Caleb – The best thing that can happen is me, you, Cody and Frankie in the top 4

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

BB16-2014-08-26 18-53-58-440

Guess what.. chit chat

BB16-2014-08-26 18-51-22-638

6:48pm Nicole and Derrick
Derrick asks if her parents are watching the feeds. Nicole Thinks they are but the time difference is probably a barrier. When the house is lively her parents are sleeping. Derrick misses his family a lot. Nicole can tell. Nicole says she’s glad she has Victoria, “She’s a good person”
Derrick agrees that Victoria is a good person with a great heart she just doesn’t have a clue about what is going on in the game.
Nicole says she’s starting to feel like she’s integrating back into the game. points out that she was only gone for 7 days. “Still in the back of my head I was voted out”
Derrick warns Nicole there are duos in the game that are just apparent to him now. HE adds that unlike other seasons the sides in the house are not apparent.
Derrick says he didn’t play strong in the beginning and built the relationships in the game. The duos are a huge threat in the game now there is only 8 people.
Nicole says she feels like it’s the house vs her and DOnny. Derrick says people are not as close she she thinks.
Nicole says Victoria and Derrick are really close but they probably don’t have a final 2.
Derrick – I promise you for what it’s worth you are not going home this week.. you only need 3 votes..
Nicole – Caleb told me
Derrick – there you go that’s all you need. (Victoria, Caleb and Victoria)
Nicole is really worried about the level of physical competitors in the house.
Nicole – I’m terrified of the wall
Derrick – you’ll do good at the wall
Nicole – Not against BEAST MODE
Derrick – Christine thinks she’ll CRUSH it
Derrick – at this point there really isn’t a clear winner this year..
Caleb and Donny join them. Donny says his armband is blinking 4

BB16-2014-08-26 19-42-01-840

7:25pm Cody and Christine Backyard
Giggle make making sounds.. talking silly giggling.. giggle giggle..
If you don’t make it to the end who is going to send you home?
COdy thinks Victoria will get Christine out
Christine – that’s funny she’s never winning HOH
Cody – I can’t wait to hear what people say about me when they watch this show
Christine – I can wait.. there’s been mean things said about me.. especially the week I was on the block and when I was the back door option.
COdy doesn’t think CHrinte being Backdoored wasn’t going down.
Cody really didn’t think Nicole was going to go through with it.
They don’t care if people see them talking off to the side anymore. “I’m so over it”
Christine says she’s not going to avoid Nicole like the plague.
Cody says he liked Zach but got turned off by him really early. Christine say Cody and Nicole are the only people she was really friends with. Cody you were my best friends they you tried ot get me on the block.
Christine Giggles :that must of hurt when you heard that”

BB16-2014-08-26 19-51-08-315

7:45pm Hammock Frankie cuddling Derrick
Derrick – feels amazing even though your hands smell like fish but i’m not going to tell you to stop
Frankie says tennly/Jenna i’ve got your man
Derrick says his wife is going to use this as a reason every times she wants him to watch a romantic comedy.

BB16-2014-08-26 20-08-17-945

8:03pm Bathroom Frankie and Nicole
Nicole Says after leaving the first time she’s come to peace what happened,
Frankie – we fixed it we left on good terms.. obviously you coming back is weird.. I harbour no ill will towards you
Nicole- Good I feel the same way to.. I’ve talked to people and they say they want to keep me.
Nicole says it’s weird to her because he wanted her out
Frankie you did something to me and therefore I did something to you “I feel it’s over now the past is the past”
He’s glad she talked to him “I feel like we hit the reset button
Nicole – that is how I felt but I knew you were in the game
She adds her game was over so she was at peace with what happened. Frankie says them fighting is ridiculous.
THey hug it out…

BB16-2014-08-26 20-08-06-139

8:08pm A spider travelling on his web throughout the sky. THe houseguests are mesmerized by this
Caebl – dude look at what he’s going
Donny – he’s a ninja

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BB16-2014-08-26 20-13-50-732

8:12pm Caleb and Derrick Hammock
Caleb says he’s always scared when Frankie and Christine are talking to people
Derrick – I’m with ya buddy
Caleb says Frankie talked to Nicole he’s feeling better about her.
Caleb asks him if he goes up with Frankie would Derrick use the Veto on him.
Derrick – 100%
Caleb says in a way I want Victoria to go home first so we can say we’re the biggest alliance to make it this far in the game.
Caleb – Dude I wish it was Wednesday
Derrick – Dude I wish it was Wednesday three weeks from now.
Caleb says if he’s not in the final 2 and Frankie is he’s go a real chance for America’s Favorite.
Derrick tells him he’ll make it to final 2 as long as everyone stays loyal.
Derrick – I’m not America’s player I need to bring money home.. I’ll be happy with second place
Caleb says Derrick is the only person that will take him to the final 2
Derrick says all he’s got is his word he can’t wait until Caleb watches about his life back home.
Frankie joins them says Nicole talked to him it’s all good.
Derrick – there you go it’s all you can ask for.. sealed his fate.
Caleb – The best thing that can happen is me, you, Cody and Frankie in the top 4
Derrick – yeah I agree
Derrick says that’s not great odds for him he’s going against 3 beasts but he agrees that the only combo he’s going with.

Christine joins them and they start talking about the backyard interviews.

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I’ve been away from the feeds for a couple of days…where does the vote stand now? Is it looking like Nicole or Donny is leaving?

Team Nicole :) but still team donny

It looks like Donny will be going home it looks like a done deal. Next week though could get interesting, hopefully nicole will win hoh but if it doesn’t happen there is a chance that she will be safe so make sure to watch the feeds next week it could possibly get interesting


Someone (viewer) was slamming people, saying that others were being judgemental. Really! Isn’t that what we watch the show for, to do exactly that? Let me pass on my unprofessional opinions of players. I know, I know, it is not Christ-like to judge and in real life that is one of my sins, as I do not like judgemental people, I am in turn being judgemental of others!

Derrick- he is acting like any other scabby cheater! He seems to love the fact that Victoria appears to have an obvious inappropriate relationship with him.

Victoria-she is as spacey as anyone I have ever seen! She is almost unintelligible when she speaks. She says things just out of the blue, not even making sense, if you can understand her at all! Her behavior when with Derrick is hard to watch! Especially, I assume by his wife! Alittle sickening! Alittle?!!

Christine-at first I thought her laugh was charming and she was just a positive person. Now, I feel I might crawl into the TV, just to duct tape her mouth shut!
Her husband is to be pitied! Her actions with Cody are disgusting! Some times I find myself shaking my head, with my mouth open in silent disapproval! Haven’t seen her washing dishes, cooking, really doing anything to help out in the house! At least the other torllup in the house (Victoria) cooks for her love on his orders! She is not loyal!

Caleb-poor boy, he can’t tell the truth to save his life! He has been every where, seen it all, done it all, knows lots of famous people, I could go on but it would take too long! He can spin quite a story (lie)! Just tonight, he said he went to state on the dart team when he was in high school! Frankie called him on it and he backtracked a bit! I feel badly for him, apparently he does not have much confidence as he feels he has to exaggerate everything he says or portrays to others! His obsession with Amber was very sketchy also! Bordering on nuts! I do believe he is probably a good guy, but needs some therapy to eventually be a acceptable member of society, and have a good, healthy, happy life.

Donny- good guy! Think he might bore me, if I lived in house too, but all and all he seems to be playing the game as best he can, since he is really odd man out in house. This years cast seems to be really good looking, young and hip! He has really gotten this far in the game by his own gameplay. Pretty good job, not really fitting in in any of the “gangs”.

Nicole-like her. She is smart and cute as anyone I’ve seen, but I don’t feel as if I even know her! She has played it close to the vest. I kind of understand though, what we do know about her is that she seems to have a pretty good moral compass. She is kind of set apart from the others also. She has been able to play the game and still make herself seem to be the “good girl”. Makes it hard for the others to relate.

Frankie-entertaining, fun, charismatic character! He has manipulated lots of the house guests and made them love him for doing it! He is pretty proud of himself, maybe with reason. We’ll see won’t we?

Cody-beautiful young man. Yes he know what he is workin with. Good for him. Makes me ill with Christine. They are so intimate with each other, unnaturally. He seems to be a genuine affectionate person as just the way he is, but his relationship with Christine makes him look like a sleaze ball. He easily hitched his wagon to the people who could help him the most in the house. His looks will always help in his endeavors, just hope he learns that there are times when boundaries are a good tool to understand also.

Me- having said ALL that, wanted to say my opinions are just that! I love the show! If it weren’t for the bad behavior that we can sit safe in the comfort of our own homes and watch, It would be terribly boring! We need those folks who are like us and different from us to “judge”! And that is part of the charm of the show! Sad to say but the bad, makes the good much more interesting! Don’t know who will win, not sure it even matters to me, but I will watch the CBS show and TVGN after hours as long as they are being telecast. Don’t have a favorite, much easier to feed my dark side. Sadly, I believe it is easier to be angry and hateful and I guess more interesting! I will pray after I finish this, because I have been unkind and judgemental! A trait no Christian should exhibit, let alone even think about! I know I’m wrong and so does our merciful God! Does hypocrite ring a bell? Will be disappointed when BB 16 is over. Look forward to season 17!


Not everybody who watches this show is a judgmental asshole hellbent on finding ways to hate people. I enjoy watching the contestants apply (or not apply) strategy. It is possible to do that without seething and trashing.


There is a difference between giving your opinion (as you just did) and tearing people down with insults. I made an unpopular comment that I think it is ironic when vile people pass judgment on vile people, or when people react to being offended by being offensive. Just an observation that apparently makes me more suited for Downton Abbey than BB ( : But whatever, to each their own.

Not fooling everyone

I hate Derrick. He hates on all the women and embarrasses his wife and child by groping Victoria. He is as bad as Christine. I guess some people are so morally corrupt they will sacrifice their marriage for money. Donny seems like the only won that has played the game remembering that he has people back home watching him. Donny has a lot to be proud of. Derrick is fooling himself if he thinks that America doesn’t see what he’s doing. And if Derrick thinks he’s gonna explain this all away as it was just a game, he’s got a big surprise coming. Nobody back in his hometown is going to ever trust that fool again. Just desserts if you ask me.


A lot of us are holding out hoping for a last minute TA vote Wednesday night to give Donny the Coup D’Etat. If that happens, he will be able to use it at eviction time and overthrow Cody’s noms and choose two people (but not Cody – he is HOH and POV holder) as the two new nominees. Then everyone will have to vote on the two that HE puts on the block. What a way to switch the game up!

Midnight at the Oasis

Dream on………

#1 Donny Fan

That would be great! In a perfect world…


well that would be nice – could that happen on the thursday night take himself off and replace with the person he wants gone? then the HG would have to choose from nicole and the new person(i say frankie).


Please let something exciting happen. Please. One of the people that are on team arrogant need to go.

pathetic casting should b fired

Twist …
whoever in casting choose the player, should have to go
into the house for the next three weeks and be partnered
with a player .. they picked em .. they should have to live
with them! … hell chain them together .. at least it would
get casting out of the freakin bars for a minute.


Im wondering if any housegues will ever say ” gee derrick hasnt even been on the block once.” In past seasons never being nominated was a huge deal but this season its not even thought about


I completely agree….hasn’t these people noticed that Derrick hasn’t been on the block at all?? I mean last week it was mentioned that Cody hasn’t been on the block so they wanted him to volunteer himself to go up. Now that Cody has been on the block, someone should at least throw Derrick under the bus and say “hey it’s your turn buddy.” I haven’t really heard anyone really scheming to get Derrick out either, maybe just Nicole and Donny, but I’m shocked and blown away that they haven’t been VOCAL about it. I like Derrick, but Im blown away that the HG are letting him fly under the radar. It’s like a cake walk for Derrick….I guess because he does not come off as intimidating or threatening compared to some of the other HG.


it is kind of strange that Derrick’s name hasn’t been mentioned. I guess if he can make it to the end without being on the block that can be a “kudos” to him. I still think that these players are really stupid. It would be nice to see a season with REAL players – but I guess most normal working Americans are too smart (and too involved in real life) to be able to take time off to play a game. Can’t wait for this season to be over. I do not really care anymore who wins, but I would LOVE to see someone besides Frankie win AFP (drawing on his sister’s fan base should not enable him to get votes – UGH)


8 times 2 HoH’s =32
POV used 7 of the 8 = 7
1 single HoH, no POV =2

41 nominations…… ?? math could be off one or two, but close enough to make the point…..

Derrick is 0/41 for noms to the block…. in what world would this not be on EVERYONES mind?!?!

Don't Wake Donny!

Donny has actually brought that up a few times…the fact that Derrick has never been on the block. Just goes to show the utter stupidity of these houseguests.

Tired of these fools

The problem with this entire alliance is that they are some of the dumbest players in the history of the game. They act like there is a final 6 that matters. Only the final 2 matter and Derrick (and perhaps Frankie) are the only two members of that alliance that even act like they are playing to make it to the final 2. I would not be surprised if Derrick makes it all the way to the end without ever being on the block or even winning another comp. I have been cheering for Donny because he is the outsider and the underdog and I always like to see the underdog beat the odds. If Donny goes out this week, I will be pulling for Derrick to win it all. He will be the only one that acted like he had a clue that he was in that house for a chance at 500k. Most of them are acting like they are at summer camp and are waiting for the guy with the hockey mask and chain saw to take them out.

On a side note, I can not listen to another thing that Caleb has to say. I’m starting to seriously wonder if he has some kind of psychological problem. First he is obsessed with a girl that would not piss on him if he were on fire, then he talks constantly about wanting to be on other reality shows, he thinks that America loves him and that he as a shot at being America’s player, every time there is a pic of a girl in someone’s HoH room he acts like he just saw the most beautiful woman in the world, he was talking about Frankie introducing him to his sister and Justin Bieber and he has no idea that Derrick (and possibly Frankie) will cut his throat the second they have the chance. He acts and talks like he is 15 years old. This is a gown man that claims to have served in the Military. really?? Poor guy I almost feel sorry for him but he is just too much of a d-bag.


Derrick’s absence from the nom chair became really obvious when they were studying together for what they believe the next comp will be. Not one person say ‘Hey, Derrick we notice you haven’t been up’. They just gloss over it like it’s the most natural thing.

I said it once and I’ll say it again, cult leaders have found their fresh new recruits with this bunch.

That's right...

Reel them back in Nicole. PS – If you don’t win HOH, it won’t matter.


I wish the viewers could evict someone! I also wish we had a jury cam. I would rather that spider be a houseguest then some of these people…

Don't Wake Donny!

Cody watching the spider in the backyard: “This is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen.”



So, I wanted to tell you all, literally I went to state in darts. ‘Cause that’s like a real thing. I totally know where Calub is coming from. ‘Cause I am literally an expert in anything anyone literally talks about, too. Frankly, I literally understand where Calub is coming from, yo. I also think that none of us should talk to Nicole alone,cause then our loyalties could be questioned.’cause she is literally a beast, yo.


Unless Donnie is staying there is no more reason to watch. Im going to bed!!!


Lol Caleb actually thinks he’s gonna win AF. What goes on in this kids head? Where does he actually get these thoughts! Does he just think he’s the bees knees or is someoem feeding him (false) info that America loves him. Amazing


It doesn’t help that Derrick encourages his delusions. I’m not getting the upside of why Derrick is feeding him that AFP crap. Is it a subliminal way to have Caleb play for anything but final 2?


The bees knees? Are you head of the Donny ancient fan club, minimum age 82?


Where’s the vote at right now? I want Donny to stay

Donny :(

read the first comment


I seriously think some of these houseguests think this is the Bachelor instead of Big Brother. The amount of groping, kissing, cuddling, and massaging between everyone makes it appear they are competing for love instead of money.


your right, especially crustine, she acts like cody is the first good looking man to ever give her attention but thing is crustine says in dr that she is playing him but i think we all know it is the other way around, yes cody fondles her all day long but all daddy derrick has to say is crustine needs to go and he would put her up in a heartbeat can’t wait to see who has the balls to hit first, even though i don’t want donny to go, if he does i will watch just to see these baby wolves eat each other alive,cody talks about crusty behind closed doors all the time talking about her not giving him space but see he started the rubbing and flirting and now she is falling in love and he is planning to get rid of her in the next few weeks derrick is already putting it in the others head, derrick isn’t gonna let cody bring crusty that far because he thinks that cody would pick her over him which he has a better chance to win going up against crusty then derrick, if derrick and frankie send donny home this week, i hope and pray that they go right behind him because it would serve them right voting against their alliance member, nicole wins hoh she isn’t putting noone up except derrick and cody becaus ethat is who hayden told her to go after to win so she is gonna listen to him but this season will not be the same with my man donny, i wish they could be some special power that would just save him already


It’s like hippie love commune instead of BB. I fear they will all have separation anxiety when the season is over.

Kathie from Canada

I think they have viewed this as summer camp for the lazy and unmotivated. Sadly they think they will emerge with adoration and countless pathways to quick money in the real world. The idiocy of their blatant blindness to the fact that they are supposed to engage in some level of completion astounds me.


You are exactly right, they think they are going to be stars, noticed and chased down by paparazzi, they are all talking about doing other shows, or they are going to have X followers, Derrick ordering people to design a t-shirt and they will be rewarded with an autograph? Who the hell are they that anyone would want their autographs. I would love to have BB make them all watch the show together, read these pages, and see what everyone really thought. Would love to see their reactions.


I’m divorcing my wife. She’s trash.


I can see it now, after BB16 is over(thank God), Christine leaves Tim for Cody only to find out Cody is gay


I hear that you’re no prize yourself, Tim.

Fear the Beard

Donny’s dang done it. He’s put enough doubt into the rest go the Alliance members minds (as small as they may be) to twist and turn with concern, and worry about who is coming after who first. Well played, Donny, well played.


you mean production stepped in. Donny didn’t do jack shit

Don't Wake Donny!

Have you even been watching? Guess you missed all the times Donny was talking with various houseguests and planting seeds. He’s had many conversations like that lately, telling various people accurate information about who’s running the house and who is aligned with who. He’s the only person to put Derrick (albeit briefly) in panic mode.

Orange County

Donny is the best. Give him some credit. Why does it bother you so much that Donny has outsmarted most of the other houseguests? Donny had Derricks number right away. Had production not stepped in and helped Derrick and Frankie to get an advantage, Donny would be in a better position today. Its all a game and Donny was targeted and not helped. He did most of his winning on his own.
Glad that he is creating doubt and exposing Derrick to the alliance members. Maybe it will make Derrick actually work now instead of just coasting on the back of the lemmings that he started with.


This twist of having Nicole return and not giving her safety is bullshit. What did the producers expect to happen… >_> Either one of them going home sucks, but I think I’d rather see Nicole stay honestly.


Ya know, maybe just maybe Nichole is holding back. She may have come back with a special power and nobody knows about it. That makes sense to me because usually the returning jury member is given immunity but she wasn’t in this case. Its possible and we we’ll have to wait and see. I would love to see a repeat of Season 11 when Jeff used the coup d etat. That would be awesome. Maybe that is what the next big vote will be for TA. Maybe we will be given the chance to vote on who gets the power like we were able to vote on who gets the power in Season 11. Have to wait and see. Nothing else, it would at least make the rest of the season watchable.


Ughhh…that sums it up for me. The only hope I have for this season is for Nicole to be in the final two (a miracle needs to take place). Anyway, I’m praying that Donny wins America’s favorite…he deserves it in my opinion.


Lady’s and gents, the games have officially begun xD


Is there anything Caleb has not experienced in his life? He would have to be eighty to have done all he claims. That or the guy has some serious ADD going on.


Hey, beast mope is a well travelled and seasoned critter! He is an expert in all types of unarmed thinking. He is faster and more nimble than anyone, ever! All the womens want him and all the mens want to be him. Why you would be lucky to have even a tenth of his DNA for your babies. His sense of style is unraveled, no one has ever paired orange shorts, cowboy boots, and American flag tank top with such vurve and vigor. And lord knows, never will again.

Not a Coyboy

Out of all the things he has done, I can’t recall a single cowboy type thing.


Yes, but Caleb did serve his country. He suffered from PTSD and got help. You may not like him and I don’t excuse all his behvior, but the guy served honorably and that is a lot more than most of us can say. I cut him some slack on the show given his time in combat in Iraq.


if Caleb did serve in Iraq, it seems more likely he sustained a brain injury. I once knew someone a lot like him and could not believe a word he said.


He may have suffered PTSD from being in Iraq, but I have seen postings on other sites from people that claimed to have served with him and they state that he was the same weird guy we are seeing on tv so that doesn’t account for it. Seems like he just has low self esteem, maybe he was a big high school stud from a small town, and now that he’s out in the big world, he just can’t handle that he isn’t the big fish, has to make stuff up to feel better about himself and better his chances of having people like him. It’s sad. I bet he would be a nice guy if he knocked all that off. Sad to say, after the “Broadway Show”, I don’t think he has much of an acting future.

Skerry Sherry

“I wish I could live forever in Big Brother land with my care bear Cody…”

It’s skerry that Christine would think ANYONE believes that her fawning over Cody is “strictly game”.


Why is Cody yet again running his mouth about calling someone out. He wont do jack as usual. Unless of course police boy tells him to do so. And am I missing something here? How does Christine know that people on the net have said bad things about her if they have no access to the outside?

Christine – I can wait.. there’s been mean things said about me.. especially the week I was on the block and when I was the back door option.

Even during the HoH reign when they do the blog, it used to be that internet access was restricted solely to that blog page. Did they change this?

Michael from Canada

She’s talking about people in the house saying mean things to her. They were talking about watching the episodes when they got home.

It's not Rocket Science

Christine knows that the internet is full of bored, hateful people saying hateful things. She probably sharpened much of her own hatefulness on anon internet forums and social media. Commenters here have posted hateful comments and ill wishes towards every single houseguest this season including Donny. (Personally I think many of the insults I’ve read here are just as crude and immature as the houseguests themselves.) Christine HAS to know her behavior and comments have earned her some legitimate backlash though.


Thats easy. Christine was one of those feedsters that made nasty comments season after season. She also has to be aware, after what Zingbot says, that her marriage is in trouble and that America sees her in a less favorable light. She also backstabbed Nichole and Nichole plays well to the public so she knows that was not popular. Also, and probably most obvious for her, she is one of the least physically attractive people in the house and the less attractive people get savaged by online posters. That combined with her self-admitted “mean girl” status all her life, kind of laid it all our for her to be ridiculed by the online community. I hope she gets some help for herself when she gets out because I don’t think she truly understands that the hate is much stronger than she could have ever imagined.




The thing that pisses me off about these houseguests is that almost none of them are playing for the $500,000! They are more concerned about the America’s favorite winnings. They mention its about ten time a day, EACH. Um hello?! The point of the game is to win the final prize! Derrick today said that he is fine with second place. You have given up your life, wife, and daughter for second place? That shouldn’t even be an option! Caleb is trying to on CSI and the Bachelor , Christine is trying to gain money for life after a divorce, Cody is trying to find out how many tampons he can buy with $500,000, and also trying to see how long he can make that money last before he has to go back to private dancing for married women and old men, Victoria is going to use the money to buy a house next to Derrick so that they NEVER have to be apart, and Frankie will use the money to buy more twitter followers to feed his ‘SOCIAL MEDIA MOGUL” career, and Nicole, I don’t even think she knows that they are getting money at the end, I think she just wants to play big brother for another 3 months. Donny may be the only one who actually cares about the final prize. I’ve just started to rewatch season 2, and this game has changed so much. You can tell that the players then where hungry for the game. They were in it to win it. I’ve OFFICIALLY had it!!


Umm…leaving your family for 3 months to bring home 50k plus the TA winnings? Umm yea, I wouldn’t even have to think about it. Derrick is lucky if that is his yearly salary as a cop! I would sacrifice not seeing my family for 3 months to bring them home 50K plus! No brainer.


You obviously didn’t read what I said clearly. The point that I was making was that he is basically saying that he is okay with second place, if you are going to sacrifice not seeing your family for that long, you should be going for the final prize, second wouldn’t even be a thought once in my mind. I would be always thinking $500,000! He has a $50,000 mentality, not a half million dollar mentality.

It's not Rocket Science

Nah Derrick is definitely playing for first place. Not admitting it is just a part of his strategy of nonthreateningness.

Don't Wake Donny!

You do know that what one houseguest tells another isn’t necessarily the truth, don’t you? Derrick of course wants first place. He just says things like that to idiots like Caleb in hopes that if it comes down to it, Caleb might take Derrick to final two because “he would be very happy with second place”. In a subtle way, it makes Derrick appear as less of a threat. At the end of the day (ugh) second place is better than third, fourth, or fifth, but everyone in that house is playing for first. Derrick most of all.

F Train

You know that game “Three-card Monte”? Ya, that is what Derrick is trying to do with the 2nd place prize. He is distracting the last couple of threats to think that they got the 500,000 in the bag when at the last minute, he is going to switch up the cards. It’s a nice try but it is not going to work against Cody or Frankie, might work against Caleb or Victoria. We shall see but I think that Derricks luck is coming to an end.


Not to mention, regardless of what Derrick said, he is playing for the half million dollars. He has been since day one. Whether you like the way he plays or not, he is going for the win.


no, derrick def is the only one playing to win and he’s trying to play it down obviously for othe rpeople.. but the rest are idiots and they are falling for his sweet talk!!! i can’t even handle this!!! derrick knows what to say to each house guest and how to say it.. caleb is delusional and is only there for the fame and thinks he will be on survivor/amazing race… he just wants to have 1k twitter followers and stay in the house the longest and be friends with frankie… christine thinks she is finally one of the cool people… cody is just derricks bitch… nicole is sweet, but just believes them! like frankie telling her the reason he put her up and she forgives people and believes their bullshit.. donny just knows their is no use in campaigning the damage is done!!! and its so obvious someone derrick is going to bring victoria to the final 2!!! he isn’t going to say that, but he’s playing it awesome.. now planting the seed to get out frankie.. and then he will convince them to keep victoria for final 4/3 and before u know it she’s sitting next to derrick in the final!!! survivor is way better then this hot mess of a season!

Michael from Canada

Exactly. Derrick’s whole strategy is to appear weak and non-threatening. He always talks about how he can’t beat most people in F2, how he can’t win at mental competitions, etc.,

And I truly think he’s been throwing comps this whole time. If he’s on the block, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him beast out a POV win, or save it until the final HOH comp.


Please, that was more BS for the viewers because Derrick thinks we’re stupid and believe he is humble. Derrick knows he’s going to win. If he doesn’t, he will be soooooo pissed and probably be in disbelief.


So. Basically in this “alliance”, nobody makes any moves unless they get the okay from Derrick. Everyone is just helping Derrick to try and accomplish his task of winning. I think in the beginning of the game, we chose Team America players based on their stories, because if I had known how Derrick & Frankie would turn, you’d better bet I wouldn’t have voted for them for TA. Looks like Donny’s going home.. Sadly… And I don’t know when Victoria will realize her place in the game. So far we have Victoria the Victorious (NOT!), Derrick the Deceitful (Kinda), Frankie the Fake F*cker, Christine the Clueless Cuddling C*nt, Cody the Careful (NOT!), Nicole the Nice/Neat, and Donny the… (Idk)

It's not Rocket Science

I will not be surprised if Victoria is victorious in winning 50k at the end of this. Which would be a perfect cap off to this twisted season.

Please Don't Go Donny, Stay for TA

The only TA member I voted for that got it was Donny, he was the most sincere person then and now, he can actually leave this miserable show go back to his life and gf in NC, but still sad that some of you all voted DerPrick and Stankie to only be the dimise of poor Donny boy, I hope they are the next 2 to go, I hope the final 2 are 2 people that hasn’t picked on donny all season long, no vic, derprick,stankie, chrustine,cody, so that only leaves caleb and nicole so i guess lets go caleb what has this bb16 the most twistest season ever, yes it was twisted all right we all knew who would be going home before they did, this has been the most predictable season ever if you ask me, nicole acts like she likes donny but she has been campaigning hard to stay donny has already been there did this he knows if these morons wants him to go it is all in their hands why couldn’t he win a veto when it matters instead of winning it that one time using it on jocasta lol, still praying for pandora’s box so donny can win something to save himself and nicole now that would be a start to a twisted season if you ask me, plus if they do send donny home i hope the TA missions will be over cause i don’t want them to win any more money stankie and derprick is pricks they are more than i can type on this screen, pure evil for not saving donny, they control everyone in that house so if they wanted him to stay bad enough he would, we still have one more day for them to work on houseguests, sorry nicole fans but i hope she runs her mouth to the wrong person aka victoria that she wants derrick and cody out then derrick wouldn’t want her to stay so bad, he has made himself believe that she would put up crustine and cody they are no way she is going after the big dogs like derrick and frankie can’t wait to see their blindside in this game i am gonna laugh


Seriously Christine aren’t u freaking married??? get your slutty hands off of Cody. GROSS and to Cody, why the hell would u even go anywhere near that freak a zoid. You are gonna need that 500K christine because I hear DIVORCE is pretty costly. puke


This season sucks.


Anyone here old enough to remember HR Puffnstuff? Christine = Witchiepoo


Did you seriously just say Witchiepoo………? I’M CRYING LAUGHING! I love BB fans.




Funny, she really does. The other day when she had her hair in a pony tail, I thought she looked like Fievel Mouskewitz from A Mouse Tale.

I hate this

I like Donny but he had a very bad social game.

Im glad Nicole is staying if she somehow makes it by the Grace of God to the final 3 she would have to win HOH because she would be the easiest choice to win. Hopefully a woman wins against a man for the 1st time. I dont think anyone would beat her in the final 2.

Hopefully Frankie goes to Jury thinking he’s Americas Favorite only to find out Donny/Nicole is.

The Cody and Frankie read how much people despise them.


Cody is the biggest tool in the BB House!!!!!!


I don’t think Donny had a bad social game at all. I just think he got scr3wed over from the beginning. He was put into a house where most people where almost 20 years younger than him, not picked to be in the alliance Frankie and Caleb put together which made him an outcast to all the power moves this year, and bi-polar Devin, the first person to try an align with him, didn’t do him any favors when he made Donnie the house’s first target and then started the confusion about who Donnie really is, which Derrick used to keep people from trusting him.

So the alliance of idiots that do whatever Derrick says has kept Donnie away from any control this season, but every house guest that has left has praised Donnie. The hand he was dealt from the beginning has just kept him from having any kind of power in the house. I’m just hoping that Donnie blows up TA. Derrick has played a good game but really hasn’t had to work too hard to be on the top since all the other players in his alliance are really really bad at this game. Its been very easy for him. Would love to see him sweat it out till the end and earn the half a mill since I really don’t want to see anyone win it at this point.

go donny

Trying to watch brad but Christine cackling and Cody spotting is so annoying. Can we please get America vote so we can vote her out like tonight? Ugh just ugh.

go donny

Cody snotting

2 cents

I hope the audience gives Donny a standing ovation and that they cheer the place down. I don’t need them to go back to watching the house. I would much rather prefer a half long interview with Donny.


The fact that Derrick thinks that we want ANYTHING that has been signed by him…… LMAOOO! Oh Ms. Piggy, we don’t want anything, but your eviction.


Bhahaha- Derrick wake up and smell the coffee – you are not a celebrity, you are just a participant in a TV show.


Oh Nicole. Just when I thought you couldn’t get any dumber you say to Derrick two nights ago you’re concerned Cody controls him, and now you listen to his mist re “pairs” in the house. Nice to see you were so focused when Hayden was attempting to explain the facts of life to you……..Just a thought people, no matter how bad your life may seem, at least you’re not Tim……..Victoria may be the most pathetic person in the history of reality TV with Caleb a close second. Great hiring CBS.


Caleb’s family makes the lobster biscuits for Red Lobster…? He was the Kentucky Darts State Champ. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m going to start calling Caleb Barbie, because he has literally had more jobs than Barbie herself!

Frankie is repulsive

So Caleb and Cody heard the guy with the bullhorn scream something over the wall a few days back about Frankie being the Sabateuer….but no mention of it since. Don’t you think these guys should be going crazy with information like that? It sort of just fell flat like a lead balloon. They are too stupid to do anything with information unless they hear it from the master himself Derrick.
Thoughts? I don’t have the feeds, but read this site like an OCD person. Am I missing something? Shouldn’t that shout out from over the wall created more drama? I was so hoping they’d really turn on Frankie. My worst fear is he’ll make it to the final 2. Ugh. Can’t stand that guy!!!

i lied

said i woudn’t post again but stuff happens…everyone gets parinoid at this point in the game..donnys done all a good ole boy can do..derrick and frankie tried to save him (lmao) but to frankies credit i think he thought it some how would help him…derrick just thought the effort, how ever trivial would make him look better..(failure) fake attempt but nice try….now i look to nicole can she pull of a miracle after pretending to like everyone in the house…or will she get misted again……hoping not…..i like bb don’t have to like who wins or who places 14th…i just like the interaction among house guest..sad tho they felt it necessary to put in a grande (not famous or likable)..i guess if thats what the bosses thinks it takes to make it a success..then they missed the point of just putting regular folks in the house and letting them compete…i guess no one wants to see ugly fat old farts play and amazing game of did you see that coming…..just same old dump pretty people every year..and always the one gay dude

The doctoring

Christine is a pig. Even after she cries about dingbot calling her on it and begging production not to use certain clips she continues to rub Cody all over. Even if her husband doesn’t care maybe her parents m


I think Christine is living in a bubble – she is going to be devastated when she comes out of the house. I can understand how gratifying it is to be able to have some hot young stud to rub and cuddle with, but I think Cody is just a touchy feely person AND SHE IS MARRIED. I was kind of shocked to hear him say (in earlier posts) that he basically doesn’t trust her and would be fine with getting her out – I actually thought he was “grooming” her for a final two – guess he just isn’t that smart. I think she would be easy to beat in the end (Not that I want either of them to make it to the end)

Aanchal Atwal

OMG fakie is such a fruit.. expect the unexpected? Most twisted summer ever? This season is a joke.


Just thought of the touchy-touchy duo as, get this, the “blunder” twins. NOT “wonder” because let’s face it they aren’t that wonderful. Get it!!! lolol They have to be touching in order for their powers to activate.

Both- “Blunder Twins powers activate!”
Cody- “Shape of a lump of pretty poo”
Christine- “Form of a treacherous Biyach”



I am like most of you so disappointed in this season. I do wonder though what the “non-feed non- internet viewers” think of this season. It is so easy to be disappointed if you are watching what is going on in the house (or reading about it here). I have a hard time separating myself from the game vs. what is going on on-line, but before I started following the game I only watched BB on TV and I loved it. After seeing how production edits people, it leaves a lot to be desired. I now find myself watching the show and judging how everyone is portrayed by production. I think if you didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes – Christine might actually be kind of accepted, her groping of Cody could be seen as game play and Derrick might be seen as trying to do what America wants. It is very frustrating knowing how production sways our perceptions. Anyway – I would love to see someone like Donny or Nicole win, but I am scared it is going to be Frankie and Christine and America (the non-feedsters) will be happy with the results. UGH

Nuther nonmous

I live in a household where everyone else watches only the tv show, and I read this blog to know what is really happening and keep my mouth shut so I don’t ruin the fun. The tv show only fans LOVE Donny and Nicole. They think Derrick is playing a brilliant game, and hate Frankie. They are creeped out by Caleb, and don’t like Victoria or Christine. And they see Cody as Derrick’s floater that he will take to the end.


I am in the same type of household as you – my husband (who only watches the TV show) likes Donny and Nicole, but he also likes Frankie (thought the Zankie romance was hilarious) – he also thinks Christine is PLAYING a pretty good game – which makes me SICK. Unfortunately there are many people out there who are thinking just like him, I just wish America was more aware of what is really going on in the house.

Don't Wake Donny!

I was afraid the “tv episode only” viewers would really like Frankie. I remember the live audience laughing every time he went in the DR to cast his vote, in the beginning at least. Then the whole Zankie thing was pushed down the viewers throats. I hope they see him for what he really is, but it’s going to be hard with the edits they give him.


The tv edit makes Frankie and Derrick look like perfect little angels. They don’t show all the badmouthing and Donny backstabbing they do. Derrick yells bullshit to the audience in his diary room sessions like they’re stupid houseguests listening to him.


Statement made no sense


what statement?

stick a sock in it

Will someone please shut up bitchstines constant laughing! I swear she laughes at everything and nothing! She she is so frickin annoying! That is trailer trash for ya! If I was her husband I would definitely file for divorce. Her constant rubing on cody is beyond game play! I hope his family puts the pressure on him that she is totally disrespectful to her marriage vows to rub on Cody and Lay next to him in bed. It is a clear reason for divorce! If she will do that on national TV what would she do when no one is lookin. I don’t care if you’re not pretty , that does not give you a free pass to act like a ho. Tim I’m sorry for you, but please don’t be sucked into “game play” for her behavior!! Be a man and kick her to the curb!!! There will be a lady out there for you that will not make you look like a desperate fool to earn your love and respect!!!! Then there is Victoria. What can we say, she is soooo stupidddd! If I was derricks wife he would have a lot of explainin to do. Votes don’t matter when you are com promising your marraige. I’m sure he is enjoying all the attention she is giving him, especially when he gave her the boob comments. He would be in for a lot of sleep in on the couch, totally disrespectful!!! Then there is the last and biggest slut of them all Frankie!!!! Need I say any more.


simon I think big brother should give the power to America
this is what im thinking hoh nom two people
but America vote one out every week
in let us replacement nom if one comes down I think that be the best season ever
give us the power


That’s the way it was Season 1. I agree, wish they would bring it back.


yes and no – the first season was kind of boring. If they brought it back people like Derrick who pander to America in their DRs would be loved, and we would be left with a house full of people like Derrick (who is playing a great game with KIDS who can’t think beyond today – I would love to see him in a house full of actual players – his game might not be so great then – right now it is looking like he will win – great for his family – not so great for us fans – kind of boring)


I also think they could let America vote for the hoh comp
give three option
we don’t have to know the game it could be the wall endurance or another endurance we just pick it in they build what kind of endurance, mental,skill it is


Interesting yet not totally surprising conversation last night when Victoria told Derrick about her assaulting someone at home – didn’t catch every word because of the thick Hebe accent.
“I can be brutal” She seems quite proud of herself.
So she wants six kids, huh? Watch out guys – she’s coming to a town near you with all that hair in a suitcase and willing to be brutal….Her face is mean and ugly.

The Truth

“Thick Hebe accent”?

Don’t be a douche.


Cody’s numerous paranoid ramblings are getting seriously annoying. I swear he’s even dumber than Caleb.


Christina talking about derrick now maybe it want be a bad ideal for her to win hoh
maybe she put up derrick
will somebody please put derrick on the block
but I sill want her to lose


I want Derrick or Frankie to win because they have played the best game but they are supported by a bunch of cretins which means I have to root for the cretins so both Frankie and Derrick have the best chance of winning.

I absolutely can’t stand Caleb, Cody and Christine. I really like Victoria but I definitely don’t want her to win either. Christine was good for a week or two but she’s gone back to doing her Andy impression. If She or Caleb wins I will throw up.


Could not take BBAfterdark,starting watching Britney from BB 12, funny,funny, that is what big brother should be! I really miss those guys! Even when she fights with Rachel and Brandon,it was great! Everyone had class,this group has no class! Is there anywhere you can get their take on this cast!l

Skerry Sherry

Christine is so verry skerry. I think she’s reliving her high school years as a “mean girl” instead if a nerd. She’s got her hot, jock boyfriend and is in with the “cool kids”. When she’s booted out it’s going to be tough on her to readjust to real life. She gets skerred thinking about it…


Lest we forget: the aggressive cuddling and elbow jobs Victoria was giving out for free to her new ‘bestie’ Nicole. She’s no friend to anyone. She is despicable and the only reason she sticks to Derrick and won’t actually hate him too is because he’s her last string to attach to because she cannot get along with anybody.
Derrick is so nauseating talking to the camera and saying he will sign t-shirts with Cody to fans if they design logos. What?
Why would they want this fucktard’s autograph?


Correction: not giving elbow jobs to Nicole but to Hayden.
Anyway Victoria is still a skank no matter how many grammatical mistakes I make. She is rubbing up Derrick and criticizing Christine for the same behaviour.

Derrick's Pig Smell

I’m not afraid of every animal – look how I pet my hair weave all day long. – Victoria

BB fan

Why does everyone say Christine is sooo ugly and that Cody would never like her? Beauty is different for everyone. There are millions of couples that other people look at and say crap like how can she be with that ugly or fat guy or vise versa. This is just my opinion

Please Don't Go Donny, Stay for TA

I don’t think people are totally basing their opinions of her just on her outside appearence, even if she looked like a supermodel the fact of it is is she is married, and she is so mean spirited inside that her ways she acts is ugly to me, she is a easy hoe all their is to it, yes cody may think she is beautiful he has that right but he said numerous times that it is only game cody is flirting his way to top 3 or 4 at most, christine has eat up all the attention he gives her but he talks about her like a dog behind closed doors he dispises her the way he talks. in real life a guy like cody would never give crustine a second glance but what he started early on in the season he can’t just end it just yet, derrick and caleb has already put in word to cody that they want her gone cody didn’t defend her he won’t care for one min to put her up and vote her out the same day. If he really cared for her as a friend or whatever, he would defend her if he cared one tiny bit but truth is cody is too dumb to realize the only people he could bring to finals to win against would be crusty or beast mode, anyone else he would lose even victoria the ultimate floater of the season, if i have to cry to see donny walk outside those doors i hope derprick, stankie and crusty are right behind them to follow, i would love to see an all girls alliance nic,vic and crusty but they are too dumb following these boys every moves to make decisions for them selves, thils season has got on my nerves since it has been on and will continue to bother me till it is over, never seen a bunch of houseguests can’t vote the way they want they got to vote with the house lol


BB fan could you identify what planet you are from?