Big Brother 16 Week 10 POV Results “Looks like I put the best candidate up”

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Christine
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

Donny was sent to the Jury house on Thursday by yet another unanimous vote. The HOH was played and Caleb wins. The plan is to get Nicole out this week. They decide to nominated Christine with Nicole. If POV is played on Nicole Caleb says Victoria is going up and is going home however this is not the true plan. The true plan is to send Christine out if POV is used on Nicole.

Last week for POV players to be picked. Frankie is the 1 player to not play. This opens up the possibility that Victoria could win it and use it to save Nicole. Cody, Caleb and Derrick agree Christine will go if Nicole is saved. Derrick calls it a Nicole/Donny scenario regardless of who goes home a target is send packing.
Christine wins the POWer of Veto

BB16-2014-08-30 17-03-41-005

5:04pm Feeds come back, Everyone covered in green paint.
Cody went out first he’s wearing a dinosaur costume.

BB16-2014-08-30 17-03-36-994

BB16-2014-08-30 17-08-51-280
5:07pm HOH
Caleb – “Looks like I put the best candidate up”
Christine – when I walked out there I was like this was meant for me.
Caleb says she’s glad Nicole didn’t win it.
Christine – it was CLOSE
Caleb – for a minute there i was like Dang
Christine – I’m final 5 baby.. we did it

BB16-2014-08-30 17-09-46-455

BB16-2014-08-30 17-15-52-088

5:14pm FIREROOM Derrick and Victoria
Victoria is concerned she will go up as the replacement nominee
Derrick – ANything is possible he’s not putting up Frankie.. Look Nicole is going home”
Victoria tells Derrick she wants to talk tonight.
Derrick – Absolutely

BB16-2014-08-30 17-25-52-295

5:23pm HOH Frankie and Caleb
Frankie asks Caleb who he’s putting up as a replacement nominee
Caleb – Victoria..
Frankie – it will be so simple… next week she has no chance of winning in the double evict
Caleb – she’s going home
Frankie – we’ll do the final 5 now
Caleb we’re for sure the final 5
Frankie – I hope Christine wins teh double evict.
Caleb – I’m scared for her to win double evict
Frankie – no Caleb she’ll send home Victoria (no she won’t)
Caleb says when there is so many beasts at the top she might take a stab at us
Frankie – that is paranoia talking
Caleb explains to him that this late in the game why take out the player that you
Caleb – you know we’re all really good friends but in the game we all want 500 thousand dollas
Derrick rolls in.. They agree Nicole is done and she knows it.
Frankie – you did great Derrick i’m so proud of you

BB16-2014-08-30 17-32-46-057

5:32pm Kitchen Christine and Cody
Christine – Thank you Jesus.. I’m so excited to see you in a dinosaur
They chat about Frankie and all the sh1t he pulls in the house. Christine says he told her if he was in the veto he would have won it or at least gotten close.
Cody – “I don’t know I i’m going to be able to go the rest of this week without calling him out”

5:40pm HOH Frankie and Derrick
Talking about the TA task Frankie essentially blaming Donny for last weeks failure.
Frankie hopes the next one they get is achievable
Frankie – Honestly I feel like if Donny wasn’t part of Team America we would have been able to design a better mission .. us hanging out is fine
Derrick says he sucked at the play but he thinks if Donny was in their alliance they could have complete that one mission where they had to cause a scene after the Nomination
Frankie – he came up with the mission he came up with what he wanted to have done
Frankie says 100% the reason they didn’t get the money because Donny had proposed a mission to them at first.
Derrick says it doesn’t make sense because all the fans cost DOnny 5000 dollars .. “out of principal… why cost him 5000 dollars to prove a point.. maybe they just didn’t like it”
Derrick suggested maybe it was edited to make it look boring.
Frankie agrees says that is why it failed it was edited poorly by production., “Caleb was not into it”
Frankie thinks it was over the top demoralizing when Julie said it , “Was like a jab a punch in the face”

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Yes, Nicole’s going out! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!




I hope the backstabbing begins, but there is still the chance that the boys can keep it together and evict Christine during the double eviction. But I can only hope that paranoia takes over their minds this week, they start plotting against each other and we have an explosive episode on Thursday!


Oh, and maybe she’ll find get a clue, that it would have been her going out if she hadn’t won this. All she’s doing right now is telling everyone she can beat Caleb, Derrick, and Cody. They can’t get her out this week, but you can bet if Nicole scraped by to win it, they’d be thanking their luck that they would be able to get Christine out now.

All they really need to do (and Caleb won’t,so it’s not even a possibility) is take Frankie out this time. Like I said last eviction, they have a chance, they shouldn’t blow it, and they passed it by. Now they’ve got another one, they none of them want Frankie, that seems for sure, even Caleb, so why not do it now? The only thing they are doing for sure is keeping someone who can win comps (Frankie) and voting out someone who isn’t winning anything lately (Nicole).

POV looks like a Jurassic park theme 🙂


Of course you’re assuming someone in the house has a brain. Dumbest collection of people I’ve ever seen.


Not so much dumb as low BB IQ. But this is mostly the result of people feeling way to comfortable. The sort of smugness that comes from never seriously being in jeopardy of eviction.

Speaking of OMG. Victoria saying to Derrick we need to talk later…. Don’t want to go on the block! What is this delusional do nothing douche bag thinking. One of the guys is going up as the replacement? This ones dumber than a sack of rocks. Say what you want about the delusional idiot Danielle Mumphry. She actually tried in challenges and had some successes to. These 2 are in a race to the top of the sack of rocks award…. goes to………… I think pimple popper wins on the F4 use of veto on Dan but Victoria is trying really hard!

A not so brilliant prediction. The double on Thursday will not see Victoria follow Nicole out the door. I figure Derrick targets Caleb. Keeps Victoria his F2 “fantasy” SECRET! I see Caleb out followed by Frankie who went along with the Derrick plan to get out Caleb.
That leaves F4 Derrick, Cody, Victoria and Christine. F4 evictee will come down to POV winner. Derrick takes out Christine if available if not Cody, never Victoria IMHO. Cody takes out Christine 1st then Victoria if Christine was HOH F4, if Derrick takes out Cody and writes the 500K cheque out to himself… maybe way to soon. Victoria isn’t winning no POV F4 contest.
F3 sitting pretty. No brainer these idiots handed the least deserving BB runner up trophy and 50K to one of the 5 worst players in BB history. It would be poetic justice, in a twisted sickening way, if Derrick finished 3rd and the dirty filthy trash bag Christine wins the money.
I have a gut feeling that Derrick won’t be F2. I’d give Cody a shot but for the fact he won’t turn on his Derrick F2 deal. Derrick will get him as a result.


I guess you didn’t watch Season 14, then. Or, you’ve forgotten about Shane and Danielle. She put her boyfriend Shane up in the Final 4 because Dan told her he was uncomfortable trusting Shane, and then Dan (predictably) turned around and evicted Shane.
With the exception of the Devins and Victorias and Calebs and Ambers, this season has been filled with players who are actually pretty good at the game. Nice change of pace, haven’t really seen that since BB10.


Well if Derrick can’t see this one…..he’s been hanging around Cody too long!
Christine just won ANOTHER comp. She is MUCH more dangerous to his game than Nicole.
If she stays, she’s a strong contender in comps, she says she hates Frankie but will align with him in a second if it gets her farther, & she’s aligned with Cody (her future husband LOL).
Any one of these is reason to take her out…..think Derrick mentioned it once already.

Would much rather see Frankie go. Maybe when Christine takes herself off, they can replace her with Frankie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Victoria yuk doesn’t she know Derrick is married Christine looks like a bird with a large nose hope Derrick wins. He is smarter than all of them put together and then some

Lawon's Special Power

The fact lying and backstabbing has NOT already happened in this game shows how bad and boring this season is. Theres what about 20 days left and yet we’re STILL waiting and hoping for Big Brother to finally be played by these people?

The twist this year was stringing the audience along with this cast.


In-between the Bible readings, of course…

These morons better wake up...

Frankie wins comps. Period. This may be their only chance to boot his a$$.

Jimmy 64

You are probably a jerk who likes Frankie


Goes to show what scum Frankie is when you start insulting people by calling them “Frankie lover” and they respond.




You only have approximately 500 Thumbs Down so far!!! Lol

BB16 sux

well. this blows.

River Song

I’m too emotionally spent from dealing with this season to attempt an angry, snarky, sarcastic or sad post.

Instead I am going to open the box of blueberry PopTarts I bought today, toast one, and have it with my tea in Donny’s honor. I think he’d chuckle at that.

it is hard

I don’t think they will make any big move at this point. Derrick won;t let it happen as Nicole is not their side. when it done to Christin or Frankie, Frankie may be packing the bag to get Celab, not now yet


guess there dumb enough to win hoh or go home when they are against each other Frankie wins hoh derrick or cody is gone hope they know that Frankie thinks he can control caleb and Christine so even if one won veto other is gone with a 2 to 2 vote Frankie breaks tie hopefully derrick gets this my favs were Donny Nicole liked derrick in the beginning he really played the best game by far but liked him less and less each week take Frankie out or 500000 is gone promise you

Cody's Dino Name

I vote for – Vaginnosaurus Rex, or V Rex as he’s known in Jersey.

Zankie LQ

Cody can’t be Rex, that’s reserved for Kings. Cody sounds more like Castratesaurus Regina.


It’s Frankie who blows………………any woodie…………….even if it means he gets splinters on his tongue.

Derricks Micropenis

Frankie is vile but at least he is not married and vile. Derrick is both.


Christine wins POV. Wake me up when this nightmare is over.


I hope they bring back Pandora’s Box or give TA a mission to save Nicole. This season is too predictable and boring.


if they are smart backdoor Frankie then Christine cant play in hoh its those 3 against Nicole then they could put up Christine and Nicole if one of the 3 win hoh then for sure one of them goes home that’s what I would do as paranoid as Frankie is guarantee he puts up derrick and cody if he wins hoh you could probably convince Nicole if you save her she wins hoh Christine and Victoria go up I even think she would honor that the guys aren’t as smart as they think and a few will get there throats cut because of it The alliance members sould by now realize the people not trustworthy are all in the alliance and have been


I just died a lil inside.


Way to go Christine. Looks like it’s time for Frankie to hit the road.


UGH NO!!! I was so hoping she would go home this week. Just awful. Another predictable week.


Thankfully football is back.


I want Victoria to win. That’s right. Victoria. It will be the only surprising (and exciting) thing to happen this season. Maybe she can pull a Jordan and start winning back to back comps at the end. Keep hope alive!


Nicole’s going out! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!


I heard u the first time. But I think they will back door Frankie.


They;ll talk talk talk about it, then Derrick will pretend to be on board, then he’ll slowly pick away at the idea (like, really, why would it be a bad idea Derrick, tell me that Frankie is not a bigger threat than Nicole. You think Nicole is suddenly going to start winning stuff after losing badly 2 times, and not so badly once? You take him to F4, assuming Chrisine is the next target, and he will win the comps, which at that point is how you stay in the game. You take him out instead of Nicole, who still has no allies, or at best, Victoria, and voila, finally done. You all get in a much better spot.

Let’s face it Derrick, are YOU going to win any comp against Frankie? or even Victoria? Yeah, I don’t think so either.


what was up with all of the talk about what frankie said about victoria getting picked up by tmz?

Jimmy 64

You are a putz .


Who cares?


Way to go Christine. Looks like it’s time for Frankie to hit the road.


Now Nicole goes home. Great TV. This show is exciting as a colonoscopy.

Zing Sting


Kathie from Canada

No shit. (Just couldn’t resist!!)


Kathie are you related to Michael from Canada. Curious

Kathie from Canada

Not related at all. Don’t even know what part of Canada he is from. I’m just outside of Toronto Ontario.

Michael from Canada

No, but Canadians all know each other of course. We both live down the street from Justin Bieber.

Michael from Canada

Actually I used to post as Michael, but then a second MIchael showed up, so I had to change it up. So I took a page from Kathie’s book and rep’d our home and native land. Plus I posted a lot in BBCAN2 so I thought people might know me from there (I was the one that didn’t like Neda).


Pleasure to know you both then.


Michael and Kathie I have not lived in Canada in 30 years but I recall both of you vividly. I too am from outside the GTA although it was not the GTA 30 years ago. Refresh my memory — are the streets still muddy trails and does it still snow in July and August in Toronto? Do out of country cars still arrive in July, with roofracks covered in skiis, snowboards and iceskates?


How about Allison from Canada. Lol

Kathie from Canada



Was just teasing Kathie. I thought it would be a little light humor since the show sucks. Your a great sport. If I recall you were a Donny fan. Myself as well. Guess we can go back to watch the rest of the house guests entertain us.

Kathie from Canada

Donny was a sweetheart for sure. I’m at the point now that when I watch the garbage that is left I have this overwhelming urge to take a shower. ;). lol

Kathy B

But at least you get good drugs to knock you out with a colonoscopy…


Can we do a re-do and get Donny back.


Crud,crud,crud oh well she can win all she wants,will still be a terrible person!


I am DONE, this season SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!
At this point the only thing that I can pray on is that Caleb grows some balls and backdoor Frankie, but with this group of losers, I doubt anything but the expected will happen, great try Nicole but GOODBYE….


I am over this season I cannot watch another day of this show. I used to love this show. Christine winning I cannot take it and Caleb as dumb as dirt- I hope Derek get the win this year he is the only one trying to play the game. I will check back next season and if it is anything like this season I will not watch any longer. I mean lets keep someone we all wanted out because it is Arianna Grande’s brother, really???? They are complete idiots and boring. Maybe tonight they will sit around a fire and sing kumbya. Please bring us players like Rachel, Dan, Jeff etc.


1/2 brother to be exact, if any cares


Same mom, different dad. Apparently Ariana’s dad had the talent gene, not Frankie’s.


“Christine – when I walked out there I was like this was meant for me.”

Made for fugley people?

Too bad Crustine, doesn’t know Thursday is DE, which means she’ll be joining Nicole
Which also means Victoria will be getting Britney’d(What Bragade did to Britney)

Ugh ugh

Yuck. Just YUCK!


they need to make this show more interesting, its so predictible , get a clue caleb a get the pink diva out of here 🙁


Maybe, just maybe he’ll have one of his VERY random moments of clarity as the POV ceremony is happening and put up Frankie.

Allison in Canada

Maybe just maybe Frankie will be the one thrown out for jis disgusting comments today and Nicole stays!

Broke Back Cowboy

Since Frankie is sleeping with Broke Back Cowboy in the HOH bird nest, BBC might get confused as to exactly what “backdooring” Frankie might literally mean… at the end of the day… literally…


I just went to my CBS app and sent an email telling CBS to step in and do something about Frankie. He needs to know he can not get away with the things he has said against the women !

Guliana From New York

Worst season of Big Brother ever. Hands down….. Well maybe tied with last years rejects of an house guests. Frankie, Caleb, and Cody disgusted me with their comment about breaking Victorias virginity. OMG these people are sick. Even if joking around it was not cool. I’m 26 and and am 10x more mature than these idiots. Btw is Fraankie still lying about his age in the game? Because honestly the guy look like he’s in his late 30’s or 40’s so I don’t get how he can fool these “people” so sick if everyone of them


Frankie does look much older than 30. His face looks really aged. That’s probably why he enjoys putting on make-up. It makes him look younger. He looks to me like he could be in his 40’s. Perhaps going blonde with the pink boa down the middle of his head as well as the over exuberant acting display was designed to make him look younger to the 20 year old kids. If Donny had cut his beard for the show, I think he and Frankie would have looked closer in age.


I believe all the tanning has aged h. Oh and also the sheer nasty that oozes from his pores. Both are really bad for the skin.

Frankie, not a fan!

He’s 31, going on 12…………


Derrick is trying to relive his glory years of when he was a street thug. Sad to see a married man act this way.


“Frankie, Caleb, and Cody disgusted me with their comment about breaking Victorias virginity.”
Dude, Frankie made the comment, Caleb was stupid enough to go along with it, but Cody and Derrick were like “that comment was wrong and disgusting!”
Please everyone, stop wrongly throwing Cody’s name in there when he’s clearly NOT guilty.


well Crustine may have won POV and she will def use it and Vic will go up, BUT its double evict and u know she has a huge chance of going out!


Well then…season is over for me. See ya next season for more of the same.

Hank Hill

BWAAHHHHHHHH!!! That’s awful news.

Thank you for keeping us updated <3

BB16 blows

I really want a DPOV or pandoras box to show up…….I like nicole and don’t think she should have been treated like shit……frankie needs to go up and instead of nicole going he should go but it’s predictable and caleb willmput up gictoria


If this means Freakie is gone, great. If not, watching Crustine and her big head this week will suck.


Christine pull yourself off the block, DO NOT BELIEVE ANY OF THESE JAMOKES TELLING YOU YOU ARE SAFE AND TO KEEP THE NOMINEES THE SAME. They could flip on you at the last moment. Make Cable a replacement. Either Derrrick or Frankie, as long as they take this opportunity to backdoor one of them,


Opps,,,, Make Caleb name a replacement


I hope Derrick and Cody push Caleb to put up Frankie. They can definitely will go!!! They have the chance since there isn’t any way he can save himself. Come on, Derrick you know how!!! And Cody can just say “yeah, yeah and yeah whatever Derrick says.”

Zing Sting


Valentina Corleone



Hahaha… Final five. Then she’ll be the next one out. Bye bye you ugly troll.

I can count

How does Christine figure Final 5 automatically? Nicole leaving will leave 6. How does Christine know she won’t be the next one gone? Can she count?


Lol I hope her Fugly ass goes right behind Nicole next week!!!!


……..ugly as a monkey’s a$$ with glasses.


Why are you insulting monkeys!?

Derricks Micropenis

Same reason you are insulting colons.

Michelle D'Ann

Oh for crap’s sake


It’s official. The show has aint worth spit now.

Androgynous Crustine

And the fucking nightmare continues…….Pls let a miracle happen and Grande gets put up….who am I kidding. Damn this sucks


Whoa, they’re putting Frankie up? Nah, they haven’t smartened up that much, have they?


I hope Lawon’s spirit possesses Frankie and he volunteers to go up on the block!


No they have just had a lapse of better judgment, don’t worry they will talk themselves out of it.


Can this season get any worse?? All the guys and Christine sit around and discuss the rape of Victoria by double-teaming a drunk Vic. And then Frankie shows us how it will happen as everyone laughs, even the cop in the room. Earlier Frankie talked about punching Nicole in the face. When is CBS gonna wake up and realize that we are disgusted by the cast this year. Frankie needs to go and so does Derrick. Who sits back and instigates all these things. I’m so done. BB Australia can’t come soon enough. Utopia till then.

Butters Mom

Production needs to step in and insist that Frankie be the replacement nom and sent packing or they will air the entire conversation about gang raping Victoria on tomorrows show and let America see who these vile people really are. Christines family should be demanding her leave voluntarily … she has embarrassed her family to the point that they can no longer let it continue and if someone doesnt insist on Caleb getting psychiatric help, he is probably going to hurt someone when he gets out of that house for real. Victoria should be informed of the conversation that took place at 2 21 today by production… show her the feed! Im honestly not sure I can handle any more of this.

Zing Sting

I totally agree. Production needs to step in. This is tacky and is not good television!!!


maybe i read a different a different recap than you, but who said anything about rape? christine said that victoria was the one who would initiate. so, like, the opposite of rape. you really shouldn’t throw accusations of rape lightly because it belittles people who have actually suffered that heinous crime and must cope with it for the rest of their lives.

Michael from Canada

I agree with this. What they said was disgusting and indefensible, but they were not talking about rape (unless there were comments missing from the text).

Kathie from Canada

Christine said that Vic gets feisty when she drinks at which point Frankie suggested they guys double team her. I’m thinking that under that scenario, it could hardly be called consensual. Maybe the word rape wasn’t spoken, but the implication is there especially when you consider the follow up comments that were made. Pretty vulgar conversation.


I person who is intoxicated cannot give consent…Thats rape. And then Caleb mentions how blood would be everywhere while Derrick suggests Zingbot and the Frankie acts out how Zingbot would rape her. Also Frankie’s comment about de-virginizing all of Vic virginites. They are all scum. Specially Derrick who works with Rape victims and took an oath to protect, whether on or OFF duty. Maybe instead of trading what happened, watch it. The real thing take on a whole different feeling than reading it


Well one way to to put pressure on BB executives to push Skankie out of the house is to make those comments at 2120 public via social media, etc. as occurred last year with the racist comments.

Irked by the stupidity!

I have to agree with you here…absolutely. I was disgusted when I read it but reading it the way YOU wrote it put it in a whole different perspective. I am actually surprised CBS hasn’t stepped in on this. Frankie is such a pig and I am extremely disapointed in the other males who have females in their lives in some capacity. I’m glad at least Derrick tried to squash it. CBS can do better than this. Geez.

Professor McGonigal

Since I’ve been out all day, I needed to catch up on what’s been happening and I’m almost sorry I did. Bad enough that Christine won POV, but reading about what Frankie and the boys said about Victoria is horrifying. This is not acceptable under any circumstance, and I plan on voicing my disgust to CBS on their Facebook page. This isn’t the least bit funny, and he needs to be evicted immediately.

What a scum sucking pig.


How.fukin predictable…
Screw big brothet this show sucks already
Good job letting d.detonators ruin diz season

Canadian Girl



once Nicole goes im not voting for week 11 favorite cause their is none
good thing she be with Donny hayen. zack .an jocsats having a great time


The jury house is definitely more entertaining I’m sure. I can’t even root for any of these people now. They are the worst group of people I have ever seen.


At this point I don’t even want to see the jury house. Nicole told Derrick when she gets to there she’s going to campaign for him to win it all. OMG – I can’t take this any longer.


Well this definitely complicates things for the boys. They may have won by getting Nicole out but Christine is a formidable opponent now. I don’t think there plan about getting Christine out of the house will be so easy.

BB16 blows

The motto for this season should be expect the expected Instead of expect the unexpected


Most twisted season ever? Maybe we can file a class action lawsuit against cbs for false advertising.


What gets me is Disgustine is happy about being final 5, yet she’s the most hated within that group and nobody in the jury would probably ever vote for her, even against Vic. Go on and be happy, you hateful witch.


Oh well F me! Cannot stand this toucan sam looking batch from the slapahoe tribe. She is the original recipe for alpo.
Bye Felicia (nicole) :-/


Guess if Nicole still couldn’t win 1 out of the last 4 comps when she needed it most she doesn’t deserve to stay but damn it I was pulling for her this whole game. As annoyed as I am with these jerks, I’m annoyed with her for giving them the ammunition by losing.

waka waka

Um…..”final 5″ …..i guess they didn’t tell you christine. Oh well i guess they’ll surprise during the next eviction.


Can she not count there are seven left and when one leaves that is six – her saying final five is stupid – on Thursday she is the next to go if they do not back door Frankenstein which they should do.


She isn’t counting Velma. She doesn’t understand that Viola is Derrick’s final 2. Can’t wait to see here face when the realization sets in, that yes, they really did consider you just a girl. A little more useful than the others, but still expendable. So, here’s to you, Violeta, I hope you take the 500k and enjoy. By being the barnicle attached to Derrick’s butt, you earned it! CHEERS!

Nemesis of Crusty



I hate to say this but it might be good for Nicole to go
so they start turning on eachother in what if Victoria wins hoh
during the double evection one of them have to go home
that’s painful for me to say but they do know only one person win the game
I see derrick and Frankie final 2 cause they know Donny America favorite
an Frankie want get nothing so final 2 give him 50 thousand
an derrick takes 500 thousand the first person out of the team I think it will be cleab then cody
then Christina

UK Girl

Backdoor Frankie now! The sooner he goes, the sooner he can find out how much America hates him.

Roisen Dubh

Nicole goes bye-bye and Frankie will strike the first blow next week. What a bunch of maroons. I want to apologize to Anon on a couple of articles back. I thought someone was screwing with my handle and that wasn’t the case. Again I’m sorry. Cheers!!!

Hayden's Lisp

The best picture yet of Nicole is the one where green paint is covering her face & shes is not visible.


I hope Disgustine doesn’t pack a bag this week thinking she’s all good and she gets booted out next week, wearing the same stinky clothes for 3 weeks. It would be just what she deserves. Most hated in all the land and even within her own alliance.


Damn Christine. I want her to go first then Frankie then Derrick. Final three Victoria Cody and Celeb. But Christine needs to go FIRST. She kills me when she had nerve to say Amber is not that pretty. With a serious face. Really? Has she looked in the mirror lately. She is just pathetic. Ugh!!!!!!


Fantasyland…. Cody is going to call Frankie out….lol


They’re too close minded to take any deals Nicole might offer. They’re too stupid to realize whose running the show here, and they’re too stubborn to break away from each other. What’s worse is that they really honestly think that after Nicole leaves, that Victoria is the next to go. I mean who is that STUPID to evict Victoria, when she is the absolute guarantee that you will win this game. Seriously who?
But then again, they are just SOOOOOO STUBBORN to make ANY GODDAM MOVE.

The show has NOT YET PICKED UP!!!!!! During a normal season, things get intense after the second or third week . We NEVER EVER had to wait this long for someone to make an interesting move.

I will concede and say that if i had someone as loyal as Caleb has proven to be or as nice as Derrick has been, I might keep them to have numbers. But Christine is dead weight, Frankie is conniving and Cody never says anything productive.

None of that matters however, because TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!!!! You have to get out the people who have a chance at winning the game. Such morons, i swear.