ABC The Glass House

ABC The Glass House Live Voting AND Live Stream Video STARTS June 11th!

ABC has just released new information on their new reality TV Show “The Glass House” that is set to premiere on June 18th, 2012.

ABC just announced that the LIVE STREAMING Video and LIVE VOTING with start on June 11th, which is one week before the premiere episode. The ABC network is advertising the new reality TV show as a never seen before reality show where you have the power and control to influence the contestants and what happens in the house.

As the viewing audience you will be able to take part in Daily Polls & Cast Voting, which puts you in control of “The Glass House”. You will be able to control who goes home, who stays, and who returns to the house. In addition, to controlling what they eat, where they sleep, and what they wear!

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CBS lawsuit Against ABC

ABC Responds to Lawsuit – There’s Nothing Secret About Big Brother!

With “The Glass House” series premiere set to air on June 18th, 2012 there is still a black cloud looming over head with regard to the lawsuit filed by CBS. Despite the claims that ABC stole trade secrets from CBS, “The Glass House” is still going full steam ahead with its new reality series. Evidence that ABC is moving forward with their scheduled show is that they just released their first promotional commercial for The Glass House.

ABC responds to CBS’s claims that they have stolen their “Big Brother” trade secrets in the making of “The Glass House” saying that NOTHING about Big Brother is a secret. ABC has filed their response to the copyright infringement lawsuit filed by CBS – requesting the presiding judge to dismiss the “over-the-top” lawsuit as soon as possible.

In the court documents, ABC responds by saying the insinuation that “The Glass House” is stealing trade secrets is “outrageous” adding:

“there is nothing secret about editing a program with multiple feeds together or developing a narrative structure for it. That is reality TV.”

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ABC The glass house commercial

CBS’s Big Brother 14 Commercial Versus ABC’s The Glass House Commercial

The very first commercial just aired for ABC’s “The Glass house” which will première on June 18th, 2012 a few weeks before Big Brother 14 on July 12th, 2012. The new reality TV show The Glass House is very similar to Big Brother, which is why CBS is currently suing ABC for copyright infringement. It will be interesting to see if the lawsuit affects either of the two reality TV shows this season, and whether they will continue to battle it out for viewers each summer. One thing is very clear, that both shows will need to step up their game to ensure they don’t lose viewers. Which is all good news for us fans, as I can just imagine the Twists, and Drama that we’re going to see this season. OR as Big Brother says “Expect the Unexpected”.

We want to know what you think about the two reality shows newest video commercials. Will you be watching both reality shows this season? Tell us what you think about your first impressions of the two reality TV shows newest commercials.
Here is Big Brother 14’s first commercial for the season:

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CBS and ABC go to the mattresses over Glass House and Big Brother Similarities

The Glass House Vs Big Brother saga continues. Last Friday we reported that CBS had sent a cease and desist letter to ABC regarding it’s summer Reality TV show “The Glass House”. We now learn that CBS is Suing ABC over that show citing copyright infringement and stealing of trade secrets. When we first found out about The Glass House we immediately thought Big Brother Clone so it’s not a stretch to see a lawsuit like this. Television shows are copied all the time why did CBS target this one. It’s not 100% the same there are a few small differences, it’s like comparing The Talk and the View or even The Bachelor Pad to Big Brother, they all share similarities and nobody is suing over them.

If Glass House (ABC) is copying Big Brother (CBS) and ‘The Talk’ (CBS) is copying ‘The View’ (ABC) why is CBS so butt sore over Glass House and ABC isn’t about The talk?

CBS calls out Michael O’Sullivan in particular. A former supervising producer of Big Brother who is currently working as a producer for Glass House saying he was resposable for BB’s concept, design and execution. Also Corie Henson and Kenny Rosen both lower level producers along with 16 other staff workers from the CBS show.

Here is the summary of action taken from the filed lawsuit.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then CBS should take pride in the ABC’s latest reality television project “Life in a Glass House” (“Glass House”)

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With Big Brother 14 set to première on July 12th, 2012, CBS is not happy about ABC trying to steal their ratings and viewers with their own reality TV show called “The Glass House”.

ABC’s recent unveiling of their reality TV Show “The Glass House” is causing quite the controversy as it is remarkably similar to CBS’s Big Brother reality TV Show. CBS’s lawyers have contacted ABC regarding the “classic case of copyright infringement” over their new reality show set to premiere on June 18th, 2012. CBS’s lawyers have announced that they will be pursing “all available remedies if this course of action continues”. CBS attorneys are demanding ABC stop all plans regarding their reality show “The Glass House”.

The CBS lawyers from the law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP contacted ABC via letter only three days following the news release of the new reality show.

In the news release ABC stated that their new show:

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The Glass House

ABC Network Set to Release Similar Reality TV Show to Big Brother called “The Glass House”

ABC going to be releasing their spin off of the popular CBS Big Brother reality TV series this summer. The TV network has hired a former CBS Big Brother Producer to aid in producing the new reality series called “The Glass House” which is set to air its premiere episode on June 18th at 10 PM EST, and conclude with a finale on August 20th. The production is set to start near the end of May and will feature 14 individuals that will live and compete against each other for the grand prize of $250,000. The twist of the new reality series will be that the viewing public will have an integral role in the outcome of the show by voting online and through the networks social media (Twitter & Facebook). The viewing public will be able to follow the contestants and vote on who is sent home, in addition to deciding which contestants will return to “The Glass House”.

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