A Butterflies Life, The Ice bucket Challenge and being hated by everyone in the Jury and beyond

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

BB16-2014-08-26 15-50-18-400

3:36pm HOH Cody and Caleb Derrick in the shower
Cody says just wait Frankie and CHristine will be up here soon.
Caleb brings up that Victoria keeps changing her clothes.. “Dang that girl has changed outfits.. 2 times since I’ve been awake” adds she changed her swimsuit after 6 minutes.
Caleb says if he wins HOH Nicole and Christine are going up. “Nicole is going home.. “ Caleb is worried if Christine goes up next week then wins HOH after that she’ll nominate Caleb.

Caleb goes to the toilet.. Frankie comes up and curls beside Cody tells him he heard CHristine snoring had trouble sleeping last night.
They say the guy who does the “Big Brother Voice” has an important role in the game he’s not just a paid Actor.

Feeds cut to Jeff….

BB16-2014-08-26 16-37-40-323

4:36pm Feeds back.. Christine and Nicole are soaking wet.
They all participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge.. Part of it included them challenging their family members. Frankie makes a big deal why he didn’t pick his sister, he picked his mom says she looks like liza minnelli
In the bathroom Nicole and CHristine are chaing out of their wet clothes..
Nicole – So that’s going to be on a episode..
Christine – Thursday..
Christine – “I hope Tim (@timskinks) gets more followers from that.”

BB16-2014-08-26 16-53-53-166

4:55pm DOnny, Victoria and Nicole
DOnny has noticed that people eat constantly they eat then there is an event and they eat again.
Donny gets up to sit with Cody on the couches. Cody says he’s got wet pants.
Donny – “ I got a little bit of wet butt.. i’ll ride it out”
They start talking about the ice bucket challenge he says schools love doing things like that because it spread throughout the entire district.
COdy leaves to play pool
Donny – That was fun wasn’t it
Nicole – that stuff makes me nervous.. I dunno my body gets nervous when I know i’ll be on TV.. this stuff I know won’t be on TV
Cody comes back
Donny – Did you win
Cody – no
Donny – Well it’s not if you win or lose it’s how you play the game
Donny leaves to get something to eat.
Nicole – How are you feeling
COdy – OK
Christine joins them.. She found her skirt
Victoria joins them.. She still wearing that toque they found in the drawer.
Cody asks the girls – can you see my eyes
Christine – we can see the region where you are looking

BB16-2014-08-26 17-14-40-410
5:13pm Kitchen Derrick, Caleb and Donny
Caleb saying his dad videoed himself saying “I’m tired of these people thinking their cold water challenge their garden hoses and buckets of water this is a cold water challenge I challenge every veteran of the united states”
Caleb’s dad jumped in a pond of ice cold water in kentucky during the winter with snow on the ground,.
Derrick tells them about his buddies had a prank planned where all told the one guy they were going to jump in the river. When the time came the one guy jumped in and the rest of them stayed on the bridge laughing.

BB16-2014-08-26 17-36-57-139
5:35pm Backyard Everyone milling around Caleb lifting a couple plates.
They talk about ALS, Frankie says it’s genetic Nicole describes what the symptoms are adds that it’s like that guy in skeleton key.
Frankie – I think it has something to do with neurotransmitters..
Nicole- I only studied that disease my last semester..

BB16-2014-08-26 17-48-18-163

5:47pm Bathroom
Nicole trying to save a butterflies life gets a “STOP THAT” She climbs off the chair continues to try but has no success..
Nicole – you are doing this to yourself.. i;m trying to help you.. whatever i’ll be back in a hour… Butterflies…

BB16-2014-08-26 17-43-37-635

5:43pm Bathroom Nicole and Derrick
Derrick mentions Frankie saying she hasn’t talked to him yet.
Nicole says Frankie is the only one she hasn’t talk to.

BB16-2014-08-26 17-49-50-316

5:49pm Hammock Nicole and Victoria
Nicole says she was trying to save a butterfly
Nicole – I’m bored these days are dragging on.. wholly crap
Victoria – yes they are
Nicole usually I could just stuff my face.. or take naps.. did you nap at all last week
Victoria – nope..
they decide to go into the Fire Room

BB16-2014-08-26 18-05-31-505

5:58pm – 6:35pm Fire Room Victoria and Nicole
Nicole asks her if she gets along with Christine
Victoria she did they were the only two girls
Victoria has had it up to there with Christine
Victoria brings up Christine telling her that birth control doesn’t cause cancer. Victoria disagreed with Christine says her mom researches it and there’s a lot of evidence. Victoria says Christine belittled her and her mom
Victoria says last week Christine hung around a lot with Cody and Derrick. Nicole tells her she will never put Victoria up, “Your my closest friend in the house”
Victoria – obviously her HOH was pointless.. Her and Cody have gotten like this (Cross fingers)
Nicole – it’s obvious
Victoria brings up Caleb saying he’s never seen a married women act like Christine
Nicole – I’ve heard a lot of people say that
Victoria – there’s no loyalty in this game.. it’s so sad
Nicole – I can’t believe Zach and Frankie were friends.. friends taking out friends”
Victoria – Christine takes pride that everyone in the jury hates her.. she says such harsh things about Jocasta
Victoria – She’s such a harsh game player.. won one HOH
Victoria – Her and Cody are so close, I know she’s not on my side.. then again
Nicole – You can trust me if I haven’t proven that by now it’s ridiculous
Nicole – there’s several things I wouldn’t do to win this game.. because of my character and I would be so disappointed with myself
Victoria – THe fact that she cried about Zing bot.. right after the competition it zinged her..
Nicole – what was the zing
Victoria – COdy your such a nice guy you don’t have enemies except for Christine’s husband
Nicole – she cried about it?
Nicole – ya later that night … but nothing changes
Victoria says ever since Nicole has come back Christine has been super mean.
Nicole says Caleb has mentioned that. Nicole is worried if Christine goes up on the block she won’t be evicted.
Victoria wonders if Christine cares about anyone
Nicole says probably Cody.. “she told me she made three good friends in the house me Derrick and Cody.. but I’m sure she was just trying to be nice to me because she had just put me up.
Victoria – She’s brutal.
Nicole brings up just today Christine telling her that nominating Nicole made for great TV.
Victoria says Nicole coming back into the game made Christine look stupid on National TV.
Nicole – I’m trusting you won’t twist my words..
Victoria – You think I would do that
Nicole – No.. I’m still on the block Victoria anything small can be misconstrued
Nicole says the people that she use to trust who are left in the house have completely back-stabbed her.
Nicole says in the Jury Jocasta told her Christine was going to back-stab Nicole. Jocasta didn’t tell Nicole at the time because she was scared Nicole would run and tell Christine. Nicole thinks Jocasta was right she would have gone to Christine. Nicole adds that Jocasta had no reason to lie. (Devin told Jocasta)

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Breaking news: Christine is still an idiot.


She’s a trip!


….and still touching Cody


Even after zingbot ( producers way of telling houseguests what we all think about them) tells Christine that her “cuddling” with Cody is inappropriate, she spends all of two hours keeping her distance, and then pouncing on him again when another female is within 10 feet from him.


…and a cold hearted bitch…


……and still ugly as a bulls a$$ sewed shut with a log chain.


damn…now that’s ugly!

Detonate 'Em

Think I am at the point where this whole snooze-fest of a season is a wrap. I really don’t care if Christine finally manages to get in Cody’s pants, or what grandstanding Derrick and Frankie are going to do to try to get themselves to the money. Back to Major League Baseball for me!

Love BB

Agree Detonate ‘Em…………Will watch Donny’s exit on Thursday & then I’m done.
Have an idea for next season……..
Big Brother Baby Boomers. No one born after 1960. Only 7 players, no one gets evicted. Challenges each of the 3 broadcast days for $$. Anyone asleep during the day is penalized by losing that days stipend. End of season America votes for the winner.


Donny balancing a pillow on his nose was more entertaining than anything these house guests have said or done lately.


Hey Simon & Dawg, if you could change one thing about Big Brother (this season or past seasons), what would it be?

PS, you are both awesome!!!



For the record, I agree about Team America and BotB being epic fails, just like the entire last season. Hopefully someone in production wakes up and changes the dynamic so this shit won’t happen anymore.


Nicole is the sweetest…


You guys were not saying that early in the game when her and Christine were besties. Nicole did just as much sh&t talking as Chrisinte. Nicole use to say nasty things about Amber and Brittany.


Thank you!!!! That’s what I keep saying on here. But I do think nicole is a good person and sweet but I think that the negative, nasty mess that is Christine had a way of bringing out the worst in people. Certain people just bring that out and Christine is one of them. When she gets away from Christine she’s nice but when she’s around Christine she’s a bitch.


Nicole is no sweetheart… she had no problems being a mean girl if you recall. Everything is cool once you’re in. Now she’s out, the same mean people she hung aroung backstabbed her. I understand the underdog factor makes her appealing right now… and I’m all for forgiveness but if Christine didn’t backdoor her, I have a hard time believing she would even say anything about the touchfests.

It was sad watching her cry though.


I love seeing Donny screw with Cody!


Let’s see we have Victoria who can’t pass a mirror without looking at herself. A pink flamingo and a cowboy that can’t sleep alone. Oh yea and Derrick who thinks he’s gods gift to the BB game. Best television by far.


Let’s not forget the touchy-touchy duo or Americas favorite groundskeeper. Now if we can just get them to actually make this exciting it would be great tv.


That just made me think of the touchy-touchy duo as, get this, the “blunder” twin. NOT wonder because let’s face it they aren’t that wonderful. Get it!!! lolol They have to be touching in order for their powers to activate.

Both- “Blunder Twins powers activate!”
Cody- “Shape of a lump of pretty poo”
Christine- “Form of a treacherous Biyach”



Derrick drives me friggin nuts with his Dan comments. Maybe there is a Dan in the house. You are not Dan. Get over yourself. You are playing against a majority of easily manipulated people. There isn’t much game play in that!


Why did they get info from the outside world about the ALS ice bucket challenge? I thought they weren’t supposed to get any outside news. Not that I mind it getting more attention.

Frankie you ass, there is familial ALS and then ALS that is not genetic. More people that have it don’t have the familial kind than do. It’s a shitty disease and watching someone die from it sucks!


Julie Chen challenged the HG last week


Thanks. That was the last episode I watched and knew Julie did it, but wasn’t really paying attention to who she challenged. I thought it was past houseguests, guess past and present.


I guess they change rules as they go along for their benefit.

Kathie from Canada

So true. My nephew has been recently diagnosed less than three months after his Dad died. He was told that only about 10 per cent have a genetic link. Please if you have been challenged do it AND donate. There is no cure and no treatment. We are living a nightmare. 🙁


(((Hugs)))) Kathie. My dad has it. I feel your grief and pain. You are not alone.


My prayers go to you and your family.


My prayers to you also. God Bless.

Cocoa Puffs

God Bless you that you can remain strong. I wish you all the best.

Captain Crunch

Christine is hard to look at, she needs to go back under that bridge of hers with the rest of the trolls.


I turned on the live feeds for 10 minutes today, and proceeded to zone out looking at the wall instead of Frankie. You guys deserve mad praise for being able to watch this snoozefest.

Blinded by makeup

Really Victiria? You’ve never seen a married women act like that? You’ve don’t think that a married woman like Christine should be fooling around with Cody? Good for you for calling out someone on not honoring their wedding vows.
Well good news Victiria, you are not alone! Derrick’s wife agrees with you. Married people shouldn’t fool around on broadcast television. Now have some respect for yourself and tell that to Derrick.


Touché. Well said


I think it might want involve some weird daddy issue. (Victoria/Derrick)


Definite daddy issues!!!!

Horse toe

Victoria** . I said this on junkies. And I’m saying it here.

Why is it Victoria’s fault? She isn’t married, while Christine is. Obviously Christine hasn’t respected her marriage, while Cody hasn’t tried to respect her marriage either. I don’t like Christine, but Cody also particapated with all the touching and stuff.

Victoria and Derrick haven’t done the “things” Cody and Christine have, so calm down. Derrick is the married one, so if you’re gonna be mad over the “things” they’re doing, why blame Victoria? She isn’t the married one, Derrick is. Y’all blame Christine for not respecting her marriage, but y’all don’t blame Derrick for not respecting his? That’s messed up.
When anyone is locked in a house for 70+ days, I’m sure they’ll want some sort of comfort, depending on the person.


Chill out. It’s different bc Christine has general attraction to Cody and wants him bad. If she had a chance in the real world with him she would take it. Whereas Derrick is doing this to keep victoria attached to him, is not attracted to her, and doesn’t want to be with her. He also rarely initiates contact and when it is done it feels more like teasing of a young sister (with the brain of a toddler). He doesn’t usually initiate contact with her and it’s isn’t every second of every day like Christine. It just feels different than the way Christine does it. Christine’s feels real while Derrick is faking affection.

Blinded by Makeup

Derrick is married and Christine is married
Victoria fondles Derrick and Cody fondles Christine
Derrick likes it and Christine likes it
Derrick=Christine and Victoria=Cody
Why do you think that it’s ok when Derrick breaks his wedding vows but not Christine? Both are wrong to embarrass their spouses in this way on tv, regardless of the reason. This show brings out the Real values of a person : the stress of living together for all that time forces the real personality out. Derrick is just as wrong as Victoria. He is a disgrace to his wife and child and Victoria should have more respect for herself. I also hope Cody gets his balls back from Derrick before he leaves the show.


I know it’s popular to hate on Christine, but is it really hard to accept that what Christine is doing is strategy? I’m not saying its good strategy, but she did say this in a confessional and that she loves her husband. For all we know, they talked about this before she got on the show. They’re not making out, and we don’t know the nature of Christine’s relationship with her husband. I don’t think she’s about to dump her husband for Cody.

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Victoria's Areolas

I think that if Victoria did the ice bucket challenge her cold black heart would melt the ice. Remember those poor little innocent Palestinian children!

Straight Guy

That comment is so unusual, but so funny!

Francisco Ulises Cristforo Kalim de Umberto

REVA…..meaneen….LOL in Spanish, in SPANGLISH iz…..FF…which meaneen….”Effen Funnie”


I agree that it’s unusual, but it’s not funny

hairy lemons

Lmfao. I think I saw a commercial about it

Former Burger King customer

Are you referring to Israel’s brutal regime’s genocidal murder and apartheid actions?

Former Mcdonalds customer

Isn’t it tragic that the mainstream news are totally ignoring the heinous slaughter of the Palestinian people?!
Why are you a former customer of Burger King?

Chilltown #2

That’s because over 95% of the MSM is owned by….well…you know, it goes w/o saying. A dinosaur age rocket lands in the desert and impacts the sand in Israhell and phosphorous gas bombs drop on multiple apartment buildings and kill hundreds of civilians in Gaza, but not without the dying a torturous death first!


Thanks for bringing that to our attention! Victoria’s going to shave her head when she finds out that Derrick’s been using her like a bloody rag the whole time, LOL

Former Burger King Custormer

Because they are moving their offices out of the US to avoid paying taxes to the USA, yet they still want Americans to buy their burgers! Well I’m having it my way and going to Wendy’s or Chik-F-let instead. Why are you not going to Mickey Dees anymore?

Former Mcdonalds customer

I’m boycotting Mcdonalds because they closed their restaurants in Crimea in support of murderous Ukraine. Also their Franken nuggets contains so many non-food ingredients, it’s a cancer recipe waiting to happen. Wendys or Chik fil a sounds yummy.

Jessie Godderz wrestling speedos

Victoria is a wuz, she probably used the same lukewarm water that Julie Chen used. She’s more concerned about her extensions that war atrocities.

Amanda's yeast infection

Victoria showed her true colors by cutting up her pink hat when Zach was down and out. What did she have to gain by vandalizing her won property? Shows her ugly personality.


Then why shoot those rockets? They kill too. Israel didn’t start this – the poor Palestinians who shoot rockets from schools and then cry when someone shoots back are to blame.


I have to write a retraction, sorry but my roommate informed me that it was Israel that bombed Gaza first and that the Palestinians are defending themselves the best way they know how. Israel has a blockade of medical supplies, food, water, hygiene supplies, construction equipment of the Gaza area. They want to kill and starve out the Palestinians. In my humble opinion THAT IS GENOCIDE!

Jimmy 64

A lot of former houseguest are doing the ice bucket challenge
.my favorite so far is Jason Guy’ s daughters dumping water
on him.


I just saw picture of Christine’s husband!!! Are his ears for real? lol.


I saw a picture of Tim and thought he looked like a pretty/manly woman. I thought it could’ve been her sister.

hairy lemons

Can the feeds cut to the jury house?. Maybe Zach is up to something interesting ….


Oh, that would be too much to ask! Hell, Jocasta at this point would be a welcome distraction!


I remember how much we BEGGED for the jury house last year, and they didn’t give it to us, I waited through every episode for Jury and we got it probably twice (if that). WTF. I hope they don’t do the same this time because I’d love to see what Zach and them are up to, and it’ll be good to see Donny genuinely happy.

Box of Condoms

Derrick, “Ah I think he’s smashing. But I’m not gay.”
Frankie, “He’s definitely smashing something.”
Derrick, “Oh yeah. He’s definitely smashing something.”
Frankie, “For sure.”
Derrick, “I guess it doesn’t really matter at that point.”
Caleb “I just know that there’s a bunch of condoms gone so it’s making me wonder.”
They didn’t say – he WAS definitely smashing something – they used present tense. So who is Cody smashing?
Donny – no.
Nicole – no. She’s too in love with Hayden and she isn’t the type to fool around.
Derrick – no. He’s too busy talking about how much he loves his wife & daughter while letting virgin Victoria rub up against him all day long.
Victoria – no. Virgin girl is too focused on Derrick.
Caleb – no. He’s still daydreaming about Amber when he isn’t thinking about Ariana ect. Also says he hasn’t had sex since his last girlfriend.
Christine – questionable.
Frankie – perhaps. A big part of this conversation is about Frankie (and the others possibly) thinking Cody is gay. Although Frankie is quick to say he doesn’t have reliable “gaydar” and isn’t sure either way. Jocasta apparently outed Cody to Frankie on day one – he’s on your team.
So who is using the condoms and who is Cody smashing? A member of production? Or (conspiracy theory) did Frankie require as part of his coming on the show – another gay and/or bi-sexual houseguest who could keep him “occupied”? But with that the rule would be it had to be kept on the “down low”.
Thoughts? Theories? Who is using the condoms? Who is Cody smashing?


Does anyone have any ideas as to who they would vote Cody was smashing?

Jack Shack

If I were a betting man, I’d say there are two options for what happened to the missing condoms. 1. Someone is using them to contain the mess when they masturbate. or 2. Someone is simply taking them to see if anyone notices. Just a gag because they are so bored in the house ANYTHING could add excitement.

Warm water/cold water

I re-watched the end of the BB episode where Julie Chen “takes” the ice bucket challenge. The second time around I couldn’t help but notice there was NO ICE in her bucket – and it makes you wonder if hers was cold or warm. Because the only thing she was concerned about was her hair – no comment about how cold it was. Even though I really don’t look forward to watching BB tomorrow or Thursday I will be watching to see if the houseguests have ANY ICE in their buckets and if they make any comments about being cold. But maybe only the boss’s wife gets warm water – the perks of marrying the big wig.


You know I noticed that too, when she did the challenge.


“Nicole – I’m bored these days are dragging on.. wholly crap”

SHE’S bored? LOL Welcome to the viewers world.

Kathy B

You know Christine is bad when Victoria is fed up with her. Let’s just hope Vic is being truthful with Nicole – the honesty would be refreshing!

Christine, you know you’re hated and pretty much know you aren’t going to get any jury votes, so do us all a favor and self-evict. The sooner the better, please.

waka waka

I hate when the houseguests say “this is going to make great TV.” If only they knew.


Some of the hg’s have been acting more entitled than usual as of late. It started with Frankie. Now when they get called to the DR they take their sweet time or don’t go at all. I know this is a game, but they are being paid a substantial amount of money to lay on their asses for most of the day. When production calls you, get off your lazy asses and go. I’m sick of watching these people, I wonder how production stands it.

Also the Cody /Christine thing is really freaking me out. Its uncomfortable to watch. I think they both really like each other. Even when other people are in the room they act as if they are the only two people there. There is clearly something between them and its making the other hg’s uncomfortable as well. There is no way either of them can justify their behavior to Christine’s husband.

I don’t even know why I’m still watching


I think the most disturbing part is that its all they do together. Flirt, “cuddle,” and hate on everyone else in the house. She can tell the entire world that this “gameplay,” but we all know she has a thing for him. I will say though, that i find Cody the worst out of the two, given that we already know she’s an awful person, but he acts like its all very innocent.

Nicole A Disappointment

She has once again gone back to believing the lies that Derrick has told her. She has had numerous people tell her that he is behind everything yet she has once again gone and put her game in his hands yet again by agreeing to work with him.


When she is evicted next week or the week after again she only has herself to blame.


“There’s no loyalty in this game… it is so sad”.. this coming from the girl flirting and showing some jealous feelings towards a married man…UHHHH….OOOOKAY!


Found an interesting article

Christine’s husband is quite a good singer



Oh my. I didn’t think it was possible. But even Christine is out of his league. What an ugly couple.

new to BB 14

BB16 the movie

Chief Wiggum(from the Simpsons)…………………………..Derrick
Bullwinkle J Moose………………………………………………..Calib
Roger(alien on American Dad)………………………………..Frankie
any inanimate object………………………………………………Victoria
Groundskeepwillie(the simpsons)…………………………….Donny
Patty or Selma interchangeable(the simpsons)…………..Christine
Waylon Smithers……………………………………………………Cody
Lisa SImpson…………………………………………………………Nicole
Bart Simpson…………………………………………………………Zach
Ned Flanders…………………………………………………………Jocosta

Help me out here folks I’m running out of characters for the other BB16 cast members LMAO


Christine I would say is more Side show bob-ish.


Snore…super boring without Zach! ZzZzZz


Vic spitting some game, planting some seeds. Whether she knows she is doing it or not.


Yeah I was just thinking the same thing.

Hahaha, it’s obvious she has no clue that she is actually planting the seeds. She just needed someone to vent to about Christine since Derrick wasn’t around and Nicole was it.

If Derrick tells her to turn against Nicole and vote her out she’ll do it in a nanosecond (in fact she alread did) but if things work out in her favor she could end up this season’s Ginamarie. A weak weak weak player who is so weak that everyone ignores her and she somehow ends up in the final 2.

It would be an utter travesty for the game if she ended up there in the F2, but it looks like Derrick is about to turn on Frankie/Christine either next week or the week after that so those 2 sides will destroy each other and Victoria will float all the way to the end.

I shudder even thinking about her winning any amount of money this season. People like her and Ginamarie are terrible for the Big Brother game and those players who are so weak as to not even be even remotely a threat are beginning to ruin the excitement of the game.



can’t you people make a comment without talking about someone’s looks or cutting a member of their family down?


Where have you been? That’s the whole point of BB.!


My God how boring. The feeds are torture

BB: Predict the Predictable

Is anyone else afraid that with the way the season has been going, the final verdict by jury is also going to be unanimous?


I don’t get it everybody wants to work with derrick I just don’t get it he never being nominated in never will
they should just give him the game now but the look on they face when they got to the jury house I mean he playing the game to win they showed did put him with the right group of people I mean he tells everybody what to do in the house except Donny that’s why he want Donny gone I said this before if derrick wanted Donny to stay they whould of said yes I vote out Nicole he own that house big time if I was their he go up im not just going to hand you 500 thousand you got to take it they just hand it to him that’s why big brother 17 should be allstars
cause its no way this happen in that season Donny was the only on could see that


True…derrick is trying to get out the people that don’t play “his” game. Apparently, Donny is the only one smart enough the see through Derrick, but Donnys game/strategies really SUCKKKK. In the game of BB you need some allies for votes and advancement, cuz it’s a tough road to win every single competition every time…Donny failed on game strategy. Derrick played the game right by solidifying himself with a group of “knights” and “protectors”, but he plays it “safe” and lets others do the dirty work. Derrick talks a whole lot of “gettling less blood on my hand”, but if he is setting next to Frankie in finale two, I think I would probably give the “W” to Frankie, thats just me personally. I like Derrick a lot, but Frankie has had a tougher road and more FIGHT.


Devin might of had some issues, but he had the people pegged in the house, {what he told Jocasta about Christine and Nicole was true.} and he could win competitions, Too bad no one listened to Devin when he told them what was going on in the house. This season would of been so different .

lost interest

I will stop watching when either Nicole or Donny get booted to the jury house and or win………….

This has become a train wreck that I can not take my eyes off. CBS needs to come to the rescue and save this season………


I wish Victoria was smart enough to realize that she could plant seeds with Derrick. I mean she practically runs to him with everyone of her problems, and he has already noted that he thinks she’s sincere whenever she’s complaining/whining/crying/checking herself out. Think about it. He already has her spying on people, and reporting back to him. All she has to do is pretend and lie about someone she didn’t like, and Derrick would easily take it. I mean she has no reason to lie or manipulate since she isn;t aware thats how you play BB, and unlike the other morons, derrick isn’t just going to spill the info. He’ll try to confirm first, but even then, its all necessary information to take out the other houseguests. But this is not likely to happen, so we should go back to the useless Victoria we all know and pity.

Wouldn't Work

The problem is that VIctoria can’t lie to save her life. Seriously. The girl is incapable of pulling off something so genius in this game. Derrick the undercover cop can tell when she’s holding something back from him within seconds.

Watch some of their interactions in the house where Victoria isnt telling Derrick 100% of what she knows. And watch how quickly Derrick figures out that she’s holding back and then gets her to immediately spill everything she knows right then and there.

Lol, Victoria is nothing but Derrick’s puppet in the game. Luckily for her, being his puppet could be her ticket to a free 50k that she definitely doesnt deserve.


? Britany – Kristin
? Jocasta/Victoria – Meg
? Hayden – Joe
? Nicole – Aliie
? Zach – Jen
? Donny -Chris
? Christine – Cate Leckrone
? Cody – Blair
? Frankie – Tom
? Caleb – Sean
? Derrick – Ross


this show just needs to be over now it’s no longer even watchable


I tired to watch the feeds but kept falling asleep zzzzzzzz did anything interesting happen…. zzzzzzzzz
Donny still going home…. Oh My God kill me now…… have the feeds ever been this boring…. I remember fight…. tears…. drama… House flips…. cheers and jeers….. Now I feel like one of LaToyas psychic friends….. I know exactly what is going to be said and done.
I predict that Christine will start to fondle Cody and he will not get an erection.
also in Christine will say the words…. I hate him/her they are disgusting I totally hate them
Victoria will have a wardrobe change and stare blankly into a mirror then ask Derrick if he thinks she is playing the game followed by …. OMG he so creepy hate him UGH grosssss
Caleb will start talking about wrestling a bear for an underwear ad.
Frankie will give that crazy woody the woodpecker on meth look and flash his genitals… hump somebody, remind them again he is Ariana Grandes Brother and then do or say something that is apparently funny on youtube.
Donny will be sitting by himself
Nicole will then try to join in probably get frozen out, say something sweet….
as Derrick does false platitudes about it is you and me against the world then does and a Mr Burns from the Simpsons “Excellent.”
Did I miss something….. oops forgot…. why can’t we have a live feed of the Jury House. Probably a lot more fun to watch.

Nera's Mommy

I’ve had chronic insomnia for years and usually have to take something to help me sleep 3-4 times a week. I have not had to take ANYTHING the last 2-1/2 weeks, because once I turn BBAD on, it’s lights out.


you are so right on with that. I stopped watching feeds 2 weeks ago. just come to this sight to see if anything interesting happened this week. live feeds of the jury house would make up for the BS we are having to watch. I want my $$ back. spent the last weekend watching season 10 on youtube. I am over this season. same shit everyday. never seen a group of people so clueless. I knew derrick would be controlling these dorks week 2. thought he would be a great player, but he lost me when he started bashing all the women behind their backs and then his famous line “taking food from my daughters mouth”.


I’m so tired of these stupid ice water challenges!!! Just donate the stupid money and stop trying to get attention!!!


We live in the self-absorbed, social MEdia (huge emphasis on the ‘ME’ part) age. Everybody wants more than 15 mins of fame. I agree..call attention to the disease and by all means donate,but stop being trying to be the focus for it.


Man, this season is so boring without Zach now! Can we just fast foward to finale night already lol


Christine and Frankie need to go. When they leave I hope they get boos. ….who will get gropped by these two at the jury house…be nice if someone told them to knock it off…..If Christine is handsy on tv what does she do at work? Usually when some guy hooks up with a girl with her looks it’s at closing time and they have had too much to drink. Is this coyote ugly????