Christine, Zach and Frankie Form the Trust Circle , “Can you stick your d!ck in this one”

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: Amber & Jocasta
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

5:01pm Beast mode studying

BB16-2014-07-30 17-07-49-655

5:05pm Zach and Frankie Studying the loops..
Cody joins them..
Cody says Nicole and Christine ran to the Hammock to study
Frankie – Christine is going to win this
Zach no she’s not
Frankie – Absolutely hands down she’s going to win this
Frankie – I can’t play … You can beat her how about you (Cody)
Cody – I was studying the f** out that
Zach – You can study it all you want but if you can’t remember the sh1t when it comes to it She also get nervous in front of the spotlight
Frankie – It’s OK if Christine wins.. she’s in our f*** alliance you guys.. It’s ok if she wins

BB16-2014-07-30 17-31-11-686

5:24pm Caleb, Frankie, Victoria and Zach
Caleb is saying if it’s double eviction he’ll throw the first competitions so he can play in the second competition.
THey seem convinced that it’s double eviction tomorrow, the first competition will be questions from the LOOPS the second HOH will be THE WALL (Endurance)
Caleb leaves
Frankie starts laughing at Caleb, Asks why on hell would you throw the first competition
Zach says maybe he feels safe.. who would put nim up
Frankie says there’s not a person in the house that won’t put up Caleb
Frankie – Name one person
Zach – Me
Frankie – You wouldn’t try to send him home
Zach – no
Frankie says if he had the veto he would try for a backd**r
Zach – i dunno he’s got my back.. (Zach goes to sleep)
Frankie – OK
Zach – Just my thoughts

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BB16-2014-07-30 17-15-00-419

5:06pm Hammock Christine and Nicole Studying the loops
5:25pm Donny, Jocasta and HAyden joins them chit chat studying

BB16-2014-07-30 17-33-11-882

5:32pm FIREROOM Amber, Derrick and Caleb
She’s asking them if they are lying and just saying she has their votes. Caleb sayus he’s not lying that’s not to say other people are telling the truth. Amber says Frankie told her the plan was to backdoor Zach she never blew that up to Zach.

BB16-2014-07-30 17-36-46-940

5:34pm Zach, Christine and Frankie
Christine reports how the other side is doing with studying the loops. She says Donny is either stupid or playing dumb.
Zach asks about Nicole
Christine – She OK not as good as I thought.. Hayden has everything down,… he’s good ”
Christine adds the first thing Nicole said was “Did I really look like that in the germitard.. I was like REally were concerned about that right now

BB16-2014-07-30 17-37-50-380

5:37pm Elliptical Hayden and Donny
Hayden has been thinking that maybe Frankie is the better target over Caleb. He talked to Cody about this earlier and he was onboard.
Hayden says Caleb doesn’t trust Frankie, “Frankie kinda brought upon all this drama and said a lot of things”
Donny – If Caleb was to win that could be his target
Hayden – Ya
Donny – we have to be careful with that name especially around cody
Hayden – he brought it up to me
Donny as long as he brings it up .. when he nominated me he said THEY
HAyden – I think it was Frankie
DOnny agress.
HAyden says COdy is more of a zach thing when it comes to trust .
They agree Zach has said so much the stuff he told about them has been diluted.
Donny knows for a fact if it was still a concern by people they would come talk to him.
Donny thinks it’s a safer bet to take out Caleb if they win the HOH
Hayden – Caleb is so easily manipulated I just don’t see him as a threat.. you can convince him of anything..
Donny says Caleb wants the outsiders gone.

BB16-2014-07-30 17-52-16-116

5:50pm HOH Zach, Frankie and Christine
Talking about going final 3. Frankie says Cody is really scared of noone taking him to the end.
Zach – No one is going to take him to the end.
Frankie, Christine agree.
Zach proposes they form a “Trust Circle” Frankie asks if he can stick his d!ck “in there” (See image). Zach explains when the trust circle is formed everything they say cannot be repeated. They start talking about m@sterb@tion. Christine is disappointed in the porn knowledge of the girls in the house. The girls claim they have never seen it before.
Zach asks if Victoria has ever touched “it”
Christine doesn’t know but she doesn’t think Victoria is as innocent as she tries to make herself look.
Zach says he’s going to call Victoria out tomorrow (About her second apartment she owns beside some celebrity)
Zach says he’s so happy that she’s been changing in the Fireroom for the past 40 days. (changing in the thong and bra)
Christine says Victoria wants to be seen she’s just playing it up because she’s being the “Innocent” Character
Frankie’s eviction list is Amber, Victoria, Jocasta followed by Caleb and Hayden.
Zach – if Hayden is here final 6/7 he’ll win
Christine says Nicole can’t win anything
Zach – “At the end of the day Nicole has HAyden’s back over everyone elses”
Christine says Victoria’s pulling nicole and HAyden apart so they need to get rid of Jocasta first and keep Victoria in the house for another weeks.
Zach wants them to pull the trigger on Hayden the second they have the chance, Zach doesn’t think Victoria is a threat at all they essentially control her.
Christine says she heard Hayden and Victoria kiss
Zach – Does Nicole still like HAydne
Christine – Not really
Victoria and Amber come in

BB16-2014-07-30 18-19-38-811

6:19pm Hammock Donny and Nicole
they are certain it will be double eviction. nicole is nervous because it mean theres not time to campaign. Donny points out capgaining hasn’t helped anyone this season just look at Brittany who campainged very hard.

Nicole says she had a good memory atr Nursing school but here she’s so rattled
Derrick joins them.. they start talking about double eviction. Derrick says Caleb just came out of the Diary room and they told him the first HOH isn’t aired.

6:41pm Christine shows off her tattoos

BB16-2014-07-30 18-44-43-225

6:50pm Pool..

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Where is the vote
Amber’s going home 9-0

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)

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It’s frustrating to not be able to figure which alliances are real. I think Derrick/Cody and (very loosely) the Dentonators are the only ones that are real.


Hope the Circle of Trust, Frankie, Christine and Zach, go home 1, 2 and 3. Cannot stand any of these three, but at least Zach is entertaining.


Lmao. Between Caleb’s bipolar disorder and Zach’s ADD, there would be no survivors. Caleb would put up anyone who even mentions Amber, and Zach would pretty much put up whoever comes to mind when he blinks. NO ONE would be safe. Well except his wife Frankie.


If Derrick and Cody were smart they would make Frankie their # 1 target to get out!! But I wish zach and Frankie could realize how good Derrick is and try to take him out… Maybe start a war in this house, get some excitement!


Frankie, Derek and Donny are going to keep eah other as long as they an so their TA mission money keeps oming in. Sorry my letter after b isn’t working on my keyboard. lol


Wow, crazyyyyyy!


You city folks best be careful legend tells it there is a super cowboy who rides the horse at night in Kentucky . He rides it only wearing a onesie & bunny slippers be afraid be very afraid.


I hope Christine goes home soon


Oh you mean Gonzo?

Ted Marie

Gizmo is hilarious. She could also pass as Squidwards twin sister from Spongebob Squarepants. She doesn’t live in a pineapple under the sea, but she lives very close to Cody’s butt—do her constantly kissing it.

Double D

How hot did Amber look in that cowgirl outfit tonight?


I’m calling it now, production will give Caleb pandora’s box and they will trick him and tell him that he has the “option to be reunited with Amber” and he will OF COURSE choose it, and it will release a punishment on the house that will sway the power. Maybe I’m over thinking it? Haha.


Zach & Nicole’s date will be fun to watch

Jimmy 64

Let’s get some of these guys out I will stop watching if all
The women are gone. Girls study your heads off and win HOH tomorrow!


I have a bad feeling Christine is going to win HOH tomorrow and she will put Donny and Victoria up or Donny and Jocasta. I don’t want Donny to go up! Hope I am 1000% wrong…

Captain Crunch

Frankie is disgusting, if a guy went up to a girl and said the things Frankie says to the guys (mostly Zack) it would be considered sexual harassment but i guess Frankie gets a pass b/c he’s gay.


And because Zach doesn’t care or feel harassed.


Agreed! Frankie, Zach, et al are never called out on their disgusing behaviors.
If the girls *flirt* they are judged harshly.
There is a bit of a double standard in both the house and on this blog…..


Offensive, yes. Sexual harassment, not so much. I’m going to hop up on my soapbox here, because it really bothers me how that term has been thrown around this season – especially relating to Caleb/Amber and Frankie/[insert any male HG’s name here]. Sexual harassment typically occurs in workplace settings. This isn’t a workplace. It’s a gameshow. But – if you want to apply it here, there’s one thing that is taught in all harassment prevention workshops and training, and that is, there is a responsibility on the person who feels harassed to tell the alleged harasser that the conduct is unwelcome and offensive to them.

I haven’t seen that happen once, in any of these cases. Just as the alleged harasser may feel that his/her conduct is not offensive, if their ‘target’ says it’s offensive to them, it is offensive and the conduct should cease. If someone would simply say, “Hey, that makes me feel uncomfortable,” or “What you just said to me is offensive,” instead of tip-toeing around it, it may stop. Can’t hurt. Might help.

Rant over.


You’re full of shite. You’re talking out of a pamphlet or your ass. Same dif.. Go back to your seminars darling, I’m sure they’re missing your oh so terribly misguided insight.


I think you’ve just shown who’s full of ‘shite,’ to use your wonderfully descriptive lexicon. No pamphlet or seminars here, darling…just the opinion of a mature adult with the knowledge and experience to know what she’s talking about and the belief that she has the right to express it. And stop calling me darling, darling.


You want to know why it is not viewed by those guys as sexual harassment. In a lot of different situations Flamboyant Gay men are considered neuter. There is a safe feeling with a girly man because they feel that they can overpower him or they think it is just entertaining Campy Comedy. I am going to say something that will considered very controversial but unfortunately true (I am a gay man so there is no homophobia involved.) It is one of the reasons that Male Rape is never treated seriously or the stigma of male rape is rarely or never talked about. The fear of weakness is so strong in men. That is why he gets away with it in the house. They also may not want to be perceived as homophobic.

Where as if a heterosexual man was to do the same thing to a woman. There is a perceived threat to the woman. He is being aggressive and inappropriate to women. because for generations of women being subjugated or treated as non human objects. Society has almost a guttural reaction that disgusts people and outrages them. Look at this site and how people have reacted to Caleb and Devin.
I am beginning to think that something horrible happened to Amber and that is why she is so afraid of relationships. At times when it brought up there is a lost girl look in her eyes that I do not believe is acting.


Wonderfully insightive.


I am an adult gay male. I work in NY for a very large firm. I have many gay and straight friends, some who are in the theater world. I do not have one single gay male friend acts and dresses like Frankie. I know NO ONE who dresses in sparkles and feathers OR is an adult like Frankie (30 years old I think) and acts like a immature teenager OR spews out misogynist comments and displays sexual predator behavior on the good looking straight men (the implication that all gay men want to bed straight guys)! Can CBS maybe break the mold and cast a masculine gay male who doesn’t have PINK HAIR and doesn’t talk like a teenage girl. I mean what decade are there producers stuck in? What decade is Frankie stuck in?

Yes, they are transgender men in the city, and of course there are flamboyant men who might dress like Frankie, but that is not the norm. I have nothing against anyone and they way the live. I do have issues with these shows that continually present a very narrow view of the gay community.


Your commentary and this perspective on casting gay men on Big Brother is refreshing and intelligent. On the second season of BB Canada, none of the house guests were able to figure out who the gay male living with them was. Even the 3 secret guests (one was a drag queen) who watched the real house guests on closed circuit TV were unable to determine who was gay and the drag queen guessed incorrectly. If the gay male had not chosen to ‘come out’ to his house mates, they would not have known for the entire season. Yes, it is possible to create interesting TV with intelligent casting decisions.
Thank-you for sharing your comment.


Hey SammyG they did cast a gay male on BBCAN2 named Kenny and he was a model and no would have guessed he was gay at all until he told them most of the girls where shocked

Bb fan

Did Hayden and Victoria really kiss????


No. He told her if she picked him as houseguest choice and he won, he would use it on her. He was very close when he whispered it to her. Christine put the thought into Nicole’s head.


I think she is lying.


Where cackle-twat’s lips moving when she said that? Then she was lying…


Out of no where zach brings up Victoria. He’s crushing on her


I know right he is obsessed with her, he was always saying that he would put her on the block once he became HOH but when that happened he was scared she would cry and never talk to him again


He really is, he kept saying when he is HOH he is going to put her up but he was scared she would cry and never talk to him again

Beast Mode Cowpie

Zach would definitely eat a pickle for Victoria

My Sweet, Sweet Bacon Aroma!

Hello kiddies it’s me Officer Derrick here, I just woke up and now I’m going to get something to eat, then back on the couch…..repeat n repeat! Boy I sure hope this next comp isn’t too physical, as you know I’m immune to all types of body movement! I just have to get my lazy (Julie Chen’s words) a$$ in gear and get this next HOH, so my wife…(my typo), my friend Victoria does not, and I repeat, does not go on the block! Well kiddies this is tiresome {{{YAWWWWN}}}….. where’s the couch?


Derrick is playing smart. The smartest of anyone in my opinion. Derrick for the win!!!


Victoria is the ugly girl that guys like because they feel she is easy to get. So now, Heydan, Zack, and maybe Derrick is crushing on the wiggy big nose elbow giving lady. Maybe if Amber was trampy and desperate like Vic she could stay.


I love how Caleb is referred to as “Beast Mode” now and not his proper name. Even though he isn’t a beast at anything except stalking.


He is a egomaniac and narcissist. Not to mention delusional. It is hard to watch.


Notice that not a person mentioned derrick. Not one bit. Donny MAYBE thinks he is a threat, but so far, he wants others out. Seriously, derrick is just rationally playing a good game(which gets him evicted). A GAME, folks. Its been said that Cody/derrick don’t trust Christine, in front of others(the boys). & yet the “trust circle” haven’t told its lone female member about the distrust. This alliance was made to put a sock in Christine’s mouth. She doesn’t float. She flips flops. Zankie didn’t once mention derrick. Not a single person does. There’s a pecking order, and he’s not in one single list….makes you go hmmmmm…..then in three weeks derrick is gone baby gone. Gotta adapt.

Butters Mom

I hope Derrick is gone in 3 weeks.


These idiots don’t understand the game. BB 101 find out who everyone says they trust and get them out fast! Last season it was RatAndy this season its Derprick.


I believe that Hayden is in a really good place with the alliances. He is in the middle. Not a threat to get out right away. Who are in trouble Frankie, Zach, Christine, Jokasta. Donny is in a much better place than he was in the beginning and I hope he goes much further.


im sorry, im confused…what did production mean when they told caleb that the first hoh isn’t aired? is that them accidentally letting it slip that thursday is a double eviction and there will be two hoh comps, or am i just missing something obvious? thanks


oh, got it. thanks!


Amber, beauty fades but dumb is forever. You still don’t have a clue?

Teri B

LMAO!!! I almost typed these exact words earlier today!!!!!

I LOVE this “Judge Judy-ism”!!! (At least that’s where I’ve heard it most) :))


Judge Judy knows best and it is a great book!!!

Save a horse, ride a cowboy....

Not sure which houseguest was more hysterical to watch tonight……Donny going for a leisurely stroll……Hayden propositioning Nicole….(too cute watching her blush)…..Frankie waving his arm around…..Jocasta making deals with the devil and Jesus….Chrstine winning!!!…and then not….Yippee!! …or best of all….Sulk Mode Cowboy not getting to play…….


First off they are NOT making all of the long term game moves necessary at this point… of course they are all doing it so who knows what might happen. Not backdooring Caleb last week was a huge mistake. they should have kept Brittany in the game. They should evict Jocasta this week, hell they should have evicted Jocasta week one…. their biggest problem is the sound of their own voice, it somehow drowns out what they should hear. they are making decisions based on paranoia and not strategy.
So they evict Amber this week and then Christine is going to learn what a horrible mistake that was when she is evicted next week during double eviction and Jocasta and Victoria are still there, because there is a pattern if they think they can’t control you in any way or your value ends or the blowing up their game paranoia then you go home. She needs this HoH or she will be the target.
The way this Season is going I predict that Caleb, Jocasta and Victoria will be in the final three, they will wait too long to get them out (like last Season) or someone will want the safest argument to the jury for why they deserve the money. The funny part this might be the fluke where Jocasta or Victoria win the final HoH and decide to take the other one to final two and not the Beast Mode Cowboy.
What i really want is a house flip and I crave defined house lines. The reason is if you keep up this wishy washy fear of confrontation you can never have a power shift, they can never do bold game moves… It is a HOUSE of Floaters… They are all Floaters so there aren’t any real floaters. Just a bunch of hot air.


Off subject, but tonight’s episode showing Caleb in the diary room saying he is the king and running this house was hysterical. I cannot wait for this fool to get out and actually watch this show. It’s like he creates his own worlds/ relationships in his mind and ACTUALLY believes they are real! Madness, lol


Yes, Caleb has his own iron-clad script playing in his head. He has difficulty integrating information from the outside world that does not conform to his script and spends a lot of time pacing and staring into the distance while he mulls over every tidbit of new info that external circumstances present while trying to get it to fit into his script. Never occurs to Caleb to revise, adapt or rewrite the script. The outside world has to be revised, adapted and reswritten so that he can preserve his version. It is painful to watch and yet, fascinating at the same time.


Is this new TA mission supposed to be accomplished tomorrow night, or just voting results announced?


I’m pretty sure they won’t be able to use it tomorrow. Too bad Amber.


Victoria’s eyebrows are getting thinner and more strangely arched each day. If she lasts another 10 days, she will have a large bald forehead. Good tv.




Hmm…maybe that is what mysteriously happened to her hair a few years ago. She nervously plucked it all out of her head…


okay, I presume Hayden really does trust Donny. If I remember correctly didn’t he tell Cody that he didn’t trust Donny when they were talking earlier? Poor Nicole is being used like a sponge with Christine. I wish someone would give a clue that Christine is not her partner in crime. I believe Hayden has figured it out.

Butters Mom

I wasnt sure if Christine was saying that Nicole doesnt like Hayden anymore and giving the idea that he kissed Victoria to throw the boys off… she might be trying to protect Nicole by saying this… so they dont use the “showmance” against her.

Irked by the stupidity!

That would suggest that Christine has some loyalty to Nicole. We all know that isn’t true. Christine never heard the words trust, loyalty, and allegiance before she entered the BB house and there are no dictionaries there.


Me thinks Zing Bot is coming. It is a way production sometimes calls people out or exposes them.

Butters Mom

I love how Calebs diary room sessions had him wearing Ambers scarf around his head while saying he was done with her… wow


I love Donny. The way he watches everything, taking it all in.


I would love to spend a season watching Big Brother alongside Donny. It would be a lot of fun to dissect the action with him and hear his comments.

Detroit Girl

“Christine reports how the other side is doing with studying the loops.”
– Of course, she did. she reminds so people who go against their best interest to belong.

“Christine adds the first thing Nicole said was “Did I really look like that in the germitard.. I was like REally were concerned about that right now”
– Meow mix anyone? With the competition (Amber & Brit) gone, she can now spend her cattiness on Nic.


CBS really gave the others an excellent edit on tonight’s episode. They even tried to make Amber look like a floater and a user’ while they portrayed Caleb as the victim and the others as innocent bystanders.


Zach loves Vic hahaha!!!! Such a third grade crush he has on her

Too predictable

Well..I can see it now. Team America will want the boys to flip 2 of their votes and blame others……Amber will end up staying. Double eviction happens…Ratine wins the first one….bye bye Zack…..AMBER wins the second one….Beast MOde exit.

By the hand of god (CBS) house flip complete…..Team American still in it to help with the next power shift.

Goat Breath

I think Zack is gay. If not he will be mighty humiliated at his behaviour in the house. Can someone please tell Nicole to blow her nose already….it’s been plugged up since day one.