Derrick “You can’t do it with Frankie because every time he tries to put you in a s*xual position.”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-23 02-30-24-193

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1:30am Caleb, Cody and Frankie are in the kitchen talking about the possibiltiy of there being money in the veto competition tomorrow. Caleb says Donny will go for the money. Frankie says No way! There’s no f**king way! He wants 500K, he doesn’t give a sh*t about 10k! Cody says no he will not! Caleb says no it more than what the all american player gets. Like I would literally go home with almost 30K if I took it. That’s almost second place already. Frankie asks 5k + 10K = 30K ? Caleb says plus my stipend. Frankie says the stipend doesn’t count. Frankie says he’s not going to go for 10K. Caleb says I’ll get picked to play .. if I don’t I’ll host that’s cool. Nicole joins them. Nicole starts massaging Cody. Cody says Hayden is going to be pissed. He’s not going to get married till he is 42. Nicole says we probably won’t get married until we’re 42. I would be super lucky to snatch him. Caleb says you would. You would be lucky to snatch me too but he’s probably more your type. Nicole says I feel lucky. Frankie says you should. Caleb says he’s a cool cat no lie. Nicole says he’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a guy! Cody says oh god! More wine please. Nicole says every morning I woke up I felt super lucky. Nicole goes into the bathroom. Christine says they’re going to have s*x.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-23 02-31-45-272

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2pm Caleb, Cody, Frankie head up to the HOH room. Cody says Donny better not win the HOH and the POV! The POV! I’ll be so mad! I’ll be so mad, I mean I won’t be that mad. I will just be mad that I have to deal with him for another week. Frankie says I feel the exact same way. She’s in love with Hayden! Like she’s in love! Cody and Caleb agree she likes him a lot. Frankie says I think its taken a bit of her bite away. Do you think? Cody says 100%. Frankie says like she’s excited to get back to him. Victoria comes up and says goodnight and goes to bed. Frankie says what if she has to leave medically? Cody says that would be dope! Frankie says but you don’t vote her out. Cody says yeah it would be great and we still vote out Donny or Nicole. Cody says her sh*t is f**ked up .. like if its infected.. she needs to go! Frankie says its bad. She’s walking around looking like a chipmunk. Cody says I would expect her to just .. if she get picked for the POV tomorrow. Christine says yeah I would expect her to because it would be incredibly rude if she doesn’t. Cody asks but if Victoria’s name gets picked they might be like okay only 5 people and not 6? Same as Jocasta. Frankie says that’s what I’m thinking. Frankie says you want 6 people playing. Cody says if Victoria’s not an option playing POV then I’m hyped! Because then it guarantees its going to be 4 beasts against 2! Cody says can you believe that we smoked this game to get this far! Caleb says smoked it! Cody says I thought people were going to be okay you’re good looking you’ve got to get voted out. I didn’t think I would make it this far, no chance! I thought I would lock it in with the girls and the guys were going to be like you got to go. Christine says interesting. Frankie says I didn’t think I would get this far. And none of my friends or family thought I would get this far I will tell you that much. Christine asks why? Frankie says because they said I was such a lunatic, people are going to hate you. Cody says I don’t think big brother has ever had a big alliance as big as ours. Christine & Frankie say never. Cody says we’ve literally decided every single week which person was going home. Derrick joins them. Caleb says I really want to find out who this joker is (Donny). Frankie comments on how they saw the cast photos of every single person before they came. Big Brother blocks the feeds.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-23 03-03-19-578

3:15am – 3:35am Caleb, Frankie, Cody and Derrick start practicing martial arts moves like guillotines, arm bars, sleeper holds, pressure points, etc.. Derrick says you can’t do it with Frankie because every time he tries to put you in a s*xual position. The conversation turns to talking about Nicole being in jury and seeing the competitions. Frankie says she saw how the world is seeing us! Derrick says she saw DR, she got questions and goodbye messages. She’s definitely seen more than we have.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-23 03-22-17-252

3:40am – 4:10am Caleb, Frankie, Derrick, Cody and Christine count out the competitions they’ve played in. Frankie says Donny’s won 6 out of 20. Cody says that’s not even high. And everyone talks about how much a beast he is when he’s not. Frankie say I’ve played in 11 and won 6. Derrick says that’s over 50% you’ve won. Frankie says Donny’s very smart. Cody says this is the biggest one to keep him on the block. Derrick says if he comes off this time! Caleb says then he goes up next week. They all head downstairs to get ready for bed. In the bathroom Derrick and Frankie compare stories about their staph infections in their knees. Christine brings up again how Julie Chen called her out for throwing the battle of the block competition. I wish I had just said I threw it but I didn’t know if Victoria knew at that point. They head to bed.

bandicam 2014-08-23 03-33-25-279

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Chilltown 4 Life

Once Donny goes the entertainment factor is going to be sucked out of this season completely for me. None the less, I’ll keep watching. The core of the old Bomb Squad is almost as bad as the Quack Pack from BB14. Wasn’t a fan of the Brigade in BB12 because like, Derrick, this season, I thought they played against a bunch idiots for the most part. That being said, season 12 had a lot of good characters, and entertainment unlike this season.


Donny isn’t really entertaining. Awesome guy, sharp guy, should and better be fan favorite this season but let’s not act like he has a booming and vibrant personality.
Unfortunately I think the entertainment for this season is close to done. What a disappointment.


When people actually talk with Donny he’s so funny. He has a quick dry wit.

Victoria FTW

Donny is ruining this season of Big Brother.
Before you start hitting the thumbs down, hear me out.

Early this season a huge alliance was formed (half the house). They proceeded to dominate the
house, removing everyone that was not in this alliance. This was OK because most of the evictees
were weak players who didn’t have a clue about the game. We put up with this boring and predictable
first half of the season, knowing that the second half would be exciting as this alliance would have
to turn on each other. This has not happened. Why? Donny, that’s why.

Think what the house would be like if Donny had went to the jury after Jocasta. We would have
three pairs of players opposing each other (Nichole/Hayden vs. Derrick/Cody vs. Frankie/Christine),
with three players in play (Zach, Caleb, Victoria). Imagine the game play that would have resulted.
What do we get instead? This endless distraction of “let’s get Donny out of the house”, where Donny
escapes and a predetermined victim gets backdoored. No game play whatsoever. The votes are already
locked in before that person is even nominated.

If this continues, the Bombsquad explosion that we were so patiently waiting for will not happen.
Their numbers will dwindle until there is only a fizzle. We will end up with a Christine/Victoria F2,
a bitter jury and a Victoria win. A suitable ending for this season.

I love Donny and I hope he enjoys his America’s Favorite prize money, but his continual presence in
the house is preventing the real game from happening.


Your post hands down is the dumbest thing I have ever read on here,
S T U P I D !!!!

Mister E

If they didn’t have Donny to target then it would just be somebody else. The only person that could leave and it actually effect how the game is being played is derrick. Since he is getting the sheep to play his game, it would still be his game but with a different target. Donny only keeps it interesting because he knows what derrick is doing and derrick knows it and is scarred of him. Without Donny the game would be more boring with no threat at all to derrick game.

Oh hush!

Sorry to break it to you Hun, but Donny doesn’t control the votes each week. How about these players grow some balls, stop throwing comps, think for themselves, and break from this alliance. Oh wait that would mean they would have to stop living in shadows, make big moves, feel unsafe for a week or two, and actually play BB game.


Just using the name Victoria ( your post name ) sums it all up in a nut shell. You have no idea what the hell is going on.


I disagree. Donny makes the show this season. Donny being the underdog and winning when he needs too. Saving Jocasta the one week. Great TV!


You’re joking right? I mean I like Donny and all but he hardly “is the show”. That title would go to the one and only Zach Rance. Donny is boring and kinda apathetic in saying that no one likes him and that everyone picks on the old man. Go and do something about it Donny! Stop moping around and get some actual allies. With only him and Nicole there is still no hope. And I am aware that I am gonna get dislikes in the triple digits but I thought it should be said. And make no mistake, my three faves (in this order) are Zach, Nicole, and Donny so it’s not like I’m doing this a a Donny hater

Fame whore

Oh…ok Rose!


It wouldn’t have been 3 pairs. It would have been the house against Hayden/Nicole.


But the problem with your argument is that it could be said of Derrick as well. If Derrick had already went to the jury, we would have a different set of alliances like Cody/Christine, Nichole/Hayden, Frankie/Caleb, Zach/Donny. So you can’t just single Donny out: anyone going to jury would have changed the dynamic and Derrick going to jury would have at least made the game interesting at this point.


I see your point of view but this is how I see it. Donny was in the Double D Alliance with Devin until Devin went all crazy and turned on Donny. To this day, Caleb is still suspicious of Donny and what he Really Is. Like him being a grounds keeper is unbelievable to them. He is not Forrest Gump, he is not a Millionaire Grounds Keeper. He is just happy with his life and has a solid footing of who he is.
If the other house guests showed manners, class, and respect to the other house guests I would enjoy watching even more the live feeds. But I think Donny is the one person who is REAL and is keeping it real. He is not playing a character he has not lied about who he is outside the house. I respect that. The others have no clue who Derrick is and they do not seem to mind. To me Derrick is Yoda playing Jedi Mind Games on them.


Oh Hell NO!! Do not disparage Yoda in that manner. Derprick serves the Dark Side.

Kathie from Canada

These mean, vile HGs will be SO embarrassed when they finally realize how they have had it completely wrong as they continually slandered Donnie with their comments! But I am not delusional enough to think that they will ever have the decency to apologize either!


Maybe if the other players were smart enough they would realize that targeting Donny is stupid while they have other threats in their alliance. You cant blame Donny for the crazy, paranoid, and delusion people that target him.

Tired of you all

that is the game they are playing — they want to get to the end together — will be very disappointed


Did u forget victoria is derrick’s puppet? And Caleb is loyal to the guys and Frankie will do what they want? The only one that could actually flipped was zach


I don’t mean to be rude but I couldn’t even read your post because your name is “Victoria FTW.” Just, no.

Team Nicole

Funny how you call Victoria a player. Hahahaha!!! She couldn’t even win a competition. She won BoB because she got helped and the one Veto she won, that was because caleb wanted the money. If there was no money involved,she wouldn’t win that Veto.


Sorry, I couldn’t continue reading. Once you said Donny is running the house, I skipped to the bottom and hit reply. Donny is a quiet man with a strong presence. His silence affects the “children” most. It allows their minds to grow crazy with speculation. It’s the speculation of Donny, maybe, that is running the house……but not Donny himself.


Derrick is expertly showing them martial art moves and those morons haven’t even suspected that he’s a cop yet. He could put on his badge and they still wouldn’t catch on. Everyone suspect Donny of some kind of military or govt background except the real one Derrick. Is it any wonder Derrick has been able to lead them around by the nose this entire season.


He also wore the light or something around his arm like a holster during the “watch” (TA task) and patted down Victoria. Not to mention the two times he jokingly said he was a cop. So many signs, but they aren’t the brightest bulbs and can’t put 2+2 together unless Derrick tells them the answer.


I’ve been wondering why he, policeman was able to take over 3 months off from his job??

Detonate 'Em

Christine’s post-Big Brother interview: It was so skeery and disgusting and I hated everything and everyone, even Julie Chen. It was the best experience of my life! I just was so happy when I was finally able to leave mean goodbye messages! That let everyone know just how classy I am!


What is even stranger, Julie told Nicole that Derrick is a cop. I always had a thought, Nicole has a vacuum where her brain is. Now I am starting to really believe it. Why wouldn’t she use that information?

Just watched Nicole's exit again...

Julie Chen did NOT tell her that Derrick is a cop.

Detonate 'Em

I enjoyed seeing Derrick apparently lose playing chess with Frankie last night. Way to throw it, Derrick! Keep Frankie feeling confident that he is the best strategist in the house! Caleb says that Donnie fer sure has an I.Q. of at least 150. Caleb, Cody, Victoria and Christine also have an I.Q. of at most 150…collectively!


Lol 150
Cody 20
Victoria 30
Caleb 50
Christine 50

echo 1

Forrest Gump

echo 1

Come to think of it I did hear Donny talking about a shrimp business

self eVictoria

I wish BBAD were as entertaining as the different ways to prepare shrimp. I actually look forward to the commercials.


At this point, Donny deserves a mercy eviction. He has struggled all season to maintain a very strict routine and sleeping schedule. This is what he is fighting hardest for! I hope these houseguests have a big enough heart to parole old Donny and send him off to greener pastures where he can graze and sleep undisturbed. Hasn’t he earned it?

Cackling Hyena

I never thought I’d ever feel this way after everything BMC was earlier in the game, but at this point, I do agree with you.

Talk about a letdown season...

BB – If ever there was a time for a special power… just looking for something different than these grown ass people that act like bad children. Worst cast ever. Why wouldn’t you give the reunited houseguest one week of safety knowing that they are the biggest target? You hype it up as being the most twisted season ever and it has been the most predictable. Doubt you can salvage this one. Used to look forward to my three nights of the show and talk about it at work, now we just shrug our shoulders…


Very frustrating for viewers to see someone come back, go on the block and right back out the door without a chance to work on any weaknesses in the alliances. What’s the point? It’s just a boring replay of the week they left.


I’m pretty sure production had a clue of that, we may see Pandora box or a dpov this week


DEerrickerick has played the best game but I really want nicole to stay another week and become HOH. I WANT HER TO NOMINATE CHRISTINE AND FRANKIE


These season HG are worst then last season. I seriously have bailed out
on watching the feeds. Something about all of them ( except for Donny & Nicole )
really gets under my skin. The only thing that I can say came good out of this
horrible season is that Donny & Zach are going to emerge out of it superstars!


I couldn’t agree more! I stopped watching the feeds too. I can’t listen/watch them any more. It’s the same storyline. So, what happens when they get out Donny and Nicole? We have two or more possible weeks of how dangerous and “skerry” they are.


I stopped watching the feeds as well. Am wondering if CBS has seen a significant drop-off of active live feeders that would indicate how bored we are.


I agree. Frankie, Caleb, Victoria and Christine are like caricatures of themselves. And insulting caricatures at that. I’ve never seen a gay man act like Frankie. His portrayal resembles the way gays were comically portrayed in the 70s. Aren’t we beyond that now?

George Orwell's Ghost

This the worst season of BB ever aired and I don’t think it can be redeemed its beyond stupid not give the returning houseguest 1 week immunity,I guess this Animal Farm:Big Brother Edition


Dawg or Simon did anything happen in the HOH when it was locked?


Man I hate the Donny bashing I would rather listen to Spencer sit around talking bout Jessie must taste like Butter Scotch than these ppl bashing and complaining about Donny and Nicole.


I don’t think I’d go that far.


I want to commend Derrick on his incredible ability to manipulate the rest of the house, but they’re a pack of idiots. Donny and Nicole are the only people in the house with any semblance of common sense. A miracle or a blatant rig is needed to keep interest at this point. Congrats to Derrick on his easy $500k.


I can’t believe the comment Cody said about Donny being the most disgusting BB player ever. While the rest of the dumba$$ bunch agreed along with him. I know Nicole disagrees she’ll most likely tell him later. What in the h*ll has this man done to deserve so much sh*t talk from a bunch of f***ing morons?!?! I think all the ex bomb squad members are the biggest pieces of SH*T to play this game. Pray for Donny to win POV or a Pandora’s Box twist today. TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If bb15 is a piece of $h!t
bb16 is 2 pieces of $h!t
Just Kidding


Now we know where Cody’s balls are! They were smuggled out in Pow Pow’s mouth!


Shut up Cody. How many competitions have you won?




What a bunch of losers! Seriously! I still can’t believe they think Donny is something other than what he is. The only true statement came out of Cody’s mouth is that if he is wrong that he’s stupid (not verbatum). Cody was about to think on his own and want Frankie out and in walks Derrick to redirect his brain to get out Donny/Nicole. Cody wanting to say he’d smoke Jeff and Boogie is hysterical. He was called out for not being able to call out Donny, which was funny!

“Cody says Donny is the most disgusting player to ever play this game” – I think Chrisitne has won this role hands down!

I’m rooting for Donny to win the POV, but feel bad that he would still be stuck in the house with these horrible humans! Team Fear The Beard!


bbfan…….that’s the fear speaking. You never heard a bad word against Donny until he won the BOB that Christine threw and until he started planting “seeds”.


Frankie’s family thinking he wouldn’t last so long because he is a lunatic and everyone would hate him is spot on. We do loathe you Frankie. A little of you goes a long a$$ way!

Cocoa Puffs

Can anyone gets the balls to put Derrick up already. Maybe that slop they eat takes away brain cells.


How awesome would it be if the voting was so close that Zach and Donny both won Americas favorite! Could you imagine their faces haha I can dream…


Derrick had it too easy putting him with a bunch of idiots. Even though he’s not that good of liar and any intelligent perso would probably be able to see through him, I would have been appreciative of his game if he was honest in his DRs. Instead of playing the viewers. And he’s very predictable. And unless someone other than his minions win HOH we all can predict what’ll happen. I gave up on the live feeds at this point cause I just can’t bare watching these people anymore. No entertainment whatsoever. They really failed with their BOB and TA twists. This season will probably suck from now on.


Frankie is gross. What he does should be considered sexual harassment. He is always touching, groping, trying to hump every guy. If a guy did this to a girl, it would be, so why is it different for Frankie? All the guys I know that are straight would have stopped him long ago.


Cuz all the guys you know including yourself are homophobic. If you are straight and comfortable with your sexuality… it doesn’t really matter if a guy touches you or not.

Its not sexual harassment if the other persons okay with it. If Zach and Cody let Frankie touch them… how is that sexual harassment?

The Snortmeister

How old are you, fourteen? Cuz , you know, you sound like really young, and all.


Agree…Plus who is going to say something to Frankie about it?! If you pay attention he only touches all over the guys who he knows are ladies on the inside. He doesn’t do it with Donny and Derrick and that says A LOT.

Cody, Duh?

Ok, so here is my thoery (it may be a stretch, b/c it assumes Cody has 1/2 a brain cell)
Donny almost had Cody…his big mistake was talking to crustine. Cody did not tell Derrick or anyone else what Donny told him about crustine, fakie & snout nose in a final 3 alliance until he heard Donny talked to crustine.
Last night I think Cody was testing Derrick (a big leap…I know!) by saying he wanted to put up fakie & crustine just to gauge (big word, I must be a medical professor!) his reaction.
There are cracks, but likely not big enough to save Donny or Nicole. I am pretty bummed the way this season has turned out.
I cannot bear to watch these vile morons any longer…they really are disgusting.
Donny, I am still rooting for you…..hang on!

Frankie's portrayal of gayness

As a gay man, I find this shithead’s entire act to be both insulting and embarrassing. He is someone I think at least 90% of the gay community feel like I do about him, He is a disgusting individual that is not representative of most of us.

PRIDE about who we are is what we have achieved and is how we wish to be perceived,

This piece of garbage is nothing to be PROUD of,



Yes. And what’s frustrating is that once he gets out and sees all the comments against him, he’ll just play the homophobe card and say, “It’s because I’m gay! You’re all haters!”


If BB’s goal is to have a token gay, why not someone wonderful like Caleb Bankston (RIP) from Survivor, or Ben or Benjamin from past two years of BBAU. Amazing Race does a wonderful job of casting gay couples. Big Fail on the part of BBUS.


I agree, Ben, BBAU, while feminine, nevertheless, was always a gentleman in the very best sense. While Frankie seems to be a horny goat, humping everything that stands still. Although I also feel that his behavior, while off putting to the viewer, is not sexual harassment. The guys all seem to welcome it. Cody, Caleb and Zach also have initiated it. I do not believe you have to be homophobic to object to his behaviour. I personally found Amanda and Mccrae to be just as, if not more, icky.


Last season sealed my deal on never purchasing BB feeds again, and this season just reinforces my decision… I hate the dual HOH and the BOTB was a joke as well as America’s Players… All that did was inflate their heads and implant the “I must be America’s favorite, because they picked me”, mentality. Little did they know, they were picked before we realized what DB’s they were (minus Donny).

mr ed

They were picked by production. There never was any so called vote (they let you believe there was).It will be the same for the favorite player. It is all up to CBS and the cronies on staff !!!!

Just Shoot Me Now

Didn’t think Victoria was smart enough to have wisdom teeth.


Best post by far today Good one just shoot me now.

echo 1

Wiz dumb


Derrick pig snout has ruined this season. I realize it is not all his fault because the rest of the cast are a bunch of idiots (except Donny). Pig nose is no fun and has taken the fun out of everything. No strategizing allowed, everyone get in one room & turn the lights off for the zombies, no talking behind closed doors….ughhhhh! Get rid of him already and take your puppies with you.
I cannot watch this cast of morons. I thought last year was bad!

Getting Irritated

I can’t handle Donny and his continuous talk about how old he is. He is 42 not 65! His strategy for sympathy is ridiculous. He has a good heart and should have used that from the beginning to be a father figure to everyone since he thinks he is so old. Love Donny, but he needs to shut up already.


Donny is simply playing the old card just like the other side of the house is playing it. Half the time he says he is an “old man” you can tell he is making fun of the other side who calls him that.

Mister E

In his defense, you do start to feel pretty old when your in a house full of people that is acting like teenagers. As they say, you are as old as you feel. I would feel old (i’m 37) in that house with all the immature antics that is happening.

echo 1

To a 20 year old Donnie is old that’s a 20 year difference. To a 65 year old Donnie is a kid year also a 20 span


The truest comment out there. I can’t believe I’m rooting for BMC either. I feel disgusted with myself but more so with the other houseguests. I’ve said this before I’d almost rather deal with the blatant racism last year than these people this year. Actually I’d rather the BBhouse catch fire so this season can be over. Ugh!


Boys will be boys! Women should be so loyal!

mr ed

It will only get somewhat interesting when the idiots will have to start eating their own. P.S. Frankie is a fuckface little twerp ! Thank-you.


This pack of moronic juveniles have ganged up on one man since week one and try to have him evicted. We’re Donny fans because he fought a one man battle and IS still in the house. People give this man credit for his perseverance and fight to stay in the game. He’s playing a smart, loyal and honest game without compromising his reputation and integrity.

The bully squad are juvenile, revolting and malicious. If their social game is accepted and deemed ok in the eyes of the viewers, we have devolved. Game or no game, there is no reason for the continuous personal, hateful, disgusting, maligned and malicious attacks on HGs that are no longer in the house.

It’s sad to see what people are willing to do and give up for the almighty dollar. As I’ve posted before, $500k is not worth giving up my reputation and integrity.


Funny now that I think of it I’d have to agree with you too! And that in itself it’s nuts. I guess it shows how truly messed up those others are.
I think with Caleb he’s almost too kooky to be taken too seriously. His mind is like a little boys…making up fantastic tales, crazy obsessions etc. He’s a bit off so he gets a pass for reasons of insanity. The others are just plain messed up. I really hope they eventually will see what we all saw and wrote. 🙂

Good vs. Evil

I would like to see American Pie win – go Donny/Nichole

Countdown to the Merciful End of BB16

32 DAYS LEFT !!!

echo 1

There is no way in hell any one will be watching the finale by then !!!!!

Cody H8er

Every time Cody opens his mouth he is more like a 2-year old.


About Zach…..
I liked him and still do. He was and continues to be one of my top 3 favorite players BUT I realized something about him after his conversation with Chen. He really is not very strategic and is easily fooled. For all the bravado and trying to be the EVIL player in the house, he really is not that evil. It’s really like a stage presence that kind of backfired on him to an extent. Most people assume that if you are being as obnoxious at times as Zach could be, that you are a fairly good chess player as well. He is not: that’s just not his skill set.
When he said that it was his own fault he got evicted, he is right. He said “I should have kept my froot loop dingus mouth shut”. That is actually what did him in.
The other thing that really did him in is Frankie used Zach brilliantly (and is continuing to use him to gain sympathy in the jury house). It was just amazing for me to hear Zach say that he holds nothing against Frankie and the he admired Frankie as “one of the smartest and funniest people I know” See, that right there, is how Frankie was able to manipulate Zach. If nothing else, Frankie is very attuned to what makes people tick. He uses the flamboyant front and the antics to “glamour” the others in his life so that don’t realize just how cunning he really is. This is just what he did to Zach and continues to do to Zach.
One more thing, the fact that when asked Zach said the Frankie was running the house was so revealing as well. Zach has been totally bamboozled by Derrick and Frankie kind of wants it that way. So as much as I liked Zach, I am glad he did not come back into the game at this point. I just hope that his eyes are opened by Hayden and even Jacosta about what Frankie is really about and especially, what a manipulator and control freak Derrick is.


The thing that is totally crazy about this group of five is that they have yet to realize one important fact. It takes five votes to win the game. I think that we can all agree that Donny, Nicole, Hayden, and mama j will vote together. Plus, there is a good chance that Zach may vote with them. If he does this will be the ones deciding the winner. Something to consider. Too bad they are too stupid to think about it.


My thoughts exactly. Don’t these cretins comprehend that a jury will be voting for them to win? How can you treat people badly, like outcasts, then expect the majority of 5 to vote for you? Derrick knows this and is why he told the others to ignore them while he doesn’t. And it frustrates me that Donny isn’t pushing this Jury power he holds over their heads.

Mt Feet

You are exactly right, they are too busy counting votes to evict, and too stupid to count the votes they need in the jury house, I will have say that poor Caleb is so child-like that I am
now finding him somewhat endearing.


Wow! I must be as dumb as them! I hadn’t even thought of that. You are correct, they really should think about which side the slop will fall on.

Haha Superstars?!

Nah, they got there 15 minutes. Cute though though…

Not A PHD Student

This weeks Team America challenge should be to get someone to rub one out on Frankie!! This guy is so ignorant, it is more then annoying to watch. Zing Bot was in jeopardywith Frankie trying to rail him. Give him a bar of soap and leave him alone to 2 hours…..

Nicole's and Hayden's Sweet Romance

In vino veritas…. in wine there is truth. Nicole reveals her very real feelings for Hayden to the HGS while drinking wine sitting around the BB table. She says that she feels really lucky every morning when she wakes up. Hayden is everything she’s ever wanted in a guy. Jokingly she mentions both of them want to wait until they’re 42 (Donny’s age) to get married. Cody says that he will be jealous because she’s rubbing his shoulders (Cody’s); Caleb throws in she’d be lucky,too, if he was the guy she fell for, but Hayden is probably more her type (Ya think!); Christine says that they’re going to have sex; Frankie thinks she’s lost her edge for the game because of her desire to be with Hayden and most of the HGS concur. (Nicole wasn’t in the room for Christine’s or Frankie’s comments.) She’s back in the BBH to play and win the game with Donny*****no matter the odds are. With a door in the HOH room being locked and the construction noises out in the backyard, it seems like BB Production has something coming up that could work out to Nicole’s and Donny’s advantage**** DPOV, Pandora’s Box etc. Quit baiting us,Production, and just do it already!

pants on fire

I would love for you to be correct about the locked HOH room being because of a DPOV or Pandora’s Box but the likely reason is that there is no longer 2 HOH’s and they didn’t need the extra bedroom anymore. They locked it to stop Frankie from moving in!!


Sigh. It makes me sad that BB Canada is soo much better than the original BB. Come on! Even BB Australia has a nice little format. They need some real twists to shake things up.


It’s like watching Animal House without the funny. Just the same pissy, whiny attitude day after day.


production please form your true fans please
Donny win pov please help him please


This season has been such a huge disappointment. I mean after all the controversial crap from last year you think this season would be at least adequate also with Julie saying it would be the “twistiest season”, but these people are too boring and no moves are being made and there no big twists like they promised us, and what does Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan, and the rest if production do about it… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING they can’t even admit that this season is a failure.


Derrick has been all about the numbers thus far, but he should be worrying about taking Frankie any further into the game. Frankie is going to be really difficult to get out once they are at final 6. It will serve him right if Frankie takes him out at that point. I’m no fan of Frankie but given the situation, I would prefer to see him take Derrick out just so Derrick can realize that the numbers game can only get you so far.


Not a Derrick fan but I too think they should get Frankie out now if veto used. What’s going to change in the house? NOTHING. There is no one to assemble a defense. Donny & Nic will still be alone, a threat to Derrick is gone and the rest are all friendly with Derrick anyway and will still line up for their daily dose of Derricks kool-aid. I don’t get his hesitation on dumping Frankie, not like Frankie has 4 people behind him. He has the votes to do it and its only going to get more difficult to do it. No BIG MOVES. Chickens shits to pull the trigger all season.


It’s too soon.


The only think I find good out of this season is that I can come to OBB and
Push thumb up or thumb down.

Joey Was Right

I know that I shouldn’t but….. everytime someone on this board refers to Cody as “Pee Sitter” or to Frankie as “Pink Squirrel” I cannot stop laughing and the next thing I know, I am speaking in tongues like Jacosta. Dedede dededa dedede dededa jajajajajajajjajajaja.


Wondering why my post was not shown. It talked about how Frankie is gross and should be held accountable for sexual harassment. Is that not allowed?

Kathie from Canada

Your comment is there further up. Maybe it had been awaiting moderation or maybe Simon/Dawg were taking a quick break. Just be patient.


Sometimes it takes a while for Simon or Dawg to approve a post when they are away from a keyboard or eating or sleeping or any other day to day things normal people do each day. The posts eventually show up. I remember reading your post a way back so it’s here. Have patience and give these boys a thumbs up for all the hard work they do here for our enjoyment.

Donny and NIC FAN

Yes, it is allowed. I couldn’t AGREE with you more! FAKIe doesn’t care about the game…in his mind, he has already won! Publicity ( good or bad) and being able to get his FREAK on – are the ONLY things he cares about. Now, if he’s able to win money as well, then that’s a triple win.
Ugh! When Crustine and FAKIe get together and start ogling the Guys as though they were
MEAT…now that is SICK!


Cody says I thought people were going to be okay you’re good looking you’ve got to get voted out. I didn’t think I would make it this far, no chance!

I really can’t believe someone can be so dumb. Should we be mad at casting or have strong people with the ability to strategize and make bold decisions not applied to be on the show. Crazy!