Christie “They know how I feel about being bullied by a guy. When they start.. you have to use it, you have to use it! That’s when I am not.”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Cliff
Have note are: Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Kat
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson

Powers in the game

Jack – Chaos
After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is able to be used until there are six players left in the game.

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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5pm Bedroom. Christie, Nick and Tommy. Christie – if I decide that I want to use it (her power), I talk to the person (Veto holder) before and let them know that I’m using it. Oh no, I’m sorry! I lied. If I decide I want to use it, I go in the DR 11am the morning of the veto meeting and claim that I want to use it if the veto is used. Nick – okay. Christie – if the veto is then used at the meeting.. Tommy – it activates. Christie – alarms will go off and then it will say that the person that holds the veto now has to pick (replacement noms). Nick – it depends on who has the veto. Christie – yeah, if Cliff won the veto it would defeat the purpose. Nick – well yeah because then.. Christie – he would be naming them anyways. Sam joins them. Sam – Jackson is throwing away all of Cliff’s cereal boxes. Tommy – Jackson or Jack? Sam – Jack. Christie – Jack is throwing away all Cliff’s cereal boxes? Sam – yeah, that’s kind of sh*tty. Christie – why would he do that? Tommy – that’s kind of petty. Sam – he’s tearing them up and stuff. Christie – what?!!? He is so stupid!! Cliff literally just said he can’t wait to build his rocket ship and helmet for the 50th anniversary of the moon and everything. Tommy – that’s going to look bad to America too. Christie – Like that is so dumb! Who does that!? Nick – and out of everyone you know its not personal with Cliff. Christie – its not he was almost crying with his wife’s rose in his pocket. Nick – I know it was cute. Christie – I almost lost it when he walked out. Tommy – I am going to go try and stop him. Sam – no, don’t because now it makes it look like I ran in here like a rat. Tommy – a lot can change. That was the big game move of the season that everyone was scared to make .. and f**king Cliff did it. Christie – because he is a MAJ PLAYER. He isn’t f**king around!

Bathroom. Jackson, Holly and Kat. Jackson – its big brother. Its big brother, he wants to play .. lets play. Kat – they’re assuming its a plan to backdoor Nick or Bella. Jackson – that’s what they’re going to say. Kat – isn’t that the plan? Jackson – no. Kat – what is going on. Jackson – its big brother and its Cliff’s HOH. He’s doing whatever he wants to do. This is the exact opposite what we wanted to happen. There’s going to be two of us playing in the veto. Kat – well they (Nick & Bella) think its a plan to backdoor them. Jackson – they’re going to say that. Kat – I am so f**king confused. Jackson – they’re going to say that to keep transparency and neutrality in this house. This equals bad. This equals not good. Kat – if I win the veto I will take you off. I’m confused because Cliff said he doesn’t want you to go home. Jackson – the goal was to keep me and Jack off the block but he wants to take his shot at Jack. But if he wants to f**k with Jack, he’s f**king with me too. Kat – think this might be a plan to backdoor someone. Jackson – if it was he wouldn’t have put me and Jack up. He is drawing a very clear line in the sand. Jackson – you might as well take a shot a me too. Don’t mess with me or mines. Cliff wanted to work with Nick and Bella. Kat – no he wants to work with you. He told me.

Christie and Nick. Christie – what the f**k is he (Jack) doing? Nick – are you actually going to use it (her power). Christie – no. Nick – well let him keep doing this then. Christie – that’s why I am doing nothing. Keep your mouth closed, don’t say a word to anyone. According to us nine, I have the power. This is how I am going to get out of having to use it. They know how much I feel about being bullied by a guy and being told this is what you have to do. So when they start… you have to use it, you have to use it, you have to use it. That’s when I am not. Nick – did you know that you and Tommy are the only ones that didn’t go up there and tell him (Cliff) to put me up because them four did. Christie – I would never. Nick – I don’t even know why they don’t like me. Bella joins them. Christie tells her how they are going to put so much pressure on her to use it and that is going to be my reason for not using it. Jack joins them. Christie – the only people who cannot win it are Jess .. she would not use it .. and Cliff cannot use it. The odds are in our favor. This is our game. Christie – if one of us wins veto we put one of them up ..stragglers. We still have the votes. That straggler is going home. We are not going to act like we’re down and out. Nick – Jackson has a bum foot too ..which is unfortunate for him but a good thing for you. Christie – I am going to use the power long as the veto is in the right hands because they could put up another one of us up. Nick leaves. They (Nick & Bella) seem fine. Jack – if we don’t get a good pick (veto player pick) I will just use mine (jack’s power).

5:30pm Jackson and Holly making out in the bathroom. Jackson – I came here to play. I don’t want to sit here with my thumb up my a$$. I want to come here and risk things and gamble and have fun. I don’t want to sit here and just float. If he wants to draw that line in the sand.. do it and I’ll finish drawing the picture. If I wanted to be safe I should have won HOH. Jackson – I don’t want to see Jack go. Rather him than me. Holly – but of the six of us I don’t.. Jackson – well then vote me out. We can’t play scenarios that aren’t in front of us.

5:37pm Nick and Sam in the boat room. Nick tells Sam what Christie told him about how she isn’t going to use her power and use them bullying her to use it as the reason why she won’t use it. (Christie told him not to tell anyone) Nick – the lines are drawn.. its me you and Bella against the six. I only trust you and Bella. Sam – be careful with Bella. Nick – what do you mean? Sam – just like I tell you not to say anything to anyone .. don’t tell her everything. Sam – as long as one of them goes. Jack has to go.

Holly, Jackson, Jack, Tommy and Christie.
Jackson – I volunteered to go up to keep people in our alliance safe. He put me up on the block against Jack .. whatever. It is what it is. I am not fixing to let you go up on the block by yourself. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Christie – if its Nick, Bella, Sam, or Nicole or Jess win the veto.. I am not using it (her power). I am not using my power if Nicole wins the veto. Jackson – we just saved her and she owes me too. Christie – she doesn’t owe anyone sh*t. I have to be honest, I am not wasting my power to risk her putting me up. Me and its mine! We all saved her because he was the bigger threat. We didn’t save her because we trust her. It has to be one of us that wins it. It has to be one of the six that win it. They all agree that they trust Nicole for a vote. Jackson – I would rather die on my feet than die on my knees. Sis joins them and tells that that Nick said if he wins the veto he will use it on either one of them. They all don’t believe that for a second. Jack – there is so much lying .. I’m about to walk out there and say you’re f**king lying, you’re f**king lying, you’re f**king lying ..

6pm Camp comeback room. Cliff and Christie. Christie – I just want to say thank you again. Cliff – I hope that carries some credit. Christie – more than credit. Cliff – you know where I’m at with this. It was hard. Christie – I know who is dangerous and who’s not. I want to keep a low profile. I am close with both sides. I almost didn’t want to win it so that I didn’t have to decide. Cliff – trust me I didn’t want to win it but I felt like I had to after everything. Christie – I want to stay in communication with you. Noms are noms and anything can change with the veto. I want to know if you have a set target. Its going to be a tough week for me because everyone obviously knows I hold this power. Literally I’ve had everyone come up to me after noms saying well you have the power.. you’re using it right? And while yes of course in a perfect world you would use what ever you have in your back pocket to save a friend. How do I know I don’t waste a potentially really valuable thing for me ..for someone else to lose that next week.
Cliff – its silly for me or anyone else to tell you what you should do with your game. Tommy joins them. Cliff – You’re a strong individual and I don’t want you on the wrong side of me. I love Jack and to watch his face was hard. And Jackson too. Its just hard. Its stressing me out incredibly. Tommy – it was a.. honestly if it was me I would do the same thing.

6:15pm Nick, Bella and Sam. Bella – I think that most people would put me up to not get you pissed. I was telling Kat this .. that its actually really comical that they keep trying to get me out .. that they really don’t like me and I’m still here. Nick – this is the thing we need to put all our chips in a basket with Kat, Cliff and Jess. Sam – eggs. Nick – we don’t have a choice.. we already got burned by one side. If they burn us too ..then we’re f**ked.

6:30pm HOH room. Cliff and Nick. They talk about Christie’s power and what would happen if she used it. Nick – if Jack won the veto and she gave it to him, he would probably put up me. But I don’t think she will use it and it doesn’t matter .. we just have to win it. Cliff – I made my shot… whether it sinks us or not. Nick – we don’t have a choice.. their group might look like the better group but what have they done? Me, you and Sam have all won sh*t. They haven’t won anything. You’ve won three things .. banishment, that thing and the HOH. And Sam’s won two vetos. I’ve won a comp. Bella is due and Jess is got two seconds. And Kat killed that f**king puzzle. We’re like the misfits… that should be our alliance name. Did Sis ever say my name? Cliff – I don’t think so. Holly did. Nick – I don’t care about Holly .. she will just do whatever Jackson wants. I f**king hope I get picked… Honestly, me, you and Bella get picked., because then they have to win it. Cliff – if Jack wins the veto .. and she doesn’t activate it (her power) can I put her (Chrisie) up. Nick – she has to activate it before. Cliff – Michie is pissed. Nick – they voted you out .. they can get over it!

7:30pm Kitchen. The havenots are making slop creations. Cliff is at the kitchen table making a cereal box helmet. (I guess Jack didn’t destroy all the boxes)

Sam – are you going to campaign against Jack? Jackson – No, I’m not going to campaign against him. I would rather let the chips fall where they may knowing that the house decided what it wanted. I am not going to say a single word to anyone saying why they should keep me around. Sam – I hope no one is on the block next to me .. because you’re F**KED! Jackson – I’m throwing you under the bus motherf**ker! No, I don’t think I would play dirty actually. Jackson – I couldn’t do that to him. Sam – its also too early. Jackson – people are going to vote how they’re going to vote. I came here for way more than 500k. I came here to be uncomfortable. In my life I am constantly looking for things to make me uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable right now and I love it. It doesn’t look like it but I am f**king happy on the inside.

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Simon or Dawg is there anyway both Jack and Jackson will stay?




How can they name 2? I thought if was just 1 renom?


It is, the veto holder chooses the replacement when it’s a DPoV. So only 1 replacement. Ovi’s would have replaced both nominees but only prior to the veto.

J e t s jets jets jets

They can only take one down.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Even in the worst case scenario (using Christies power and winning the veto) the 6 would need Kats vote for one of them to stay.Would they have it?


I’ve been wondering about Kat’s vote, too. The Cliff people seem to assume she’s going to vote with the other side. They should be trying to pull her to their side, although it might be best to wait until after the veto comp to do so. For her own game though, she’d have to decide if it’s worth it to draw that line against the Jackson group. For her short term game, it’s risky. For the long term, it’s best to get rid of the strong players.


They could both stay but one of them will still be on the block come eviction night. They both can’t be taken off the block.


Let the game begin! I still don’t have a hard favorite but as I stated in a much earlier season post that I cannot stand either of the jackholes and the person that got either of them out would take the spot as my favorite. Who would have thought it would be Cliff?


I agree both Jacks sucks


tommy wishes


Jack is such a whiny little beep, I really hope it’s him who is voted out. Jackson acting all tough is hilarious too. I pray Cliff wins the veto and they have to sit in their misery all week


Jackson – “people are going to vote how they’re going to vote. I came here for way more than 500k. I came here to be uncomfortable. In my life I am constantly looking for things to make me uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable right now and I love it. It doesn’t look like it but I am f**king happy on the inside.”
hahahahaha!!!! they don’t make them tougher than that!

Franks fumes

Jackjaw may have come for that but he’s gonna leave with STD’s…..


The collapse of the gr8ful 8 and the six shooters and their outing is awesome.

I will repeat: the six shooters made a big mistake. As a result the house is now a free for all. Their decision was profoundly stupid.

I like Cliff and Nicole: it is really good to see them with power.


yeah, voting out cliff over nicole was the power going to their heads at its finest, so happy retribution is so swift. meanwhile there’s a reason most alliances don’t make their existence so obvious, glad they’re learning this the hard way.

Houka Inumuta

I told you Jackson is the next to go. Now does anyone believe me when I said I can see into the future.


hearing that jacka$$ is losing it, makes me so happy 🙂

Houka Inumuta

Now everyone will believe me when I say Nicole is the winner of BB. 1995 is getting evicted on Thursday as I predicted for 3 weeks.

Just sayin

Yeah, and we are still waiting for that Tyler eviction you “predicted. What is it they say about blind squirrels……..


Does it sound like Cliff is floating the idea of putting Christie up if Jack wins the veto and takes himself down? That would be fantastic news and good riddance. She’s trying to play both sides and play the victim if they ask her to use her power on them. I’d love to see her go home!


I think he was just making sure she wasn’t safe and still an option. Pretty sure he understands the pecking order for the six. Holly and Sis are just voting bed warmers and he wants to make sure the brains and supposed brawn of the group can be targeted now.


If Jack wins the veto, Christie can use her diamond veto and Jack would choose the replacement nom. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Two of the six must go!


Jack has got to go ! He fricken lost his shit !!

BB Fanatic

Does Christie have to activate the power prior to the veto meeting




Yes she has to activate it before the meeting.


Yes. She has to tell them by 11:00 am the day of if she intends to use it. In that case, I hope the veto competition is in the evening! I don’t think she’ll use it…I think she’ll want to save it for herself.


Whoops…I meant the day of the meeting…sorry.


I don’t think she’d sacrifice herself, especially for either of those 2. She mentioned she doesn’t like to feel she’s being forced into doing other people’s bidding, especially by men.

Ovi's tongue

Not only have the Jackholes been nominated, Jackson is a have-not, along with Kat, Christie, and Tommy.


I only wish Jack was a have not too!


Just realized Cliff named the Have Nots (Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Kat).

(So warning – for those who want to skip ahead – this is a long post covering my takes on the Cliff HOH notes/conversations today)

Man you have to give Cliff credit – he’s playing some of these people like a fiddle. Lots to dissect from all the HOH talks from today & I have to admit this was the most enjoyable day for me & not just b/c of the nominations. Cliff worked each hamster like he was making them audition on a wheel chasing cheese. Perhaps I’m stunned b/c we’ve seen so little strategic game play to this point.

Cliff Notes:

Jackson: Jackson told Cliff he wants to work with him & would be a pawn (but he wanted Nick as the second guy up). Now he’s not only the pawn he’s also on slop WITH KAT. I laughed out loud when I realized Cliff named the have nots. Refused to LISTEN to Cliff when he said Holly/Jackson were safe & he wanted to work with them but the other 4 in SS were his targets this week & not to take it personally. As Another Name pointed out – he watched on HOH camera as Jackson/Christie take their sweet ass time returning to HOH while they conspire. Jackson’s new plan is to be the first to tell Cliff that Ovi had the power BUT Jackson is again missing the mark. First of all Kat ran & told him that first plus Ovi asked Cliff right away if Jack/Jackson tried to save him & knows they lied AND Ovi told Cliff about his power. One after another house guest told him how great Holly/Jackson are. See my end curiosity moment re Jackson/Cliff.

Jack Cliff didn’t buy for one minute any of his pandering and fake compliments. Jack is currently ripping up all of Cliff’s cereal boxes which I think have the “moon landing” commemorative puzzles on them. That’s really smart game play Jack (rolls eyes).

Bella Willing to work with her “this week” & recognizes she is a sloppy player. Doesn’t overshare with her & tells pretty much everyone she can’t be trusted – but she’s a number right now.

Tommy Plays it cool with him – says he wants to work with him (but I think Cliff sees right through Tommy & knows he’s a dangerous player. Feels more like he’s catering to Tommy’s ego to make him feel safe so he can get what he wants. When Tommy told Cliff he would’ve made the same noms I almost choked on my coffee.

Christie Also sees Christie as dangerous. Cliff doesn’t really like emotional players for the most part so I think this is all posturing on his part about working with her/Tommy and is just presenting what she wants to hear for the moment.

Kat Pretty sure he recognizes she’s the mole (maybe Nicole even told him) b/c he seems to plant half truths/half lies with her either as a test or to purposely confuse Jackson.

Jess/Nicole/Sis/Holly Didn’t see him speak to Sis. Holly was a pretty straight forward convo where he made her feel at ease about being safe. Don’t think he’s a big fan of Jess (IMHO) but she’s a number. Fixed things with Nicole (who initially pushed a bit for Nick/Bella) & pulled her back in while also telling anyone who’ll listen while he loves her personally- she hurt him last week with her antics just through guilt by association. (I think he’s protecting her in his own way).

Hot takes

I think the foursome Cliff made have nots speaks more directly to who his true targets are. Tommy/Christie are in there. And he put Jackson with Catherine instead of Holly!

So this leads me to another hot take – could it be Jackson is Cliff’s real target? Almost everyone who spoke to him pointed at Jack as the one to target (even Christie/Tommy – the guy they have a trio alliance with) versus Jackson as a good guy & likeable. (**see next note) Ditto for Tommy/Christie. Is Cliff’s TRUE TEA who he made have nots & who his shortlist of targets are? It would make sense to keep the biggest targets in the house (Jack/Bella/Nick) but also it’s interesting he’s electing to weaken both Christie/Tommy – is that so they can’t win POV this week or HOH next week? If his real target is Jack than why not make him a have not? Maybe I’m wrong but based on the little nuances of what he says I’m not sold he isn’t feeding Jackson precisely the same sh*t that he fed Cliff when he repeatedly lied to him.

** The ONLY hamsters who said to Cliff they prefer Jackson leave over Jack were Sam and Nick. They also both warned him that was a big time swing & could be risky for his game (especially Sam). Coincidentally, the people he told the most/shared the most truth/facts with seemed to be Nick/Sam. Also, I think Sam/Nick were the only ones who said if you’re gonna take a swing you have to take the full swing & put up both Jacks (which is what Cliff did).

Kat is sharing with Jackson — but NOT everything (and she ran up to also share intel that Jackson told her with Cliff). Since no one can keep a secret I’d assume Cliff is well aware of the double dipping of Jackson which started with Kat & I wonder if he made her a have not just to unsettle Jackson (and Holly).

*Ultimately, Cliff has told pretty much everyone what they want to hear & kept all his options open. Jackson’s reaction (or should I say overreaction) to being used as a pawn (which he offered to do) & didn’t listen when Cliff told him the “four” other SS were his targets based solely on numbers/control in the house & who voted against him. I could be wrong and maybe Jack is his true target but my gut tells me Cliff would prefer to take out one of Jackson OR CHRISTIE (in truth) but her DPOV has to be navigated. She’s already a mess and she’s not even nominated.

*The most honest thing he said today IMHO was to Sam about taking out ONE of the heads of the snake and then they (he & Sam) could navigate the house in the middle with Nick/Bella targeting whoever remains from the six & vice versa. Also – if you catch it when Nick tells him – look I know I’m top of their heap and if you make this move and the power is used to put me up so be it. It did feel like a sincere moment (of which Nick used to have many more at game start so in the event Bella left perhaps we’d get the Nick who started this game not the Bella-ized version). I also think if everything goes to hell with Jack winning POV and they strong arm Christie to use the POV to save Jackson too then the word today has been Bella as the renom. I don’t think Cliff would mind having Nick/Sam as running mates since (again something Nick pointed out) the wins have predominantly come from himself, Sam, Cliff and Jess was close twice. It wouldn’t be ideal for Cliff to not get out one of the six but having two guys fired up to win as your wing men wouldn’t be a bad way to leave HOH should he fail at taking out Jack, Jackson or Christie.


Look forward to your comments. Always well thought out. Thank you


yeah, i’m curious who cliff’s real target is too. a backdoor plan for christie/tommy makes sense, especially considering christie’s power (which i think he knows about?). but the jack/jackson combo has been running the house since the game began and you would think getting one of them to go is the most logical, though as you said keeping them works as a potential shield (nick/bella should continue to target them and vice versa). jack not being a have not makes me wonder if he’s not a target or if cliff just doesn’t want to deal with jack being restricted from what he can eat (i know i wouldn’t want a constantly hangry jack in the house). his decision to make kat a have not seems to serve as a wake up call to get her to choose cliff’s side of the house while also potentially pot stirring some drama between holly, kat, and jackson to see how jackson copes with that kind of stress.


Everyone knows about all the powers except maybe Jess. These people wouldn’t keep their mouth shut in a chlorine gas cloud.


Great post!
Cliff => AFP!!! I finally have a houseguest I can root for. He finally got a chance to really make a move and followed through.


I have only been able to read up on what’s happening; thank you for the sharing your posts, and also to Simon and Dawg for the site and updates.

As for Kat and putting her in the HN with Jackson, Christie, and Tommy: does this give 6S a chance to sway her more to their side for the next few weeks? (He should have put Sis in with Jackson and left Holly with Jack for the week!) Jackson and all his eating, could be a tough week for him…

A Jackson or Christie departure would be best for many in this game because Jack will remain a huge target and irritant, where fewer people in the house would take straight shots at Jackson or Christie.

Jack will sink his own game the longer he is in the house. If he is tearing up the cereal boxes as a receipt to being on the block, he may play his way to being someone everyone would want to sit next two in final two. He only talks about winning comps and has rubbed HGs the wrong way. Depending on who makes it to jury, there are definitely many no-win situations for Jack in regards to votes.

Tommy is beginning to remind me of Frankie…

For once I’m cheering against those reckless country Duke boys and their General Lee, hoping that Boss Hog wins out in the end!

Just sayin

While I think your observations are very insightful, I am thinking Cliff’s motives are pretty straight forward. He knows he has six targets, two of whom are pretty much irrelevant ( Holly and Sis).

Of the other four, Christie has the power and is likely to use it for Tommy over any of the others, although not sure that is his motivating factor.

In any regard, the Jack’s seem to be the mouthpieces in that group, if not so much the leaders, so throw them both up and see where the chips fall.

He knows his power as HOH is limited, especially with powers still floating around ,but at the end of the day at least one of his targets will still be on the block.

I also think when he tells Jackson that he is not really his target, he is being truthful. I think he recognizes that despite his posturing Jackson is a beta and much more malleable with Jack out of the way, although not a bad consolation prize if Jack happens to survive.


I love reading your posts. Spot on!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Dear lord Jack, you say people are lying in the Big Brother house!Clutch my pearls and call me a monkey’s uncle,I’m so verklept,I need to lie down.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

First, you could draw out your entire HOH plan for Kat, explain it real slow, and she STILL wouldn’t get it right. Second, Jackson, you half wit, the clear line was drawn when you all voted Cliff OUT. Kiss Jack goodbye, because one of you are going home.


didnt she bully Nicole in a way , along with the other cauldron sisters and then bold face lie about it when confronted? most all these people are despicable liars with no redeeming values. i hope jackson goes first ! Jackson is a horrible person in general. again , stop acting as if these women are victims of the D ! they all choose to take off their panties as well as the guys ! so stop treating them as victims , they wanted the D ! double standard for calling out the guys character as vile when the women are doing the same . Sis said she would use Jack for the D and thats all she really wanted .


jackson – “I came here for way more than 500k. I came here to be uncomfortable. In my life I am constantly looking for things to make me uncomfortable.” … well it’s great that you like being uncomfortable jackson because when you leave the house there will be plenty of uncomfortable moments due to your behavior