themselves or others… I also really like Donny… He is the only like able person left in the house… Derrick and Frankie have ran the season… It’s been one of the most lopsided season ever… Besides 12 I’ve never seen a single group run the whole house… And at least in twelve the group of people were like able… I hope Nicole kills it tonight… She has a decent chance of getting back in

  102. If that sea-hag Christine can break the rules about that BONE to help her alliance, then darlin’ Donny should be allowed to broadcast ALL the TA conspiracies to the house to help him START an alliance without risking the loss of any earned monies from his TA accomplishments! GOOO DONNY BOY!!!!

  103. Derrick IS NOT the genius everyone is portraying him to be. He SEEMS like he is playing a “good game” but in reality, he is the true definition of a FLOATER. He has not made any major moves in the game. All he did was just go along with what everybody has been saying and repeating it all to whoever was in power.

    The week when Nicole was HoH and Zach was on the block, it was Cody who decided at the last minute to keep Zach. Cody is the second most paranoid person in the house (behind Frankie) and because Cody heard that he was going to be targeted by Christine, he got parnoid and started “investigating” if the rumor (aka the truth) told to him by Nicole was really true. He then told Derrick and both of them (moreso Cody, with the help of Caleb) “figured” they were being “tricked” by the imaginary “other side of the house” alliance.

    Derrick’s only move in the game is obtaining information from Cody and directing Victoria to do whatever he wants…THAT’S ALL HE HAS DONE. In both of his HoH’s he “played nice” allowing others to pick nominees for him. When it came to targets, he NEVER had a target, he just jumped on the bandwagon and voted with the majority. I guess it is “the best game” if you FLOAT, and brag to others and AMERICA how you were the one orchestrating an eviction. In all honesty, he doesn’t deserve to win b/c he has done nothing this season but gradually claim credit for each eviction while whispering sweet nothings to each person as they walked out the door.

    Sound’s like Derrick is playing Andy’s (Season 15) game (and not Dan’s game as Derrick would lead you to believe): Donny is his Elissa, Frankie is his Amanda, and Christine is his Helen. Derick’s only “game” move is not making enemies (just like Andy).

  104. Is there anyway that they will call out Cristine or Frankie for a penalty? That would make my day! I would love the look on the HG faces as Julie tells them that!

  105. Kathy Griffin said on Letterman last night that the house stinks. That these half-lifes would sit in their own filth and not catch the smell or acknowledge that there is a stench pretty much sums up this whole season.

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