Big Brother Spoilers – “I think we can work with Zach.. it sounds weird..”

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POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  ? Next HOH Aug 15th
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Final Nominations: ?
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BB16-2014-08-07 23-43-26-103

11:43pm BEEHIVE Nicole and Christine
Nicole says she won’t put up Christine up, Christine will do the same.
Frankie comes in says he was working with the other side of the house, “I was invested with you and Hayden until information was given to me that you were going to backdoor me so I flipped on you guys..”
Frankie calls the other side idiots says they have no idea how to play the game. When Nicole called him out on television the other side cut him “they want nothing to do with Christine”

Frankie says the other side is Cody, Caleb, Derrick and Zach.
Frankie – I am so pissed we got f** played
Nicole – I’m afraid you’ll flip again
Frankie understands.. points out he’s been loyal to Christine

Nicole mentions that Hayden never said to put up Frankie and Christine he was loyal.
Frankie – Cody was lieing.. let me prove it to you put one of them on the block and let me vote them out.. I’m screw I chose the wrong people

Frankie to Christine – You are done with them.. you are done they all talked about it because you ran to talk to Nicole in the beehive.
Nicole says she doesn’t have anyone in this game., “it’s hard to trust you.. I have no choice”
Frankie – I will prove to you
Frankie says they have 5 Vs. the other sides 4 He assumes Victoria is with them.

Nicole – you can say this but be tight with them I was naive.. I thought these people had my back I was blind side and lost one of my best friends in the house..
Frankie leaves
Nicole I know who has to go I just don’t want to say it out loud
As much as you think cody has your back he doesn’t
Christine – unreal
Nicole you know what Christine pinpointed you and Hayden as a power couple ..
Nicole you and I need to start with a clean slate.. we would be fine if it wasn’t for the boys causing drama.. If you think we’re safe with those boys we’re not.
Nicole I would like to put up Victoria.. I know you want to put up Donny which is fine..
They agree NIcole will put up Caleb/Zach and Christine will put up Caleb/Donny
They want to backdoor Cody.
Christine – if we get Cody out Derrick will be a lot weaker
Nicole – I’m afraid Frankie is going to flip.. but she can’t think taht way
Nicole mentions Cody trying to rub her back in the kitchen she snapped “I’m Fine don’t’ touch me bro.. I can’t believe COdy is playing such a dirty game.. “
Nicole – So dirty

Nicole – that was a waste of a HOH.. Sorry Jocasta.. I almost pooped my pants I really “

Nicole says Cody and Frankie Knew Zach was going to put us up he practiced his speech with them.
Christine didn’t know that..
Nicole – Calling me a fruit loops dingus and calling you a jenn city
Christine – I really don’t want to put Donny up. Christine wants Cody or Derick up. She says they can’t have Victoria up on Thursday she will got home.
Nicole says Victoria asked her to throw the HOH to her because she really wanted to see her family “Are you NUTS”
Christine – Frankie, Cody and Derrick none of them have ever been up”

BB16-2014-08-08 00-34-06-731

11:45pm Cam 1-2 Cody and Donny Living room
Cody saying he talked to Hayden since day three everything last week backfired. Donny says if they would have evicted Zach they would have had the numbers.
Cody – Everything go blown up.. I’m waiting to see if i’m up there..
Donny says if you are with Victoria you have to carry her through competition.
Cody knows that Zach will be kissing a$$ but Frankie has been playing both side.. “I like him”
Cody – Every week from here on in will be stressful.. embrace it
Donny – i know i’m going up.. all the weak people are gone I have to battle a strong person and if I lose I have to fight in Veto and they are all strong people.. my body will wear out I don’t have the numbers..
Donny – Maybe we could get beast mode on our side.. you try to get in his head you try to get in his head. say Donny is a competitor we could do some damage.
Donny – there’s nothing we can do tonight..
Cody – I wish I could sleep on a bed

BB16-2014-08-08 00-08-56-563

12:09am Frankie and Christine

Christine says she’ll put up Donny and Zach and Nicole is putting up Caleb/Victoria the goal is to back door Cody
Frankie – I’m serious they are done with us

BB16-2014-08-08 00-43-21-313

12:20AM Caleb and Cody Kitchen
Caleb Quite Frankly those two winning was not good.. I know Christine was working with them.
Victoria – Christine is for sure putting me up..

BB16-2014-08-08 00-41-15-903

12:37AM Bathroom Zach and Nicole
Nicole – We can work together.. you’re not my target  I’m not even putting you up as a replacement nominee.. I Swear.. As a pawn nothing I promise”
Zach – did I not tell you to not trust Christine ..
Zach wants to know about Donny. Christine says he voted her out today.
Nicole says she was never in an alliance with Donny
Zach says everyone thought that.
Nicole “Hayden was approached and I was approached you were going out by an unanimous vote”
Nicole – we were told you were going out 100%.. I swear to god..
Zach – I don’t trust any of them either they all tried to get me out
Nicole – for sure.. I was 100% convinced you were going home .. you were going home I don’t know what to happened..
Zach – Frankie  and Christine wanted Cody out and it didn’t work.. Zach tells her Frankie and Christine are screwing with her right now.

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BB16-2014-08-08 00-45-04-432

12:44AM Bathroom Christine and Nicole
Christine tells her she’s nervous about putting Zach up because he’ll get pissed at her and Derrick is already super pissed.
Christine wants to put up Donny and Derrick
Nicole That’s not a bad move at all
Christine says Derrick is more “done” with her than Zach is
Nicole – I think we can work with Zach.. it sounds weird..

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Zach and Victoria, final 2. Bb16 is awesome. I am actually rooting for Donny


Now that Zach is firmly against Frankie and considering teaming up with Nicole, Zach suggested the brilliant idea of having Nicole nominate himself and Frankie, with Zach throwing the Battle of the Block to ensure that Frankie gets evicted. Derrick took this information straight to Nicole to convince her to do it.



Oh yes you stupid JAP people are now going to throw the HOH to you too? Stupid moron – go home to mommy and daddy.

Team Nicole/Donny/Hayden

WHY ARE YOU WORKING WITH THE BIATCH, NICOLE?! DON’T TRUST ANYONE, COME ON WOMAN!!! Stop making me mad and do what is best for you, my friend!!!! UGH!!! I hope she’s not trusting Frankie nor Christine…I swear I will smack someone…Hayden better be back to the BB house and smack some senses out of her.


Christine realizes that the other side will not work with her. She has NO choice BUT to WORK WITH Nicole. So, Nicole has her, FOR SURE, for now (as we can see EVERYTHING CHANGES in a VERY little time). They, honestly, NEED to remove Derrick this week, but I suspect Production will try and sway them into targeting a Cody or a Caleb this week. The BoB twist really can mess their game up. If Nicole gets evicted, the game will become another “Brigade” type of ordeal, so I’m rooting for her to stay.And in this case, she is the UNDERDOG. Her moves are limited. She needs votes/numbers. This week is CRUCIAL for shaping up alliances/the rest of her game!


I don’t understand why they don’t put up the four strong players?? Cody/Derrick, Frankie/Caleb… or some such combo. esp since three of them have never been up


I agree! I have been saying this since Donny and Nicole got their HOH. It makes no since why they are not doing this. Not all of them can win


You are correct!!! She needs to be taken over Hayden’s knee and have her bare bottom spanked until it is red and sore and she can’t sit down. Bad girls deserve to be punished !!!


I hope Nicole and zach work together.


Looks like it’s happening!!!!! YAASSSSSS!!!!!! This blindside was a stupid game move… really, it showed their whole hand way too soon. It literally exploded in their faces! Now I hope Donny says no again to TA mission… get the cop and the man defiler on the edge this week.

Obnoxious Much

I said last night the way they jumped for joy when Donny and Hayden were out of the HoH competition was too much and showed all their cards too early.


I wish someone would bring Donny into this to help them an give him an alliance to finally work with. I don’t think Zach has the finesse to pull this off + he’s still got a big mouth. And why is Nicole letting Derrick get away with stuff?

Roisen Dubh

Nicole knows what the score is. I think she wants Derrick’s head on a platter(possibly that’s who she was talking about when she said she knows who has to go but can’t say it out loud? Zach pretty much confirmed everything with her. If she’s smart, she’ll talk Christine into doing her dirty work and let her take the fall. No way in hell she still trusts her. That was a smoke screen. Now we see what Zach is made of. He should’ve gotten a clue when nobody would throw BOB when he grilled everyone. I think Derrick’s in big trouble and he senses it. Cody is his last hope meatshield, let’s see if he throws him to the wolves. Frankie knows his time is up, that might make Christine make a fatal move. Devin’s game is officially over- the first half was all him plain and simple. Man, if they could make Vic a spy for Nic, Zach and Donny, that would be the shizznet.


I think Nicole was talking about Cody. errick still seems to flying under the radar at the moment, but very precariously. Derrick will ABSOLUTELY throw Cody under the bus if he needs to – he already has.


I’m going to go along with Roisen Dubh because Nicole has been saying Cody’s name and the only name that really hasn’t come out of her mouth is Derrick (Officer Butt Head). This is how I would do it if I could: Derrick/Caleb for Nicole; Cody/Frankie for Christine; you’re right let Christine get some blood on her hands she help start it.


That would be nice but it looks like I was right. Nicole is trusting Derrick AGAIN (idiot) & is putting up Caleb & Frankie with Caleb claiming he’ll throw it “for Amber”. If Christine puts up Zach & Donny & Caleb really does throw it, I’ll be happy since the those 2 will be safe for the week.


Who hasn’t Derrick thrown under the bus? I still can’t believe no one has figured him out yet. The day this show started, I said he was going to be the biggest liar in the house, and I was right.


When Christine said she wants to put up Derrick I got so excited!!! First smart thing she has said….now let see if it happens.
Also why are these girls still putting up “weak” players? They evicted your boyfriend Nicole!!! Put up Caleb as “revenge” with Cody. And Christine puts up Derrick and Donny. I don’t want Donny but that’s the only other guy she would put up. There is only 3 girls left!!! Wake up and start playing your own games already not theirs!


Yea, putting up weak players at this point makes no sense for Nicole, Donny, and Victoria (and now Christine). It’s been made clear through past nominations and things that have been openly said in the house that the perceived “strong” players are coming after them. So no need to save face, because the target is already on their backs. I hate that Donny and Nicole have been so coy with their nominations these past two weeks. Put up the strong players! Let them duke it out! Divide and conquer by forcing them to campaign against each other!

I Don't Like Derrick

I want Derrick to go, and I definitely want Donny to stay. But Nicole putting up Derrick and Donny might be a good thing. That hypocrite Derrick will not throw anything if he is on the block, but he will try to convince anyone else to, for the sake of any so called alliance. So, if they win, Donny is safe, but so is Derrick, UGH, and if they lose Donny has a chance with the veto, along with Nicole. It is a risk, but better Donny go up by Nicole, them by Christine, and with Derrick over anyone. Any other dumbass might throw it, sending Donny home, Derrick is too much of a hypocrite to do the same thing he has told others to do.


Hopefully all of frankie derrick cody and caleb goes up


Finally the detonators are split. Should make it more interesting than if they stuck together and picked the rest of one by one


For once I m supporting christine in a sense. Put up derrick and cody !!

JocAsta ghost

YAAAS house guests u throw Derrick and Cody unDer that bus and run him over, if donny or Victoria go up I will like die ik Nicole has to put up weak people so she wins Bob but ughh rlly like the same thing that happened last week will happen this week, the pawn will go home


Was watching BBAD and listening to caleb making a call out for dates was hilarious. #beastmodecowboy

I wonder if he knows that Urban Dictionary defines beast mode cowboy as
“A state of mind that produces an energetic, outgoing, sexual attraction to farm animals.
Whenever I hit a pig, horse or cow my mind goes into beast mode cowboy.


When you think about it, Caleb has the perfect girl for him right there and he doesn’t even realize it….Victoria. She’s the only girl stupid enough to believe all of his delusions.

Caleb: “You know I’m going to be the first ever BB, Survivor, and The Voice winner in history, don’t you? Yeah, it’s a lock.”

Victoria: “Really? OMG Caleb that’s so impressive. You will have the most Twitter followers of anyone in the world….did I ever tell you about that time with the crow?”


Don’t forget the Amazing Race. He mentioned that too.


Hopefully he’s referring to the dietary supplement by the same name (Beast Mode) that many bodybuilders/weightlifters use for energy.

lil ole moi

i think i am allowed to have MY quiet doubts on this 🙂


LOL let’s see how Derrick perform when his ass is on the line.
He doesnt really come off as a big comp whiz to me. I do hope he wins though with Donny so that Nicole remains HoH


YES! Please don’t change your mind again, get Derrick up on the block, I would rather he goes to jury, then Cody. I hope Zack can work with Nicole, I’m starting to like Zack again, I mean for his personality too and not just his #wildcard element.


I love how everyone is spilling here and there…and instead of doing damage control, Chief Wiggum decides it’s nap time. Hope they plot his ass on the block while he dreams of guns and smashing teeth in…


If I was Derrick I would go to sleep too, because he knows those girls are too stupid to put him up and they are too stupid! SMH


Hilarious! You say some of the funniest sh$t! I’m still laughing out loud, not just a chuckle either, the real knee slapper kind! Thanks for the laughs moon3k


“Chief Wiggum”, what a GREAT name for that pig nose douchebag cop Derrick. Thumbs WAY up!!!!

Holy Cow

I think Porky the Pig is more suitable !!!!


Why so many people obsessesd with Derrick being a cop who glares what job is. Nobody ever mentions what other people in house do for a living


So what are the sides now that everything is hectic?

Nicole/Zach/Christine/Donny/Frankie vs Derrick/Cody/Caleb/Victoria? With Cody being target #1?

Nicole the Ho

I would like to know why the Fu*k is Donny going up? Why do they think it’s okay for him to go up every damn week, I really don’t see why they are so afraid to put up those four guys, Nicole mad at Donny for voting her out and she mad at Victoria, but why ain’t she mad at Derrick or Cody enough to out them in the block the line is already draw so out them up. Ugh!!


YES! Please don’t change your mind again, get Derrick up on the block, I would rather he goes to jury, and then Cody. I hope Zack can work with Nicole, I’m starting to like Zack again, I mean for his personality too and not just the #wildcard factor he brings to the table.


Come on nicole! Even Zach can see Frankie and Christine are playing you like a fool again right now! I just don’t get how you can trust Christine again so quickly. If Hayden was still there, he would want you two to align with zach and donny


Finally Zach and Nicole had a conversation about all the lies being told.

Result? Frankie and Christine are exposed. And also Derrick and Cody are exposed.

Zach has finally woke up and is starting to figure it all out. Him and Nicole are about to flip this house upside down finally.

Biig LOL to all those who were wanting Jocasta to stay. You idiots would’ve got another boring week. Instead now we can see ZachAttack do some damage to his former alliance. Detonators are done but Zach and Nicole need to play it smart. Get out Derrick and Cody first using Christine and Frankie then flip on those two and get out Christine and Frankie. And make sure to solidify Donny. Use Beastmode Cowboy as the guy to do dirty work and then cut him final 4. Victoria is useless no need to even discuss her. Once Derrick is gone her game is over.

Nicole, Zach, Donny, Caleb final 4.

Nicole Zach Donny. For final 3. Then after that may the best person win. This season finally about to get EPIC.


Youre getting a bit ahead of yourself with Caleb, Zach and Nicole F3 but still, LOVE this post.


You forgot Hayden might come back

Good stuff

Finally something exciting. I’m liking this Zacole partnership. They litterally have ALL the information on EVERYONE left in the house now haha. Now they just use it to their advantage and leak it bit by bit to control the votes and get out who they want when they want.

From the live feeds though it appears that they are going to start off by going after Frankie and get him out first since they’ve figured out that he is the one who stirs up the most drama in the house with his flip flopping. Christine genuinely thinks that Nicole has her back so that rat can go next week I guess. If Frankie plan doesn’t work then it looks like maybe Derrick is gone. Either way works for me.

Cody seems to be getting another life though with Zach for now. Seems like Zach is rallying up Cody and Caleb to ensure that they are on his and Nicole’s side to take out everyone else before Zacole turn against them.

Zacole for final 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blow your nose Nicole

There is no way these two girls are super fans.


I like the way you talk!


Yeah – too bad big-mouth Zach went back & reported their entire conversation with Derrick & Cody. Is he really that stupid & impulsive that he can’t keep his mouth shut for 2 seconds? Of course Derrick went & told Nicole so now she doesn’t trust Zach & neither does anyone else.

slow your roll

While it seems like the Detonators are definitely spilt , I would not get too ahead of myself. The Detonators also appeared split last week and then miraculously aired their their differences out and worked together to save Zach in the final hours before evection. I’m pretty sure something similar will happen this week too. A lot of throwing people under the bus and flip flopping will undoubtedly take place over the next few days . Come Thursday however, it will either be Caleb or Victoria going home. Then my friend you will feel like an idiot.


It was a mistake for Donny to vote Nicole out, she would have trusted him otherwise now Nicole’s opinion of him is up in the air, even though it seemed to destroy him having to choose between them.

These people make me SICK!

The only reason Donny voted out Nicole was because he figure he could work better with Hayden and the fact that Hayden is a big guy so maybe he figure he could win competition. Now Nicole need to get over the fact that Donny voted her out and get her head out of her Ass and put up Derrick and Cody.

Roisen Dubh

I think Donny did the right thing. It shows his loyalty even when the chips are down. When Nicole starts thinking rationally, she’ll realize it. It would’ve made him look worse if he voted against Jo. The house would’ve spun it that he’s a rat. Donny’s winning America’s favorite. He’s the only one in that house with integrity. But he has to start playing the game with some aggression. Lee Harvey made it clear he’s gunning for him.


We’re talking about him voting out Nicole over Hayden but “this makes me sick” I agree completely that Hayden made more sense with him even though Nicole is the comp beast, he just had a better relationship with Donny and he probably though Hayden could take the pressure of the house against them better than Nicole

First timer

I think Donny was very smart for voting Nicole out because he probably knew the entire house was going to vote out Hayden over her. Hayden is (rightly) perceived as a stronger competitor by everyone. If he had voted for Hayden after working with them all week Nicole would look at it as flipping to the other side of the house. This way he was throwing away his vote so as to not have a hand in evicting either of them, or at least that is how he needs to explain it.


Nicole is an idiot if she holds that against him. What did she expect him to do when having to choose between the only 2 semi-allies he had. Of course he would pick the person who he thought might be more competitive. Donny needs to talk to her & pull her back & she needs to get over playing emotionally & work with him.


Victoria’s asshair is making her walk funny.


Anyone notice on the feeds last night Derrick grabbing Victoria’s ass when he got up from the couch? Of course, he’s got a daughter.


I would grab that tight ass myself! I can’t blame him for that. She had that cameltoe working last night in those tight shorts. She had to keep picking them out of her pussy everytime she moved.I would aske her to find something for me UNDER the bed. Once she had her butterface safely tucked under the bed she would look perfect! Face down ass up Victoria! Keep your best side to the sky………


Simon do you think Christine is actually telling the truth? I feel like I don’t know what’s going on with her until I see her DR sessions.


Christine is to the point where she can’t open her mouth without telling a lie.

Big Jim

Finally this shit is getting good!!

No Nothing Nicole

When will Nicole ever learn!! After what happen with Jocosta and Hayden she still wants to put up a weak player like Victoria. They need to put up the four guys Derrick, Cody, Caleb, and Zach.


I like how Christine said she didn’t want Donny or Victoria near the block after the veto meeting. If all pieces fall into the right places (Donny wins BotB, Victoria wins PoV or vice versa) we could get at least Caleb’s eviction which is good but not too good for Hayden

Jocasta's Bowtie Is Too Tight

Anyone, including Caleb, would be a welcome relief for Hayden after a week alone with J.
I’m really praying for the kid having to be stuck with her in the jury house. I think his only hope is that production gets his MM scrip filled quickly so at least the two of them could have some high powered theology debates, otherwise all he’s got is a week of swimming pool and watching CBN. YIKES!!!


There was a discussion between Frankie and Cody about 15 minutes ago (15 minutes before the HOH room reveal) which I missed.
I just saw the end of it, where Frankie left the HaveNot room and Cody looked at the camera and had a big grin on his face.
Could anyone tell me what that discussion was about? (it was after Frankie told Derrick about the new TA mission, so I was worried Frankie might be trying to convince Cody to volunteer as a pawn who’d then go home!)
Thanks a lot!


I think it is funny how Caleb insisted that Cackle-twat has to put up Victoria…because he knows Chief Wiggum told her to throw the BOB comp. Then she agrees to Nicole putting up Victoria with Caleb…instead. There is no way he will want Victoria to throw it now…if he is up there with her…especially if Nicole gets the HOH as a result. So is Cackle-twat actually going to let Nicole keep those noms…or steal Victoria for herself (if she gets first choice)…knowing Victoria has her “orders” from Chief Wiggum? Or is she basically trying to throw the HOH to Nicole?

Enough playing it safe (look where that got you this week, Nicole)…they should throw four detonators up there and let them battle it out…with Walking Vagina on one side and Chief Wiggum on the other and Spankie/Caleb beside them. They have nothing to lose…these guys are coming after them anyway. If they keep Zach and Donny off the block…maybe they could work with them. As much as I loathe Cackle-twat/Spankie, the REAL power couple (Chief Wiggum/WalkingVagina) need to be split up…


Welp…Zach and Nicole talk…she tells him about the Rationales…and he promptly has a ZachAttack of verbal diarrhea..spilling this info to the entire house. *facepalm*

Wake me when it's over

Nicole has nothing to lose, so why is she playing it safe again like she did last week, if she goes to jury I won’t feel sorry for her. Bye Bye

Why Zach Why?

He told Derrick the Pig about his ENTIRE convo with Nicole. Now Derrick flipping it around and telling Nicole she needs to put up Frankie and Zach together with plan to evict Frankie. The kicker? Team Screw Over Zach (I mean Team America) has the mission to convince a player to go up as a pawn and then get them evicted meaning Zach is the true target.

Hopefully Nicole is not this dumb to let Derrick manipulate her AGAIN. If she is she deserves to go home. ONE single convo with Zach about what Derrick has told her and Derrick is finally truly exposed and sent packing. But these houseguests are all cowards so of course Nicole will do what Derrick says thus sealing Zach’s fate this week and then her’s the next week. LOL.

Derrick the Pig still in control of the house. Can’t stand this, but I got to give it up to Derrick. As much as I cant stand him NO ONE is playing as good a game as him.

Nicole Go Home

Nicole is an idiot!! She will do whatever Derrick tells her to do.

Roisen Dubh

Of course she’s playing it safe. She’s got Zach on her side, he’s gonna play everyone and he became her meatshield. They should’ve gotten rid of him when they had the chance. Derrick is done. He made a serious mistake getting rid of Amber and then flipping to keep Zach. It’s all about chipping off the numbers and isolating people. Zach and Nicole are gonna do some serious damage. This became Zach and Nicole’s game. If they’re still around and Hayden comes back and pulls Donny in, that’s your F4 with Zach. Caleb even realizes he screwed up. Cody is clueless and will get dealt with. Derrick is scrambling, but he will make final 4. His top spot will be 3. Zach set the stage.

Super fans? LOL

You sound delusional.


Zach went from best position in the house to the worst. The idiot went and spilled just about the entire conversation he had with Nicole to DERRICK. DERRICK OF ALL PEOPLE. Lol. With this new team America mission Derrick once again gets to pull the strings and send Zach packing this time for good.

All Zach can do is hope he wins BOB or POV. This guy is entertaining but now twice we’ve seen him with the chance to completely change the game and twice he has choked under the pressure and just started blabbing his mouth too much.

Zach didn’t tell the WHOLE conversation to Derrick since he genuinely did want to work with Nicole but he told just enough for Derrick to EASILY be able to go right back to Nicole and make Zach look like the bad guy.

Sigh. Well the thought that the game got exciting lasted for all of 60 minutes. Derrick is back in control again due to the BS Team America missions and Zach’s inability to keep his damn mouth shut.

Zach better hope that this chance for him to get back into the game after being evicted is real because he’ll easily be voted back in if it an America vote. So disappointed in Zach. I really wanted him to be an evil mastermind genius, I really did. But he all talk. His BB game is SEVERELY lacking.


The proper nominations should be Derrick/Cody and Caleb/Donny. Unless you want someone specific to go home and then you pair them with Victoria. It looks like everyone is trying to gauge everyone else’s game except Victoria’s.


Would it be better if it was Derrick/Caleb; Cody/Frankie split them up and leave Donny alone not unless really needed.


in some of these pictures frankie looks like a human lizard……….


Oh my… right now Nicole is making a deal with the Porkish-Cop-Derrick to go after Frankie again!
Oh how I would love to tell her: your real enemy is right in front of you, you stupid goose!


Really want my two favorites Nicole & Zach to work together. UNFORTUNATELY Zach can’t be trusted because he’s a lunatic who doesn’t even know what he wants. He cares about nothing! I love it. And I’m starting to realize Nicole is not a very good BB player. FML! One more thing, Cody is my least favorite human now! (I don’t count Caleb&Victoria as humans). I should have known this from the start when his interests on his bio read; working out, running, and going to the gym…lolz!


I’m trusting Zach a little more but most of all I think Zach likes Nicole and doesn’t know how to come after her. He does it in a silly way. I didn’t think I would ever say this but I think Zach may be the man and really protect Nicole. You what they say opposites attack (attack). Leave Donny alone he’s paid his dues


Victoria is such a tool! Completely clueless and irrelevant to the entire social process occurring in the house she lives in! #GetVictoriaOut


Holy Crapola! Best and Craziest night of the feeds since Devin went Cray in the 2nd week!
Damn the DR must be feeding them some good meds tonight 🙂


I can only pray a Zach / Nicole / Donny secret alliance emerges this week
and they all get rid of Derrick and Cody soon!
That would be dreamy


Hopefully, Zach and Nicole will be able to form a trusting alliance with each other. More so than getting rid of Derrick – I think that Frankie, Christine, and Cody are the players that cause the most damage. Christine has shown herself untrustworthy numerous times. Frankie has shown himself to be both a liar and untrustworthy. Hopefully, Zach, Nicole and the other house guests understand how untrustworthy Christine and Frankie are.


Derrick realizing that voting out Zach would both hurt his game and give the power to people without his best interest. It seems odd to me that Nicole or anyone would be shocked, saddened, and dismayed that Derrick saved his alliance member. The house guests that are shocked, saddened, and dismayed that the strongest alliance currently in the house voted to save one of their alliance members have it backwards. For example, it was shocking when Shelly went against her alliance and voted out Jeff – Shelly voting out Jeff left her alliance Jordan and Rachel in a weak position. It was not shocking, for example, when Dr. Will and Mike Boogie worked to keep each other safe. Again, Derrick keeping an alliance member is important. Hopefully Zach will be able to work with Nicole – and, Nicole will be able to work with Zach. Together Zach and Nicole can work to get Christine and Frankie out. It seems as though Zankie The Love Story has ended – and for good reason. Frankie and Christine have shown themselves to be disloyal and untrustworthy – and in the Big Brother Game loyalty and trust is needed.

This Bitch!

Nicole would be the dumbest player in Big Brother history if she don’t put up Cody and Derrick.


I don’t believe she’s a B1tch, I just think she’s not a strong player and not thinking. Hopefully, Zach and Donny will help her out. Not a Bi1ch!!!


I don’t believe she’s a Bitch, I just think she’s not a strong player and not thinking. Hopefully, Zach and Donny will help her out. Not a Bitch!!!


The ironic thing is that Zach no longer trust Frankie when Frankie was still probably the most loyal to him in the house. Nicole wanted him gone! Him or Frankie which I don’t believe she’s said which isn’t lying perse, but she’s defintely trying to cover her ass. She got in with Derrick and Cody to ensure one of Zankie left. Derrick and Cody convince Frankie the house is voting out Zach and that Zach had been playing him, so Frankie turns on Zach.

I’m still rooting for Zach, but he doesn’t have a lot of options. He missed a week! And the house is built on lies. Nicole’s lies, Derrick’s lies, Cody’s lies, Christine’s lies, and Frankie’s lies.

If Zach is going to pick a side, he’d be better of with Frankie/Christine because I get the feeling Derrick will use Zach Attack for one last TA mission…


Something strange happened when Nicole became HOH – Derrick, Cody, and Frankie started behaving as though they did not have an alliance. It was dumb for them to even entertain the notion of voting Zach out. Hayden was strong in influencing Nicole’s thoughts of “back dooring Frankie.” Nicole’s HOH with Hayden at the steering wheel should have been an easy week for Derrick, Cody, and Frankie – as long as Zach was next to Jocasta – an alliance member was never in danger of going home. For some reason, Derrick, Cody and Frankie felt as though they had to answer to Nicole’s desire of “Nicole is not going to be happy if Zach stays.” The Detonators staying strong together have the numbers and no reason to make Nicole happy – especially when it comes down to voting out on of their numbers. It was a great attempt on Hayden’s part to try to get the numbers down for the strongest alliance in the house. Still, this should have been a no brainer week – The Detonators should have never considered voting out Zach. I do not know why Frankie decided to become overtly disloyal towards his alliance, and, especially Zach. I do not know why The Detonators felt as though they owed Nicole any type of explanation for voting out Hayden – Hayden used Nicole’s HOH and was somehow able to get The Detonators to self destruct. If the Detonators would have stayed loyal to each other – they would be able to go far in this game.


Are you kidding Frankie was never relly loyal to Zach – he’s pretty much constantly been throwing him UTB. Frankie is only loyal to Frankie.

Baby Firefly

These females are a sad representation of women everywhere AND super fans for that matter.

And I hate to be a pessimist, but Nicole letting Piggo run her HOH will either hurt her or send Zach or Caleb out. I swear, When Zach was on the bed flirting with Nic and Derrick was sitting there, for anyone who remembers the film Goodfellas, Derrick was looking at Zach like Deniro looked at Maury at the bar when he decided to kill him.
Derrick is pissed Zach told Nic all that he did, he can’t control him and will offer him up if he can. OR Caleb throws the BoB he sits there opposite Frankie and Piggo rallies the votes to get Caleb out.
Or he talks Caleb into not throwing it, they win and get Ratstine to backdoor Nicole.
Anyway you look at it Piggo’s clear and Tampax Cody follows along.
I hope I’m wrong, btw. I wanted that Zachole/Nach thing to work out.


Derrick and his alliance cheated during the voting to evict. He asked the person who they voted for in the hall, then after he voted he told the next person who to vote for. The rest of his alliance did the same. They should be called out for cheating. Nobody, is suppose to talk to each other when voting.


Christine, Christine, Christine, you made a dumb move of putting up Donny. That’s a no no. He will kill the competition.


At this point does it matter who wins. All the House Guests are equally creepy!!


I say we rent a helicopter with loud speakers and blowup everyone’s game to the house, watch them all shit themselves, lol sit back and watch the fights and name calling!


To bad they didn’t get any booze.


Love him or hate him zach is smart he wanted Hayden out so he could work with Nicole.. He’s a good player.. I would like to see zach Nicole Derrick and Donny as the final 4 but I don’t think it’s likely


I have no idea who to root for in this game.




Cody – “Every week from here on in will be stressful.. embrace it”.
Really Cody? It’s been stressful for Nicole, Donny, Jocasta, and Victoria for the last 6 weeks, while you relaxed in bed with Christine.
Feel some heat for once!


Everyone is going around spilling everything & lying – I swear this is the Season of the Rats.