“I would put him up, F* yeah … make him sweat” – Kemi

Big Brother Spoilers – Christie won the HOH, Nominated Cliff and Kathryn. Veto players were: Christie, Kathryn Cliff, Sam, Jack, Nicole. POV Host was Tommy. Sam wins the Power of Veto, it was called Food fight. Sam used the Veto on Cliff and Christie nominated Ovi as the replacement. Ovi has a power he can secretly force the Head of Household to select two new Noms after one of the first 6 nomination ceremonies. We’ve just had 1 nomination ceremony. The “house” is planning on evicting Ovi tomorrow. 

House Guest alternate names:
Analyse AKA Sis
Jackson AKA Michie AKA mickey (Jackson Michie)
Isabella AKA Bella

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1:33 pm Cliff and Kat
Cliff says as far as he knows Kat is the pawn and he’s going to tell Ovi right before the eviction.
Kat heard that too but she also heard Christie was telling Ovi he was the pawn.
Cliff sees the vote going: 10 to 2, 11 to 1. He loves Ovi but “it’s the way the game is”
Cliff – you really need to play it low and cool

Cliff says she’s safe from both side and he feels like he’s in the same position
Kat – you are going to coast through
Kat says the votes she has; Nick, Bella, Kemi, Nicole, Jess
Cliff – and Tommy.
Cliff – Nicole is looking for a place to land like I was last week.
Cliff – the other side will quickly flip when they realize they don’t have the votes to do it .. it can easily be unanimous
Kat says she’s going after Kemi if she wins HOH. Kemi is after Jack and Jackson

Cliff says she’ll have no problems from him “Wish it had been this week”

1:49 pm Sis and Holly
talking about their flirting with Jack and Jackson. Sis doesn’t have feelings for Jack.
Sis – I just don’t want it to f* up my game
Sis – the last thing with him especially
Holly – yeah

Holly is worried it’ll look like she’s stealing Kat’s man. She doesn’t know what Jackson is saying in the Diary room.
Holly wonders if she should talk to the DR about Jackson
Sis – do you think they’ll airing it .. I mean it wouldn’t hurt
Feeds cut …
when we’re back
Sis – why did Christie put up Ovi, I wish we could get Kemi out first. she’s sketchy

Holly – the risky part what if Nick and Bella are really with Kemi they could sway the votes.
Holly – we have Kemi as a huge target why not leave her in here
Sis – ok
Holly – Ovi is so impressionable he just wants to be with the cool kids

2:15 pm Kat and Nicole
Kat – we’ve never talked game.. we’ve always been friends
Nicole says she’s voting out Ovi “that’s the house consensus as far as I’ve been told

Jessica joins them “I have a good selfie game” she goes on to talk about hoping to win HOH so she can show them all her modeling pictures.

2:53 pm Sis and Nicole
Sis says she has trouble talking to Ovi without crying.
Nicole says everyone is voting him out so if they vote to keep him they will be singled out
Nicole – the game is follow the house it’s week one

Sis – Game point I would rather Kat but personal I would rather him
Nicole agrees
Sis – do you think the house is divided or not yet
Nicole – I don’t see any clear divide
sis – me neither.
Nicole – I would be shocked if the vote was split I think everyone is together on this
Sis – do you want to win HOH.
Nicole says she’ll give it 100% even if she sucks
Sis says she doesn’t know who she would put up “I love everyone”
Sis sigh “I’ve been anxious I just feel so bad ”

Sis – let me know if anything changes I don’t want us blindsided.

2:58 pm Christie and Kat
Christie – everyone is telling me they are voting him out.
Kat – I feel like I have enough ears.. enough people that have different game agendas they all have their own game
Christie says she doesn’t want to be seen as close to Jack who the entire house wants out now.

3:02 pm Nick and Kemi

Nick says he doesn’t trust Jack doesn’t think he can put him up “I don’t have the votes”
Nick – he could win Veto
Nick says they have 5 votes if she puts up JAck they need just one more.
Kemi – everyone expects me to put up Michie because of the banishment thing but I really like Michie
Kemi – I wonder how Christie would vote. They were really close and now I’ve noticed.

Nick starts talking about Sis and Jack spending so much time together and putting a target on them.
Nick says he feels good about himself but he knows his limits he’s not going to be able to hook up with a girl like Sis. Points out it was her that started flirting with him.
Nick – I would pick Jack over me, he’s fit tall. I like my personality better
Kemi – I think everyone likes your personality better than his.. the women in this house have discussed this
Nick – Sis is Brent and Jack is Winston.. he’s going to f* her game.
Nick mentions that Sis and Jack were saying that he’s the only one saying they are in a showmance and it’s dangerous for their game.

Nick says the house would be much better with Jack gone, “He spreads a lot of rumour”
Kemi – he talks a lot of sh1t he creates all these fake alliances
Nick – I think he would take me out. you have to backdoor him
Kemi – I would put him up.. yeah. F* ya .. hopefully, he doesn’t win veto but what has he won so far
Nick – make him sweat
Kemi says she doesn’t subscribe to the notion that big strong guys always win the competition and should always be backdoored. “a strong guy has never won this game”
Nick – you put him up I’ll vote his a$$ out.. just be careful who you put him next to
Nick – if you put him up to Kat people might be like f* it votes out Kat. But if you put up someone really likable don’t get any ideas about putting me up
Kemi – I would never put you up
Nick – “Someone like Tommy.. you can put Sis up he wouldn’t even campaign against her”
Nick says jack has a chance to win a power next week for the wackadoodle competition Sam Michie, Jack, Holly and Tommy all play.
Nick – if Michie wins it might use it to save jack

Nicole joins it. ..
Nicole – I would never put you guys up
Nick says he won’t put them up next week. They laugh. He explains that eventually, they’ll have to put each other up. Tells them that he already told Kat that he’ll use her as a pawn next week and a lot of people in this game may do the same because no blood.

3:24 pm Jack and Tommy

They talk about wanting Kemi out next, “She’s not going to win we have the numbers”
Jack – I almost feel like I don’t want to win HOH because if it’s not Kemi it doesn’t matter why get blood on my hands
Tommy – it’s tough for people like you, me, Michie because we’re targets coming into the house

Tommy- you’re the kinda person good with everybody I’m that kinda person too
The longer they can keep the blood off their hands the better

Tommy – stick with the 8 that’s the best move for all of us we are the elite group. It’s a no brainer all of us will get to that point and we battle it out
Tommy doesn’t want Sam in their 8 says CLiff and Sam are playing the same type of game than he is and it’s dangerous for him

4:33 pm Ovi and Nicole
They agree the fish don’t look very happy.
Nicole says everyone is saying they are going with the house.
Ovi says they’ve told him he’s fine.
Ovi – Bella’s not talking to me today
Ovi – I have 6 for a fact.. she gave me her word she would break it.. (for him to stay)

4:33 pm Christie and Kemi
Christie says she’s getting a weird vibe from Jack, “I’m getting nervous that he’s playing nice with me but he wants to backdoor me because I didn’t do what he wanted me to do” (Put Kemi up)
Kemi – if he wins I’m going up but I don’t know who next to me
Christie really does want Jack to win HOH.
Kemi says she never talks to Sis and Holly so she’s not sure where their head is at, “they all seem like they’re tight.. so I dunno”
Christie – I went to sleep early when I said goodbye to everyone it was just the four in the hammock.. Holly didn’t come up till 3:30 in the morning. I asked them who else was up they said just the four of us hanging on the hammock.
Christie – I’m like great a final 4

Christie doesn’t know what Holly and Sis will do she thinks they would do what the boys want them to do. Christie says she wants Jess, Bella or Kemi to win.
Christie – I don’t want Cliff, Jack, Holly or Sis (to win HOH)

Kemi – I feel any of those four and I’m going up. Jackon, I wouldn’t really put him up. Even with the whole banishment thing but I feel like in the back of his mind he would think I would.

Kemi – I want to put jack next to someone that the house won’t vote out.
Kemi – do you think he would go up is Sis went up with him
Kemi – everyone sees through his bullsh1t ..
Kemi says when Ovi went up instead of her Jack just stared at her all day.

4:51 pm Bella’s new hairdo

5:30 pm Bella and Jack
Bella – you need to gain my trust back.. I’m saying that I trust people
Jack – the only way I can gain trust is by winning HOH and doing something in your favour
Bella – anything with me not on the block is in my favour That’s all I ask.
Bella says Jessica is a wild card she talks sh1t about Kat.
Bella – I feel like I’m talking to a five year old sorry I don’t want to lecture but I really want to work with you.
Bella – I really want to work with you it’s good for my game.
Bell a- you haven’t talked to me in 2 weeks

Bella – no more f*ing bullshit. Just be yourself you’re a great guy. You can really play a great game without doing all this fluffy sh1t (Fluffy?)
Bella goe son about he needs to stop talking to people forming deals.
Bella – I’m looking out for you. I really want to have your back but I don’t feel like you have mine.
Bella says all night every night in the RV Kemi is filling Jess’ head with sh1t “that’s how this game is played”

5:56 pm Tommy and Christie
Christie – Sis and JAck are worrying me because they are in a showmance.
Tommy- if there other teams and people find out about us.
Christie – true
Christie – Kemmi is an open book with me she’ll say literally anything
Christie – I’m a little nervous if Cliff or JAck one
Tommy doesn’t think Jack would put her up
Christie threatens to tell the entire house what Jack has been saying about them if Jack puts her on the block. Says she’ll tell Nick and Nicole what JAck said.
They agree to work with Jack but not try to save him when someone puts him up

Tommy doesn’t want to work with Nick
TOmmy – Nick is a therapist. CHild therapist.
Tommy – he went to grad school..
Christie – he says he drives a ford fusion
Tommy – he makes a lot of money he’s a Doctor
Christie – good for him
Tommy is worried about Nick says if Nick won he would put Tommy up.
Christie doesn’t think so.
Christie says she has a little bit of home with Tommy here. They agree how lucky they are.
They start to laugh “I can’t believe we got this lucky)”
They go over all the alliances Jack has made. Christie thinks he must have a final 2 with Sis now.
Christie says Sis is “not the brightest”
Tommy- she’s young
Christie says Bella really likes Nick she wants Sis out.

Tommy says Jack is the person they should be working with.

6:07 pm Ovi and Jack
Jack has been “Campaigning” for Ovi.
Ovi – I’m feeling good
Ovi asks him if he could talk to anybody today
Jack says he spoke to Sis and Holly. Hints that they are good with Ovi
Ovi says he talked to Tommy. Tommy sounds good.
Jack says he’s been gaming too hard so he’s been laying low.

6:25pm Nicole and Kemi
Kemi says the reason JAck doesn’t like her is she doesn’t play into his charm. Kemi doesn’t find Jack attractive.

7:03 pm
Sis says her armpits are getting really hairy. She could shave them tonight and by tomorrow she’ll need to shave them again.

7:08 pm Ovi and Cliff

Ovi thinks he has 6 locked and maybe 8.
Cliff – just make sure you have to those locked in.
He points out that Kat has been acting really calm the only reason she would be acting calm is if a lot of people talked to her about being safe.
Cliff says Kat will never do anything in this game she’ll never make any strategic moves.
Cliff mentions he doesn’t want 6 men and 7 women in the house because people like Jessica are talking about a girls alliance.
ovi leaves.. Cliff – I hate that.. nothing but love for Ovi.. sorry Ovi I don’t think it’s going your way”

7:31 pm Nick and Ovi
Nick says the house is still undecided.
Ovi – I think I have the votes
Ovi will return the favor to Nick he votes to keep him this week. Christie told him she will break the tie in his favour

7:41 pm Sam, Nicole, and Bella in the bathroom. Bella is saying she wants to tell people off but won’t say any names. Sam says he heard music in the walls last night like someone’s phone went off and he heard the ring tone.

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Drink everytime Christie says the word “jack” or “jack show”


Bout to get my stomach pumped


I already hope she leaves next week. ? she’s so annoying already.


She literally just said to tommy “so I should chill with my jack resentment” godddd pleaseeee chill in general!!!


Dawg and Simon, first thanks for once again doing amazing recaps for BB21, love you both. Second, anyone notice that Jack went from the most favorite Houseguest in the Pre-Feeds Vote to now the most hated. Love it as I just despise that POS Jack….


Glad you’re enjoying them! And yes the true colours are shining through!!!


Really have no idea how he was a favorite in pre season. I could tell he would wind up being a complete douche as soon as I saw him.


Preseason was all about his looks, once he opened his mouth…


OMG please vote out Christine, I absolutely can not stand her and will not tolerate listening to her cry all summer! She is a total basket case!


Lol Tommy think Nick is a doctor and makes a lot of money ?. He has a masters, which does not make him a doctor, and his level of therapist makes a minimal amount of money. These people…


I’m sure he’s comfortable but most therapists couldn’t afford to drop clients for 3-4 months. I wonder if he’s looking to switch careers.


Jack and Jackson should name their alliance jackasses.

Janey Haze

Ha ha love it!!!

another name

If tonight is any indication, I’m not a fan of the episode version. At all.
It just feels forcefully diluted.
I’m not enthusiastic about upcoming revisionist edits.

another name

on feeds: how is it that the d/r is calling people in to point out the obscure rule (broken multiple times multiple seasons cough cough hi james, hi every season of bbcan) that they aren’t allowed to tell ovi he’s going. but they haven’t been called to d/r or given warning every time they tell kat she’s staying.
d/r kat… is she even in the house? i think it’s a twin situation. one is actually in the game and the other is in d/r guessing how her sister is playing.
i can almost hear the grod ordering her flying monkeys to clean up images to follow the storyline plan she approved weeks ago before twitter and the media got involved.


if you thought drama was crazy bring on love island


bb meet survivor

Janey Haze

I just watched tonight’s episode on my DVR. So much edit and fluff, it’s hardly recognizable as BB anymore. And enough already with the focus on showmances. It’s not Love Island. I think I’m just going to watch the live episodes from here on out. I’d much rather read the live feed updates on here. Thanks Simon and Dawg for watching and reporting so I don’t have to. Expect a donation on payday!


That was a funny veto comp. Kaycee spitting out her drink was the best part. Why are they back to voting out Ovi? This poor kid.