Big Brother Spoilers – Derrick tells Christine “I’m sleeping with you tonight, SADDLE UP!”

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-27 02-09-11-688

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12:05am Frankie, Caleb, Christine and Derrick are out on the backyard couch. Caleb hugs Frankie and heads inside. Frankie says Caleb is the brother I never wanted. Derrick says I’m sleeping in the rock room with Christine tonight because apparently I’m a d**k head. Frankie says I know you have a big d**k head. Derrick says I didn’t say that you did. Apparently Christine’s mad at me. Christine says I confronted him about him avoiding me and he’s pissed off about it. He’s pissed off that I told my friends first in front of him and everyone. Derrick says I’m pissed off that she is referring to them as friends and me as Derrick. Frankie asks Christine who are your friends. Christine says Cody, Nicole and Victoria. Derrick says you weren’t included in the friends Frankie. Christine says he was sleeping. Derrick says you were on the go F**k yourself train. Christine says you never hang out with me Derrick. Derrick says I’m sleeping with you tonight, SADDLE UP! Frankie and Christine smile. Derrick says not that way! Cody joins them and they talk about Derrick telling Christine to saddle up. Derrick & Frankie head inside.
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12:35am In the fire room – Derrick says there have been a lot celebrities on this season. Frankie says this is the most popular season ever! Will Arnett, Kathy Griffin, Julie Chen .. there’s just a lot. Victoria says who knew Victoria was going to be on the show. Frankie asks who? Victoria! Derrick says Ariana Grande was here in the crowd. Frankie says I really want to know how she’s doing. Derrick says 25 days. (More like 32 more days.) Frankie, Victoria and Derrick go to sleep.

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12:50am – 1:55am In the kitchen – Nicole heads to bed. Christine tells Cody – I need to control myself and not let it show. Cody asks why who. Christine asks if it was obvious out in the backyard. Cody says I don’t like that attitude at all! Christine says I’m sorry how many times do we hang out alone. Cody says a lot. Christine says I had one conversation whit him and it was bullsh*t. Christine says you’re pissing me off. Christine says I love you Cody. Cody says I love you too. Cody says Daddy’s home!! Christine asks what if America hates us. I don’t even care. Christine says I just got depressed the other day. Like I am playing for 50k no matter what. Everyone in the jury hates me. Ah F – me! Cody says Frankie won’t leave me alone with anyone! Cody says I definitely don’t think I would beat Caleb. Christine says I think you could beat Derrick in hear beat. They agree they couldn’t beat Donny. Christine says if we get down to final 3 and you tell me to get to stepping and I’m still here… I am going to murder you! This is a game and I trust you. Cody says whenever you and I are talking Frankie comes up. He is just paranoid. Cody says I didn’t get Pandora’s box. We could still get it tomorrow. Christine says she’s going to get it. Cody and Christine head to bed.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-27 03-01-20-247

9:15am – 11:30am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests. In the kitchen Caleb notices ants crawling on the counter and starts spraying them with Raid. He looks at the camera and says Raid this stuff is amazing. Caleb reads the can and says outdoor fresh.. but we use it inside. Caleb heads back to bed. Frankie is awake. He eats and goes back to bed. Donny works out on the elliptical and then sits on the couch. All four cameras are on the house guests sleeping.. Christine and Donny are out on the backyard couch sitting in silence.

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178 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Derrick tells Christine “I’m sleeping with you tonight, SADDLE UP!”

    1. Yep seems like the frootloop dingus is back under Derrick’s spell.
      I am hoping she wins HOH just to see what she would guess Frankie and Christine or maybe Derrick will tell her to nominate herself

      1. It appears she is back under Derrick’s spell, but I think Hayden’s voice is the more prominent in her mind when he told her Derrick and Cody at the buy back competition. I think she is playing Derrick the way he played her and Hayden. If she is HOH this week, it may be the biggest game move all season if Derrick and Cody hit the block. One of them will be gone for sure and it will probably be Cody to split up the undercover couple. She will be a huge target after that but will gain the respect of all the other HG’s for making a big move. Frankie was right when he told Derrick that Nicole needed to go this week. If she can get Derrick and Cody out, she could win BB this year.

        1. I’ve been thinking she is playing them too, at least I’m praying that she is. I’m guessing when her and Hayden talked in the jury, he told her not to show her true cards to anyone. I’m really anxious to hear the diary sessions to know for sure. If she does not win HOH, I hope that some coup De ta or whatever falls in her lap that she could use to save herself at some point. Sounds like they may not be after her this week but you never know. I do like how Derrick has played and has wool over everyone’s eyes and would not mind if he won….BUT…I would love to see him have to work harder. It’s been too easy for him!

      2. I don’t think she is under a spell, she is just doing what she thinks she needs to do to further herself in this game. The thing about the live feeds is that you don’t get to hear what they say in the Diary Room sessions. In there they could be explaining or countering what they say to the other house guests. I am rooting for Donny as well, he may not have much of a social game but he is much more deserving then Victoria, Cody or Caleb. They all just do what they are told, that is why they lasted as long as they did. Caleb cursed Frankie up and down, making physical threats against him, now he is his best friend. Having said all that, I don’t agree with production interference for Donny to stay. He play aspects of the game well, but missed the ball on certain parts. He was playing more as a fan, enjoying the goings on in the house. He should have been acting upon what his thoughts were earlier and more often.

    2. Nicole had 2 chances to shake things up and she caved in……what makes any of us think she’ll do it now that she’s back in the house?

      1. I must of missed that.. how did she cave in? She targeted Zach and she targeted Frankie and didn’t cave in one bit when doing it… it didn’t go her way but that wasn’t because she backed down in any matter. I think Nic is playing the house better than Derr right now. She is doing it so well she has even the audience fooled.

        Derr made a mistake when he told her “it got back to me that you said you and I had a f2 deal”. The only person Nic told about Derr and hers f2 deal was Vic… so she KNOWS vic told Derr. I think Derr assumes she told Zach that, but she didn’t so he was trying to play it off that Zach repeated it. Knowng that Derr is doubting her she plays off the Derr is so great, trustworthy, amazing card to Vic hoping Vic repeats in and Derr starts to think he has control over Nic again. She is being Masterful right now.

        She is playing into Cody so Cody thinks Nic is back in love with him again.. but the other night as soon as Cody walked inside, under her breath she said “I hate you Cody.” She is also subtly mentioning to people her head isn’t in the game anymore because of being voted out lulling them into thinking she isn’t a threat. Most underrated player of the season so far.

      2. i would say she’s saying the right things. I think if she won HOH she would also say the right things and put up Christine and Victoria. and say it is because Vic won’t win POV, and they can control putting someone up they want to backdoor if they do it that way. And if not, valid reason to get Christine out.

        Love Cody talking about how he wants Frankie and Christine out. Now. Like Cody, remember when you were HOH and won the Veto? Remember how you had a chance to take someone off the block and put Frankie up right then? Oh, no? Forgot that in Derrick’s manipulations?

        But he’s all for it now, when he isn’t HOH and doesn’t have a Veto anymore, and knows someone else is going to be the one to put him up?

        Oh, OK<

    3. I wouldn’t be so sure… She said “I trust that guy (Derr) with my life” to Victoria. She knows Victoria is infatuated with Derr AND she knows that Victoria told on her for saying “Derrick and I made a final 2 deal.” Victoria was the only person Nicole told that to and Derr let it slip that it was told. I really think she is talking up Derr to Vic in hopes it will get back to Derr in hopes if he wins HOH he won’t go after Nic. It is impossible to tell what Nic is really thinking because she doesn’t trust a sole in the house except Donny and because her and Donny are on the block together they both decided to not talk game with each other.

    4. This is no surprise. Nicole’s character is the naïve dumb but nice girl from a small city. Saint Olaf, I believe.
      They are all playing stereotyped characters this season. That’s why its so boring and even more insulting than last year.

      1. You can even see that in the CBS show intro where they all make poses. Coached and right to their chosen ‘character’. The show has turned into an overproduced POS.

    5. I really believe that Nicole Is playing Derrick and Cody. She knows the best case to stay is to he in with them. And to be honest I don’t think that it’s a good idea to get rid of Derek and Cody at first oppertunity. She will have to break up the detonators and pick a side that will get her further. She can play Derrick and Cody and stab them in the back later on

    6. It will be drab to watch after Donny leaves. The show will be focused on that in bred Frankie humping the other guests and they allow it. Christine will still be cackling and derrick will be talking so fast that you can’t keep up. Caleb will still think he’s great and Cody still won’t have any balls. Yup…same stuff…just another day!

      1. I don’t think the televised show will change much, because these people don’t do a whole lot but talk game and talk about production(and of course Christine bashing every house guest past and present (minus Cody)). There hasn’t been really any big blow ups because the people who control the house all just follow Derricks lead and the people on the other side are too quiet and timid to try and shake things up a little. The minor fights that there has been, seemed staged and most or all were. Look at Zack going off on Christine and Nicole…that was basically a non event because both those women are too dumb or scared to say anything back to someones face. The live feeds however will probably be even more boring.

        1. No big blow ups because most of them are passive-aggressive. Just look how often they used the backdoor option this season. They are all afraid to even be upfront on who they are targeting until it’s absolutely necessary to state it.

          Another reason is it’s kinda hard to fight when you are all one giant blob of an alliance.

          1. That’s a good point. Given how often they have used and were able to use the backdoor option, do you think that was a factor in their game play? Would they have been more aggressive with the BOTB challenge?

      2. IN BRED FRANKIE HILARIOUS!!!!!! At least now can understand why he is such a disgusting individual; he was in bred!!!!!! OMG, too funny and too true. He really is an embarrassing example of what should never ever be put on television. Nothing funny about him; just an ugly person on the inside and out!

  1. are these people delusional? there havent been many celebs on this year
    no more than usual, and popularity, it ranks at the bottom with BB15

    1. Yep…..this is the group that constantly talks of “America’s Favorite” rather than the big prize of $500,000. I don’t get it?!

      1. MD you hit it right on the head, i never heard house-guest worry so much about bein the favorite player, Donny should win, unless Frankie’s sister has her minions flood CBS with Frankie’s name and even then people will be more turned off by this season, because it wasnt legit. then having to hear Derrick and Cody beg for people to make tshirt designs and to insult fans more by giving them a autographed shirt, not paying them like they would have a graphic artist do, but some poor schmuck get a lousy autograph….

        1. Why on God’s green Earth do they think anyone would want their autographs? They aren’t Super Bowl winning players or Oscar winners – they are everyday people on a reality show. Please get a clue or most of you are going to be sadly, horribly disappointed when this ends.

        2. It seems that many of them worry about being popular and noticed after the show is over. They think of themselves as celebrities, for the life of me I can’t imagine why. I could have vomited when Derrick was telling people to design the shirt. It was more like an order, that he assumed the Hitmen were soooo popular that everyone would jump on this and want their autograph. WTF for? Everyone should make douchebag drawings.

      2. #9 Big Brother Rule book. No house guest can discuss how they plan to spend money if they win. It also says rules can be changed at any time. So I guess it’s ok for Cody to spend 10 grand at the casino.

    2. I love this show and I hate that it is losing viewership. If you think about it, there has not been much drama this season at all. They need to get ppl that are not that familiar with the game. Derrick gets a lot of hate but I think he is playing the best game of them all.

      1. Are you people nuts that are saying Donny has no social skills and Derrick is playing the best game. Look, if Donny had been picked early on to be in the bomb squad instead of Derrick I bet Donny would have already been sent to Jury. He wouldn’t have even had a game. They whole bunch would have been saying Derick creeps me out and any other thing they could say to make him look bad. Donny is 100% correct about the pecking order and wolf pack mentality. It’s not at all about who plays the best game it’s about numbers. However I agree that in a group of rabid mindless wolves Donny is the top wolf. It’s all because Devin didn’t include him early on.

      2. Half of the HGs this season were not familiar with the game. They were recruits who only saw what aired on tv of a couple of seasons. And that’s why we have such a hot mess. They should have people who know the game and who are a full range of ages so you don’t get the fratbrat mentality. And they should enforce the rules–HOH tells someone they are the nom = you can’t nom them, don’t let them tell who they voted for on the way out of voting or get a penalty, curse production and you get so many strikes then you get a penalty. This would be an completely different game if they had just enforced the rules.

    1. Christine is realizing her days are numbered in the house and with Cody. She played a losing game once she started the touchy, touchy, feely stuff with Cody. She would have been wiser to play along with her Detonator Alliance and leave the attraction to Cody hidden. Now, she is in a position that everyone knows she is a definite vote with Cody which gives him 2 votes and that is dangerous for Derrick, Caleb and Frankie. Derrick has also put himself in a position where the rest of his alliance see he has 2 votes with Victoria. Interesting that the two married people may have hurt their games because they have a hard time keeping their egos and hormones in check.

    2. That small bit of self awareness will dissolve once someone else starts touching Cody. Because NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO TOUCH CHRISTINE’S CODY.

    3. I normally don’t say negative things about someone’s looks….BUT…I can’t help for staring at Christine’s long thin up-turned chin and her long thin down-turned nose…it’s freakishly mesmerizing to me..

  2. What a miracle only 1:55 am and they are already heading to bed? Waiting for more things to happen…. the night is still young.

  3. If Donny has to go home, I hope his days in the jury house are much better than they are in the BB house. I think this experience made him stronger as a person. I find him to be one of the most respected players of the game.

    1. IM just so glad donny didn’t stoop to there level and put his intregraty above the game and money. I can’t wait to see there faces when donny wins the 25,000. I just wish someone like donny could win this game.

    2. I think Donny will like the jury house. He has friends there, no more Have Not, he can hang with production and people who keep normal hours and it will be CLEAN!

  4. Vic looked like June Cleaver the other day when she washing dishes with all her heavy make-up on and her earings and necklace.Ward (snoutface) was going to dry some dishes and play with the (her) beaver for awhile! Frankie is an asshole too!!! Had to mention that !!!!

    1. We want OBB – Dawg and/or Simon Says: autographed T’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I want mine to have A GREAT BIG PAW PRINT in the middle with “OBB” on top & “Simon Says: Bite Me” on the bottom! color: gray: size: large plz oh plz oh plz oh plz oh plz oh plz oh plz oh plz oh plz oh plz……

      p.s. I couldn’t find them anywhere on Amazon when I placed my order through OBB link this morning! WTF?

  5. Does it really look like BB is going to let Frankie’s Broadway BS fly as the TA challenge and put it up for a vote, that garbage? Could BB really get that lame? I still can’t believe it and am waiting for the first whiff of production informing TA that they better come up with a real challenge before show airs tonight to be able to announce the pretense as America’s vote pass/fail. Would BB take the risk of throwing Frankie under the bus by airing his horrible “play” without burying it, or can they phony up that mess into something palatable for the broadcast audience? I think I remember last year there was a significant delay before the Amanda/McRae wedding trash was aired, and then only briefly. (could be wrong)
    Can CBS actually count on Ariana’s vote getting capability to salvage that crap and pass it off as a TA mission? If so then I guess we already know who is going to win America’s favorite. (retching at the thought)

    1. I don’t think they will force them to come up with something new, they will just not reward them for completing the mission. I wish they had more of the missions like they had on BBCAN2. The mission that they had to binge drink and then keep the others from guessing they were hammered was awesome. They couldn’t have picked 2 better people to carry out that mission then a couple of newfies with high tolerances for alcohol.

      1. Sorry John, we already have that mission in the U.S. – .
        It’s called The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda
        & we couldn’t have picked 2 better people that aren’t newfies.
        LIKE WHAT?

        1. Maybe its just a matter of getting some new blood to work on that show. I mean it has been on for 16 years. Times change and that hasn’t really been reflected on this show. The house is the same except for some set pieces, The competitions are the same, the host is the same. I mean the best they could come up with is to give the house guests jenga blocks and a dart board. Give these guys some booze stat! Maybe they wouldn’t even drink, because they all seem to be or pretending to be these regular church going, bible thumping holier than though heroes. I don’t know, maybe this is a real example of youth in america?

    2. I think everyone give way to much credibility to whether the Skank’s famous pop star sister and her minions will have any effect on the outcome. I seriously doubt as her like demographic does not watch the show nor does she mention her embarrassment for a brother in any interview. So, Skank is in for a rude surprise when he get booted hopefully soon from the house.

  6. Poor Tim’s wife, such a skerry, skerry place she has ended up. Demon, er Derrick, to the right of her, Victimized, er Victoria, to the left of her. What should Tim’s wife do? I know, climb on and cling to the nice,cutish Italian boy. And hold in tight with all eight hands. And then rub those hands all over him. For hours. Cause everyone, especially Tim enjoys seeing that!

  7. Can’t wait for Frankie to tell Cody and Derrick ” I told you so ” , when Nicole wins the next HoH.
    She said those were her targets if she won it , hope it doesn’t bite them in the ass!
    Personally, If I was Derrick I would be getting a little concerned that he wasn’t winning more comps. No one is seeing any work he is doing. That isn’t going to help him win anything in the end! He masterminded everyone else to win! DUMB!

    1. Let’s hope when he’s in the final two, and lets face it, he probably will be, that he says I played all of you and the Jury says “how? We never saw that, how can you prove it?” and no one votes for him because they think he is a floater who did nothing.

      1. I agree. These HGs are too dumb to realize they have been manipulated and their own feelings of self worth will never even let them contemplate it.

  8. What would be a nice twist to this “very twisted” season, right before the votes tomorrow Julie announces that a twist that they didn’t mention was when Nic came back she was secretly given the DPV and she gets to use it whenever she wants! Now, back to reality….

    1. His dillusional thoughts of being some famous “media mogul” has already made me throw up!
      Get off your sisters coat tails bro!

      1. Remember when Frankie said he could be his sister’s Road Manager if he wanted to…Haha…what a delusional, narcissistic POS!

        1. Seriously doubt it…she is playing in whole different league. Her handlers seem to really have it together. There is no way they would allow some loser like him to be involved.

  9. What paranoid idiots! I really believe Derek and Frankie only acted like they were keeping Donnie because they thought America would vote for their 5000!.. ( I hate for Donnie to lose the money but love to see the other to lose it) I hope they lose that…please vote NO! I believe you vote tonight after the episode. I hope Pandora’s box comes up today and Cody takes it and it releases the two on the block

    1. If production really wants to save Donny now is their chance with the DPOV or Pandora’s Box. It seems though if production was going to save Donny they would have done so already.

    2. They did it for the airtime They had to be ‘seen’ actually ‘trying’, even tho clearlly they put no effort into it. They already have the votes they would need. Derrick/ Frankie and Victoria votes with Derrick. They could sway Caleb and Christine by telling them Nicole was already voted out and after each and every one of them. and can win things.

      They don’t realize that it isn’t enough to put it up as a task, and make a feeble effort no one who signs up to do the voting will buy, and then not actually save Donny. If the task is save Donny, then completing the task is to actually save him.

      On the other hand, if viewers want things to actually change, Nicole has a better shot at changing things than Donny does. Donny can save himself, but not necessarily win HOHs. Nicole has a shot at it, altho she is going to have to try a lot harder to get it done and not be everyone’s pawn used to get someone else out first.

      1. Totally agree Frankie’s and Derrick’s attempt to try and save Donny were done only for the TV viewing audience. Clips are sure to be aired tonight or tomorrow to make those 2 look good, like they really wanted to keep TA alive. Wish BB will really air how hard they worked all season to get him out but they haven’t really yet so we know that won’t happen.

  10. They are all delusional. Frankie talking about this being the best season ever. Then he says that the biggest celebrities, like Arianna Grande, have been in the audience. OHHHH, the BIGGEST CELEBRITY EVER!!
    Derrick telling Christine to “saddle up” because he knows she knows he is lying about everything and wants to get back in her good graces. I give Christine a little credit here for at least seeing through Derricks BS. Victoria is now going to cut up Christines shirt.
    I don’t know what sickens me more, Frankies voice or Derricks fidelity.

    1. Its pathetic that once those two are voted out, Caleb is the one I want to see win. And I’, shamefully saying that with a straight face. I figure he is going to think and say he won the show anyway, so why not give it to him so its like no one won. And this season deserves him to be the face of it.

  11. Oh Christine . This girl will be won’t know what hit her when Cody drops her at the end of the game. That being said though I really hope Amber, Brittany, and Pow pow read have read some of the stuff she’s spewed and confront her about it at the finale.

    1. Pao Pao has and is not impressed with Christine at all, especially since she (PP) says that she like Christine and thought she liked her. Check out her twitter account posts.

    1. Most of these reality shows are designed so that they have a cast of “characters”. They have the heroes, and the villans and the heartthrobs, and the innocent lovable people. These “reality” shows stopped being real 2 years after they started airing them. Can you imagine how even more boring Big Brother would be to watch if they cast, sane, well adjusted human beings, who weren’t trying to turn this into an acting or modeling career for the future? What would the Real World be without a bunch of emotionally unstable 20 somethings that are borderline alcoholics? Would you watch a show of a bunch of Donny’s, Jocastas and Nicole’s who cared about other peoples feelings, and how they were perceived and seen by family, friends and america? Come on, we watch these shows, and come on these forums so we can bitch about this or that person and feel superior to them, knowing that “we would never act that way if i was in there!”

    2. Those twins had the worst attitudes I ever seen on that show. Why bring them back? Ugh. Thank you for the heads up though. I’ll still watch cause I know they have no chance on this show.

    3. omfg!!! NOT those twins! After they shriek @ Jeff Probst a few times he will probably self-evict from the island lol!

    1. Heard it all now Caleb makes the biscuits sold at red lobster. For such a young guy he has done it all. How did he ever find the time to do Big Brother. Lol

      1. Not to mention the time he spent protecting Gotham City, meeting alien robots from Cybertron and being bit by a radioactive spider.

      2. If you didn’t know who Beastmode was, and he told you that he served in Iraq, was a contestant on Big Brother and got pretty far, posed for a magazine, killed a boar with a stick… would you believe him? Because it’s all true. He honestly has done a lot of stuff.

        I’m sure he is lying a lot, but a lot of what he says actually is true.

  12. I hope that Pandora’s box opens up the Platinum Power of Veto competition, and Donny will get one last shot to save himself.

  13. Caleb, Christine, and Cody walk into a bar. Caleb has his pet monkey on his shoulder, and before they can sit down the bartender says:
    Bartender: “No animals allowed, either IT has to go, or ALL OF YOU have to go.”
    Caleb considers going “Beast Mode”, but changes his mind. They take the monkey back to the hotel. On the way to the hotel Cody says…
    Cody: “I was about to call that bartender out!”
    Christine: “I hate that guy, he’s literally disgusting.”
    They go back to the bar, and before they can sit down the bartender says again.
    Bartender: “I told you before, NO ANIMALS allowed!”
    Caleb: “Dude, we didn’t bring the monkey!”
    Bartender: “The monkey wasn’t the problem, it’s kinda cool. I was talking about THAT.” He said pointing at Christine. “What the hell is it anyway?”
    Cody: “I found it in the Big Brother house, I fed it, pet it a few times and it’s been following me around ever since”. Christine starts giggling, and kackling away, smiling at Cody.
    Bartender: “Well, can you leave it outside, it’s making the other customers uneasy, they think it’s skeery.”
    Caleb: “Dude, I’m Beast Mode Cowboy…don’t you know me? I once jumped out of a helicopter at 30,000 feet, without a parachute and landed in a chair in my back yard!”
    Bartender: “Okay, one bottled water for you, and a Shirley Temple for your friend.”
    Cody: “I like Shirley Temples, I drink them all the time.”
    Christine, waiting outside…
    Christine: “That bartender is skeery….”

      1. Cody and Christine board a city bus.
        The bus driver tells Cody, sorry sir no monkeys allowed on the bus.
        They sit down anyway and Cody starts to fume to the other passengers. “The nerve of him saying that I can’t bring a monkey on the bus. I have a good mind to go up there and tell him off. ”
        One kindly old lady says, “Do it! I’ll take care of your monkey while you’re gone”.

  14. Knew that was all talk them trying to save Donny. It sound so staged. (Production). I can just hear them guiding Frankie and Derrick to have a conversation about saving Donny. They knew it would not happen. It made for great TV viewer. Got a little excitement for build up for viewers and feeds. Now they have a few cut scenes to replace the boring predictable season.

    1. I was wondering if production was possibly (and pathetically) trying to save Donny, but Frankie and Derrick would have none of it and they went about pretending to for both the viewers and production’s sake. I wondered that because when they initially began discussing it, they weren’t wearing their mics and production had to tell them to put them on. They acted like they were mad because then the other houseguests would then know that they were talking game, but I think that was a show to hide the fact that they did not want the live feeders and perhaps even production to hear them. I would guess that before they put on the mics, they were discussing how they were going to pretend to try to save Donny because they were being pressured to, but were not planning on going through with it and they didn’t want the live feeders or production to hear that part. And I believe I also read that Frankie mentioned production “excitedly” asking him about how the plan to save Donny was going in the DR.

      I could be wrong, as I don’t know how much production can hear without the mics and I would also think that if they wanted to save Donny that badly, they would just blatantly do something like a coup d’etat or similar. I am so mystified as to why they haven’t done that yet. Are they saving it for someone else? Because I can’t imagine anyone more worth saving than Donny, just from a ratings standpoint alone.

      I guess by “the most twisted summer ever” they meant “the most f****ed up” summer ever.

    2. I think it was purely for the clips they will show on Thursday. Look how they portrayed Zack going home, it was a for sure thing for a couple of days and they made it look as if it wasn’t certain. The problem with Donny is that he really didn’t and isn’t campaigning to stay too hard. The most he did was ask Derrick and Frankie to make it the TA mission to take him off the block, and I don’t think they will use any of that footage for the show. Plus there really wasn’t any talk at all about the pros and cons of keeping Donny before Frankie started planting the idea. They would have had no footage at all to make the fans who only watch the TV show, believe that there was any chance he was staying.

  15. As much as I can’t stand Christine, at least she seems to realize everyone in the world hates her. At least she’s not as delusional as Frankie or Caleb.

  16. Blatant interference by production or outside “forces” is wrong – I understand. There is a part me, however, that would wait until after Donny’s eviction and then take a mega horn and yell, “One of you is lying to everyone and has been lying from the very beginning.” Since no name is mentioned, the combination of paranoia and guilt might liven up the game.

  17. Divorce papers, a empty house and no forwarding address. All things Christine’s husband should do! Take it all and run pal! Daddy’s home? YUCK!

  18. Frankie: so many celebrities and the most popular season ever….. these people are completely delusional! If only they really knew what was reality.

  19. I have been following Tim on tweeter and its just sad how he defends Christine’s actions with Cody. I know that he is hurting over this and probably just does not want to show it but she has really disrespected their marriage and humiliated his/her family. I’m not sure what church they attend but saying on TV that the preachers wife shaves her V is just INSANE. Who does that? I’m sure for Tim’s sake that he is hoping for her or Cody to go to the final 2 so they both want be in the Jury house together. There is no doubt in my mind that something more would happened if they were in there together. You can tell by they way she stares at him that she is hopelessly in love/lust with him. That has to drive Tim crazy… you know he sees it too. I’m sure he is crushed over this. Not even the zingbot could make her stop!

    1. I honestly don’t think either of them are self-aware enough to really care. I think Chrisitne is thinking she can explain it all away and Tim is diminishing it because he cant face the truth. Maybe after Christine starts stalking Cody after the show is over, Cody will put her down. Christine will go crawling back to Tim. And, he will take her back becasue she was a reality tv star. If they can be happy that way, ok, but I couldnt but I would have never got involved with either of them in the real world anyway.

    2. First of all, Tim, if you’re reading this, don’t worry. I really don’t think Cody would touch that with a 10 foot pole outside the BB house. Secondly, my hope is that Tim is defending her in case she does bring home some money, which he can then abscond with. I would not publicly defend my spouse for humiliating me to win money, but I sure as hell would play nice long enough when they came home to get my hands on it and leave.

    3. Tim gets a lot of sh!t for defending his wife on twitter, but I don’t blame him. I actually respect that what is between him and his wife is between him and his wife and he doesn’t feel the need to bash her in public forums. Anyone who has ever been married knows that it is easy to stand on the outside looking in and make judgments on other peoples’ relationships. It is easy to judge that which you don’t understand. You hear a lot of “well if that were me………” But the thing is, until you’ve actually been in that (or any given) situation, what you think you would or would not do is contestable.

      1. I don’t expect him to bash her in public forums, but I just can’t comprehend how he can publicly defend her. (Again, unless he’s going to show her how much he supported her when she gets out, only to take her for every dime he can get, which would be brilliant.) Personally, I would say nothing. And I don’t think viewers should be criticized for commenting on their marriage–she signed up for a reality show, as has Tim, indirectly. But you are right–it’s their marriage and we know nothing about the inner-workings of it. Maybe he likes to watch…

        1. I honestly feel that Tim is just saving face and waiting. No man should feel comfortable with his beloved stroking, petting, and clinging to a man. Unless they practice an alternative lifestyle. Swinging, polygamy, open marriage, and such then this isn’t an issue.

          1. They don’t practice an alternative lifestyle. Christine has stated that Tim is the only person she’s been with. And he hadn’t even seen her boobs before they were married (so I guess that is alternative in a way…).

        2. I was with you all the way up to “maybe he likes to watch”, but maybe they do have an alternative lifestyle, who knows. Personally if the tables were turned and it were my husband acting that way on national TV, I’d be hurt and a little more than sickened by the kind of behavior that is displayed. But I would probably defend him against strangers and do what I have to do behind closed doors. It’s kind of like the family mentality, I can know my siblings faults and personality flaws more so than anyone, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have their back in a public forum. I am not blind or righteous, I just harbor a certain amount of loyalty and respect for my relationships to not play my hand in public before all the cards are dealt.
          You are right though, they did indeed sign on for it and people are entitled to whatever opinion they care to express, and this is mine.

          1. Maybe you’re right and he is responding like that. We all react differently. But I still don’t understand that reaction in this situation. (Please don’t take this as an argument, this is just my opinion.) The way she is humiliating him is a completely different and deeper kind of hurt than how a sibling could embarrass another sibling, short of rape or murder.

  20. so are they saving donny or not? cuz honestly im still watching this shit season for donny. Also, what do people see in Nicole. I wish Hayden had come back not her. Obviously shes here to come back, and be out the door in a jiffy. The girl has forgot about everything that led to her eviction. I honestly think she is going to be the new Victoria

    1. The ole’ saying – Love is Blind applies in this case. Tim loves his wife so much and she couldn’t care less. Her LUST for Cody is so evident and probably lost her the game and the respect of many, many people. I also agree that Christine saying her minister’s wife shaves her V is despicable behavior. Simply put – she has no conscience or ethics regarding this game or personal life.

  21. Caleb you continue to amaze me. You brag about thousands of Kentucky girls waiting for you to return home. Then a couple of nights ago you’re in the livingroom with Derrick, Victoria & Christine. You say you told the judge ‘She wanted it rough so I was choking her & bodyslammed her on the coffee table.” You couldn’t stop laughing. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!………Last night after at least 50 ridiculously fabricated stories over the past 2 months you told Frankie & Christine you were state dart champion. So Frankie calls you on it. You panic as no one has ever called out your stories before. You said you did wrestle in highschool. So Frankie says what’s that got to do with darts?? Then Frankie says he used to play volleyball in highschool so he guessed that made him his highschool dart champion! The look on Caleb’s face was priceless! You can’t make this shit up!! This is the season of peanutbrained HGs!!……Then Cody! He gets mad when he thinks Donny insinuates he’s not that bright. He has asked what a detonator is, what a placenta is, and the other night Donny & Christine were talking about yankees & rebels. So he says ‘This conversation is over my head.” It’s called the CIVIL WAR!!!!!!!!! Look it up!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Last night on BBAD Freakie was saying that he had calculated how many live feedsters there were.
    He has no clue, because if he only knew that most of them had cancelled their feeds he would be sitting in the corner crying.

  23. Keep picking up Victoria…get your practice, cause you’ll be picking up your daughter Tenley – every other weekend and on Wednesdays. Cheater.

  24. I hope Christine’s husband and Derrick’s wife sit together. They both have been wronged by their spouses. If that were me, I would slap them across the face on national live television, and then dare them to ask why.

  25. He looks so good without it. His pictures are amazing with his gal Kristine. Stunning couple.
    Let him look that good while he is still in the house.

  26. Christine finally gets it no one likes you and your a bad player I will so not miss you when your gone next week! I think the real question is who does Derrick consider a friend? The answer no one he is solely there for the money and the only one playing the game! When are these houseguests ever going to get it each season it is a game you are not there to make friends your there to win a game!

      1. Ya know, Tom….I do believe that Frankie showing that his balls are larger than lemons is, indeed, the most repulsive act that I have EVER..EVER heard of!!!!!! …ranks higher than Amanda’s yeast infection stories!!

  27. I think I’ll hook Tim up this weekend with a chick I met. She’s hot, red hair, kickin’ bod and she only laughs when something is truly funny. God, he’ll love me for this…..

  28. Simon/ dawg , anyone ..
    Does anyone know what rude comments these vile HG’s made towards Donnys disabled brother ? I’ve heard a lot of talk in the outside world but have no idea what was said or by whom.

    1. I hope that is not true but I can see that happening. I wouldn’t put anything past these moral midgets. Talking shi7 about Donny’s brother
      would be as bad as all the things Derrick has said about Brittany and Devin. I guess a fish does rot from the head down.

      1. If Derrick was one of the ones that made disparaging comments about Donny’s disabled brother, then he should lose his job ASAP! If he was I hope someone sends that piece of tape to the police station where Derrick works and to the state office because good police officers do not need that type of a douche setting an example that is so foul.

        1. They were talking about Donny’s brother being a genius and being able to take apart a computer and put it back together without arms.

          Frankie said something along the lines of “he must be a magician.” I don’t remember anyone else weighing in though.

          1. I think there’s more to the story than that. On an interview Kristine, Donny’s gf said she’s disgusted at the comments people make about Donny but she’s at her breaking point when they talked about his brother. I don’t think she would have said that if the only comment made was frankie saying he just be a magician. So I’d have to say more had been said.

  29. Let’s lay it on the line Frankie is so delusional about any level of likability or fame he has it’s hard to watch him embarass himself, I have never seen anyone ride fame that way and it’s ugly to watch. Victoria oh where to start with that one, shallow, dumb, annoying, floater but too dumb to even grab a life vest. Caleb wow you just don’t see his level of cocky usually in a guy as dumb as him, they should put him on the new CBS show called Stalkers because the man is outer limits, sad he is representing anyone ex military. Christine is a new kind of disgusting for me, floater, loser, an embarassment to her husband the poor guy I pity him, no amount of money is worth what she’s doing to him, all around a bad personality and a rat fink. Cody is always gettin ready to do something…tell people off, tell him what he thinks of them, put them on blast but never does anything, total mouth runner with no spine, a wimp. Derrick give it up to him props for manipulating this house brigade of boring sheep being led to slaughter, they deserve it. Then there is Nicole who’s voice is annoying but her likability factor is undeniable. Donny is just a geniunine guy, no frills, no fuss I will be broken hearted to see him go home and no longer be able to root for this underdog, I guess once he’s gone I’ll quit watching until the finale because let’s be honest, it’s so BORING I’m ashamed I watch even now but there is no good TV on right now….LOL

  30. This season has been much better than the last few – I stopped half way through last year because they were so boring; can’t tell you who won. I am not sure why the hard on for Derrick from this group – he has played the players and the game. Based on game play, he should win. Donnie has not had a good game, he should have taken opportunities but unfortunately for him he could not step down from his high horse. Caleb cracks me up because he has no idea how ridiculous he is. Vic, I keep forgetting she is there although the mirrors will not. Christine, well she should have left long ago but the alliance is trying to stay together for appearances sake. They will turn soon enough. Miss Zac, thought he was hilarious. Still entertained by some of Frankie’s shenanigans (he will not win favorite). Cody would have no idea what he really wanted to do without Derrick to tell him. And Nicole, just plain sad – she could have really made a play and changed it up, instead she was more concerned that her hair was tied up in the scarf properly.

  31. I’m in my early 40’s and had never heard of Ariana Grande which is understandable…..but now all of a sudden (since July) she’s all over Yahoo, TMZ, etc. Something smells awfully bad. Her record company must be owned by CBS or one of its affiliates and all this pushing Frankie through is bullshit. Sad, but I think true.

    1. Someone here quite a few BB threads back and many weeks ago
      had the idea that Frankie is on CBS like this in order to be “babysat”
      and not be underfoot as A.G’s major roll-out commences. At the time
      the 24/7 format of the streaming cameras seemed to support this idea!!

    2. I love conspiracy theories as much as the next guy, but her record label is Republic Records which is owned by Universal Music Group, which is owned by Paris-based Vivendi.

      The only relationship CBS has with Vivendi was a joint venture on a chain of movie theaters between CBS’ then-parent Viacom and Vivendi.

      That’s it. There is nothing more to see here.

      1. You are completely incorrect. There is a huge connection. SONY owns Columbia Music Group, which became Universal Music Group which includes Republic Records, and is Ariana Grande’s recording label. Cbs and Sony are connected. So yeahhh they have ownership of her label.

            1. Then be right if you’re going to challenge me.

              CBS has absolutely nothing to do with Ariana Grande. It is a conspiracy theory being thrown around by folks who don’t like Frankie.

              I don’t like him either, but he isn’t being protected by producers because CBS wants his sister to succeed. Her record label has zero affiliation with CBS. So let it go.

  32. Victoria is a disgrace to women the way she hangs on to Derrick and even asks him if she should have a shower!! and Derrick should be embarrassed to publicly humiliate this woman on national tv..She is so desperate for his attention that when he was flicking her hair with a stick she said “keep doing that, it feels so good” weirdo
    Also before Zach left she was upstairs and told Cody she was scared to cut up his hat because she thought he would throw scalding water on her face,,what..? who thinks like that!!
    Frankie is really very amusing to watch and the after dark would be super boring without him..
    All in all a very passive season, hopefully things will spice up soon when Derrick,Cody ,Caleb and Frankie start to turn on each other..
    the smartest thing Christine could have done was to switch to Nicole and Donnys side and convince Frankie that he should switch too..A very odd seaon

    1. Agreed this cast in general is dumb and has deep psychological problems (Cody, Caleb, victoria, Christine) . I would include Derrick and frankie but they aren’t dumb just disturbed. But victoria is by far the most deeply disturbed followed by Caleb and Christine. Her thoughts are so messed up. She doesn’t think like a normal person. I wonder if she’s been abused in the past or something. Her story about slapping some girl who loves with her family is terrible. And she doesn’t see anything wrong with it. That’s called assault victoria! And when Devin was there she kept saying I’m afraid he’s going to stab me bla bla. And she wasn’t even saying it jokingly. She literally meant she thought that would happen. Bizarre. A day in the life of the mind of victoria must be a truly dark and scary place. And not only that but her IQ has got to be somewhere below 100. She is not a bright girl. And of course she’s in love with the Kardashians! No surprise but still lost even more respect for her.

      1. I heard her describing some girl she back-handed,but I got the impression it was a family member or a close family friend because she was saying how normally her father would’ve made her pay for the damage she caused to the drywall but he didn’t in this instance. It was a strange story,but it’s Victoria so who really knows what happened. She could’ve imagined it all.

        1. It wasn’t a close friend or family member. She stated that in her house another family lives there and it was a girl belonging to that family that she slapped. She always used to talk about how rich she is but I kinda question that if you need two families living in one home.

  33. Simon/Dawg The next poll you do for house favourites, could you include sock monkey? It is getting harder every week to choose.

  34. Dawg/Simon we need research from our most trusted. Did the cards that TA read when informed of being on TA include anything about losing the $$ if they tell? Donny told Nic he had something to tell her on the way out the door…could be giving Nic ammo to use.

  35. Frankie the media mogul.? I thought that was like a studio exec or the head of the network or the head of an Internet company… NOT a youtuber

  36. So if I remember correctly TA was always going to be three members. Joey was the first member of Team America but got evicted before the other two members were revealed. With Joey being gone they announce three new members. (Which means one of them, Frankie, Derrick or Donny, was actually in 4th place in the origonal TA voting)
    Anyone have a guess as to what happens when Donny leaves? TA is over? TA moves on with two members? A third member is brought in?

    1. I really hopes it ends the whole Team America thing. Although there were some clever ideas (whether they were really Frankie’s or plants by production) like the Zack is Amanda’s cousin thing, which would not have worked at all if Zack didn’t have the I don’t give a fuck personality, the TA twist didn’t add anything to the show. The real impact would have been if they did what BBCAN2 did and allow a vote on who should be on the block next. Then we would have seen some fireworks! But we would have also seen even more whining about production interference.

  37. No, Crustine, u, Princess Victoria, and Cotex are playing for ur stipend… Too bad none of u floaters were trying to win extra money.. LOL

  38. I used to think Frankie was entertaining but now he gets on my nerves. I do think as far as game play, he and Donny are playing, Frankie just get caught up trying to please Derrick and the ‘alliance’.
    I like Donny and hope something changes so he gets to stay. He is very strategic on what he says and to whom.
    The last words Hayden said to Nicole as he was hugging her bye was ‘Cody and Derrick’ she said I know, that’s my goal. He may have have her pointers on how to manipulate them. I sure hope so and she hasn’t been drawn on to their spell. I think she is playing Victoria and getting god bits from Voctoria with out Vic realizing it.
    Sometimes I think Caleb is smarter than he portrays. He is a young cowboy and they do tell fish tales just like fishermen. I live around country folk and see it all the time. When they pan onto his face, you can see the cogs turning in there but what comes out of his mouth is so different than what needs to come out. I am hoping this ex military guy has more up there than what meets the eye. Oh, by the way, here in the south, a lot of people make Red Lobster biscuits. The receipe is on Pinterest and on the back of bisquick. Just called something else.
    Cody, Christine, and Derrick…. Cody needs to blow his nose and quit acting like he is a bad ass. He isn’t gonna front anyone out, so shut up. He is just as guilty for begin disrespectful to Christine’s marriage vows as she is. He is a snotty nosed rich kid as far as I can tell and has swung from Derricks shirt tale all season. Derrick letting Victoria rub on his legs and hugging her is just as big as a no-no to me as what Christine and Derrick are doing. Married folk aren’t suppose to act that way. Derrick does need to win something or they need to get him out.
    I am really disappointed this season cuz everyone except Donny seems like they are in it for celebrity status instead of the money. Doesn’t make sense. I do think the beard and his values will help Donny get the votes of the real down home people that backed the Duck Dynasty cast when the Phil spoke his mind. That statement is in no way meant to be disrespectful to Donny or Duck Dynasty.
    It is very apparent production as been a silent player this year, more than in past seasons. Let’s just hope they make a twist that will put the ‘hit men’ on check. Please, get Derrick on the block and let’s watch him campaign and make a bigger ass of himself when people start comparing notes of what he has said. Now that is giving us a show Derrick.

  39. So Christine publicly and resentfully calls out Derrick for repeatedly avoiding her. This really pisses off Derrick the Godfather whose whole strategy is to stay low key. Not smart Christine.

  40. Does Derricks wife have a Twitter account? I would love to see her tweets. Or maybe she had an account and the police department blocked the feed because it was making Derrick look bad. She probably isn’t allowed to ever speak ill of Derrick in public.

    1. She does but stopped using it temporarily while the show airs.. Some fans can get pretty aggressive and twitter being the open medium it is makes for an uncomfortable experience.

      1. Smart move. Can’t even imagine the tweets should would have received given what Christine’s husband Tim is going through on Twitter.

  41. Of course Christine and Donny are sitting in silence in the backyard by themselves. The only things that spews out of Christine’s mouth is hateful comments, and she knows that Donny isn’t the type of person that would enjoy listening to that bullshit. She has nothing interesting to say about anything…I mean she is a efing barista! What the hell happened to this nudist and adventurous person that we seen in her pre-show clip. I don’t find her as unattractive physically as everyone seems to. I think she would be nice looking if she would lose the attitude and the onesy bathing suit from the 1920’s she wears. You got some nice looking titties…show em off!!!

  42. This is so bad… Donny isn’t socially accepted since he doesn’t say “Bro” and “Dude” every 5 seconds.
    CBS, you are a liberal’s wet dream.

  43. The morning posts are always the same:
    BB blocks the live feeds to wake the houseguests. Twiddle dee dee and Twiddle dee dum(b) wakes up and goes back to bed. Donny goes to eliptical.

    Next activity post in 4 hours.

    Still despise Freakie and his weird sis!!

  44. I thought Last season sucked ..
    But this season makes last season look good, without zach this season has gone to hell !!!

  45. There’s honestly a huge difference between Derrick and Victoria, and Cody and Christine. With Christine, it really has nothing to do with game at all, and that’s completely obvious. Derrick though feels like he needs to bring Victoria to F2 with him for the slam dunk win. Most people in the house don’t realize how influential Derrick is. The fact that they all think they can beat him means they won’t respect his game when they get to jury. So he really needs to keep Victoria close and under control; with worst case scenario being he gets a jury vote outta her.

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